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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 20, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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yesterday and just a couple of pockets a little warmer for today with overcast in the background still keeping it mostly cloudy. the fog clouds this is inland valley still as late as this hour. but by 11 should open up their sluggish on the temperature 69 word, 80 by 2 o'clock the coming up a little bit later on we'll be having of course the 4 zone forecast. but you know it's going on in your neighborhood a lot of areas still trailing behind where they might have been from this weekend back to you. all right dave, thanks a lot of us get to the news this morning happening right now in the north bay hospital workers at santa rosa memorial hospital. >>are taking part in a five-day strike kron 4 sarah stinson has been on the picket line all morning long she's 6 here to explain why they're walking out sarah. >>marty an incredible to see during a pandemic we have these health care workers and hospital workers going from patient rooms to the picket lines all for a fight for affordable health care in accrued sick leave these
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hospital workers pushed back the strike. well when the pandemic first hit but say they could not wait any longer as they work on the front lines in what they say is unsafe conditions. the hospital says they are disappointed their staff is on strike during a pandemic these are health care workers of all kinds medical technicians and see all just nursing assistants respiratory therapist and people working alongside nurses and doctors to care for coronavirus patients. joining us right now is a tell me your name and what you do again. taylor davis an and i work in emergency rooms registration. >>you guys work with the union your steward tell me the biggest fight that you're looking to change in that contract. well i think our biggest fight first and foremost as always our protection so that we can take care of people in the safest and most effective way possible and the hospitals failed us. and second thing is our health benefits they want to raise our health benefits, 25% every single year. how are we supposed to take care of
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our patients and show up every day when we can't even afford the benefits of their offering. and what does it what did it make you feel when you heard they're calling it a generous package that benefits. and i think it's the same talking points they're using and their idea of generous when they're making millions and millions of dollars as an organization and yet we continue to stand on the front lines we've shown up the fires. 2 he showed up after evacuations. they showed up during pandemics we keep showing up and we need this hospital and providence to show up for us and remember that we're part of the community in supposed to be taken care of. >>another big fight for change as is about as i've been told that you guys don't have 95 even when you're working alongside doctors and nurses that do have that 95 the truth. right now i think stephen here to talk a little bit more about that being up in the lr. >>but earlier during the pandemic we were all having to
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turn in our ppe so that they could go in and sterilize it clean and reuse it for the next day. when ultimately pp is meant to be used one time only and thrown away. we also have somebody with an argon as a shunt in registration who was wearing a mask and then was told by the manager take off at mascot makes it look bad at the beginning of the pandemic before we really knew how dangerous this was. >>and that's just a you know that's just the failings that's a feeling to protect us as the employees so that we can feel safe. the in this community and go home and take care of our own families are now at risk because of what we do every day. >>the guys around here striking making sure you can fight for that change anything else you want to say about the fight for this contract to be more fair. >>yeah, i mean his confidence is sitting on oil billion dollars in cash. >>before this pandemic started they received over 500 million from the federal government. you know they're they're making a lot of money. there's
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no reason that they can invest in caregivers ah it's just they deprive or caregivers are staffed with pandemic first started i looked up in the o r they denied us in 95 they would only give it to the the same doctors we is tax were working alongside with. >>and they have given 95 masks when we need him. >>however there are other steps such as housekeepers environmental services staff. >>being required to clean covid patients rooms and they're given no ppe know in 95 master just given gloves and a simple surgical the same thing is for outpatient lab. technicians who are doing coronavirus testing on people they are only given gloves and a surgical mask, you know the shield know down no in 95 mask and this continues a.
