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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 23, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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with dave spahr who has an update on the forecast, a hey good morning robin good morning everybody live shot coming in from the golden gate and we have that kelly's going on to also go in the construction southbound by the wave coming in from are in. >>down into the this is what it looks like from u c berkeley we can see the bright lights of the east bay shoreline but not much else least it looks like it's trying to make its way out there so we'll see how this progresses through the morning actually get more thick. >>over the next couple of hours before they start to improve. later on today as you can see about 8 o'clock at night really start to move until 10, we're only hugging the coast at that point got lower 60's in the east bay for now 50's meanwhile to the north bay and the peninsula, lots of green on the board hardly any movement yet. as far as a comparison sake from yesterday were a couple degrees behind where we were this time on yesterday check in the future cast wind gusts will have the typical pickup of the winds happening well inland as you can see and pulling are some of the valley's to late tonight. line up today is a very typical 60 going on by 08:00am and by 11
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should be clear at least in the east bay by that point and inland valleys around 72. temperatures behaving themselves for highs and we're going to see that not only today but also for the weekend and even into next week as well, we'll have of course the 4 zone forecast for you and check in with the tropics as well robin sounds good. thank you dave. >>well, a man died after an unpermitted skateboarding event on delores street in san francisco now the city is taking steps to put the brakes on the dangerous behavior kron four's maureen kelly reports. >>he was the most for life guy i ever met that's the roommate of the young man killed following an accident on friday 23 year-old andrew sanders you see on the left recently graduated sf state with a degree in art design a memorial for the bike riding enthusiast's grows at the base of the hill with a fatal crash took place. his friends. jonathan can cool says sanders participated in what's become an annual event. the delores street hill bomb. this video shows last year's display.
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it's comprised of mostly skate boarders but sanders went down on his fixed-gear bicycle. >>so these bikes they don't have any breaks on them so he would basically like skid it's dangerous. he lived life on the edge like that's it. he loved it he loved the adrenaline sfpd which is investigating the incident says sanders crashed after being hit by another skate boarder. >>who suffered non-life threatening injuries and that wasn't the only collision they're investigating an hour later they were called to the same scene after another bicyclist crashed into a pedestrian. >>the 27 year-old was transported with life threatening injuries the bike rider took off before officers arrived it's in the wake of these crashes that sfmta has installed these raised pavement markers in a section of dolores street to for reckless behavior. sanders roommate says he respects with the city is doing. but he's not sure if these bots will change anything. >>by putting speed bumps ice. i'm sure maybe the find another hill or whatever it is like they're going those types
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of guys they love the adrenaline sfmta director jeffrey tumlin tweeted out that he consulted with other skate borders first before installing these markers. >>and while he realizes skilled skate boarders can all the over these dots skilled skaters except their own risks while protecting others maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>well to the south bay now a bay area district attorney has announced that he's no longer in favor of the death penalty. santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen said that he was inspired by the current social justice movement here united states for the vast majority of rosen's tenure as a da he has favorite the death penalty. but now his office is working on a new project called bend the arc which tackles change in the justice system, however, the president of the san jose police officers association paul kelly says the death penalty is not something that you just go and change your mind over. >>i could no longer sure myself of the fundamental
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fairness of the legal process when it comes to the death penalty are too many stories about exonerations in wrongful convictions and i recognize that it's time if. >>the district attorney really wanted to change policies within the department. the people at the stakeholders should have been the chiefs of police. >>the circuit rosen says that he will not ignore the public's plea to shift a drug treatment rehabilitation unless incarceration. a san francisco police are looking for the shooters captured in this surveillance video check it out. this happened saturday july 11th at around 08:20pm. this is on osceola lane and the bayview hunters point neighborhood. the video shows 4 people they get out of that black car you see right there they just opened fire. police say that 2 people were shot and injured one of the victim suffered a life threatening injury. officers also found dozens of rifle and handgun
