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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 21, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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dearand with summer here,these energy bills are rising. together, we can save energy and money... by taking steps to stay cool while using less. keep safe and keep it golden. >>as health officials make it easier for people to get tested here in the bay area.
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the medical director of carbon health says those results are revealing some startling new trends. earlier today on kronon he told kron four's jonathan mccall who is most likely to test positive for covid-19. >>still so many questions remain about testing of we know that a number of counties across the bay area now expanding their testing sites because of a recent surge. europe app on the front lines of what are some of the trends that you're seeing in the emergency room where you work. >>yeah, absolutely 7 emergency department we're many people who work at a winery s coming in and testing positive we're seeing many grocery store workers. coming in testing positive are actually seeing a large number of children. testing positive as well. now urging care for me care clinics around the bay area through carbon. we're actually seeing. clusters of patients to gather together parties so
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generally there younger 2020 somethings to may have thought that they could hang out with friends. frankly really deserve to be hanging out with friends. after all the sheltering in place. but it seems like back or does there's a trend toward them testing positive. i can tell you just yesterday. emergency departments. i admitted to the hospital and to people under the age of 40. who hypoxic i mean they're not getting enough oxygen systems. and so the u n. hospitalization might be too. intensive care and then unfortunately might lead to die. and we had multiple patients in the emergency department with coronavirus concerns. major scene that ucsf and stanford in el camino health and north bay. says happening around the bay area and then we're all quite concerned.
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>>this interview first ran on kron on our 24 7 commercial free news streaming app we have removed the paywall during the covid-19 pandemic so you can download it today for free and stay up to date all the latest developments during this public health crisis, there's a new study now by the cdc that suggests more people in the u.s. have been infected with covid-19 than the official numbers show. researchers studied antibody test results from 16,000 people in 10 different cities and found that the actual infection rates could be 6 to 24 times higher than the number of reported cases. still the cdc claims the country is not close to the amount of cases that would give way to herd immunity rather the agency says that asymptomatic people are still contributing to the virus to spread and covid-19 tests are not capturing the full extent of the outbreak. in national news today, president trump held his first coronavirus briefing since late april health experts on the
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coronavirus task force including doctors, anthony fauci and deborah birx did not make an appearance but the president did urge americans to wear a mask. >>we're asking everybody that. when you are not able to socially distance wear a mask, get a mask. whether you like the mask or not they have an impact they'll have an effect and we need everything we can get i have no problem with the masks. i do it this way anything that potentially can help and that certainly can potentially help. >>is a good thing. >>the president also warned that the pandemic will lie sleek likely get worse before improving and said he's ok with more funding for covid-19 testing as congress considers the next round of coronavirus stimulus funding. senate republicans say the white house and them are on different pages despite being in the same party. well the gop in the trump administration negotiate. democrats say they want a deal done now nadia romero has the
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latest now from the white house. >>a nation should and other crucial. midway point. there are about a look at those terrible hours. it's not just coronavirus senate republicans are battling but also the white house it's hard to negotiate. >>when the president says one thing senate republicans say another and many of them are divided divided over what should and shouldn't be in the are focused on 3 main goals, good fit. and health care, including the roughly 1 trillion dollar plan is funding to safely reopen schools tax credits and incentives to businesses and stimulus checks to americans direct payments to help american families. keep driving. our national combat. one thing the majority leader didn't mention is a priority for the president the president. >>it was very clear on that he would like to see a payroll
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tax and there, but it's something many republican senators are against there are some differences of opinion. >>on the question of the payroll tax cut and whether that the best way to go as the trump administration and senate republicans work towards a deal democrats wait in the wings, let's get going. >>it's over 60 days since the house passed the heroes act which is a strong bold and comprehensive proposals. >>the legislation is expected to be the second largest economic rescue package in u.s. history, second only to the first measure passed earlier this year. but before americans receive much needed aid democrats republicans and the white house must compromise. at the white house, i'm nadia romero. tonight fire crews in northeastern california are working to get an upper hand on the hog fire that's in lassen county. so far the fire has scorched some 8,000 acres. >>more than 150 buildings remain at risk and evacuations are still in place. officials say they still do not know what started this fire on
