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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 31, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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morning robin good morning everybody live shot coming in from the bay bridge and again we're going to deal with this overcast skies from this vantage point probably for most of the morning we're talking to you. >>there's the shot coming in from the golden gate bridge again the glaze going on there also were doing some work there in the southbound traffic. >>a west winds currently we have going not too much over mosobj it just gets little channel there around the delta this will pick up a little bit later on this afternoon though bay area temperatures mostly in the 50's, although we have 60's concentrated off to the east bay, however, these ratings are trailing as you can see a few degrees from where they were this time. yesterday leininger day up today will to about 60 going on by 08:00am by 11 at 71. we're going for a little bit of the heat bump. we'll call it for the weekend and then the temperatures tweet read very quickly as we get into early next week as some are kind of behaves itself a little bit that plus your 4 zone forecast coming up in a bit robin back to you. >>thank you dave for one san francisco restaurants controversial signs is drawing negative attention. now some
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of the signs at a north beach restaurant. they question the gender of former first lady michelle obama while also calling the city a cesspool kron four's dan thorn reports. >>signs hand written in broken english and italian cover the windows of restaurant tried to reopen tokyo for the ones people can make out its speech not welcome in north beach and every bizarre i don't know what the point is per se the post's come across as an angry rant says neighborhood resident david asked link. but the more you read them or bigoted they become one sign questioning whether former first lady michelle obama is a man for someone to say that michelle obama is the man a little troubling crary racist and bigoted. >>dan mackey arena is the president of the north beach business association. he says it's well known throughout the neighborhood that the owner of the restaurant is intolerant district 3 supervisor, aaron peskin echoed those sentiments saying in part quote the owner of this establishment is known
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by all local residents to be on hand, nobody in the neighborhood is sad to see him go but losing a local business is not something to be celebrated. the restaurant is closing because of the covid-19 pandemic people are angry right now and i i get that people are angry. >>this is this is a little. >>aggressive for me i have no regrets about this individual and his business holding up. and so fortunate to have to say because we don't like to lose businesses at all as the signs remain at least for now neighbors say it's best to ignore them. this is a representative in north beach is a community and as a neighborhood so. >>if you do walk by maybe look >>well that dan thorn reporting for us this morning, the front door of the business was vandalized tuesday with profanity calling for the owner to essentially shut up. we spoke with other business owners in that area off camera who said that the language in the signs is repulsive and
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they too are happy to see him leave. well to the east bay now a motorcyclist from davis was killed wednesday night in a crash on highway 24 in oakland. the crash happened shortly after 11 this is on the eastbound side of highway 24. it happened just west of highway 13. investigators say that christopher jones he was pulling his blue yamaha motorcycle into traffic from the right shoulder. when he collided with a black honda accord jones died after he was thrown off of his motorcycle. investigators say that neither drugs nor alcohol seem to have played a role. well to the south bay now sells a leaders are set to consider reform plans for the city's police department on august 11th. mayor sam liccardo release the next stage of his police reform yesterday and it includes starting the process to move investigators of police misconduct from police department's internal affairs to the independent police auditor tasking the city attorney ernie, the auditor
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and city manager to provide counsel with specific recommendations to reform the opera traicion process re imaging a public safety response such as by replacing the police department's response to many non criminal matters with civilian response and also examining how and whether to mandate public disclosure of body-worn camera footage of incidents of substantial public concern such as major protests are controversial use of force. you can find the mayor's full plan for police reform on our website just head over to kron 4 dot com. well a special prosecutor will oversee a controversial deadly shooting involving delay hope police the solano county district attorney has appointed michael ramos to review willie mccoy's death. a lawsuit claims 6 officers shot mccoy 55 times while he was sleeping in his car just outside of a taco bell this happened back in january of 2019. now in body cam footage you can hear an
