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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 24, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>news at 5. what to wear the masks physically don't let down your guard. >>now at 5 leaders at the state and local level sounding the alarm on large gatherings over the weekend as california sees its highest single-day death toll from the coronavirus since the pandemic began. >>good evening and thank you so much for joining us tonight, i'm sanaz tahernia in the past 24 hours a 159 people in california have died due to covid-19 and there have been nearly 10,000 new cases hospitalizations in the coronavirus positivity rate continue to trend upward as well. a majority of the state
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is now on the governor's covid-19 watch lists you could see them listed on your screen, san mateo county is the only county in the bay area not on the list, although health official officials say that could change at any given day. meanwhile santa cruz county was flagged by the governor's office yesterday and will likely be added to this list in the coming days. and with another warm weekend ahead alameda county health officials are warning people not to gather in groups and to wear their masks, this as cases surge in that county, especially in the city of oakland kron four's dan kerman has more on their warning. >>we've let our guard down a familiar warning friday about covid-19 this time from health officials in alameda county over the past month see more people back to implement ending parties and social events family gotten health officials say the new cases are mostly in younger adults and the social gatherings are mostly responsible for the recent spike in cases which now exceed 10,000 county wide and with the city of oakland
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accounting for almost half of those cases of what is number and our. >>both concerning you don't look at you know when the case right now are double and even triple the rest of the homeland. and we are doubling in a rapid rate. >>officials encourage people to wear masks and physically distance both indoors and out an associate only with those in a household or select social bubble, but people are getting that wrong as well if your social bubble changes from saturday to wednesday that doesn't work in 2 or 3 social bubbles of wines that doesn't work either social bubble should be small and they should have the same people for least 3 weeds. >>without mixing any bubbles. >>health officials point out that alameda county was able to flatten the curve once they say it must happen again and cases must go down. before there's any further reopening. dan kerman kron 4 news. i heard you just when you're
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mixing outside your household. if you have to do that encourage you not to do that we're gutting you not to do that. >>but to wear the masks physically distance but don't let down your guard. >>governor newsome sharing the same warning as bay area leaders and today he also announced more protections to essential workers amid the pandemic capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the governor's latest update. >>governor gavin newsom announced friday california is extending its subsidized hotel room program to essential workers we've got to give them the supports where they have the ability to isolate the ability in some cases to quarantine newsome pointing out the overwhelming majority of essential workers across industries are latino from farming construction to food service for us to be able to be successful in terms of stopping the spread of covid-19 extinguishing covid-19 which we will do it depends on our ability to keep our essential workers safe newsom's administration also
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released new guidance to a central employers. the governor admitting his administration didn't do enough at first to educate businesses about the guidelines that must be followed newsom says the state is stepping up and expediting its enforcement of labor laws and covid-19 rules and the to go after folks that make some members in certain industries, look bad. when they may be the exception not the rule as the legislature reconvenes monday newsome says he's working with state lawmakers to try to expand paid sick leave workers compensation and financial security measures, especially for essential workers in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>across the country. the u.s. has more than 4.1 million confirmed cases with more than a 145,000 deaths. this comes as the cdc is now issuing new guidance for schools across the country urging them to reopen this upcoming school year. >>the late summer back to school ritual is up and did this year as coronavirus cases
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continue to rise across the country. late thursday, the centers for disease control and prevention released guidelines strongly in favor of reopening schools. citing the low risk of the virus to children but with more than 4 million confirmed coronavirus cases in the u.s. some states aren't ready to send kids into classrooms, they should and should open today if the numbers were saying i don't know how much improvement we can with to 4 weeks to be honest with you. >>i don't think it looks good for day one opening the cdc does recommend that local officials consider keeping schools closed if there is substantial uncontrolled transmission of the virus in their area white house coronavirus task force coordinator doctor deborah birx spoke to the today show friday morning about children who are more at risk from covid-19 we know that children under 18 hour, less sick, but there are some that suffered terrible consequences if they have underlying conditions. the leader of the baltimore
