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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 21, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and we're back for 30 is the time let's get a check at the half hour here of the weather we've got her back strong in the weather center with a closer look at what we can expect on this tuesday morning america good morning james, well it's going to be much cooler. >>this afternoon below seasonal averages actually once we get to and to those afternoon hours for now though we're going to be seeing some patchy fog in some spots like right here through san jose i am tracking a little bit of fog. but the good news is we are going to get a whole bunch of clearing and a lot of sunshine as we get closer to the afternoon hours temperature wise we're pretty much the same a degree or 2 cooler in some spots about even in others like fairfield the napa versus this time yesterday that's what this map showing you here so we're about a degree cooler in concord n livermore the where we're at at this time yesterday morning. so 50's and
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60's that's what you're waking up to 63 degrees right now in antioch 58 in concord 60 degrees and hayward. 59 in redwood city 57 in napa and currently 59 in nevada right now. but yes things will change once we get through a the early morning hours. it's going to start heating up around the bay area mainly inland. though that's we're going to start to see those 80's popping up and it's going to top out about the mid 80's. that's going be as warm as we'll see of this afternoon. so a lot cooler than what we experienced last week 84 and sunny in livermore today, 80 degrees in antioch for the afternoon high 82 if you're going to be in the concord area and then upper 60's to low 70's for summer bayside communities, hey we're deal be the nice comfortable 71 degrees 68 in oakland today, 65 in san francisco looking at 78 degrees for the afternoon high in redwood city. low to mid 80's in the south bay, san jose you'll be at a high of 81 and morgan hill 84, the north
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a mainly in the 70's 76 for the afternoon high in nevada and 78 for napa your seven-day around the bay forecast a very similar for the next couple of days, we're going to see 80's inland 70's around the bay 60's at the coast, but then things are going to get a little bit warmer as we get into saturday and sunday reaching almost that ninety-degree mark especially in our inland spots james back to you all right rebecca, thank you for 43 let's. >>it's national headlines here president trump says that he will revive his daily coronavirus briefings that went away almost 3 months ago. he's also now encouraging americans to wear face masks, rip jim acosta with the very latest now from washington. >>with more than 140,000 deaths from the coronavirus in the u.s. and counting president trump is offering up a new proposal to show he's dealing with the pandemic resurrecting the briefing room news conferences on the administration's response to covid-19 i'll do it. >>5 o'clock like we were doing we had a good slot. and a lot
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of people watching and that's a good thing as mister trump made the announcement the former reality tv host turn president appeared to be more focused on the ratings for the briefings and the surging number of cases across the country. well we had very successful bring things i was doing them we had a lot of people watching record numbers watching in the history of cable television television there's never been anything like it. the briefings were sometimes useful when they feature the expertise of health experts like doctors deborah birx and anthony fauci that mister trump suspended the news conferences back in april shortly after he suggested people could inject themselves with disinfectant to kill the virus that i see the disinfectant. they've not yet. the president is still misleading the public about the virus insisting he was right when he predicted covid-19 would miraculously vanish it's going to disappear one day it's like a miracle it will disappear mister trump defended that comment on fox will be right eventually. actually you know i said it's going to disappear said again
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that is going to just as actress credit, i'll be right. i don't think so. >>and his lukewarm support for wearing masks still runs counter to what the experts are telling americans i'm begging you please understand that we're not trying to take away your freedoms when we say wear a face covering the president still faces tough questions over his handling of the pandemic like why the white house is seeking to block new funding for testing for the virus, a stance that irk some in his own party and surprised administration health officials the opening bid from the white house was a bit certainly for many of us. >>we're certainly hoping to see more in the way of support. a new abc washington post poll finds mister trump far behind former vice president joe biden so the president and his team are turning to former aides corey lewandowski and steve bannon for advice. we have korean we have all the people and actually steve bannon's been much better not being involved. he says the greatest president ever me saying things that i said. >>us keep steve out there he's doing a good job. >>and his message to mister trump pay more attention to the pandemic my recommendation