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bullet casings at the scene. well to the peninsula. now police say they've arrested a man from san francisco who was trying to start a fire is grass fires on a hillside witnesses report of someone setting fires near gypsy heal and sharp park road just after 7 tuesday night. 50 year-old carlos henriquez cortez was arrested and booked on arson charges officers say that only 2 small sections of the hillside were burned and no one was injured. the most effective ways of stopping the spread of covid-19 of course is wearing a mask and a new model is predicting that more mask mandates could save thousands of lives. the institute for health metrics and evaluation at the university of washington is projecting more than 219,000 covid-19 deaths by november first while that number is still incredibly high. it's about 5,000 fewer deaths in the same projection from a week ago. researchers say that about 20% of americans are now wearing masks when they leave
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home and the death toll is predicted to drop the most in the states wear a mask or required in public. >>never has been much higher in states with a mandate has been put in place so i'm guessing any fees in almost every state in the u.s. is shot in the sun states was a mandate. so the mandate is it important and is helping the national mandate close to do much better. >>researchers at the institute also say that as the number of covid-19 cases continue to climb more people are wearing masks and practicing sickle distancing even in states where there are no mandates and this change in behavior is also contributing to a smaller projected death toll. while hair salons and barbershops are now allowed to resume hair cuts outdoors across the state shop owners in cities, including san francisco and oakland say that just won't benefit them kron forsberg. kron four's taylor bisacky spoke with one salon owner who says sanitation and safety concerns make outdoor hair
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cuts unrealistic. >>here's salons and barbershops across the state given the green light to resume here services outdoors but many salon owners in san francisco say it's not realistic you're wonder owner county mcgrath posted on social media explaining that operating a business in the streets of san francisco as many. >>implications state of our streets in cities and we right now not only just with covid even regular, you know normal situation and we needed center anything your side wants to send them on the home was drug addicts in the trash, she also says moving business outdoors is an option for many salon owners because of limited space in safety issues. >>not to mention the wind in the fog. now many clients in the city are asking for in-home hair cuts we're going elsewhere think that's an issue already with sirius channel counties o p. >>san francisco is he so clients are the only over
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county lines to get their hair done. >>in this is happening. this isn't happening. you know since nafta be in the east bay stylists in salon owners protested outside the alameda county health department in oakland on wednesday. >>saying outdoor haircuts benefits some but not all many hoping to work with leaders in a wide open safely indoors. i just think that we have to face the phoenix there. it's all or nothing you know we need to open and open with the strict guidelines we already know that need to take place until her bus anti reporting kron 4 news. >>well to the peninsula now families in san mateo county are getting another month of protection from eviction the county board of supervisors voted to extend the county wide moratorium on evictions from july 28th to august 31st. now this is the 3rd time that the board has extended the moratorium. after august 31st tenants will have up to 180 days to pay the old rant. contra costa and alameda have
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extended their moratorium to september 30th. well a local group in the east bay with a disability action coalition, they usually get together this time of year to push for policies like affordable housing share resource information and just uplift one another but given the pandemic they're taking the event online this year and here's what event organizers say about why it's important to meet even if it's just online. >>this event is very brand new to us during an online. when you're past it has been at the state capitol this has been a great challenge for all of us. so we're really really proud of ourselves for really working hard. despite the current situation in right now, but we're very very excited to. but on this event and the show must go on. >>well there will be live performances, including from oakland base dance group axes and a panel discussion. it's happening next wednesday july 29th, this is going to be from 10:00am until 02:00pm we have
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more information on our website surfer interested want to check it out just over to kron 4 dot com. san francisco's japanese tea garden is back open to visitors but with new hours and a limited capacity, the historical garden in the golden gate in golden gate park as previously welcome up to a 1000 visitors but it will now only allow 100 guests at a time when stays through sundays. this is the second recreation and park attraction to reopen after the shelter-in-place order first took effect back in march. restrooms are restaurants and gift shops at the tea garden, however will remain closed. >>well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news baseball season returns today are you excited well it's going to be a little different the changes. the leaves have to make in the age of covid-19.
