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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 27, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>you're watching kron 00:04am morning >>good morning everyone, thank you for waking up with us on the kron 00:04am morning news, it's monday july 27th, i'm robin winston and standing by in the weather center is dave spahr who has an update on your monday forecast robin good morning, good morning everybody we're all to kind of a warmer start to our workweek going on for today, here's a live shot of the bay bridge and some fog reading us this morning as well too so we'll be checking into that, here's a look at the fog and actually intensifies a little bit as we get out to. >>later this morning saying the next couple of hours before it starts to break away about 9.30 and into the late morning, we'll take care of
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that fog. temperatures somewhat mild in the east bay we got 66 off antioch 64 conquered in livermore east bay shoreline in about 60 with those 50's up to the north bay. but the north bay you can see peninsula in the east bay shoreline all little touch cooler today. we saw from yesterday at this time breaking your day down were about 62 come atm by 11 at 76, we're going to revisit those 90's a pretty good the inland valleys going on this afternoon and maybe lingering into tomorrow, but a slight cool down by midweek morning the sounds good. thank you dave we're continuing to track the coronavirus all across the bay area. >>and currently there are over 46,000 cases and over 740 deaths we're seeing the most cases in alameda county with over 10,000 infections. but the virus has been deadliest in the south bay santa clara county which has 184 deaths for full breakdown of the cases by county and by city you can always find that list on our website just head over to kron 4 dot com. well santa
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cruz is now on california's covid-19 watch list last week the county was flagged because of an increase in cases and was given 3 days for things to improve or be added to the list now changes could be coming soon kron four's terisa stasio talk with officials about what people need to know. >>if nothing changes then on we will go into further measures jason happens the communications manager for santa cruz county. >>on what is in store for the area known for its relaxed vibe. now that coronavirus cases have continued to >>we will go into further measures to reduce the spread of covid in the community and that comes in the form of orders from the state to close certain sectors so that will include gyms personal services worship services and things like that same thing about 90% of the rest of the state has already gone into so it will
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probably be around wednesday and thursday before those measures go into place hoppen says despite being a tourist area santa cruz county has in the past few months. >>then doing well and keeping the numbers as low as possible. right the beaches remain open in santa cruz county i think everybody was on the beach we actually have the selected know it's hard because the risk of transmission outdoors is very low. >>the governor we are fully aligned the state on the measures the state is currently allowing tourism. it's something that we are concerned about the size the state allows and we're going to allow it. we have got the beaches open because there's just not a lot health risk from being on the beach is. one of the things i want people to know going forward is that we're very close to the line. for being on the watch list i think over a 100 cases per 100,000 were at one 30. that's about 2 and a half times lower than the state that's about 3 times lower than al poppins says that schools like many others throughout the state are in
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bracing. >>precautionary measures just now we have not been on watch this. but we did tell people that we expected to be on the watch list and a lot of the district's i think all of them actually have decided not to pull in. >>with any in person learning so there will be distance learning as far as all of the changes that are going to be affecting santa cruz county. >>jason says that just stay tuned to the website, they're going to last all of the changes and all of the industries affected by them being put on this list. so that if you do plan to go to santa cruz county you'll know exactly what's going on. theresa kron 4 >>well the city of san francisco is expanding its slow streets program to allow more businesses to open for outdoor dining so for the next several weekends valencia street between 16 to 19 we'll be car free yeah, the valencia quarter merchants association came up with the street closure idea of course to help businesses struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic.
