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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 24, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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news stations. >>you're watching kron 4 news
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at now. >>and by the way they use excessive force and guilty or not you know they shouldn't be kicked around and you know pushed in. >>and straight to the floor. >>tonight a use of force investigation is underway after video shows the san jose police officer kicking and dragging a woman during an arrest. thank you for joining us at 9 o'clock tonight, everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan vicki liviakis has the night off. >>that arrest happened in a mcdonald's parking lot wednesday night, the officer seen in the video has now been put on administrative leave kron four's dan thorn is hearing from witnesses tonight and he joins us live. in san jose with the latest dan. >>well catherine, a police department spokesperson says that this woman was evading officers before her arrest and that the officers used force because she would not comply with their commands an internal review is right now under way, but witnesses tell us that the officers actions
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were unnecessary and brutal. >>a viewer video shows a woman outside of a silver car being kicked and then dragged several feet by a san jose police officer, the arrest taking place in a mcdonald's parking lot stunning witnesses who caught it on video i couldn't believe it to be honest, especially off to what's happening all the protesting going on like a fall like none of that is making a change josh gill started recording the video on his cell phone after he saw the officers getting aggressive with the woman. he and his friend jonothan saw the officer hit the woman in the side. and copper face down and then pull her by her wrists has 2 children and another woman in the car watch don he for no reason police said to be on these. >>especially hearing the kids in this very in the back i don't think that anybody should be treated with such aggravated force a san jose police department spokesman says the car was wanted for evading officers on 2 separate
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occasions the spokesman went on to say the officer used a woman because she failed to comply with demands. but now the officer is on administrative leave at the dam minimum i want justice for that one in her family. that wasn't right at all what happened. >>the video emerged after san jose city leaders recently proposed several police reforms mayor sam liccardo responding via twitter saying in part. this video is deeply disturbing and the officers conduct appalling. this demands severe consequences just like everybody else pays for a crime they got to pay for their crimes to their abuse of power. >>the woman in that video was 39 years old and she was booked into the santa clara county jail for driving with a suspended license possession of paraphernalia and resisting arrest meanwhile, the identity of the police officer has not been released. reporting live in san jose dan thorn kron 4
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news. thank you dan. >>tonight, a san francisco muni driver is recovering after being attacked on board a muni bus this was earlier this week happened wednesday afternoon in the soma district police say 3 passengers boarded the bus without wearing masks and refused to work them after repeatedly being asked as the passengers were getting off the bus one of them pulled out a wooden bat hitting the driver repeatedly before running off the extent of the driver's injuries is not known san francisco course requires people to wear masks while using public transit. >>and our median school in san francisco is cleaning up after there were some graffiti hate speech that was on its campus see see the images racial slurs painted on the walls, it. casey fee that is a private army in school not far from sf state. the principal notice that this morning called police sfpd is investigating principal says police are looking at security video and checking out a spray
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can that was left on campus. district attorney jason burdine tweeted about this writing quote, someone vandalized the armenian community center. at the school there on outraged, this is totally inconsistent with san francisco values. it is also a crime we are working with us apd to investigate we stand with our armenian brothers and sisters. covid cases are rising in the east bay alameda county now reaching the 10,000 mark county health officials are continuing of course to ask people not to gather in groups to please wear masks. >>particularly at lake merritt where they have been a lot of a large gatherings, not much social distancing kron four's gayle ong reports the overcrowding at lake merritt has become a public health concern greg anderson in claudia does have seen the increase of crowds at lakeshore app we just have to look outside of our windows. >>and see the large crowds without wearing mask stands.
