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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 27, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and as we start to get some light here we'll probably see the overcast skies lingering of that stratus of the fog in the morning. that's going to testify little bit over the next couple of hours before it starts getting out say about 7 o'clock into the late morning hours will still linger along the coast a little bit later on we'll have some winds too that's actually act as a nice cool climate controlled the inland valleys compared to what's going on in central valley today, triple notes of what they expected 65 brandi off 58 for concord 57 livermore 50's up here the north bay you can see in about 60 ish covers the east bay shoreline for comparison sake. it's around the immediate they up to the north bay that the temperatures are trailing a touch from yesterday. a little bit warmer as you go further inland 66 at 09:00am and 12 we're talking 81 with high temperatures today expected to be for the most part in the 80's, although they'll be some outlining 90's out there too minor cool down for the middle of the week as expected. more details on that coming up in a bit marty all right dave thanks a lot of breaking overnight in the south bay, a hit and run accident left several parked cars severely damaged.
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>>kron 4 sarah stinson live in san jose this morning. she has all the details for sarah. >>marty unbelievable the destruction that this hit and run driver cause here on south capitol let me just get behind the camera and quickly show you damage that we're still seeing right now you can see right here. >>it is pretty bad me there you go now you can get a good look of that you can see the hood is all smashed in and we know for other 4 total cars, we're damage in his hit and run crash. take a look though at surveillance footage that was given to us by a neighbor here. you can see the car just smashing into a toyota prius and that caused that car to crash into other vehicles again a total of 4 parked cars were damaged from the accident. a silver toyota silver lexus gypsy and then a dark colored infinity minivans are still right now looking for the driver. the driver was
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traveling in a light colored buick along south capitol avenue that's when the crash happened right at belfast and that's what the destruction you're seeing, i mean it's quite a lot of destruction it's unclear if this is the why but they did say people on scene saw a box of modelo beer on scene on top of that buick and so right now they're looking at who is responsible for this in the meantime this neighborhood right here in san jose. they're feeling, pretty angry about it all. >>i take so long to pay off you know. cautious i'm imagining. there was a person outside of the core easley that person could says and that and i remember somebody. >>he could have been a deadly situation that's for sure right now they're still looking for the driver that driver took off from the scene
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so still no one knew of this man or woman. and so we'll be continuing to follow up with police this morning to see if they have an update for us, but at least you know we're getting the word out now if you saw anything of course call police give them any information you may have been other residents in this neighborhood they're going to deal with the aftermath those who have a car that's been destroyed. there's nothing worse than your cars being destroyed news just parked on the street. marty we'll send it back to you as we continue to find out more information here. >>a horrific crash and i'm wondering it's it seems from the force of that crash. that is difficult to imagine that the driver was able to run away. >>wonder if this person had any injuries from it, but you know tends to people who break the law and take things like this then often don't go to hospital because they're not trying to get caught from it all. >>the point is there a sense in reporting for us from san jose robin. >>we're continuing to track the coronavirus cases all
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around the bay area and currently there are over 46,000 cases and over 740 deaths are still seeing the most cases in alameda county with over 10,000 infections. but the virus has been deadliest in santa clara county which has 100 an 84 deaths for full breakdown of cases by city and county you can always find that lists on our website just head over to kron 4 dot com. well santa cruz county is now on california's covid-19 watch lists last week. the county was flagged because of an increase in cases now changes could be coming soon county communications director jason hoppin says that despite being a tourist area. santa cruz county has been doing well in recent months, keeping the numbers as low as possible. >>if nothing changes then on we will go into further measures to reduce the spread of covid in the community and that comes in the form of orders from the state to close certain sectors so that will include gyms personal services
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worship services and things like that same thing about 90% of the rest of the state has already gone into so it will probably be around wednesday or thursday before those measures go into place. >>meanwhile the county will continue to update their city's website. >>city of san francisco is expanding its slow streets program to allow more businesses to open for outdoor dining for the next several weeks valencia street between 16th through 19th will be car free. the valencia corridor merchants association came up with the street closure idea to help businesses that are struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic. >>good pretty good job i can for happening the table or 6 feet apart at the everybody that's what you buy is wearing a mask, but it absolutely love being out and having a kid in a world game like around. >>i just kind of bring some privacy back to the neighborhood as well. >>well they're hoping the more blocks throughout the city adopt this idea. in the north
