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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 30, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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news stations. >>you're watching kron 4 news at 10. we begin in her use of this dispersant being angry. >>a san francisco restaurant posting a series of controversial signs in its windows drawing negative attention, thank you for joining us at 10 i fail more. i'm ken wayne, some of the signs that the north beach restaurant question. the gender of former first lady michelle obama while also calling san francisco a cesspool kron four's dan thorn joins us live from north beach tonight with more on this story. dan. >>ken and pam this restaurant owner would not go on camera, but he did tell me that the signs that are posted his restaurant or freedom of speech he says he's closing up shop. >>he's leaving san francisco because city leaders are failing people like him, but people in this neighborhood say that they are happy to see him go. >>signs hand written in broken english and italian cover the windows of restaurant tried to reopen tokyo for the ones people can make out its speech
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not welcome in north beach and definitely bizarre i don't know what the point is per se the post's come across as an angry rant says neighborhood resident david asked link. but the more you read them or bigoted they become one sign questioning whether former first lady michelle obama is a man for someone to say that michelle obama is the man a little troubling crary racist and bigoted. >>dan mackey arena is the president of the north beach business association. he says it's well known throughout the neighborhood that the owner of the restaurant is intolerant district 3 supervisor, aaron peskin echoed those sentiments saying in part quote the owner of this establishment is known by all local residents to be on hand, nobody in the neighborhood is sad to see him go but losing a local business is not something to be celebrated. the restaurant is closing because of the covid-19 pandemic people are angry right now and i i get that people are angry. >>this is this is a little.
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>>aggressive for me i have no regrets about this individual and his business holding up. and some fortunate to have to say because we don't like to lose businesses at all as the signs remain at least for now neighbors say it's best to ignore them. this is a representative of north beach is a community and as a neighborhood so. >>if you do walk by maybe look >>well the front door of this restaurant was vandalized yesterday with profanity essentially telling the restaurant owner to shot up. we spoke with some area business owners here who say that they believe that what is written on those signs is repulsive and they too are happy to see him go. reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>the served in absolutely essential and vital. well in our society. this is a held a way to get that kind of
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notoriety. >>another big story we're following tonight clusters of covid-19 positive costco employees are being treated for the virus across santa clara county employees and customers of costco stores in the south bay. we're learning about the newly revealed infection so far 31 employees have tested positive this month on for sellers sogomonian is live in our newsroom with what the whole so company the local authorities and the union representatives are all doing about this fella. >>kevin can the union leader representing employees told me the costco store health standards go above and beyond and that retail is reflective of communities so he hopes of customers continue to mask up in distance while shopping to ensure that everyone is doing their part to prevent the spread. >>by workers have ah we have that recommendation for them to be tested on a regular basis and a follower guidelines, but they do have a somewhat of a higher risk and when you're frontline workers. >>altogether 31 employees have tested positive for coronavirus throughout the month of july across 4 different costco stores in
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santa clara county. the location in mountain view reported for employees got sick between july 15th and 29th. that site has yet to be inspected by the county. the store in gilroy had 6 cases between july 24th and 30th. the one in sunnyvale had 13 confirmed cases between july 23rd and 26th. and the costco site in san jose on center had 8 cases between july 17th and 22nd. the last 3 locations were all inspected by the environmental health department this week and met the standards. >>and we did make some recommendations relative to a couple of the employee only areas otherwise they did very well and they have been good and partners with the public health department in maintaining those protocols and safety at the costco store. >>the county goes through a seven-step process when there is a positive case founded a business preliminary investigation shows a costco is complying with social distancing and other protocols
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and many of the cases have been caused by community transmission. most likely not internally among employees, the union representing those employees also backed that costco stores are going above and beyond to protect them along with customers for example using higher and larger plexiglass said checkout stands while also enforcing mask requirements. their rep calls the coronavirus insidious and highlights the need for ramped up testing for frontline workers who are at higher risk with a faster turnaround of the results, the union is working to pin down an alternative with costco and getting employees compensated while they wait for test results without resorting to exhausting all sick or vacation time. >>we don't want to have the count them worried about getting paid while the rock waiting for a result that could you know possibly cheap other workers from getting gas sec, you tend to come in a logger heads on issues like that, but. you know they haven't we made that suggestion they haven't completely turned down so
