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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 27, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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here of the lights in the building's lower 60's cover the east bay shoreline got 67 for antioch 64 livermore and also conquered 50's meanwhile, up to the north bay was 61, san jose and for contrast sake basic, it's only the inland areas of the east bay in town to the south they were looking at slightly warmer temperatures but slightly cooler around the immediate bay and the peninsula. later on today, we'll get those typical winds that help shield us from the heavier temperatures are higher temperatures we're going to see in the central valley. they do keep it somewhat control because of that and that's going to linger well after midnight, we are looking for some or to scolding though that happening by the middle of the week it's temporary it's not major but at least it will be the shaving degrees for middle summer this is not that 62 at 08:00am by 11 were at 76. still going to see some lower 90's and the board which i want to show you the 4 zone forecast a look at that extended and mister douglas near the hawaiian islands will see what's going on with him right up sounds good. thank you dave will to the north bay now many people are now visiting a black lives matter
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art exhibit that recently went up at a sonoma church. >>the art installation called pray their name sits right next to first congregational church representing a graveside for the lives of many lives lost at the hands of police kron four's taylor sackey takes us there. >>160 hearts state into the ground. each one representing a black life lost at the hands of law enforcement the art installation can pray their names was recently built outside of first congregational church in sonoma prayer being whether that's walking meditation. >>grieving crime, raging whatever the emotion prayers that space to. >>to feel whatever if you think i'm skating morrison is the artist behind the idea and one of the many contributors to the project that's now catching people's attention was riding my bicycle around town and i saw this and i thought. >>i have to stop i mean it just it takes my breath away it's like almost being in a. a graveyard. >>and it's really sobering to
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see beautiful and it's also really sad like as i was looking at and reading their names. i think the thing that struck me the most is i wish i could just like. >>talk to these people in person and that they were a name on a heart because they were killed for the color of their skin at the installation in large sign explaining its purpose. >>in a qr code to scan with your phone to learn more about each of these names while martin luther king junior wasn't killed by police. orson says his name was included to create an entry point for the exhibit and mattel which. >>with recall things for a lot of people who have been living in the world for a long time that's 1955. and then medgar evers from there the installation jumps to the deaths after 2014 and some hearts remain blank with no names we know there's so many more. >>traumatic experiences that happen to people every day whether they result in death or not that aren't told for justice. >>sadness and i was really glad that they had some that
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are not named because there's so many stories we go now. if this is out of areas. >>somber the art installation will remain here in sonoma until august 14th from there it will travel to other churches across the bay area and even make its way to reno, nevada in sonoma tiller bus aqi kron 4 news. >>well to the east bay now pleasantville police are looking for an suv and driver involved in friday night's hit and run crash. the driver hit by the suv was not seriously injured. the crash happened on contra costa boulevard near concord avenue. police say attorney and 2000 model ford explore ran a red light hit the victim's car damaged city property and then drove on interstate 6.80 south on interstate 6.80. if you have any information you are asked to call the pleasant hill police department. well college students all across the country put money down on places to stay while they take their classes on campus. but now because of the coronavirus pandemic many won't be taking
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those classes on campus but are left to foot the bill if they cannot break their leases kron four's gayle ong explains. >>students living on campus received refunds for their housing but those living off campus have been left in the lurch paying rent for an empty apartment. we spoke to one u c berkeley student who has yet to step foot in his new apartment and the bill is on its way wednesday starts. >>i would just be accumulating debt weighing signed a lease for an apartment at stone fire berkeley before the pandemic in november of last year away is a rising senior at u c berkeley. >>he's supposed to move in his new apartment on august first, but when the campus announced its closure in the spring he notified property management identify them all the way back in april of this year that i wanted to terminate >>but since then there hasn't been any successful negotiations going says his lease agreement says he is responsible for 6 months rent to terminate the lease, i'm just a coming out of college is no possible way.
