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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 30, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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stations. >>we're following breaking news out of the south bay tonight, santa clara county investigating 4 clusters of coronavirus cases and they're all at costco stores in mountain view sunnyvale san jose and in gilroy thank you so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news at 5 i'm justine waldman this information is just coming into our newsroom in the past 2 hours. and kron four's rob fladeboe joins us live now from san jose with details on these clusters rob. >>yeah, that's right just enough first of all let's just start off by defining what a
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cluster is the health department had to find a cluster is 3 or more cases in a given location over a 2 week period now there are 4 new clusters a total of 33 people have tested positive for coronavirus all or costco employees. let's take a look at the video and that will start off in sunnyvale where the health department had confirmed that the costco location there on sunday bill station in sunnyvale ahead 9 confirmed cases as of yesterday. well it turns out there are 13 cases. we heard from the kron 4 news viewer about a handful of possible cases at the gilroy costco turns up that jet that viewer is correct. there are 6 confirmed cases in gilroy let's take a look at a graphic in we'll break down all of these cases for you beginning in mountain view where this first started to turn up back in the middle of the month july 15th in the 27th. in mountain view 6 cases confirmed at that costco jump ahead to san jose the center road store now 8 cases between july 17th and the 22nd. at
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sunny villas and as i said 13 cases there between july 23rd in july 26th and finally in gilroy 6 cases those turning up between july 24th and the 30th for more now on these cases and how they were transmitted from the county health department doctor martin fenster shot. here's more. 3 of the sites. >>gilroy funnybone center were evicted inspected by our environmental health department between july 28th and 29th. the mountain view site has not been done yet. all of the costco stores that were. inspected met the standards that we expect in all the customer areas. and we did make some recommendations relative to a couple of the employee only areas that there's no indication at this point the investigation is still going on it's you know we're just into it now it looks like most of these cases came through their regular day to day activities getting
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infected outside as opposed to getting infected inside or infecting each other. no we're not done with that investigation. so that's not the last word on this, but that's the way it looks. >>doctor fisher shot says the chauffeur of long as the stores are following a a with regard to social distancing masks a sensation that there is no extra risk to customers other costco's located in santa clara county have not confirmed clusters of covid-19. so far a costco did not immediately did not have an immediate response to all this but the health department says costco is and a fully cooperating with the investigation. but the health department believes that a most of these cases came from community transmission and not from the stores themselves. although i did speak to a number of customers at the site the location today expressed some concern about just some people not wearing mask so there is a sign posted there you need a mask to enter. but once you enter the
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store some people were taking those masks off. but again as you heard there doctor princess i've said that this is not the last word on that they are still investigating the mountain view store in particular to see possibly if they can come up with a better understanding of how the virus is being transmitted. that's the latest here in san jose justine back to you. >>thank you so much trouble see again for another live report at 6 and another big story we're following tonight hospitalizations of covid-19 positive patients in san francisco have now reached an all-time high. the health director saying the city is experiencing a major surge of covid-19 at this moment and you can see now how hospitalizations have progressed since april on april 11th there were 94 patients hospital outsized that number dropped to just 29 on june 18th but in the past 6 weeks. you can see the upward trend. now 107 people are in the hospital and about a quarter of them are in intensive care. san francisco currently has more than 6400
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coronavirus cases and 57 deaths. according to doctor grant colfax large social gatherings happening in the city are contributing to this search. >>which is why it is so important that people do not outside of of their if at all possible and certainly people should not be using testing as a tool to decide whether they can gather not with others. >>also the city announced it will open a new low acuity medical facility in the presidio the location gorgeous avenue will not treat covid-19 patients. instead it will provide medical care for people who need hospital level care. >>or have recently been discharged from the hospital but still need short-term care it can treat. 93 patients in the past 2 days nearly 400 people in california have died from the coronavirus today the state is reporting another 190 for covid-19 deaths just one day after the state reported a
