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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 28, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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they could have the players literally staying in their home tonight, i'll explain coming up in a live report. >>plus weny's bay county could be next in the bay area to begin fining people for violating local health orders will have a story. >>today marks one year since the gilroy garlic festival mass shooting in live at christmas hill park with the details on an event that honors the victims. >>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 6. >>good morning. thank you so much for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news, it is tuesday july 28th, good morning, everybody i'm marty gonzales and i'm robin winston let's get an update on that tuesday forecast we have dave spahr standing by hi dave martin robin good morning and good morning everybody we're taking a live shot of the bay bridge now that we have the sunshine joining us here you can see the overcast fog clouds left over but up against the east bay hills, same kind of picture a scene
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up and tip are on to deal with that north bay fog that's overhead. so for that fog actually thickening up a little bit the next couple of hours a little coastal drizzle is also possible with that mixing out looks like very nicely as we get into about 10 o'clock or so get in the sun over good piece of geography temperature check we're in the 50's for the north bay 62, antioch it's still very early not much so working yet. 57 conquered livermore 5660 meanwhile for open with 59 for hayward the current winds, a little little bit of a breeze this is going to testify later today bring in that onshore wind and the overnight. fog for you tomorrow morning 70 going on at 10:00am it should be pretty clear at least in the east bay inland areas, 85 by one slight little dip in temperatures the next 2 days and then a warm up into the weekend we'll be getting more into that just a bit right a robin has a look at a hot spot going on rob, i do indeed it's often the santa cruz mountains on highway 17 we have emergency crews working with an overturned big rig this
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happened around 5.30 south 17 before the summit. >>it looks like the driver of the rig crashed into the hill. that big rig flipped onto its side and the latest update from chp is that both southbound lanes are now blocked so at this point they're turning around traffic because you can't even squeeze by so southbound 17 before the summit, a traffic alert just issued for the southbound lanes and this overturned big rig. no mention of the northbound side that's the commute direction. so far if you're heading north coming from the santa cruz mountains. into the south bay you'll be fine for now, but southbound definitely hold off on that trip or even consider some alternate routes like maybe highway 9 or 35 it depends on where you go and i'll stay on top of this we'll have more details coming up a little bit later. >>let's get to the news this morning happening today it marks one year since 19 year-old gunman opened fire at the gilroy garlic festival killing 3 people and injuring several others today, the community will come together
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to remember and honor the lives lost let's check in with kron 4 sarah stinson who joins us live from dia right with an update sarah. >>the gilroy community has been healing from the gilroy garlic festival mass shooting all year long it has not been an easy road in that road continues with the healing process, but today's a day to remember the victims a day to honor the heroes, the 3 police officers who stopped the gunman from continuing to try and kill more people here at the festival at christmas hill park if i remember being here there was cars scattered everywhere because people just took up and we're running to safety fbi was scattered all along the streets as well and today, it's called the event is called rising together. this is a time of healing. this is a time to remember and to try and you know continue to heal together exactly one
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year after a 19 year-old man used an assault rifle to. kill people at the festival fire into the crowd 3 victims were killed including a 6 year-old boy and 19 more victims were wounded before gilroy police department officers sprinted towards the gunman then shot him several times before he then shot himself now the fbi's domestic terrorism investigation is still ongoing at this point in time a year later we do not know the motive but we do know that the gunman targeted the gilroy garlic festival he came in prepared. he was trying to shoot and kill as many people as he could though those 3 horowitz police officers from the gilroy police department stopped the gunfire from continuing they will all be honored tonight and they will all receive medals victims will be speaking about their experiences as well an attempt to continue to heal. i think speaking about it and working
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together to try and you know go everyone's going through a similar thing in talking about it helps now throughout the year they've been trying to heal as well there's a resiliency center that provides counseling and art therapy for different ways there for people to work through their trauma. hundreds of people have been affected by this tragedy and in the words of santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen, he said that you can't ever a race what happened it's like a wound but as the wound heals it leaves a scar so they're working to a deal with that scar and the event rising together is tonight at 5.15 and don't worry it's being streamed so you can stay at home stay safe and you can still experience this event we have a link to that on our website as we know the gilroy garlic festival was canceled this year due to coronavirus but officials say they look forward to it being next year and in the meantime this is said to time of healing. for now live in gilroy sarah
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stinson kron 4 news all right sir, thanks for that live report from gilroy where she'll be throughout the morning giving us updates robin. >>we're continuing to track the coronavirus cases all across the bay area check out the numbers on your screen. >>currently there are over 47,000 cases and over 745 deaths, we're still seeing the most cases in alameda county with over 10,000 infections. but the virus has been deadliest in the santa clara county which has a 184 deaths if you like to see a full breakdown of the cases by county and city you can always find it on our website just head over to kron 4 dot com. well to the north bay now coronavirus cases continue to climb at san quentin state prison. 537 people at the prison have the virus and more than half of them or prison staff we're told staff are given were given in 95 masks as they enter the prison each day and they're being tested every 14 days so far only 78 have returned to work.