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city public schools says most educators believe in person learning is best for kids but only is it can be done safely the balance of medical needs with the educational needs is one of the things that makes this a really complex time for educators in washington, i'm stacey cohan. >>and stay with kron 4 as we continue our coverage of these new guidelines at 5.45. >>we'll speak with a doctor from ucsf about the guidelines and the risk of exposing children to covid-19. and in some other news. we're following tonight police in berkeley say a woman is trying to keep a french bulldog that was inside a car. they say she stole from parking lot on university avenue earlier this month. these are pictures released by berkeley police. police say a 5 month old pet french bulldog name is ucci was in the car along with the owner's wallet. while the car was located in san pablo the next day mizzou she was gone. detectives say they've been following a trail of fraudulent charges by the suspect in the video the puppy
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is seen leaning out of a window at a drive-up window. if you see the woman is ucci you are asked to call berkeley police. and a developing story out of san francisco a chinese researcher accused of concealing her ties to the chinese military on a visa application is now in custody 37 year-old won tank was a visiting researcher at u c davis university says she left her job in june. on thursday, the justice department announced charges against hang and 3 other scientists living in the u.s. saying they lied about their status as members of china's people's liberation army. all were charged with visa fraud. agents have said they believe tank sought refuge at the chinese consulate in san francisco after the interviewed her at her home in davis on june 20th. and this comes amid rising tensions between the u.s. and china us consulate in southwestern china was ordered to close today. china says it's a reciprocal measure just days after the trump administration ordered a chinese consulate in houston texas to shut down. secretary of state mike pompeo says
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china has taken advantage of the u.s. for too long and it's time for the relationship to change. even with co bags coming. >>he says he knew the risks and he still went to work every day. and did wait. he needed to jail. and unfortunately. and that killing him. >>and alameda county sheriff's deputy who would have been in intensive care for over 3 weeks lost his battle with coronavirus last night kron four's morning. kelly reports the deputy oscar ochoa worked at the santa rita jail which is dealing with an outbreak of positive cases. >>the 25 year veteran of the alameda county sheriff's office work both in the court system as well as here at the santa rita jail there are currently a 104 positive coronavirus cases among inmates here and many of the
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sheriff's office staff who have tested positive. both deputies and non sworn personnel are connected with this facility. deputy oscar ochoa was one of 65 people working with this law enforcement agency to be infected since march. while most of the cases among the inmate population and the staff have been asymptomatic are very mild both roach and his wife maureen were hospitalized. she was out within 10 days but roach a had been in icu and on a ventilator for over 3 weeks. >>i thought every single day for him. and never gave up. until yesterday when it was just a minute he was and he couldn't. could and when this battle on the night of his death. >>members of several east bay law enforcement agencies came out to john muir hospital to show their support for the fallen officer, his flag-draped body was transported to the coroner's bureau as the motorcade followed behind that. >>just shield such a big part of my heart last night we will consider his. >>passing a line of duty does
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and he will get all of the appropriate. honors that he deserves alameda county sheriff's office spokesperson sergeant ray kelly says road just showed the same bravery as all front-line workers do that keep showing up to do their jobs despite the danger this pandemic poses you were his protective equipment. >>he did everything he was supposed to do and that's the thing is that. >>is that this virus and its microscopic form. >>even with ppe it lowers the risk, but it doesn't eliminate the risk and so oscar new those risks and doing his job just as all of our people do. it he did regardless the 57 year-old was supposed to retire this january in addition to his wife. he also leaves behind his son and stepchildren as well as his parents and 3 sisters, a celebration of roaches life is being planned but because of complications related to the coronavirus it may end up being live streamed. >>maureen kelly kron 4 news.
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>>congressman eric swalwell who represents part of alameda county also responded to the deputies death. he put out a short statement on twitter saying he's quote saddened to learn of the passing of alameda county sheriff's deputy oscar roche a to covid-19 may his memory always be a blessing. and now on the peninsula police in san bruno are investigating the death of a man whose body was found in a construction bag, the body was discovered on tuesday when city workers responded to a request for a roadside cleanup and near susan and jeffrey drives. police say they were able to confirm the person who died was a man they couldn't identify the remains due to decomposition investigators have not released any other details and anyone with information is asked to call san bruno police. and over in pacifica a man is arrested after 2 carjacking attempts. both incidents happened on wednesday afternoon the area of palmetto avenue and west manor drive. in one incident the man demanded the victim's car, but a witness chased him
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away the second victim says the suspect demanded his car keys. and then put him in a headlock and punched him that same witness again chased the suspect away and confronted him with a hammer. police arrived at the scene and arrested a 26 year-old moroccan resident villain sunnova in connection to the attempted carjackings. and coming up tonight at kron of 4 on kron 4 news at 5 why health officials in contra costa county say nursing homes are ground 0 for coronavirus tests. >>plus want restaurants to open?