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>>to happen and it's just it's not just not ok. >>caregivers have to be taken care of in order to take care of patients it's that simple thank you guys so much for sharing knowledge here from what the hospital had to say we take a look at your screen. we have a quote from this the other like lengthy press release it said the again they called the contract a generous package of benefits with a 12% wage increase over the next 4 years but in the statement they said we all want the same thing. >>the competitive pay and benefits package that will allow us all to retain and attract the best talent just serve sonoma county. it will it is our desire to reach an agreement with the union on the few remaining article store employees may receive the significant and immediate wage increases our current offer would provide other hospitals in north bays only trauma center and has a contract with an agency to replace the caregivers on strike right now the emergency room they say is false fully staff the only department
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affected as the outpatient imaging services it will be closed during the strike and patients that had appointments have already been notified so they are will have to reschedule their appointments nurses are here on their day off to support all of the health care workers in this union they're here to support their fellow hospital workers and they're going to continue to be out here all week long until friday, hoping that their fight for change in this contract will be heard from the hospital on live in santa rosa sarah stinson kron 4 news all right sir, thanks for that live report from santa rosa robin. >>we're tracking the number of coronavirus cases and deaths right here in the bay area this morning and currently there are over 39,000 cases and over 680 deaths are still seeing the most cases in alameda county with over 9200 and sections. but the virus has been deadliest in santa clara county which has 177 deaths so far san mateo county
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is the only bay area county that has not been added to the state watch list for full breakdown of the cases by county and city you can always find that on our website kron 4 dot com. well in san francisco, the cliff house will be closing its doors temporarily after 157 years the restaurant is suspending takeout service starting today due to the pandemic restaurant owners say that they decided on a temporary shutdown so they can save remaining resources to ensure future operations take out service is also ending for the lookout cafe. >>and happening today san francisco's westfield mall will be closing once again because of covid-19 a surge in con coronavirus hospitalizations for san francisco officials to issue that closure order on friday and that takes effect today so now every county in the bay area's on governor newsom's coronavirus watch list except for san mateo county. and it's not clear how long this closure will last. >>everything that above downing of backup in corona
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still going to be here at the end of the and like. i mean i just feel like you know keep everything up and i want everything up and really understand you know the reason why that would be closing, i mean we don't want the epidemic to you know spike back up. >>and it's unfortunate that needs to happen, but that's an important measure that we need to take the closing back up an opening but that is never going to stop because there's no back since available yet. >>well it's still not clear how long the closure will last. also happening today the california interscholastic federation is expected to make a decision about whether fall school sports programs can resume as currently scheduled, this means high school football and other sports. officials say they're prepared to offer alternative schedules of us decided that it's not safe to resume fall sports and that decision is expected to be made later on this morning. we'll you be sure to keep updates for you keep you updated when that decision is made. >>well to the east bay now the community food market on san pablo avenue in west oakland
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will close starting this morning. this comes after a store employee testing positive for coronavirus the store will be deep cleaned and sanitized before it reopens the store will be closed for at least 3 days. well to the north bay residents in bolinas say they are there are now confirmed cases of covid-19 and their community. you may remember back in april the town made national headlines after testing almost all of its residents. the results were negative. locals worked hard to keep it that way according to this map on the run county's website bolinas has 0 to 10 cases which is far lower than the rest of the county, the map indicates communities with fewer than 10 cases do not have their case counts shared for privacy of the patients. >>we're so successful. we first together to flatten the now we're the as we reopen. >>well marion county remains on the governor's watch list due to a jump in covid-19
