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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 26, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>when prime time. news stations, you're watching kron 4 news at 8 now aid of beast for mission district businesses, how slow streets program is helping restaurants and shops. >>college campuses may be close but for students who signed an off campus housing contract. the rent to still do in many cases, it's costly to cancel the rental agreement tonight. >>we're hearing from u c berkeley students stuck in this situation plus windows smashed buildings to face a demonstration started peacefully but and and destruction in oakland tonight city officials have a message about caring for your community. >>good evening. i'm ken wayne
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and i'm pam moore, thank you for joining us for kron 4 news tonight at 8 in the east crews spent much of today cleaning up in oakland, some 700 people marched and protested peacefully yesterday but during the late evening hours, some demonstrators became destructive several buildings were vandalized and damaged including the oakland police headquarters and the alameda county courthouse. well for justine waldman is live in oua newsroom tonight with details on what happened once the peaceful protest ended justine well, pam oakland police wanted to make it very clear it was agitated or is within the crowd of demonstrators that caused all of this destruction. and today crews were boarding up broken windows covering up graffiti and clearing out all the damage after vandals set the alameda county superior courthouse on fire overnight. >>the courthouse was not the only building damaged. the oakland police headquarters on 7th and broadway was also targeted people broke its windows and then covered the building and graffiti and blue paint. oakland police also
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tell us projectiles were thrown at officers and agitators were crossing over barricades. all of the damage and destruction very concerning to people in the community. >>people have a right to protest but at the same time we have law and order and my concern is long term it's going to backfire. so now it takes more dollars away from the services we need. and we're going to have to pay to clean this off we're going to have to pay to court. >>in a bulletproof glass or shatter proof glass on all the windows and that he thinks going to pay for that. >>the protests started peacefully at frank ogawa plaza around 700 people gathered to show support for the ongoing protests in portland. since george floyd's death nearly 2 months ago, but it was a fraction of the people there that caused all of this destruction, oakland mayor libby schaaf put out this response to the damage vandalizing or downtown gives donald trump the images he
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wants and the justification, he seeks to send federal troops into american cities. we can't be fooled and play into this twisted campaign strategy. we celebrate passionate protests. but oakland ers need to know that when they attend protests after dark. they may be providing cover for agitators for more than intent on stoking civil unrest, then advancing racial justice. oakland police did make several arrests overnight and they tell us they continue to investigate live now in the newsroom, i'm justine waldman kron 4 news just say thank you to the north bay people are visiting a black lives matter art exhibit that recently went up at a sonoma church. >>the art installation called pray their names sits next to the first congregational church representing a grave site for the lives lost at the hands of police kron four's terror attack he has the story. >>160 hearts state into the ground. each one representing a black life lost at the hands of law enforcement the art installation can pray their
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names was recently built outside of first congregational church in sonoma prayer being whether that's walking meditation. >>grieving crime, raging whatever the emotion prayers that space to. >>to feel whatever if you think i'm skating morrison is the artist behind the idea and one of the many contributors to the project that's now catching people's attention was riding my bicycle around town and i saw this and i thought. >>i have to stop i mean it just it takes my breath away it's like almost being in a. a graveyard. >>and it's really sobering to see beautiful and it's also really sad like as i was looking at it and reading their names. i think the thing that struck me the most is i wish i could just like. >>talk to these people in person and that they were a name on a heart because they were killed for the color of their skin at the installation in large sign explaining its purpose. >>in a qr code to scan with your phone to learn more about each of these names while martin luther king junior wasn't killed by police. orson
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says his name was included to create an entry point for the exhibit and mattel which. >>with recall things for a lot of people who have been living in the world for a long time that's 1955. and then medgar evers from there the installation jumps to the deaths after 2014 and some hearts remain blank with no names we know there's so many more. >>traumatic experiences that happen to people every day whether they result in death or not that aren't told characters this. >>sadness and i was really glad that they had some that are not named because there's so many stories we go now. if this is out of areas. >>somber the art installation will remain here in sonoma until august 14th from there it will travel to other churches across the bay area and even make its way to reno, nevada in sonoma tiller bus aqi kron 4 news. >>tonight there are more than 46,000 confirmed covid-19 cases here in the bay area
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that's with more than 600 new cases reported in the last 24 hours. alameda county continues to lead the way with more than 10,000 cases. meantime the covid-19 related death toll did not change is still at 745 for the very latest on county by county information you can head to our website kron 4 dot com and on the beach resort community of santa cruz county is now on california's covid-19 watch list joining monterey and san benito counties last thursday the county was flagged because of an increase in cases there it was given 3 days for things to improve or be added to the list. >>santa cruz county has a case rate 130 cases per 100,000 residents officials say there was a dramatic increase in numbers after they fully opened up on phase 2 in late may. so what does this mean for both residents and tourists going forward in santa cruz county. >>well coming up in this newscast. we will have details on the county's communications manager.
