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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 24, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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things off with dave spahr in the forecast today. hey good morning marty good morning, everybody and we're still battling the fog at this hour. we are yes as we get into the 9 o'clock hour the bay bridge toll plaza shot is overcast still. >>haven't looked at those that fog up over the east bay hills yet. there are the winds already set up as an onshore wind that will keep temperatures somewhat controlled for us today and down below what we'll be looking for in central valley, even the far inland locations that we do see some decoupling happening 72 already for clover moore has a ways to go at 6264 for concord and east bay, shore line you're hanging around the lower 60's up to the north bay still chilly 56 for santa rosa 62 for nap and 55, san francisco, 78 looks like by 1 o'clock by 4 at 78 as well, although we're looking for plenty of 80's on the board of the 4 zone forecast we'll show you later on and we have some tropical stuff to show you to marty. >>well we are doing. should not change regardless of what
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list the white house puts us on what we need to do is what we know we need to do all along which is individually we need to take responsibility. so wearing masks socially distancing. >>that's san jose mayor sam liccardo responding to the white house coronavirus task force coordinator doctor deborah birx she called out san jose is one of 12 cities in the country that she says are quote lagging behind the need to do a better job of slowing the spread. take a look at this map from santa clara county's health department it shows a higher rate of coronavirus cases in san jose compared to some other cities in the county. some city leaders say that it's tough to argue with the data while others say there's nothing to worry about. >>and we sure sips here in the city and county and the state and we are all watching the numbers so i'm i'm not concerned about. >>about that i don't speak the doctor birx is speculating i think that if he's making that list. he's coming off of data
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there's no arguing with that i can speculate as to why the white house liked a particular what we know is that certainly we're all concerned about rising transmission rates we're all concerned about. >>rising. races is a son of our hospitals by covid positive patients people are getting. shake more frequently here and that is a problem. >>mayor liccardo also said that he and the other mayors of the cities mentioned by berks were not involved in the conversation with the doctor. santa clara county is also responding to doctor burke saying quote we are concerned about the increase in cases nationally and believe that this highlights the need for a coordinated national response to address this pandemic something the president has failed to put into effect. we call upon the trump implement the national ly strategy for our that our nation needs to contain covid-19. well happening today, the ferry building in san francisco is open again
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after being forced to close earlier this week. kron four's reyna harvey has been there throughout the morning talking to people who are very happy that it's open again high rain. >>marty good morning. everyone is excited and since i've been out here they have actually and if you can see right behind me there. they started to set out outside eating tables for people so to answer the question someone sent me on twitter or the eatery's going to be open today. >>yes they're going to be open today and the ferry building is open right now currently but a lot of those businesses do not open up until about 10 o'clock so the ferry building itself is back open a lot of the business owners in there are setting up their establishment and so should on wednesday this all had to do with a classification issue that was going on here originally ferry building was labeled under an indoor mall classification but now it had to be changed to a transport
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terminal classification and not allow it to reopen today for a lot of the businesses here in the area no gun or anyone that comes down to day business owners are asking everybody to take caution as the into the building in their shopping around here is what one of the customers told me earlier about the ferry building opened back up. >>amina i think it's a great thing you know not not just that i think business owners but also for the people who live around a lot of people you know just ah you know just even the morning, you know it just this coming off in some bad like during the day we've seen so many people just you know just getting the restaurant and so they are just going to be like it's of in that situation i guess would the business owners as it has with the people because there's a ton of people actually is out there so you know i could be on a daily basis. so that's a pretty good thing. >>now marty the ferry building has done a few things they've
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enhanced cleaning procedures they also have hand sanitizing stations throughout the marketplace are also going to be increasing the options for curbside pickup, so those are the things that they put in place to welcome people back so they can feel safe and actually be safe as their shopping mall also asked people to wear masks as they're coming indoors along with practicing social distancing and answer your question about the farmer's market, according to the employees here the ferry building that will be back here this weekend for now reporting here in san francisco, you know harvey on forward that's a double dose of great news, thanks a lot of rain for checking that out that's reyna harvey reporting live for us from the ferry building which again is now open again. >>well here in the bay area there are over 43,000 coronavirus cases and over 720 people have died from the virus. we're seeing the most cases in alameda county with over 9600 infections. the virus though has been deadliest in santa clara county which has 181 deaths. we have a full breakdown for you by county and city on our