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and schools? want the economy to get back on track? you're not alone. and you can help make it happen. stay 6 feet apart. wash your hands. wear a mask every time you leave your home. choose to join the fight against covid-19. do your part. slow the spread.
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outside overlooking downtown san francisco, the clouds are thick. so we'll check in with kron four's near colleges murray surinder yasmin risa b c pass yeah and we're noticing because of that stronger sea breeze and that thick fog bank. >>cooler daytime highs today in the bay area in fact stormtracker 4 right now tracking that thick marine layer right along the bay area coastline. >>expected to make its way inland during the overnight hours could see some patchy coastal drizzle as well as early as tonight through your saturday morning but quick clearing for your saturday afternoon and that's going to contribute to our warming trend lasting all weekend long so temperatures out there right now cooling down into the mid 50's already for downtown san francisco, half moon bay upper 50's for you mid 60's throughout the east
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bay shoreline widespread 70's but in the low to mid 80's right now for those of you in parts of the tri valley is like concord in antioch the winner antioch at 85 degrees so current wind speeds out there right now noticeably stronger compared around this time yesterday we are seeing sustained winds are 20 miles per hour for those of you in oakland, near that 20 mile per hour range for downtown san francisco in fairfield seeing sustained winds around 25 miles per hour or less and overnight lows tonight very similar to last night widespread mid 50's and tomorrow's daytime highs warming up to near average along the coast downtown san francisco, 67 degrees. as the average high and we're going to be near that for tomorrow low 70's for oakland hayward 73 degrees 85 for those of you in santa rosa we could be upwards of about 5 degrees above average especially for parts of our tribe valleys like livermore in antioch warming up into the low 90's and widespread 80's for the south bay, including those of you in san jose and taking a
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look ahead at the next 7 day outlook. we're going to stay warm all weekend long and then gradually cool down to near average by next thursday with another round of the valley warm up by next weekend send us back to you thank you for that number isa. >>fighting a food insecurity one lunch at a time that's what's happening on the campus kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>nice we have needles and vegetables hot food chicken rice and sell it on them. >>here at the college of alameda students and faculty are helping to fight against food insecurity during the covid-19 pandemic by giving away gourmet lunches and fresh produce for free college of alameda vice president of student services doctor tina basket cells says to make this happen the school formed a partnership with world central kitchen and stephon i should
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curry's eat learn play foundation. we partner in may and have been doing hot meals. >>4 students primarily and then also community members in alameda currently we serve 2600 hot meals and we also provide on fridays organic for this fox about a 180 of those weekly some of the volunteers here on the college campus are still in high school at 16 year-old isaiah cause and make them feel great man, you know sometimes me and my friends come here grab like 10 meals a. >>we'll go over to oakland to san mountain homes. so it's it's really inspire the other thing about this is that the restaurants that we partner with. >>through world central kitchen receive $10 a meal so with our 2600 meals there's $26,000 a week. >>that's that are going into local restaurants. that's part of this partnership and that helps them keep their employees going. one soldier during a time when they can actually open their doors.
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>>now the free grab and go lunch program happens every monday wednesday and friday starting at 11:30am to 1230 and it is scheduled to continue until the end of august on the campus of the college of alameda in alameda has a menu kron 4 news. >>still ahead tonight mcdonald's will soon require customers to wear masks, one food chain did not wait any longer to make them mandatory and the coronavirus pandemic forced many restaurants into what they thought was a temporary closure. dear california, we know these are challenging times... and with summer here, energy bills are rising. together, we can save energy and money... by taking steps to stay cool while using less. keep safe and keep it golden.