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cases the county listed record high numbers just last week. >>and tomorrow in the south bay santa clara county will be opening 3 more coronavirus testing sites. 2 of them are in san jose, one of them in gilroy the testing site at the county's service center auditorium on burger drive will open on tuesday to a tuesday to thursday from 10 till 3 no one at the san jose high school cafeteria will be open from tuesday to friday from one until 6. and then saturday from 9 to 2. the testing site gilroy's at the south county annex at 9300 warren avenue. it will be open on tuesday through friday from 10 to 3. now keep in mind. the tests are free no appointments are needed and you can find a more on the locations and hours on our website at kron 4 dot com. in the east bay, there's a new covid-19 testing site that will open in alameda on wednesday that site will be offering free testing to anyone with health insurance or a government issued id that
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includes children and people with special needs regardless of symptoms. now the site will be able to test 500 people a day and can return the results in about 15 minutes. it will be held at the research park and marina village along wind river way it will be open 7 days a week from 9 to 5 appointments are encouraged but not required. a san quentin prison guard is fighting for his life this morning after his family says he got the virus while at work. he's in a medically induced coma and fully intubated and his wife and daughter are fighting with the virus as well from home. >>kron 4 s taylor bisacky reports. >>it's a lot of downey lows. you know, i know it's a it's a ride no known family want within the last few weeks the polacco families lives turned upside down. that's after husband and father sergeant gilbert polacco on his body to family contracted the coronavirus his family believes he was infected while working at the san quentin
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state prison where he's been a guard for more than 30 years he's now fighting for his life in the icu in a medically induced coma in fully intubated. >>comey own taking off his clothes right outside the door, make sure he was taken off on the are you going to show or and was running late because it was scary, it was scary and here we took the far. >>sergeant longo is one of the more than 230 staff members infected by the coronavirus outbreak at san quentin. more than 2000 inmates were also infected in 12 have since died. >>so in live together in one day compromise, you know in meet our guards and there is there's just so many people not effects including clunkers daughter selina and wife patricia. >>they both also tested positive for the coronavirus and had been recovering at home ever since. meanwhile, gilbertson vincent is in the army in based overseas then son says his father went above and beyond for san quentin in
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san jose community by volunteering and helping others he leaves a mark on you. >>you earn and it shows it really does show that my father is a great guy. i always want to be like that that my dad is that somehow we strive to i guarantee every person you talk to you we want to be like my dad has been since working on a way to get home to be with his family. >>as they all stay strong for each other in for gilbert is. >>the man that you always wish and dream that you would have in your life. >>and that your kids have a family friend created a go fund me page for the blanco family in gilbert's medical expenses. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron 4 news. >>coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news, a second wild animal attack in the east bay is leaving many worried and concerned about their safety what we know about the latest attack. and next the owners of a popular east a waffle house is putting up their retirement plans putting those plans on pause to keep paying dozens of their employees during the
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welcome back everyone that i'm a 16 if you're waiting for the fog to clear you are not alone it stretching all the way out into the inland valleys. >>let's check in with days far to get an update on this forecast, a for a good morning robin good morning, everybody also want to send it on to the santa clara valley here at san jose state look at this we're still dealing with overcast going on here too so it's a slow going around the bay all over. >>and yes we have traffic at
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sfo. no delays but still that overcast appearance that you can see kind of in place, but it looks like we're getting some breaks going on here. light light coming in through that fog and clouds going on so it's improving ever so slightly little minor decoupling happening with antioch up to 64 61 for concord east bay shoreline lower 60's were still in the 50's up in the north bay. hardly a surprise of all that overcast we have 57 san francisco in half moon bay going to be slow going there to 63 meanwhile for san jose. so watching this fog looks like we've had it over the bump. so now going forward it's an improving picture as we go. this is an estimation at 10 o'clock will probably be left with some scattered fall clouds a little bit in the east bay, rough going along the peninsula and picking up to the north bay moran as it faces the coast there again slow going in slow going even as we get past noon with still quite a bit of cloud cover again that leftover think marine layer. it's just hiding out there waiting until sunset