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website at kron 4 dot com. santa cruz county is close are being placed on california's covid watch list. the area has seen hundreds of new coronavirus infections over the past 2 weeks the state has flagged the county which means that stricter safety measures will be in place. businesses like salons and malls might have to close and places of worship could also be forced to shut down. the space senator steven glazer is urging governor newsome to reinstate a full stay at home order again here in california. he's proposing a full stay at home order for counties with an infection rate that's higher than 2% that would include all but 9 rural counties in the state. california's positivity rate overall is just above 7%. senator glaser also wants answers from the governor's administration on contact tracing saying the 10,000 workers, the state train. so far is not enough. >>you don't have just enough to see and you don't have
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contact tracing and quarantine up to speed. there is no other way to suppress this virus stenting live at human ear here actions and that's that going back to july we need a stronger shelter in place. >>these space center says taking control of the virus and protecting californians is the top priority for the state legislature, which is set to reconvene at the capitol on monday. the state's health and human services secretary is responding to the senators emand saying in part quote from the outset we envisioned reopening the economy as a dimmer switch where we toggle modifications enclosures up and down to avoid large scale search is this is precisely what we have done. in the east bay more accountability for the oakland police department that's the change. the city council is putting in the hands of voters. the city council unanimously approved a ballot measure to make the citizens police commission, more independent in this decision-making kron four's dan thorn has more. >>in an effort to strengthen
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oakland's citizen police commission city council members vote to eliminate what oversight advocates called a poison pill now that we've excluded wording of exigent circumstances, we'll give the police commission more authority and more independents exigent circumstance would have allowed the oakland police chief to change policies without the commission's consent in relation to public safety mariano contrasts with the coalition and police accountability says this language would have been dangerous for the city's residents. we believe that the city council so does the danger and that's why they voted against to eliminate that from the ballot measure. the oakland police commission was established by voters in 2016 under measure l l earlier this year, the commission made headlines when they were involved in the firing of former oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick lead author of the measure council member rebecca kaplan says this will protect the public's civil rights and help increase
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police accountability and oversight the importance is on the oversight being independent the residents of all clinton voters the bulk and tired of this and we want to make sure than. >>we have someone in there that can make sure that these reforms are made. >>if the measure passes in november, a civilian inspector general's office will be established within the police commission, the office among other things would research and advise the commission on the police department's effectiveness at following policies. reporting in oakland. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>and also in the east bay changer changes are coming in martinez in response to the protests following the death of george floyd earlier this month people marched in the streets of the city demanding racial justice and equality. martinez vice mayor mark ross and the city council agreed to form a citizen run committee that would help guide them through civil rights gender and lgbtq issues. so this week they decided to form a task
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force made up of martinez residents plus they will commission artwork in a downtown building to include black lives matter in place of the one that was removed. >>you know we all have blind spots. and city martinez wants to know. we're the blind spot start with her to with respect to our policies. our procedures and how we attack them and deliver services and more teams, including the police and the honor code enforcement and our general government works what we're looking for is that separate up to give us insight and honest truth about how we are delivering those services. >>there will be another meeting next wednesday to finalize the citizen task force plan. they're hoping to have an application ready for martinez residents in about 3 weeks. it will be on the city's website. and new this morning in alameda county deputy has died from covid-19 complications. deputy sheriff oscar roche a passed away last
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night the sheriff's office says roach was in critical condition in the icu last week. >>and coming up this morning protesters in danville hitting the streets for a day of demonstration. we'll find out what they're demanding from the contra costa county sheriff's office. we have that after the break. >>a school's head into the fall with distance learning san francisco is working on putting together a
