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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 22, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>>you're watching kron 00:04am morning >>good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher the time now is 08:00am rebecca strong with this as well you can't see her she's off in the weather center, let's join are now warning of aca. >>good morning james good morning. daryn a yes i am looking at gray skies across the bay area for now. we are going to see more and more peeks of sunshine and clearing as we get closer to those afternoon hours current conditions right here at san francisco international airport get the clouds sticking around, but we can see a little bit of light some of it just little peeks of sunshine. temperature wise we're pretty even split in some spots and then a couple of degrees higher. then where we're at this time yesterday so that's what 4 zone forecast map is showing you the temperature wise as you're waking up with us very very similar to yesterday morning start 60 degrees in napa 63 in
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oakland 56 in san francisco and 59 in san jose. i'm looking at mild to warm temperatures around the bay area. we'll have those coming up in just a bit back to the news. >>thanks a lot. let's start with the coronavirus the cdc is sounding the alarm that the number of cases in the u.s. might be much greater than we know there was show you map which illustrates now the rise in cases. >>in the past week compared to the week before and you can see actually california has improved. it has been in the orange and even in the red indicating anywhere from 10 to 50%. increase from week to week now we're just in the yellow which indicates a steady rise but not an alarming one. but if you look at the total numbers across the country we've got now more than a 142,000 recorded deaths with more than 3.9 million infections reported so far to our area. >>in the wake of the rising number of cases and the dropping poll numbers for the president he appears to be changing his tune. during his first covid-19 briefing yesterday since april the
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president urged everyone to wear masks. and he even went as far to as admit that things will likely get worse before they get better. now the cdc is reporting the number of infected americans could be 2 times to 24 times greater than the reported case numbers. >>think about 40% of these infections. >>or without some time some areas of our country are doing very well others are doing less well. it will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better. something i don't like saying about things but that's the way it is. >>and just in this morning. the u.s. has signed a contract with pfizer for delivery of the first 100 million doses of the covid-19 vaccine that they're working on right now. it's working its way through development, the first though should be received by december. the u.s. could also buy another 500 million doses under this agreement the deal is estimated to be worth about 2 billion dollars for pfizer.
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here's a closer look at the local coronavirus numbers across the state as you can see we have more than 409,000 confirmed cases so far with more than 7800 deaths. those are the state numbers if you look at the bay area with more than 41,000 confirmed cases with now 710 confirmed deaths. >>today there's a new test site you can go to in alameda and you get the results within about 15 minutes. she kron four's reyna harvey there live in front of the test site with more on what you need to know reyna. that's right they are already starting to set up behind me and this is for people who have an appointment you can come down to 300 when river way. cnn this line right here and you'll be able to get tested now if you are coming down and you don't have an appointment they also have a line for that you can see people have already started showing up people starting to arrive here. a little before 4 o'clock this morning. now i'm joined live right now with sean park in. he's the city held urgent care ceo. now
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sean. you guys have this testing going on here today and you and i are going to be social distancing while we do this interview here but everybody wants to come to get tested show up and what can they expect. thank you good morning. we definitely want everybody who would like to come tested. >>to get us to come down to get tested. the only factor would be what capacity we have we have a a team of people here trying to address a and urgent need to get tested. we're going to do our best to see everybody please do come down if you're able to make an appointment online even better you'll get to see very quickly you can see the appointment line has nobody in it when we do see the appointments they they go through quite quickly. i love that everybody has shown up it's it's so impressive that is a community people want to get tested they want to do the right thing. they would like to protect themselves and their families and this is what we need to do to help stop spread. the virus. these nice people here
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and been sitting here since 4 o'clock in the morning waiting to get tested. to do with the responsible thing is to do. we do want more people to come down. we will expand more so we can take ayer capacity. >>now we also know within the testing that's happening today we were asking about the percentage an inaccuracy rain here you talked about it a little bit earlier what type of testing is happening today. but how accurate is it. that's a that's a great question so. >>we use today reusing the quit l analyzer machines, they publish all their data online on the website acquittal dot com. they have told us that the actor syria does 97.9% and it shows very strong accordance with the nasal pcr test which happens in a lab. the results to come back in 15 minutes which is amazing. so you don't have to wonder for. god knows how many days