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record high of 197 deaths the positivity rate from covid-19 tests has also climbed to slightly above 7.5% in statewide there have been more than 10,000 new cases nearly half of those new cases are coming from los angeles county. you can see a breakdown of which counties have been hit the hardest. alameda and santa clara are the only bay area counties to make this list reporting in respect of 302 260 new cases as always you can find a list of all the covid-19 cases for all the bay area counties on our website kron 4 dot com. we'll go to the north bay now and sonoma county has also seen a recent spike in coronavirus related deaths kron four's charles clifford has those details. >>well here in the north bay sonoma county saw 7 additional coronavirus deaths this week bringing the total death toll during the pandemic to 31 now these recent deaths were all people who are 65 years or older who had underlying health conditions and we're
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living at skilled nursing facilities now according to state data there are 21 such facilities all across the noma county. these deaths occurred at 3 different facilities, one in sonoma and 2 in petaluma including the empress post acute rehabilitation facility now the health officer here in sonoma county address these recent deaths and she says that they are doing the best they can to try to protect those who are vulnerable who are working with the skilled nursing facilities. >>and the state of california identify a site designee as a site for local skilled nursing facility, residents are infected with covid it isolates and quarantine if they are contacts the goal really is to separate those who have the virus and those who don't know sonoma county remains on the state's coronavirus watch list, the health officers also saying this is a good reminder that everyone needs to. >>social distance wear masks wash your hands and do everything you can to prevent the spread of coronavirus but for now in the north bay charles clifford kron 4 news.
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>>across the country the coronavirus pandemic has devastated so much of the u.s. economy and that was made clear in 2 new reports today first time unemployment claims have risen for a second week in a row, one 0.4 million people filed for initial jobless claims last week that's up 12,000 from the week before which was the first increase in 4 months. meanwhile, 17 million people filed continued claims including workers who have filed for unemployment. at least 2 weeks in a row. another sign of the economic struggles amid the pandemic the u.s. economy has experienced its worst drop on record. the broadest measure of the economy, the gross domestic product, felled by an annual rate of 32.9% in the 2nd quarter. the gdp dropped 5% in the 1st quarter. a recession is commonly defined as 2 consecutive quarters of declining gdp. some medical experts say another shutdown is necessary to stop the virus
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is fast and deadly spread. despite the economic pain. >>the president has no authority to change the date of the election. the date of the election is changed by federal statute. >>the big story. we're following tonight. we are roughly 3 months away from the november election and president trump is openly questioning the presidential race. he took to twitter this morning writing quote with universal mail in voting 2020 will be the most in accurate and fraudulent fraudulent election in history. it will be a great embarrassment to the usa delay the election until people can properly securely and safely vote. it's a question president trump is raising. even though he doesn't have the power to move the date of the election the president was asked about his tweet at his daily coronavirus briefing and hears what he had to say. >>i don't want to delay. i want to have the election. but i also don't want to have to wait for 3 months and then
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find out that the ballots are all missing. and the election doesn't mean anything. this was going to happen she does common sense and everyone knows it. smart people know it, stupid people may not know it and so people don't want to talk about it. but they know it. >>the general election has been on the first tuesday after the first monday in november since 1845 elections have taken place on that day even during wars and economic depressions only congress has the power to change the date of the election and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have come out strongly opposing this idea. so despite this president's suggestion the election will take place on november, 3rd and in california. all voters will be given mail in ballots in case that's how they want to vote so how on earth does this process work. we turn now to kron four's dan kerman he is live now in san francisco with some answers good evening. dan. >>good evening, justine well anybody who is registered to
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vote will be receiving a mail in ballot and they are encouraging people to mail them in at least a week in advance to make sure that they get there on time but mailing them in is not the only option and voting by mail is not the only option in many counties. voting this november is going to look a lot different than in past years at least in most parts of california. >>first every registered voter will receive a ballot in the mail. if you don't know if you're registered or if you have the current address on file go to your county's election website and check in san francisco voters should start seeing their ballots in the mail on october 5th. >>well we plan to drop on the post that friday. it's the friday before. that weekend before the deaths once you get your ballot you'll have a little less than a month to fill it out and get a turned in so it can be counted. >>the most obvious way is putting it in the mailbox the postal service recommends doing that at least a week in advance. but there are other options right track with the
