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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 27, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>>of doses of by this fall and they have available by next year biotech firm moderna and the national institutes of health are testing their vaccine. it 89 sites across the u.s.. >>volunteers won't be told whether they're getting the vaccine or a placebo them and aaron, and i h back seen as one of 25 in trials around the world to curtail the pandemic meanwhile in washington national security adviser robert o'brien has tested positive for covid-19 as virus cases rise in many states google announces employees may work from home until at least july 2021. just as congress negotiates a new stimulus package. all of this news making this moment, so very critical. >>and this reaction understandable. in washington, i'm stacey cohan reporting. >>meanwhile vice president mike pence says the vaccine. researchers are rushing to develop we'll be safe. recent
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polls suggest some americans will not get a vaccine because they simply don't trust it when asked about that today, the vice president said regulators will not overlook safety just to get a vaccine approved quickly. 3 clinical trials that begin. >>to date 8, 9, sites across the country with modern are just one of the phase 3 clinical trials will begin in the days ahead, but the american people can be confident. will be no. let me no short cuts that will be no. cutting corners on safety. and the development of this vaccine. >>doctor stephen hahn says his agency is streamlining approval by reviewing results in real time. instead of the traditional approach of waiting until the end of trials to begin that process. this thursday will mark exactly 6 months since the world health organization declared covid-19 a public
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health emergency. nearly 16 million cases have been reported worldwide and more than 600,000 people have died in the pandemic of course is far from over the head of the w h o says it is accelerating and the number of cases has doubled in the last 6 weeks. the u.s. did not declare a national emergency until march 13th about 2 months after the world health organization issued its alert. senate republicans said the white house are debuting their version of a new covid stimulus package. the house passed a democratic version about 2 months ago, but until now senate republicans have not been able to agree amongst themselves on how to move forward kron four's washington dc correspondent morgan wright reports. >>we just want to make sure this is a package that need that corresponds to the crisis mayor going congressman jamie raskin says house democrats are concerned the republicans plan won't be enough to help the country battle the house and economic fallout of the
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virus are people need the money now our hospitals need the money now our schools need the money now a sticking point for both sides the now expiring $600 weak unemployment bonus helping nearly 40 million americans they wanted to move to $600 a week on the federal supplements side to a $100 which is a nonstarter for us democrats are still pushing for the heroes act they passed him a which includes an extension for the benefits republicans say that's just too expensive. >>we want to make sure what the expiring unemployment insurance we have the technical fact so people don't get paid more to stay home than they do to work treasury secretary steven mnuchin says the current unemployment assistance must be faced to get people back to work is all about kids in jobs. white house economic adviser larry kudlow says they're 1 trillion dollar plan includes more direct payments to americans got to put the 1200. >>dollar checks out which for a family of 4 can be
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significantly higher with the congressional recess, looming next month both democrats and republicans will have to negotiate something quickly reporting in washington, i'm morgan wright. >>the body of the late representative john lewis is now at the u.s. capitol in washington lawmakers, civil rights leaders and others gathered today's lewis's casket was escorted into the rotunda where he now lies in state. president trump says he was not going to attend the ceremony and as a precaution due to the pandemic a public viewing will happen outside in front of the capitol on the steps there lewis will lie in state in the georgia state capitol on wednesday thursday there will be a service in atlanta, followed by his burial. lewis died at the age of 80 following a 6 month battle with cancer. our 4 zone forecast time as we talked weather on this monday meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is standing by with the 4 zone forecast bree said here we go another work week
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another work weekend very seasonal pattern out there right now in the bay area rinse and repeat we're noticing the return of that marine layer streaming through san francisco international airport. >>starting to notice the clouds saw king in most of the coast, especially for those of you throughout the san francisco peninsula coastline, widespread 50's and 60's there 70's as you make your way inland but 80's in the tri valley is in antioch still warm out there at 92 degrees but also tracking low 80's for those of you nevado getting some light breezy winds out of the north so typical offshore flow pattern there. but you are a few degrees warmer right now than santa rosa, currently in the mid 70's, a very unique microclimate forecast out there in the bay area overnight lows tonight low to mid 50's along the san francisco peninsula coastline with widespread upper 50's as you make your way inland and taking a look at your microclimate tuesday outlook we are going to notice a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day so not going to be as clear as it was today by the afternoon downtown san francisco, 65 degrees. 2
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degrees below average but very seasonable weather overall for most of our coastal areas have to invade 65 degrees could even wake up to some light patchy coastal drizzle as well brisbane in the mid 60's as a san bruno below 70's for those of you from millbrae to burlingame winds out of the west-southwest so we are going to get a little bit of that cool sea breeze 20 miles per hour or less san mateo in the mid 70's, upper 70's for those of you in palo alto and mountain view with widespread low to mid 80's for most of the south bay near seasonal weather for those of you in san jose in the mid 80's. milpitas and santa clara low 80's for your tuesday afternoon highs but livermore once again a little bit toasty there in the low 90's at 91 degrees very little change from today's daytime highs and richmond in the low 70's with conquered also feeling that warm weather in the low 90's but triple digit heat for those of you in vacaville, most of sonoma county are going to be in the low to mid 90's antioch 95 degrees. napa