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>>a lot of people are taking advantage of the new slow streets program and the city's mission district to help struggling shops and restaurants because of the pandemic sections of the less you street are now car-free kron four's dan thorn live for us in the city tonight, he joins us with more on how all this is working out it looks like it's working out great behind you dan. >>that's right ken a lot of people out here taking advantage of the street here along valencia being car freed for many of these patrons, it's twofold because they could get outside and get some fresh air and also support their local businesses. >>restaurant tables take over 2 blocks of valencia street as the mission district looks to boost business. it's the first car free weekend between 16th and 17th street and 18th and 19th streets for the next 3 months and the idea seems to be working. >>i've been a pretty good job i can for happy the table or 6 feet apart at the everybody that's what you buy is wearing
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a mask. >>people were freely walking riding their bikes and even kids were learning how to roller skate having no cars in the way has made this stretch of street easier for dining out and moving around i love it absolutely love being out and having a kid in a world game like around the valencia corridor merchants association came up with the street closure idea to help businesses struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic many of these restaurants were boarded up just weeks ago, but now they're seeing life returned to the area i like it important to keep like mom and pop shop open because it's so important to the neighborhood. there's also hope that more blocks would adopt this idea i don't think that you do it in more neighborhoods in the >>help a lot of the neighborhood but not arrested some of them are struggling with this kind of racing piracy back to the neighborhood as well. >>well the slow streets program here runs from thursday through sunday from 04:00pm to 10:00pm a mask is a mosque in its still to be seen
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whether or not this program will be extended after its initial 3 months reporting live in the mission dan thorn kron 4 news dan thank you. >>forced out of their college campuses because of the coronavirus but still stuck in their apartment leases s the predicament. many students are finding themselves in right now kron four's gayle ong reports on how students can navigate this tricky end the costly situation. >>students living on campus received refunds for their housing but those living off campus have been left in the lurch paying ranch for an empty apartment. we spoke to one u c berkeley student who has yet to step foot in his new apartment and the bill is on its way wednesday starts. >>i would just be accumulating debt weighing signed a lease for an apartment at stone fire berkeley before the pandemic in november of last year away is a rising senior at u c berkeley. >>he's supposed to move in his new apartment on august first, but when the campus announced its closure in the spring he
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notified property management identify them all the way back in april of this year that i wanted to terminate >>but since then there hasn't been any successful negotiations going says his lease agreement says he is responsible for 6 months rent to terminate the lease, i'm just a coming out of college, there's no possible way. >>island would be able to pay $30,000 to terminate the leases the hasn't even started yet playing says he knows many other students in the same predicament. >>and our desperately seeking out legal advice we spoke to a tourney already job of torreon so the ornament that they have to raese the frustration of purpose. >>so you know somebody comes in and are being forced to pay for 6 months. they don't pay 6 months also going to be sued by the last hour and the defense has got to be low judge. i was here at keener for college college said sorry niang caught on campus classes everything is being done by zoom or purpose of going to arm and was so liberal college back in april u c berkeley sent this update notifying
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students living off campus to pay close attention to the terms of their lease warning most off campus leases will not provide refunds what we're seeing here today is really. >>an unfortunate consequence of the pandemic in effect on our economy joshua howard is executive vice president of local government affairs with california apartment association rental housing providers have significant financial obligations. mortgages property taxes payroll their own staff. >>howard is calling on the state and federal government to prioritize readily for rental housing providers and in the wings case we would really encourage housing provider in the landlord to try to find a way to work, but that didn't work with that all tenants. at the end of the day. everyone's affected by the pandemic for now weighing is staying with his parents in santa clara, hoping there will be a resolution with his lease. >>we reached out just don't fire and its parent company landmark properties for comment but have not yet heard back in berkeley gayle ong kron 4 news.