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bay, an essential service for essential employees dane is in danger of running out of money. the north bay children's center has been providing free childcare to essential workers since march that's when the county first issued its stay at home order. now money from the county's emergency operations center has kept this program running but that money will run out on friday. >>childcare system across the united states has been fragile long before covid-19 and is now on the brink of collapse and this is a system that has been underfunded and undervalued and primarily subsidized. >>by the labor of women of color are not a children's center for example. >>we have now opened all 13 of our locations and we can only operate at 46% moment. but it does require a 113% are typical staffing. and that's simply not sustainable and that's how it spends leno for most child care providers across the united states. >>well gilmore is hoping that
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the child care essential act approved in the next recovery package in washington that would put 50 billion dollars in the child care programs to help providers safely reopen and operate. >>well happening tomorrow in the east bay, the contra costa board of supervisors may approve an ordinance that would establish fines for health order violations. this includes wearing face coverings social distancing and gatherings. the fine for individuals would range from 100 to $500 for noncommercial violations commercial violations range from 250 to $1000. well in the east bay, the cleanup continues in oakland this morning after what started as a peaceful protest ended with damage to the alameda county courthouse and police station. police say about 700 demonstrators took part. oakland police say at that 8 ers within the crowd of demonstrators cause such destruction. crews are at the courthouse yesterday boarding up broken windows covering up graffiti and just clearing out
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and cleaning up all the can police say the building was set on fire and vandalized vandals also targeted the oakland police department headquarters right there at 7th and broadway. you can see that there were broken windows and graffiti sprayed all over the walls. oakland police tweeted out a video this video shows a person just knocking down the barriers right in front of police headquarters. this comes after officers call for an unlawful assembly and asked the crowd to disperse police say the protesters started throwing projectiles at officers and even crossed over the barriers at one point. >>oakland mayor libby shaft is urging protesters not to be fooled and play into president trump's quote twisted campaign strategy. the mayor also said quote that vandalizing our downtown gives donald trump the images he wants and the justification, he seeks to seen to send federal troops into american cities. we can't be fooled and play into his twisted campaign strategy, those words from the mayor, she went on to say that we celebrate passionate protest. but oakland ers need to know
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that when they attend protests after dark. they might be providing cover for agitators who are intent on stoking civil unrest, advancing racial justice. the mayor's statement refers to president trump's suggestions last week that he would be sending federal agents to cities, including oakland, new york and chicago to help control protests. one oakland resident is that going the mayor's message steven loan fall was out surveying the damage at the courthouse on sunday morning. and he told kron 4 he's worried about the long-term effects of violent protest. >>well, my thought. or that people have a right to protest, but it is at the same time we have law and order and my concern is a long term it's going to backfire and for now it takes more dollars away from the services we need. and we're going to have to pay to clean the job we're going to have to pay to play. in a bullet proof glass shatter proof glass and all the
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windows and that he thinks going to pay for that. >>saturday's demonstration was organized to oppose the deployment of federal agents to handle protesters in various cities, it was mostly peaceful with an estimated 700 marchers in downtown oakland. and new this morning, portland police detained 2 people sunday night after a gunshot was fired near the protest in you know during the protest at the federal courthouse. >>protests over the in the city over systemic racism have been going on there for some 2 months now. police say they also discovered a bag loaded with rifle magazines and molotov cocktails in a park near the courthouse. now it's not clear this morning. if that gunshot was connected to that bag or the nearby demonstration. as police were securing the scene a gunshot victim was treated at the hospital for a non life threatening world. >>well as protesters take to the streets across the country in support of black lives matter movement. a group of equestrians also take a stand to the hills a burn county so for 2 hours the riders hit the
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trails with their horses there they are right there. the event was named heels down and fist up the goal is to bring attention to the diversity and inclusion in that industry while also supporting the black lives matter movement. >>reminds us that black americans have a really long history of equestrian said i heart of america is the cowboy. and like i said earlier black his nation, i'm seeing a lot of courage in my fellow americans. >>and i think we should follow their lead. >>well, the writers at sunday's event says it's important to highlight the diversity and unity in the u.s. at a time where the country is at a crossroads. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news after being shot down twice because of the pandemic lawmakers at the state capitol or back to work today with hundreds of proposals that they have to sort through. and after the break there are more than 4.2 million known cases of covid-19 in the u.s. according to johns hopkins university