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81 in santa rosa 85 degrees for your tuesday afternoon cooling down to near average by the middle of the week and hard to believe a grant but august starts this saturday going to see some warming mainly for inland valleys, but overall near average highs along the coast in the 60's and back in the 70's for the east bay shoreline back to you thank of races still to come tonight, the new requirements follow if you want to board a southwest flight. >>also a new app could help health workers in contact tracing aimed at curbing the spread of the pandemic and aft
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target announced today it will close on thanksgiving day this year, the company says historically deal hunting and holiday shopping can be in crowded event said. this is not the year for crowds said quote instead target we'll offer holiday shopping deals that will start in october, closing on thanksgiving has been a source of tension between retailers and labor advocates in the past a lot of big box stores have been opening on the holiday to try to get a jump on black friday, wal-mart announced last week that it will be closing on thanksgiving saying its workers have really stepped up this year and they should be able to enjoy the day with their families. starting today, southwest airlines is requiring all passengers to wear masks. the airline says even if you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask you are not allowed to fly. during
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this time the airline says it's doing all it can to keep its employees and customers safe. american airlines will also enforce the mask rule at all times starting wednesday. meanwhile, some airlines like united have started putting people in the middle seat as people fly during the pandemic still it back to school just and
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so many kids face the reality of learning from home as this school year approaches there are some hidden costs of virtual learning that parents should know about kron four's jonathan mccall to talk to a personal finance expert. so one of the inherent cost that we're seeing out there is that some families are having to pay for private day care which can be very very expensive. >>if there's not a family option that's available. in addition to some folks don't have computers and i just have one computer so the technology costs can be staggering there are benefits out there you can go to benefits dot gov for example to apply for free laptop, but the technology costs nutrition is a big thing some some students rely very heavily on nutrition via school. so you can't might be hit in the fridge or 8 or more often than not. the technology in day care and big ones right are there other places are there are other offers other specials where people can go to try and get as much information on. >>how to offset some of these costs that they're now in
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current. that's a big one i mean i'd say the first place that you want to go is check with the school sometimes we'll have some programs or grants that they're tied into that couldn't give your child a free laptop or. >>ipad. but that some that's the that the primary places you want to go to school first see if there's any programs there and applied to different foundations if you google top 15 places to get to a laptop computer there are several foundations and organizations that are out there that are offering free laptops and free technology for families. by the way that interview first ran on our digital streaming service kronon it is available for download in the app store. >>the pay wall has been dropped during the pandemic. contact tracing is an important tool to try to help stop the spread of covid but a new study suggests 2 things are standing in the way of it being most effective mandy gaither has more in today's health minute. >>it's considered the gold standard for fighting the
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pandemic contact tracing requires testing of all people who may be infected isolating those who are and then tracking down others who may have been exposed to someone infected been testing and isolating them as well. but a new study suggests quick covid testing and quick reporting at those results are crucial keys to making this to work the researchers say app based contact tracing methods are more effective only 2 that contact tracing to actually help the virus back to cnn senior international correspondent fred pleitgen is familiar with at base contact tracing after having to be tested for covid-19 while working in germany, it's like tested positive, i would put it on the stimulus of coronavirus accurate not this was a time right now they haven't had contact with anyone who is high risk but i think that you do that to make sure others will be in contact with know whether or not they
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tested it in a positive the researchers say ap technology could keep the virus from rapidly spreading even with the delay in testing of not more than 2 days long and 80% of people exposed are tested at their contacts traced for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. >>all right let's talk weather as we get a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero pretty. >>nice day here in the bay meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with a look at the forecast. hi mabrisa fader grant yeah we were a few degrees below average today in downtown san francisco 64 no one complaining though in fact your average. >>for most areas away from the coast but center is a few degrees below normal for you getting a little bit of that cool sea breeze warming you up to 79 degrees when you should be in the mid 80's, but we are tracking a warming trend for your tuesday from now until then though. >>tracking the return of that marine layer know sky july out there along the bay area coastline expected to make its
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way inland during the overnight hours and we are going to notice a deepening marine layer, especially along the coast of the san francisco peninsula could see traces amount of rain and measurable amounts of drizzle as well until we noticed drier conditions and better clearing by your tuesday afternoon brafman bay. you could easily pick up about a 10th of an inch of rain or less really traces amount everywhere else mainly around the bay area's shoreline temperatures out there right now quite the spread 50's 60's 70's, 80's and yes, even 90's as you make your way inland. the warmest city antioch 92 degrees but in the upper 50's for downtown san francisco and half moon bay. thanks to the return of that marine layer and that cool sea breeze so current wind speeds out there right now 23 miles per hour sustained winds with gusts upwards of about 25 miles per hour for downtown san francisco, a little bit breezy for oakland and fairfield seeing wind speeds in that 20 mile per hour range, but fortunately, well below advisory level overnight lows tonight widespread low to mid
