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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 23, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>news stations, you're watching kron 4 news at 10. >>now at 10 more accountability for the oakland police department that is the change the city council is putting in the hands of voters good evening, everybody thanks for being here 10 o'clock i'm
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grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis tonight. >>the city council unanimously approved a ballot measure to make the city is some some people are police commission more independent in its decision making kron four's dan thorn talked to and accountability advocate who explains how this could create more oversight for the department in an effort to strengthen oakland's citizen police commission city council members vote to eliminate what oversight advocates called a poison pill now that we've excluded wording of exigent circumstances. >>we'll give the police commission more authority and more independents exigent circumstance would have allowed the open police chief to change policies without the commission's consent in relation to public safety mariano contrasts with the coalition and police accountability says this language would have been dangerous for the city's residents. we believe that the city council so there is no
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danger and that's why they voted against to eliminate that from the ballot measure. the oakland police commission was established by voters in 2016 under measure l l earlier this year, the commission made headlines when they were involved in the firing of former oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick lead author of the measure council member rebecca kaplan says this will protect the public's civil rights and help increase police accountability and oversight the importance is on the oversight being independent the residents of all clinton voters, the bulk and tired of this and we want to make sure than. >>we have someone in their neck in make sure that these reforms are made. >>if the measure passes in november, a civilian inspector general's office will be established within the police commission the office among other things would research and advise the commission on the police department's effectiveness at following policies. reporting in oakland dan thorn kron 4 news san francisco district attorney
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jason burdine and democratic representative ayanna pressley discussed police accountability tonight in a virtual event the police reform event. >>was at the commonwealth club of california at least sponsored by that group dina presley discuss how elected officials can effectively respond to a pivotal moment in american culture and the calls for reform. >>another thing we've done to ensure that we are not complacent in covering up. we are excusing police excessive force is we've implemented a policy that before we charge the case. it involves a resisting arrest or an assault on an officer charge. we must review body-worn camera footage or other available independent evidence i want to be clear about why we did that of course we know that there are cases where people resist arrest or some police and will continue to prosecute those cases, but we also know. when police to use excessive force.
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the police report doesn't say i used excessive force i'd be the person up for no reason. the police reports even in cases like george floyd's the police reports make it sound like the person was resisting arrest or was assaulting the officer and the only way we can be sure that we are not complicit. in covering up police misconduct is if we look at all available evidence before we decide weather and what charges to file. >>this event comes in the wake of course of the killing of unarmed black man george floyd by minneapolis police that prompted nationwide protests and calls for police reform. >>changes are coming to the city of martinez in response to the protests in the wake of floyd's staff and another recent focal point the video that surfaced of a couple painting over a city approved a black lives matter mural kron four's ella sogomonian she is live in the newsroom with more on the decision city leaders are making to try to uplift their community l a.
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>>catherine the city council has been talking about these upcoming changes since the first week of june, although killed by police thousands of miles away people march for george floyd in the streets of martinez. racial justice and equality so vice mayor mike ross got together with the council to suggest forming a citizen run committee. it would help steer them through those as well as gender and lgbt issues this week they decided to form a full on task force made up of people who live in martinez plus they will commission artwork on a downtown building to include blm in place of the one that was removed. >>you know we all have blind spots. and city martinez wants to know. we're the blind spot start with her to with respect to our policies or procedures and how we attack them and deliver services and more teams, including the police and the honor code enforcement and our general government works what we're looking for is separate to give us insight
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and honest truth about how we are delivering those services or the equitable are we to live in them. fairly to all members of the public and what can we do to make everybody feel equal. >>there will be another meeting next wednesday to finalize the idea for the citizen task force and they hope to have an application ready for martinez residents and about 3 weeks on their website while they sort out the details on how to qualify. meantime vice mayor mark ross told me that they're looking for people with life experience live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >>thank you ellen as bay area counties burn through their reserves during this pandemic a good chunk of that money is going to housing homeless people in hotel rooms and counties like santa clara and san francisco they still need more resources more rooms. >>kron four's tell of the sacking explains. >>many counties like san francisco or housing, the homeless in motels while the local governments are promised reimbursements for the rooms one county has its concerns.
