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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 30, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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when prime time. >>from the bay area's local news stations. you're watching kron 4 news at 8. >>tonight at a with coronavirus cases on the rise in san francisco where city hospitals will treat non covid patients in order to keep is open. several coronavirus clusters popping up at south bay costco stores, south santa clara county is now handling that situation plus president trump sparks new controversy this time after suggesting a possible change of the day for the november election. why he says mail in voting will lead to a rigged election. but first we begin with rising coronavirus cases in california. >>and more than 50,000 cases
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in the bay area alone. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken way and i pale more here is a look at the bay area broken down county by county right now alameda county continues to lead with more than 11,000 cases of covid-19 santa clara county not far behind with nearly 10,000 cases. >>tonight, san francisco county has more than 6,000 reported cases of the disease and city officials are preparing for a surge in hospitalization to get ahead of the curve these cities building a new temporary hospital to try to free up beds for covid patients. >>the new hospital will open for non covid patients who need short-term medical care or observations kron four's tips aqui joins us now live from. georgia's avenue in the presidio where the new facility will be located taylor. well the city's health director isn't sugarcoating things today. he said we are in a major surge of coronavirus cases. >>and that's exactly why they are opening this site here to be proactive rather than reactive now. the city says
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that this site will open with 20 patients, but has a capacity of up to 93 people. >>san francisco is opening a temporary hospital in the presidio. >>all in preparation for a major surge in critical coronavirus cases that's likely to send more people to the hospitals. >>let me be clear. we are in a major surge of covid-19. the virus is moving fast and more people are getting seriously ill doctor grant colfax san francisco's director of health puts it bluntly cases in san francisco are rising at alarming rates. >>the city currently has 6,423 people with covid-19. >>the surge in april put 94 people in the hospital that number dipped to 26 6 weeks ago and as of thursday, 107 patients are now in the hospital a quarter of them in intensive care. >>right now we are seeing close to a 100 new cases of covid-19 every day in san francisco. that puts us in the
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red zone continues to put us in the red zone of one of our key health indicators and we have been there for over a month has hospitals expect to see more coronavirus patients. >>the city will use this new facility off korea's avenue to care for non covid patients and the short term medical states this new low acuity medical center. >>is an inpatient facility. the patients staying here will receive treatment at this location in new of hospital care or they will have been transferred from a hospital the facility will treat up to 93 patients to free up beds for covid patients in other hospitals, something peter chin, hong an infectious disease specialist at ucsf is applauding for the city's proactive steps pink. >>the move of building hospital capacity proactively before we actually need is in step with what this style is and is definitely a good move. and a very prescient move.
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>>chan hong says the move is a wake-up call to again wear a mask wash your hands and be aware of social distancing as for an opening date for the site the city has not released an official date yet, but we expect to see moves pretty shortly here for now live in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news sailors. hank you that for built in response to hospitalizations of covid-19 positive patients in san francisco, reaching an all-time high and the need to care for covid positive patients has grown at a rate of 15% each week during the month of july which is a major concern. >>well for justine waltman in our newsroom now with a closer look at the numbers and the reason the health department believes these numbers are spiking just days well, pam and ken the san francisco health director saying that the city is experiencing a major surge of covid-19 at the moment, let's take a look now at the numbers you can see. >>the number of people in the hospital has gone up since april on april 11th. there were 94 patients in the hospital that number dropped
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to just 29 on june 18th but in the past 6 weeks you can see now that upward trend. there are now 107 people in the hospital about a quarter of them are in intensive care. san francisco currently has more than 6400 coronavirus cases cases and 57 people have died. according to doctor grant colfax large social gatherings happening in the city are contributing to the search. >>but we have to understand that with more virus in the community now than ever before you saw how quickly we went from 5,000 to 6,000 cases, the odds of somebody being infected and wineries gatherings has increased dramatically over the next over the last few weeks. please please don't gather. >>doctor colfax also saying the virus is moving fast and more people are getting ill and if things continue at the current rates. the health department is estimating that on average san francisco will have more than 750 people in
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the hospital by mid-october live tonight in the newsroom, i'm justine waldman kron 4 news that steve thank you for that now to the south bay santa clara county health officials investigating 4 clusters of coronavirus cases all of them a costco store kron four's rob fladeboe is in san jose with what's being done to try to keep customers and workers safe. >>here in san jose the county health department confirming this afternoon that it is now investigating for new clusters of covid-19 across the county all 4 at costco stores in mountain view sunnyvale san jose and gilroy let's take a look at the video. the health department on wednesday confirming that it had 9 confirmed cases of covid-19 at the costco in sunnyvale. >>kron 4 news viewer said that there are also a handful of cases in gilroy that turned out to be true. the health department late this afternoon confirming that there are a total of 33 cases at these for costco stores.