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indulgent, delicious, irresistible., night; fancy feast makes delighting your cat delightfully easy. every recipe, every last detail; another fancy way to show your love. fancy feast. try savory centers. paté with a center of gravy! >>good morning, everybody happy monday to you have there let's go ahead and check the monday morning forecast with dave spahr who's joining us from the weather center. hi dave martin sherman d were pre she ate your respect thank you good job, think the live shot coming sfo here we're seeing some of that straddles cloudiness off of the the fog
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clouds off to the distance, however, no delays being reported there. so that's good news. >>temperatures we have a mixture of 50's mostly 50's some 60's poking out here 65 any awkward with city about 6060 also for san jose in the east bay shoreline is in the 60 ish department, the players we have going on here high pressure still going to do its thing for us we'll have the typical onshore winds but still warm you know what is in the summer to but this front to the north is actually going to give us a little minor relief as we're going to see the 90's be eradicated from our map wednesday into thursday a little bit looks like. so i mean it's moving slow wasn't is taking the scenic route to get down here we're going to some minor change with that. in the meantime for today the morning fog gives way to afternoon showers and thunder showers up there in the sierra now we're going to see the fog return again for tonight but not going to see this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon. those showers and thunder showers firing back up there again as that front starts to drop south and we have a little change happening in our weather future cast wind gusts here they go there you can see
5:16 am
all the east bay filling up with some of those winds again it's a nice little climate control actually brings in of the thicker marine layer for us by tuesday morning but contrast it with what we're going to see far in for the central valley where temperatures are going to pop more than 100 today. early week we're talking about morning fog and clouds sunny and warm for the afternoon. midweek is a little bit of a minor break as we see those high temperatures fall from the 90's to some of those upper 80's going on but today's going on here and then as we get to the weekend warming returns mostly sunny and again some more of those 90's to finish off week in the weekend 66 san francisco oakland 73. 83 for san jose getting a sample of wider out here we have some lower 90's and the board out there to conquer manioc santa rose only about 85 at 83 meanwhile for san jose all the warden hill get up above 90 today and 80's 70's for much of the peninsula, but cool 60's along the coast. when i'm on your 4 zone forecast for an hour
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robin is checking in the bay area traffic robin yes, more and more folks packing up rolling out the heading to work, here's a live look at traffic rolling into san francisco. >>and still looking good so far throughout the morning commute, it's just picking up so we have more folks coming in. but we still don't have any problems or hot spots we're off to a very quiet start and under 10 minutes for your average from the bottom of the maze over to the fremont street exit. let's head over to the san mateo bridge once again this morning it's our busiest the most crowded right now you see the crowd leaving hayward west of the tolls coming to a crawl here on the flat section but all is well up and over the high rise into foster city so nothing to stress out about under 30 minutes from hayward to send the tail party. >>all right rob. the number of known coronavirus cases here in the u.s. doubles about every month. that's according to john hops johns hopkins university. some leaders say that another round of stay at home orders may be necessary in some parts of the country. john lawrence has more. it's the start of a new week with an ongoing concern the
5:18 am
covid-19 pandemic. >>or on the very steep end of an exponential curve where rates of transmission rates of new cases of hospitalizations and deaths are shooting up in many parts of the country more than 4.2 million americans have been infected with the virus. according to johns hopkins university. and the centers for disease control and prevention published a forecast. >>that predicts up to 160,000 us deaths by mid august, you're going to keep seeing this research one place after another after another if we don't have a concerted national approach to this as work on a vaccine continues republicans in the senate are working with the white house on a new economic stimulus proposal we're talking about employment benefits and so forth. >>don't forget there's a $1200 check coming that is going to be part of the new package white house officials say the 1 trillion dollar recommendation includes $1200 checks for many americans and we want to make sure something gets passed quickly so that we
5:19 am
deal with the unemployment. >>and all the other issues paycheck protection plan, tax credits to rehire people and money for schools, i'm john lawrence reporting. >>and happening today, lawmakers at the state capitol are back at work the capital had been shut down twice recently because of the pandemic and now they have to put on a rush job they have 5 weeks to sort through pass or reject hundreds of proposals, including those aiming to address police brutality unemployment and housing. >>conversations in our house both as individual numbers of come to me caucus, obviously we don't we have huge to address this is a series of other those me we have significant things to do as a legislature before the in areas like education climate change the environment. >>well the capitol building is getting regular also mandatory temperature checks will be taken at the entrance to the capitol building.