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>>well, thousands of homeless across the bay area are now in hotels. there are still large need for more rooms to self isolate throughout the pandemic counties like san francisco and santa clara, we're still working to secure enough hotel rooms and fill them with those who need it in the public can see no. >>how the homeless or in the fact that they're all around us in. if you're not just going to go away with the magical on rudy permit investment on more investment in resources are needed. >>santa clara county supervisor dave cortese says the dollars are dwindling simply calling for us to step up or invested. >>in safety services at the same time we've got our county executive and chief operating officer telling telling us about really for months of this. we are already facing down the 300 million dollar deficit this year all and that could grow to as much as 600 league next year but has he says the county continues to pay for hotel rooms. they haven't received any help yet
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you know basically 0 student assistance in terms of donors coming in soon her journey for motel rooms, meanwhile, the state is also looking for a solution to homelessness but converting hotel lease agreements into purchasing deals through project honky. >>a court has he says fema reimbursement will eventually come in the short term he's concerned about future funding to shelter the homeless, the offices in charges. >>believe term cousins listeners over 2 dozen projects underway. does all county of this money from our taxpayers in according to currently just haven't project group here as you can lease from state yeah when asked about similar funding concerns, san francisco supervisor matt haney says. >>the city is doing everything it can to get the fema reimbursements adding now is a time to change wasn't working in the past, let's actually make this in a moment to truly. >>a transform in a huge way our approach to homelessness
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by bringing people inside and keeping inside and here in san francisco, the city recently announced a new program where 200 of the people staying in hotels. >>will be chosen for a flexibility housing subsidy, pull and placed into homes by the end of the year until the second reporting kron 4 news there's a renewed push to remove mark zuckerberg's name from the city operated to hospital san francisco general as it was known county supervisors. >>gordon mar and matt haney co authored a resolution condemning the hospital being named after facebook's founder and ceo they say facebook's policies do not reflect san franciscan values zuckerberg general was named after the ceo back in 2015 when he donated a cool 75 million dollars to the hospital's foundation. but a push to remove his name has then in the works oakland's cannabis businesses are calling for more police protection and the request comes after of murder
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at a pot business in east oakland near the colosseum last friday police say that 2 people were shot a woman was as a badly injured. industry advocates say the city of oakland needs to do a lot more. >>kron four's gayle ong reports the idea that. >>cannabis businesses an easy target for armed that needs to change james, anthony represents cannabis businesses in oakland, he says oakland police needs to step up patrols after a homicide involving workers at a cannabis shop last friday police say on july 17th just after 10:30pm officers responded to a shooting on the 500 block of julie ann way. police say 2 people were shot a woman killed another injured unsettling news for the cannabis industry frankly they're terrified, they're disheartened that they're disappointed they're looking at moving according to anthony cannabis businesses were among the 200 oakland businesses robbed during the protest in
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may in june. anthony says opd did send officers to patrol cannabis businesses on july 4th after rumors of planned robberies and that helped the church crime. the industry is asking opd for more protection that includes a dedicated unit inside opd looking for some intelligence resources that already exist that help them predict or prevent crimes 3rd thing we're asking for is an emergency alert system crimea that their callous business crime is not tracked specifically by the department we reached out to opd asking if the department is considering to provide site security for catnabis businesses their response in a statement reads quote. >>we take the safety and security of every business very seriously as we work to constantly improve our community. >>opd has met with business owners and employees to discuss public safety anthony plans to take his request to city council. gayle ong kron 4 news. >>and now to some developing
