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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 24, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>even with co bags coming. he says he knew the risks and he still went to work every day. and did wait. he needed to jail. and unfortunately. and that killing him.
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>>and alameda county sheriff's deputy who had been in intensive care for more than 3 weeks died last night from the coronavirus maureen kelly reports that deputy oscar roadshow worked at the santa rita jail which is dealing with an outbreak of positive cases. >>the 25 year veteran of the alameda county sheriff's office work both in the court system as well as here at the santa rita jail there are currently a 104 positive coronavirus cases among inmates here and many of the sheriff's office staff who have tested positive. both deputies and non sworn personnel are connected with this facility. deputy oscar ochoa was one of 65 people working with this law enforcement agency to be infected since march. while most of the cases among the inmate population and the staff have been asymptomatic are very mild both roach and his wife maureen were hospitalized. she was out within 10 days but roach a had been in icu and on a
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ventilator for over 3 weeks. >>i thought every single day for him. and never gave up. until yesterday when it was just a minute he was and he couldn't. you can win this battle on the night of his death. >>members of several east bay law enforcement agencies came out to john muir hospital to show their support for the fallen officer, his flag-draped body was transported to the coroner's bureau as the motorcade followed behind that. >>just shield such a big part of my heart last night we will consider his passing the line of duty does and he will get all of the appropriate. honors that he deserves alameda county sheriff's office spokesperson sergeant ray kelly says road just showed the same bravery as all front-line workers do that keep showing up to do their jobs despite the danger this pandemic poses you were his protective equipment. >>he did everything he was supposed to do and that's the thing is that. >>it is that this virus and its microscopic form. >>even with ppe it lowers the
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risk, but it doesn't eliminate the risk and so. >>oscar new those risks and doing his job just as all of our people do. and he did regardless the 57 year-old was supposed to retire this january in addition to his wife. he also leaves behind his son and stepchildren as well as his parents and 3 sisters, a celebration of roaches life is being planned but because of complications related to the coronavirus. >>it may end up being live streamed maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>she shuns are stalled on another coronavirus relief package, partly because of the expanded unemployment those are set to expire and just stays washington correspondent alexandra le mon has the latest. >>republican lawmakers can't agree on the details for another trillion dollar coronavirus relief package, this is like a drop dead take
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the situations families need this money to pay rent ensued, nevada congresswoman susie lee says the democrats heroes act was already passed by the house and extends the extra $600 a week in unemployment benefits republicans say those payments are preventing some americans from returning to work some like virginia congressman denver riggleman want the payments to be more targeted, but i think a percentage portion based on standard of living they we can do in a group or geographic area or region, but all technology at state unemployment offices makes that plan hard to rule out the problem that we had is the systems are so archaic that they can do a percentage the expanded unemployment benefits expire in just days and now lawmakers are racing against the clock to reach a new deal which they say will likely include another round of stimulus checks for americans, the plan may also include more help for struggling businesses who want to make sure that with to the extent people need a paycheck protection program loans, those continue to be available and additional aid
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for states and cities dealing with massive tax revenue losses as the president continues to push to reopen schools or asking congress to provide. >>105 billion dollars. >>to schools despite the impending deadline republicans have yet to introduce and plan and the senate headed home for the weekend in washington, alexandra le mon. >>i know not everyone. we'll be supportive of this mandate. compliance and enforcement. we're always. >>in question. at least 30 states now requiring wearing masks in public and there's a new study indicating most americans are ok with that research says 3 out of 4 americans approve of those mandates. they're designed of course to curb the spread of the coronavirus the study also showed that at least 89% of democrats compared to 58% of republicans support wearing the masks and as virus cases
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keep climbing about half of those polled say they are either extremely or very worried about becoming infected or their families getting sick. that's up from june when 32% of americans said that they were worried. let's take another check on the forecast we're looking live at the bay bridge and. >>nobody is really out abrasive but it was a kind of a cool day. >>yeah and noticeably cooled a river at or slightly below average, but tomorrow expect to see more sunshine a little bit earlier for the 1st half of the weekend. they said that added sunshine warmer temperatures the downtown san francisco warming up to mid 60's at 66 degrees half moon bay, 63 degrees for you winds out of the southwest around 20 miles per hour less widespread 60's from brisbane even to south san francisco below 70's from san bruno all the way into burlingame 72 degrees for san mateo foster city flirting with 70's but a little bit
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cooler at 69 degrees in mountain view, 79 degrees for your saturday afternoon highs, widespread 80's for those of you in the south bay, san jose warming up into the mid 80's at 84 degrees low 80's for those of you in santa clara and livermore you're going to be about 5 degrees above average warming up into the low 90's hayward 73 degrees widespread 60's and 70's for most of the east bay shoreline richmond, 68 degrees and oakland 72 degrees for your afternoon highs and napa back in the 80's low 80's so barely making it but petaluma nevado 82 degrees in santa rosa 85 degrees for your afternoon high. so enjoy the nice warm up near average highs there and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook above average temperatures for most of our inland valleys through monday of this upcoming week and then slightly cooling down to near normal by thursday with plenty of sunshine continuing through next friday back to you catherine >>a new fox news poll saying