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>>we no longer have the luxury of confining thousands of people and quite tightly closed spaces. and thinking that it will only impact their public health and their public safety. this impacts us all i think one of the biggest and justice is done. was to call the san quentin outbreak from the very beginning this has been a marine county outbreak. >>well the state's online tracker of the prison population shows 19 inmates have died from covid-19 10 of them were on death row and more than 1500 have recovered. well happening today in the east bay, the contra costa county board of supervisors may approve an ordinance that would proof fines for violating health orders now this includes wearing face coverings social distancing and gatherings the fine for individuals would range from 100 to $500 for noncommercial violations and then commercial violations would range from 2.50 to $1000.
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>>a san francisco catholic church is under scrutiny this morning after the city says it was set to host a large indoor wedding. and it's not the first time the saints, peter and paul church has been accused of violating the city health orders back on the 4th of july the san francisco city attorney's office says it received a tip that a wedding with 100 guests was sent to be held inside the north beach church. the city attorney's office already sent the san francisco archdiocese assistant a cease and desist letter because of numerous complaints about large indoor services, those violate of course the city's public health order. u c berkeley infectious disease expert josh or sparkling us slams what he calls a disregard for the public health order. >>to even larger gathering job side are risky and we know that because there's been so many operatives associated with cancer aids so mrs. this is of all the things you can do to access today. the
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problems of the pandemic this was one of them. >>well the city attorney ernie also issued a statement which says in part quote the reported covid-19 outbreak that resulted from the archdiocese failures has hopefully shot its leadership in the taking responsibility of the life and death consequences of what's happening in its churches. a spokesperson for the archdiocese says it sent a memo to all 90 of its parishes reminding them to follow the rules of the counties where their churches are located. and happening today, the giants will be taking the field for their first home game of the 2020 season. but today's game comes as a big coronavirus cloud is hanging over major league baseball. there are growing concerns this morning over the safety of the players kron four's will tran live at oracle park he has the latest normally will this would be a very happy day there be crowds of people behind you all ready for a game this taking place tonight. >>you're making me tear up because i've covered season
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home openers for a long time you would see people already outside and usually season home openers marty there around one '05 first pitch, but tonight, 6.45. >>and even that's no guarantee because the giants could be told to stay home. we do know that 4 teams in major league baseball, they're told to stay home or at least stay in their hotel rooms because of covid-19 that the giants they come back to. >>oracle park. >>2 into they should be celebrating because they split the series with a la dodgers but now they're watching what's going on with major league baseball after the miami marlins. 11 players and 2 coaches came down with covid-19 over the weekend there were in philadelphia. play that game in after the game they realize just how many people came down with covid-19 and that force major league baseball to actually cancel a couple of games with them and the marlins they were scheduled to play their season home opener yesterday so that
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game has was canceled and today's game for them also canceled and in the yankees, they rescheduled the role in right after the marlins, play the phillies but they canceled the yankees phillies game as well because they didn't want the yankees to be in the same clubhouse and dugout as the miami marlins just in case. they came down with covid-19 so you get the case said everybody is even more connected than ever before. the giants fortunately so far they have not had any players during the short season, so far 4 games test positive for covid-19 they get tested every day and said they come down the covid-19 they do have advanced to rotate people in but nobody. i don't think anybody anticipated 11 players and 2 coaches within the first few games of the season coming down with covid-19 so this is sending a ripple effect not just throughout major league baseball but throughout the old sports community in the nba. murty as you know at
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least they have the facade of a bubble where the players can stay within that bubble, they're encouraged to stay there in their hotel and their resort in florida but in major league baseball. they can go home and they can catch covid-19 so they're not sure. how these players at the marlins came down with it, but it is so touch and go with major league baseball, but if all goes well tonight marty jeffs of marjah will take the mound hopefully the giants will play and hopefully they will win the key word this year. i guess is. marty yeah and exactly it. >>and it transcends baseball to we're hoping on about everything nowadays will thanks a lot for that live report from oracle park this morning robin go giants well now moving over to the nfl training camp kicks off today as players in or champ, they will be tested for covid-19 players will need 2 negative tests in the past 3 days in order to take to the field there in training camp and players will be tested every
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day during the first 2 weeks of camp. >>now once the team establishes that it can maintain a positivity rate of 5% or less testing will move to every other day. coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news officials in the east bay are working to protect protesters despite a weekend of violence what's behind their latest move will talk about that coming up. >>plus a covid-19 scares closing doors at a north bay fire station how the department is still protecting residents has more than welcome back