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>>good morning, welcome back it's 9.13 this friday morning we want to go ahead and get a check of the weather forecast with dave spahr heidi a good morning marty good morning, everybody and a live shot coming in from sfo look at this we get some sun coming in the foreground little bit as we can see, but still a lot of those fog clouds kind of lingering around a bit. temperatures got a variety going on here 56 santa rosa 55, san francisco, but 72 for any aac got the 60's over most of the real estate of the east bay for now that is 62 san jose. for today later on we'll see the flare up of those scattered thundershowers their compliments of some daytime heating here comes the fog again tonight for tomorrow morning mixes out boom in the afternoon. more scattered showers and thunder showers about so the morning fog will give way to some coastal clouds that will be a little pesky trouble or area here. we've got the highs not as ambitious today, if you will won't see any 90's around the bay area, although central valley will and then for this weekend with a nudge those temps up a little bit in the lower 90's if you miss them
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and the next week it's sunny pretty much the persistence forecast is what we call it. this little blob that we had we were talking yesterday was a tropical depression quite a bit of rain you can see with that is starting to show up here in the coastal radars here in the gulf of mexico. and of course the texas coast which is going to get hit by this. max winds of 45 so it's barely a tropical storm. but the projections are south of corpus christi texas rainfall amounts between 6 to 10 inches are expected with that locally heavier and will be some winds we expect that for late tonight, the weather deteriorate into saturday morning afterwards that leftover moisture of this carcass if you will be thrown out here to the mountains of northern mexico and that's just a place where sometimes that it's the monsoon moisture. the bubbles up to the 4 corner states later on we'll see any major outbreaks up to the 4 corner states from all of this, but it sometimes can fortify the monsoon this time of year, 63 for san francisco, 68 open 77 san jose, but again as i mentioned
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earlier we don't see major warming happening even inland today even though in the central valley, they'll be in the 90's. coming up in a bit we'll have that 4 zone forecast for you and the extended along with more tropical talk to party all right dave look forward to that thank you, san francisco mayor london breed has unveiled a brand new project to help kids with distance learning once the school year begins. >>kron 4 sarah stinson live in san francisco. she has all the details on this program, sarah. >>warning this is going to be so crucial to low income families who really struggled with distance learning back in the spring and now as we head into fall is a lot of anxiety surrounding weather. they're going to have enough resources to successfully distance learn and so we're here live at a library in western addition, this is a perfect example of what they'll be transforming into these community learning hubs this is perfect they have a park in the background, i don't know for sure if they're
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going to be using this one but the city will be using libraries. recreation centers, cultural centers and several community based organizations sites for these learning hubs they're designed just for children from low income households, residents of stuff, public housing single-room occupancy hotels youth experiencing homelessness are welcome plus foster youth and english language learners each hubble provide access to technology for distance learning which is the main thing a lot of low income students are lacking helping children with stem literacy in nature based outdoor play they'll even get some exercise in there. the hubs also offering social emotional support services, they'll even give them healthy meals and snacks all the hubs will be within walking distance from children's homes and will be staffed with community-based organization providers. the city will also extend its emergency child and youth care program, this will support the families in need children of healthcare workers and city employees who have been working this whole time serving as disaster service
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workers take care of their children. community learning hubs will begin enrollment on august 15th will go until september 4th and then 10 days after that on august early september 14th. they will start these community learning hubs to be a really safe place for these children to go and really get help with some of the stuff they're dealing with with distance learning for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news sarah, this sounds like a really comprehensive program not only that but most libraries have great internet access which is a problem for a lot of families. >>yeah, especially because a lot of low income families, they have multiple kids in one household trying to do the distance learning sometimes only having one computer if that. so this will give him an opportunity to use a computer get that internet access and most importantly get that support. yeah. >>it sounds like great idea sarah stinson reporting for us live in san francisco. now let's go to the east bay where the push to toughen local law enforcement continues in
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danville activists held a car caravan demonstration outside of the home of the contra costa county supervisor on thursday. kron four's phillipe djegal reports on what that group wants. >>acosta county supervisor candace came in and share a deep live and stay focused of thursday's killer here then protest dozens of community organizers driving by in the system demanding changes to the way the town and prioritizes its precious cargo start then. >>promoting mass incarceration by supporting the sheriff's budget by supporting the expansion of jails and not and not representing how we're expanding health care how we're maintaining health services which the city council member and lead organizer for the group alliance of californians for community empowerment or a smell been willis alleges that sheriff david livingston has been necessarily increased his office's budget by 66 million