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officer tell the other officers to shoot mccoy is he moved. police claim mccoy had a gun in his lap. special prosecutor ramos has served as a san bernardino district attorney for 16 years, and formerly served as president of the california district attorneys association. more restaurants in san francisco are closing their doors again restaurant owners say that relying on limited outdoor indoor dining and take out served just just not enough for them to do business in the city can forcefully to call reports on the ongoing struggles. with growing uncertainty mounting about when indoor dining will again be sanctioned in san francisco stephon says he's made the tough decision to temporarily close his restaurants down we're still in business but we're taking a break own spravato ristorante and bar on california street as well as barbacoa next door in the financial district. >>he says takeout orders and the limited outdoor dining he
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offered last month just haven't generated enough revenue to stay open and much like his neighbors at tadic's grill funds from the federal paycheck protection program loan, he received are running low, he's been forced to lay off about a 113 employees that adage announced this week that it is causing operations this friday, the hopes of reopening the 171 year old establishment down the road or landlord has been working with is so we're good would have to says he'll likely remain closed until indoor dining returns right now nobody knows anything business owners believe they can make it through this pandemic but they say that depends on the communities efforts to control the spread of covid-19 when you're dining out wear the mask when the service approach and when anybody and just how much we can do that and we can continue what was like a rock star result to start with in san francisco and we're going to have a shot at going forward sooner robin restaurant in hayes valley is
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surviving on carry out orders, but it's unclear how long this business model can be sustained we're definitely. >>grateful to have a loyal customer base. >>however, it's just not like oh greece are running our business a grim reminder of the trying times less than a block away from robin, the bar smuggler's cove has temporarily closed down because of the pandemic. >>another historic far the stood shut down permanently at its home location in soma last month. the golden gate restaurant association represents about 800 food establishments and executive director laurie thomas says up to half of them may go out of business what we need is a more federal money. >>to make it for all the restaurant owners out there stay strong. >>and stay healthy and we welcome back that's the hope but there are no guarantees in san francisco fled to gaul kron 4 news. >>california pizza kitchen house filed for bankruptcy because of the pandemic the 35
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year-old pizza chain has several restaurants here in the bay area, including this one and walnut creek that's just across the street from broadway plaza now in its filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy, the restaurant said the temporary closure of indoor dining has been brutal for the company and revenues are currently down 40% compared to the same time a year ago. it says the bankruptcy process will help it reduce its long-term debt load. president trump has threatened to cut federal funding for schools or from schools that do not reopen in september. lawmakers say they will not let that happen our washington correspondent basil john explains. >>virginia senator mark warner says president trump cannot unilaterally take funding away from schools, you're president you're not dictator, you cannot arbitrarily say that money that's been appropriated for education. you can't hold back back. warner has introduced a bill which prevents the administration from reducing or redirecting
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education funding from schools that decide they cannot safely reopen these are health care decisions about the safety of our kids should be decided on a local basis. warner worries the president's actions would have a disastrous effect on schools in poorer communities, those schools where there may be even higher incidence of covid this threat of cutting off funding. more immoral west virginia republican senator shelley moore capito supports distance learning as reopening schools would be expensive for cash-strapped school districts they're going to have to hire extra staff are seen as a shun there probably might need extra room they're in need more ppe. >>they're going to probably neil different shielding in a in the cafeteria capital says the proposed senate republican heals act would include more than 100 billion dollars for education and 2 thirds of it would be for in person instruction or not shutting out those schools to decide they can't and that they need more money for digital learning that certainly will be available to them as well,
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but all that money is delayed for now as republicans and democrats argue over what should be in the next coronavirus relief bill. >>reporting in washington and be-all job. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news despite president trump's tweets on delaying the november election, the area congress members say the election is a go no matter what. a look outside from the embarcadero still cloudy lots of clouds hovering over san francisco in the coastline dave spahr we'll have an update on your friday forecast coming up in just a bit.