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news, san francisco police are searching for a person who killed a 58 year-old man in the bayview district it happened overnight. police are investigating this as a homicide it happened on jennings avenue just before 03:00am police are asking anybody with information to call the san francisco police departments, anonymous tip line. >>relations between the u.s. and china continue to escalate with the u.s. accusing chinese researchers of trying to steal secrets from american universities in fact, one of those accused is said to be taking refuge as we speak at the chinese consulate in san francisco kron four's dan kerman reports. >>federal prosecutors say a chinese researcher who has now been charged with visa fraud is hiding out inside the chinese consulate in san francisco. in a statement, the u.s. department of justice says it all for chinese research scientists have been charged with visa fraud because on applications to work in the u.s.. they lied about their status as members of the people's liberation army, which is part of the
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chinese military. in a statement, the d o j says this is another part of the chinese communist party's plan to take advantage of our open society and exploit academic institutions. >>i think is very much reflects the the trump administration to to one for officer run for reelection through china. david zweig is professor emeritus at the hong kong university of science and technology. he says while those charged may be guilty. he says the trump administration's full court press against china is sweeping up honest researchers as well, at least 20% of the people. we know that at least 20% of the people being accuse. some kind of illicit activity are not involved at all in a single list. >>so there's a problem. >>3 of the 4 charged have already been arrested. zahn weighing conducted research focusing on metabolism and obesity at u c san francisco
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in 2019. chen song conducted neurological research at stanford university in 2019 and chi chi zhao conducted research at indiana university. the 4th person charged to the d o j believes is still inside the chinese consulate in san francisco is one tank who conducted research in the department of radiation oncology at u c davis from january to june of this year. and this could be just the beginning the fbi is said to have been to more than 25 us cities interviewing visa, holders who are also suspected of concealing their links to the chinese military. >>at the chinese consulate in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news and this just in tonight china is ordering of the u.s. to close its consulate in the western city of chengdu this demand comes after. >>the u.s. told china it has to close its consulate in houston. the show consulate is one of 6 the u.s. has and china including the u.s.
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embassy invasion. >>california counties are stepping up enforcement many of them on public health orders as positive covid test skyrocket in many parts of the state. we have more than 427,000 people who have been infected and more than a 144,000 people have died that is the. highest single day. number the deaths i total in california you see 8,154 we're talking as a nation that 144,000 governor gavin newsome calling. these statistics are grim milestones. >>moran and napa county officials this week they approach fines ranging from $25 to $500 for people who violate public health orders that includes not wearing masks. supervisors in nearby sonoma county they are considering a similar move. >>well we are doing. should
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not change regardless of what list the white house puts us on what we need to do is what we know we need to do all along which is individually we need to take responsibility. so wearing mask for socially distancing. >>san jose mayor sam liccardo they're responding to the white house coronavirus task force coordinator doctor deborah birx. burke says san jose is one of 12 cities which are quote lagging behind the need to do a better job of slowing the spread the santa clara county health department says san jose has seen 5,523 cases of the virus doctor birx a meantime says they're tracking cases closely in the city, they're working with health officials. >>kron four's michelle kingston is in san jose with more on doctor birx a statement. >>white house coronavirus task force coordinator doctor deborah birx privately told a group of state and local health officials that she's concerned about san jose
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>>i know think it's fair to say st. louis indianapolis, >>doctor birx his statement not concerning to san jose city councilor debt davis i think you know we have really good leadership here in the city and county and the state and we are all watching the numbers so i'm i'm not concerned about about that san jose city councilor lundy up says he trusts the doctor's statement. >>i don't think that doctor birx is speculating i think that if he's making that list is coming off of data there's an argument that this map from the santa clara county health
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department shows a higher rate of coronavirus cases in san jose compared to some of the other cities in the county we checked in with san jose mayor sam liccardo and why he thinks doctor birx is concerned with san jose and i can speculate as to why the white house liked a particular what we know is that certainly we're all concerned about rising transmission rates we're all concerned about. >>rising. races is a son of our hospitals by covid positive patients people are getting. shake more frequently here and that is a problem. >>now we asked mayor sam liccardo he says just like the other mayors of the cities on that list he was not a part of the conversation with doctor burkes in san jose, michelle kingston kron 4 news at santa clara county is also responding to doctor burke saying quote we're concerned about the increasing cases nationally and believe that this highlights the need for a coordinated national approach to address this pandemic something the president has