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>>the first one showing up in mount of you back in july 15th, running through the 27th for a total of 6 cases. the center road store in san jose has confirmed 8 cases from july 17 to the 22nd. in sunnyvale now a total of 13 cases from july 23rd through the 26th and finally 6 cases in gilroy between july 24th and the 30th. a cluster constitutes 3 or more cases over a 2 week period more now. from doctor marty fenstersheib with the health department. >>there's no indication at this point the investigation is still going on it's you know we're just into it now it looks like most of these cases came through their regular day to day activities getting infected outside as opposed to getting infected inside or infecting each other. no we're not done with that investigation. so that's not the last word on this, but that's the way it looks doctor fresher shop says that so long as the stores are following guidance about distancing masks and sanitation and so
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far it looks as though they are doing just that. >>that there is no extra risk to customers other costco locations in santa clara county have so far not confirmed any other clusters of covid-19. >>the health department says that costco is cooperating fully with the investigation in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>tonight president trump says he does not want november's election delayed despite floating that very idea on twitter this in the tweet earlier today, the president claimed quote 2020 will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history. but he did not provide any evidence to support that claim and he went on to call for congress to quote delay the election until people can properly securely and safely vote. later in the day, he said mail in voting could cause uncertainty of the election. i don't want to delay. i want to have the election. >>but i also don't want to have to wait for 3 months and then find out that the ballots
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are all missing. and the election doesn't mean anything. this was going to happen she does common sense. >>the general election and the united states has been on the first tuesday after the first monday in november since 1845 and according to the u.s. constitution congress not the president has the power to move the election date reaction to the president's early morning tweet about potentially postponing the election was swift. >>and significant across the board including from bay area congress member has called for us to resist asio reports they all said no matter what the election in november is a go. >>it tells you a lot about where trump's brain is right now he is this is the right rev chilean brand it's all about self-preservation is beginning to worry about an election that shaping to potentially be a landslide defeat for him. >>house representative jared huffman sounding off about the president who fired off this tweet thursday morning
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questioning the accuracy and legitimacy of absentee and mail in voting. adding quote, it will be a great embarrassment to the u.s. delay the election until people can properly securely and safely vote. question mark question mark question mark and quote. >>i don't think that most americans are going to let him get away with that. i don't think the congress and the supreme court and others will let him get away with that and i think if we do our work and when this election with the numbers that that i think are probably coming our way it just want to be a credible play for him representative hofmann not alone but you know it's interesting. >>you know california, i just did an experiment in the 26th congressional district, a couple weeks ago in a special election where everyone was able to vote. >>from home and a republican won the congressional race, and you didn't hear a word after that race from the president, but that outcome was freshman representative eric swalwell doubling down saying that the president is trying to deflect. >>and she is as seriously in a
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polling deficit right now is and he doesn't have the power to delay of congress sets the election receives the electoral votes in the states set the process so he is powerless, but this is just an effort to deceive. >>the american people think that it is dangerous representative anna eshoo adding that it is wrong to put forth any doubts about whether the final election results in the presidential election would be an accurate and the vote is chain bridge. well, mean it's a great john lewis was willing to die for it. so many have march 2 change in. so that more access to it. and here we have a president that's going in another direction. >>that was theresa reporting also important to note tonight it was not just democrats speaking out several republican leaders, including southern california is kevin mccarthy minority leader in the house said the election
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will go on as planned on november, 3rd and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the election date is set in stone that is even though both men are strong trump supporters. here in california all voters will be given a mail in ballot just in case that is how they choose to vote so how does that process work kron four's dan kerman has the answer. >>voting this november is going to look a lot different than in past years at least in most parts of california. first every registered voter will receive a ballot in the mail. if you don't know if you're registered or if you have the current address on file go to your county's election website and check in san francisco voters should start seeing their ballots in the mail on october 5th. >>well we plan to drop on the post that friday. it's the friday before. that weekend before the deaths once you get your ballot you'll have a little less than a month to fill it out and get a turned in so it can be counted. >>the most obvious way is putting it in the mailbox the postal service recommends doing that at least a week in
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advance. but there are other options right track with the message out this election at the polling places in the city are also drop me a ballot drop off locations not only can san francisco voters drop off their ballots at those 588 polling locations but they want to they can vote in person there. they can also drop off their ballot or vote in person outside the bill graham civic auditorium, where they'll have an outdoor voting center starting october 5th. >>our motto here is more days in more ways. >>in san mateo county they started all-mail voting back in 2015 vote by the deal. >>is perhaps one of the safest and secures methods of voting in the state and san mateo county officials say they'll have plenty of options to get your ballot in by election day. >>people can drop off their ballots at one of our ballot drop-off locations or they can come to a vote center and have in person voting opportunities to actually cast their ballot.