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welcome back everyone happy friday, the time for 43 back to the weather center checking in with dave spahr to get an update on this friday forecast 8th. >>good morning robin good morning everybody we saw the overcast skies and the fog pretty much entrenched in place here is the progress about it is it actually builds a little bit as we approach about the 7 o'clock hour reaching about its zenith at that point and that erodes away fairly quickly in the next 2 hours afterwards and we can see most of the bay by about 10 o'clock should be okay but around the coast that will be kind of slow going got a lot of 50's and 60's on the board here as you can see any all coming in at 64 livermore 5657 for concord east bay shoreline coming in at about 70. as we take a look at the future cast wind gusts. they don't really start get going here if you will until we get into the afternoon hours. that's when the numbers start
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to spike up a little bit here and then axes little bit of an air conditioner effect from what we would get had it not been there. now our players in place we have a high-pressure selling its effects are going to be much more noticeable by the time we get to this weekend today, it's only warm but for the weekend it will start to get hot there and there is a little bit the way of some outside fire concerns, no statements or anything of been issued by that but sort of on the outside of that. then the high is going to migrate out of our place in term and by the time we get to early next week and then we'll see the heat spike start to break down. another hurricane to make note of this one coming in through the bahamas in may actually intensified before getting up to florida when to track this for you. max winds are at 80. it's a category storm one storm becoming a to about the time that gets parallel with miami here. that means that storm strength there winds maximum sustained winds 80 to 90 miles per hour range or so closest pass looks to be central florida along the coast. now they're on the west side which is the good side you want to be on because you have the falling air you have less. weather associated with it
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than you do on the east side however that's getting awfully close. so this is just a cone which means the eye can be anywhere where that cone is so striking to florida with landfall is possible in this cone however according to this forecast track along north carolina looks like a hit at that point again what the projections now say so definitely the southeast are going to be watching this all over the weekend and as we get into the middle of next week high temperatures across our state today, one oh one going on for fresno bakersfield, 9996 for sacramento, 67 for san francisco in 87 meanwhile check in for san diego 80 coming in for big bear so some warming down there to 67, san francisco, the high today in your 4 zone forecast into the mid 60's covering up the coast for the most part, 75 burlingame 67 san bruno 74 millbrae down the south bay. we are south and we're getting around 84. redwood city in palo alto mountain view with 75. in the south bay lower 80's will do it. but morgan
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hill popping at 90 los gatos about 85 east bay shoreline to the south in the mid 70's livermore to 8786 going on for pleasanton and walnut creek at 8894 conquered, san leandro at 74. up in the north bay 69 for delay, whua fairfield at 1994 for vacaville with nap at 82. and 88 for santa rosa more 80's heading down south in the 70 forecast temperatures bump up a little bit for the weekend and then start to retread as we get into next week check and area roads and traffic robin. >>hey we're off to a pretty good start dave. i don't see any big hot spots out there that folks need to stress out about as they get ready to head to work. we do have some folks heading to work a live look at 80 west are commuters rolling into san francisco. they are doing just fine if you want to join him going out there before something pops up it's under 10 minutes into san francisco. so we're off to a fantastic start. here is the richmond sandra fell between the east bay in the north bay all is well no problems so far here for 5.80 westbound which is a commute direction. right
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on time one oh one across the golden gate we started off with the routine maintenance work it's not really backing up traffic so it won't be a problem if you have to use it we're still smooth and at the limit in both directions between the north bay and san francisco. >>i don't want to delay. i want to have the election. but i also don't want to have to wait for 3 months and then find out that the ballots are all missing. and the election doesn't mean anything. >>president trump is continuing to slam mail and voting as more states consider mail in ballots for the november presidential election amid the pandemic now in a tweet yesterday morning the president claimed 2020 will be the most and accurate and flock fraudulent election in history. he called for congress to delay the election until people can properly secure and safely vote. properly securely safely vote both republicans democrats criticized the post. trump later said that he does not want to delay the election but
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says that mail in voting could cause uncertainty. well the area congress members were also quick to react to the president's tweet about potentially postponing the election. they say that the election is a go no matter what kron four's terisa stasio reports. >>it tells you a lot about where trump's brain is right now he is this is the right rev chilean brain that's all about self-preservation is beginning to worry about an election that shaping to potentially be a landslide defeat for him. >>house representative jared huffman sounding off about the president who fired off this tweet thursday morning questioning the accuracy and legitimacy of absentee and mail in voting. adding quote, it will be a great embarrassment to the u.s. delay the election until people can properly securely and safely vote. question mark question mark question mark and quote. >>i don't think that most americans are going to let him