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everyone and thank you for waking up with us the time is 6.15 we're back to the weather center now checking in with meteorologist dave spahr who has an update on today's forecast a day of a robin good morning, good morning, everybody we're taking a live shot now of temper on a good idea what's going on up here in the north bay and. >>there you can see the overcast skies pretty much in place in they're going to stay that way to probably about 10 o'clock or so the start to peel away to blue skies going on shot from sfo, no delays going on, but at least the overcast skies still in place very typical. the pattern is going to be with us through the remainder of the week 62 going on for any off 57 for concord 56 livermore we got 60 going on for oakland up to the north bay, some 50's and has been too much time yet for the sun to start to do things we'll see some movement probably in the far east bay over the next couple of hours. we do see the fog kind of pulsating over the next hour before it starts to erode away getting into the mid morning
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hours as you can see still lingering a little bit in the east bay there but the concentration will be along the coast here places like point re and morning drizzle be possible each morning to with all of this as a marine layer gets quite thick at the start of the day we do see an uptick in those winds happening are going to feel them inland a little bit here getting into in some cases the double digits to touch the actors a cooling mechanism bringing in that marine layer, the typical pattern where the central valley will be much more baking as we get to about 100 plus expected for this afternoon. the breakdown of what we got going on here is morning fog and clouds coastal drizzle thrown in for good measure, but it's sunny and warm into the afternoon. now midweek there's minor cooling is pretty close to persistence forecast. but just some minor cooling shaving off a couple degrees. so some places are going to be reaching the lower 90's today maybe shave in the back a little bit to 90 or so but by this weekend going to a little bit of heat bump if you will or so as temperatures start to warm up a little bit more so in the middle 90's and those same locations, 65 san francisco, we're looking at 72
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for oakland, 84 meanwhile for san jose. but across the wider bay we do see those 90's in place antioch at 9491 for concord but the east bay shoreline in the upper 70's and you probably won't see the 80's return until we get into the weekend of course that extended forecast coming up in a bit was have your 4 zone 2. but now rob is going to check into traffic in a hot spot as well rob yes, i do indeed have a hot spot and it's out in the santa cruz mountains on highway 17. it's a major accident from 5.30 this morning. >>southbound 17 before the summit this big rig crashed into the hillside flipped onto its side and as of right now chp has both of the southbound lanes blocked so traffic is not getting through in fact they were forcing you off at redwood estates they've issued a special traffic alert. they call to one of those big heavy duty tow trucks that's going to take some time. we have a larger rig that flipped over like this it could be hours before they get out of the way so no exact estimated time for clearing you may just want to
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avoid southbound 17 so far this is not impacting northbound 17 northbound is the commute direction. and it's a little slow through the scene but all lanes are open so it's only 27 minutes from santa cruz or make that 24 minutes from santa cruz into los gatos so not too bad for the northbound right. here's a little peek at one oh one 27 minutes from san jose to menlo park that's looking good and a quick peek at the bay bridge just a minor wait nothing major 12 minutes into san francisco. marty. >>all right robin will democratic state lawmakers unveiled a 100 billion dollars stimulus plan to help millions of californians. that includes tax breaks for small businesses financial relief for undocumented immigrant workers and an increase in affordable housing and renter protections. the plans aimed at accelerating revenue collection from many available funding streams without having to raise taxes. it would also involve borrowing from the federal government to boost the state's unemployment program, lawmakers in both chambers want to get the deal passed before the end of the
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session deadline. governor newsome didn't comment on this plan because he says he hasn't seen the details. >>inclusion and that's foundational in terms of any package needs to move forward. we have to include a framework bringing people along as we reopen our economy and as we grow our economy. >>one of the leaders of came up with a plan san francisco assemblyman phil ting said in part quote our strategy ensures people don't fall further behind while also generating opportunities to put people back to work and build a stronger california. the state senate republican caucus responded without direct comment by saying quote the summaries are broad strokes and some may sound appealing but when it comes to california democrats that the devil is always in the details consider what they've done since the start of this pandemic. california democrats have allows didn't have a lot of increase in the gas tax during one of the worst economic crises since the
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great depression. they spent billions of dollars on homeless only to see the situation worsen. ever changing small business directives and guidelines are putting at risk the safety of every california resident by allowing 18,000 convicted felons back in our communities. now lawmakers in both chambers want to get the deal passed before the end of the session deadline. >>a new relief plan for struggling americans is facing some major hurdles republican lawmakers unveiled their 1 trillion dollar coronavirus relief proposal on capitol hill yesterday, it's called the heals act and in the proposal. the gop wants another round of stimulus checks cuts to enhanced unemployment benefits by $400 allocate billions for testing and top federal health agencies and 100 billion dollars toward reopening schools. democrats are angry that enhance weekly unemployment benefits will actually drop from $600 to $200 and there's no indication that the majority of republicans will support it.