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failed to put into effect. >>we call upon the trump administration to finally implement the national strategy. our nation needs to contain covid-19. >>and take a look at this this was the scene yesterday in reading a large group of people gathered for a worship service at the sundial bridge. most of them if not all of them, nobody seems re wearing masks the event was put on by a religious organization called hold the line. the group says it's doing a worship tour and 5 major cities in california. nationwide more than 4 million people have tested positive for the coronavirus case count has jumped by 1 million people in just 15 days data compiled by johns hopkins university also says. >>at least a 143,820 people have died in the u.s. from covid the first recorded case of covid in the u.s. was on january 21st. president trump is attributing the rise in new
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cases to an increase in testing. >>president trump canceling part of the republican convention he announced today that. all republican convention activities in jacksonville florida. they are not going to happen not a huge surprise. the president says this is not the time to have a big convention. >>i tell my team it's time to cancel. the jacksonville florida component of the. gop convention will be starting in north carolina for the monday as of has always been planned we were never taken that off its remaining as it is the delegates are going to get together that where they do the nomination. so the delegates are going to north carolina. and they'll be doing the nomination. and we're going to do some other things with teller rallies in online the week. that we're discussing which will be. really good. >>jacksonville florida sheriff. he did recently say there were not enough officers time not enough money to keep
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everybody safe if they had the convention, republican events in charlotte north carolina. those are still in the works. >>why whether time is we to check on the 4 zone forecast relatively quiet and calm here but not so way out in the pacific meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here. >>haider grand and catherine yeah we're tracking hurricane douglas out there right now and it's a major storm category 4 hurricane out there with sustained winds at 130 miles per hour. it is the first major hurricane in the eastern pacific of this year. but it is going to weaken in the coming days into this weekend as it inches closer to the hawaiian islands, thanks to the cold pacific ocean and also drier air mass but it could be a lower and hurricane or possibly a tropical storm as it makes landfall near the hawaiian islands of the big island and even the island of maui as well so it's mainly going to impact the northern and eastern coast up to 18
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inches of rain could be expected with this storm and that could cause some devastating mudslides and also high surf and gusty winds as well certainly going to be a hurricane that we're going to watch in the coming days from the kron 4 weather center and you can see this satellite image of where it's currently churning out there in the pacific with that well defined eye with wind speed 130 miles per hour. but back on land and closer to home. calmer and drier conditions out there the bay area and we can make out the beautiful city lights out there in the east bay over berkeley widespread 50's along the coast 60's as you make your way inland. but antioch them all the city at 74 degrees in current wind speeds out there right now on the calmer the breezy side fairfield those seeing sustained winds at 25 miles per hour overnight lows in the mid 50's but we're going to be at or slightly below average mid 60's along the coast low 70's throughout the east bay shoreline with widespread 70's and 80's as you make your way inland mid 80's once again for
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their tribe valleys for your friday afternoon slightly warmer temperatures inland in the upper 80's and low 90's gradual cooling trend until we warm up with hot temperatures in the mid 90's returning to our inland valleys, 10 days from now back to hugh grant and katharine. >>still ahead protesters in danville hitting the streets for day of demonstrations. what they are demanding from the contra costa county sheriff's office plus after serving nearly 5 decades in prison. one of charles manson's followers, leslie van houten is still fighting to be released will explain what stands in her way when we come back. >>and by a judge has ordered president trump's forme
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>>a judge has ordered former trump attorney michael cohen released from prison. the judge says he believes the federal government retaliated against cohen for writing a book about the president and ruled that cohen's first amendment rights were violated when he was ordered back to prison for refusing to sign a form preventing him from publishing the book. cohen was among the prisoners released in may in an effort to slow the spread of covid he was one year into a three-year sentence after pleading guilty to campaign finance charges and lying to congress. >>charles manson follower leslie van houten she could be released from prison. this