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and upper 50's but antioch cooling down to 66 degrees after being in the 90's today in fact still in the 90's out there right now for this 5 o'clock hour. tomorrow's daytime highs, slightly warmer than today. but overall near average along the coast and east bay shoreline. a few degrees above average of 4 to 5 degrees above normal for most of the tri valley is especially antioch warming up to 95 degrees but near normal temperatures for santa rosa and even san jose in the mid 80's for your tuesday afternoon. but we are going to notice amid we dip in temperatures near average highs will continue and then by this weekend back in the 90's primarily for those of you in the tri valleys but fortunately, no major heat waves in sight grant back to you. >>sounds good. thank of greece's next why a 99 year-old california woman is 99 year-old woman
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in riverside is now in the record books as the world's oldest flight instructor and pilot. >>for being aussie gave her final flight lesson yesterday at the riverside airport check or out. according to the guinness book of world records that makes her the oldest pilot ever to give a lesson robbie has been teaching people out of fly for decades, she says teaching just never got all for her and her students say her experience really counts. >>love getting people to experience what it's not. a it
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is not good. >>she taught me a few things up there that i haven't learned in well over a 1000 hours and it was kind of neat getting a new perspective from somebody has just been flying so long. >>and she has experience about the previous record holder was a 98 year-old man in iowa. young whippersnapper there. the oakland zoo greeted visitors again today after it's been closed since the beginning of this mass the zoo is now open for members today and tomorrow and it will open to the general public wednesday officials with the zoo say the reopening really is a lifeline in its quest to stay viable thought they might have to close for good. tickets are available online and you have to wear a mask, whenever you're in the park. the pandemic is keeping a lot of people in senior living centers isolated alone, one assisted living director in nevada wanted to do something
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about that so she started a pen pal program that has become really popular elizabeth hur deal reports. >>i'm eric california stage cash, nevada. >>adrian toward naming the locations of where these letters are piling in from she's the life enrichment director carson valley senior living either one lorraine had asked tennessee seniors here getting dozens of letters a day and all it took was a simple facebook post bring straws he and susan riley are one of many seniors taking part of the facilities new pen pal program. employee snap their picture and highlight a few of their favorite things want to say we received over a 100 letters. >>we've had about 4 care packages come in between crossword puzzles secular plants war didn't think the facility would get this overwhelming response the side of the penthouse july 6 and the post went viral. within a week we had over 40,000 people reach out to susan and marine already respond back to their new pow stan web poll just from my him running into it
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yet he wrote right back to the winds. she writes, but you know you have to wait. you know maleah's ward says these new form friendships are much needed right now the facilities scale down on the station hours since the pandemic have that constant writing keeps their mind going and they just love getting that attention and knowing that there are people out there. during this pandemic that people do care and it shows. being a pen pal has been around for a while it's not a new form of communication after a lot of writing but these letters or words of comfort to help navigate through difficult times. >>elizabeth hur dell reporting there by the way if you'd like to be involved with this pen pal group look for carson valley senior living on facebook. well found she's got a fastball kind that's doctor anthony fauci everybody knows him. he wasn't great last week when he threw out the first pitch at the washington nationals season opener
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regardless he is something of a national treasure at least according to some people and this country he threw out the first he's a nationals fan even though he's from new york. he missed the catcher by a country mile it was actually sean doolittle the former who was back behind the plate even so he captured the hearts of baseball fans at least some of them and he has his own topps baseball card. you see him live picture right there of course wearing a mask in front of the country. the company said today that this now is its best-selling card in the history of tops. it's a collection, it's a limited edition card. it was only on sale for 24 hours last weekend get this more than 51,000 fauci fans grab them up when they were available online. last week i wonder what they'll sell for it i think 5 bucks a card if you bought it on the site then but maybe maybe can mark it up and sell them on e-bay that wraps up
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kron 4 news at 5. thank you for being with us this hour. but our coverage continues at the top of the hour with kron four's catherine keenan ahead at 6 lawmakers in washington unveiled their second stimulus proposal. >>what is included in the next round of checks for americans in what's being taken away. plus thousands of volunteers go into a vaccine trial today in the fight against covid keep it here kron 4 news at 6 is coming up next. news at 6.
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>>and now it's 6 new relief for struggling americans might soon be coming it could include another round of stimulus checks but cuts to unemployment benefits and more than 100 billion for reopening schools. the relief funding all part of a 1 trillion dollar package. a proposed today by senate republicans. thank you for joining us, everyone, i'm catherine heenan the republican plan comes as we're hasson more troubling milestones in the pandemic more than 650,000 people have died over across the world. more than 147,000 of them in the u.s. whitney wild has more. >>this is a bill about back to school back to childcare back to work. >>senate republicans unveiling their newly


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