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of the every day start to have the top people around you doctor fauci doctor birx vice president doctor redfield cdc. chief of staff meadows have him in the oval get briefed every day on an action plan, the president's interview on fox concerned even some of his own aides with one advisor telling cnn it was embarrassing his total lack of preparation is catching up one awkward moment came when mister trump bragged about passing his cognitive assessment test well i tell you what a let's take a test. let's take a test right now, let's go down joe and i will take a test let him take the same i took the test when i heard that you passed a well it's not the hardest has now but the last picture is the last and it's an against isis that's all misrepresentation that. >>well as jim acosta reporting one presidential adviser says the format of the new briefing is yet to be determined. >>for 36 on the clock was head of the east bay now we're more than 40 deputies and other
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staff members of the alameda county sheriff's office have contracted covid-19 since march, many of them work at the santa rita jail with. as we've known that are seeing a spike in cases kron four's maureen kelly takes a closer look. >>when you got to the hospital his oxygen levels were in the 40's which is horrible that's the wife of alameda county sheriff's deputy oscar road. shep both the husband and wife tested positive in june. >>roaches wife maureen spent 10 days in the hospital. well, the 25 year sheriff's department veteran has now been in the icu 3 weeks in a medically induced coma. he's made some progress. the doctors are working to wean him off of the ventilator but he has a long road of recovery ahead of him. >>it's your test comes back positive and you have the slightest symptom you go to the doctor. so get your lungs listen go have somebody checked out. that is what my husband didn't do you should have. >>it's believed roche a
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contracted the virus on the job and brought it home to his wife. part of a spike of 35 workers for the law enforcement agency both sworn and non-sworn who tested positive around the same time while some of those infected were from patrol the sheriff's office spokesperson says the majority work at the santa rita jail in the last several days now we're seeing another spike we now have 10 active positive staff members in a 103 active in custody. >>sergeant ray kelly says they've been working to keep a lid on coronavirus at the jail. >>which can take off quickly in confined settings the majority of people have had mild to moderate symptoms that it regards the inmate population we've had 0 major complications or hospitalizations or anything or anyone is ended up in intensive care in addition a roach only one other sheriff's office staff member is in the hospital many of the workers who tested positive back in june were asymptomatic and are now back at work. monday shares personnel could be seen going in for testing for the
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virus to help make sure staff members are not infected and unintentionally carrying coronavirus back to their families and the communities they serve. >>they're also being screened for antibodies both types of testing will be offered to employees on thursday as well maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>meantime we've learned that another san quentin death row inmate has died from covid 1958 year-old troy. ash miss passed away monday at a pop-up hospital outside the prison. it's believed that he died of complications from coronavirus but an official cause of death hasn't yet been determined. so far 12 inmates have died at san quentin because of covid-19 ash miss was on death row for first-degree murder and crimes involving minors. there appears to be progress in the coronavirus vaccine race preliminary results from university of oxford study are promising with darryl forges with a closer look. >>over the weekend daily covid-19 cases climb to record
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highs in the u.s. there is no question that we're having a surge right now we are approaching this with extreme seriousness scary and we know every day is over 10,000 it's it's almost like the norm in states like florida icu beds in miami-dade county now over capacity we're building a 100 new allow icu but but unfortunately they're not going to be around until the end of the year. >>though we d every day it's a matter of a challenge of how we make sure we do that that with the current icu but the surge in cases is so bad the bahamas like the european union issued a travel ban for american travelers officials and health experts pleading to americans to mask up we're not trying to take away your freedoms when we say wear a face covering we're not trying to take away your ability to go out when we say keep. >>restaurant capacity under 50% we're seeing if we do these things we can actually open and stay open there is some promising news on the vaccine front. preliminary results for university of oxford vaccine trial suggests it is safe and induce an
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immune reaction in adults, 18 to 55 years old. it is just one of 23 different covid-19 vaccines in clinical trials around the world we're going to make sure that we have a vaccine by the end of the year for emergency use i'm darryl forges reporting. >>and more national headlines congress is expected to start talking about another coronavirus relief package this week. but there's debate on capitol hill about what will go into that bill. >>washington dc correspondent trevor shirley takes a look. >>it's got a name the recovery act cares for point out but no guarantee what it might contain kids in school. jobs, the health care senate majority leader mitch mcconnell laid out those republican priorities as well as protection from lawsuits for businesses that choose to reopen, we don't need a pandemic of lawsuits on the heels of the pandemic already struggling with that lawsuit immunity is a nonstarter for many democrats including ohio senator sherrod brown this one