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>>island would be able to pay $30,000 to terminate the leases the hasn't even started yet playing says he knows many other students in the same predicament. >>and our desperately seeking out legal advice we spoke to a tourney already job of torreon so the ornament that they have to raise the frustration of purpose. >>so you know somebody comes in and are being forced to pay for 6 months. they don't pay 6 months also going to be sued by the last hour and the defense has got to be low judge. i was here at keener for college college said sorry, norm caught campus classes everything is being done by zoom or purpose of going to arm and was so little college back in april u c berkeley sent this update notifying students living off campus to pay close attention to the terms of their lease warning most off campus leases will not provide refunds what we're seeing here today is really. >>an unfortunate consequence of the pandemic in its effect on our economy joshua howard is executive vice president of
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local government affairs with california apartment association rental housing providers have significant financial obligations. mortgages property taxes payroll their own staff. >>howard is calling on the state and federal government to prioritize readily for rental housing providers and in ways case we would really encourage housing provider in the landlord to try to find a way to work with that didn't work with that all tenants. at the end of the day. everyone's affected by the pandemic for now weighing is staying with his parents in santa clara, hoping there will be a resolution with his lease. >>we reached out just don't fire and its parent company landmark properties for comment but have not yet heard back in berkeley gayle ong kron 4 news. >>well to the east bay now cleanup continues in oakland after what started as a peaceful protests and it was damage to the alameda county superior courthouse and police station. police say about 700 people took part in the demonstrations. oakland police wanted to make it clear it was
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agitated as within that crowd of demonstrators that caused the destruction. crews are at the courthouse yesterday boarding up broken windows covering up graffiti in clearing cleaning out damage open police say that the building was set on fire and vandalize vandals also targeted the oakland police headquarters at 7th and broadway check it out you can see that there were broken windows graffiti all over the walls open police tweeted this video to show person knocking down the barriers right in front of the police headquarters and this comes after officers called for an unlawful assembly and asked the crowd to disperse. now police say the protesters threw projectiles at officers and also crossed over those barricades. well for mayor libby schaaf is urging protesters not to be fooled and play into president trump's quote twisted campaign strategy reacting to saturday night's vandalism she said quote vandalizing our downtown gives donald trump the images he wants and the justification, he seeks to
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send federal troops into american cities. we can't be fooled and play into his twisted campaign strategy. she went on to say that we celebrate passionate protests. but openers need to know that when they attend protests after dark. they may be providing cover for agitating 2 or more and 10 on civil unrest and advancing racial justice. the mayor's statement refers to the president suggestion last week that he would send federal agents to cities, including oakland, new york and chicago to help control the protesters. one oakland resident is echoing the mayor's message stephen lowe and fall was out surveying the damage at the courthouse sunday morning. he tells us he's worried about long-term affects of violent protest. well my thought. >>or that people have a right to protest, but it is at the same time we have law and order and my concern is long term it's going to backfire and for now it takes more dollars away from the services we need. and we're going to
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have to pay to clean this off we're going to have to pay to play. in a bullet proof glass shatter proof glass and all the windows and that he thinks going to pay for that. >>saturday's demonstration was organized to oppose the deployment of federal agents to handle protesters in various cities and will mostly was mostly peaceful with nearly 700 people marching and solidarity through downtown oakland. was a similar situation in downtown sacramento after ended in destruction there. it started as a peaceful protest to commemorate 2 months since the death of george floyd but police say another group of around a 150 people showed up and some started to damage buildings. jessica mitch has more. shattered glass shattering the hopes of some protest organizers who saw what was meant to be a peaceful demonstration turned into destruction. >>distractions like that set
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us back 10 more steps lay a shank with the nonprofit and packed helped organize the community demonstrations saturday evening to honor and remember george floyd 2 months after his death but as it got dark everything shifted. >>another group came i'm not sure if it was just one group but it was several. >>and everything changed energy changed. police say several buildings were damaged following the route. the demonstrators marched to a t from windows broken out of city hall to graffiti spray painted on the attorney general's office and county jail. much of the destruction seems to target government buildings. i understand the fury i understand the rage, however we have to find a way to impact the community without being violent because nothing is going to get done if we do it that way police say the group was wearing all black clothing and protective gear and holding various weapons like metal pipes and rocks, according to investigators, some pointed lasers at a police helicopter and motorcycle officers. but