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whether you actually have the virus or not you you walk out of here with the >>i do i'm very grateful for my team here city health, i'm also very grateful for the city of alameda this has been a really. >>terrific partnership and for cbre property management they have generously donated the space for us. i could not have done it without the support of the city of alameda and the property management company. nor could i have done it without the support of my team and i'm fortunate to partnered with a comet on e. who has been under that plan or she is very skilled in putting together large-scale productions like this so she i called her the air traffic controller. she dealt with putting out fires and bringing things together and organizing all the various pieces that went into making this happen so thank you kim, what would you say 4 you can lose event planner here an organizer was the most challenging thing for
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you lise putting all this >>sure just being able to accommodate the volume you know they're really lay out a really solid and good plan so traffic flows cut up quickly and again that really was there's so much of the support of the city and it's just been phenomenal to see the community really come together so we can expedite this many people as possible. >>all right, thank you both for joining us this morning again if you come down to this location as you can see only show you the line here they started 9 so testing begins here at 9 and that's going to go until 5 o'clock again you saw just how accurate. the testing results are again if you have a pen to paper to write this down 300 when river way again 300 grand river way a lot of people have talked to here this morning are from all across the bay area many people. well i talked to said someone who they know immediately they work with a war were exposed to the virus and so they're trying to make sure that they're able to go back to work so that's why the
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15 minute testing. so critical to a lot of people that are showing up here today, but again we'll post has information online. if you missed any of it dorian jay-z for now reporting here in alameda county reyna harvey kron 4 news yet if you don't want to wait in a line i just pulled up the web site and there's tons of availability. >>for first appointments tuesday july 28. >>8 '08 is the time and also happening today in the south bay. we have san jose's shutting down a handful of downtown streets. so that more restaurants can serve people outside it's a trend we've been seeing in and that will growing list cities across the bay sarah stinson is there right now with a look at what they're doing sarah. >>the various city crews right now on san pedro street getting the barricades on the street to close it down to cars that way restaurants can expand in serve customers in the street they don't have to just be on the sidewalks is the first street closure that
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san jose has done this pandemic to help out the restaurant's maybe it's not the last. we'll have to see how this goes first take a look at this map so you can see exactly what we're talking about here. this is san pedro street right at san pager square market and this is on the street from santa clara street to saint john street, this is right where all those amazing restrooms are people love to come down here and now they'll be able to eat outdoors even more because restaurants have been getting pretty creative they've been using sidewalks in trying to accommodate as many people as they can while also keeping spacing so people are safe. but now we'll be able to serve more people and this will definitely help them. you stay in business make more money during a time where that's been very the city's al fresco dining will continue until at least september so this will help them for sure on fridays they will use the road closures to expand the farmers market allowing vendors to utilize the space but once the market closes at 2 restaurants
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can set back up and for the street opening in for dinner time now i talked with a lot of people in the street here, everyone in favor of this thinking maybe this is a good idea even past the pandemic once we get past it. >>help the businesses that will help you know so i live around here and then you know taking away all the restaurants and coffee shops part me. yeah it will allow allow us all to be more social and hopefully. they say from the face of endemic. >>now the downtown association is supposed to be here in about an hour from now and they're going to be working with the restaurant owners making sure they have the space they need blocking off with trees and plants to make sure that separated the way it needs to keep people safe but for now live here on san pedro street you can see the barriers going up a lot of city crews working to get this going so they can serve lunch out here starting today. i'm live in san jose sarah stinson