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we're still working on that. >>the union rep estimates an average of 400 employees for costco store but says there's ample space inside for distancing live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank u l a. >>so noma county report 7 new coronavirus deaths all of them happened this week at 3 skilled nursing facilities, including this one the emperor's post acute health and rehabilitation facility in petaluma state health officials say other deaths happened at another nursing home in petaluma and one in sonoma all 7 people who died were aged 65 years or older and had underlying health conditions. a total of 31 people have now died in sonoma county county because of covid-19 and here's a look at the bay area broken down county by county. right now alameda county continuing to lead with more than 11,000 cases of covid-19 santa clara county is not far behind with nearly 10,000 cases in total the bay area now has more than
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50,000 cases and 778 deaths. tonight, san francisco has more than 6,000 reported cases of covid-19 and city officials are preparing for a surge in hospitalizations to try to get ahead of the curve, the city is building a new temporary hospital to free up beds for covid patients. >>the new hospital will be open for non covid patients who need short-term medical care or observation. kron four's terror attack in now joins us from the presidio where that new facility will be working from taylor. well the san francisco health director certainly wasn't sugarcoating things today. he says that we are in a major surge of coronavirus cases. >>and that's why you're seeing this facility being built here behind me city says that it will open with 20 patients. but will have a capacity of 2.90 people. >>san francisco is opening a temporary hospital in the presidio. >>all in preparation for a major surge in critical coronavirus cases that's
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likely to send more people to the hospitals. >>let me be clear. we are in a major surge of covid-19. the virus is moving fast and more people are getting seriously ill doctor grant colfax san francisco's director of health put it bluntly cases in san francisco are rising at alarming rates. >>the city currently has 6,423 people with covid-19. >>the surge in april put 94 people in the hospital that number dipped to 26 6 weeks ago and as of thursday, 107 patients are now in the hospital a quarter of them in intensive care. >>right now we are seeing close to a 100 new cases of covid-19 every day in san francisco. that puts us in the red zone continues to put us in the red zone of one of our key health indicators and we have been there for over a month has hospitals expect to see more coronavirus patients. >>the city will use this new facility off korea's avenue to care for non covid patients
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and the short term medical states this new low acuity medical center. >>is an inpatient facility. the patients staying here will receive treatment at this location in new of hospital care or they will have been transferred from a hospital the facility will treat up to 93 patients to free up beds for covid patients and other hospitals, something peter chin, hong an infectious disease specialist at ucsf is applauding for the city's proactive steps pink. >>the move of building hospital capacity proactively before we actually need it is in step with what this style is and is definitely a good move. and a very prescient move. >>a city hasn't released an official open date for this hospital yet, but hopefully we'll see some moves shortly here. it's also important reminder for all of us to do our part at home that means washing your hands remaining socially distant of course asks i know that i have mine
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right here ready to go in just a couple of seconds for now live in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news taylor. thank you the nation's top coronavirus experts are now recommending in addition to masks. >>face shields to prevent the spread of coronavirus a push for added protection comes from doctors deborah birx and anthony fauci the leading national voices during the pandemic the racing is of someone else calls or sneezes wearing a face shield can help keep those particles from getting into your eyes. she'll can also help keep people from touching or rubbing their eyes infectious disease experts say the virus gets into our bodies through receptors found in the nose and throat. but those same receptors are also found on the external surface of parts of the eye. >>we have a proven yet the eyes of portal but there's every reason to think it could be and so why not shield your cells this. >>that doctor says the most important thing to keep coronavirus from spreading to
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social distancing and masks because if you are far enough away the risk of transmission drops sharply, more restaurants in san francisco are closing their doors again restaurant owners say relying on limited outdoor dining and take out. >>it's just not enough for them to do business in the city kron 4 sleep to call reports on the ongoing struggles of restaurant and bar owners during the pandemic. >>with growing uncertainty mounting about when indoor dining will again be sanctioned in san francisco stephon says he's made the tough decision to temporarily close his restaurants down we're still in business but we're taking a break own spravato ristorante and bar on california street as well as barbacoa next door in the financial district. he says takeout orders and the limited outdoor dining he offered last month just haven't generated enough revenue to stay open and much like his neighbors at tadic's grill funds from the federal paycheck protection program loan, he received are running low, he's been forced