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to worship across as the onshore winds where pretty much in place so with that we know the marine layer is here. but later on this afternoon, yet we have the flair up the showers going on in the sierra that's being brought to by what's left of the monsoon the 4 corner states here comes the marine layer again tomorrow morning. again firing up in the spine of the sierra we'll probably see this actually intensify a little bit towards the latter portion of the weekend looks like. and we have a nice a warm up happening for you too as we get into sunday or so if you're one some warmer weather if you miss it by chance. morning fog and clouds going on mild to warm happening in land this week it's temps slide a touch from about where we are today, heavy morning fog and we even had a today, some coastal drizzle to keep in mind. then next weekend a minor warm-up will pop in about 90 or so come sunday, 64 san francisco today, the high 69 for oakland 84 checking in for san jose across the wider bay area we see the shun was still the greens around the immediate they so it's a bit
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on the cool side with a lot of 60's even and 70's forget about so much the 80's are going to be pretty much in those inland valleys will be take a look at all of that. coming up in your 4 zone forecast marty sounds good dave see in a couple minutes. thank you, happening today, several major retail chains will begin requiring customers to wear masks at their stores all across the country. >>wal-mart kohl's cvs walgreens and lows. well now require masks for all of their shoppers. most of those stores are already in cities war states with mask requirements. several of the companies say that they're hoping to have consistent rules across the country. some companies including starbucks and best buy. already require customers to wear masks other companies like home depot and target have announced plans for mask rita requirements. and happening today white house chief of staff mark meadows says that negotiations over another stimulus bill will begin today in earnest. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will meet with the president today to work out the republican proposal for
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the new stimulus package, the white house and senate republicans disagree on the amount of funding that should be given to the cdc. senate minority leader chuck schumer says that funding the cdc is vital to fighting the coronavirus. >>we are going to do everything we can to make sure that the cdc is fully funded in the stimulus package, the administration is talking about the republican mcconnell is talking about cutting it that would be cutting your nose to spite your face we need the cdc to help us fight covid. >>well senate is expected to unveil its stimulus proposal sometime next week. >>to the east bay, the owners of a nearly century-old business in alameda are making personal sacrifices to help keep their restaurant employees afloat it costs about a quarter million dollars a month just to keep both ollie's waffle shop in alameda and wine waffles right next door in park street open. cole owners can and vicki moneys had plans to semi retire next year and living their dream home that they wanted to build on land in
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santa rosa. but since the pandemic they have sold their property and they're using the money to keep paying their staff the monthly payroll alone is a $121,000. the couple says that they're putting their dreams on hold because their staff is worth it. >>when this was first put upon us it is said to be for 15 days. my wife and i looked at each other and decided 15 days we could do standing on our hands, no problem we're going to retain all of our staff. and we'll get through this then it. went into a mom to march 3 months now for 4 months. >>well the couple hopes at the city of alameda is commercial streets program will attract more business into their shops. the city has reconfigured park street to allow shops to serve customers outdoors. >>and coming up after the break from the pandemic to a different problem in san francisco. take a look dangerous going to skate 40 near dolores park. there's a
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warning out on safety concerns. and we're taking a live look outside san mateo bridge, the traffic in both directions moving smoothly. this morning and it looks like the skies are beginning to clear just a bit we'll be right back.
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>>welcome back everyone, san francisco hills are very popular for skateboarders but after some serious life threatening skateboarding injuries. a local leader is
8:25 am
speaking out kron four's gayle ong has more. >>i'm here on dolores and 21st street, a popular hill for skaters but concerns from city leaders after a skating event landed someone in a coma, the annual dolores hill bomb draws hundreds of skaters to the iconic hills of san francisco this video from last year fearless skaters zipping down the street district 8 board of supervisor at the elm andelman says what's usually a one year event has taken over dolores street in recent weeks and heartbroken. >>you know that this just seems to be. you know regularly the paramedics are getting calls take people to hospital with incredibly serious injuries. the supervisor posting this on facebook friday expressing public safety concerns saying neighbors have been assaulted and nearby homes and schools vandalized. >>he also writes multiple people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. a majority hurt or participants. >>i hear is that this event or
