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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 20, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>you're watching kron 00:04am morning >>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 4 morning news, especially on a monday morning. it's monday july 20th, i'm robin winston, let's start with a check of the forecasts i notice some overcast skies and i had a little bit of drizzle. >>on my windshield this morning, dave all the weather shaping up. >>well good morning, rob, good morning, everybody every layer quite thick, it will be really for a good balance of the week ahead. the shot from u c berkeley we can get the shrubbery a little bit but look at the glow from all the east bay shoreline that's popping up there. you can see it's that's because of all the fog we have in place. this the golden gate bridge to the delays that we have as well to
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start the day so this fog what does it look like it starts to get worse. next couple of hours before stressed or improve slowly. after say about 7 o'clock or so getting to about 10 we still have some fog in the east bay and starting up to the north bay and peninsula that's going to cap temperatures a little bit protected towards the west. no number so far we have 62 antioch 59 conquered 57 going on for a little more got the lower 60's along the east bay shoreline 57 for san francisco, russia a little bit warmer in the west and we are to the east, but that will flip over. later on this morning as they start to catch up a little bit. what with the fog clouds in place we'll call it somewhat partly cloudy by 05:00am by 8 we're at 6070 by 11 as most of the bay area opens up still may be problematic. however along the coast with all those fog clouds a check of your forecast coming up in a bit robin. >>sounds good. thank you dave. we are tracking the number of coronavirus cases and deaths right here in the bay area this morning and currently there are over 39,000 cases and 680 deaths, we're still
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seeing the most cases in alameda county with over 9200 infections. but the virus remains deadliest in santa clara county which has 177 deaths now so far san mateo county is the only bay area county that has not been added to the state watch list. if you like to see a full breakdown of the cases by city by county you can always check that out on our website just head over to kron 4 dot coms. to the north bay now residents in bolinas say that there are now confirmed cases of covid-19 and you may recall the town tested almost all of its residents back in april the results came back negative kron four's gayle on reports. >>you know it seems like people are really anxious to get out of the house 4th of july and we cannot of with the weather was really good and it was pretty busy. >>molina says known to be isolated to scientists say its rule setting contributed to a low infection rate of covid-19 in april the town made national headlines after testing almost all of its
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residents the results negative locals worked hard to keep it that way sign at the entrance telling visitors the town is closed and to turn around but word is spreading the virus is in the community i heard there was like a couple cases just cost of in town you hear from various people. >>and there are at the store and other places i think i heard it from my daughter, according to this map honoring county's website bolinas has 0 to 10 cases far lower than the rest of the county, the map indicates communities with less than 10 cases do not have their case counts shared. >>for privacy of the individuals people go backwards and forwards between the leaders. >>and the city other places where people work i'm not surprised that eventually would happen county public health officers could not be reached for comment sunday but gave an update friday in this facebook live we were so successful we first. >>together to flatten the now we're the consequences so as we reopen. >>marion county remains on the
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state's covid-19 watch list after seeing a surge in cases the county recording record high numbers just last week. here in marin county gayle ong kron 4 news. >>school districts in less populated california counties are moving ahead with plans for classroom instruction. governor newsom announced friday that most counties will start the school year online the problem of course is soaring coronavirus cases and hospitalizations but rural counties in the central and northern parts of the state have not seen much of the virus and can bring students and teachers back to campus leaders in those counties insists that they'll take precautions to keep kids safe. send quinn guard is fighting for his life after his family says he got the virus while working at the prison. he's in a medically induced coma and fully intubated and his wife and daughter are fighting the virus from home as well kron four's taylor bisacky has more. >>it's a lot of downey lows. you know, i know it's a it's a
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ride no known family want within the last few weeks the polacco families lives turned upside down that's after husband and father sergeant gilbert polacco on his bombing of family contracted the coronavirus his family believes he was infected while working at the san quentin state prison where he's going to guard for more than 30 years he's now fighting for his life in the icu in a medically induced coma and fully intubated. >>comey own taking off his clothes right outside the door, make sure things to not on the are you going to miss her and was running late because it was scary, it was scary and here we took the precaution. he got sick so far. >>sergeant longo is one of the more than 230 staff members infected by the coronavirus outbreak at san quentin. more than 2000 inmates were also infected in 12 have since died. >>so you live to get very wet day compromise, you know in meet our guards and there is there's just so many people