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would be after serving nearly 5 decades behind bars, a panel has recommended that she get parole after a 120 day review process her case will rest with governor newsome this is come up for the governor could say no, although that could lead to a court challenge newsome has blocked her once before his predecessor jerry brown did so twice, 70 year-old van houten is serving a life sentence for helping charles manson and others kill a los angeles grocer and his wife that was in august of 1969. >>i did i aced the test i guarantee you that joe biden could not answer those questions, okay. you and i answered all 35 questions correctly. >>president trump continues to talk about his brain as he defends his cognitive abilities will explain the details behind the latest test results sees been touting in recent interviews. >>and thousands of bay area restaurants have shut their
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doors during the pandemic how many will stay closed for good. >>and i'll have your friday microclimate fore
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>>and the fact that the sheriff has and over bloated budget and has many discrepancies like women bio bags and not having toiled privileges or and that general part talk about 22 hour lockdown and even in the past
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5 years 20 people have died in the jails would be the push to toughen local law enforcement agencies continued in danville today. >>activists holding a car caravan protest. you saw it outside the whole of the country custer county supervisor kron four's phillipe djegal reports the group wants the county to shrink the sheriff's budget and to redirect the money to other community causes. >>acosta county supervisor can dust and sand and share a deep live and stay focused of thursday's killer here been protesting dozens of community organizers driving by in the system demanding changes to the way the town and prioritizes cargo start then. >>promoting mass incarceration by supporting the sheriff's budget by supporting the expansion of jails and not and not representing how we're expanding health care how we're maintaining health services which the city council member and lead
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organizer for the group alliance of californians for community empowerment or a smell been willis alleges that sheriff david livingston has been necessarily increased his office's budget by 66 million dollars since 2010 and is asking for 2.8 million dollars more that willis say should go elsewhere we want to see the juvenile hall closed along with them are street facility close and also we're calling for sheriff not to use full-service deputies to be the one cent to troll the jails because that's a lot of money just to monitor jails in a statement sheriff livingston responded to the protests by saying quote it is time for elected leaders to stand up to those few clamoring for an extreme agenda and instead support their share of their police and the safety of the over 1 million contra costa residents. >>we are sworn to protect the money should go into communities in building people are making better to where they know who they are as a person and although supervisor anderson says the entire board
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condemns the action of law enforcement in minneapolis that led to the death of an unarmed african-american man george floyd and mary and nationwide protests. she says in a statement quote, the majority of us on the board of supervisors do not believe it is necessary to defund the sheriff to achieve the objective of addressing racism. >>or to create better community policing the 2 are not mutually exclusive. >>were >>the mayor of portland oregon. he was in a crowd of protesters when he was tear gassed happened early this morning, mayor ted wheeler, he's also a leading critic of president trump's decision to send in federal forces to his city protests in portland have gone on for more than 50 nights following the death of george floyd at the hands of police officers in minneapolis. >>all of us are saying to our federal government stop. a
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rising us stop putting us in danger stop destroying our community. >>president trump announcing some details tonight. he's saying he will send as many as 75,000 federal agents into various american cities and the president is still bragging about the results of his cognitive tests it's a test by the way that is meant to detect issues like alzheimer's or perhaps other dementias in people's brains and nearly 2 minute rant on fox news, the president detail the questions he was asked and he described how amazed the test administrators were he says by his ability to recall a simple string of awards. >>last time i was at the hospital for probably a year ago i said to the doctor was doctor ronny jackson, i said is there some kind of a test and the qt test and he said there actually is and he named it whatever it might be and was 30 to 35 questions the first question is a very easy.