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to lay off about a 113 employees that adage announced this week that it is causing operations this friday, the hopes of reopening the 171 year old establishment down the road or landlord has been working with is so we're good would have to says he'll likely remain closed until indoor dining returns right now nobody knows anything business owners believe they can make it through this pandemic but they say that depends on the communities efforts to control the spread of covid-19 when you're dining out wear the mask when the service approach and when anybody and just how much we can do that and we can continue what was like a rock star result to start with in san francisco and we're going to have a shot at going forward sooner robin restaurant in hayes valley is surviving on carry out orders, but it's unclear how long this business model can be sustained we're definitely. >>grateful to have a loyal customer base. >>however, it's just not like
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how greece are running our business a grim reminder of the trying times less than a block away from robin, the bar smuggler's cove has temporarily closed down because of the pandemic. >>another historic far the stood shut down permanently at its home location in soma last month. the golden gate restaurant association represents about 800 food establishments and executive director laurie thomas says up to half of them may go out of business what we need is a more federal money. >>to make it for all the restaurant owners out there stay strong. >>and stay healthy and we welcome back that's the hope but there are no guarantees in san francisco fled to gaul kron 4 news. >>california pizza kitchen has filed for bankruptcy because of the pandemic the 35 year-old pizza chain has several restaurants in the bay area, including this one in walnut creek just across the street from broadway plaza in its filing for chapter 11
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bankruptcy, the russia said the temporary closure of indoor dining has been brutal for the company and revenues are currently down 40% compared to the same time a year ago it says the bankruptcy process will help it reduce its long-term debt load let's give you a live look at the golden gate bridge and see if it's foggy out there. i'm guessing. yes, well it's not too lot worse earlier alright. laura says the fog is building back in though for sure it sure is just kind of lift a little bit so it's still little bit on shore but you can see it right into san francisco. we've got the low clouds that are beginning to push in the beginning here we go summer in the bay area we're talking about low clouds stretching all the way. >>the interior valleys overnight tonight, so pretty good push out there as we see that fog out toward sfo right now quiet night around the bay area, maybe even a little patchy drizzle along the coastline overnight tonight. temperatures today, not bad still running a little bit below the average in the san francisco, 6371 nice day in oakland, 70 degrees in san jose, 90 hot in livermore 89
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in concord and 80 degrees in santa rosa, so nice temperatures outside really have seen the hot weather in the central valley and then moving eastward as a big dome of high pressure has been sitting over the 4 corner states and the desert southwest, but low clouds continue to hug the coastline with that nice on shore breeze and that's just been enough to keep running a little bit below the average around much of the bay area temperature wise 56 degrees right now in san francisco in a 60 degrees in oakland, 63. in san jose 66 degrees in livermore 67 in concord and cool 55 with the fog moving into santa rosa clouds gathering overnight tonight pushing on shore some patchy drizzle up toward the beaches. tomorrow morning fog giving way to plenty of sunshine on a friday and looking good into the weekend maybe a little less cloud cover and a little more sunshine as we head in towards sunday and monday storm system off the coastline, but they're that big ridge i was talking about and it's really a blocking ridge until that moves out of the way there's not much change going to
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happen in fact i think this holds steady not only for the next few days but maybe about the next 15 as a rigid very strong that wilson and those clouds some mainly to the north and keep things hot away from the media coast. to the expected high in fresno for tomorrow 97 in sacramento about 99 in bakersfield 87 degrees in los angeles and 79 in santa barbara low clouds and fog expected to move further on shore tonight and into some of the valley to see movie well inland and even in parts of the east bay to see that extend over the oakland hills there and the clouds along the coastline, even some drizzle out toward the beaches. then as we head toward the middle the day there you go we clear things out nicely only to see that fog once again should write to the gaps in here we go as we head in toward the weekend. alright, san jose, you're looking nice tomorrow, sunny and warm those temperatures getting near 80 degrees by tomorrow afternoon a peak about 2 or 3 o'clock or so then as we head in towards san francisco. you start out of the fog. then you get the sunshine by the afternoon but likely to see that fog linger out toward the coastline in
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oakland we'll see sunshine up some patchy morning fog temperatures very comfortable in the 70's when you're 1010 coming up in a few lawrence in a south bay, san jose leaders are set to consider reform plans for the city's police department on august 11th. today mayor sam liccardo release the next stage of his police reform plan that includes starting the process to move investigations of police misconduct from police department's internal affairs to the independent police auditor tasking the city attorney's the auditor and city manager to provide the city council with specific recommendations to reform the arbitration process. >>re imagining public safety response such as supplanting the police department's response to many non criminal matters with a civilian response and examining how and whether to mandate expedited public disclosure of body-worn camera video of incidents of substantial public concerns such as major protests or controversial uses of force. you can find the mayor's full plan for police reform on our