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kron 4 news, thanks. a lot sarah. >>in the east bay, there is a deadly coronavirus outbreak in a nursing home in walnut creek from what we've heard so far about a dozen people living in that home have died from the virus. kron four's dan kerman has the very latest on the story. the california department of public health says 92 patients at manorcare health services tice valley. >>have tested positive for covid-19 12 so far has died and another 38 employees have tested positive. >>we tend to squeeze or sec elders into these motel like places sharing rooms with other people with comorbidities with very you know 1, 2, 3, 4, different kinds of illnesses. we have love we've had infections diseases for years that mcguinness with california advocates for nursing home reform says it's a sad but all too familiar story, one of the biggest issues that we had from the very beginning. >>is the fact that there was not enough testing. and the
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fact that the city's didn't have enough ppe that state they didn't have enough staff most of the facilities in california. we're understaffed. >>in a statement manorcare says earlier this year they began monitoring for symptoms at the walnut creek facility and in march they eliminated group activities had universal masking for employees and eliminated most visitors except for end of life reasons going forward they're restricting new admissions taking regular symptom and temperature checks and increasing sanitizing and cleaning. they've also created an airborne isolation unit to better treat high-risk patients and to protect other residents and employees. the facility says everybody inside has now been tested employees who test positive are self quarantining. >>in the meantime the state has sent in to strike force to mitigate exposures. in walnut creek dan kerman kron 4 news. >>and taking a live look outside right now we're seeing
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a lot of gray skies around the bay area, including right here in san francisco temperatures expected to be mild and then mormon some spots, i' and welcome back to the
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kron 4 morning news i'm rebecca strom in for john tradable on this so wednesday morning we're seeing a lot of great coverage around the bay area a lot of fog rolling through. >>cloud cover here you can see
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just how great is that we're seeing above the east bay hills right now our camera there overlooking berkeley, but hey at least we can make out the bay now and we are going to get peaks of sunshine once we get closer to the afternoon hours, your highs today breaking it down throughout san francisco. downtown 68 degrees today topping out at 69 in the mission district. here's your coastal temperatures months here-and elgar not a both in the upper 50's 64 in pacifica for the high 65 in half moon bay and then some low 70's popping up south san francisco you're done i 70 degree mark 72 in millbrae today. burlingame you'll be at a high of 74. 80 degrees for san carlos upper 70's for redwood city and woodside 77 degrees it will be in palo alto later on this afternoon low 80's for much of our south zone 80 degrees in santa clara and campbell 80 degrees in downtown san jose upper 70's in morgan hill looks really nice for summer bayside communities like hayward and union city both in a nice 74
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degrees. 84 in livermore and 82 for the high in pleasanton but we are going to see some upper 60's to richmond and berkeley today, downtown oakland you'll be at a high of 72 degrees. low 80's throughout walnut creek and into danville vacaville you're at a high of 8575 indonesia, 73 in valais whole 86 if you're going to be and yacht bill that's one of our warmest spots for the afternoon upper 70's throughout much of the north bay 78 in petaluma and then 50's at the coast for stinson beach i'm tracking 56 degrees and a high of 59. 4 point rays. here's around the bay forecast it's going to be much of the same as we get through the next couple of days wrapping up the week and then saturday and sunday it looks like things are going to start to get back to normal for this time of year. we're going quite warm in line even hots they were expecting upper 80's to low 90's possibly, especially into sunday back to the news all right, thank you. rebecca and a quick check of
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the roads for you this morning as we look at our traffic cameras. >>as expected a 15 look at that bay bridge approach looking nice and light it's an easy ride now from oakland into san francisco. so enjoy that if that's going to be part of your morning drive. here in the near future the san mateo bridge also showing us a nice easy ride as well westbound 90 to the right hand side traffic moving with lots of gaps are between the cars and traveling at the limit this morning you're making your way from hayward out to foster city in no time. >>in the buzz the a's and the giants are getting ready for opening day now that they're 2 exhibition games are in the books. well, actually they're not the books because they don't count. but yesterday's game started and ended the same as their first face off some of the giants kneeling for justice. >>and san francisco winning the bragging rights. giants beat the a's 4 to 2. they'll start the weird but regular season with the dodgers tomorrow and the a's play the