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we'll ask questions are much more difficult. like a memory question, like you go person. >>woman man. >>so the state could you repeat that. show us a d a such person woman is a man camera tv. okay that's very good. if you get it in order you get extra points if you, okay now we just can you of the questions other questions and then. 10 minutes 1520 minutes late is safe. one of the first question not the first, but the 10th question. give us that again can you do that again you go person. woman man. a camera tv. if you get it in order. you get extra points. they said nobody gets in order to actually not that easy but for me it was easy. >>the trump campaign has been trying to call into question the mental and physical health
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of presumptive democratic nominee joe biden. >>all right time to take a another look at the 4 zone forecast let's go back to members are on break this person woman man camera tv. i did or see the camera safia do in 10 minutes. let's take a look at our 4 zone forecast a live look outside and we're noticing pretty gloomy conditions out there for your thursday night downtown san francisco for your microclimate friday. >>64 degrees low 60's for those of you at half moon bay. brisbane tamil brain in the low 60's but mid 60's for those of you in burlingame winds out of the west along the coast 20 miles per hour less san mateo 63 degrees with the redwood city in the mid 70's there, widespread 70's for those of you in the south bay, san jose warming up into the low 80's for your friday afternoon highs near average highs for those of you in livermore staying in the mid 80's as well hayward 71
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degrees and richmond 68 degrees for your friday afternoon with widespread 70's and 80's for those of you in the north a nap at 77 degrees in santa rosa 84 degrees for your friday afternoon highs and taking a look ahead at your next 10 at 10 outlook we are going to notice a slight bump in temperatures about 5 degrees above average for most of our inland valleys, upper 80's and low 90's fortunately, no major heat waves in sight cooling down by early next week. but then we're going to warm up into the mid 90's by next weekend. 10 days from now it's going to keep an eye on that but plenty of sunshine for your bay area forecast in the afternoon back to hugh grant and katharine thank a brief thought san mateo it is still the only bay area county that is not on the governor's covid-19 watch list santa cruz county it was flagged and just today. >>so it will probably join that list in coming days, so the news isn't good and does that mean california could be on the verge of a second statewide shelter-in-place
10:38 pm
well. >>one east bay state senator says it is time to do just that however to business leaders are telling kron 4 secret you another shutdown which is devastate the local economy. >>today, i'm calling on governor newsome to that we instituted a shelter-in-place for most of california northern california state senator steve glazer says he is making that call in response to the state's rising number of total covid-19 cases and an increased the total number of deaths hospitalizations the beginning of may we're 4700. >>today there at 8800. it's clear and we have lost control of the corona virus. so i asked the senator says that he believes opening the state back in may was too soon when we did begin to open up. none of the major indicators were declining it would be devastating to the businesses
10:39 pm
>>many of them are right at the tipping point now matthew guichard is the chair of the walnut creek chamber of commerce which happens to be in the senator's district. he says the chamber is not in favor of a one size fits all solution southern california has much greater issues that we do in terms of numbers and all was i say well, let's talk about the california in the bay or in what we're doing encourage people continue to be say our economy is a fraction of what when it was last year spokesperson for the san francisco chamber of commerce jj says even without shutting down a negative impact on the bay area's economy may be inevitable and our economy might be in a lose lose situation. if the infection rate continues to rise even if we do not shut down the infection rate continue to rise. >>people will soon be too scared to go out and shop if they think they're going to put themselves in danger. >>in addition to shutting down the vast majority of california senator glazer says he would also mandate a 14 day
10:40 pm
quarantine for anyone entering the state from another state or county with a positive test rate of greater than 2% really feel like we've got to this place that this for brown assistant analysis of betting on false hope that somehow. the numbers are going to start by telling in declining and yet none of that has come come to pass has it made you kron 4 news these states health and human services secretary is responding to the senators demand saying in part. >>from the outset we envisioned reopening the economy as a dimmer switch where we toggle modifications and closures up and down to avoid large scale surges this is precisely what we've done. a new report from hill shows this grim economic picture here in the bay area is getting worse because of the pandemic and the san francisco oakland and hayward metro area. >>which they consider to be an area more than 5,000 business leaders have either. temporarily or permanently closed between march first and
10:41 pm