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a drop off the conditionally registered to vote correct the imbalance issues that they may have one of the change in san francisco, instead of the ballots being counted at city hall the be counted here at the bill graham civic auditorium. >>it's larger and more allow for more social distancing for election workers in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>coming up a one on one with president trump how he says his administration is preparing to fight covid-19 this fall, hundreds of san francisco restaurants are struggling to survive the pandemic the latest challenges, business owners are facing to try to stay open plus could face shields become mandatory why the nation's top disease experts are
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>>the nation's top coronavirus experts are recommending face shields or goggles to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus the push for added protection comes from doctors deborah birx and anthony fauci we've been leading voices during this pandemic cut kron four's maureen kelly reports wearing this extra layer of protection does not mean you can skip wearing a mask. >>this is a pandemic response area right now close variety store in san francisco's castro carries a lot of different face masks and hand sanitizers. >>but only one kind of face shield for now i have seen an increasing number of people wearing them so i don't know whether. >>that's going to be something
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that will really catch on sales might pick up now that doctors fauci and berks are calling attention. >>to this additional layer of protection which is common ppe for frontline medical workers, the idea is if someone else costs or sneezes. >>wearing a face shield or goggles to help keep those particles from getting into your eyes. it might also help you remember not to touch or rub your eyes, i spoke to an infectious disease expert who says the virus gets into our bodies through receptors found in the nose and throat. but those same receptors are also found on the external surface parts of the i know we have a proven yet the eyes of portal but there's every reason to think it could be. >>and so why not shield your cells from the virus if you can i've got less or great you know and that offers a pretty good she'll but not really certainly a shield to come down over my face or goggles went on for their shield. it
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does add another layer of protection. it does. we replace the mass by any stretch of the imagination the masters, critically cover your nose and mouth. >>that doctor says the most important thing to prevent the spread of the virus is social distancing because if you're far enough away the risk of transmission dropped sharply but if it's a choice between wearing a mask or wearing a face shield he cheese the mask. but if you're in a situation where you're near people and the virus could transmit wearing a face shield goggles or even glasses could help. as long as you're wearing the mask as well maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>in the north face noma county has seen a spike in coronavirus related deaths this week alone, 7 people have died. bringing the county's death toll to 31 the recent deaths involved people, 65 or older with underlying health conditions and we're living in
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skilled nursing facilities. the deaths occurred at 3 different facilities one in sonoma and 2 in petaluma county health officials say they're doing the best they can to protect those who are vulnerable. >>we're working with the skilled nursing facilities. and the state of california identify a site designee it's a sight for local skilled nursing facility, residents were infected with covid it isolates and quarantine if their contacts. the goal really is to separate those who have the virus. and those you don't. >>so the county remains on the state's coronavirus watch lists the health officer also says this is a good reminder that everyone needs to social distance wear masks wash your hands and do everything you can to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus. time now to get those check a check of the weather as we take a look outside wow beautiful quadcopter shot showing the embarcadero the bay bridge pam we'll get that shot very talon you might want to go outside
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>>all right chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by it really was a lovely day to day when this video was taken foggy out there tonight though that fog coming in that shot by mark burnett another one of our pilots at kron. >>we got him to i know everybody flying around pilot air o'clock not a that fog is creeping back on shore this looking from souter tower in that need looking as the fog is moving in the sun has set. we're get ready for another cloudy night around much of the bay area's the fog going to surge well on shore again and here comes fog on the way temperature wise still warm inland. you're talking 70's. there in livermore concord 63 in santa rosa, a cool 58 with some patchy fog in the san francisco 64 now in oakland 68 degrees. in san jose. as we wake up tomorrow morning clouds early on maybe even some drizzle right along the immediate coastline and then by the middle of the day that is long gone except the coast. you see lots of sunshine in the bait 60's there for lunch time 70's in the valleys, the