8:26 am
takes over that and trunk roads nixon usable for anybody for many many hours and does seem to be meeting all these injuries andelman says he's working with sfmta and public works to find a solution one idea is moving skaters to designated areas, longtime city skater arthur stewart opposes the idea that this is a specifically town cisco has its way past a burning cross catered stewart has participated in the delores tell bomb and other events and knows the risks he gives this advice to those starting out. >>this means save more houma and we're knee pads if you if you need on, but if you think you're really good. i don't see i don't see any reason to wear supervisor, man-to-man hopes for an annual planned event for inexperience skaters who can practice maneuver safely. >>here in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news. >>unit director jeffrey tumlin is responding to the dangerous skateboard scene near dolores park in a tweet he said san francisco has a world renowned skate scene. he is now
8:27 am
consulting with leaders about building a stronger skate culture and cole designing a slow streets project to help reduce injuries. now we all vote on this the picture that was attached to his tweet and you can see the crews out there installing some small speed bumps. >>well coming up next this morning coronavirus cases continue to rise across the country and that's leaving many hospitals struggling to ke
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>>welcome back everyone. thank you for waking up with us on the kron 00:04am morning news, i'm robin was good morning. everybody, i'm marty gonzales we're going to check in with days far to find out about the monday forecast starting off kind of foggy day yeah good morning marty and robin good morning, everybody and slow going only some areas we're looking at a bit more brightness but around the golden gate it's overcast this is not likely to change in the next couple of hours here. here's what the progress as from the models here we see about 9.30 some better effort happening in the east bay, but it's really not maybe into 11 we really clear out some of those fog clouds and along the coast, even by 2 o'clock we're dealing with problems. temperatures haven't completely decoupled yet but they're moving a little bit 64, antioch 62 for concord lower 60's line up the east bay shoreline in slow going up to the north bay was still those 50's in place like 54 santa rosa, no surprise. again with the cool conditions in the overcast 63 meanwhile for san jose and just a note these winds they're going to return this afternoon and this evening. really surging marine
8:31 am
layer all the way to the far east bay locations and spilling into the central valley. the winds kind of lingering a little bit even into tomorrow morning as well now for today with the overcast. never background here we've got partly cloudy developing breaking up a little bit by 9 12 o'clock we're at 7481 mostly sunny. we'll do it for most inland locations but again along the coast slow going we'll be checking in all of this in your 4 zone forecast in a bit marty all right dave. thank you. coronavirus cases continue to rise across the country and now the mayor of los angeles says. >>his city could be on the break of another shutdown order dianne gallagher has the details. >>in the heart of miami beach's nightlife district an 08:00pm curfew and fines starting at $50 when people fail to wear a mask. all efforts to help slow the spread of the coronavirus here and keep residents out of hospitals at least 49 facilities across the state have no icu beds available. >>the biggest factor is that
8:32 am
since we. got out of the stay at home in april. we've just an incredible growth in terms of of the you know people have essentially behaved as if the virus in exist for the 4th time this month florida reporting over 12,000 new cases in one day. >>we. >>had many states florida included that lifted restrictions too early. >>that allowed people to go without still don't mandate masks and many of these states. >>and that have allowed businesses to reopen in a way that's frankly really irresponsible when you widespread community transmission. >>meantime in washington president trump says it should be up to governors to decide pushing back against the suggestion to nationally mandate facial coverings despite the cdc and most health experts making it clear americans should wear them to prevent transmission of the virus. i want people to have a
8:33 am
certain freedom. >>and i don't believe in that no and i don't agree with the statement that everybody wear a mask everything disappears and according to trump the days of the coronavirus will eventually be over will be right eventually. actually i said it's going to disappear say to get that is going to just as active screen and i'll be right. >>but there's no sign of the virus disappearing anytime soon. instead, the average number of new weekly cases is rising in at least 31 states we need to do better than we're doing because cases are going up that's clear america as a whole is not doing well people are lapsing in in their caution right their laps even their need to engage in social distancing arizona passing a grim milestone when its highest number of deaths in a single day since the start of the pandemic. >>california announcing over 9,300 new infections sunday. los angeles county accounted for more than 2800 of those most of them people under the age of 41. the mayor of los