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half the republicans are going to vote no to any phase 4 package that's just a fact. >>not only do we not know if the president supports any of these proposals. >>we don't even know if senate republicans fully support them. >>democratic senate minority leader chuck schumer slammed the hills at proposal and the fact that it took republicans months to finish an. well benefits from the last build are set to expire on friday. >>coming up next on the cockle morning news, the late congressman john lewis is lying in state at the capitol rotunda this morning. >>we'll take a look at the solemn motorcade
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welcome back everyone, here's a live look at the east front steps of the capitol in washington dc the public viewing of lewis's casket is under way tonight on the way until tonight that is people will be required to wear face coverings out say pay their respects. memorial services for lewis will end in georgia on thursday where he will be laid to rest the civil rights icon is the first african-american lawmaker in history to lie in state kelli meyer has that story. >>and members rise for a moment of silent, a somber start to the week as lawmakers pay respects to one of their own 80 year-old georgia congressman john lewis who spent much of his life fighting for racial equality died friday after a 6 month battle with pancreatic cancer.
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he was the last survivor of the big 6 civil rights leaders of the 1960's i first met john norris in 1968 in atlanta georgia. and the funeral of doctor martin luther king junior lawmakers like north carolina democrat ek butterfield and georgia republican buddy carter. praise lewis says the moral compass of congress is certainly at a great cost the state of georgia, but also to the nation voters first elected louis to represent his atlanta georgia district in 1986 georgia republican congressman doug collins was just an intern when it runs same elevator almost every morning together. he leaves a legacy of caring for others, a black drape was placed over congressman lewis is off a store here on capitol hill. >>members have been leaving notes and snapping photos. lawmakers tell me they hope to honor his memory by passing voting rights legislation. alabama democratic congresswoman terri sewell says her bill restores provisions of the voting rights act of 1965 a bill lewis shed blood for on the
6:27 am
edmund pettus bridge in selma, south carolina congressman jim clyburn says if republicans want to honor lewis's legacy. >>they'll help get schools, bill signed into law you. >>really need it. and just like. >>reporting in washington, i'm kelly meyer. >>and still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news. we're learning new details about that muni bus driver who was attacked by a passenger wielding a bat. in san
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morning, welcome back it is a 6.29 and we're waiting for the opening bell there, it is opening bell for the new york stock exchange stock futures open lower this morning as the stimulus talks continue in congress. >>the plan comes as coronavirus cases continue to rise in the u.s. so far more than 4.2 million infections have been confirmed. >>we'll be checking in on the big board for you throughout the morning. >>well now let's check in on the weather forecast. we need to get an update on the numbers today and see how nice it's going to be or let's check in with the i'm hoping it's going to be nice there will be yes your good morning robin good morning, everybody maybe a little bit of a minor relief from the is ever so slightly going on here compared how warm it could be. here's the bay bridge shot and there you see the overcast skies there. >>i'm going chase this bird all the way up there. so we're waiting for this fog to mix out which will probably do by about 9 or 10 this morning who the shot from the golden gate,
6:31 am
but at least it's a lift it up to the top of the towers of looks like there you can see some of the brightness off towards the distance this is typically what we see with the negotiating to the morning fog and some coastal drizzle. what we don't see today going on this afternoon or really tomorrow afternoon is the development of those afternoon showers up in the sierra again we'll have that morning fog tomorrow, coastal drizzle and then. no afternoon showers going on we have a little weak system of our backyard this just taken an ever so slight edge off of highs today, but a recovery expected into the weekend little minor he pup coming our way now 62, antioch we'll be watching some of these numbers in the east bay this morning to see some movement right now not much 50's to the north bay, 64 oakland. the breakdown for you today we're at 70 by 10:00am by 1 o'clock at 85. a lot of inland locations will be into the 80's we'll be checking in more details on that your 4 zone forecast and that extended right now check into this hot spot again robin has more details for yeah we actually got a picture from the santa cruz fire department