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by the afternoon. we've got some maybe some low 90's on tap inland, some 70's and 80's inside the bay and cooler weather with some fog continuing out toward the beaches breaking down the numbers wise here we go a nice day away from the media coach you'll see a lot of sun 77 in redwood city about 71 in fremont 77 in mount view about 91 degrees and hot in concord the next few days with temperatures may be cooling just slightly sunny and warm though little breezy on sunday and monday. >>thank you lauren still ahead at a san francisco restaurant and bar struggli
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>>say open press pause sir shutdown that's the dilemma. some san francisco restaurant and bar owners are facing right now the cost of doing business in the city was already high before the pandemic but now has come forcefully to call reports an increasing number of food and drinking establishments on the cusp of closing for ever. >>with growing uncertainty mounting about when indoor dining will again be sanctioned in san francisco stephon says he's made the tough decision to temporarily close his restaurants down we're still in business but we're taking a break own spravato ristorante and bar on california street as well as barbacoa next door in the financial district. he says take out orders and the limited outdoor dining he offered last month just haven't generated enough
8:26 pm
revenue to stay open and much like his neighbors at tadic's grill funds from the federal paycheck protection program loan, he received are running low, he's been forced to lay off about a 113 employees that adage announced this week that it is causing operations this friday, the hopes of reopening the 171 year old establishment down the road or landlord has been working with is so worried, good would have to says he'll likely remain closed until indoor dining returns right now nobody knows anything business owners believe they can make it through this pandemic but they say that depends on the communities efforts to control the spread of covid-19 when you're dining out wear the mask when the service approach and when anybody and just how much we can do that and we can continue what was like a rock star result to start with in san francisco and we're going to have a shot at going forward sooner robin restaurant in hayes valley is surviving on carry out orders,
8:27 pm
but it's unclear how long this business model can be sustained were definitely. >>grateful to have a loyal customer base. >>however, it's just not like oh greece are running our business a grim reminder of the trying times less than a block away from robin the bar smuggler's cove has temporarily closed down because of the pandemic. >>another historic far the stood shut down permanently at its old location in soma last month. the golden gate restaurant association represents about 800 food establishments and executive director laurie thomas says up to half of them may go out of business what we need is the more federal money. >>to make it for all the restaurant owners out there stay strong. >>and stay healthy and we welcome back that's the hope but there are no guarantees in san francisco fled to gaul kron 4 news. >>coming up former presidential candidate and pizza chain ceo herman cain has died from covid-19 where
8:28 pm
he may have contracted the virus. >>while working for the trump campaign former president obama without saying his name sharply criticizes president trump today what he has to say about voting by mail and the president's current leadership. plus president trump outlined some of his administration's covid response plans for the fall. how he says his administration
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>>as we reported this morning
8:31 pm
president trump made headlines when he tweeted about the possibility of moving the november election day he says in order to avoid voter fraud. then this afternoon. he said he does not want to delay the election due to the pandemic after all our washington correspondent joe khaleel talk with the president one on one about his administration's current covid response plans for parents and teachers preparing for the upcoming school year president trump had this message in our exclusive one on one interview you said it's a real teachers were you well i want them to be careful i wanted to be safe. i want everything to be safe. they're going to be work working together with a lot of very great professionals and i want them to be shielded in some way or safeguarded and in a very strong way we spoke with president trump at the red cross where he was promoting plasma donations for covid patients. he says he's hopeful will have an effect of covid vaccine by the end of the year, but we wanted to know what the administration
8:32 pm
is ready for what comes next to manufacture and deliver sure enough people were actually makes it such a great question were actually spending money up front to get that infrastructure and our military is ready to distribute it will be delivering it very rapidly but before the president's vaccine deadline. there is an election and thursday morning on twitter the president floated the idea of delaying it something that's never happened before the president says he's worried about voter fraud because of widespread voting by mail due to the coronavirus is nothing like being able to go out and vote. >>going out and vote when you have people in you have identification and you have whatever it is that the place requires. >>but this concept of mailing out hundreds of millions of ballots just sending them all over the well, i hope nothing like that wouldn't be necessary because i want to date more than anyone president trump hasn't ruled