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angeles says the city could soon be under another stay at home order. >>i think we're on the brink of that it's not just what's open and closed its also about what we do individually. >>well those dianne gallagher reporting for us this morning. the fda has authorized covid-19 pool testing now this will allow multiple people to be tested at once the agency granted an emergency use authorization to quest diagnostics that company can now test up to 4 people at once for coronavirus the fda says sample pooling is an important step that helps get covid-19 tests to more americans more quickly while preserving testing supplies. this is the first covid-19 testing the country to be authorized for use with pooled samples. >>7 elected leaders across the bay area are calling on voters to decide the future of caltrain the move comes after san francisco supervisors voted to put a sales tax measure before voters set to keep the service running the
8:35 am
tax would be assessed in san francisco santa clara and san mateo counties, california lawmakers pushing the measure include california congresswoman jackie spear and a shoe. well to the east bay now a second animal attack in iraq is leaving people on high alert just over a week after a toddler was bit by a coyote at a park and now a second person is saying they were bitten by a dog like animal at the rock a country club kron four's dan thorn has that story. >>fish and wildlife officials are still investigating these 2 attacks, it's still unclear whether that man at the country club was in fact bitten by a coyote but neighbors of the club say they're seeing a lot of these coyotes and it's become alarming. >>coyotes appear to be popping up more and more in moraga the signings coming after a small child and a grown man were both bitten a little more than a week apart. this video from a home at the mirage a country club shows one wild canine getting uncomfortably close very concerning especially
8:36 am
when you hear about coyotes high biting kids in. >>adults and very crowded areas, you're okay, ju has seen an uptick of coyotes running around her neighborhood on augusta drive. it makes her fearful for the several children, including her daughter ana ca who like to run around and ride bikes she's pretty scary when they come down. >>we don't really know what to do the garages or pri, pretty much just open to we just going to the raj and very to have that freedom to come out and play in your front yard is is pretty much gone now and also we have an uptake of coyotes friday night's attack at the country club comes after a 2 year-old child was bitten by a coyote a barrage of commons park officials temporarily closed the park because of safety concerns on july 10 coyotes are not uncommon in moraga. >>bites however are unusual that's a little concerning you know any of the kids especially like the attack the other day.
8:37 am
>>some of the neighborhood kids have suggestions as to what should be done with the coyotes i think those should kill them. i think she just because someone yeah the california department of fish and wildlife says unfortunately relocating the animals is not an option. >>they suggest people living in coyote country make loud noises throw rocks and if attacked call police also keep an eye on your pet's like it's a normal here, but now it's getting to a point where i think it's been dealt with. >>the moroccan police department is also helping out in this investigation, they suggest to residents that if they spot a coyote that is acting strange are just getting a little too close for comfort to give them a call. >>reporting in moraga dan thorn kron 4 news. >>and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, scientists say a new experimental covid-19 vaccine is showing some promising results. we'll have the story coming up and baseball is back in the bay area tonight as the giants and
8:38 am
a's get ready to square off at the coliseum. this fall weather outside and not so much at least not right now at the richmond sandra fell bridge will be right back.
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>>welcome back everyone twitter says the hack that targeted the accounts of several high-profile users, including barack obama and joe biden actually targeted a 130 accounts hackers were able to change the passwords on 45 of
8:41 am
those accounts and for 8 of the accounts attackers were able to download account information through the your twitter that a tool twitter says it is contacting the owners of the affected accounts. well disney is cutting its advertising budget on facebook and facebook owned instagram that's according to the wall street journal facebook has been facing a growing advertising boycott over its policies on hate speech on its social media platforms. disney had been facebook's top a space after tires ties are for the first 6 months of the year. >>and a quick snapshot of temperatures they being projected today we've got a mixture of 70's and 80's happening in london 60's though as you can see at the coast and that fog is going to be tough to clear a look at your 4 zone forecast coming up in a bit.