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>>good pretty good job i can for happening the table or 6 feet apart at the everybody that's what you buy is wearing a mask, but it absolutely love being out and having a kid in a world game like around. >>i just kind of bring some privacy back to the neighborhood as well. >>and they're hoping that more blocks throughout the city adopt this idea as well. a beach playfield in piedmont is closed to the public until further notice because of an ongoing failure to follow covid-19 health orders so the last straw may have been an episode related in a july 15th e-mail from the city. it said on july 10th, the city of piedmont park ambassador encountered more than 60 adults playing soccer and beach fill the players were not practicing social distancing and not wearing face coverings when asked to do so the players were not willing to abide by safety protocols and challenge the park ambassador using vulgar language. city officials have not said when they expect to reopen the field but they are
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considering additional enforcement measures. well to the north right now an essential service for essential employees is in danger of running out of money. the north bay children center has been providing free childcare to central workers everson sonoma county first issue that stay at home order which is back in march funding for the county's emergency operations center has allowed the program to run, but that money is set to expire at the end of the month. >>childcare system across united states has been fragile long before covid-19 and is now on the brink of collapse and this is a system that has been underfunded and undervalued and primarily subsidized. >>by the labor of women of color are not a children's center for example. >>we have now opened all 13 of our locations and we can only operate at 46% moment. but it does require a 113% are
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typical staffing. and that's simply not sustainable and that's how it spends leno for most child care providers across the united states. well gilmore hopes the childcare essential act is approved in the next recovery package, it will put 50 billion dollars into childcare re stabilization to help providers safely reopen and offer aid. >>well happening tomorrow in the east bay, the contra costa board of supervisors may approve an ordinance that would establish fines for health orders violate shuns now this includes wearing face coverings social distancing and gatherings. people would be fined 100 to $500 for non commercial activity violations as for violations involving commercial activity. those fines may range from $250 to $1000 and you don't want to pay that so you better behave. well as demonstrations continue across the bay area and country and supported the black lives matter movement. members of one group are putting their heels down in their fist up kron four's
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jonathan mccall travel to marin county to show us a message. they're hoping to soon. >>as protesters take to the streets all across the country in support of the black lives matter movement high up in the marine county mountains that i or dozens of horse riders move this one to support a movement. >>briana noble is the woman behind the hills down and to stop bringing attention to the diversity and inclusion in the equine industry while also supporting the black lives matter movement for 2 hours on sunday afternoon, the riders hit the trails with their horses the step of each of these towards raising awareness calling it reminds us that black americans have a really long history of questor and said margaret moody is a horse lover, but didn't set a lot of heart of america is the cowboy.
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>>and like i said earlier black his nation. >>and says that the country's at a crossroads right now and scenes like sunday's ride. >>are what's needed most it's a really scary time that. >>black people have been being murdered by this stage the whole. >>american project began. she says when she learned about the event she rushed from home to participate. she says she's grateful for people like brianna noble who are now stepping up and putting their bodies on the line for a greater cause being a lot of courage in my fellow americans. and i think we should follow their lead in marine county jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>jewelry police are asking for the public's help in finding a driver responsible for hitting and killing a pedestrian. this happened saturday night along west 10th and it will bury st. that's
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where emergency crews found 60 year-old a 60 year-old man hit by a pickup truck. he was taken to the hospital where he later died police do not have any information on the driver or make or model of the truck. if you have any information you're asked to call the gilroy police department. well to the north bay now a man is facing grand theft charges in vacaville police say flavio the league asca lard stole $1000 in merchandise sunday morning from the home depot on orange drive. an officer nearby spotted and stopped the suspect's car and arrested him. police say they recovered the stolen merchandise. well happening today, the city of pittsburgh will host a virtual groundbreaking ceremony for a mixed use development project now this is a rendering of the high-density development project called the action son looks pretty good from here right. it's set to sit less than a half a mile from the pittsburgh bart station and include 202 residential units and 13,000 square feet of
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commercial space city officials plan to hold a small ground breaking ceremony. at 10 o'clock this morning with proper physical distancing protocols in place and also personal protective equipment as well, a virtual ceremony will also be held via zoom. >>on the kron 4 morning news of black lives matter art exhibit is now up at a sonoma church hear from visitors on the somber art installation. new details about the weekend's violence in oakland a warning from the city's mayor against playing into what she calls twisted politics. and coming up after the break a new covid-19 relief package is set to be rolled out by republicans today. but not everyone is on board we'll have details coming up. here's a look outside at the san mateo bridge where traffic is off to a fantastic start no problems no crashes no stalls we'll be right back with a complete traffic and weather