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not effects including plan goes daughter selina and wife patricia. >>they both also tested positive for the coronavirus and had been recovering at home ever since. meanwhile, gilbertson vincent is in the army in based overseas then son says his father went above and beyond for san quentin in san jose community by volunteering and helping others he leaves a mark on you. >>you earn and it shows it really does show that my father is a great guy. i always want to be like that that my dad is that somehow we strive to i guarantee every person you talk to you we want to be like my dad has been since working on a way to get home to be with his family. >>as they all stay strong for each other in for gilbert is. >>the man that you always wish and dream that you would have in your life. >>and that your kids have a family friend created a go fund me page for the blanco family in gilbert's medical expenses. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron 4 news. >>happening tomorrow in the south bay santa clara county
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will open 3 more coronavirus testing sites now 2 of them are in san jose and then one is going to be in gilroy the testing site at the county's service center auditorium on burger drive will be open from tuesday to thursday 10:00am to 03:00pm. the one at the san jose high school cafeteria that's going to be open tuesday through friday from one to 06:00pm and on saturday from 09:00am to 02:00pm the testing site in gilroy that's going to be at south county annex at 9300 warren avenue. it's going to be open tuesday through friday 10:00am to 03:00pm and tester free no appointments are necessary you don't have to have an appointment. you can find the locations and hours on our website. so if you like to see that list in hours just head over to kron 4 dot com. in the east bay, a new covid-19 testing site will open up in alameda, this when states a partnership with city health urging care. now the site will offer free testing to anyone with health insurance or a government issued id that
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includes children and people with special needs regardless of symptoms. the site will be able to test 500 people a day and can return results in about 15 minutes, pretty quick right. it will be at the research park at marina village sets right along when river way it will be open 7 days a week so 09:00am until 05:00pm appointments are encouraged but not required. well happening today, san francisco's westfield mall will be closing up once again because of covid-19 a surge in covid-19 hospitalizations for san francisco officials to order the closure on fridays so now every county in the bay area's on the governor's watch list the governor's a coronavirus watch list except san mateo county keep in mind that shoppers, you know they've been saying that they understand the closures but everyone's pretty frustrated with all the back and forth in the opening and closing. >>i mean they've been above downing of backup in corona still going to be here at the end of the it's like. i mean i
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just feel like you know keep everything up and i want everything up and really understand you know the reason why that would be closing, i mean we don't want the epidemic to you know spike back up. >>and it's unfortunate that needs to happen, but that's an important measure that we need to take the closing back up an opening but that is never going to stop because there's no back since available yet. >>and it's still not clear how long the closure will last, but we'll definitely keep you posted. well several states are reporting alarming new coronavirus numbers this weekend or this past weekend as the u.s. break single-day record of new cases at least 9 times a month. meanwhile, a new report recommends that 18 states rolled back their reopening plans meredith wood has the latest. a grim milestone in the u.s. shattering records of daily new coronavirus cases at least 9 times in a month. >>alarming new coronavirus numbers reported in several states including florida. >>which is a hot spot of things continue and this continues to be a manageable we're going to have to make
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some dramatic decisions like potentially a stay at home order on sunday, the latest numbers out of florida showed more than 12,000 new infections and 87 deaths reported hospitals there are struggling to keep up with the surge of patients. texas also seeing a sharp rise in covid cases as well as georgia and mississippi where despite the surge. the governor is defending his decision to not issue a statewide mask mandate. >>if i believe that was the best way to save lives and my state i would have done in a long time ago on fox news sunday president trump also saying he would not issue a nationwide mask mandate downplaying the virus actually you know, i said it's going to disappear say to get that is going to just as actress credit, i'll be right. i don't think so right i don't think so you know i just into the script because i've been right probably more than anybody else. this comes as an unpublished report prepared by the white house coronavirus task force recommends 18 states. >>including hard hit florida and california. roll back
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reopening measures. >>this virus praise on our division praise when we get exhausted, it preys on us in those moments we don't have a unified national front or we as individuals the sinking to be a big deal. we have to be as vigilant right now as we were the first day. >>i'm meredith wood reporting. >>well meanwhile, the cdc has updated guidelines for people with covid who are isolating at home. >>under the new guidelines, a plrson may stop isolation. 10 days after the symptoms first appeared as long as 24 hours has passed since the last fever without the use of fever reducing medications and if symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath have improved. coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news, a second wild animal attack in the east bay is leaving many worried and concerned. >>about their safety what we know about the latest attack. plus leaders across the bay area are calling on you to decide the future of counter e. and after the break protests, boiled over night in
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portland of this past weekend with some even turning violent we'll have the latest coming up. how a little trip outside sure why not let's head over to the san mateo bridge traffic moves well this morning from hayward to the peninsula, it's picking up. it's a little busy, but it's not bad. we'll have a complete traffic check coming up after the break stay with us.