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angels on friday. toronto is baseball team has found a sanctuary city in pittsburgh. the blue jays were forced to migrate south for the entire season because canada was afraid that their ballpark would wind up being a revolving door for covid the blue jays will play the majority of their home games at pnc park. i last the pirates have to host at the same time in which case, toronto gets the boat which means trunk in canada, put your bags in the boot. the engine is in the bond it if you're wondering no face off for the raiders and the niners this year they're only game was next month and now the entire preseason is canceled the nfl is trying to reduce the risk of coronavirus by cutting out the scrimmages and they're also reducing the rosters from 90 to 80 and don't forget the ban on jersey swapping that will do a lot after they've been rolling around on the field for hours. no preseason for the football players, but the nba season
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tips off today, the pre season in the bubble in disney world. here's a peek at what the courts look like black lives matter painted on the hardwood and nobody will be sitting courtside except for the players who will be seated. 6 feet apart because that makes sense after they've been sweating all over each other and look at the same ball. the winners of the playoffs may come down to the team that can last the longest in the bubble. every time somebody leaves they have to quarantine before they come back and the clippers have lost another player. guard patrick beverley left the bubble to tend to an emergency personal matter. his teammate montrose harrell also had an absence that was excused to be this grandmother. the clippers can only hope they will not be short handed for their first game against the lakers. next thursday lakers guard alex caruso one miss it for the world or for his sister's wedding caruso says he is skipping her big day because
8:21 am
the lakers have worked too hard to be where they are rondo adelie 4 foot surgery, but that's one thing attending an indoor wedding in texas with a 100 friends and family most of whom he says will probably not be wearing masks is not worth it. disney world doesn't want to chance it either they will no longer allow people to eat or drink. while walking because too many people were taking off their masks. are you kidding me. >>that's what we do all of our eating and drinking while we're running across the park to the next ride. i guess you can always. >>take a sip while you're standing in line for an hour. >>if only there were a mask that you could drink enter the ready mask, it allows you to sip of a drink. without lowering your mask, it has a flap at the base where you can slide a straw and perfect the company says 4 when you're parched in a mall airplane of news in parker, when you're at
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work and you just can't get a break. the ready mask sells for 25 bucks or james. what well i don't know what about all right, let's see if this works what about this. >>no this wasn't 25 bucks. >>ok so look it's totally here and now if i can just fiat that did get the start. yeah, but the problem is you've got a hole in the man that i don't know how that one that's for sale works it's a flap and you still you got the flag down here. you know your chin titans it's better than taking the darned thing on i feel like if you sneeze it's going to go for it anyway right. i guess million dollar idea right there that's the bus.
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>>well with ongoing calls for justice in the murder of fort hood specialist vanessa the end. veterans are also demanding changes in the wider way that military officials deal with cases of harassment and assault. >>women veterans rallied on capitol hill yesterday calling for systemic change and a warning he has more. >>lucy delgaudio says she left the army in 1998 and the veteran and a survivor of assault, i haven't had a voice for 27 years tuesday, delgaudio rallied on capitol
8:26 am
hill to give other victims like 22 year-old army specialist vanessa in a voice i will not rest until justice is served in april gideon was killed at fort hood military base in texas by a male soldier. ian's family says she was sexually assaulted by him earlier but was scared to report it to her superiors when you join the army. >>their command staff should not end turning out to be your enemy. >>texas democratic congresswoman sylvia garcia says she's calling for a full independent investigation into guns murder and the command climate at fort hood. >>we will not stop until a complete thorough investigation is done. garcia says she's waiting on the secretary of the army to start the investigation and panel he promised to create last week until then california democrat jackie spear says congress will be conducting its own investigation. we must offer survivors justice while sending a strong message to the forces that harassment. >>and assault will not the
8:27 am
tolerated spear also says she plans to introduce a bill this week to address how harassment is handled investigated and prosecuted in the u.s. military. in washington, i'm anna warning >>the 27 is the time coming up here on the kron 00:04am morning news. there's a push to further defund oakland's police department we're going to have the latest though on a city council vote that happened last night that came down to the wire, we'll tell you how it hi. we're glad you came in. what's on your mind? can you help keep these guys protected online? easy. connect to the xfi gateway. what about wireless data options for the family? you can customize and save. what about internet speeds
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that can keep up with my gaming? let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. and now with our stores reopening, we're putting healthy practices in place. come visit a store today. stop in or book an appointment online at a time that works for you. now that's simple, easy, awesome. ask. shop. discover at your local xfinity store today.