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>>hurricane douglas now getting dangerously close to home why plus another hurricane already causing flooding problems will show you where coming up next. >>plus from education to climate change to the environment state lawmakers return to the capitol tomorrow with a long list of non
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>>california leads the country and confirmed coronavirus
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cases as as the state's hospitalizations have increased over the past 2 weeks there were more than 8,000 new covid cases yesterday that pushes the total in the state to more than 450,000 cases in the 14 day average the percentage of patients in the hospital has gone up 6.7% icu patients have increased nearly 9% after the state capital shut down twice because of the pandemic. >>state lawmakers return tomorrow with a long list of things to do and not a lot of time to do it capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us what's ahead for the state legislature. >>state lawmakers have 5 weeks to sort through hundreds of proposals some are in direct response to the pandemic i spoke with assembly speaker anthony rendon about what's to come in the weeks ahead is next 5 weeks we're going to focus on. >>i'm getting as many of these bills the bills done as possible the legislature's long list of bills to debate include those aiming to address police brutality
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unemployment and housing red then laid out some of the legislature's priorities and to do something to stem the tide of actions or reactions to covid isn't yet we need to make sure we have all the services plays of the season like this. >>making sure that our public health care system is working the way of that out he was well this is a series of other those me we have significant things to do as a legislature before the in areas like education climate change the environment with the building now disinfected mandatory temperature checks at the entrance the legislature's returned to the capital comes after a second coronavirus related shutdown of the building several staff members and 2 lawmakers caught the virus just before summer recess, a lot of numbers myself included got into the bad habit of war area in the but he starts speaking. >>when i heard a loud that a lot of the other credit costs continue to be a place very very limited staff and
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building a dozen lives. less in the way it normally does with limited time to meet before the end of session on august 31st, but no timetable on the end of the pandemic brendan is not ruling out a special legislative session we had conversations in our house both as individual numbers have come to me caucus obviously we don't we have huge to address renda noted it's ultimately up to governor gavin newsome to decide whether to call them back for a special session lawmakers are expected to make that request soon reporting at the state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>santa cruz county is now the state's watch list and changes could be coming soon kron four's terisa stasio talks with officials about what people who live in the county and those coming for a visit in the county need to know. >>we were notified after a three-day flagging period that we are on the watch list officially as of yesterday afternoon. if nothing changes then on we will go into
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further measures jason happens the communications manager for santa cruz county. >>on what is in store for the area known for its relaxed vibe. now that coronavirus cases have continued to >>we will go into further measures to reduce the spread of covid in the community and that comes in the form of orders from the state to close certain sectors so that will include gyms personal services worship services and things like that same thing about 90% of the rest of the state has already arrived on into so it will probably be around wednesday or thursday before those measures going to place hoppen says despite being a tourist area santa cruz county has in the past few months. >>then doing well and keeping the numbers as low as possible. >>right the beaches remain open in santa cruz county i think everybody was on the beach we actually have the selected know it's hard because the risk of transmission outdoors is very low. the governor we are fully
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aligned the state on the measures the state is currently allowing tourism. it's something that we are concerned about the size of state allows and we're going to allow it. we have got the beaches open because there's just not a lot health risk from being on the beach is. one of the things i want people to know going forward is that we're very close to the line. for being on the watch list i think over a 100 cases per 100,000 were at one 30. that's about 2 and a half times lower than the state it's about 3 times lower than our poppins says that schools like many others throughout the state are in bracing. >>precautionary measures just now we have not been on watch this. but we did tell people that we expected to be on the watch list and a lot of the district's i think all of them actually have decided not to pull in. >>with any unforeseen learning so there will be distance learning as far as all of the changes that are going to be affecting santa cruz county. >>jason says that just stay tuned to the website, they're going to last all of the changes and all of the