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>>welcome back everyone the time is for 14 good morning
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thanks for waking up with us, let's head over to the weather center. we need to get an update on your forecast with dave spahr you don't there robin good morning good morning everybody and live shot from the golden gate shows us again just that haze that we've been talking about the glaze and go to deal with the cloud cover it's going to the fog clouds overcast all this morning probably war talking to you that may clear as we get to the afternoon sfo that's a pretty bright imagery and the so far we have no reports of delays we'll see after 5 o'clock that still hold. temperatures i haven't moved much obviously we have 62 for upper 50's lineup, the inland valleys for now lower 60's along the east bay shoreline 50's up to the north bay 57 san francisco and 62 meanwhile for san jose. look at future cast for trying to wait for this to cleared actually is going to get a little worse in the next couple of hours. before we have an improvement that stretched to happen to take about the 1015 we still are dealing with some fog in the east bay of course a peninsula and up to the north it will be the slowest in which the clear
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stepping off from all of robin mentioned some drizzle earlier, yes and expect more of that tomorrow morning. perhaps even into wednesday morning as well along the coastal areas near bridges anywhere near water of course there's the marine layer you can see health impact is that obviously is going to clear out what happens in the afternoon boom so get used to the song and dance that goes away after his daytime heating here comes back the marine layer in boom afternoon showers and some thunder showers out there and that machinery can probably continue all the way into the weekend it looks like. clears out as we do some daytime heating. so we've got morning, fog and coastal clouds mild to warm happening inland the pending and her perspective her little bit for the rest this week temperatures actually slide a touch. so if you want a little break from summer we have at this week ahead. heavy morning fog, coastal grizzle or anywhere near water. then this weekend we have a minor warm up as highs return back to about 90 or so come sunday arctic can call that a heat spike just returning to close to seasonality san francisco, 64 69 going on for oakland 84
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meanwhile for san jose clearing out in relatively warm across the wider bay or look as we can we can't find any 90's on this map but in your 4 zone we do have some which will have 86 for any often get the mid 80's for concord in livermore up to the north bay santa rosa, 7778 a bottle 84 san jose again we'll be covering more of this in your 4 zone forecast take a look that extended right now take a look at bay area bridges with the fog in such robin dehaven let's check in on the drive into san francisco when i was rolling across the bay bridge to have my wipers going because of the drizzle so you'll find that you may need those wipers in some spots not everywhere, but just a heads up for you. >>traffic looks great right. no delays no problems except for the fog and drizzle. it's a quick trip under 10 minutes from the bottom of the maze over to the fremont street exit so come on into san francisco. let's head over to the richmond sandra fell the commute from the east bay to the north bay fantastic so far no problems here across the span when you make it into the north bay. it's going to be easy commute on north and south one on one so we're
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starting off hot spot free. that's a perfect way to start the monday morning commute things can quickly change though so before you leave check in with us always tune in to kron 4 have the mobile app take it with you. so if you have a hot spot. you know off to the golden gate we're doing fine 1 one smooth an at the live in both directions and i don't see any problems or trouble spots on city streets and san francisco. we'll take a peek at more purchase coming up a little bit later. over in portland another night of protests continued into the early morning hours demonstrations have been taking place in portland for more than 50 days now reid binion reports. >>our community has had enough. our business owners have had enough. officers have had enough importance had enough portland. police association president daryl turner addressing the city's weekend protests. >>which authorities declared a riot after police say the association's office was set on fire. nearly 2 months of protests against racial inequality and police
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brutality have followed the police killing of george floyd in minneapolis. recent controversy in portland has focused on the unidentified federal officers arresting protesters. department of homeland security officers have been seen on camera making arrests and putting protesters into unmarked vehicles and customs and border protection has acknowledged its agents were also involved in arresting protesters. oregon's attorney general is suing the dhs is federal agencies are. >>operating with no transparency and against the will of just about every leader in our state, those leaders include the governor and u.s. senator jeff merkley of oregon. >>portland's mayor also speaking out people are being literally scooped off the street into unmarked vans denied due process as far as i can see this is completely unconstitutional protests also playing out in seattle over the weekend. >>which resulted in arrests damage to police property and one officer being taken to a hospital according to the seattle police department i'm reid binion reporting.