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sunday, cal fire said fighting the fire could get tougher if temperatures going to be hotter and if the humidity drops the areas under a red-flag warning until tonight. let's talk now about our 4 zone forecast with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow he's standing by with details on that forecast how is our fire danger doing yeah, actually you know we've got a higher humidity's around the bay area that is some good news. we're seeing that on shore flow and that brings with it. >>the nice moist air from the ocean but over the sierra nevada. actually a lot of thunderstorms popping up today. we're likely going to see a return of that again tomorrow those weak area of low pressure that is getting a little bit closer the coastline. actually moving into california for tomorrow. overnight tonight we are going to watch really get wet enough moisture in the atmosphere likely going to see some drizzle along the immediate coastline and a lot of fog filling into the bay and some of the valleys all the way into the delta by tomorrow morning. peeling back in the afternoon couple thunderstorms of the sierra nevada otherwise a pretty typical summer day, although these temperatures are running a good 5 to 10
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degrees below the average for this time of year numbers break down like this around the bay area tomorrow 50's and 60's in the san francisco about 61 degrees in pacific with some patchy fog 65 in burlingame in millbrae 73 in foster city 77 in mount view the temperature in the south they're going to be in the 70's and the 80's where we could easily be in the 90's in parts of the east right now you look at the 70's and some 80's about 79 in pittsburgh and back toward the coastline, some cool fog about 56 at stinson beach. >>lawrence much more ahead tonight here on kron 4 news at 5 why linked in is now the latest bay area company forced to lay off hundreds of its employees and after the break how the coronavirus is forcing walmart to break from a decade
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>>so there's no need to camp out for black flat friday deals at walmart this year for the first time in 30 years, the retail giant will close all of its stores on thanksgiving day. the move comes as retailers are evaluating their plans for the holiday shopping season during a pandemic the company said workers should just be able to enjoy the holiday with loved ones. the company plans to give 428 million dollars in bonuses to its workers. bay area based linked in is laying off nearly a 1000 workers that's about 6% of its global workforce. the ceo said the job cuts will affect the sales and talent acquisition
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sections of the company hiring has slowed dramatically during the pandemic and millions of americans are still in play applying for unemployment. aside the businesses are still shedding jobs. >>amino acid a great film you're very generous you know is there are those donate you know, so you know what i want this happen to them or any of the family. >>still ahead a federal judge's family torn apart following an ambush as tonight
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we're learning shocking new details in a shooting that left the son of a federal judge dead and her husband injured. the motive for the shooting is still unknown, but we are learning. more tonight about the main suspect authorities say the alleged shooter was in the tourney who described himself as quote an anti feminist who has defended men's rights bring greengrass has the latest. >>new details in the attack on a new jersey federal judge's family the fbi identifying roy den hollander as the primary suspect in the shooting of judge esther salas is husband and son in north brunswick, new jersey sunday it's a stomach punch not just for me, but for everybody loses in this town. >>it's a horrible in terrible thing. and it could not have happened to a nicer family den hollander was found dead monday more than 2 hours away
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in rockland new york from the parents self-inflicted gunshot wound according to 2 law enforcement sources. >>sunday night, a man approached sells his home appearing to be dressed in a fedex uniform and then shot sow says 20 year-old son in the heart after he opened the door killing him. authorities found a fedex package addressed to the judge in a vehicle asshciated with den hollander a source told cnn gunshots very bailout. >>we just about all and we have some the gunshots but some keys. putting something. big news it was very nice and quiet area. >>the judge's husband defense attorney mark and errol was also shot and remains in stable condition after undergoing his second surgery monday, his law partner said solace was reportedly in the basement at the time of the attack and was unharmed, according to the new york family very very devoted.
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>>they're wonderful people you never heard anything you not on anybody's store go through the whole neighborhood. you never go into the courthouse said never heard a negative thing about as desousa mark and to roll. >>den hollander did have personal issues with judge salas who was appointed by president obama in 2010 and was the first latina judge appointed to the federal district court in new jersey on his website den hollander disparage the judge in racist and sexist terms claiming female judges of latin american descent were quote driven by an inferiority complex den hollander argued one case in front of judge dallas representing a woman and her daughter who sought to register for the military is the selective service. the military does not allow women to register den hollander argued that this was unconstitutional and solace did agree with some of his arguments allowing the lawsuit to continue den hollander was a self-described anti-feminist and men's rights activists to brought controversial lawsuits
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to court arguing ladies night specials at clubs and bars were discriminatory against men. the supreme court declined to take up that suit and now trying to turn the tables of equality. >>on the famine nazis who have changed this country. that was brent green grass reporting court records show that the judge presided over several high-profile cases, including a class action lawsuit. >>against a bank. the complaint alleges the bank failed to properly monitor high-risk customers, including convicted offender jeffrey epstein. investigators are also looking to see of holland or had any role in the killing earlier this month of a judge who was a lawyer who was also a federal a fellow gender discrimination lawyer in san bernardino county. he was shot and killed on july 11th by a person believed to be dressed in a fedex uniform and hollander's believed to have been wearing a fedex uniform in sunday's shooting. we'll take a live look outside right now as we talk about our 4 zone forecast and here is