july 10th of this year and that is the second highest closure rate relative to total businesses in the u.s.. the yelp report also found 370 restaurants in the san francisco metro area have closed for good and many restaurant owners fear if indoor dining is not allowed soon that number will get even worse. there is some good news for restaurant owners in the ferry building though that was closed wednesday because it was classified as a mall, but tonight a pr team for the building says it has been reclassified starting tomorrow the ferry building will be classified as a transport terminal by the state and will be able to reopen. >>a former minneapolis police officer derek child, the facing even more legal trouble we'll explain after the break and eu member sports, their back our sports director jason dumas us has highlights from the dodgers giants
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tonight there is more legal trouble for the former minneapolis police officer the center of the george floyd their children and his estranged wife, they're now both facing a felony tax evasion charges. >>jennifer mayor lee has details. court documents filed wednesday revealed derek chauvin and kelly who has filed for divorce are accused of not reporting an underreporting hundreds of
10:45 pm
thousands of dollars of income they're accused of not filing tax returns for the years of 2016 1718. >>show his stepfather returns in 2014 15 but us really underreported the incoming those returns assistant washington county attorney's scott held him and says the investigation began days after the death of george floyd when the department of revenue received information about the chauvin's investigators searched a chauvin's oakdale home. look at bank records and talked with employers. derek chauvin worked off-duty security jobs. the criminal complaint alleges he didn't report the additional income in 2014 15 similarly kelly is charged with not reporting income from her side jobs and they're accused of not filing any returns including extra income for 3 years haldeman says once kelly learned of the investigation she tried to file for the missing years. but again omitted extra income it tells me that it was a willful act and there is tension there behind a
10:46 pm
feminist returns during a june interview with investigators. the complaint says kelly quote told investigators that she had not filed income tax returns because it got away from her and during recorded phone call with derek chauvin in jail, she allegedly said. yeah, well we don't want to get your dad involved because he will just be mad at me i mean us for not doing them for years certainly bolsters the case by the numbers the chauvin's are accused of underreporting more than $450,000 of income and owed more than 20,000 with penalties and interest they now owe $37,868. >>a lot of money that was jennifer mayor lee reporting if convicted the each of the 9 charges carries a penalty of up to 5 years in prison. and up to a $10,000 fine the chauvin's attorneys have not commented on the most recent charges. >>tonight's sports we doubled our speeds the fastest just got back.
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>>well the wait is finally over baseball is officially back yes, the past 2 days. we've had appetizers to hold us over. i don't know about you all at home, but i'm not much of an appetizer guy don't like top us. give me, my main course, the baseball gods well they have done just that out to dodger stadium where the giants opened up their season against their longtime rivals gabe kepler mike yes trump's key bet pablo sandoval on kneeling for the national anthem bottom of the 3rd base is loaded for sandoval and he's going to send that one deep enough to bring in a run. they go up one nothing early and everything's great you know when you're 2 preseason games go up one nothing but dodgers from there on out bottom of the 7th to launch for the dodgers that justin turner with the slow roller, you bring key bet movie just signed a 13 year 380 million dollar deal. and the old something new he later in the inning enrique hernandez hits one to right. 2 more runs come
10:48 pm
into score. the dodgers pull away. they go on to win this 1, 8, to one. the early game today was between the defending world champs and the new york yankees in doctor fauci and noted nats fan threw out the first pitch. now let's get to the game top of the first want carlo stanton takes max scherzer deep to left center field way up to the top level of the bleacher just a 2 run home run is to nothing yankees. now the spike in untouched upsurge are still struck out 11 meanwhile, the yankees 30 million dollar acquisition garret cole he looked pretty good he allowed 2 base runners in 5 innings striking out 5 he came over from the astros and then came to rein in the 6 ending both dugout flooded. they eventually called the game yankees win 4 to one as they completed the minimum 5 innings and we have more drama out of the nfl, i feel like that is becoming a trend nowadays but anyway. the nfl original schedule is now off schedule teams already pushing back reporting dates as the
10:49 pm
nfl and nflpa continue to negotiate how to handle the an evident inevitable revenue losses from this season. most veteran players were scheduled to report to training camp next tuesday, but nfl media reports that a failure to reach a deal by the end of this weekend could prompt virtual work to continue indefinitely bills and to the association got one basketball highlight mad lakers as luka doncic the super sophomore nice move there, but you know you got to get a lebron highlight in on the lakers highlight he slips his way to the later he's going to show his post work right here just over powering his defender. that guy's 35 years old, but the lakers they do fall one '08 to one '06. that is your look at sports back to you guys. thank you jason. >>well, the lebron james family foundation is preparing to welcome the first of 16 families into a building they call the i promise guys great on the court and he does a lot