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is is to to me is dead is dead on arrival is's amendment. >>strip away unemployment benefits. >>that extra $600 in unemployment benefits ends this week. democrats want to extend it, but house minority leader kevin mccarthy says that extra money pays some workers board a stay at home and to go back to work we don't think any federal money should be spent to gives you do disincentive to work. brown also wants more money to protect service workers like people in grocery stores and meat processing plants and there's more what about state local government what about a rental assistance. what about reopen the schools from all of these are major priorities and then there's president trump. >>who's threatened to veto any relief package without a payroll tax cut it's been proven to be successful. a big saving for the people but that's something very few democrats are even republicans want to pursue since it would reduce funding for social security and medicare reporting in washington, i'm
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trevor shirley. >>we'll take a break still ahead there will be no high school sports this fall because of the pandemic will tell you how coaches say that's going to fix student athletes are hoping to compete in college. and we are back
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time now is for 45 want to get a check of the forecast and
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for that we're headed over to rebecca. >>over the weather center good morning we're back and good morning. james yeah out the door right now we're seeing some fog and some clouds around the bay area. >>especially throughout to downtown san francisco. you can see. now the clear shot of the buildings behind me, but the good news is we will get some sunshine to replace all the fog. we just have to wait until at this afternoon to do so. but for now as you're driving around and heading out of the house this morning just be really careful on the roads visibility down to a couple miles and some spots going to be traveling along the 8.80 through oakland into hayward you're down to about 2 miles of visibility. one mile throughout half moon bay, if you're going to be traveling on highway one, the future cast for showing us though things are going to get nice and clear closer to that lunch time hour and we are going to see a lot of sun that fog really just going to stick. tuck summer coastal spots like half moon bay and even parts of the north bay. temperatures right now 50's and 60's on the board so not too bad you just might need to throw on a light sweater or jacket to get you
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through 60 degrees right now in oakland, 53 and temper on 57 and napa and a 55 degrees currently in petaluma. well temperatures for this afternoon look like this we're going to be mostly in the low to mid 60's for some or coastal areas, half moon bay you'll be the high of 63 degrees, 65 in san francisco mill valley will be at 69 and then once we get into our base i communities the east shore. a line we're looking at 71 degrees for hayward a nice comfortable 74. if you're going to be in fremont 80's for the south bay 81 for downtown san jose morgan hill you'll be at a high of 84. and then the 84 degrees in the livermore valley. this afternoon if you're going to be an york later today, it's going to be at a high of 80. so much cooler than normal for this time of year it's going to be that way a pretty much for the rest of your weekend and things are really going to heat up on saturday and sunday. we could see some low 90's inland, especially up towards the 2nd half of the weekend. that's a look at
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weather now back to james carr, thank you very much. rebecca, here's a quick look at the richmond sandra fell bridge. >>as we give you a quick update on the commute conditions out there right now looking pretty good westbound 5.80 no problems here in richmond. no issues on the stand either as you make your way out towards the north bay if you're in marin county looking to make your way down into san francisco. you're looking pretty good on 1 one across the golden gate bridge in here you see the bay bridge where traffic moving just fine as you're working your way from oakland to san francisco. the volume is building as you can see, but you're still not slowing down at all as you make your way through the toll plaza itself will probably expect to see that building over the next couple of hours. back to the news now we have the coronavirus pandemic impacting student athletes across the state fall sports will now be postponed to december kron 4 says it made you spoke to a football coach about the potential impact this is going to have on student athletes. the california interscholastic federation, the governing body for high school sports announces that this fall as athletic competition schedule is officially being pushed
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back to the end of the year due to covid-19 when it's all said and done you could be looking at. >>roughly 9 months and months of not high schools for being on the sidelines cia up executive director randall jedi talked about the changes to the 2020 2021 sports calendar a moose or 4 seasons to a december january period it shifts and to seize a 73 to avoid some of the overlap obviously you know that will mean some for multi-sport athletes. >>the safety of our athletes have to come first right the covid-19 pandemic has now impacted the california high school sports calendars for winter spring and now this upcoming fall laney college head football coach and athletic department director john be talked about the potential impact for high school student athletes, hoping to compete on the next level. >>i think for division, one athletes for the most part it's going to fall on because there are there are hundreds radio or watch in 2 years.