6:32 am
checked this, i know it's a little hard to see. >>but they just tweeted out the photo of the major hot spot that we've been telling you about this is the overturned big rig in the santa cruz mountains this is southbound 17 before the summit. >>and if you look closely you can see that big rig on its side and it's taking up both lanes of traffic. so chp has issued a special traffic alert for 17 all southbound lanes shut down so for those of you traveling on 17. the go to for she was back at redwood estates before you even get up to the scene and this is already causing a big backup they've called for caltrans they've called for heavy duty tow truck this is going to take some time so you should just stay away from highway 17 if you can make your way around to stop off at a rate was if you like or consider 35 and highway 9 it all depends on what your final destination is this is not impacting northbound traffic northbound is the commute direction. they can see it but nothing's block so it's backing up a little bit but you are able to
6:33 am
continue through northbound out of the mountains and continuing up towards saratoga so we'll stay on top of this we'll have another update coming up for you a little bit later party all right robin well in the south bay, a woman caught on camera hurling racial slurs at a postal worker has now gone viral. >>the video was shared on social media showing the woman calling an asian american worker a derogatory term. >>and just upsetting the other customers inside kron four's dan thorn talked to the man who shot that video. >>and a now viral video a racist outburst is caught on camera in los altos it's like the 30 year the woman in the video during her angry rant pearls and anti-asian slur at a post office employee. >>wall i didn't think it would escalate swear was about moving to time but then. she was just she started cursing i was like ok here we go it's not acceptable howler brumfield is the man heard off camera along with others condemning the derogatory at
6:34 am
the fact that the woman is then heard cursing once again. >>and repeating a racial slur while storming out by karen as a person of color brumfield says he too has experienced similar hate speech he billings videos like this show there's still a long way to go in addressing racism a spokesperson for the u.s. postal service called the racist tirade at the main street post office unfortunate while adding in part quote no employee should have to suffer any abuse by a customer and we have every right to refuse service to anyone who was abusive usps also confirming with kron 4 news investigation into the matter is under way to treat people as people. >>that's ultimately what we need to do that so that's a whole other continue to do that the big i mean if we start to do that up you can you know we'll start to see change reporting in los altos dan thorn kron 4 news. >>well in the south bay, a man has been arrested after a
6:35 am
standoff right in front of a donut shop in cupertino now this all started yesterday afternoon at around 04:00pm at the staples right along stevens creek boulevard santa clara county sheriff's office says that the man stole $200 worth of items. he ran from them right into the donat wheel along de anza boulevard. he also took cash from inside the shop, he said a garbage can on fire. deputies were able to negotiate with the man and the standoff ended without shots being fired, he's been arrested on suspicion of theft, resisting arrest brandishing a knife attempted carjacking and arson. >>police in san francisco are looking for witnesses after a man was attacked during an event at dolores park. police released these photos of the the victim's girlfriend says that she was walking away after an argument in which he turned around and looked back she says she saw someone hit her boyfriend who hit who fell and hit his head on the pavement police arrested a 25 year-old stockton man by the name of real haley olympian junior, he's been charged with
6:36 am
assault officers are now asking witnesses to come forward if they have any additional information. former san francisco 49 er dana stubblefield has been found guilty of rape that's the word. according to the santa clara county da's office. a jury found stubblefield guilty of an assault that happened back in 2015 at his home in morgan hill. court documents say happened when a developmentally disabled woman was interviewing for a baby job. back on april 9th of that year stubblefield was taken into custody after the verdict was read he could be facing 15 years to life in prison. his sentencing hearing scheduled for august 29th. >>well to the east right now a peaceful protests turned violent in the city of oakland over the weekend. oakland's mayor says that a small group of vandals are playing into the hands of the president. but an effort is underway to stop that and to protect the peaceful protesters kron four's dan kerman has more. >>cleanup was underway monday at oakland-alameda county
6:37 am