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dollars since 2010 and is asking for 2.8 million dollars more that willis says should go elsewhere we want to see the juvenile hall closed along with them are street facility close and also we're calling for sheriff not to use full-service deputies to be the one cent to troll the jails because that's a lot of money just to monitor jails in a statement sheriff livingston responded to the protests by saying quote it is time for elected leaders to stand up to those few clamoring for an extreme agenda and instead support their share of their police and the safety of the over 1 million contra costa residents. >>we are sworn to protect the money should go into communities in building people are making better to where they know who they are as a person and although supervisor anderson says the entire board condemns the action of law enforcement in minneapolis that led to the death of unarmed african-american man george floyd and mary and nationwide protests. she says
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in a statement quote, the majority of us on the board of supervisors do not believe it is necessary to defund the sheriff to achieve the objective of addressing racism. >>or to create better community policing the 2 are not mutually exclusive. >>in the league to go on for news also in the east bay oakland cannabis businesses are calling for more police protection. this comes after a homicide involving workers at a cannabis shop last friday. police say it happened just after 10 30 at night officers responding to a shooting on the 500 block of julie ann way. they found 2 people had been shot a woman was killed another injured. the news very unsettling for cannabis shop owners. >>the idea that. >>had this businesses an easy target for armed that needs to change a dedicated unit inside opd looking for some intelligence resources that already exist that help them predict or prevent crimes 3rd
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thing we're asking for is an emergency alert system crimea that their callous business crime is not tracked specifically by the department. >>well we reached out to the opd asking about increasing security for cannabis businesses and their responses in a statement that you see on your screen. it reads quote we take the safety and security of every business very seriously as we work to constantly improve our community opd has met with business owners and employees to discuss public safety. the turned of crime is a strong relationship between the police and the community they serve unquote. >>well coming up next the economic outlook for bay area could be getting worse, especially in the restaurant industry you won't believe the number of closures will have that coming up for you after the break. good morning,
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welcome back a new report from yelp shows that the grim economic picture here in the bay area is getting worse because of the pandemic. >>it found that nearly 400 restaurants in the san francisco metro area have permanently closed since march. kron four's maureen kelly has more. >>the gate is locked here at know fully toes sunset district location in a sign in the window reads thank you 9th avenue we will miss you it's one of several economic casualties caused by the coronavirus a new report from yelp reveals that in the san francisco oakland hayward
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metro area. more than 5,000 businesses have closed either temporarily or permanently between march 1st in july 10th. that's the second highest closure rate relative to total businesses in the u.s. at the yelp report found 370 restaurants in this metro area have shuttered for good laurie thompson executive director of the golden gate restaurant association expects this grim picture to get even grimmer you know is that a coloring the independent restaurants, you're going to see huge closure rates and the longer this goes on the more that people run out of the. >>that the payroll protection loan money like even myself you know, we'll be lucky to get to end of october and and be able to make she says the industry needs a bailout from the feds a 120 billion dollar restaurant relief bill was introduced back in june. i mean i don't really care where your politics are just like check the politics and write another check what do they care. >>how does that affect their ability to get reelected and we just have to pump money
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into the economy right now right, we'll worry about inflation later we get everything taken off to fast great jack up interest rates and shutter back down but i don't. >>i don't see that happening until we get about seen some restaurants are limping along with outdoor dining thomas as many here need inside dining to resume. >>before the rain starts in order to survive. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>and coming up next after the break, we'll be joined by oakland mayor libby shaft should be talking about the current movements for defunding the police in oakland and a lot more. 9.29
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good morning, welcome back thanks for joining us. this morning, we're turning the corner into the weekend. we want to find out all about the weather for the bay area. >>this bar has it all day a good morning. marty good morning, everybody we're turning the corner on the fog to look at this these bayshore and start to open up there. yes and we have in the sunshine to help mix this out going to be a pretty much of a mostly sunny day and temperatures are starting to separate now here, somebody to antioch meanwhile lower 60's along the east bay shoreline still chilly 56 there up to santa rosa. and a 62 meanwhile to san jose. now central valley today is going to be quite warm, however we're being shield a little bit by this onshore wind as you can see what they're picking up into the teens just a little bit. the breakdown today, 78 doesn't buy one by 4 we're talking also 78 with high temperatures reaching about well into the 80's and some of