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website kron 4 dot com just look for this story. >>new tonight, a special prosecutor will oversee a controversial deadly shooting involving police in valais ho the solano county district attorney's has appointed michael ramos to review willie mccoy's death. a lawsuit claims 6 officers shot mccoy 55 times while he was asleep in his car outside of a taco bell in february of 2019 in body cam footage you can hear an officer tell the other officers to shoot mccoy if you moved. police claim mccoy had a gun in his lap. special prosecutor ramos has served as the san bernardino district attorneys for 16 years and formerly served as president of the california district attorneys association tonight, a catholic school in san francisco needs help cleaning up after the campus was ransacked and burglarize want to show you some pictures of the destruction. >>at saint thomas the apostle school someone broke in tuesday night. stole about a 100 laptops along with causing
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all this damage. the school is looking to raise $65,000 to cover the cost of the supplies and the repairs. if you'd like to help out we've posted the information on our website kron 4 dot com a hate crime investigation is underway. at stanford university after university officials found 2 swastikas drawn on campus school officials say the graffiti was discovered monday on a hallway wall in the campuses memorial church. >>in a statement staffers president condemned the act calling the swastika a symbol of hate and anti-semitism that has no place on campus staff believe that graffiti could have been on the campus since as early as the july 4th weekend. and the east bay motorcyclists from davis was killed last night in a crash on highway 24 in oakland. >>the crash happened shortly after 11 o'clock last night on eastbound highway, 24 just west of the interchange with highway 13. investigators say 51 year-old christopher jones
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was pulling his blue yamaha into traffic from the right shoulder. when it collided with a black honda accord jones died after his thrown off his motorcycle. investigators say neither drugs nor alcohol seem to have played a role. nobody else was injured. >>i want to delay. i want to have the election. but i also don't want to have to wait for 3 months and then find out that the ballots are all missing. and the election doesn't mean anything. >>president trump continuing to slam mail in voting more and more states are considering mail in ballots for the november presidential election as the pandemic shows little sign of slowing down. >>in a tweet this morning, the president claims 2020 will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history. he called for congress to delay the election until people can properly securely and safely vote. both republicans and democrats criticized that tweet later in the day the president said he
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is not want to delay the november election. but he said mail in voting could cause uncertainty in the election. >>law akers representing the bay area were quick to react to the president's tweet about possibly delaying the november election coming up tonight at 1030 why they say the election is a go no matter what. >>he believed in us. even when we don't we believe in ourselves. >>a powerful eulogy by a former president to a farmer. former congressman the values that former president obama says americans need to protect in honor of john lewis plus we introduce you to the most timid doberman pinchers you've ever seen. and in tonight's flying tails of rescue mission that goes far beyond finding a home for last officer to salmonella outbreak sending dozens
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the geico giveback. deal with the coronavirus pandemic the cdc is warning of a serious salmonella outbreak the agency says backyard chickens and ducklings are responsible for the illness that has killed one person in oklahoma and sickened the 35 people in california. >>backyard, poultry, especially chickens have become popular pets in the united states. health experts say poultry can carry salmonella bacteria even if they look clean and show no signs of illness. the cdc warns the backyard farmer
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should not kiss their poultry nor snow will them and touch them and then touch their faces or their mouths. chicken and duck owners are also reminded to wash their hands carefully after handling the birds or the eggs and pet ducks and chicks should never be allowed inside your home due to the risk of infection. help save the salmon population has to request from governor newsome to investor and philanthropist a philanthropist warren buffett. >>doing so would mean demolishing for hydroelectric dams that are owned by one of buffett's companies on the klamath river along the border with oregon. it would provide hundreds of miles of potential habitat for salmon salmon population that has dwindled to almost nothing the project would be the largest dam removal in u.s. history. the u.s. postal service is starting off the holiday season a little bit early and unveiled 5 new forever stamps for the 2020 holiday season. these are what the postal service calls a holiday to light stay bland to modern graphics and the traditional
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red green and white color scheme issue dates will be announced as the season gets closer the usps says the images could change prior to printing. >>mommy rise in the number of americans dying from covid-19 the new death toll which an influential model is now predicting by fall and the new service said health experts are warning about tonight plus a 4.2 magnitude quake shakes people out of bed in los angeles early this morning. it's a stark reminder we all need to be prepared. okay now threatening to hit the u.s. this week
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>>almost 231,000 that is how many americans the university of washington is now predicting will die because of covid-19 by november this map shows the nation's current coronavirus hotspots based on data from johns hopkins university. more than 4 and a half million americans have been diagnosed with covid-19 more than a 150,000 have died because of it. tonight health experts warn of a new surge at least 22 states whitney wild has the latest from the white house. >>let me begin by expressing our sadness at the passing of. a wonderful man and a dear friend of mine herman cain one time republican presidential candidate and former ceo of godfather's pizza herman cain.