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that voters in 3 key swing states have more trust in joe biden when it comes to handling the pandemic than president trump. the president has recently reversed himself on wearing a mask. he is bringing back regular coronavirus briefings and of course we learned this week the upcoming republican convention will be dramatically scaled down karin caifa has more on what the mostly virtual conventions will look like the summer. >>a stunning reversal from president trump said oh my team, it's time to cancel. >>the jacksonville florida component of the. gop convention the decision coming after months of insisting he would deliver an acceptance speech in front of a massive crowd. >>going as far as moving the bulk of planned events from charlotte to jacksonville when north carolina's governor raise public health concerns. the president now echoing those concerns, but we won't do a big. >>crowded convention per se it's just not the right time for that the chair of the
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democratic national committee quick to point out their party got their first tweeting from the very beginning of this pandemic democrats have put the health and safety of the american people first. >>unlike trump we follow the science listen to doctors and public health experts and work their plans to protect lives. and june dnc leaders announced plans to move their convention to a smaller venue. >>while presumptive democratic nominee joe biden will physically go to milwaukee to accept the nomination, they are advising state delegates not to travel on the gop side, however, so the delegates are going to north carolina. >>and they'll be doing the nomination. and we're going to do some other things with tele rallies in online the week. that we're discussing which will be. >>really good at the white house i'm karin caifa. >>across the country that have closed during the pandemic supposedly temporarily we'll likely not reopen.
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photo of tom hanks he will be making a cameo appearance of the a's home games this season. the actor's voice will be heard he's going to be a guest hawkers selling hot dogs and peanuts, some sodas it will be part of the crowd noise that will tunneled into the game so why hanks the 2 time academy award winner did in fact cell concessions at the coliseum back in the 1970's. today is game one of 60 games for the oakland a's starting with the anaheim angels sports director jason dumas says live at the coliseum and has a preview jason. >>yang catherine it's been such an odd led up to this day you know just with this covid shortened season. i think we're all forgetting the fact that there's actually a lot of excitement surrounding this oakland athletics team. some very good roster they're coming off 2 straight 97 win seasons 2 straight playoff appearances. they have talent is littered up the roster, matt at all san marcus semien
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they have great young pitchers cases luzardo a j puck. so they're pretty loaded in. this is also a time where their rival in the division, the houston astros are playing under a cloud of controversy because of their cheating scandal in the past so why not now there's no better time for this oakland a's team to sneak up in take hold of this division this year and they're kind of been a dark horse for most of the experts some people really picking them to possibly get to the world series now they do have some injuries. luzardo i just mentioned he tested positive for covid-19 about 3 weeks ago, he's healthy now back with the team, but he was a starter as starting pitcher now he'll be playing out of the bullpen until he gets his strength back up and then a j up hockey has some shoulder issues. so he'll be on demand for a couple weeks, those are 2 guys they really want to count on as the season gets going but as of now they have limited the roster to 30 players 15 pitchers 15 position players and manager
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but bad melvin he's really excited about this group and confident moving forward. >>because of the starters have probably cut them off a little bit early we feel like we have we can rotate guys not have to throw. guys on back to back days out of the bullpen efforts more than an inning. mix and match a couple positions during the course of game trying to find a hot and a lot of those things allows us you know that the 30 men allows us to do and it keeps. we feel like or 30 most important guys here right now. >>all right first pitch is 7.10 on the but for the a's andrew haney that's where the angels that is andrew haney florida is frankie montage be a pretty good pitching. matchup of course we'll have highlights tonight at 10 we'll continue to have live reports throughout the evening but for now that's all i have outside of the coliseum i'm jason dumas scrum for sports. all right jason see later have some fun out there.
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>>coming up next new guidelines from the cdc on as the pandemic
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continues to batter the country more and more restaurants are shutting down permanently there's a new yelp report saying 60% of restaurants which closed temporarily have shut down for good some of them have tried to adapt with online ordering pickup service. it was not
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enough to pay the bills as of 2 weeks ago nearly 16,000 restaurants on the yelp site. >>we're out of business also closing at a high rate bars and clubs. more restaurant chains are demanding customers wear masks. >>that includes mcdonald's side they will mandate masks beginning august first at so that requirement took effect today in fact there are similar policies from other chains and retailers including starbucks panera walmart and kroger. the cdc has been issuing new guidance on child care and education, mostly recommending that schools reopen this fall, but many schools across the country have already decided not to do that they will rely on distance learning reid binion has the story. >>being at the school being on the campus is very very important every district should be actively making preparations to open.