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and not social distancing. oakland city officials and staff held a press conference friday with this reminder must avoid gatherings in groups. >>simply keeping to our own households. >>we're small stable social bubbles will make a difference transmission of the coronavirus is low outdoors but health officials say when people gather outside and take off their masks that increases the likelihood of more infections. >>alameda county has at least 10,000 covid-19 cases health officials say almost half of those cases are in oakland before heading in the wrong direction at the same time that people seem to be letting down their guard friday afternoon we sell fewer people by the lake not wearing mask neighbors say it gets more crowded in the evenings and weekends. another complaint is illegal parking on lakeshore af cars parked on the middle lane we saw this vehicle getting a ticket something neighbors have been waiting to see it's been more focused on messaging and try to get the word out but. >>we're the last few months and weeks that hasn't been
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working video from last friday shows cones blocking part of the street for vendors who are apparently in violation the city says they're not issuing permits for vending in parks. >>it was also announced inspectors will be issuing warnings to vendors in the coming days at lake merritt gayle ong kron 4 news. >>here in the bay area since the pandemic started we have seen more than 43,000 cases. and 720 deaths we are seeing the most cases in alameda county. more than 10,000 infections. but the virus has been deadliest in santa clara county. 181 deaths there for a full breakdown of cases county by county city by city you can head to our website kron 4 dot com. >>governor newsome is extending more protections to essential workers during the pandemic and today he announced the state will extend its subsidized hotel room program, 2 essential workers. he pointed out that the overwhelming majority of essential workers across
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industry, many industries are latino working in industries like farming construction and food service. we've got to give them the supports where they have the ability to isolate the ability in some cases to quarantine for us to be able to be successful in terms of stopping the spread of covid-19 extinguishing. >>covid-19 which we will do it depends on our ability to keep our essential workers safe. the legislature does we convene monday the governor says he's working with lawmakers to expand things like paid sick leave workers comp financial security measures again particularly for essential workers. >>also most of the state remains on the governor's covid-19 watch list san mateo county, the only bay area. county not on the list, although they keep saying that could change any time. santa cruz was a county was flagged by the governor's office yesterday and will probably be added to that list in coming days.
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>>even with cold air coming. he says he knew the risks and he still went to work every day. and did wait. he needed to jail and unfortunately. and that killing him. >>an alameda county sheriff's deputy who'd been in intensive care for more than 3 weeks lost his battle with the coronavirus last night kron four's maureen kelly reports that deputy oscar oco worked at the santa rita jail which is dealing with the covid outbreak. >>the 25 year veteran of the alameda county sheriff's office work both in the court system as well as here at the santa rita jail there are currently a 104 positive coronavirus cases among inmates here and many of the sheriff's office staff who have tested positive. both deputies and non sworn personnel are connected with this facility. deputy oscar ochoa was one of 65 people working with this law enforcement agency to be
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infected since march. while most of the cases among the inmate population and the staff have been asymptomatic are very mild both roach and his wife maureen were hospitalized. she was out within 10 days but roach a had been in icu and on a ventilator for over 3 weeks. >>he gave us. many many many years protecting all of us out there. and i feel horrible and. just you know we're going to retire, he was going to retire in january. i mean it's it's just so unfair on the night of his death. >>members of several east bay law enforcement agencies came out to john muir hospital to show their support for the fallen officer, his flag-draped body was transported to the coroner's bureau as the motorcade followed behind there was probably a mile. >>behind us of police and motorcycles we will consider his passing a line of duty does and he will get all of the appropriate. honors that he deserves alameda county sheriff's office spokesperson
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sergeant ray kelly says road just showed the same bravery as all front-line workers do that keep showing up to do their jobs despite the danger this pandemic poses every day are people leave their home and they go to work and then go to work in environments where covid is present. >>and they knowingly do that even know that they are potentially at risk or someone that you if their home is at risk and so oscar. never for a minute was not created some are even going out to work every day in addition to his wife. he also leaves behind his son and stepchildren as well as his parents and 3 sisters a celebration of roaches life is being planned but because of complications related to the coronavirus it may end up being live streamed. >>maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>congressman eric swalwell who represents part of alameda county also responded to the deputies death today. but a short statement on twitter saying he's quote saddened to learn of the passing of the alameda county sheriff's deputy oscar rocha to covid-19