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they see no even saw words right so. the the the the the top of the scale of the fine. if someone has a a dry that could create some problems were not enough competition be anticipates college recruiters will do less in person evaluation of athletes and lean more on using computer technology as a resource for discovering talent. >>his advice for high school student athlete be ready you have to feel that you have already put that together get out to people right. >>you know really reach out to the calls that are interested and senate to that right ron gol jet. he says the cia is keeping a close eye on the changing developments with covid 90 this is education based athletics and so we're going to follow the guidelines were state the governor of the art of education, the department of public health has it led you kron 4 news. >>in national headlines, nfl players will be tested daily for the coronavirus for at least the first 2 weeks of training camp that's according to the league's new testing
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protocols. the nfl and the players union reached an agreement as rookies across the league are set to arrive for camp today. if the daily testing for 2 weeks prove successful test could then be done only every other day in addition to daily testing each player will have to test negative for the virus several times before entering the training facilities, players will also where proximity devices during team activities to help with contact tracing. happening today, the a's will visit the giants in san francisco for another training game before opening day on thursday, yesterday's match saw the giants visit the a's at the coliseum so let's get to the highlights giants got off to the lead dot in early in the second inning after hit by austin slater, his hit allowed 3 runners to score the a's would go on to score twice in the next few innings but then in the 7th inning it was the giants extended their lead austin slater getting another great hit which allows 2 runners to score and in the end it was the giants beating the a's 62. but before the first pitch giants manager
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gabe kepler kneeled during the anthem, becoming the first major. manager should say in the majors to kneel in protest. kapur spoke about his decision to kneel take a listen. >>with the way our country. i was handled. police brutality. and i told them that i wanted to amplify their voices and i wanted to amplify the voice of. the black community. marginalized communities as well. >>and so there was his reaction to that or his response to that first pitch for the giants against the dodgers by the way is this coming thursday a's will get going friday against the angels. all right as we head to break, here's a quick live look outside. the sheriff here cameron walnut creek is weak. just take a brief pause for a couple minutes, we'll be back with more headlines o in just a moment.
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>>and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news i'm rebecca strong in for john trail this morning we're seeing a lot of fog. normally we could see a nice clear shot of the city lights overlooking berkeley right now the star camera on top of the east bay hills but so once this fog clears in the sunshine shows then we'll get that nice a clear shot on the way to the bay, a warm temperatures today, especially inland. it's going to be quite mild though in san francisco at 65 degrees. we will get
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sunshine later on today and once the fog clears an oakland will have just a little bit of scattered clouds but sunny and 68 and then our warmer spots 81 degrees in downtown san jose i'll have more temperatures on the borno break it down neighborhood by neighborhood james are back a thank you for 56, we'll take a break coming up in the next hour a spike in coronavirus cases in the south bay has led to a high demand. >>for testing now. >>3 new test sites are opening up today will give you full details on that in a live report and hair salons and barbershops are given the green light to reopen, but only if they can operate outside what reaction from local businesses. plus president trump is threatening to crack down on protesters in oakland by deploying federal police just like he did in portland. we'll have reaction from mayor libby shaft. there's a quick live look outside our camera in san francisco showing us a shot of the market arrow and the bay bridge in the distance we'll be back with more news weather and traffic updates in just a moment.
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book direct at >>you're watching kron 00:04am morning news at 5. >>good morning. it's. yes it very very of listen lecture. it is july 22nd, thank you for joining us here on the kron 00:04am morning news, let's
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get to the weather center before we get to the news and say good morning to rebecca good morning james and ari i know i just take a second what does it again. it is tuesday and it is foggy we're starting off a foggy in low lying clouds around the bay area, san francisco here you can see downtown you can see it that well, but you can see some of the lights from the buildings behind me as our camera readjust their. >>and temperatures you're waking up to very similar temperatures we've seen the last couple of weeks 50's 60's on the board 60 degrees in hayward right now 61. in san jose 55 in downtown san francisco. 57 degrees in nevado and 55 in petaluma right now so just light long sleeves to get you buy and then we're going to have a smile to even warm temperatures into the afternoon with a lot of sunshine a high of 65 in san francisco 68 in oakland and 81 today in san jose a break it all down even further coming up in just a couple of minutes back to the news. >>all right, thank you very much for back at 5 o'clock is the time, we'll start the ho


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