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>>come back is 8.44 this monday morning time to check the forecast with dave spahr hide a hey good morning marty good morning. everybody you've got fog and so i hear tessa police no delays going on pretty pleasant for but it still still when he for some good solid sunshine. it's getting some trying to peer in through here a little bit as you can see. temperatures we're getting some movement here cut 6462 conquered 60 livermore most the east bay shoreline in the lower 60's in the 50's own budget at all up there the north bay, current winds, we wear main with those onshore winds you can see particular around the delta's where they really pick up going to subside a little bit into the early afternoon pick back up again by the later
8:45 am
afternoon 98 for fresno 96 for baker still 91 sacramento, mid 60's along the central coast and lower to middle 70's down to southern california there as you can see. temperatures today in the 4 zone forecast 64 san francisco, the high today. most of the coastal locations will be fighting that fog. so we'll keep that lower 60's. 56 for daly city on the bay side in the upper 6070 to 4 burlingame heading down south into the 70's and lower 80's, 82 for redwood city palo alto in mountain view in the south bay what we're to middle 80's. morgan hill at 88 los gatos at 84 along with santa clara 8182 for cupertino. east bay shoreline to the south of the mid 70's bump that to the middle 80's and tri valley cc that decoupling happening once we get more sunshine, 85 for danville walnut creek at 84 berkeley at 66 richmond at 68 up here the north bay, a chilly 62 pittsburgh an 8382
8:46 am
going on for napa and 82 for sonoma 77 santa rosa in this pocket here is where there's going to be problems again with fog for at least a while before we get to shake that off temperatures meanwhile along the coast and the middle 50's that that checking out the 7 day forecast we stay in the mid 50 mid 80's, excuse me for most of the week. then by sunday we move up a little bit to about 90 or so, but hardly could call that a heat spike or a bump just kind of return to some seasonality traffic right now robin know we close to. >>reality yeah, it looks really good out there and most spots that we're checking in on the bay bridge commute, 80 wesson to san francisco. it started stacking up. earlier this morning so the commute traffic out of the way, but just a heads up if you come in from the east shore freeway westbound 88 carlson there's an accident the blocks the right lane so little busy heading west between richmond and el serino and then the rest of the trip along the east shore and into san francisco will be fine after you get through that little hiccup all right, let's head over to the richmond sandra fell bridge. we're checking
8:47 am
west 5.80. we saw a minor crowding earlier this morning now it's right back at the limit so easy drive into the north bay and then for those of you traveling across the golden gate. no problems into or out of san francisco city streets are quiet on the san francisco side and the north bay is quiet through sausalito marine city quarter but sandra fell and nevado marty ok robin thank you us marshals and the fbi are investigating a shooting. >>at a federal judge's home in new jersey. it happened at the home of federal judge esther solace her son was shot and killed by a gunman who was wearing a fedex uniform at the time according to investigators. her husband was also injured. judge solace was not harmed in the shooting. she was appointed to the bench by president obama 9 years ago and is the first latina to serve on the federal bench in new jersey. her husband is a defense attorney and it's not known yet this morning if either of them were targeted in this attack and the suspect is still at large. new this morning, scientists in london
8:48 am
say that an experimental coronavirus vaccine showed promise in early trial. results find that it may prompt a protective immune response. the positive results were seen in hundreds of patients who got the injection. british researchers began testing the vaccine back in april. it causes minor side effects like fever, chills and muscle pain and last american researchers announced that the first covid-19 vaccine tested in this country boosted patients immune systems that vaccine will now enter its final phase of testing. also new this morning delta airlines says it will enforce its mask requirement more strictly beginning today. it says people who can't cover their faces for medical reasons should think about staying home. but if they do want to fly delta will be requiring passengers to complete a health screening by phone. delta will then use the results of that interview by phone to determine if given traveler can board its aircraft without a mask.