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may his memory always be a blessing. >>thousands of expired masks are now being put to use thanks to a group of bay area volunteers ucsf physician teamed up with an engineer and together those 2 smart people found a way to refurbish the n 95 masks and then give them to people in need kron four's michelle kingston has that story. >>volunteers are all wearing gloves as they add new elastic bands into expired n 95 masks now they've already refurbished a 40,000 masks and they have another 40,000 to go. >>but the problem was that the expired mass this elastic absolutely gives way doctor einar sawyer, an engineer toby rico took 80,000 expired n 95 masks that were sitting at ucsf. >>and developed a plan to replace the strap so people in need at homeless shelters, women and children
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organizations and senior centers in the bay area and beyond can be safe. >>but our feeling was if we can get a mass to safely stay on a person's face reliably this mask will be very useful in a community setting on friday volunteers for working hard outside a danville church stable in the new straps on to the masks. well, i'm really happy that i can help people who are less fortunate with. >>things that we need right now i can ask during this hard season is just a small way to give back and to feel like you're making a difference in a way that really given the current situation volunteers will also be working outside community presbyterian church in danville on saturday tying knots at the end of the new elastic bands to hold them in place, the masks also have a red x over their original labels now notifying the person who will soon wear the mask that it's no longer certified and 95, it feels good to see it scaling. >>the plan and the vision were
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exciting. but there's nothing like actually seeing the mass go into the hands of someone who really needs it can to get one was. >>super gratifying and. it's just great to have something to focus energy into and try to make a difference, you with with everything going on in the world right now in the east bay, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>today, san francisco's ferry building reopened for business again the building had been ordered to close one story after being classified as an indoor mall, but the state has since reclassified the ferry building as a transport terminal and that means it can do business both inside and outside. >>so they just going to be like it's a win-win situation i guess would the business owners as it has with the people because there's a lot of people actually is out there so you know i could be on a daily basis. >>the building operators are using tougher safety guidelines to protect customers including more clean in curbside pick-up and
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delivery options hand sanitizing stations throughout the marketplace and of course visitors will be required to wear face masks. the alameda ferry terminal is getting a 4.4 million dollar federal grant that will allow for rehab work designed to improve passenger safety. the money is coming from a bigger grant program for passenger ferry projects across the country. >>i weather time and if you are out on the bay trying to kid around it's choppy today. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge where it's pretty blustery. >>yeah it almost looks like another night were could drizzle a little bit on the ride home of bruce a. >>yeah, definitely and that drizzle could start as early as tonight katherine in grant continuing even through your saturday morning going to see the return of that marine layer becoming more widespread live look outside though from san francisco international airport. don't know where this plane is headed but mentally i am right there during this like down, let's take a look
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at future cast for we are going to notice some pretty poor visibility, especially around the bay area coastline at or near 0 for your saturday morning but quick clearing not just for low clouds but high clouds as well we could start to see better clearing by around mid morning for your saturday as opposed to run your new lunchtime or for most bay area cities are fewer along the coast today didn't really notice that much break from the clouds because of that gloomy weather but temperatures out there right now widespread 50 throughout the bay area coastline. they said that cool sea breeze and the return of that marine layer but widespread 60's as you make your way inland antioch 72 degrees so the only city out there right now in the 70's of course the tri valley is in antioch only cooling down into the low 60's today, mid-fifties for those of you in santa rosa with widespread 50's for everyone else in the bay area, let's take a look at your microclimate saturday outlook going to track a lot more sunshine and thanks to that warmer temperatures near