courthouse where vandals turn the building into a canvas for graffiti the saturday wall of moms demonstration began peacefully. >>as hundreds march for racial justice and sent a message to president trump to keep his federal officers out of oakland. >>we can not at the fastest races in the white house when we could not back to 14 happened in this country. we are better than this. >>but late in the evening, a small group broke off from the main protest and began setting fires breaking windows and vandalizing property. 4 people were arrested in mayor libby schaaf issued a statement saying vandalizing our downtown gives donald trump. the images he wants and the justification. he seeks to send federal troops into american cities. we can't be fooled and play into his twisted campaign strategy is the most counterproductive thing you could possibly imagine that said oakland city council member dan cobb wants
6:38 am
to do all he can. >>to protect peaceful protesters and his co authored a resolution requiring the city to take all lawful steps to protect the rights of its citizens against president trump's actions and those taken by federal officers, they don't need to send a bunch of. >>you know. troops and that have you know this military guard that will end up actually inciting a riot not preventing war. it will do no good and the only reason he's doing it is to help them politically if federal officers do end up coming to oakland in addition to protesters, they'll have to deal with a group calling itself the wall of vets oakland. >>they were at saturday's protest unlike the wall of vets group in portland. they also plan to defend the right the protesters. >>our mission is to sort of part of a peaceful protests and we all swore an oath of office to defend the constitution. we feel like this is a way that we can defend the constitutional rights of those who want to have an expression freedom to assemble. >>in terms of that resolution
6:39 am
the oakland city council will take up the matter tuesday afternoon. in oakland dan kerman kron 4 news. >>in the north bay, a firefighter tested positive for the coronavirus in petaluma so precautions are now being made to prevent the possible spread of covid-19 at that fire station kron four's haaziq madyun has more. >>both so happens to a big session scary for us is that for department family to think about how many people are possibly acted as a smaller size department on a major mess all department. we have just over 60 people that means one or 2 now that's a significant first our workforce. >>well the firefighter who tested positive in 14 co-workers have been quarantine separately at different locations. national news this morning president trump visited north carolina on monday to tour a biotech plant which is manufacturing a coronavirus vaccine developed by novavax the president did wear a mask while visiting the
6:40 am
plant, the trump administration announced a one and a half billion dollar deal to produce 100 million of the company's vaccines. the government's agreement with know the facts is all part of the administration's 10 billion dollar operation warp speed that's an aimed at getting 300 million safe and effective vaccines. 2 americans by january of next year. >>well happening today, state lawmakers are talking about a bill that would require cell phone companies to have backup power for their cell phone towers. the goal is to ensure that people can make calls during planned wildfire power outages. the bill sponsored by east bay state senator steve glazer and it will require companies to provide backup power to cell towers for 3 days. if utilities shut off power the hearing on the bill will begin at 10 o'clock this morning. also happening today attorney general william barr is set to speak for the first time before the house judiciary committee. now monday the justice department released his opening statement
6:41 am
barr plans to go after democrats who he says are trying to discredit him. the ad claims that it is because of his investigation into the origins of the fbi russia probe and democrats claim that barr has committed numerous abuses, including intervening and the prosecutions of to president trump allies. they also want to question him on the administration's crackdown on protests across the country. >>on the peninsula words of warning from the san mateo police department because a mountain lion was spotted early monday morning. it happened in the police academy parking lot at the college of san mateo it's on west hillsdale avenue officers patrolling the area spotted the animal and it was just last seen running into some bushes and hasn't been seen since anyone who should spot a mountain lion in their neighborhood is asked to call police and do not approach the big cat. coming up one of the country's largest movie chain saying it's planning to reopen we'll have more on that coming
6:42 am
up to date. all right marty we're looking at temperatures for highs today pretty much in the 80's up in the north bay the far east bay, you're looking at lower to middle 90's a slight reduction of temperatures coming midweek here.