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every foggy look at san francisco's embarcadero in the bay bridge. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here now with a look at the fog forecast for the rest of the night yeah that fog really starting to surge on shore little bit earlier tonight. >>sita from timber on making its way all of them ran headlines to the golden gate bridge in here we go i think it goes all the way into the delta psi maybe only in the sacramento valley, a pretty deep marine layer out there we've got low pressure off the coastline that's helping to deepen it somewhat over the sierra nevada very active afternoon. one you can thunderstorms popping up there as well a lot of activity out there today with instability caused by that thunderstorm or buy that area of low pressure that continue to spin in the california. we'll see more of that as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. the winds also kicking up 22 mile an hour winds in oakland right now 16 into san jose 21 sfo 25 enough air feel that on shore push continuing outside tonight. i can see that deeper marine layer and the fog and low clouds also mid to high level clouds up above and some
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coastal drizzle developing a place like the city government era may be in the half moon bay patchy morning fog tomorrow, then partly cloudy into the afternoon and really this area of low pressure just kind of slowly swing into the state for tomorrow and then move out of town that is going to keep the temperatures running below the average for this time of year not going to be bad but we'll be warm but comfortable around much of the bay area and little breezy into the afternoon. temperatures breaking down like this plan and about 83 degrees one of the warmer spots tomorrow on live more about 88 partly cloudy skies in san jose 75 degrees in redwood city about 57 degrees in mill valley and 72 degrees. jamaica in the napa valley temperatures going to slowly march up those we get into saturday and sunday some places getting near 90 degrees. the back a few more clouds as we head toward next week. >>thank you lawrence, the health impacts from this pandemic are reaching far beyond that of the coronavirus mandy gaither has more on how the virus has disrupted medical research. >>from lockdowns to fear of
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catching the coronavirus there are many reasons people have put off routine health care during this pandemic and doctor anthony fauci says it could have devastating consequences project. >>that over the next decade. could actually result. in 10,000 or more excess deaths from breast and colorectal cancer because the reductions in routine screening. >>speaking off camera at an american association for cancer research conference felt he cited a dune editorial written and published in the journal science the paper also noted that covid-19 has caused an unprecedented disruption in cancer research. 2 studies presented at the conference found that routine breast and prostate cancer screening rates have gone down due to covid-19 related disruptions of care. another study associated unemployment rate which skyrocketed between february and may with lower rates of breast and colorectal
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cancer screenings. the authors noted that unemployed adults often lack health insurance. >>i'm mandy gaither. >>coming up why it may be harder for you
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well if you don't have a mountain bike and you want one it might be a while before you can buy one because of the coronavirus shops across the country just cannot keep them in stock. >>one colorado bike store says
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that the owner while he sold out of them dan beebe has the story. usually have rose. >>bikes in the middle here lee newhart is the owner of the great divide in downtown pueblo since his bike shop reopen back in may. the stock room has never looked this empty only to us all in all our minds pretty much in and the one month period. >>it was just unbelievable how many people were here buying bikes accessories wanted to get out and can just get outside, but as the demand for mountain bikes rise, the supply has dwindled because of hard fears he won't have mountain bikes for sale until 2021 china shut down. for a while and that's where some of the products are made well a lot of things were shut down so things didn't get made up. new stuff think it made up and the old stuff had run out and the demand bikes which is enormous new hard says his business isn't alone. shops like this one all across the united states are entirely
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sold out i think a lot of people who have written a long time we're getting out this spring and summer and hopefully that will continue on people i've seen people out that haven't written in a long long time out on their bikes. >>as dan beebe reporting you heard says even with bike selling out the shop is staying afloat during the pandemic because people once they get their bikes will they need them to be repaired most people get out of the water when they see a shark but when this off-duty police officer notice, one approaching a boy he jumped into the water to rescue the child this happened in cocoa beach florida and it was a police officer, adrian cossack innings enjoying a walk on the beach thursday evening. but the site of the shark approaching a boy and a boogie board sent him into action he darted into the water grab the boys board and then guided the child to safety. both the officer and the boy after all that we're told are doing well. instagram is prepared to launch a new
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video feature to rival tick tock instagram reels will let people record and edit 15 2nd videos that are set to music and audio users can then upload the videos to their stories and instagrams explore feature instagram has not given an official launch date for this new feature but it is already testing the platform in india. the site is hoping to eventually expand to the united states and 50 other countries. can't wait for that who can't wait to see justine on instagram singing everyone well that wraps up kron 4 news at 6 i'm justine waldman don't forget to wash your hands and wear a mask and i'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news, the 8,
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wall of moms. >> moms are here. >> the human barricade in the battle for portland. an in search of athena. here she is. the naked woman steps into the fray. then, 13 nuns dead as covid- 19 sweeps through their convent. and, kanye in crisis. >> absolutely no clapping. >> his overnight tweet storm. his claim that his wife wants to have him committed. then, the beautiful l.a. cop. she is an expert marksman. now controversy over her shooting down a knwi


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