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average highs for downtown san francisco, 66 degrees mid 60's for half moon bay, and pacific a 59 degrees with brisbane in the upper 60's at 69 degrees below 70's from san bruno all the way into burlingame san mateo 72 degrees redwood city in the upper 70's and for those of you in the south bay you're going to see the return of the low to mid 80's, san jose near average highs as you continue that warming trend 84 degrees. >>84 as well for cupertino and milpitas in the low 80's throughout the east bay shoreline widespread 70's and 60's. livermore as you make your way inland into the east bay in the low 90's conquered flirting with the 90's at 89 degrees richmond 68 degrees for your saturday afternoon highs with widespread 80's for those of you in the north bay napa and sonoma in the low 80's in santa rosa, near average at 85 degrees today only warming up into the upper 70 see we're flirting with 80's but you're finally going to hit that 80 degree mark tomorrow, mid 80's at that
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let's take a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook. we're going to notice above average temperatures for inland valleys. upwards of about 5 degrees above normal through monday, but then a gradual cooling trend early next week with near average highs returning to the bay area on thursday little change along the coast and east bay shoreline back to hugh grant and katharine. >>thanks bree said well as might be a few months late, but hey baseball is finally back. >>yeah giants kicked off the season last night against the dodgers, the a's are hosting the los angeles angels tonight on kron four's jason dumas he is live at the coliseum with what this very unusual season looks like jason. >>yeah catherine unusual is putting it lightly is just a different vibe this year obviously we have no fans and it's a couple months late like grant said, but you know if you get past all the weirdness that is going on you have to be excited about the oakland athletics team. this is a team
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coming off 2 straight 97 win seasons back to back playoff appearances. the roster is loaded with talent you got match at mean you've got matt olson, you have young stud pitchers like jesus luzardo a j up. so a lot to be excited about any of you remember the houston astros in the division they're playing under a cloud of controversy that's a team that's won the division the past couple years. for the world series champions, this is the perfect time to sneak up on them and snag that division why they have so many distractions but in the meantime puck, he will still be out for a couple weeks, he has some shoulder soreness and then his usual has argo this guy had covid 3 weeks ago, but he's back he's healthy. but manager bob melvin wants to bring him back slowly. he's going to be pitching in a reserve role he won't be starting but as the season ramps up they're going to want to get him in the rotation. he is one of the top prospect in all of baseball right now for
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their opening day, 30 man roster they have 15 pictures on the roster in 15 position players on the roster and bob melvin he's excited about this group in confident moving forward. >>because of the starters have probably cut them off a little bit early we feel like we have we can rotate guys not have to throw. guys on back to back days out of the bullpen efforts more than an inning. mix and match a couple positions during the course of game trying to find a hot and a lot of those things allows us you know that the 30 men allows us to do and it keeps. we feel like or 30 most important guys here right now. >>and guys just checking my phone to make sure i get this score right it is 1 one top of the 7th, inning so not a lot of action but you know it's a's are good. angels that is our good opponent. so it'll be interesting to see how it plays out will have full highlights of this game
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tonight at 10 but for now that's all i have outside a coliseum i'm jason dumas kron 4 sports was not quite all you have jason because. >>then you get a foul ball. the other night when they had one of those exhibition games and i think he tweeted you may have pushed a young child, i mean a cardboard cut out of a young child out of the way to get the ball. >>is that true. yeah granite. it's true i don't ever caught a foul ball in my life. i saw the ball coming my way in this little 89 year-old he got in my i saw was cut out and you know we're practicing social distancing so i had to give a little stiff arm stay away from me, so i could get my first ball. >>it was worth it jason, we're looking at the pictures i love yous. yeah, it was at least he didn't give it to the kid, the cardboard kids after now a good season in my car right now. >>a good to see sports back it's all smiles tonight, thank you jason, thanks jason. >>thanks. coming up long-term
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care facilities they continue to be covid-19 hotspots how contra costa county leaders are working to try to bring the numbers down. >>plus fighting food insecurity in the bay area how an east bay college is helping feed people in need. and a new report says the popular app tick could soon be sold.