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>>good morning, everyone welcome back the time for 43 hope your mornings off to a great start let's see how the weather forecast is shaping up dave spahr standing by a good morning robin good morning everyone live shot coming in from sfo, good news happening here, no delays but at least we can kind of see the big stark a brightness they're going on from the lights with this and have a lot of ground fog going on, but certainly a lot and we'll probably see the overcast to start the day temperatures holding. >>mixture of some lower 60's in the east bay upper 50's up here to the north bay 55 meanwhile for san francisco,
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60 meanwhile, san jose, the tropics are busy on both coasts let's take a look at the caribbean and atlantic first gonzalo max winds checking in here at tropical strength service strength as a 65 mile per hour winds. but even this morning this may pop to hurricane strength. so we'll let you know the next update is 8 o'clock our time making the b line it looks like right into the caribbean sea this weekend you can see weekend for a lot of locations but this is what we're thinking bow to a category one storm and it becomes back again a tropical storm while in the caribbean. it's unfavorable conditions around that is what causes all about and we watch it continue to trail onward, we'll see what happens in the western caribbean. up to the gulf of mexico, what's going on here. this is a tropical depression. it may become a tropical storm looks like heavy rain is headed for texas this weekend. but even some of the effects being felt just off the coast of western florida. meanwhile, there's mister douglass in the pacific here this is something to watch for hawaii, max winds
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at last check at one 20. that's a category 3 storm. it's actually expected to intensify over the next 24 hours. but then look at the number goes down to one and perhaps a hit happening late saturday night into sunday for why so that's the zone to be looking out for course we'll be tracking it long before then this is not money in the bank so it may miss it. and frequently these systems can but again it looks a pretty ominous right now for heavy winds and rain for the one islands this weekend. exit in a wine islands as a tropical storm back in the home front temperatures in the middle 90's it looks like for the central valley today, middle 60's along the central coast, 69 l a before for san diego your 4 zone forecast for this thursday, 66, san francisco looking at mid 60's covering the coast here presuming the fog is lifting or earlier today, 74 burlingame 68 south san francisco to the south we've got some lower 80's. redwood city palo alto 76 for mountain view 82 milpitas and
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san jose. morgan hill at 8682 for santa clara 82 for cupertino east bay shoreline to the south mid 70's tri valley, mid to upper 80's, 85 walnut creek 87 for concord now these numbers are probably gonna be brushing by 90 by the time we get to the weekend 72 open berkeley at 67. a pair of the north bay, a chilly 64, fairfield 8478 napa and 84 for santa rosa with some 80 ish numbers heading down south your 70 forecast. we'll keep the 80's going right into the weekend here and by this weekend will pop some lower 90's on into early next week took a bay area bridges and roads robin what's going on. >>it is quiet. it is hot spot free. we don't have any big trouble spots out there. so the trip into san francisco looks really good right now it's going to pick up later this morning. right now it's just rubble free when you make it and the skyway the central freeway, the james like 2.80 all doing well so far let's peek at some more per to show you how about the richmond sandra fell this is westbound
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5.80 picking up a little bit we have more cars rolling through the pay gates, but it's been an easy drive under 15 minutes here to make it into the north bay and i believe we have one more that's the golden gate where traffic remains nice and light and quiet. no problems northbound and southbound traffic doing just fine so far into and out of san francisco. well happening tonight major league baseball becomes the first of the 3 american pro sports leagues to resume play since the covid-19 outbreak just halted the 2020 season. >>so the very first pitch of 2020 will be thrown out and washington dc. this is where the battle between the yankees and the nationals karin caifa reports. >>nearly 4 months behind schedule major league baseball is set to begin the 2020 regular season. leading off a marquee matchup here in washington. the new york yankees and defending world series champion nationals. >>and their first game since winning the world series and you know sort of that the
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celebration and virtual fanfare around that and i think it's going make for a really special night without the hot dogs and peanuts the kracker jackson 7th inning stretch is this season to be played without fans in the stands. >>a simulated crowd noise. players no high-fives from managers know lineup card exchanges or arguing with ups for all on and around the field multiple covid-19 tests per week the adoption of the designated hitter in the national league in extra innings beginning with a runner on second. among the changes to move game pace along. still the 16 game season was a risk, some players weren't willing to take despite mlb's extensive health and safety protocols. it's also a risk canada wasn't willing to take the country denied the blue jays request to play home games in toronto because of cross border travel. the canadian government said canada has flatten the curve while the u.s. has not even with limited regional schedule, some clubs will still have to travel to current coronavirus hotspots to play teams in arizona,
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california texas and florida. in washington, i'm karin caifa. well if you like football football fans will have to wear a mask at nfl games this season. >>the lee come from the mass requirement in a tweet yesterday, it's still unclear how many teens will actually host fans in the upcoming season. the nfl does not have a league wide policy on hosting fans during the pandemic the atlanta falcons told season ticket holders that they have limited capacity of up to 10 to 20,000 people but other teams like the new york jets and new york giants will not be allowed to host fans because of a mandate. the nfl's regular season is scheduled to kick off september 10th. well to pharmaceutical companies say that a possible coronavirus vaccine could be ready by the end of the year. the trump administration announced that nearly 2 billion dollar deal with pfizer and a german biotechnology company called bio in tech for up to 600 million doses of a