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>>well the 20th annual hardly strictly bluegrass festival will take place this october but just not a golden gate park in san francisco. it-s got to be virtual and this year's festival will consist of an online stream of newly recorded performances. a little bit of old footage, some interviews and of course the history of the festival organizers are asking fans to contribute to the event by sending endure. favorite written video you know photo memories that you may be holding on to the theme of the virtual festival is let the music play on the free event scheduled for october 2nd through the 4th and you can watch those performances on the festival's website. we'll worry police are asking for the public's help in finding a driver responsible for hitting and killing a pedestrian. this happened saturday night along west 10th in eagle bury st. that's where emergency crews found a 60 year-old man hit by a pickup truck. he was taken to the hospital where he later died police still don't have much information on the driver
5:21 am
or the make or model of that truck, so if you have any information you're asked to call the deal worth police department. well to the north bay now a man is facing grand theft charges in vacaville police say flavia will the league us the lard he stole $1000 in merchandise sunday morning from the home depot on orange drive. nearby officer spotted stop the suspect's car to arrested him police say they recovered the stolen merchandise. >>happening today, the city of pittsburgh will be hosting a virtual groundbreaking ceremony for a mixed use development project take a look at a rendering of the high-density development project now they're calling this the atchison and it's less than half a mile from the pittsburgh bart station. it will include 200 apartments and 13,000 square feet of commercial space city officials are planning to hold a small ground breaking ceremony at 10 o'clock this morning. of course with proper physical distancing npp ease a virtual ceremony will also he be held via zoom. and let's
5:22 am
take you to a live look over washington dc this morning. that's where representative john lewis's casket is in washington now after spending the weekend in alabama. a motorcade will bring lose his body through a washington d c. >>and it will eventually lie in state later today at the capitol rotunda, memorial services for the representative will and in georgia on thursday where he will be laid to rest and we'll be right back.
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>>welcome back everyone to the north bay now many people are now visiting a black lives matter art exhibit that recently went up at the sonoma church. the art installation called pray their name sits right next to first congregational church representing a graveside for the many lives lost at the hands of police kron four's taylor sackey takes a look. >>160 hearts state into the ground. each one representing a black life lost at the hands of law enforcement the art installation can pray their names was recently built outside of first congregational church in sonoma prayer being whether that's walking meditation. >>grieving crime, raging whatever the emotion prayers that space to. >>to feel whatever if you think i'm skating morrison is the artist behind the idea and one of the many contributors to the project that's now catching people's attention was riding my bicycle around town and i saw this and i thought. >>i have to stop i mean it
5:26 am
just it takes my breath away it's like almost being in a. a graveyard. >>and it's really sobering to see beautiful and it's also really sad like as i was looking at and reading their names. i think the thing that struck me the most is i wish i could just like. >>talk to these people in person and that they were a name on a heart because they were killed for the color of their skin at the installation in large sign explaining its purpose. >>in a qr code to scan with your phone to learn more about each of these names while martin luther king junior wasn't killed by police. orson says his name was included to create an entry point for the exhibit and mattel which. >>with recall things for a lot of people who have been living in the world for a long time that's 1955. and then medgar evers from there the installation jumps to the deaths after 2014 and some hearts remain blank with no names we know there's so many more. >>traumatic experiences that happen to people every day
5:27 am
whether they result in death or not that are told for justice. >>sadness and i was really glad that they had some that are not named because there's so many stories we go now. if this is out of areas. >>somber the art installation will remain here in sonoma until august 14th from there it will travel to other churches across the bay area and even make its way to reno, nevada in sonoma tiller be sackey kron 4 news. >>starting today if you fly southwest airlines, don't leave home without your mask, they are enforcing it, we'll te ice how stiff clothes can feel rough on your skin?