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for your money american investors could step in to save tick
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talk in the u.s. a group of investors. >>is considering buying a majority stake from ttip talks chinese parent company venture capital firm sent sequoia and general atlantic reportedly part of this effort. they are talking with the treasury department and other regulators about whether a spinoff of tip talk would end the u.s. concerns to talk has not commented on a possible sale. >>for your help tonight the fda has added dozens more hand sanitizers to a list of products that they say should be avoided after they tested positive for methanol contamination. there are now a total of 76 kinds of hand sanitizers on this updated list. some of which have already been recalled while others are being recommended for recalls all of the hand sanitizers on the list were apparently produced in mexico. according to the fda it has seen a spike in the number of hand sanitizer products label to contain ethanol. but they
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then tested positive from ethanol which can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested a link to the complete list can be found on our website kron 4 dot com. >>not letting this man in can i bring your food to you i'm asking you to get out of my building because you don't live here. >>this was caught on camera black california delivery driver was stopped from doing his job after a 5 women blocked him from getting inside an apartment building. we'll hear his story ahead. >>and why one giants player is getting a whole lot of attention for choosing not to deal with his teammates also a lot of nursing homes in the bay area have fallen victim to coronavirus outbreaks by contra costa health officials sa
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oh, we love our new home. neighborhood's great. amazing school district. the hoa has been very involved. these shrubs aren't board approved. you need to break down your cardboard. thank you. violation. violation. i see you've met cynthia.
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at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. and it does help us save a bunch of money. two inches over regulation. thanks, cynthia. for bundling made easy, go to >>everyone is fighting over the same limited number of free personnel and equipment. where well aware of that were frustrated by it. >>it's a battle across the country long-term care facilities have consistently been especially vulnerable to covid outbreaks in contra costa county nursing homes appear to be ground 0 for coronavirus related deaths, the public health department says nearly 70% of all covid deaths in that county. >>have happened at senior or assisted living homes forcefully to gaal says the startling number has the county's attention. >>at least 71 of the 103
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covid-19 related deaths reported in contra costa county trace back to residents and staff at long-term care facilities. that's according to the public health department of people in those facilities time to time. >>orson underlying health to begin with so they are more susceptible to harsher course of the fire in the past 2 weeks the most recent information from contra costa health services shows at least 8 residents have died at long-term care facilities. deputy health officer doctor or its ble recently sharing during a virtual meeting with the county board of supervisors that the high percentage of cases is tied directly to the overall rise in county wide cases said means that more people to work and nursing homes. >>we'll bring it in even if when they come here and know they have it because many people can be a symptom ethics. >>and still transmitted the latest online data from health services shows that 25
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outbreaks have been reported in contra costa county at long-term care facilities. 15 of those cases are still active. 10 have been resolved once we have defined and they're seeing him as having an outbreak we go back and. >>tried to test every 7 days. so we have done a great team that goes out to that person comes and test the state department of public health regulates long-term care facilities like nursing homes and requires residents who have tested positive for the virus to be separated from the rest of the population during recovery. >>the county says all long-term care sites are also mandated to have every resident tested for covid-19 at least once by the end of the month. in contra costa county fleet and all kron 4 news. >>as america struggles to contain the coronavirus pandemic dozens of the nation's top medical experts are calling on lawmakers to shut down the country again this is the u.s. surpasses another grim benchmark with more than 145,000 people dead.
9:32 pm
karin caifa now has the latest from the white house. >>not and it's not question of doing a second or 3rd time it's that we're going to doing some measure of this for years if we don't do it right more than 150 prominent american medical experts scientists teachers nurses and others banded together sending a letter to political leaders urging them to shut down the country and start over morning in the letter if you don't take these actions. the consequences will be measured in widespread suffering and deaths you don't necessarily have to go all the way back to a complete shutdown but you certainly have to call a pause and maybe even a backing up a bit states like florida continue to shatter records reporting more than 12,000 new cases and 135 deaths friday, we're drowning we're absolutely drowning year. >>it's just overwhelming number of cases, california also reporting its highest number of deaths in a single day. >>in starr county texas. it is a life and death situation the
9:33 pm