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industries affected by them being put on this list. so that if you do plan to go to santa cruz county you'll know exactly what's going on. theresa kron 4 news. >>new details tonight on a popular music festival that takes place every year in golden gate park, the 20th annual hardly strictly bluegrass festival will take place but it will be entirely online this year's festival can system and online stream of newly recorded performances. archival footage interviews and a history of the festival. organizers are asking the fans to contribute to the event by sending their favorite memories either written or video or pictures. the theme of the virtual festival is let the music play on the free event is scheduled for october the second through the 4th. >>check that out quite the sight and edinburg test texas this is in the rio grande valley along the mexican
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border, a man swimming in a row that turned into a river near the border, there. hurricane hanna made landfall along the gulf coast yesterday. >>and in the pacific sections of hawaii on to a hurricane warning has a different hurricane approaches their hurricane douglas bringing a storm surge strong winds heavy rain and dangerous surf to the states or allies as of this afternoon, douglas was still a category one storm could make it the 3rd hurricane in modern history to hit hawaii landfall for more on both of these storm systems will want to check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence say you know they're always getting close but in that amazing could be only the 3rd since the 1900's of the hurricane actually making landfall in why the usually a close but lamb as religious small, but. >>it's close enough right now and dangerously close there is douglas spinning around right now just north now honolulu and boy it is already feeling the effects there very heavy rainfall now moving in along the coastline, strong gusty
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winds of the bands of his starts to wobble just a little bit and move a little bit closer of course extremely dangerous they can start to get some 80 plus mile an hour wind gusts. >>and that's not something you want to see all the areas shaded in red those are the areas that are under hurricane watches right now the latest track is going to continue their sustained winds right now category one of 85 miles per hour there. it is moving to the west-northwest at 16 so this latest track wants to keep it a little further north of the island. so watch the track though getting a little bit closer here and yeah boy kawhi is going to take a rough hit. i think from the system is going to get even closer to kawhi sustained winds of 80 miles per hour so still a maintaining hurricane one for strength as it approaches the islands there look at maybe 10 maybe 15 inches of rain on some of the northern parts of the island as it sweeps by that go along with all the heavy rain the flooding the winds and yes, even that high surf generated by that system as it moves on through that continues to track move further away from the islands as we get into monday right here are the remnants of
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hannah and boy only a category one hurricane coming on shore the reports of as much as 15 plus inches of rain from hana before now it makes its way in the northern mexico guys that's the latest back to you. >>thank you lawrence coming up tonight another weekend of coast to coast demonstrations for racial equality and justice federal agents of portland squaring off with civilians plus heels down and fists up how horse lovers in the north bay show thei
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>>as demonstrations continue across the bay area and the nation in support of the black lives matter movement members of one group or putting their heels down and their fists up kron four's jonathan mccall went to marin county to show us a message. they're hoping to cent. >>as protesters take to the streets all across the country in support of the black lives matter movement high up in the marine county mountains that i or dozens of horse riders move this one to support a movement. >>briana noble is the woman behind the hills down and to stop bringing attention to the diversity and inclusion in the equine industry while also supporting the black lives matter movement for 2 hours on sunday afternoon, the riders hit the trails with their