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>>6.44 welcome back to the kron 4 morning news hope your mornings going pretty well let's go ahead and find out how the forecast is going to his far heidi. >>a good morning morning, good morning everybody live shot coming in from timber on and
6:45 am
again the overcast skies, we're showing you all over the bay here it's that fog at least is not on the ground for the most part just a aloft a bit. that's what we're also seeing an sfo looks like some sun is trying to break through here help the mixing process out this morning which by the way is probably going to get better in the next hour or so so we should start to see those temperatures in the far east bay moving a little bit as the sun starts to break through all that. meanwhile the other side of everything around the coast might have some morning drizzle that will linger a little bit. temperatures thus far we're at 62 for antioch we've got 50's covering most of the east bay, although opens at 60 50's up here in the north bay 60 san jose for highs today will be 104 bakersfield to fresno 98 per sequim know, but that onshore wind across the bay area keeps at least even the inland locations in the lower 90's, the best we have 79 going on san diego 69 for l a x let's get to in your 4 zone forecast 65 for san francisco marina district about 61 mission district 67, mid 60's cover most of the coast.
6:46 am
looking at upper 60's happening here on the bay side of the peninsula 75 burning game with some token lower 80's to the south redwood city in palo alto there 76 and carlos and 77 from mountain view. the south bay is mostly in the 80's for today the approaching the mid 80's with a 93 for morgan hill 88 los gatos east bay shoreline even to the south stays in the 70's, although i suspect by this weekend will be in the lower 80's by the little warm-up coming our way 94 livermore 88 per pleasanton 86 for dublin 88 for walnut creek 91 for concord 70 richmond berkeley at 67. and a pair of the north bay again we can grab a couple hot ones here 96 for vacaville 94 meanwhile for any aac it's kind of hard for that marine layer to reach out there sometimes 81 for a napa 86 for sonoma and 84 for santa rosa, we got some 60's covering the coast. there don't forget late the clearing is also responsible for that too. so a little minor drop in temperatures happening tomorrow and into thursday. we
6:47 am
returned back to the 90's it looks like as we head into the weekend. some of these spots will get up to about middle 90's territory, that's close to seasonality even into the following we've been monitoring a hot spot robin what's going on with that now it's still hot, it's still blocking and it's still causing a backup santa cruz mountains southbound 17 before the summit. >>and we have a photo of the big break we've been talking about we got this from the santa clara county fire department they're on scene and they tweeted this out if you look right there over to the left you can see that big rig that flipped over on its side at around 5.30 this morning. so this is a major problem for people traveling southbound as you can see from the photo both lanes are blocked, you can even squeeze by so they're diverting the traffic off well before you get to the scene they're taking you off and read what his state. so that's going to be one of your alternate or you can to stick with highway 9 to get into santa cruz but not south 17. northbound we have some looking lose so folks can see it heading north so it's causing a little bit of a slowdown passing the
6:48 am
scene going north. but the northbound lanes are open just avoid 17 if you can they have a tow truck on the way, but it may take hours to get this cleared, it is stacking up for both sides will stay on top of it and continue to update you throughout the morning to you marty all right robin well we do have a developing story this morning as we're learning new details about a muni bus driver who was attacked by a passenger with a bat. >>in san francisco. in addition to the muni driver being beaten with a bat. we're now learning that racial slurs were also involved. sfpd says the beating happened after the muni driver. repeatedly asked 3 men on the bus to put on masks and then stopped the bus when they refused as the victim was escorting the riders off the bus one of the suspects made racial slurs at the asian driver then spit on him and beat him with a wooden bat. now the president of the san francisco transport workers union roger marinko some drivers may not be as willing to enforce the mask health order. >>the threat is real and the
6:49 am
threat is out there and it's are big this is just one of many assaults that happened nearly on a daily basis. so it said because like i said you know we're trying to do the best that we can out there in terms of social distancing facial mask compliance center right and you know operators now which is kind of under the impression was you know what why should i but my self given more danger. >>well the muni drivers expected to make a full recovery police are investigating the crime as aggravated assault. now the bay area baseball the a's beat the angels yesterday on a monday at the coliseum here's the 3rd inning matt chapman straightaway center. >>rbi double to give the a's a 2 run lead the a's would score again in the 4th from arcana with his solo home run the a's would win it by a final of 3 to nothing they take the series 3 games to one and they will meet the rockies tonight at the coliseum first pitch
6:50 am