10:50 pm
of work off the core this is a residential apartment building in his hometown of akron, ohio was established to meet the unique needs of some area families dave nethers reports. soon after the lebron james foundation helped establish the i promise school in akron. >>administrators learned some of the students faced unique family and home challenges so if your student and you're sitting in class and you're worried about where mom and i go to sleep tonight how in the world are you ever going to learn like its basic security, it is the genesis for what is called the i promise village built in 1923 and old tudor-style apartment building at 22 rhodes avenue renovated to help house 16 families at no cost to them. they have a variety of studio one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. >>but our priority for each unit was to maximize bed space. >>the building with a room the foundation calls their work space. another they call their play space a laundry room community dining room eventually a community garden to grow food they can cut
10:51 pm
their taco tuesday meals for themselves and all the residents included. >>they can work with our shop that we bring in once a week to put meals. >>the eligible families need only to commit to improve their situations well living within blocks of the school or students who attend the school here can literally walk to school which is a couple blocks away. they don't have to cross a major street and all the building purchased by chicago based graduate hotels, according to foundation renovated at their cost then donated to the foundation on july 6th. the first 2 families expected to move in on friday. we have never been landlords before so this is new for us but. >>we want to be able to move in the family's gradually to listen and respond and take their feedback before we bring in more yeah. >>that was dave nethers reporting. well coming up the internet after seeing a new side of celebrity homemaker martha stewart now a viral
10:52 pm
selfie motorcycle riders love the open road. and geico loves helping riders get to where they're going, so to help even more, geico is giving new and current customers a fifteen percent credit on their motorcycle policies with the geico giveback. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term. the geico giveback. helping riders focus on the road ahead.
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lifestyle diva martha stewart a burning up the internet with the selfie showing her cooling off the 78 year-old posted this shot from her pool, this is an east hampton followers a guy. they're going on and on and on about her glowing skin and what they refer to as her flirty pout this comes as
10:55 pm
stewart is launching a new show on hgtv so if martha wanted attention apparently this is working the serious martha knows best at premier's this month. it focuses on outdoor projects around her farm in bedford, new york. what's a flirty how i don't know if that was a 40 pounds, but her fans are coughing like duck lips when you say bruce so is that a 40 path that's a thirst trap thursday, if i ever saw one martha stewart. >>i'm shocked right now, but i love it, i'm so jealous of her relationship with snoop to they have the best friendship ever. >>all right, let's take a look at as a ball right now noticing that high cloud cover overhead but low clouds and fog will arrive a little later during the overnight hours but it will impact your friday morning commute with visibility at or near 0 especially along the bay area's shoreline but better lifting in clearing, byron your new lunchtime hour but we're going to remain on the cooler side mainly along the san francisco peninsula coastline expect to see a
10:56 pm
little bit more clouds and sun and temperatures out there right now already cooling down along the coast mid to upper 50's widespread low to mid 60's for most of our inland valleys, but mild still in antioch at 74 degrees and we are going to notice overnight lows in the mid 50's and tomorrow's daytime highs at or slightly below average so cooling down into the mid 60's for downtown san francisco. and seasonable averages for those of you throughout the east bay shoreline widespread low 70's there low 80's for san jose and concord but mid 80's for those of you in santa rosa and livermore for your friday afternoon and let's take a look ahead at your next 10 at 10 outlook slight warm-up in temperatures for interior valleys, upper 80's and low 90's gradually cooling down early next week but then warming up into the mid 90's for inland valleys next weekend but thanks to that cool sea breeze going to remain very seasonable along the coast, widespread 60's there with 70's throughout the east bay shoreline now grant and katharine i have to pass
10:57 pm
this cognitive test. let's say. person one man. >>man. >>camera tv did i get it, i don't know is that right grant. i don't i can't remember we we can't remember affects now, you've got i'm not sure they lose the new guinea that banana or what. >>and thanks for watching everybody have a good night everybody.
10:58 pm
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