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horses the step of each of these towards raising awareness calling it reminds us that black americans have a really long history of questor and said margaret moody is a horse lover, but didn't set a lot of heart of america is the cowboy. >>and like i said earlier black his nation. >>and says that the country's at a crossroads right now and scenes like sunday's ride. >>are what's needed most it's a really scary time that. >>black people have been being murdered by this stage the whole. >>american project began. she says when she learned about the event she rushed from home to participate. she says she's grateful for people like brianna noble who are now stepping up and putting their bodies on the line for a greater cause seeing a lot of courage in my fellow americans. and i think we should follow their lead in
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marine county jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>coming up on kron 4 news at a weekly financial support from millions of americans out of work is slated to come to an end as lawmakers in congress try to finalize the new and next coronavirus relief package plus creating change without creating violence as some message community leaders are trying to get across after a demonstration in sacramento. and it was class shattered
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>>big story we've been following protests for racial justice took a violent turn in several us cities this weekend. demonstrators squared off against federal agents outside the federal courthouse in portland early this morning. tear gas was used to push back the demonstrators in aurora colorado a car sped through a swarm of protesters and someone inside the vehicle. >>fired a gun aerial view shows the vehicle driving through the black lives matter demonstration activists were walking along the interstate protesting the death of elijah mclean is the 23 year-old massage therapist who was killed by police while walking home from a convenience store. >>as the car was speeding by police say somebody in the crowd fired. a gun hitting a protester they were taken to the hospital in stable condition police caught up to the car and took both the driver and a passenger into custody. >>cleanup was underway across
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downtown sacramento. today after protests last night left some destruction as we have seen so often it all started as a peaceful demonstration to commemorate 2 months since the death of george floyd but police say another group of about 150 people showed up and some turn to damaging buildings, jessica mensch has more on how the cleanup point. >>shattered glass shattering the hopes of some protest organizers who saw what was meant to be a peaceful demonstration turned into destruction. >>distractions like that set us back 10 more steps lay a shank with the nonprofit and packed helped organize the community demonstration saturday evening to honor and remember george floyd 2 months after his death but as it got dark everything shifted. >>yet another group came i'm not sure if it was just one group but it was several. >>and everything changed energy changed. police say several buildings were damaged
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following the route. the demonstrators marched to a t. >>from windows broken out of city hall to graffiti spray painted on the attorney general's office and county jail. much of the destruction seems to target government buildings. i understand the fury i understand the rage, however we have to find a way to impact the community without being violent because nothing is going to get done if we do it that way police say the group was wearing all black clothing and protective gear and holding various weapons like metal pipes and rocks, according to investigators, some pointed lasers at a police helicopter and motorcycle officers. but similar protests happening across the country mayor darrell steinberg is weighing in saying quote we stand with portland we stand for black lives matter we stand against federal occupation of our cities we will continue to push in work for real reform and bring people together we don't organize destruction grabbing the headlines. we need the real work. our community is pushing for to be the story of change a message
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shank echo saying the fight against racism and police brutality is far from over and that needs to be the focus so right now we are in civil rights 2020. >>this is big and everything we knew as it was prior to now will never be the same again we have to move forward and we have to get change and we need all races to come along with us to make that change. >>that was jessica mensch reporting police say they did make one arrests for vandalism at the sacramento city hall last night they also say a television news crew was assaulted. >>keeping congress in session until a stimulus deal is reached that's what house speaker nancy pelosi says should be happening. republicans currently finalizing a bill that would cap the enhanced unemployment benefit at 70% of a person's lost wages and they do not plan to renew the weekly $600 enhancement that has been in place for months. pelosi has not said if democrats would be willing to accept an enhancement lower than $600 but she does say that lawmakers need to negotiate a deal.