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>>president trump underscoring his position that school should reopen this fall despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic fortunately the data shows the children. our lower risk of the children obviously have a very strong. >>huge system this the same day the cdc issued new guidelines coming down hard in favor of opening schools, the agency cited evidence that suggests the virus isn't as serious for children and that kids aren't as likely to spread it to adults furthermore the cdc underscored the harm done by keeping kids out of school, including learning loss and less access to food mental health care and other services. those concerns echoed by others including bill gates who highlighted the harm to underserved communities. >>the less resources taste their school inner city schools force a suburban person's private and the less that the teachers were given time to prepare for online. all the worse it is although the cdc's guidance favors reopening schools, it also
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recommends keeping them closed in cases of substantial uncontrolled corona virus transmission. the new guidelines come after president trump complained that the agency's original recommendations for opening schools were too tough and too expensive. >>i'm reid binion reporting. >>a final look at the forecast this friday night and go back abrasive hey catherine yeah, let's take a live look outside san francisco international airport and notice seeing the return of that fog bank out there didn't really leave much of the coastline contributing to or below average temperatures for much of the bay area and future cast for is going to show some light drizzle returning to the coast by early tonight through saturday morning. but quick clearing by around mid morning. we should see that low and high cloud cover begin to lift and clear out of the bay area they so that extra sunshine tracking warmer temperatures for this weekend with near average highs returning to the coast and slightly above normal temperatures for most of our inland areas, but for now until then widespread 50's
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along the coast 60 throughout the east bay shoreline and 70's as you make your way inland and tiago 83 degrees so still mild temperatures for your friday night there overnight lows tonight cooling down into the mid 50's and tomorrow's daytime highs warming up to near average along the coast and east bay shoreline 66 degrees for downtown san francisco in the low 70's for those of you in oakland at 72 degrees, san jose and santa rosa in the mid 80's, but warm temperatures in the tribe valleys with antioch warming up to 93 degrees in livermore not that far behind in the low 90's and we're going to remain slightly above average with warm inland temperatures through monday cooling down to near average by thursday dear california...
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we know these are challenging times. rest assured, you are not alone. we've all had to adapt. and with summer here, your energy bills might go up with rising temperatures. together, we can save energy and money. try closing your shades during the day... setting your ac to 78° or higher... or cooling off with a fan when you can. united we are always stronger. stay well, california, and keep it golden.
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>>as big as a football field is going to be used to lift a special telescope above antarctica in 2023, and it's going to be about 25 miles high. it will collect information about stars information nasa has not been able to get before this project they expect to learn more about the milky way and the evolution of the galaxies when it deflates by the way it will safely parachuted back to earth and they'll be able to use it to gain at least in theory. a lost little pig has a new home at an animal, a rescue facility in nevada it apparently had been abandoned by its owner on a hiking trail. the nice rush reports. >>did you follow as a lawyer
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you. >>in an area known for wildlife, this is something new there's a 6 month-old spotted piglet found wandering a hiking trail wednesday afternoon. now safe and sound at wendy's ranch and rescue in the moapa valley, some way out of debt for that morning. >>it's what got him survive, you know it's not spread through the instant the current overheat and it can cause though. >>that stroke by janice redondo has been rescuing pigs for a dozen >>her goal is to educate the public that the queue piglet that once fit on your lap won't stay that this new arrival now named brandi diamond could eventually tipped the scales at 800 pounds the hiking trail with the pig was found is extremely remote on the backside of red rock not far from the town of mountain springs. now rescuers say she was dehydrated and extremely thin. from hog not
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built for the desert climate you can feel every bump during her shoulders enter tax redondo says brandi diamond will have to gain weight before she is spayed and then sent to live at another animal sanctuary in the las vegas area. a rough start she's even pretty good for a pig that just hit the jackpot when it comes to long-term care and attention i think former day yesterday if she can sleep for the next week. i think the best thing for.
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>> the family of 14 stricken with the virus. >> look who had to be hospitalized after mel gibson. , then, after defending the statue, good-bye columbus. in the middle of the night. as thousands protest outside the mayor's home. and worst pitch ever. >> this man knows how to flatten the curve, does he not? >> taking a knee on opening day. >> plus, america is eating outdoors, but is it safe. >> what you need to know before heading to an outdoor restaurant. >> before you lead into the restaurant, i would size t


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