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message out this election at the polling places in the city are also drop me a ballot drop off locations not only can san francisco voters drop off their ballots at those 588 polling locations but they want to they can vote in person there. they can also drop off their ballot or vote in person outside the bill graham civic auditorium. >>we'll have an outdoor voting center starting october 5th. >>our motto here is more days in more ways. >>in san mateo county they started all-mail voting back in 2015 vote by the deal. >>is perhaps one of the safest and secures methods of voting in the state and san mateo county officials say they'll have plenty of options to get your ballot in by election day. >>people can drop off their ballots it one of our ballot drop-off locations or they can come to a vote center and have in person voting opportunities to actually cast their drop off the conditionally registered to vote correct the
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imbalance issues that they may have. >>one of the changer in san francisco and send the ballots being counted inside city hall in election headquarters that being counted right here at the bill graham civic auditorium this will allow for greater social distancing for all of the election workers that have to do that work live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you so much dan and we will continue to follow the story throughout tonight's broadcast kron 4 spoke with several bay area representatives today to get their thoughts on the president's suggestion on moving the election. >>and we'll have their reactions tonight at 5.30. also coming up tonight here on kron 4 news at 5 a suspected arson outside of a church in berkeley and the pastor says a black lives matter sign could be behind it. plus former congressman and civil rights icon john lewis was laid to rest today at 5.30. how many former president say they are remembering the civil rights icon. and after the break with no end in sight for the
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covid-19 pandemic local restaurants and bars are no
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>>a week ago we decided it. it was costing more money stale and then we're actually taking and so we decided to take a break. >>stay open press pause or shut it down that is the dire
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dilemma san francisco restaurant and bar owners are faced with the cost of doing business in the city was already high prepandemic but as kron 4 sweep to call reports an increasing number of food and drinking establishments on the cusp of closing forever. >>with growing uncertainty mounting about when indoor dining will again be sanctioned in san francisco stephon says he's made the tough decision to temporarily close his restaurants down we're still in business but we're taking a break own spravato ristorante and bar on california street as well as barbacoa next door in the financial district. he says take out orders and the limited outdoor dining he offered last month just haven't generated enough revenue to stay open and much like his neighbors at tadic's grill funds from the federal paycheck protection program loan, he received are running low, he's been forced to lay off about a 113 employees that adage announced this week that it is causing operations this
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friday, the hopes of reopening the 171 year old establishment down the road or landlord has been working with is so we're good would have to says he'll likely remain closed until indoor dining returns right now nobody knows anything business owners believe they can make it through this pandemic but they say that depends on the communities efforts to control the spread of covid-19 when you're dining out wear the mask when the service approach and when anybody and just how much we can do that and we can continue what was like a rock star result to start with in san francisco and we're going to have a shot at going forward sooner robin restaurant in hayes valley is surviving on carry out orders, but it's unclear how long this business model can be sustained we're definitely. >>grateful to have a loyal customer base. >>however, it's just not like hello. greece are running our business a grim reminder of the trying times less than a block away from robin the bar
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smuggler's cove has temporarily closed down because of the pandemic. >>another historic far the stood shut down permanently at its home location in soma last month. the golden gate restaurant association represents about 800 food establishments and executive director laurie thomas says up to half of them may go out of business what we need is a more federal money. >>to make it for all the restaurant owners out there stay strong. >>and stay healthy and we welcome back that's the hope but there are no guarantees in san francisco fled to gaul kron 4 news. >>california pizza kitchen is not the latest business to file bankruptcy amid this pandemic the company ceo says will close locations that are not making a profit but did not say which locations or how many there are more than 200 ctk restaurants across the world, including locations in san francisco emeryville corte madera and walnut creek. the company says revenues are down