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>>the 29 right now and we're checking out the weather looks little little gray both look great but not too bad you all the love i mean you and both our locations actually really nice remake has got water back as well that double box or those kind of like a before and after james right now we're seeing the great yeah we're going to see the blue skies a more and more as we get into the afternoon hours and that you can start to see the sun shining right behind me here is downtown san jose you can see the cloud cover there in the middle your screen. >>but opening up to a lot more sun, here's south bay zone, a pretty nice right now while the clouds and the fog start to dissipate for summer bayside communities and also at the coast we might see it there. off and on throughout much of the day today afternoon highs 68 in san francisco oakland at 72 and a high of 80 degrees in san jose. what are the rest of the neighborhoods look like a have all those details coming up.
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back to the news. >>well health care workers on the front lines of the pandemic our reporting now changes in behavior towards family and friends as they grapple with the stress and anxiety of this whole pandemic researchers did a study at ucsf kron four's michelle kingston has more on what they found. >>i think i think it really does have a lot to do with the unknown and the anticipation and just not knowing what lies ahead emergency medicine physicians in 7 cities across the country say they're experiencing rising levels of anxiety and emotional exhaustion none of this is necessarily surprising as doctors continue to work tirelessly through the coronavirus pandemic it interesting that i think is emergency physicians we are used to dealing with a lot of uncertainty and stress all the time, but this is a new and different level according to a new analysis led by ucsf frontline physicians are feeling moderate to severe levels of stress and anxiety bowl that work and at home
8:32 am
worrying about exposing relatives and friends to the virus. >>worrying about the lack of rapid diagnostic testing in lack of personal protective equipment for doctor murray of raven the chief of emergency medicine at ucsf. >>her biggest concern is when or if the ucsf emergency room will see a major surge in coronavirus patients, everyone really needs to get on people need to wear masks or face coverings they need it to socially distance may need to wash their hands and they really really need to just consider the fact that. >>they're not just protecting themselves there protecting her leg on 426 emergency physicians were surveyed for the study which was led by doctor robert rodriguez a ucsf professor of emergency medicine who is currently on his way to texas to help in the hospital is experiencing a significant rise in cases there. the study found a slight difference between men and women physicians with women reporting a higher level of stress in san francisco,
8:33 am
michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>the first possible vaccine is set to begin final stage testing next week. the study will involve 30,000 people to see of the covid vaccine is safe and effective doctor anthony fauci from the white house task force says that people should get vaccinated as soon as one is available and approved brian todd, those says that many state people might still refuse it. >>it's what millions of us have been hanging our hopes on to get past this crushing pandemic to return to work to school to go back to our favorite restaurants and bars to workout at the gym. a deployable vaccine for coronavirus which experts say could arrive late this year or early next. but experts are now worried that when it comes many americans will reject the vaccine already surveys are showing us in nearly half of people. >>are not inclined to take a covid-19 vaccine, even if it was available today. but a shocking number and it's
8:34 am
deeply concerning. >>in may one poll from the associated press and the n o r c center for public affairs research showed only about half of americans said they get the vaccine. 20% said they wouldn't 31% weren't sure other polls from cnn and the washington post and abc news showed about two-thirds of americans said they would get the vaccine. still experts are worried about any significant numbers of people rejecting the vaccine if it's a large percent choose not to get back say that we would never get herd. immunity. experts say there are several reasons that people don't trust a potential coronavirus vaccine a lot of people are going to the very idea of getting it because they've been told for months years now not to trust x pets until recently president trump went against the advice of his own task force experts and rejected mask-wearing. >>and during the pandemic he's questioned the guidance of america's top scientists on reopening the country doctor fauci has made some mistakes a little bit of an alarmist but
8:35 am