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>>good morning welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news, thanks so much for joining us. >>yes happy monday, let's get an update on that monday forecast now with meteorologist dave spahr today. marty and robin good morning, good morning, everybody and checking in with warning glaze of the golden gate we get some more sun and your pricey the stratus up above us here but as you can see people orderly going up to the north bay here as we can see 50's upper 50's that that light lining up in the east bay shoreline 61 for fremont. >>up to the north bay mid-fifties a 65 for can 58 for concord at this hour we're actually getting more real estate that is falling under the slightly behind category just a little bit. that's good news of the afternoon winds though that we've talked about because they're going to keep our temperatures controlled this afternoon. we're still see the same kind of pattern we saw over the weekend. but
5:31 am
this will keep temperatures from advancing more so then we know if we didn't have these central valleys looking at numbers to go beyond 100 now coming up in the next couple of days, we're going to see a bigger change happen. that's going to bring down those temperatures into the 80's. it looks like everywhere around the bay area we've got 66 going on at 09:00am by high noon at 81 again still some lower 90's to be had. we're take a look at that in your 4 zone forecast and also check that extended to marty all right dave thanks a lot of us get to some breaking news. we're following from overnight. one person is dead another in the hospital following a shooting in antioch it happened about 7 and had a 7.11 store about 1230 this morning. a woman was shot as she sat in the passenger seat of a car in the parking lot. she died at the scene. a man in the driver's seat was in that same car was also shot, he's being treated at an area hospital his condition not known this morning. police believe that the victims were targeted and they're still looking for the shooter this morning. and now
5:32 am
to a big story that we're following for you this morning more airlines are strengthening their mats requirement this week, let's check in with kron four's will tran. >>who is live at the airport sfo with the latest well. >>robin 2 airlines this week, the first one being today, southwest airlines they're having a mask policy as soon as you walk into the airport, a new deal with customer service at the ticket counter and then most certainly of course if you hop on a plane, you are required to wear a mask, no exceptions, southwest airlines they're saying that they understand that some people might have medical problems that prevent them from wearing a mask what makes this policy a little bit different than other policies. they don't care. if you have a doctor's note they're saying they're following strict guidelines by the cdc and now once those guidelines change and things get a little bit better then you can come back and they hope you come back to them but in the meantime they're trying to keep their
5:33 am
employees and their travelers safe and that is why they have a 100% mask policy if you don't have amassed they will give you one, if you refuse to wear a mask. you are not allowed to hop onto a plane. southwest airlines today on wednesday american airlines would do the same thing they're having a mask policy as well. though looking at it i don't see that there are as stringent as southwest airlines are not saying if you have a medical condition that you will not be allowed on to the plane. so you might want to check american airlines before you get to the airport. but the bottom line is the airlines they are trying their very best to get customers back a lot of customers robin marty they still feel unsafe about hopping onto the planes and they're doing all that they can to get business back which of course we know it's not even close to what it was prepandemic you can clearly see the counter behind me, everybody has their masks,
5:34 am
including me. it is the new norm moving forward southwest airlines by the way they're not putting people in the center seat just yet they're not saying that it's a policy for them that they won't do that we do know that united and american airlines already putting people and the center seat back to you all right take those mass with you thank you all thank you for the update marty. >>robin college students across the country will not be taking a in person classes, this fall and because of that many of them are left in a tough spot. if they can't break their leases for off campus housing. now students who live on campus received some housing refunds but those who live off campus have been left in the lurch they aren't paying rent or act rather they are pain ran for an empty apartment. you see a berkeley senior edward huang he signed a lease for an apartment before the pandemic back in november of last year. but then when the campus said it was going to close in the spring semester. he notified his landlord and says the lease says that he must pay 6