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>>has died after a battle with coronavirus this as officials are warning cases are starting to surge in the midwest in the south louisiana now has the highest number of cases per capita in the nation. we are above arizona above new york. above. >>new jersey florida all these other states. >>florida setting a new record for covid-19 deaths for a 3rd straight day in the race for a vaccine, the head of operation warp speed says he expects a covid ec seen to be about 90% effective so i am. >>optimistic that we have vaccines for everybody within the year 2021. and he was in the 1st half of the year 2021. that's our objective. >>now president trump is defending his tweets questioning whether the country should delay the election of been the pandemic so we're asking for a lot of trouble. >>know do i want to see a day change no, but i don't want to see a crooked election. this suggestion flaring up opposition from both sides of
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the political aisle. >>he says oh well maybe we won't have an election. that's up to the senate and the house will cope with whatever the situation is the election on november 3rd as short as scheduled at the white house with the wild kron 4 news 6. >>bay area congress members were also quick to react to the president's tweet about potentially postponing the election has come for us to resist a feel reports tonight, they say this election is a go no matter what. >>it tells you a lot about where trump's brain is right now he is this is the right rev chilean brand it's all about self-preservation is beginning to worry about an election that shaping to potentially be a landslide defeat for him. >>house representative jared huffman sounding off about the president who fired off this tweet thursday morning questioning the accuracy and legitimacy of absentee and mail in voting. adding quote, it will be a great embarrassment to the u.s. delay the election until
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people can properly securely and safely vote. question mark question mark wesh mark end quote. >>i don't think that most americans are going to let him get away with that. i don't think the congress and the supreme court and others will let him get away with that and i think if we do our work and when this election with the numbers that that i think are probably coming our way it just want to be a credible play for him representative hofmann not alone but you know it's interesting. >>you know california, i just did an experiment in the 26th congressional district, a couple weeks ago in a special election where everyone was able to vote. >>from home and a republican won the congressional race, and you didn't hear a word after that race from the president, but that outcome was freshman representative eric swalwell doubling down saying that the president is trying to deflect and she is. >>as seriously in a polling deficit right now is and he doesn't have the power to delay of congress sets the election receives the electoral votes in the states
10:33 pm
set the process so he is powerless, but this is just an effort to deceive. >>the american people think that it is dangerous representative anna eshoo adding that it is wrong to put forth any doubts about whether the final election results in the presidential election would be an accurate and the vote is chain bridge. well, mean it's a great john lewis was willing to die for it. so many have march 2 change in. so that more access to it. and here we have a president that's going in another direction. >>that was theresa reporting the former president barack obama also slammed president trump over voting rights without ever saying his name specifically at the funeral this morning congressman john robert louis. >>president obama called for renewing the voting rights act. >>that is the 1965 landmark piece of federal legislation that prohibited racial discrimination in voting.