the mistrust of a vaccine can not be placed only at the president's feet. experts say the very name of the project to push the vaccine through fuel skepticism. i think when people hear the term work speed the assume that steps are being skip skip they assume that there are corners are being cut and therefore there this may be vaccine because to be made so quickly it's less than optimal they have the poor safety qualities or were affected this column's doctors acknowledge the vaccine likely won't be a magic bullet for coronavirus that even after it comes out it could be several months before we know how effective it is. >>but they have a simple stark message for those who are rejecting it the choice not to get a vaccine is a choice to take the real and very serious risk of being infe ted by this virus and students suffer under be hospitalized or die from this virus. >>doctor paul offit says a crucial part of this vaccine program is for the president to task force any leaders involved in this to be as transparent as possible with
8:36 am
the public about the vaccine even before it rolls out, and that means being honest with americans about what our leaders know and don't know about the vaccine every step of the way. brian todd, cnn, washington. >>doctor is in facing criticism from president trump but he does not plan to resign from the task force. >>you put aside even considering resigning from the task force right. >>oh definitely i'm not even thinking about that responding to recent criticism from some federal leaders, including president donald trump doctor anthony fauci says he remains focused on helping the world through the coronavirus pandemic that's kind of noise just gets in the way of the common job that we have and the common goal that we want to reach is just unfortunate that some people have made those kinds of remarks that are really not founded in any reality at all the nation's top infectious disease expert is encouraged by recent results from 2 possible vaccines still being tested in
8:37 am
trials obviously we need to do more studies with more people. but i'm a i'm actually heartened by what i'm seeing that more than one candidate appears to be inducing the kinds of responses that favorably might you know a degree of optimism about whether or not they're going to be able to block infection. fauci says the recent surge in cases may have come from some states that open too quickly. he believes some should consider taking a step back but above all he's encouraging personal responsibility. he says while young people may be less likely to get seriously ill they can still spread the virus to others tonight, there's continued calls to wear a mask and social distance this is going to end, but it's going to be up to us. >>it's not good and spontaneously we've got to do the things that are necessary to put a stop to this. >>that was michael clarke reporting and you can watch the full interview with fauci on our website kron 4 dot com. >>well new this morning we have oakland city council
8:38 am
members deciding not to take millions of dollars away from the oakland police department, the city council was evenly split on their vote last night it was a proposal to toughen the police by more than 2 million dollars in the end it was mayor libby shaft who broke the tie by voting. no on the proposal she argued that the council has already cut 14 million dollars from the police budget this year already. speaking of the mayor of recalled in the bay is claiming responsibility for vandalizing her home and you can see in some of this video here what damage was done we're still looking to confirm if they really are responsible we put a call out to oakland police are still waiting to hear back. but as for what happened according to neighbors. a group of people started spray painting the mayor's home at about 2 o'clock yesterday morning. and you'll see here they splashed red paint on her garage door left various messages like defund opd cancel rent. there have been demonstrations in front of the mayor's house before but this is the first time the protesters have actually damaged or vandalized her property. the mayor's office released a statement about it and it reads in part
8:39 am
quote this attack will not stop the mayor from advocating for policies. she believes are in the best long-term interests of her beloved hometown. >>i'm going to be outside right now very overcast gray conditions. sir last camera overlooking parts of san francisco just south of the market we're going to see mild to warm temperatures well below seasonal averages dear california...
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we know these are challenging times. rest assured, you are not alone.
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we've all had to adapt. and with summer here, your energy bills might go up with rising temperatures. together, we can save energy and money. try closing your shades during the day... setting your ac to 78° or higher... or cooling off with a fan when you can. united we are always stronger. stay well, california, and keep it golden.