5:35 am
months rent to end the lease. so now many other students are in the same predicament. they're desperately trying to figure out a legal way out. >>i don't know about them all the way back in april of this year that i wanted to terminate but since then there hasn't been any successful negotiations i most likely be forced to declare bankruptcy because i'm i'm just a coming out of college, there's no possible way. island would be able to pay $30,000 to terminate the leases the hasn't even started yet we're seeing here today. it's really. >>an unfortunate consequence of the pandemic in its effect on our economy rental housing providers have significant financial obligations. mortgages property taxes payroll their own staff. >>yes, a state lawmakers are calling on the state and federal government to prioritize rent relief for landlords. >>linda beach playfield in piedmont is closed until
5:36 am
further notice because of an ongoing failure to follow covid-19 health orders. the last straw may have been an episode mention an e-mail from the city. so it's set on july 10th, the city of piedmont park ambassador and counted more than 60 adults playing soccer at beach filled the players were not practicing social distancing and not wearing face coverings when asked to do so players were not willing to abide by safety protocols and they challenge the park and acid are using vulgar language. city officials have not said when they expect to reopen the failed but they are thinking about more enforcement measures. >>now to the east bay where pleasantville police are looking for an suv and the driver involved in a hit and run crash that happened friday night. the driver was hit by the hit by the suv was not seriously injured. the crash happened on contra costa boulevard near concord avenue in pleasant hill. police say the driver of that and 2000 model, a ford explorer ran a red light hit the victim's car also damaged city property and
5:37 am
then drove onto southbound interstate 6.80 police are asking if you have any information to call and give them a call pleasant hill police. >>well happening tomorrow in the east bay union city is thinking about to tax measure options for the november ballot as they brace for major budget shortfall they are a public safety parcel tax that ends in june of next year. and a half cent sales tax that is in effect until march 2025 city leaders say the coronavirus pandemic and shelter-in-place restrictions resulted in a drastic drop in revenues and independent consultants 10 year financial forecasts estimates that if no additional funding resources are put in place or services. reduce union city will depleted 17 million dollar general fund raisers in just 3 years. still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news celebrating the life of the civil rights icon the late congressman cross the edmund pettus bridge in selma, alabama. >>one last time how people are
5:38 am
remembering him. and next the giants take on the dodgers and allay we have the highlights coming up after the break. a look outside from a cloudy abarca darryl in san francisco. it's going to be nice day we have to get rid of the morning clouds but we will get some sunshine later on this afternoon, thanks for
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call 1.877.only.att >>good morning. we're back with bay area baseball, the giants hey how about that they're on a two-game winning
5:41 am
streak as they beat the dodgers again and split the four-game series in la let's get right to the highlights for you 30 any not darin ruf singles to left and that would give the giants leaves on into left field and then we move into the 6th inning the game is tied at one murray cod bon lives a single to left over that donovan solano comes into score that would give the giants the lead they would tack on another run in the 7th in san francisco goes on to win against violent final 3 to one john's will host a pod race tomorrow night, the first home game of the season is pay off for the giants first pitch set at oracle park at 6.45 stores. >>now in oakland, the a's jumped out to an early lead against the angels and they made it to hold first inning matt can and will single to right there. it is that would score 2 runs give the a's a three-run lead in the first later on in the first robbie grossman world which chip in with an rbi single in the a's with score 5 runs in the first inning and they would hang on to win by a final of 6 to 4
5:42 am
the angels and a's will go at it one more time today at the coliseum first pitch set for 1240 day fast, okay morning, we're looking at high temperatures in the inland valleys reaching into the 80's. yes, only the the well have a couple spots there. >>but by the middle of little cool down happening we'll take a look at the 4 zo us...