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>>however, the u.s. supreme court got it back in 2012. >>we may no longer have to. guess the number of jelly beans in a jar in order to cast a ballot. but even as we sit here. well those in power who are doing their darndest. to discourage people from voting. locations and targeting minorities and stones with restricted by the law. with surgical precision. postal service. so what should. that's going to be dependent on may lynn notes. so people don't get upset. >>president obama delivered a passionate eulogy for congressman john lewis calling him the founding father of a fuller and better america. congressman lewis is funeral
10:35 pm
service was held inside the historic ebenezer baptist church in atlanta where reverend doctor martin luther king junior and his father once pastor. former presidents bill clinton and george w bush also spoke at the service today. >>after a federal civil rights inquiry, local protests and national debates there will be no charges in the 2014 shooting death of michael brown. the black 18 year-old was shot and killed by a white police officer in ferguson missouri today st. louis county's prosecuting attorneys announce they will not charge the officer darren wilson after a reinvestigation of that shooting. there's so many points and which dan wilson could have handled the situation differently. >>and if he had michael brown might still be alive. but that is not the question before us. the only question is whether we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime occurred. the answer to that question is no.
10:36 pm
>>that officer resigned from the police department shortly after a grand jury declined to prosecute him that was almost 6 years ago. >>within the last hour esa es has become a hurricane it passed by puerto rico as a tropical storm earlier dumping heavy rain and leading to major flooding in san won strong winds also knocked down trees and caused at least one house to collapse. the storm is the 9th named storm of 2020. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking that storm. the big question lawrence is it going to hit the mainland of the u.s.. yeah there's a very good chance unfortunately, the pattern has changed a little bit since yesterday and it looks like it's moving over open water. >>that's allowing it to strengthen fact tonight, we've got a hurricane here. it is you can see all that moisture that rain making its way across puerto rico that kind of fall apart just a little bit and then you see the i begin to blossom again there goes as it moves out over open water so now we've got to say yes with sustained winds of 80 miles per hour moving to the
10:37 pm
northwest at 18 this low just a little bit as the intensify they tend to slow down now it is going to take a little bit different track more to the east river yesterday it was tracking right toward florida and still stay kind of week moving right over the spine of floor, but now looks like it's going to move further east and that keeps it out over source of energy which is the ocean here we go just off the coastline on saturday. we've a category one sitting off the coast near miami just kind of churn things up causing some coastal flooding will see some tidal surge year. and of course you've that heavy rain and the gusty winds along the coast, but then it's going to score long a lot of fun hurricanes take this kind of path they rotate around what's called the bermuda high pressure system out in the middle of the atlantic but then one of the place that sticks out in the middle of the atlantic how about that we've got north carolina you've got to morehead city you've also got cape hatteras and it looks like it could make landfall as a category one and then after that making its way all the way up to new england. there's a chance that that could also make landfall
10:38 pm
once again we have to keep our eyes on things will be changing as the storm gets a little bit closer. outside tonight. we've got some low clouds and some fog but we're going to see some changes coming our way just some minor changes. these temperatures pretty nice for june cooling down maybe slightly over the weekend winds pick up on sunday and monday. but i think as we head into august and really almost the middle of august. these temperatures will be running a little bit below the average. >>thank you laura is happening right now firefighters are trying to contain a growing brush fire that is now at least 240 acres in the angeles national forest tonight, the la county fire department says the flames started this afternoon in a remote area where there's heavy brush about 100 firefighters and 2 helicopters responded dealing with some of the steepest terrain in the angeles national forest in triple digit heat. firefighters say the fire which is dubbed the dam a fire is 10% contained as of tonight. no buildings are threatened. and no one has been hurt. a scary wake-up
10:39 pm
call for people in southern california this morning, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake rattled parts of los angeles just before 4.30 tina patel has reaction. >>earthquake. and those of previous a size one that was mister bombs reaction when he fell to 4.2 earthquake as he was live streaming in hollywood just before 4.30 this morning. >>he was already up but home security videos caught the joe waking up several dogs one in studio city. another in highland park. they were the only one shaken out of their slumber there was an aftershock right after that it may be. a couple minutes after that. but yeah it was a good wake-up call for sure as sickening up and i've been awake since then this what the initial earthquake looked like at a home in porter ranch, a 3.9 aftershock, a couple hours later didn't cause quite as much shaking in sherman oaks a couple bobbleheads lost their heads when a bookshelf came crashing down. but fire crews surveyed the area around the