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>>the suspect in a horrific attack on a 7 year-old boy in southern california is expected in court today the child was attacked on his way home from the pool over the weekend, but it's still unclear exactly why with katie now with the story. >>this is 7 year-old kevin love with just 6 months ago, and this is him now he's in the hospital recovering from a brutal attack this attack again was deliberate and very vicious desert hot springs police deputy chief steve shaw says little gavin was on his way home from a neighbor's house on saturday evening on vista del via when out of nowhere he was attacked by 32 year-old daniel birch polson but this is an innocent child walking home after a fun day at the pool. >>doesn't look like there's any type of verbal confrontation or anything like this. this looks like a completely random attack based on what we're the child may not even seen the attack coming arturo delgado was on his way to grab dinner when he noticed little gavin lying face down on the street next
8:43 am
to the sidewalk. he ran over to help him i said hey kevin. >>and i turned him over and noticed that there was damage on right side of his head i called his name out and he to cry i wasn't shocked by that point as i can billy was happening. so i pick them up ran to his house and knocked on the door on the family was shocked they called 911 devon's injuries were so severe he was airlifted to loma linda medical center. >>police found the suspect hiding in the neighborhood at one 30 sunday morning and arrested him for attempted murder arturo and his family have no little gavin since he was a baby or tourist at harlem's have a special bond with him it was hard for him to talk about little cabin without breaking down. >>the for your heart. >>this in that case mary. many many special every neighbor we spoke with says gavin is a sweet little boy. >>they're in shock, something like this could happen on their street by one of their
8:44 am
neighbors to a little boy they all love it's horrific. it's unconscionable to i think that some person anybody. >>wood intentionally harm a little child a defenseless child and. >>really want given to. the way he was you know energetic outspoken smart. >>i was reporting police have not said why they think the man attacked gavin he's being held on 1 million dollars bail. >>some lawmakers say we have issues with white supremacy in our law enforcement and in our military, i'm joe
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, i'm rebecca strong in the kron 4 weather center for john this morning filling in for him conditions around the bay area are similar to what we're seeing here at san francisco international airport we're seeing peaks of sunshine but a lot of gray overcast conditions. but it won't last for long. we're going to get into the afternoon with even more sunshine and temperatures anywhere from mild to warm around the bay area 68 in downtown san francisco today expecting a 65 degree mark in golden gate park 69 in the mission district and upper 50's to mid 60's along the coast, 56 and over not a 57 in mont era, 64 in pacifica this afternoon and then some 70's
8:48 am
as we jump along the peninsula here 72 in millbrae 74 in burlingame and 80 degrees in san carlos, this afternoon 79 in redwood city and woodside also in mountain view upper 70's to low 80's across the entire south bay that we're going to see 80 degrees in downtown san jose 70's access summer bayside areas like a word in union city really pleasant there at 74 degrees and then 84 in livermore 80 degrees expected for the high in dublin. and those 80's continue through san ramon and into danville at 83 and getting closer to the bay it's going to be upper 60's for richmond and for berkeley today, 72 if you're going to be in downtown oakland. some of those 80's continue through vacaville and fairfield and then we have some 70's on the board delay how indonesia low to mid 70's there 77 in napa and we're looking at upper 70's for much of the north bay santa rosa in petaluma both it's 78 degrees. we're below
8:49 am
seasonal averages right now and we're going to be that way for the next couple of days you can see it here on my seven-day around the bay forecast until we get into saturday and sunday temperatures are going to bump up a bit. we could actually see some 90's inland. that's a look at whether let's hand it over to james all right. thank you. rebecca 8.14 i let's check the roads once more pictures should be getting better. >>all around the bank sure enough we're seeing our first example of that here at the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza. no issues here in west bound 5.80. as you make your way across the water and into marion county. we're also looking at a smooth ride on the golden gate bridge to a lot of them are in county commuters coming down to the san francisco been enjoying a nice quiktrip at the limit across the span. no problems being reported by the chp anywhere really in the north bay on 1 one as you head down into san francisco. >>the health impacts from the pandemic of reaching far beyond the coronavirus mandy gaither has more on how the virus has disrupted cancer research. >>from lockdowns to fear of
8:50 am