county issuing a shelter-in-place order saying our doctors are going to decide who receives treatment and who is sent home to die. >>the head of the white house coronavirus task force doctor deborah birx putting the situations in florida, texas and california into context what we have right now are essentially 3 new york's with these 3. >>major states in washington karen caifa kron 4 news, mel gibson was hospitalized for a week after testing positive for the coronavirus his representatives say the actor and director got sick in april. >>the 64 year-old has since tested negative he has recovered gibson probably best known for movies like braveheart hacksaw ridge other celebrities who have had the virus include tom hanks rita wilson pink and idris elba. developing story now with ties to san francisco. a chinese researcher accused of concealing her ties to the chinese military on a visa application. >>is now in custody, 37 year-old won tank was a
9:34 pm
visiting researcher at u c davis. the university says she left her job in june. on thursday yesterday, the justice department announced charges against hang in 3 other scientists living in the u.s. saying they lied about their status as members of china's people's liberation army all been charged with visa fraud. agents serve said they believe tank. sun refuge at the chinese consulate in san francisco after they interviewed her at her home in davis on june 20th. and this comes amid rising tensions between the 2 countries the u.s. consulate and southwestern china was ordered to close today. china says it is a quote reciprocal measure just days after the trump administration ordered the chinese consulate in houston texas to shut down. secretary of state says china has taken advantage of the u.s. for too long. and it's time for the relationship to change. >>the lake george, a representative john lewis he will lie in state next week in the capitol rotunda. there
9:35 pm
will be an invitation only arrival ceremony on monday a public viewing will follow social distancing mask guidelines they will be enforced. the funeral is set for thursday in atlanta. lewis died last week after battling cancer. he was 80 years old. today in portland, a federal judge rejected efforts to restrict federal agents actions. when they make arrests during the nightly protests there. demonstrators have taken to the streets since george floyd's death by a minneapolis police 2 months ago. often turning violent earlier this month, the president sent and federal agents to deal with the unrest. despite oregon leaders telling them not to do that since then agents federal agents have arrested dozens of people. >>the giants players getting a lot of early-season attention for choosing not to kneel with is teammates end even the opposing team giants pitcher.
9:36 pm
sam coonrod did not kneel alongside the rest of his guys last night there was a show of support for the black lives matter movement. after the game coonrod explained his decision to the press comparing the black lives matter movement to marxism saying he's a christian and his religious feelings about the black lives matter movement would not allow him to kneel also said he would only neal before christ team manager gabe kepler said he respects coonrod decision. >>and i'm tracking 2 possible hurricanes this weekend one inching towards the hawaiian islands the other the texas coastline details on that and also a check at your final outlook for this weekend. >>also today, fema officials are getting ready to take on potential natural disasters that the pandemic is already left the agency short on staffing in critical supplies. lawmakers on capitol hill are working to resolve those issues. >>and now the college of alameda is working
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>>fighting food insecurity, one lunch at a time that is what's happening on the campus of unease by college with the help of a famous bay area sports family really face forces a new reports. >>launch we have needles and vegetables hot food chicken rice and sell it on now. >>here at the college of
9:40 pm
alameda students and faculty are helping to fight against food insecurity during the covid-19 pandemic by giving away gourmet lunches and fresh produce for free college of alameda vice president of student services doctor tina basket cells says to make this happen the school formed a partnership with world central kitchen and stephon i should curry's eat learn play foundation. we partner in may and have been doing hot meals. >>4 students primarily and then also community members in alameda currently we serve 2600 hot meals and we also provide on fridays organic for this fox about a 180 of those weekly some of the volunteers here on the college campus are still in high school at 16 year-old isaiah cause and make them feel great man, you know sometimes me and my friends come here grab like 10 meals a. >>we'll go over to oakland to san mountain homes. so it's it's really inspire the other
9:41 pm
thing about this is that the restaurants that we partner with. >>through world central kitchen receive $10 a meal so with our 2600 meals there's $26,000 a week. >>that's that are going into local restaurants. that's part of this partnership and that helps them keep their employees going. one soldier during a time when they can actually open their doors. >>now the free grab and go lunch program happens every monday wednesday and friday starting at 11:30am to 1230 and it is scheduled to continue until the end of august on the campus of the college of alameda in alameda has a menu kron 4 news. >>he was administrator told lawmakers his agency is ready for any disaster that comes its wa in uncertain times,
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but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, covered california is here. we can help you find the health insurance you need to protect you and your loved ones. and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today.