10:40 pm
epicenter in did not find any major damage. doctor robert de groot of usgs says that's not surprising. this is your garden variety earthquake and. >>and these happen we have 20 to 30 years place today in southern california. so is just part of living in the country. >>he says the earthquake was fairly shallow and senate in a densely populated part of the san fernando valley which is why so many people felt it. he hopes it's a reminder to prepare for the big one is an opportunity to check your disaster supply kits. >>to think about your plans are really to really sort of exercise and things that we keep putting us back in your memory not everyone says they're as ready as they should be some fire idea i think my sons are fine my bad i had to make some stuff make sure that everything is in order. >>that was tina patel reporting the los angeles fire department says no injuries no significant damage reported of course a lot of celebrities live in and around los angeles and they shared their reaction to the earthquake on twitter tv personality. carmel brown
10:41 pm
tweeted at 4.40 this morning that literally just scared me my entire house was shaking my dogs were howling before and while it was happening. i'm awake now twenty-twenty enough is enough. kelly clarkson tweeted this at 04:46am my children are in my arms and we are awake to too early because of that earthquake but now they are discussing how their ninja skills would totally help in this time. i'm just happy they're more interested and curious about it and less scared hallelujah and this from khloe kardashian oh man wow that felt much bigger than a 4.5 quake was actually 4.2. so scary sneakers and my flashlight by my bed. >>still ahead the story of an aimless and homeless doberman pincher her rescue journey and how she was reunited with her sister and ahead in sports. the giants looking to take
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>>rescue organization save animals they generally know at least some basic information about the condition of the animals including the names but that's not the case in tonight's flying tails, this is a story of an unnamed dog with a mysterious history. >>the first leg of this journey takes us from the bay area to modesto. i met brandi
10:45 pm
manzella the modesto airport with a very shy doberman pinscher her sister went up there yesterday. okay so that she misses her sister, yes, and yes, she doesn't show sister gene. >>no idea. the dog sister and flown out with another rescue flight the day before. so this one had to wait just another setback in the life of a dog that had already been through who knows what tag nothing, no color, no, although they had nothing. >>and nothing at all. randy lives next to the property where the dogs were found she said the dogs were barking almost nonstop and constantly getting into her yard. >>and every time we put it back in they sit down over there notice and there's nobody there. so they were left to fend for there. so that's we've never yet he was speeding and that things. >>and that's when she contacted rescuers who contacted me, he's ready. many
10:46 pm
i loaded her into the plane for the flight to reading good cause. she handled the trip like a frequent flyer curling up on the back seat, us news for the almost 2 hour journey. >>on our descent are ready we've got a good view of snow covered mount shasta looming on the horizon. a touchdown it was time for this dog with no name to be reunited with her sister. but try as i might she didn't seem to want to get out of the plane. finally i lifted her out. we were met by lindy turner who runs casa de love animal rescue. >>this is the most timid doberman pinchers have ever seen in my life honestly i don't know how they were doing to them in the back and i
10:47 pm
think about it. >>she moved her operation from the bay area to shasta county about 18 months ago he got the impression you travel a lot of selena question. no question. she has plenty of experience with doberman she says she can tell these 2 have been through a lot but it's not an uncommon story unfortunately, you know it's it happens all too often. you know its says. >>so those 2 dogs have been given names elsa and and they are still at casa de loves these sanctuary there in shasta county. they're starting to get a little more comfortable and once they are ready. they will be available to be adopted so how how can people know the history of the animals they want to buy or de well as lindy said she said this is a common story, she thinks that those 2 female dogs were used to breed doberman puppies which can be pretty expensive even online i was just checking. 1000 up to $3,000 and more for a puppy
10:48 pm
but if you're buying online how do you know where that puppy came from. there's a good chance that puppy came from dogs like these that we're just eventually left abandoned so really do read the research when you buy a dog, yeah. good job. >>tonight's sports report we doubled our speeds the fastest just got back. >>the giants have been a pleasant surprise in the young mlb season. yes, there are only 3 in 3 but expectations. well they were on the floor. now there you see mike just ramstein he was the hero in last night's game. the top of the 6 padres up by 2 jurickson profar goes as deep to left alex creatures in and do nothing to look up to 2 run homer and the lead is now 4. however bottom of the 8th guys down 6 to 4 and guess who dry stretch. he is having quite the season but again nobody's going to get it steve in the dark comes into score your strengths. key in the 3rd with
10:49 pm