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>>well you stay in session until a deal is negotiated. we can't go home without it. let me just say this the reason we had $600 was its simplicity. and it's figuring out 70% of somebodys wages, people don't all make a salary maybe they do they make wages and they sometimes. >>had a very somewhat we just keep it simple. unemployment benefits and the attorney of the enhancement which is so essential right now. >>those $600 checks are set to end this friday, democrats unveiled their own stimulus bill back in may. the heroes act were 3 trillion dollars was passed by the house of representatives but went nowhere in the senate. well she has since criticized senate republicans taking so long to propose another stimulus package and says democrats been anxious to negotiate for weeks. >>president trump will not throw out and opening pitch at a baseball game. he will be the only president in a
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century not to take part in this longstanding tradition, the president was expected to perform the ceremony for the yankees on august the 15th, but new york officials criticized the plan on twitter president trump once again referring to the covid-19 virus as the china virus says he is unable to do so because he has meetings on a vaccine and the economy scheduled. the president plans to throw a first pitch later in the season, the nation is now 100 days away from the november election and a new poll is showing most americans are unhappy with the president's pandemic response in the latest survey by the associated press-norc center for public affairs research more americans say the country is heading in the wrong direction that at any previous point in trump's presidency only 32% of americans approve of his approach the pandemic crisis which marks a new low. he's also lost ground on his handling of the economy. 80% of americans say the country
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is going in the wrong direction. still ahead on. >>honoring a civil rights hero former congressman john lewis taking a final trip across a landmark. he gave significant meaning plus child care funding concerns in north a children's center has been taking care of the children of essential workers but the money running the program is
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>>an essential service for
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essential workers is in danger of running out of money, the north bay children center has been providing free childcare for essential workers says sonoma county issued its first day at home order back in march funding from the county's emergency operations center has allowed the program to run, but that money is set to expire at the end of the month and this is an issue taking place all over the country. so what happens next all earlier today kronon talked with susan gilmore, the president and ceo of the north a children's center to better understand this challenge. >>and the childcare system across the united states has been fragile long before covid-19 and is now on the brink of collapse and this is a system that has been underfunded and undervalued and primarily subsidized by the labor of women of color. and now we are looking because of covid guidelines and regulations operating
8:41 pm
requirements or make it impossible for many providers to reopen and what that means is that the way the economics are is at the a typical child care a classroom is usually have about 20 our children are more. those classrooms can now have no more and tell 10 children her cohort but requires more staff to meet the regulate the code of regulations. so this is it's we have heard north a children's center for example. we have now opened all 13 of our locations and we can only operate at 46% moment, but it does require a 113% are typical staffing. and that's simply not sustainable and that's how it spends leno for most child care providers across the united states. so we have lost more than 50% of our licensed child-care pass
8:42 pm
of the nation. my and many providers are probably not going to reopen. if this goes on much longer. gilmore says there is hope that the child care is essential act is approved in the next recovery package it would put 50 billion dollars into childcare we stabilization to help providers safely reopen and operate this interview first aired on kronon during this health crisis you can download from the app store and watch it for free. >>live local news streaming commercial free 24 7. >>still ahead giving viewers a voice while florida reporter is saying thank you tonight to an observant viewer. >>plus signs of respect in selma, loved ones and passionate supporters giving a final farewell to civil rights
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>>the loss of a civil rights icon. an alabama community paid tribute to the late congressman john lewis mourners gathered in selma alabama to witness the processional today a horse drawn wagon carry the body of congressman lewis across the infamous edmund pettis bridge for a final time. >>that bridge became a landmark in the fight for racial justice when lewis and other civil rights marchers were beaten there during a peaceful march 55 years ago that event became known as blood e sunday and it helped galvanize support for voting rights for african americans. darryl forges has more from
8:46 pm