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>>the summer disaster season unfortunately is really ramping up the federal emergency management agency fema has already deep in responding helping out with the pandemic and it predicts above average hurricane flooding wildfire and tornado seasons this summer and our washington dc correspondent jessi turnure reports on the list of problems that agency is now facing. >>this fema got this pd have america's bac pointed questions from california congressman harley rouda to
9:45 pm
the administrator of the country's top response agency is it battles covid-19 and braces for natural disasters, we're ready every day fema administrator pete gaynor told lawmakers his agency has already responded to an earthquake flooding and tornadoes during the pandemic there's no doubt that a covid-19 makes this more complicated danner said new challenges include keeping social distance between evacuees in shelters and providing staff with enough personal protective equipment that's why democrats like carolyn maloney, and republicans like james comer can agree on the importance of bringing back manufacturing of products like masks and gowns to us it's lifesaving absolutely lifesaving lifesaving equipment for frontline workers dinner also addressed fema's efforts to prevent the virus from spreading in shelters, but said states should lead the way on testing response of the most effective when locally executed state managed unfairly supported while his agency faces many challenges gainer said money isn't one of
9:46 pm
them fema's disaster relief fund to still has about 70 billion dollars. when she said is double the amount it would have any other season you have a fully funded us to make sure that we are ready for whatever disaster comes to us in washington, i'm jessi turnure. now po another big story that we've been following most of the texas coast is under a tropical storm warning tonight. >>a tropical storm hanna it is headed for the gulf coast right now. it could dump as much as a foot of rain in some parts of that region. people on the coast they have been doing what they can putting up sandbags hoping to prevent damage to their homes. the storm comes less than a year after flooding from hurricane imelda which devastated the city of houston. >>meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here talk about a series of storms lab race above we'll start there. >>near texas, yeah, very active hurricane season, already grant and katharine we typically don't see this until the end of august and we're only at the end of july so
9:47 pm
let's track right now tropical storm hanna sustained winds at 65 miles per hour. and we are going to notice it increase in intensity slightly to 70 miles per hour sustained winds. according to this latest storm track not expected to reach hurricane status, but it will be near that as it approaches that texas coastline right now it is expected to make landfall saturday morning throughout the eastern and southern portions of texas and also impacting the heaviest rain for those of you in northeast mexico as well, so right now with this storm we are tracking possible hurricane force winds 60 to 70 miles per hour as it makes landfall and up to a foot of rain with this tropical storm and we could see the outer bands of this system already making its way throughout the gulf states, including those of you. throughout in texas and also louisiana, but let's switch gears and head over to the eastern portions of the pacific. this is the first
9:48 pm
major hurricane right now throughout the eastern pacific for 2020 tracking hurricane douglas right now it is a category 3 storm and you could see that well defined eye as it inches closer to the hawaiian islands with this latest storm track right now it is expected to weaken because of those cooler pacific ocean water temperatures in addition to that drier conditions as well right now it has sustained winds of 115 miles per hour and with this latest storm track it is expected to go over or near a wahoo and now we as it makes its way towards the hawaiian islands. this one could make landfall on sunday. so certainly going to keep an eye on that either going to be a low and hurricane or a tropical storm bill right now it has it has a low and hurricane according to this latest model run back to land and closer to home in the bay area drier and calmer conditions and also tracking a warm up mid 60's along the coast low 70's along the bay
9:49 pm
with mid 80's and low 90's inland above average highs for inland valleys all weekend long back to hugh grant and katharine. >>this guy says he was just trying to do his job but a delivery driver in los angeles as a woman would not let him inside the apartment complex so that he could drop off the order. >>his name is jordan gibson. so he took action he recorded the encounter stacey butler talk to him about what happened. >>the delivered to somebody here or here. >>you're not don't want you to get the truth i don't want you i don't want you here. >>and all you hear it all in a shocking confrontation, 22 year-old jordan gibson was trying to make a postmates delivery tuesday night at this westwood apartment building. but this woman without a mask refused to let him as he dialed the renter who ordered the food. >>to paul there's a woman like at the door of just turn.