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those far east bay local locations. well more on your forecast coming up in a bit marty. it's been an extremely busy week in the city of oakland a lot has been going on this week and that includes the vandalism at the home of oakland mayor libby shaft. >>the mayor joins us this morning to talk about that and so much air shaft good morning. >>good morning mike. first of all first and foremost how are you and your family doing following that act of vandalism earlier this week at your home. oh well thank you for your concern we've just been overwhelmed by so many acts of kindness notes flowers at her tour and i never knew that there were so many power washers in our neighbo-hood neighbors just coming by to help us friends stopping they really is kind, but let me be clear these tactics are not free speech we celebrate free speech and demonstrations and protests here in oakland. >>but it's it's not okay to make a family feel like their homes being shot up in the
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middle of the this will not change in any way my positions might dedication to the city, but i just want to express our gratitude for everyone's kindness and support during this time. >>let's talk about the police issue in in oakland, because that has been in the news so much lately and then this week. the council vote in which you have the deciding vote. tell us why you voted the way you did. >>you know we just cut more than 14 million dollars from the police department and i believe the budget that the council adopted was both responsible and responsive to this moment. yes people want us to re imagine public safety quickly and we took a very dramatic action and the council is establishing a task force to really engage people in the analysis to see what would it look like for us to cut half of the police budget that's a 150 million dollars
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that we can't take away a response system without creating its replacement, so i believe that the council is proceeding in a very responsible way that is really answering calls on both sides on one hand oakland has the lowest officer per crimes staff, the of any department in america on the other hand people are calling for defunding the police i believe the council is proceeding in a way that is trying to answer most of those calls it is really a fine line that you and the council are walking in trying to keep public safety but at same time. >>and serena public calls for defunding the police department the council was very much split on this how important do you think it is to have a cohesive city council when dealing with both the pandemic and also these calls for social justice. >>well let me be clear the council was split on a very modest proposal to cut about 2 million dollars more the
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council was not split on a more radical proposal to cut 25 million dollars that that proposal received votes only from its authors so i think that we're actually closer together than you may think everyone wants to respond to the public and and meet this moment and oakland was made for this moment, but most council members believe we need to have a public process the public needs to know what the impact of these cuts are and we need to co create this new re imagines public safety. >>well part of that is also what the council voted on it and that is to approve a ballot measure that would strengthen the independence of the civilian police commission, how would that work if it were passed. >>you know this is kind of a cleanup it's not going to change some of the basic powers of the police commission for example their role in hiring and firing the chief. but it will give them
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more control over their own staffs and that is something that we have all supported for them it should have been put in the first measure i fully support the new measure that will be going on the ballot this fall and oakland ers can be proud that we have the most independent police commission in the country i urge all cities to stand up their own police commission's because it is so important that community has a voice and power in this new moment for policing. >>mayor let's turn our attention to covid-19 in alameda county and houses affected oakland as well alameda county closing in on 10,000 cases now what is the latest on the situation there and how you're trying to help people in oakland. >>well there's going to be a big call today at lake merritt to stop engaging in gatherings. what were seen particularly from our community health partners like the fabulous roots community
9:36 am
health center which really stood up the very first walk up testing site in east oakland, it's the first walk up site in the state. you know some research came out just last night showing that oakland actually have some of the most equitable access to testing in the state. but we're seen the case is coming from family and friends gather eats so please your picnic can wait and wear your mask even at studies are showing that masks cloth coverings of your face are really making a difference in keeping you and your loved ones healthy and alive. >>in so many cases the answers are so simple wearamask wash your hands stay apart from people from mayor let's talk for a second about what the city is doing to try and get can't continue to help those who are possibly losing their jobs yet again can open their businesses. people are going
9:37 am
back and forth here or we opener reclosed is it's really a difficult situation. >>we have to follow doctors orders and when the coronavirus changes sometimes our economy has to change with it i want to commend alameda county we have been one of the most responsible counties in the whole country and so we haven't seen huge changes in the reopen we are allowing outdoor dining. but but this is i continued sacrifice we all have to make but know that the oakland city council recently extended the eviction moratorium so again it doesn't take away your obligation to pay rent, but you cannot be evicted for right now we're doing everything we can to support our workers and our residents we've got to get through this crisis together. >>let's turn our attention now