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brought you the news that nearly 400 restaurants in the bay area have closed since the coronavirus pandemic began tonight. >>a new economic report from yelp says the 60% of restaurants that temporarily shut down because of the pandemic are now permanently closed. many small businesses have tried to adapt online ordering and curbside pickup, but the report claims it was not enough to pay the bills yelp says as of 2 weeks ago, nearly 16,000 restaurants on its site we're out of business. the company also says that clubs and bars are closing their doors at higher rates. and there's good news for one bay area establish month today, the san francisco ferry building is back open for business the building was ordered to close wednesday. after was classified as an indoor mall which are not allowed to operate so long as san francisco is on california's covid-19 watch list. however, the state has
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since reclassified the ferry building as a transport terminal meaning both interior and exterior businesses can continue to operate. >>but they are just going to be like it's a win-win situation. i guess would the business owners as it has with the people because there's a ton of people actually is out there so you know i could be on a daily basis. >>the building has implemented stricter guidelines to protect customers from covid-19 including enhanced cleaning procedures improves curbside pick-up and delivery options and hand sanitizing stations throughout the marketplace visitors will also be required to wear face masks. and over in the east bay, the u.s. department of transportation has awarded a 4.4 million dollars grant to refurbish the alameda ferry terminal. the grant will allow the agency to rehab the terminal to ensure passenger safety the money is coming from a larger grant program for passengers a ferry projects across the country. next at 5 people in hawaii are bracing for hurricane douglas tonight. why they say the
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pandemic has actually made it easier to prepare. >>plus fema says the natural disaster season is already here to the coronavirus pandemic is challenging their ability to respond to these events and many nursing homes in the bay area have fallen victim to coronavirus outbreaks contra ladies... check it out.
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>>everyone is fighting over the same limited number of free personnel and equipment.
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where well aware of that were frustrated by it. >>across the country long-term care facilities have consistently been vulnerable to covid-19 outbreaks and contra costa county these nursing homes appear to be crowned 0 for coronavirus related deaths. the public health department says it nearly 70% of all covid-19 deaths in the county have happened at senior or assisted living homes kron 4 sleep at all. so the startling number has the county's attention at least 71 of the 103 covid-19 related deaths reported in contra costa county. >>trace back to residents and staff at long-term care facilities. that's according to the public health department to people in those facilities time to time. >>orson underlying health to begin with so they are more susceptible to harsher course of the fire in the past 2 weeks the most recent information from contra costa health services shows at least 8 residents have died at long-term care facilities. deputy health officer doctor
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or its ble recently sharing during a virtual meeting with the county board of supervisors that the high percentage of cases is tied directly to the overall rise in county wide cases said means that more people to work and nursing homes. >>we'll bring it in even if when they come here and know they have it because many people can be a symptom ethics. >>and still transmitted the latest online data from health services shows that 25 outbreaks have been reported in contra costa county at long-term care facilities. 15 of those cases are still active. 10 have been resolved once we have defined and they're seeing him as having an outbreak we go back and. >>tried to test every 7 days. so we have done a great team that goes out to that person comes and test the state department of public health regulates long-term care facilities like nursing homes and requires residents who have tested positive for the virus to be separated from the
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rest of the population during recovery. >>the county says all long-term care sites are also mandated to have every resident tested for covid-19 at least once by the end of the month. in contra costa county fleet and all kron 4 news. >>the fda has added a dozens of more hand sanitizers to a list of products that should be avoided in after they tested positive from ethanol contamination. there are now 76 different sanitizers on the list of toxic products. all of which were produced in mexico. the fda says it's seeing a spike in the number of hand sanitizers the products that are label to contain ethanol, but actually tested positive for meth it all which can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested a link to the complete list of sanitizers can be found on our website kron 4 dot com. mcdonald's in tripoli are the latest businesses to require customers to wear masks inside their stores. aaa is policy went into effect today while mcdonald's will begin enforcing the rule next saturday august 1st over the
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past couple weeks we've seen many from food chains like starbucks and para to big box retailers like wal-mart target and home depot. all implement similar mask mandates. and now on to the big story. we're following most of the texas coast is under a tropical star storm warning tonight, tropical storm hanna is currently headed for the gulf coast and could dump as much as a foot of rain in some parts of the region people living on the coast have been putting out sandbags to try and keep the floods from damaging their homes. the storm coming less than a year after flooding from hurricane e-mail the devastated the city of houston. and now to a big story. we're following tonight. hawaii's governor has issued an emergency proclamation as the state prepares for hurricane douglas. it's now a category 3 hurricane and although the storm is expected to weaken as it moves toward hawaii. people on the island are still preparing for strong wind heavy rain and dangerous surf. johnny martinez has more. >>and i left my containers of water.


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