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>>welcome back everyone good morning. the time has 4.14 thanks for staying with us we need another update on the weather forecast and see how monday and maybe the rest of the week is shaping up so let's check in with dave's pay robin good morning and good morning, everybody we're sunny down a san jose state and we can see kind of the clear distinctions here of the lights from the building and so forth so we don't have ground fog obscuring that but off to the distance we might have a bit of that stratus so the overcast working as well too we'll see when we get some
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sunshine here, sfo, no delays now but here's what the shot looks like just to give you a general idea again bright good contrast going on here so at least we don't have the ground of the 50's up to their in north bay peninsula's checking into the 50's for most locations so where players going will really the next couple of days, it's more of the same actually nice of a warm-up today tomorrow that means more those 90's going on in london. but then by midweek things start to change this the change guy here but it's kind of slow it's taking the scenic route down here so nothing's going to happen real fast, but by the middle of the week you'll see in the seven-day slight little drop-off of 10 and temperatures here. so it goes on as we get there are at the morning fog is taken care of afternoon showers and thunder showers flare up there and the mountains here comes the fog again tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. nothing we don't have anything that develops up there so we did some drying out of the monsoon a little bit hinting that
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system we just pointed out. coming our general direction winds later on today the new pick up a little bit they do insulate us from some of the warming would have typically there you can see the amounts in the eastern contra costa county also up the solano county usually the areas that are hit heaviest by those afternoon and even into evening winds overnight expected. so we've got morning clouds and fog sunny and warm in the afternoon. we'll revisit some of those lower 90's again today tomorrow mid week there are some cooling with that little system i mentioned there that means dropping to the mid to upper 80's going on and then we snap back for this weekend, it's back to the 90's going on inland mostly sunny skies. but the morning fog sure will come of the ride 66 san francisco, 73 for oakland 83 meanwhile for san jose across the wider bay. temperatures lower 90's. we have board on concord manioc up there 85 for santa rosa not as pronounced 83 going on for 83 also for san jose with 60's and one point
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the 70's for most of the peninsula there we'll take a closer look at this of course your 4 zone forecast into that extended right now getting into your traffic weather. what's going on with that well it's looking pretty good moving well, i don't see any big problems out there, here's a live look at 80 into san francisco. >>the bay bridge toll plaza just wide open delay free all the way through downtown and over to the skyway so if you want to come on and do it now because it's going to pick up within a couple of hours so right now we're looking good here on 80 into san francisco, here's 92 our busiest bridge and that is the westbound drive, leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. it's a little crowded. i don't see the big problem so the crowd that you have here west of the tolls is completely normal but no big hot spots will check more bridges coming up a little bit later. well happening today, a new covid-19 relief package is set to be rolled out by republicans a fresh round of $1200 checks would be coming in august now if the proposal is approved. this comes after federal unemployment
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assistance checks of $600 are set to expire. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to bring it forward this afternoon. both chun and meadow say that they want a less ambitious plan and that includes stopgap measures like unemployment insurance and education funding. but senate republicans are of poise to propose more direct payments more small business loans and tax incentives for rehiring when you turn shares what his focus is on this new proposal. >>the bill will be introduced monday and we're prepared to act quickly this is all about kids in jobs. this is our focus and we want to make sure issues paycheck protection plan, tax credits to rehire people and money for schools. >>the agreements on the second stimulus package come as a number of benefits under the previous care act bill are set to expire a federal eviction ban already ended on saturday. the enhanced unemployment
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insurance benefits will expire friday and paycheck protection program when they provide small businesses with forgivable loans is set to end on august 8th. well meanwhile, speaker nancy pelosi says democrats want a full package not a partial approach she's not saying whether democrats would be willing to accept the republican proposal. but she did criticize republicans for taking so long to propose another stimulus package for americans. >>well you stay in session until a deal is negotiated. we can't go home without it. let me just say this the reason we had $600 was its simplicity. and it's figuring out 70% of somebodys wages, people don't all make a salary maybe they do they make wages and they sometimes. >>had a very somewhat we just keep it simple. unemployment benefits and the attorney of the enhancement which is so essential right now. >>well democrats unveil their