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to schools schools are going to be opening in the next couple of weeks and distance learning has so many challenges not only for students but their parents for schools for teachers, everyone involved. what can the city do to make technology accessible to make internet access accessible to more people. >>well i am so proud that we have been part of the oakland and divided we raised 13 million dollars and special gratitude to jack dorsey, 10 of those 13 million were his personal dollars and because of that we've got 25,000 laptops that are on their way right now to oakland household, they'll also be getting hot spots or internet connections and technical support courtesy of tech exchange a great nonprofit clinch that i encourage everyone to learn more about so help us on the way and it's
9:39 am
just not just tools for distance learning which obviously our children are going to need when school reopens but it's really a resource for the whole family to have that digital literacy to be connected with information and resources with this shelter in place that kind of connection and access to information is more important than ever. >>well, mayor, definitely hats off to jack dorsey for a opened his checkbook and helping out in such a big way and thank you to you for spending some time with us this morning and once again we're we're glad you and your family are safe and doing well, thanks for joining us. >>th
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>>good morning, welcome back freeman police have arrested a man they say burglarized homes while the residents were still inside those home sleeping. residents of the homes would wake up and realize they've been robbed in their cars have been stolen. police have charged 22 year-old leigh all be a bentley all betancourt who they say has a history of car theft and vandalism he's now in jail and he's had he's awaiting a hearing in court. next week. and there's a renewed push to remove mark zuckerberg's name from the city owned and operated hospital a county supervisor gordon mar and matt haney co authored a resolution that condemns the hospital that's named after the facebook ceo. they say facebook's policies do not reflect san francisco's values as of general hospital was renamed zuckerberg general
9:43 am
after he donated 75 million dollars to hospitals foundation back in 2015. >>high temperatures today, we're kind of a retired the 90's a little bit going to come back in this weekend but for today you can see a mid 80's going on for katie to santa rosa, your 4 zone forecast we're checking of tropical things as well. good
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morning, welcome back to the
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kron 00:04am morning news that's go ahead get a check of the weather forecast we take this live look outside from our embarcadero camera this morning day still cloudy in some spots but starting to clear and others on it is we help improve shot to u c berkeley, you know there we have it you can see the east bay shoreline reappearing last time we saw it like this case it was about like 04:00am so. >>again we're getting the sun to do its motion here the mixing out process to turn to mostly sunny still kind of cloudy too an sfo though the the sun is starting to peer through a little bit but that off to the distance you can see the clouds almost look stormy there 72 for any ah now this hour elsewhere were in the 60's. some cool 50's here and there but the movement is afoot we see the temperatures starting to grate and gain some traction all right tropics very busy were in the caribbean area right now gonzalo max winds at 50 it's a tropical storm expected to stay that way and it's passed through the caribbean and then become basically tropical low as you can see here by the end of this weekend. so it's like a really go very far although
9:47 am
all that tropical moisture in the remnants. we'll still be left there in the western caribbean, at least won't be a hurricane for him. meanwhile douglas in the pacific category 3 storm now however, it decreases in strength pretty quickly before. it may strike a why this not necessarily money in the bank but it looks like in the latest forecast models. it is a threat to hawai still and this takes us out to about saturday night early sunday morning, new models they continue to trend that northward and maybe bypass the island chain will see and then afterwards, becoming certainly a tropical storm in the wake of all of that alright high temperatures today, 97 fresno 95 bakersfield, 9 one sacramento. but all that warming going on but compliments of the onshore winds will keep temperatures down for us across the bay lower to middle 70's to be found in southern california along the coast. 4 zone forecast 63 san francisco, 63 daly city 62 pacifica half moon bay also at 62. got plenty of 60's on the bay side
9:48 am
of the peninsula 74 burlingame down to the south. we got more 70's here 75 for redwood city palo alto 76 probably returning to some 80's by the time we get to maybe sunday in the south bay, mostly the 70's here, 87 morgan hill 81 los gatos and lower 70's for the southern end of the east bay shoreline 84 tri valley. up to a walnut creek at 7981 for concord 63 berkeley 67 for richmond and up to the north bay, 85 for vacaville and also antioch but everybody else is the hottest spots we can find elsewhere it's in the 70's and some 60's like play host to taking almost a break from summer here. 82 santa rosa was 70's heading down south. more to come in the seven-day forecast, there's a slight warm up happening into the weekend we're going to revisit 90 maybe by sunday and hang around a little bit for monday. kind of a persistence forecast for the week ahead as we stay in the upper 80's near about 90 degree territory. marty all right dave thanks a lot, let's go to the south bay
9:49 am