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similar protests happening across the country mayor darrell steinberg is weighing in saying quote we stand with portland we stand for black lives matter we stand against federal occupation of our cities we will continue to push in work for real reform and bring people together we don't organize destruction grabbing the headlines. we need the real work. our community is pushing for to be the story of change a message shank echo saying the fight against racism and police brutality is far from over and that needs to be the focus so right now we are in civil rights 2020. >>this is big and everything we knew as it was prior to now will never be the same again we have to move forward and we have to get change and we need all races to come along with us to make that change. >>well that was jessica mensch reporting police say they did make one arrests for vandalism at city hall. they also say that a tv news crew was assaulted. so the kron 4 morning news celebrating the life of the civil rights icon. >>the late congressman cross the edmund pettus bridge in
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selma, alabama, one last time how people are
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>>welcome back everyone and thanks for waking up with us some of your getting ready for work you're about to head out the door but before you do that let's get an update on your forecast now with dave spahr day. >>a good morning robin good morning everybody live shot from sfo, no fog going on or delays he's be no delay his going on this morning low prices overcast skies a little
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bit off towards the hills in the background once we get some light in here 67 antioch at this hour now we have lower 60's going on for concord n livermore 50's meanwhile, up to the north bay. now we'll be back in the lower 90's which will see for high temperatures today, but compliments of those afternoon winds will keep numbers suppressed a bit. this is mister douglas you can see in the western edge of the hawaiian islands. it has actually a very impressive i even though it's not a very strong storm in terms of max winds. it's 90 miles per hour puts it a category one, however looks like it's going to hold together as a tropical storm but still tropical for several days as we get to the middle of the week it looks like in the middle of nowhere. yes is the tropical low. all the way into about friday or so, but it looks like it will be departing the one out in fairly quickly 100 going on for bakersfield today high fresno at one o 2.99 meanwhile sacramento, 66 san francisco and down the southern california still managing to get an 80 here for san diego little change coming to our forecast as we get to the
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middle of the week but today still looking at those lower 90's in some spots, 66 san francisco. we've got 65 daly city in pacifica also for half moon bay, northern end of the peninsula upper 60's lower 70's going on here with still some lower 80's to the southern end. redwood city in palo alto 8377 for mountain view, the south bay we've got the lower to maybe middle 80's going on for places like milpitas but still morgan hill at 92 just a reminder 83 for cupertino santa clara 82 upper 70's cover the east bay shoreline to the south. we've got the upper 80's and tri valley now and up to walnut creek in 88 the concord making it up to 91 as you can see 68 for berkeley enrichment at about 70, jumping up here the north bay vacaville racing headed 95 fairfield at 90 88 going on for pittsburgh, an 82 for napa sonoma 8685 for santa rosa. not too bad for the beaches of moran middle to upper 60's at that in our 7 day forecast a slight drop
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from this front that's going to take its sweet little time getting here that will actually shave off our highs a bit for you can see wednesday thursday but then by the end of the week and the weekend warming back up just a touch robin, how the bay area roads looking good moving well, i have not found any hot spots or major problems for 80 the trip to san francisco looks really good for now so here's a live look. >>and traffic leading up to the bay bridge toll plaza you see that nice steady flow right through the pay gates ynd it's going to stay like that up the incline through the tunnel along the suspension over to the skyway out to the centre freeway one oh one to 80 doesn't matter where you're going and san francisco all is well so we're off to a fantastic start and we like that. >>all right over to the richmond sandra fell words also nice and quiet, here's a live look at west 5.80 traffic leading up to the pay gates but even before you get to the pay gates on the richmond side if you come from a t that's wide open in both directions on the east shore when you make it across the span, it's an easy trip. when you make it into the north bay. no problem so north and south one oh one
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nice and smooth and speaking of one oh what a live look at your commute across the golden gate bridge. it's opening clear from the bottle leaving the one oh one 37 split on down to san francisco under 30 minutes for your drive. lying in state in alabama on sunday congressman john lewis's casket has been removed from the capitol. his body will be flown to washington dc today where he will lie in state in the capitol rotunda memorials for lewis continue throughout the weekend including a final crossing over the historic edmund pettus bridge darryl forges reports. >>congressman john lewis said he came to selma every year to be renewed inspired and reminded that there's still work to be done when it comes to justice for all. man john le tht final pass here at the edmund pettus bridge. this as thousands of people mourn loss and say thank you. reaten b state troopers. duringhe
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march for equal voting rights ck on march 7th 1965 a day body sunday they beat m with billy cl>>during but john. what determines to t equality and ju and a brighter future. for everyone. >>months after lewis was blood on the bridge. president lyndon johnson signed the voting rights into law. just a honor is on a innocent life and his accomplishments. you not all in black america, both love america. >>the civil rights icon will lie in state sunday in montgomery alabama. following memorials in troy and so. >>there's no one can ever replace the john lewis. it hurts my life in so many ways. >>in selma, alabama. i'm darryl forges. >>presumptive democratic presidential nominee, joe