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>>well in san francisco, the cliff house will be closing its doors temporarily after a 157 years the restaurant is suspending takeout service starting today due to the pandemic restaurant owners say they decided on a temporary shutdown so that they can save remaining resources to ensure future operations so take out service. it's also ending for of the lookout cafe. well to the east bay now the community food to market on san pablo avenue in west oakland will close starting this morning. this comes after a store employee testing positive for coronavirus the store will be deep cleaned and sanitized before reopens to the public the store will be closed for at least 3 days. a california added a record 558,000 jobs in june as many more businesses reopen state authorities say that much of the growth was from restaurants and bars, but those are among the businesses of course affected by this
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month's new closure orders and that could mean big job losses in the next month's report, california's unemployment rate is at 14.9%. the local leaders are speaking out following serious life threatening injuries from skate boarders at a pretty popular location. all across the city. well the annual dolores hill bomb draws hundreds of skaters to the iconic hills of san francisco. look sipping on by this is a video from last year. you can see that will look at that guy he's that looked like it hurt. just fearlessly zipping down the street. a feel mental man says that what's usually a one-day event has pretty much taken over dolores streets in recent weeks. >>specifically town cisco has its way past a burning cross cater to be safe where houma and we're knee pads if you if you need on, but if you think you're really good. i don't see i don't see any reason to wear. >>and stay padded up guys andelman says that he's working with muni and public works to find a solution one
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ideas moving skaters to designated areas and building a stronger skate culture. they're also looking into coal designing a slow streets project and that's to help reduce injury. crews have already started installing small speed funds as you can see in this photo here. coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news, the owners of a popular east bay while the house. >>putting their right retirement plans on pause to keep paying dozens of their employees during the pandemic we'll have an update on this story coming up how about a trip to the east bay, one of the wannacry there you go live look at 6 ad this is traffic. not too far from the 24 split and out near south main it's moving well in both directions so no reports of any traffic problems in fact we are starting off your morning commute. hot spot free that's a great way to start a monday morning right we'll
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♪ when it's made with love, it's made to be shared.
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♪ back everyone to the east bay, the owners of a nearly century-old business in alameda are making personal sacrifices to help keep their restaurant and employees afloat. >>it costs about a quarter million dollars a month just to keep both only as waffle shop in alameda and wine and waffles right next store on park street open. call owners can and vicki moneys they had plans to sue my retire next year and live their dream their dream that they wanted to build on land that they purchase in santa rosa. but since the pandemic they sold that property and they're using the money to keep paying their staff. those monthly
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expenses, the payroll alone. $121,000. the couple say they are putting their dreams on hold because their staff is worth it. >>when this was first put upon us it is said to be for 15 days. my wife and i looked at each other and decided 15 days we could do standing on our hands, no problem we're going to retain all of our staff. and we'll get through this then it. went into a mom to march 3 months now for 4 months. >>the couple hopes at the city of alameda is commercial streets program will attract more business into their shops. the city has reconfigured park street to allow shops to serve customers outdoors. still ahead on kron 4 morning news protesting the latest pandemic shutdown why one mom says her children who have autism are especially affected. >>a little peek outside checking in on traffic
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conditions, the bay bridge looking good here on 80 into san francisco. you'll see a little bit of cloud cover lingering over the city's some overcast skies and drizzles going to get your windshield, so you may need the wipers coming in we'll be right back with a full forecast stay with us. welcome back everyone, the
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time for 29 you're waking up to lots of fog and drizzle
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some of you i can't say everyone dave spahr here to explain it and break it all down, hey, dave hey good morning rob, good morning everybody live shot coming in from the golden gate there is that marine layer here with karl the fog and even some coastal drizzle and yes drizzle coming across. >>the golden gate enough robin was driving with you should say on got turned on the windshield wipers and your lights. here's what's going on for our fog it does try to mix out a little bit but it's going to take it to about 7 o'clock before you see any real results here. we go all the way up to about 8.30 and look at the progress not you can see a good chunk of it still remaining in the east bay peninsula's all socked in as well as the north bay along the coast. coastal areas, it looks like it's going to be kind of a mostly cloudy story is probably how to say on balance and that's what you can expect for much of the week ahead. 50's a pair of the north bay 62 valais ho also antioch we'll see some better decoupling later on we get the sun up here 50's cover most the peninsula and 60's to the south. what a run to the winds here real quickly because the arrows basically hang coming


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