8:49 am
>>school districts in less populated california counties are now moving ahead with plans for classroom instruction. governor newsome said on friday that most counties will start the school year online because of soaring coronavirus cases and hospitalizations but rural in the central and northern parts of the state have not seen much of the virus and can bring students and teachers back to campus. leaders in those counties insists that they'll take proper precautions to keep the kids safe. happening today base fog yeah, it's back in the bay area the a's will host the giants in the exhibition game before the regular season starts later this week. the 2 teens will face off at the coliseum today and then again at oracle park tomorrow, the giants will then begin the regular season on thursday, when they travel to los angeles to take on the dodgers for 4 games, the first home game for the giants will be july 28th. the a's will start their regular season on friday that's going to be at home against the angels, first pitch for tonight's game is set for 6.40. that's at the coliseum in of course, no fans
8:50 am
in the ballpark so different but marty will still be cheering them on sure well i can't wait to watch tonight. >>raiders owner mark davis says that he's leaning towards not having any fans at raiders games when the season begins that's according to espn. this year of course the raiders will be in their first season in las vegas. espn also reporting that the fans are not allowed at the stadium, then davis won't be attending the games either the nfl still working with the players union to come up with a plan to start the nfl season. golf legend jack nicklaus announced that he and his wife both tested positive for the coronavirus back in march, nicholas is 80 years old the 18 time major champion says he dealt with a sore throat and cough while his wife was asymptomatic both nicholas and his wife recovered about a month after testing positive. >>officials at yosemite are warning that dozens of park visitors may have been infected with covid-19 after the virus was detected in the parks raw sewage now so far no
8:51 am
park employees or residents have tested positive and no visitors have reported being sick since the park reopened last month health officials in mariposa county say that the presence of the virus in the park is not likely to lead to any changes since the park is already following local and state restrictions. a kanye west is actually seeking the nation's highest office remains a question but the rapper did hold a rally in south carolina yesterday. it was his first event since declaring himself a presidential candidate. now even though just a few days ago one of his aides said that he was no longer running kania delivered a lengthy monologue he touched on topics from abortion to religion international trade in licensing deals, west said that while he believes abortion should be legal financial incentives to help struggling mothers could be the way to discourage the practice. >>there's a growing petition for trader joe's to stop labeling its international food products with ethnic sounding names such as trader
8:52 am
meetings or traitor jose. nearly a 1000 people have signed the petition it says that labeling flu of food like that is racist the grocery chain says and it's in the process right now updating the ethnic sounding products. they say that they will have that were completed soon. and we're going take short break, but first we'll take a live look outside that cloud deck is still hanging over sfo this morning. but we understand no delays. >>up to now we'll be right back.
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>>and welcome back everyone that i'm a 54 we're still waiting for called the fog to clear. let's get an update on your forecast nowadays for a day. >>okay good morning rob, good morning, everybody still the overcast skies. we have at the bay bridge as you can see here and for that clearing patch up you know we'll get some clearing in the east bay, it looks like in the next hour or so however, along the coast will continue to hover even into the afternoons afternoon keeping a somewhat overcast uh by the time we get there temperatures in the 60's for the most part the east bay 50's up to the north 63 for san jose for today we're talking 74 by high noon by 3. we're at 81 marty. >>all right dave thanks a lot coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news a north bay town that once made headlines for not having any covid-19 cases is now reporting confirmed cases will
8:56 am
hear from residents there. plus the san quentin guard is fighting for his life after being infected with covid-19 we'll hear from his family. and a second wild animal attack in the east bay is leaving a lot of people they're worried about their safety. we'll have everything we know about this latest attack coming up. dear california...
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>>you're watching kron 00:04am morning news at 9. >>good morning. everybody, thank you so much for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, it is monday july marty gonzales hope your week is off to a good start let's go ahead and find out the forecast for today and the rest of the week from day sparked by day hi good morning. marty good morning, everybody was still battling the fog here this shot to the bay bridge. the overcast sky appearance still with us. as we approach a little air morning hours and should start to mix out a little bit in the east bay, but meanwhile along the coast. still hovering there with overcast skies even as we get into the early afternoon. temperatures thus far in the 60's middle 60's at last check 64 antioch with 50's up to the north bay, 63 for san jose but we're trailing almost all locations across the bay as you can see up to the most you pronounce little bit up in the north bay right now, we're looking at about 74 coming in by high noon to 3 o'clock at 81. temperatures will be
9:00 am
mostly in the 80's for those inland valleys, not going to see whole lot the way of 90's. we'll take a look at that in your 4 zone forecast and also have your extended coming up smart sounds good dave, thanks. a lot, let's get to the news this morning happening right now in the north bay hospital workers at santa rosa memorial hospital. >>are taking part in a five-day strike kron 4 sarah stinson live at the hospital to explain why they're walking out now in the middle of a pandemic sarah. >>day one of a five-day strike these of front-line workers are now on the picket lines you can see hundreds of people here lining the street right in front of santa rosa memorial hospital. all of these people are on strike to fight for more affordable health care and accrued sick leave these hospital workers pushed back the strike when the pandemic first hit because this is negotiations have been going on for over a year now, but they said they could not wait any longer as they work on the front lines and what they say is unsafe conditions. the hospital


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