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so, we switched back to tide. one wash, stains are gone. kind of like our quiet time. [daughter: slurping] what are you doing? don't pay for water. tide is concentrated with three times the active cleaning ingredients. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. >>welcome back everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 4 morning news, it's time for another update
5:45 am
on your forecast we need to see how the week it's going to shape up so let's check in with a man who has all the answers states for a okay good san jose. this is what we have from mister douglas here looks like it's a pretty good i we have for just a category one storm. this is the wine islands you can see it looks like it just skirting here off to the west at about to exit the region. there is a category one, but it's pressure is down to 9.87, which is a a pretty good for just a category one. and it looks like it's going to hold together it in for much of the week ahead as a tropical system now because of tropical storm pretty quickly now even by later on this afternoon evening and that lingers as a tropical storm front looks
5:46 am
like the remainder of the exiting as a tropical low going in the middle of nowhere that's where like a good place for it with all that temperatures today, 104 bakersfield one or 2 for fresno 99 for sacramento, 66 for san francisco 74 l a x and 80 meanwhile for san diego. 4 zone forecast 66 going on for san francisco, 65 daly city and pacifica also half moon bay, northern end of the peninsula about 70 or so millbrae and burlingame at 75. we'll get some lower 80's down here to palo alto in redwood city meanwhile in the south bay got the lower 80's 92 from morgan hill 85 for milpitas east bay shoreline we get to the south upper 70's we've got 89 livermore 88 pleasanton and 88 for walnut creek 91 for concord 68 for berkeley and 74 richmond appear the north bay we got 94 fairfield 95 vacaville 82 napa and sonoma 86 with 85 for santa rosa, slight cooling will happen by the middle of the week it looks like that means we'll
5:47 am
radack 8 those 90's and it will be 80's in the wednesday into thursday and then a little bit of a warming we're covering a more summer-like weather into the weekend robin has a bay area traffic. >>traffic is off to a great start i don't see any big problems out there but i'm noticing that every time we take a peek at the bridge. we get more and more traffic rolling into san francisco so picking up but not bad and all sloping it's still a great trip here so come on in under 10 minutes from the bottom of the maze off to the fremont street exit in san francisco. so that's a really good average. all right over to the richmond sandra fell still trouble free. we haven't had any problems so far so if you need to use it do it now it's a great trip into the north bay an easy connection to one oh one and then checking want to one across the golden gate bridge still smooth and at the limit with no problems so far into or out of san francisco. well happening today, a covid-19 vaccine will interface 3 of testing here in the u.s. the vaccine is being developed by the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases and the biotech company moderna now in
5:48 am
this phase of the trial 30,000 volunteers will test whether the vaccine protects people against the virus phase one of the studies show that the vaccine triggered an immune response side effects from the vaccine included fatigue chills and muscle pain. this vaccine as part of an operation warp speed which is meant to develop a vaccine as quickly as possible. >>and also happening today, the oakland zoo will start greeting visitors will be open to members only today and tomorrow, then it will open to the general public on wednesday. now you must reserve a ticket online to go to the zoo. visitors are being asked to come to the zoo only with members of your own household. and any guest older than 3 years expected required to actually wear face coverings guest are also being told to practice social distancing as well. now the indoor exhibits are still closed but food and drinks will be available to buy. about another big story we're following this monday morning. the american consulate general
5:49 am
in the chinese city of chengdu is now officially shut down the american flag outside the building was lowered at dawn this morning, china ordered the u.s. to close that site last week after washington made a similar move forcing the chinese consulate in houston to close as well. both sides have accused each other of endangering national security. >>well happening today, the body of representative john lewis will lie in state at the u.s. capitol lewis was a civil rights icon who marched with doctor martin luther king junior. he died on july 17th after a battle with cancer. lewis served in congress for more than 30 years on sunday, his body travel in a procession across selma, alabama as edmund pettus bridge a horse drawn carriage carried his flag-draped coffin through selma, while family members walked right there alongside it. the bridge is where police beat lewis and other activists 55 years ago when they march for voting rights. the violent and historic day became known as blood e sunday. this time
5:50 am
state troopers met the coffin as a sign of respect. lewis was known to visit the bridge each year and this was the start of a six-day tribute to the civil rights icon. >>president trump will be the first president in over a century to not throw out an opening pitch at a baseball game. in a yesterday afternoon the president said that because of his strong focus on quote the china virus and scheduled meetings on vacancy on vaccines rather the economy and the economy he's not going to be able to travel to new york to throw out opening pitch ball at yankee stadium, you plan to do it. on august 15th, the president instead says he'll throw first pitch later in the season. for your money this morning, the highest average price for regular grade across the country right here in the bay area $3.27 a gallon. the average us price for a regular gallon of inched up just a bit less than a penny over the past couple weeks to $2.25 a gallon now that's $0.56 below