catching the coronavirus there are many reasons people have put off routine health care during this pandemic and doctor anthony fauci says it could have devastating consequences project. >>that over the next decade. could actually result. in 10,000 or more excess deaths from breast and colorectal cancer because the reductions in routine screening. >>speaking off camera at an american association for cancer research conference felt he cited a dune editorial written and published in the journal science the paper also noted that covid-19 has caused an unprecedented disruption in cancer research. 2 studies presented at the conference found that routine breast and prostate cancer screening rates have gone down due to covid-19 related disruptions of care. another study associated unemployment rate which skyrocketed between february and may with lower rates of breast and colorectal
8:51 am
cancer screenings. the authors noted that unemployed adults often lack health insurance. i'm mandy gaither. >>the coronavirus pandemic has virtually shut down one of california's most well-known industries which is moviemaking however there are handful of films that are currently in production despite all the restrictions and one of them is being filmed in the north bay up in sonoma county kron four's ken wayne takes us there. >>but i'm a native and hollywood producer and actor alley ashar is back on his home turf and away from the los angeles coronavirus scene up here and they still matter is protected, but it feels a lot more people are still people some occurred is not a re so scary and negative. allie has brought his production team to his family home issued his 14th movie in and around petaluma but it wasn't easy. first and foremost that to be legal. then came the hurdles that you need to talk to screen actors guild and the other the other part is states it was like a
8:52 am
30 page book we have to make like strict rules of getting your temperature taken getting tested and the test change someone like rick someone of the mouth swab someone in the nose swab is totally different. >>covid rules, mostly prohibit intimacy on set. that's not a problem for the 2 lead actors, they're married. >>so being you know opposite my wife is is one it's a dream because i get back to my wife and 2 we've got to worry about some of the close proximity stuff. because we are in close proximity offset. >>it's really cool to see everyone coming together to fight this issue. >>lauren york is not only the coast are she's also the writer and producer. >>i mean all of those questions about how that's going to other producers actually reaching out to me saying you know what are the rules what's happening when you get to said. >>something as simple as hair and makeup is now new territory with covid restrictions and if touch up is needed. >>they make up coat i can do
8:53 am
it's actually quite truck and actually and it's been fun. >>the said tradition of catered meals and shop talk has been replaced with social distancing and pre packaged dishes it's an interesting uncharted territory and we're super fortunate to be. >>one of the first productions going and and figuring it out for you know maybe other production companies. >>that was ken wayne reporting the film is called a california christmas and the hope is that it will be released before the holidays so keep an eye out for it. we'll take a break. here's a live look outside goes to the embarcadero in san francisco, we're looking at the goal of the bay bridge with passing clouds still overcast but. >>we'll see some blue skies [♪]
8:54 am
alright, guys, listen up. my momma... our grandpa... - my daddy... - our dad works on the highway. it's so scary. please be careful. slow down. and pay attention. be alert. be work zone alert.
8:55 am
some people drive we havway too fast. why are they driving so fast? zoom. please, be careful. we get scared. - my mom... - my dad...
8:56 am
my jiji's at work. 56 is the time coming up in the next hour, a new coronavirus testing site opens up in alameda kron four's reyna harvey is live with what you need to know if you want to get a test today. plus there's a push to further defund oakland police will have the latest on the city council vote that took place last night. and the nfl agrees to cancel the pre season, we'll tell you what this means for the players and the fans amid this coronavirus pandemic here's a live look outside a few cameras for you this the san mateo bridge looks great. a lot of space there between the cars as you're moving at the limit westbound or
8:57 am
eastbound on 92, so far so good one more shot for you here the golden gate bridge little splash of sunshine. hitting the road deck there and or otherwise gray skies to start the day this morning we'll be back with a full look at the forecast in just a moment.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 9. >>it's wednesday if you're
9:00 am
keeping track and if you're not thanks for watching, i'm darya folsom and we're going to the news for you in a minute first john trouble is out still eggs ending his vacation and rebecca strom is here with the weather. >>yeah and daria we're seeing a some gray skies around the bay area but it's looking a little bit clearer and clearer look at this peaks of sunshine that we can see in downtown san francisco or camera as it adjusts now it's ok but you can definitely see a little bit through the cloud cover there. we're definitely going to see clearing clear skies as we get closer to the afternoon hours for now temperatures not too bad as you make your way out of the house this morning. 50's and low 60's even mid 60's like an antioch right now and then we're going to see some 70's and even low 80's on the board later on today on my full forecast coming up in just a bit daria thanks a lot of agus 9 o'clock in the breaking news at this hour california's confirmed coronavirus cases have topped. >>409,000. we have now surpassed new york for the most cases in tat


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