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biden's campaign congressman láñ announced that the former vice washington d c president trump acknowledged lewis's legacy in a tweet but has not yet announced plans to honor him at the capitol. well happening tomorrow in the east bay union be considering to tax measure options for the november ballot. as they brace for major budget shortfall there are a public safety parcel tax that ends in june of next year and a half cent sales tax that in effect until march 2025. now city leaders say the coronavirus pandemic in shelter-in-place restrictions resulted in a drastic fall in revenues, an independent consultants 10 year financial forecasts estimates that if no additional funding sources are put in place or services reduced union city will deplete its 17 million dollar general fund reserves in just 3 years. for you morning, the highest average
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price for regular adgas, an asian wide the right here in the san francisco bay area at $3 and $0.27 a gallon, the p gallon of gas and stop less than a penny over the past 2 weeks to $2.25 per gallon. that's $0.56 below the average pump price from a year ago and the smallest rise in prices seen since last april oil prices have remained stable and there's an abundant supply of us gasoline to meet demand. the lowest average is in baton rouge, louisiana. and one dollar per gallon. i'm a little jealous baton all right a live look outside of a club in san francisco are waking up to the usual morning cloud cover, but we are expecting some sunshine later on this afternoon, your
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>>welcome back everyone the time for 54 off to the weather center. we go to explore standing by with another update on your >>hey good morning, robin good morning everybody in the bay bridge shot here waiting for some light of day dove to brightness up a little bit more probably see the overcast stratus clouds to greet us in the morning and actually intevsifying the next couple of hours until they start eroding away say about 6.30 or know about 7 and most of the bay area should be cleared out say around 10 or so but lingering at the coast a bit 67 antioch at this hour we've got conquered a little more at 6050's meanwhile to the north bay and 64 redwood city 61,
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san jose we're at 62 by 08:00am my 11 at 76. this afternoon. we're still expecting some highs in the lower 90's to be repeated tomorrow but middle of the week little bit of a break from summer as temperatures drop off the 90 degree range robin as a bit of a traffic cone for us robin i do indeed it is time to roll out of bed head to work and use the bridges traffic already picking up so these are the early birds they're out there heading into san francisco. >>but not encountering any problems so that's good news the trip in will be very quick and under 10 minutes off to fremont street, here's a live look at one o one across the golden gate, no problems, no crashes no stall so yeah we're starting off hot spot free. and so far it's just been smooth leaving the votto sausalito into san francisco and then once you make it into san francisco. no reports of  any major issues on city streets so come on and you know it's not going to stay this quiet for the remainder of the morning commute but of course we'll continue to update the bridges throughout this newscast. so we'll have more bridge checks. coming up
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later. our police are searching for the driver who crashed into 4 cars leaving severe damage overnight in san jose we're live with an update on what happened. >>plus more airlines are strengthening mass requirements this week we're live at sfo. but the latest details from southwest and american airlines. and the city of san francisco is expanding its slow streets program to help more businesses during the pandemic will have an update on that coming up how about another look from the embarcadero in san francisco, even though it's a little dark out there we can see the clouds in the background so cloudy and 54 degrees right now in san francisco 60 in redwood cit down in san jose are at 61 here the 70 oh bridge all the traffic is picking up so little more crowded levy hayward you're at 59 degrees, we'll be right back stay with us.
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>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 5. >>good morning and thank you so much for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news we made it to monday's july 27th, good morning, omar gonzalez and i'm robin winston, let's head over to the weather center now get an update on your monday forecast with dave spahr who is standing by martin robin good morning, good morning everybody and off to calm start, here's the bay bridge toll plaza shot for us
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and as we start to get some light here we'll probably see the overcast skies lingering of that stratus of the fog in the morning. that's going to testify little bit over the next couple of hours before it starts getting out say about 7 o'clock into the late morning hours will still linger along the coast a little bit later on we'll have some winds too that's actually act as a nice cool climate controlled the inland valleys compared to what's going on in central valley today, triple notes of what they expected 65 brandi off 58 for concord 57 livermore 50's up here the north bay you can see in about 60 ish covers the east bay shoreline for comparison sake. it's around the immediate they up to the north bay that the temperatures are trailing a touch from yesterday. a little bit warmer as you go further inland 66 at 09:00am and 12 we're talking 81 with high temperatures today expected to be for the most part in the 80's, although they'll be some outlining 90's out there too minor cool down for the middle of the week as expected. more details on that coming up in a bit marty all right dave thanks a lot of breaking overnight in the south bay, a hit and run accident left several parked cars


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