9:50 pm
lewis says gibson works 3 jobs postmates is usually one of them, it's his mom's job, but she sprained her ankle so he was driving for her she was sitting in the car with her son was raided and blocked from delivering one residents dinner, i'm not letting this man in can i bring your food to you i'm asking you to get out of my building because you don't live here not i'm i'm a black man i'm trying to deliver my own here is an honorable man morgan from are the unbelievable encounter took a bizarre turn when the woman who claimed to live there accused him of having coached to the apartment to try to gain access. he doesn't live here and he's not a deliberate ploy. >>he had no there are no bike nothing the car. he up and that was on the nose that's my my way car and a lot of black guy walking around who have been coming here and getting and you can go north on gibson says he shot then posted the video to protect himself, but i want to get arrested. >>genuinely i you know so i and things are going right now i just didn't i didn't know
9:51 pm
how did you know shes by finally the customer came downstairs and picked up his dinner gibson says he's not angry at the woman unfortunately his use around like that a lot of people are very divisive right now so they're pretty firm on their stance and they so he hopes everyone who sees it will grow from it situations like the situation i i was in. >>they don't make you they don't break you should embrace you this is just a we something went to you know resilience is powered i want and the one that hears near sees me talk about this to understand we have that same resilience and you got to stay patient and really just be resilient. >>and you know at the end of that tunnel. you're fine integrity. >>heck of a perspective after you went through that stacy butler the reporter on that story postmates by the way base here in san francisco issued a statement saying the company denounces racism and is committed to the safety of its employees and customers.
9:52 pm
postmates is also looking into the incident they say friend of gibbs says they're started a go fund me for him and as of tonight, it's race almost $6,000. >>coming up next ballerinas they are returning to the dance floor, how one dance company is getting back to dancing during this pandemic
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
we're living in uncertain times, but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, covered california is here. we can help you find the health insurance you need to protect you and your loved ones. and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today. the milwaukee ballet despite the pandemic all it requires
9:55 pm
is a bit of a costume change reporter. >>mike or cough or explain its. >>time and she will do so fun. >>ballet is back in no just like in. >>and this month the milwaukee belay has seen moving artistic beauty clash with reality. a ballerina's in masks. >>well you know it's it's another it's not part of your costume you find yourself getting used to it really fast so not as hard as you think it is kind of do anything that you can dance is just. that's right. >>to get students back into the building dancing all day and a lucky belly school did anything and everything to be safe. when it started its summer intensive program at the beginning of the month. it was one of the first examples of an indoor school being open
9:56 pm
to classes like this it could be a blueprint somebody has somebody wants to make the way walkie bella artistic director michael paying says. >>everyone has their temperatures checked at the door they also do a self evaluation before coming, which is tracked by the medical team at the belly to look for trends they reduced enrollment by about a 100 students, the students also stay with a certain group and a certain teacher and never mix classrooms. and now. they're back in the studio back in class back doing what they love and not even a mask can hide their smiles, we've got to be positive. >>and we've got to rise about this because that's what mankind is to do and nobody does it better than the odds. >>that was my kirchhoff reporting on here in san francisco after the 2020 season was cut short because of the pandemic the san francisco ballet announced plans to kick off. the 2021 season. january 19th. and that
9:57 pm
wraps up kron 4 news at 9. thank you for being with us this hour but keep it here because catherine and i are back at the top of the hour. >>the big story tonight is hate speech spray painted on an armenian school in san francisco coming up why the principal says. >>this divisive act is actually uniting the community. also san francisco's expanding its rules for masks were you now must wear one at all times those stories just
9:58 pm
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>>news stations, you're watching kron 4 news at 10. >>now at 10 crowd said soaring coronavirus cases have health officials in the east bay sending a warning tonight in alameda county alone more than 10,000 people have tested positive for covid it is the first county locally to reach that grim milestone good evening, everybody. thanks for being here 10 o'clock i'm grant lotus i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis tonight. >>county health officials are again asking residents do not gather in groups wear your masks, a particularly at lake merritt where there's been a lot of large gatherings and not much social distancing. kron four's gayle ong reports the overcrowding at lake merritt has become a public health concern


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