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40% compared to the same time one year ago largely due to the closure of indoor dining. we'll go to the east bay now in berkeley's mayor is calling for a fire said to church to be investigated as a hate crime. the fire was set at the way church in berkeley. after the church hung a banner in support of the black lives matter movement. witnesses tell police they saw someone said a trash bin on fire outside of the church early monday morning. in a statement, the mayor of berkeley says the incident will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and that no form of racism has any place in berkeley. the pastor of the way says the church has been in the community for 40 years and they will not be. turned away by this act. time now to get a check of our weather forecast and it has been a beautiful sunny few days here in san francisco in check out this great video we have from our quad copter 4 that was shot along the embarcadero looking over the bay towards
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the bay bridge. and there's the east bay gorgeous shot there of the water looks like glass so nice and clear let's check in now with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with a look at the forecast are saying it's more the same yeah, you know that might not be so bad a marker that by the way are resident pilot shot that out there with our quad copter 4 looking good. >>out over the bay, but certainly we're in that summer funk as we've got that summer pattern setting up not bad place to be we're just seeing fog in the morning sunshine in the afternoon and there you go the fog ready to march back on shore again and that's where we said this evening more low clouds and fog on the way maybe a little drizzle again overnight tonight along the coastline looking toward sfo to the sea breeze has blown out there as well and oh there's that summer fog that is moving in right now more to come, although i think as we get in the weekend maybe some slight changes may be more northerly component the winds that may scrub out some low clouds and the fog but still that sea breeze continues and that's keeping our
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temperatures from getting too hot. we've got high pressure just to the east of us and they are really baking, but we're enjoying rather cool july for much of the bay area in fact it's probably to stay cool through the middle of august 2 temperature 76 degrees right now in san jose very pleasant there 59 and half moon bay 76 in san mateo 65 in alameda still some 80's upper 80's in the conqueror right now so some nice warm temperatures around a good part of the bay area tonight low clouds and fog likely to make a return to some patchy coastal drizzle. tomorrow morning, clouds and plenty of sunshine in the afternoon this got a lot of sunshine of some morning fog storm system off the coastline just can't get here this ridge of high pressure just too strong over the desert southwest, so yeah, it's going to shred that system as it moves by, but as it moves through temperature change over the weekend with a little more sunshine and some very pleasant weather had just the back to you. >>and it isn't. 2 weeks away from turning 21. and i'm basically losing along.
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>>still ahead tonight a 20 year-old woman is sharing her story with covid-19 proving that no one is safe from this virus and could masks not be enough to shield ourselves from coronavirus what ladies... check it out.
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when it's made with love, it's made to be shared. >>and the last 2 days both doctors deborah birx and anthony fauci who are the nation's top coronavirus experts have recommended that
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people wear face shields or goggles to prevent the spread of coronavirus kron four's maureen kelly reports that wearing this extra layer of protection does not mean you can skip wearing a mask. >>this is our pandemic response area right now close variety store in san francisco's castro carries a lot of different face masks and hand sanitizers but only one kind of face shield for now i have seen an increasing number of people wearing them so i don't know whether. >>that's going to be something that will really catch on sales might pick up now that doctors fauci and berks are calling attention. >>to this additional layer of protection which is common ppe for frontline medical workers, the idea is if someone else costs or sneezes. >>wearing a face shield or goggles to help keep those particles from getting into your eyes. it might also help you remember not to touch or rub your eyes, i spoke to an infectious disease expert who says the virus gets into our bodies through receptors found
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in the nose and throat. but those same receptors are also found on the external surface parts of the i know we haven't proven that the eyes of portal but there's every reason to think it could be. >>and so why not shield your cells from the virus if you can i've got less or right and that offers a pretty good she'll but not really certainly a shield to come down over my face or goggles went on for their shield. it does add another layer of protection. it does. we replace the mass by any stretch of the imagination. the masters, critically cover your nose and mouth. >>that doctor says the most important thing to prevent the spread of the virus is social distancing because if you're far enough away the risk of transmission dropped sharply but if it's a choice between wearing a mask or wearing a face shield he cheese the
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mask, but if you're in a situation where you're near people and the virus could transmit wearing a face shield goggles or even glasses could help. as long as you're wearing the mask as well maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>next at 5 the final farewell for civil rights icon and former congressman john lewis how he was remembered by friends family and former presidents and president trump says he does not want november's election delay despite floating the idea on twitter today. so after the break we'll hear from many bay ever barry
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