8:33 pm
out challenging the results of the election in court he says with more mail in voting the election results could take longer to tally. i want to hear the result. ok i think we're going to do very well and then you have court challenges and everything else. you can go many many months and beyond that frankly before you find out who won the election of president trump says he does support expanding absentee voting. which is how he cast his own ballot. in florida. in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>today former president barack obama took aim at president trump over voting rights as he eulogized the civil rights icon john lewis take a listen. >>guess the number of jelly beans in a jar in order to cast a ballot. but even as we sit here. there are those in power who are doing their darndest. to discourage people from voting. by closing polling locations and
8:34 pm
targeting minorities. >>and students with restrictive id laws. with surgical precision even undermining the postal service. so the lesson. that's going to be dependent on mail in ballots. >>so people don't get upset. >>in just a few minutes, we'll take a closer look at congressman john lewis is a memorial service and what the 2 other former presidents in attendance today also had to say about lewis's legacy. tonight, we know that former republican presidential candidate and restaurant tour herman cain has died from covid-19 use of cain's passing came by way of an obituary from his verified twitter account and newsmax where he was launching a tv show. the 74 year-old former ceo of godfather's pizza was hospitalized earlier this month. as a co-chair of black voices for trump. cain was one of the surrogates at president trump's june rally in tulsa at
8:35 pm
least 8 trump advance team staffers there tested positive for coronavirus however, it's unknown where exactly cain contracted the virus. this quarter the u.s. economy experienced its worst drop on record amid the pandemic lockdown the broadest measure of the economy, the gross domestic product fell by an annual rate of 32.9% in the 2nd quarter for comparison, the gdp dropped 5% in the 1st quarter. a recession is commonly defined as 2 consecutive quarters of declining gdp. the 2nd quarter was the worst since records started back in 1947. not our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live view from our sutro camera that could be pretty client anywhere because it looks like you can't tell which direction we're looking at right now is all fog lawrence looks like cotton out loan on through tonight we're going to see more of that. >>surging well on shore hey things are starting to get active. we've got our weather
8:36 pm
systems here these are pretty typical weather pattern here but they're starting to see things get very active. and here we go we've got a tropical storm that we're tracking and could likely affect the united states over the next few days the storm system rolling right over puerto rico bringing some very heavy rain some flooding. there as many as half a million people losing power from that storm system with some gusts there are over 50 miles per hour. it's a s is now making its way toward the u.s. sustained winds of 60 miles per hour in a slow just slightly at the northwest at 18 was a 20 just earlier on this evening, but now watch the track here and this is what has changed yesterday yesterday the track at a moving right into florida only as a tropical storm. now it's moving out over so open water so as it moves out over open waters, nothing really to slow the storm system down it's going to start to gather some strength and there you go just off the coastline, there miami. we're talking about maybe a hurricane 4 storm just off the coastline battering the coastal areas and bringing heavy rainfall across parts of florida but then watch what
8:37 pm
happens it's going to rotate right around the bermuda high. and when you know place to get hit very often from types of hurricanes north carolina in morehead city maybe cape hatteras going to see the outer barrier islands possibly get hit by that on monday as a category one, but there's a lot that can change between now and then certainly it could intensify as well we're the low clouds and fog rolling in along the coastline now look at that shot over the golden gate bridge beautiful out there tonight. but those clouds they are going to move in we'll start with that early tomorrow morning giving way to sunshine by the afternoon temperatures may be cooling just slightly over the weekend but not by much i think a little more sunshine a little breezy on sunday and monday. >>thank you lauren still ahead tonight civil rights legend congressman john lewis laid to rest how he was honored today by 3 former president and for the first time oprah will not be on the cover of o magazine why she decided to get the spot to brianna taylor loves. early morning earthquake grabs attention in los angeles live