selma, alabama. >>congressman john lewis said he came to selma every year to be renewed inspired and reminded that there's still work to be done when it comes to justice for all. well congressman john lewis made that final pass here at the edmund pettus bridge. this as thousands of people mourn his loss and say thank you. >>the same bridge where he and others were beaten by alabama state troopers. during the march for equal voting rights back on march 7th 1965 a day that became known as body sunday, they beat him with billy clubs. >>well during but john. what determines to fight for equality and justice. others. our future. >>months after lewis was blood on the bridge. president lyndon johnson signed the voting rights into law. >>to be had today is just a honor is on a innocent celebration of his life and
8:47 pm
his accomplishments. you not all in black america, both love america. >>the civil rights icon will lie in state sunday in montgomery alabama. following memorials in troy and so. >>there's no one can ever replace the john lewis. it hurts my life in so many ways. >>and after today ceremonies in alabama congressman john lewis his body will be flown to washington dc where he will lie in state at the capitol rotunda. in selma, alabama. i'm darryl forges. >>let's take a look outside see how the weather shaping up on this sunday night sunday evening you can see the fog rolling in through the golden gate with the marine had winds behind it and beautiful shot that is a beautiful picture, our chief meteorologist is standing by with more yeah kind of flowing like a river on shore right now more fog and low clouds on the way into san francisco, it comes to meet lights out there so the fog. >>and super tower there in the background as well with the cloud deck is likely to make
8:48 pm
his way back on shore again for tonight temperatures today, running a little bit below the average in san francisco, 6573. and nice in oakland 80 degrees in san jose today, 92 hot in little more 89 degrees in concord and 78 degrees in santa rosa. thunderstorms again popping up over the sierra nevada will fog continuing along the coastline, the sea breeze kicking back in and of course that will bring with it low clouds and fog right to the golden gate 20 miles an hour into fairfield 15 in oakland at 16 miles per hour in a little breezy in hayward 70 degrees right now in san jose in a 78 to live more still warm 79 in concord well you've got some 50's with the fog out toward the coastline, 71 in santa and cool 60 now in the santa rosa and 66 degrees in the napa valley. overnight tonight we're going to see some patchy low clouds some moving back inland tomorrow patchy morning fog in the latest some sunshine maybe slightly cooler temperatures tomorrow. but i think a cooling trend kind of kicking into gear especially as we head in toward the middle the week, those temperatures going to be coming down kind of hits you system got high pressure
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the east of us you get kind of a baggie trough along the west coast that's going to kind of settle in for tomorrow that's going to lower the temperatures just a bit as high pressure weakens ever so slightly tomorrow and then more so i think as we head in toward about tuesday and wednesday. temperatures for tomorrow going to be a warm inland you'll see some 80's maybe even a couple low 90's inland, 70's 80's inside the bay and 50's and 60's co side next few days, those temperatures begin to drop off and then he back up next weekend. >>thank you lawrence. well tonight, the hollywood community is honoring the life of us star actress olivia de havilland passed away peacefully this morning at the age of 104 she was best known for her role in the film classic gone with the wind stephanie elam looks back at her legacy. >>and this she was already a star on the rise when gone with the wind was released after her role as melanie the calm sweet melanie wilkes she was famous as she was a durable on screen. she was
8:50 pm
kind of the epitome of the leading lady olivia de havilland was born in tokyo but moved to california with her sister and british mother when she was 3 years old. she was only 21 when she starred opposite errol flynn in the adventures of robin hood, i guess it was maybe robin hood, the taught everybody that the one that if you're out slaying dragons and everything she's the one you would want to end up with and only a year later came the defining role of melanie in gone with the wind a film she says most of hollywood disliked intensely before it was released they wish to build they thought it was going to be a failure and they were one bit sorry, she gained fame and soon thereafter recognition from her peers. >>she won an academy award in 1946 for her role as an unwed mother then once again for starting with montgomery clift in the heiress she was a fixture in the studio system but was a pioneer as well. she successfully sued warner brothers and was no activity took a suspension. it was such a frightening thing to do she
8:51 pm
took them on because she felt what was unfair was a contract that could keep you in bondage to a studio for many many years it was a major victory for actors rights at the time. also legendary her rivalry with her younger sister celebrated actress joan fontaine but when fontaine has to wait in 2013 at the age of 96. the headline said she was shocked and saddened the actors would continue to be honored in her life in 2008 she would be presented with the national medal of arts in 2017 just before her 101st birthday. she was named dame commander of the british empire, royal recognition for one of holl we're living in uncertain times, but as californians we'll get through this together.