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potential vaccine. now the vaccine is still in trials right now, but if it is you know proves to be safe and effective and gets approved by the food and drug administration. the companies say that they could make the first 100 million doses by december. the vaccine could start the next phase of trials later this month if it gets the green light, we shall see. well dogs are getting trained and tested to detect coronavirus now that's because of course a dog's nose is about 50 times more sensitive than a human's right for years dogs have already been working on detecting explosives the other difference this time, it's a new smell germany, finland, france and england all have dogs that can detect people with covid-19 even if they're asymptomatic the virus itself does not have a smell but the infection, the infection generates a certain type of sweat that the dogs can detect. well for your money this morning, the real estate market is heating up again in the bay area, the national association of
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realtors rough roads first report sales of existing homes jumping nearly 21% in june compared with may. now it's the largest monthly gain since the realtors began tracking the data and 1968. >>a real estate agent in san francisco says that many people working from home are moving because they don't need to live close to their jobs and that's allowing them to find more space for an affordable price. >>one of my clients and i moved to a larger house because they found that their two-bedroom condo with very limited outdoor spaces confining them with their 2 children so i was a move that they're planning on making some day. but this stand down that kind of pushed out a little bit faster. >>well the pandemic has also disrupted the normal flow of the year when home sales become more popular. many people would normally wait until after labor day to put their houses on the market but real estate agents are suggesting that people just go ahead and put on the market right now.
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>>a trip outside to the airport we're checking in on sfo. no reports of any major delays right now at the airport if you plan on heading over it's cloudy and 58 degrees right now to some folks will be right back. - will invisalign aligners really work for my smile.
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(upbeat music) welcome back everyone happening tonight, a bay area music legend ceiling ease
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partnering with open based nonprofit elevate oakland. >>to present we stand together the virtual benefit show will feature artists and celebrities such as comedian george lopez and the one and only tony tony tony kron four's reyna harvey had a chance to sit down and and top it's really about how the show came about. >>they use our kids you know we don't know what the future lies as far as them going to school or back to school or not it's important to keep that. our programs going in the schools and not only just the schools that we have assisted but the ones that are waiting and it's really important that one common denominator for everyone right now is music is bringing that been bringing us together. >>well the show starts at 7 o'clock and all proceeds raised will go directly toward several national and local initiatives at center on youth services and the black lives matter movement. you can watch the show at the link on your screen there it is right
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there. we also have more information online on our website. just head over to kron 4 dot com. >>still bad in the morning fog. we are this morning just a touch, but the shot here kind of shows a little bit of that light trying to make its way through so it looks like it's trying to lift fairly quickly without much help from the sun. model say hey megan actually the worst next couple hours before that improvement into the late morning because look at bay area temperatures were in the lower 60's over a good chunk and the east bay up to the north bay, a mixture of 50's 64 san jose and 55 san francisco lining it up 60 going on by atm by 11 or at 72 robin sounds good. thank you dave. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news coronavirus testing in san francisco is getting a major expansion, what changes mayor london breed is looking to make plus keeping restaurants afloat during the pandemic has been problematic. we'll have details on a new dining plan and started today in the south bay. and controversy over the father of our national parks, a sierra club is calling out
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its founder john near for racist abuse.
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>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 5. >>good morning. everybody thank you so much for joining us on the kron 4 morning news. it is thursday july 23rd, good morning, omar gonzalez sometimes we call a pre friday there you go i it's getting close, i'm robin winston let's
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start this morning with a check of your forecast we have days far standing by day martin robin good morning, good morning everybody and off to gain a foggy start we have here is the bay bridge toll plaza there in the overcast prevails to get things started to however it looks like there's some hope even before we get much help from the sun. we can actually start to make out a little bit of the east bay shoreline the shot from u c berkeley, so maybe a bit of an improvement quicker today model say actually should be intensifying a little bit over the next couple of hours before starting to lift by midmorning going into another mostly sunny afternoon temperatures thus far were in the lower 60's. good chunk of the east bay 50's meanwhile to the north bay 55 san francisco, 60 meanwhile for san jose and most the readings up in the north bay east bay or just trailing just a couple degrees little warmer down to the south today, we'll do 62 at 09:00am by high noon 77, a look at a pretty good forecast heading on into the weekend and even into next week marty. all right dave, thanks love, let's get right to our top story this morning, the state of california now has the most


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