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>>and southern california 4.2 earthquake rattled parts of los angeles early this morning. it may be considered a quote garden variety earthquake, but it definitely got people's attention tina patel has the story. >>earthquake. >>a man has a previous a size one that was mister bombs reaction when he fell to 4.2
8:41 pm
earthquake as he was live streaming in hollywood just before 4.30 this morning. he was already up but home security videos caught the joe waking up several dogs one in studio city. another in highland park. they were the only one shaken out of their slumber there was an aftershock right after that it may be. a couple minutes after that. but yeah it was a good wake-up call for sure that's certainly up and i've been awake since then this what the initial earthquake looked like at a home in porter ranch, a 3.9 aftershock, a couple hours later didn't cause quite as much shaking in sherman oaks a couple bobbleheads lost their heads when a bookshelf came crashing down. but fire crews surveyed the area around the epicenter in did not find any major damage. doctor robert de groot of usgs says that's not surprising. this is your garden variety earthquake and. >>these happen in 20 to 30 years place today in southern california. so is just part of living in the country. >>he says the earthquake was fairly shallow and senate in a densely populated part of the
8:42 pm
san fernando valley which is why so many people felt it. he hopes it's a reminder to prepare for the big one is an opportunity to check your disaster supply kits. >>to think about your plans are really to really sort of exercise and things that we keep putting this back in your memory not everyone says they're as ready as they should be some fire idea i think my sons are fine my bad i had to make some stuff be sure that everything is in order. that was patel reporting the los angeles fire department says no major injuries nor significant damage reported. >>and as far as it was quite a comeback win for the giants last night we'll get reaction from the hero of the game. as jason dumas springs, a story next. >>and remembering a civil rights legend what family and friends and 3 former presidents of the united
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
>>he believed in us. even when we don't we believe in ourselves. >>representative john robert louis a passionate champion of civil rights and long-term georgia congressman was remembered today by family and friends, former presidents bush clinton and obama all spoke at his services afternoon darryl forges is in atlanta with more. >>we have come to say farewell to friend. >>representative john lewis was remembered today in a home
8:46 pm
going service at ebenezer baptist church in atlanta georgia. the 17 term congressman was honored by the youngest of friends. >>john knows was my hero, my friend, this honor him by getting into trouble. >>and by former presidents from both sides of the political aisle. >>he always thought of others. he always believed in preaching the gospel in word and deed. ensure sting that hate and fear had to be answered. with love and hope. >>john lewis was many things. but he was. a friend and sunshine and storm. a friend who would walk the stoney roads. that is to the wall. >>someday when we do finish that long journey towards free. what we do for. a more perfect too. whether it's years from now or decades or
8:47 pm
even if it takes another 2 centuries. john lewis. >>will be a founding father. of that fuller. >>and return john lewis penned his own farewell to america. in my life i have done all i can to demonstrate that the way of peace the way of love and nonviolence is the more excellent way. now it is your turn to let freedom ring. and atlanta, i'm darryl forges. >>to you tonight, we know for the first time ever oprah winfrey will not be on the cover of her o magazine winfrey posted the news on our website explaining why she gave up her front cover 2 dedicated to brianna taylor. she said quote only in the wake of george floyd's filmed execution was national attention brought to the shooting death of brianna taylor, 2 and a half months after she was killed. she continued to say that pleas for justice have fallen on deaf ears. taylor was killed
8:48 pm
in march when she was shot 8 times by louisville, kentucky police officers who burst into her home using a no knock warrant during a narcotics investigation. >>time now for schools. >>before the season, most baseball experts had this giant team as one of the worst rosters in baseball and while they haven't proved to be world beaters in the first week of the season. they've been scrappy and find themselves at 3, 3, with 2 of those wins coming against the dodgers who are the pick to win the world series. manager gabe kepler said before the season. this team was going to have to do it by committee and could rely on one particular player. but in the early season there had been one guy who is shined the brightest. mike yastrzemski is currently hitting 4 '09 and has 2 home runs on the short season. last night he hit a walk-off in mccovey cove for his first career flash shot. this time he has had a unique journey to
8:49 pm