8:52 pm
if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, covered california is here. we can help you find the health insurance you need to protect you and your loved ones. and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today.
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but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, covered california is here. we can help you find the health insurance you need to protect you and your loved ones.
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and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today. >>our final story of the newscast shows a connection that can exist between tv journalists and viewers in fact a reporter in tampa florida is thanking a viewer for helping her detect cancer in her neck. >>victoria price supports. >>well as weird as it feels to be out here reporting on my own story versus somebody else's story this was a really really important story for me to tell not just educate and not just advocate but also to say thank you because i did notice that there was a lump in my neck until a viewer reached out to let me tell 8 on your side isn't just a catchphrase giving a voice to our viewers is at the core of everything we do. >>but the roles reversed
8:55 pm
recently when i thought of you are on my side and for that i couldn't be more grateful right stacey especially when you consider that he worked there for 4 years that it was after this story aired in june i got this somewhat cryptic e-mail police had her thyroid checked reminds me of my neck mind turned out to be cancer. so i called my doctor and a month later turns out mind as to more overwhelming than the diagnosis however is the outpouring of love and support i've received since then. i was shocked to hear from so many thyroid cancer patients and survivors including some people i've known for years, but never knew of their diagnosis. so like any good reporter i did some digging the american cancer society estimates more than 52,000 americans will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer this year, women are 3 times more likely to develop thyroid cancer and it's commonly diagnosed at a younger age, so ladies check your neck, one of the warning signs i i certainly didn't notice it all myself a swelling or lock is the most
8:56 pm
common if you have some more snus that's near and doesn't go away. >>and sometimes pain in the neck that radiates out to be yours thankfully fired cancer is also one of the most treatable cancers with a 98% 5 year survival rate. we may be in the midst of a global health crisis but please don't neglect your own health. i was just lucky, a guardian angel was looking out for me. >>and of course the question that everybody has been asking me this miracle viewer have you been able to get in touch with her i did email her earlier this week when i received my diagnosis to thank her from the bottom of my heart. >>i did hear back from her earlier today we've exchanged a few e-mails and so i'm hoping that after the surgery we will be able to it will be having surgery this monday just down the road at tampa general. they will be removing my entire thyroid a few of the lymph nodes som also have a few biopsies us to make sure that the cancer hasn't spread to and the other parts of my neck and then if all goes as well as planned will be back here in about a week. reporting in tampa victoria price 8 on your side.
8:57 pm
>>quite a story that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 stay here kron 4 news at 9 is next.
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>>news stations, you're watching kron 4 news at 9.
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>>now 9 forced off campus because of coronavirus but stock in their leases the pandemic leads to a new set of financial burdens on college students in the bay area. i would often. >>was likely be forced to declare bankruptcy because i'm i'm just a student. >>thanks for joining us on this sunday night, i'm ken wayne, i'm pale more hundreds of thousands of college and university students should be moving into their dorms or off campus apartments right now in order to start their fall semesters but because of the pandemic nearly all schools are going virtual and many students are now stuck in their leases kron four's gayle ong explores how students can navigate this tricky and potentially very costly situation. it's tonight's top story. >>students living on campus received refunds for their housing but those living off campus have been left in the lurch paying rent for an empty apartment. we spoke to one u c berkeley student who has yet to step foot in his new apartment and the bill is


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