an rbi triple. and just a couple of batters later, a giant down by a run. donovan solano he that another guy having a great year deaf to right center just before enough for the sac fly strips he had without a throw in a giant high end. we think they have another comeback no they don't extra innings to offer tommy from here it went up the middle for a base hit. that will get a run in and just like that the pipe dreams regained the lead game still currently in progress bottom of the 10th and padres up 12 to 7 so state police going to be a tough to come back to the mound for the giants. seeing how everything is playing out in the nba bubble has been fascinating to me at least, but the best part of it all seems to be that it's all working now of the 344 players tested for covid-19 on the nba campus. 0 have come back positive. i'll take that any day of the week today, the
10:50 pm
game started to matter first with the lakers hosting the clippers. before the game both the clips and the lakers took a knee during the national anthem. >>in solidarity lebron james had this raise let's go to the floor speaking to james muscling his way in. we're delaying the lakers up by 3, but next play all george kerr changed on past 3 and that's good. these 2 teams that they face off in the playoff boy they're going to be a battle. now lebron comes right back. he misses this. and follows up his rebound and they retake the lead. the 7 seconds left kawhi leonard nowhere to go he gives it up to paul george is going to put up a desperation 3. rim's out and the lakers hang on to beat the clippers one '03, one oh one. the lakers take on the raptors on saturday now jazz pelicans more players taking a knee. standing against police
10:51 pm
brutality. demanding social justice we see the black lives matter t-shirt here's the 1st quarter. jazz up by one of mike conley from downtown he had 20 points. 3rd quarter pelicans on the break is usually lonzo turns eye on this time of die on to la and though behind the back pass what a play. and the 4th now jazz up by one official donovan mitchell fans. he cracked me quiet the fake crowd noise. he had a huge 4th quarter. das take a three-point lead and they win one o 6 one '04 for the resumption of the nba season will take on the thunder on saturday coming up to second and that is your look at sports back to you guys all right jason thank you up next a monster catch 3 college students really in a 400 pound bull shark off the coast of
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>>take a look at this. the 21 year-old and his friends reeled in all 400 pound 8 foot long bull shark last saturday in long island new york, the shark put up quite a fight it took 3 college students 2 and a half hours to bring that shark into shore. so they could pull out the hook. take some pictures and released the shark back into the ocean. >>then you went into a 400 pound bull sharks mouth to pull a hook out. yeah.
10:55 pm
>>i know it's it's pretty crazy. but i prefer just cannot some people cut the line after for just can hook outside on harm animal you know have to lift the whole mouth up and kind of get in there hope for the best. >>and you were never scared. >>a little bit scared, we're catching these guys so i mean we don't really care like on the monotonous you really done you know on a long water there john apollo they're back but the temperature can kill right. yeah coach. >>there have been several shark sightings in long island over the past few days officials are warning people to not get too deep into that water. coming up next news continues on a 24 7 streaming service kronon it is commercial free ella sogomonian in the newsroom standing by with what we're working on l a. >>and come election day is 96 days away, but if the president had his way it would be farther out. >>today he floated the idea of delaying the election over unsubstantiated claims that mail in ballots could be tampered with so ahead on kron
10:56 pm
on we're going to hear from a bay area congressman roe conn, a on the president's comments as well as the free masks for all act that the congressman is pushing to ensure that every american has access to at least 3 comfortable masks during the covid-19 pandemic at no charge all that and more coming up in just a few minutes right now we'll see you then thank you very much make sure to download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free local news coverage lk. >>hey if you love the weather today you are going to love it even more tomorrow is friday by the way. >>and looks like it's going to be a nice day that fog is moving on shore right now getting thick out toward the east bay right now but we're going to see more that maybe a little drizzle along the coastline tomorrow morning we wake up to some of that patchy fog temperatures by 08:00am going to be the 50's and the 60's by noon mostly clouds move back to the coastline. and here comes that sunshine warming up to be in the 70's for lunchtime in the valleys you'll see a lot of 60's maybe a few 70's around the bay in cooler numbers along the coastline go top out maybe in low 90's, the warm spots is going to be a few places. the
10:57 pm
concorde a little more the tri valley could see some lows hotter temperatures but around the rest the bay area very very comfortable weather. a lot of 70's couple 80's around the bay 56 is along the coastline and then some of the hot weather showing up in the valleys next few days, the temperatures kind of cooling down just a little bit more sunshine maybe more normally composed the win on sunday and monday. but hey we taking the august these temperatures running below the average for this time. >>all right lawrence, thank you and thanks all of you for being with us tonight tonight.
10:58 pm
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