set for 6.40. >>well former forty-niners star and activist colin kaepernick and doctor anthony fauci are slated to be among this year's recipients of the robert f kennedy human rights ripple of hope award so cap and felt a year to a 5 people selected this year that they are right there which honors people who demonstrated a commitment to social change and have utilized their platform for public good kaepernick issued a statement saying in 2017 i was in the audience honoring the stir harry belafonte as he accepted the robert f kennedy ripple of hope award. i'm humbled to follow the footsteps of individuals like mister b and to be in the company of all the other laureates thank you for this prestigious award. or fauci doctor fauci has a heck of a fastball right or actually doctor anthony fauci is just an awful picture, but he tried we're giving him an a for effort. he threw out the first pitch of the washington
6:51 am
national seasonal from last week and you know a lot of folks are talking about this while he missed the catcher by a mile. he's apparently captured the hearts of some baseball fans, yeah, he even has his own topps baseball card. you can see him right there mid pitch, masking all hands in the air. the company said that it's the best selling car in the history of tops right now and that's a collection of limited-edition cars that are only sold for 24 hours. so you got to be quick. if you want one more than 51,000 fauci fans grounded when he hit the site just last week. >>just a bit well this morning, advocates are concerned that more than 50 people could be displaced near tpc harding golf course a harding park golf course in the city as a result of parking restrictions for the upcoming pga championship. now those homeless people are living in their cars near the golf course, and of course cars are not allowed to park on either side of the 70800 blocks of laker said boulevard because of the tournament. now you're looking at video from
6:52 am
last time that pg pg a host of the tournament at harding park advocacy groups are arguing that parking restrictions are not necessary since the term tournament will not have fans and therefore will not draw big crowds in cars, a spokesperson for san francisco's recreation and parks department not yet responded to that the pga championship was originally planned for may but was postponed because of the covid-19 pandemic the tournament is now scheduled to begin on august 6th. >>well new this morning, the nation's second largest movie theater chain plans to reopen some of its locations in the u.s. next month. regal cinemas, seattle announced that it will reopen on august 21st that's right around the cup, the corner. the company says that theaters that open their doors will make sure that they enforced health and safety measures including requiring its employees and customers to wear a mask, keep in mind that regal operates 549 locations in 42 states and
6:53 am
the theater chain has not said which locations will start operating again in august but we'll keep you posted. but the health department in los angeles new york and many other locations have not given theaters in their areas, the okay to welcome back guests just kept. >>and we're going to take you back to wall street for a check of the big board this morning. the dow started off just a little bit low this morning along with s and p futures nasdaq futures as well. the price of gold saw jump is gold, usually tends to rise when people are worried about the economy. this of course is happening as investors keeping an eye on the economic discussions going on on capitol hill as well as corporate earnings will continue to check on the big
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>>welcome back to kron 00:04am morning news, good morning, everybody and yes, the fog clouds lingering as we can see the shot from the bay bridge toll plaza and those overcast skies, although some brightness is showing up here so we're getting some better mixing going on shot from timber on looks almost ominous but again, it's just a morning fog and it's mixing a process. temperatures haven't moved too much in the east bay would probably start to see some movement here shortly though 62 antioch livermore 5758 conquered east bay shoreline oh look at that hey we're right on cue 60 with 50's up to the north bay, current winds just a bit of a breeze don't forget the coastal drizzle which will greet you greet us each morning to it looks like all the way to finish off a week. so sunshine bringing on today 10 o'clock
6:57 am
at 7085 by one. some select a sponsor reach still into the lower 90's course we'll be having all of that your 4 zone forecast an extended coming up in the next hour marty. >>all right dave thanks live and coming up in the next hour today marks one year since the deadly gilroy garlic festival shooting we're live in gilroy with how the victims will be honored later today. and a big day for bay area baseball as the giants home opener tonight at oracle park, but it's clouded by covid-19 concerns we have a live report standing we have a live report standing by. great day on the lake! it is. lunch is cookin'! and i saved a bunch of money on my boat insurance with geico. fellas, can it get any better than this? whoa! my old hairstyle grew back. so did mine.
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>>it's finally here the giants season home opener tonight, but a major curve all throughout major league baseball because of something that happened to the miami marlins will explain coming up in a live report. plus one east bay county could be next in the bay area to begin fining people for violating health orders will have that. >>today marks one day since the gilroy garlic festival shooting tonight there will be an event to honor the victims on live with the details coming up. >>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 7. >>good morning. thank you so much for joining us on the kron 4 news on morning ne


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