this morning local and state health orders say that hair salons can not serve their clients. indoors. >>but there is one san jose salon that is defined those orders. kron four's rob fladeboe has more. >>san jose so on blue here on south market street is now cutting here outdoors amid the recently relaxed rules on hair salons but it is also service inclines indoors. well most other salons were ordered to stop all indoor service. so on blue quietly continued operating indoors in defiance of local and state health orders, the more impressive the government is the more impressive the rules are more subversive the citizenry will be so on blues owner is ignoring warnings from police and the da's office and is critical of what he says are confusing conflicting restrictions that are being unfairly applied we're open we're close all this madness that's been going on. >>and we're doing our very best to service our customers safely and abide by all the
9:50 am
rules that we possibly can so on no has outdoor stations on the rear patio and on the sidewalk but many of its clients prefer to be shampoo door highlighted indoors. this kind of service where we're fully space-time only with one person for a given amount of time and i feel comfortable, i think it should be totally fine. sanitation was stepped up and so on blue staff is wearing masks but clients are not required to do so. >>despite that salon lose owner believes his salon is far safer than what is happening underground so they're cutting here in kitchens and garages and backyards in on regulated and inspected unpermitted environments and that's not safe. the recipient of hate mail from other salons so long he has abandoned its discrete word of mouth service that is now openly defying the health order says the owner. >>if governor newsom's task force wants to come down here and shut us down. i in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>as bay area counties burn
9:51 am
through their reserves throughout the pandemic a portion of it is going to housing the homeless in motel rooms. now many counties, including san francisco and santa clara. our housing, the homeless in motels while local governments are being promised reimbursements for this for the rooms there are still some concerns and there's also a need for more rooms for the homeless to self-isolate but those funds are becoming scarce. >>calling for us to step up our investment in safety services at the same time we've got our county executive and chief operating officer telling telling us about really for months of this. we are already facing down the 300 million dollar deficit this year all. >>so the state is now looking for a solution to homelessness by converting hotel lease agreements into purchasing deals sue project home key in san francisco for instance, the city announced a new program, we're 200 of those who are staying in hotels will be placed in homes by the end of the year. now to washington
9:52 am
dc or house and senate republicans are finalizing the details of their new coronavirus stimulus package as we learn what's in it. democrats say they're more concerned with what's being left out. joe khaleel has more. >>the latest republican version of a covid stimulus package is beginning to take shape president's priority for the moment is to get money into americans what clay treasury secretary steven mnuchin says that means another round of direct payments to households 105 billion for schools and 25 billion for testing while also reducing the extra $600 per week unemployment benefit, we're very clear on we're not going to pay people more. >>to stay home then to work i want to make sure that the money that we spend. is money that's needed gop leader kevin mccarthy acknowledges disagreement within the party about the bill's cost is causing delays these are important bills there's new
9:53 am
data coming in every day and there's nothing wrong with spending a few more moments to make sure you get it right, but democrat senate leader chuck schumer says waiting will cost lives republican legislative response to covid is an unified unserious on satisfactory and democrat leaders say what's more telling about the republican version of a stimulus package is what's not in their plan nothing for state and local. >>nothing for. food stamps feeding the hungry nothing for helping with rent and the rest of that speaker nancy pelosi says what republicans have suggested so far is unacceptable we have to be thinking about what's going on at the kitchen table of america's families, neither side expects a deal before unemployment benefits run out this month in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>and we take a live look outside at sfo. we understand no delays this morning. right
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we're about set to wrap things up here this morning but let's check in with some nice to her knee and find out what the working on the kron on tyson us. >>good morning might be coming up in a few minutes, we'll have a live report from sarah stinson about san francisco mayor london breed's learning hubs to help students with distance learning this fall and got chuck clifford giving us a preview of the oakland a's opener today plus later this afternoon, oakland officials will be providing new data on the covid-19 surge in the city there so be sure to download the kron on app to stay live with us all day long right all right, thanks lots of us. >>well one last time, let's
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take a live look outside or rather at the 7 day forecast and you can see that we have them. clouds and fog sticking with us near the coast that's going to burn off and then we'll have a really nice weekend with plenty of sunshine warming up just a little bit as well and then i will carry us for the next several days and that's going to wrap things up for us, thanks so much for joining us we'll be back tomorrow at 07:00am have yourself a great day and the weather. want restaurants to open? and schools? want the economy to get back on track?
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you're not alone. and you can help make it happen. stay 6 feet apart. wash your hands. wear a mask every time you leave your home. choose to join the fight against covid-19. do your part. slow the spread.
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