5:51 am
the average pump price from a year ago and the smallest increase we've seen in prices since late april oil prices have remained stable and there's an abundant supply of us gasoline to meet the the lowest average price for gas is in baton rouge louisiana at a $1.79 a gallon. >>we'll take a look at this see that a man just trusting aboard a homemade raft had to be rescued friday from san pablo bay. the chp got a call from the coast guard for its rescue chopper after a man was spotted about a mile and a half from shore just drifting right there in the middle san pablo bay between put all in hercules a good samaritan tried to help this man but gave up because of the high winds and the cold water temperatures but the chp was able to rescue the man who was a bit cold but otherwise uninjured. >>don't see that every day weny a police rescued a kitten from a storm drain sunday here. kitty kitty officers hurt meow ing right here in east 18th and. >>the era coming from the
5:52 am
drain and of course with the help of public works they were able to rescue the cat which they promptly named meanwhile, of course of your police say that what's nemo is checked out by animal services she will be up for adoption and it looks like she likes >>all right, it's going to take a live look outside a woman creek this time around we're traffic's move that moving still some overcast there but really not too bad. dave will be al ♪ book two separate qualifying stays and earn a free night.
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for when it matters most this monday morning. thank you so much for joining us, let's go ahead and get a check of the forecast with a spark. >>hey good morning morning, good morning, everybody we're still dealing with those overcast skies going on at the bay bridge here. this will probably clear out though we've been seeing some other shots kind of clearing out more quickly than we would have soon with a a set up like this it looks like in the models it will get worse in the next hour or so before mixing out going to a mostly sunny mode which on balance we're going to see today tomorrow. the difference is going to be by the middle of the week we have a slow-moving system here is taking the scenic route and that's going to bring down temperatures a little bit so far progress we're racing ahead in antioch at 65, but everybody else is into the 50's you'll notice a san jose at 61 as well and we'll see 80's all over the place will couple 90's will be popping up here and there, here's what's going on in the contrast from 24 hours ago slightly cooler around the immediate they warmer as you can see inland. lining up free today, we're at 65 by 09:00am
5:56 am
by high noon at 80. this is noting the clouds at 06:00am the fog clouds and again that should be clearing up within the next couple of hours, robin. >>all right. thank you dave coming up in the next hour police are searching for the driver who crashed into 4 cars leaving severe damage overnight. we're live in san jose with an update on what happens plus more airlines are strengthening mass requirements this week we're live at sfo with the latest details from southwest and american airlines and the city of san francisco is expanding its slow streets program to help more businesses during the pandemic and we're taking a live look outside before we go checking in on a very busy and very crowded san mateo bridge. it's really stacked up right now from the east bay over to the peninsula. so if you want to join these folks just get out there a little early. we don't have any traffic problems are hot spots for the morning commute is picking up here at the bay bridge we're just now starting to see a minor weights and some of the lanes here into san francisco, but overall very quiet across
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 6. >>good morning. everybody, thanks so much for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, it is monday july 27th, i'm marty gonzales happy monday to you i'm robin winston and we need update on that monday forecast so let's head over to dave's farm standing by with an update good morning david good morning robin marty good morning, everybody, a bay
6:00 am
bridge toll plaza shot there is fog clouds linger around that typical stratus for the morning hours. >>model say it is going to be a little worse in the next hour or so before it starts to mix out getting approaching about the noon hour. but we'll do a pretty clearing. good job. even at the coast of this afternoon now we have 59 for hayward currently 59 oakland. hodge podge of some 50's up there the north bay but antioch stands out at 6361 by the way san jose and for comparison sake were trailing a few degrees around the immediate days, those inland valleys, the temperatures are holding a little nicer 74 10:00am by one word, 85 and generally speaking most inland highs will be in the 80's today but will be some 90's out there today tomorrow. but a slow moving system will bring some slightly cooler temperatures all way we'll take a closer look at that coming up in a bit. rob. thank you dave. now to some breaking news that we're following for you from overnight, one person is dead and another is in the hospital. >>after a shooting in antioch this happened at a 7.11 around


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