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own stimulus bill back in may the heroes act were 3 trillion dollars was passed by the house of representatives but when but went nowhere in the senate. we're back to work today for state lawmakers after the capital shut down twice because of the pandemic the lawmakers have a long list of things to do and not a lot of time to do it. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us what's ahead for the state legislature. >>state lawmakers have 5 weeks to sort through hundreds of proposals some are in direct response to the pandemic i spoke with assembly speaker anthony rendon about what's to come in the weeks ahead is next 5 weeks we're going to focus on. >>again as many of these bills is good deals done as possible the legislature's long list of bills to debate include those aiming to address police brutality unemployment and housing red then laid out some of the legislature's priorities and to do something to stem the tide of actions or reactions to covid isn't yet we need to make sure we have
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all the services plays of the season like this. >>making sure that our public health care system is working the way of that out he was well this is a series of other those me we have significant things to do as a legislature before the in areas like education climate change the environment with the building now disinfected mandatory temperature checks at the entrance the legislature's returned to the capital comes after a second coronavirus related shutdown of the building several staff members and 2 lawmakers caught the virus just before summer recess, a lot of numbers myself included got into the bad habit of war area in the but he starts speaking. >>we're not allowed that a lot of the other credit costs continue to be a place very very limited staff and building it doesn't look. less in the way it normally does with limited time to meet before the end of session on august 31st, but no timetable on the end of the pandemic
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brendan is not ruling out a special legislative session we had conversations in our house both as individual numbers have come to me caucus obviously we don't we have huge to address renda noted it's ultimately up to governor gavin newsome to decide whether to call them back for a special session lawmakers are expected to make that request soon reporting at the state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news a popular music festival in san francisco may have been canceled, but it's still happening. virtually how this year's hardly strictly bluegrass will differ. and a look outside at the golden gate bridge, you're waking up to some clouds this morning but we have another nice day on tap. we'll have your full forecast co
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and in many cases, it works faster than braces. 20th annual hardly strictly bluegrass festival will take place this year but not at golden gate park in san francisco. >>and it's going to be virtual yeah this year's festival will consist of an online stream of newly recorded performances of course of footage from past years and events interviews and a history of the festival organizers are asking fans to contribute to the event by sending their favorite memories either written or on video or picture you have some options there. the theme of the virtual festival is let the music play on the free event is scheduled for october 2nd through the 4th. you can watch the performances of the
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festival's on the website so check it out. a sense a theme parks reopen in florida health officials there say there has not been an outbreak in coronavirus cases while disney world reopen as you may remember earlier this month while universal and seaworld just reopened in june disneyland universal studios and seaworld in california are still closed because of the governor's health mandate. and on the kron 4 morning news college campuses may be close, but for students who signed an off campus housing contract rent is still do we hear from one u c berkeley student. >>who was stuck in this costly situation. and a look outside checking in on the bay bridge. the drive into san francisco remains nice and quiet 60 degrees in oakland 54 degrees
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welcome back everyone, the time for 29 happy monday, let's see how the weather is shaping up for monday, let's check in with dave spahr day hey robin good morning, good morning everybody and we're dealing with that typical delays of the fog this morning as you can see from the golden course nice orderly traffic coming in from the north asia will note here. >>but again we'll probably see some fog to get things started in overcast and stratus kind of business is what you can expect in the later morning hours meanwhile, as far as ground fog is concerned down here to san jose state doesn't appear like a problem here as we can see the bright contrast
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here of the lights in the building's lower 60's cover the east bay shoreline got 67 for antioch 64 livermore and also conquered 50's meanwhile, up to the north bay was 61, san jose and for contrast sake basic, it's only the inland areas of the east bay in town to the south they were looking at slightly warmer temperatures but slightly cooler around the immediate bay and the peninsula. later on today, we'll get those typical winds that help shield us from the heavier temperatures are higher temperatures we're going to see in the central valley. they do keep it somewhat control because of that and that's going to linger well after midnight, we are looking for some or to scolding though that happening by the middle of the week it's temporary it's not major but at least it will be the shaving degrees for middle summer this is not that 62 at 08:00am by 11 were at 76. still going to see some lower 90's and the board which i want to show you the 4 zone forecast a look at that extended and mister douglas near the hawaiian islands will see what's going on with him right up sounds good. thank you dave will to the north bay


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