the show but he certainly making the most of it. >>in order to be successful in this game you have to think you're the best player on the field. so if you want to play against the best you want that challenge in a situation of data been serving now and the path that i've taken i'm just i'm super grateful. every day. >>now let's take a look at what the giants are doing right now over at oracle padres currently leave 5 to one. over the giants in the 6th and we'll have highlights to that at 10. now while the giants have exceeded expectations in the young season, the a's have done the opposite one game, the bats will be hot and the pictures will be off the next game, the pictures are locked and loaded in the bats go cold a's also haven't been able to produce with runners in scoring position which was the case last night he pulls up. >>unfortunately it came up big and strong and we didn't. you know both guys pitch while
8:50 pm
ranking pitched well hoosiers based well they're going to get really well. they just came up with bigger it's more timely. >>seeing how everything is playing out in the nba bubble has been fascinating but the best part of it all seems to be that is seems to be working of the 344 players tested for covid-19 on the nba campus since the test results or last announced on the 20th 0 have returned positive for coronavirus i'll take that any day of the week today the game started to matter with the pelicans in jazz kicking off the nba. restart. both of you as the pelicans kneeling in unison during the national anthem. >>players all sporting black lives matters t shirts 1st quarter jazz up by one mike conley stop and knocks down the tray from downtown he had 20 points for the jazz let's go to the 3rd quarter jazz down 6 check this out we usually sees eye on dunking on people but what a pass 5 live lonzo ball. in transition now
8:51 pm
4th quarter jags up one donovan mitchell was phenomenal in the 4th quarter. he give utah a three-point lead and that does it dad he's the pelicans by 2 for the first game of the restart they'll take on the thunder on saturday. and in another update from orlando to lakers they're currently up 9690 over the clippers lebron james anthony davis both having big games. >>we'll try to get those highlights in for you at night. and that is your look at sports back to you guys all right. thanks jason coming up next the story of a nameless homeless doberman pinscher. >>her rescue journey and how
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>>and rescue organizations save animals, they usually know at least some basic information about the condition of the animals including their names in tonight's flying tails that is not the case this is a story of an unnamed dog with a mysterious history. it is. >>the first leg of this journey takes us from the bay area to modesto. i met brandi manzella the modesto airport with a very shy doberman pinscher her sister went up there yesterday. okay so that she misses her sister you stand, yes, she doesn't show
8:55 pm
sister gene. >>no idea. the dog sister and flown out with another rescue flight the day before. so this one had to wait just another setback in the life of a dog that had already been through who knows what tag nothing, no color no, while though they had nothing. >>and nothing at all. randy lives next to the property where the dogs were found she said the dogs were barking almost nonstop and constantly getting into her yard. >>and every time we put it back in they sit down over there notice and there's nobody there. so they were left to fend for there. so that's we've never yet he was speeding and what that means. >>and that's when she contacted rescuers who contacted me, he's ready. keeping us here says. i loaded her into the plane for the flight to reading good cause.
8:56 pm
she handled the trip like a frequent flyer curling up on the back seat to snooze for the almost 2 hour journey. >>on our descent are ready we've got a good view of snow covered mount shasta looming on the horizon. touchdown it was time for this dog with no name to be reunited with her sister. but try as i might she didn't seem to want to get out of the plane. finally i lifted her out. we were met by lindy turner who runs casa de love animal rescue. >>these are the most timid doberman pinchers have ever seen in my life honestly i don't know how they were doing to them in the back and i think about it. >>she moved her operation from the bay area to shasta county about 18 months ago he got the impression you travel a lot of salute leno question. no question. she has plenty of
8:57 pm
experience with doberman she says she can tell these 2 have been through a lot but it's not an uncommon story unfortunately, you know it's it happens all too often. you know its says. >>so right now elsa and rows our still at casa de love sanctuary in shasta county they're starting to get a lot more comfortable there soon when the dogs are ready. they'll be up for adoption so what was the situation with these dogs before they were found it is a mystery nobody knows for sure however the suspicion is that the 2 dogs are both females were used to breed puppies. basically a little puppy mill operation that's not uncommon, especially in the central valley, so the advice from from people at these sanctuaries is if you're buying a dog online. you really got to do your research and know a lot about where that dog is coming. yeah, all right. >>well that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8.
8:58 pm
>>primetime news continues at the top of the hour for south a costco stores dealing with a cluster of coronavirus cases. coming up at 9 a union rep for the workers explains why it is so hard to keep everyone safe plus a special prosecutor now appointed to lead the investigation into the vallejo police department shooting death of willie mccoy, what we know about the person now in
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