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get away with that. i don't think the congress and the supreme court and others will let him get away with that and i think if we do our work and when this election with the numbers that that i think are probably coming our way it just want to be a credible play for him representative hofmann not alone but you know it's interesting. >>you know california, i just didn't experiments and the 25th congressional district, a couple weeks ago in a special election where everyone was able to vote. >>from home and a republican won the congressional race, and you didn't hear a word after that race from the president, but that outcome was freshman representative eric swalwell doubling down saying that the president is trying to deflect and she is. >>as seriously in a polling deficit right now and he doesn't have the power to delay congress sets the election receives the electoral votes in the states set the process so he is powerless, but this is just an effort to deceive. >>the american people think that it is dangerous representative anna eshoo adding that it is wrong to put
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forth any doubts about whether the final election results in the presidential election would be an accurate and the vote is chain bridge. well, mean it's a great john lewis was willing to die for it. so many have march 2 changing so that more access to it. and here we have a president that's going in another direction. teresa is stasio kron 4 news. >>well all voters in california will be given a mail in ballot. so you can choose how you want to vote now once you get your ballot. you will have a little less than a month to fill it out get it turned and so that it can be counted. the most obvious way of course is just you know putting it in the mailbox the postal service recommends doing this at least a weekend of anne's don't wait until the last minute but if you live in san francisco. there will be some other options for you. >>my track with the message out this election at the polling places in the city are also drop me a ballot drop off
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locations. >>keep in mind. the san francisco voters can drop off their ballots at any of the 588 polling locations and vote in person. well for your health this morning. the cdc is warning of a serious salmonella outbreak linked to backyard chickens and ducklings the agency says that at least one person was killed in oklahoma and 35 people sickened in california. health experts say that poultry can carry salmonella bacteria even if they look clean and show no signs of illness. the cdc warns that backyard former farmer should not kiss the up their poultry or snuggle with them or touched them in and start touching your face in your mouth. and you know pet dogs and chicks should never be allowed inside of your home because of the risk of infection. so don't do that. well governor newsom is asking investor and philanthropist warren buffett to help save the salmon population. now doing so would mean demolishing for hydroelectric
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dams that are owned by one of buffett's companies on the climate river and that's along the border of oregon. now it would provide hundreds of miles of potential habitat for us at salmon population that has dwindled to just almost nothing the project will be the largest am removal in u.s. history. yes, we'll services starting off the holiday season, a little early check this out on ville 5 new forever stamps for the 2020 holiday season. now these are what the postal service calls the holiday delights sounds pleasant right the bland it's a it's a modern bland of graphics here and then you know the traditional red green and white color scheme of course you know representing christmas issue dates will be announced as the season gets a little bit closer than not going to tell us just yet. the usps says that the images could change prior to printing. how about a trip outside want to head over to the airport. here's sfo covering clouds this morning. we're waking up to. >>some pretty foggy conditions along the coast in san
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francisco there so fog advisory for the golden gate bridge so coming up we'll check in with meteorologist dave spahr we need to see how friday and the weekend is going to shape up so we'll have your full forecast in just a bit stay with us.
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>>walkabout to kron 4 morning news, good morning, everybody we're still dealing with fog again for this morning, the shot coming in from san jose state we can see at least the
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contrast here with the bright lights of the lights going on from the building so at least the ground fog not a problem it's going to be more of a lot of situational the fog clouds same thing for the golden gate bridge here, although i'm a sag into the towers of the bridge a little bit as it does tend to do. so the fog is going to get a little worse of the next couple of hours before it starts to improve as we get until about 10 o'clock or so clearing everywhere except along the coast. most ratings into the 50's right now we've got the lower 60's and portions of the east bay conquered 57 livermore meanwhile at 55. the lowdown today we're at 60 by atm by 11 we're at 71. re in re in turning back to the 80's and some lower 90's robin. >>sounds good. thank you sir coming up next on the kron 4 morning news at least 26 inmates have tested positive for covid-19 at a detention facility in milpitas we're live with the details and with coronavirus cases on the rise in san francisco, the city has built a new temporary hospital to free up some beds for covid patients and burglars calls
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$40,000 worth of damage at one school in san francisco, how you can help the school and the latest details coming up ahead.
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>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 5. >>good morning. everybody thank you so much for joining us on the kron 4 morning news we have made it to friday july
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31st, i'm marty gonzales t g i f i'm robin wince and let's start off with a check of your friday forecast a little foggy outside your door but let's see how the rest of the day will shape up with takes far day. >>martin robin good morning, good morning, everybody in fog to greet us this morning another shot coming in from a. don so san jose we don't see the ground fog as much of an issue but certainly the overcast as what's going to start off different story on the golden gate bridge is eclipse some of the towers will see you soon as we get some light of day coming member the sunrise is a little bit later each day now as we see the days get shorter the fog will probably intensify to about 7 or 7.30 before it starts thinning out getting into the later morning hours until gets to the coast a little bit that's the slowest to clear temperatures at this hour in the 50's over most of the real estate, some lower 60's to be had out there to any aac 57 conquered 55 going on for livermore for comparison's sake were trailing by a couple degrees here this morning than we were this time from yesterday, 63 expected by 09:00am


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