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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 31, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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31st, i'm marty gonzales t g i f i'm robin wince and let's start off with a check of your friday forecast a little foggy outside your door but let's see how the rest of the day will shape up with takes far day. >>martin robin good morning, good morning, everybody in fog to greet us this morning another shot coming in from a. don so san jose we don't see the ground fog as much of an issue but certainly the overcast as what's going to start off different story on the golden gate bridge is eclipse some of the towers will see you soon as we get some light of day coming member the sunrise is a little bit later each day now as we see the days get shorter the fog will probably intensify to about 7 or 7.30 before it starts thinning out getting into the later morning hours until gets to the coast a little bit that's the slowest to clear temperatures at this hour in the 50's over most of the real estate, some lower 60's to be had out there to any aac 57 conquered 55 going on for livermore for comparison's sake were trailing by a couple degrees here this morning than we were this time from yesterday, 63 expected by 09:00am by 12 we're talking 76 marty all
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right dave thanks a lot. we begin with developing news in the east bay this morning where police are investigating an overnight officer involved shooting. >>kron four's reyna harvey is live now she has the latest for us rain a good morning. >>marty good morning, i'm standing in the area where that elias took place. this is off of shattuck here in we put the map together as you can see what area. this all covers you can see a few stores, there's a cvs year there's the safeway there are also some mom and pop shops. so a very busy intersection here now a officer in the area witnessed a theft taking place. >>involving multiple people and so the officer intervene tried to detain the people that were involved in that theft and that's when the officer into law shooting happened now according to the investigation. they did not discover anyone who had been
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shot as a result of this elias, but we do know that that officer that was involved was injured and suffered a foot injury and had to be taken to the hospital. now the reason why this investigation is going right now is because the officer discharged their weapon and so now that officer has been placed on administrative leave along with in investigating the incidents that led up to all of this investigators are going to be looking at what happened the moments that those suspects are worried about the people that were involved in that engage the officer when an officer tried to engage them during that death. so again a very active investigation that's going on right now, but those are some of the things that investigators are going to be looking at as they try to piece together what happened the moments before that officer discharged their weapon for now reporting here in berkeley reyna harvey kron
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4 news all right rhonda we'll check in with you in about an hour for an update. >>we have breaking news overnight in san francisco, one person had to be rescued from a fire in the city. you're taking a look at video from the citizen app that was a posted by the san francisco fire department. it began about 2 o'clock this morning on powell street in the city's north beach neighborhood. a dog was also rescued by firefighters the person who was rescued had to be taken to the hospital but no word on that person's condition this morning. >>well to the south bay now clusters of covid-19 positive costco employees are being treated for the virus in santa clara county. now so far this month 31 employees have tested positive. >>the costco stores in mountain view, san jose sunnyvale in gilroy all reported cases, the environmental health department inspected the last 3 locations just this week all 3 stores met health standards, the union representing these employees say that costco is going above and beyond to protect them. >>but they do want to plan to
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pay employees while they wait for test results without using sick or vacation time. we don't want to have. >>the count them worried about getting paid while they're off waiting for a result that could you know possibly cheap other workers from getting gas sec. you tend to come a logger heads on issues like that, but. you know they haven't we made that suggestion they haven't completely turned down so we're still working on that. >>well the union estimates an average of 400 workers are at each costco store but adds that there is ample space for distancing inside. the union also believes that many of the cases have been caused by this customers and not employees. well to the south bay now an outbreak has been reported at the elmwood detention facility in milpitas let's check in with kron four's will tran who is live with an update. well. >>what they're doing right now robin is to make sure that they practice social distance they will go into the facility
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and try to clean it even more this discovery actually happened by accident the other day an inmate was scheduled to visit a dentist and before that person was supposed to go to that dental appointment that person got tested for coronavirus and then they found out that this is may actually was positive for coronavirus and then they tested. the other inmates and they found out that they too we're positive for coronavirus at least 16 inmates altogether more than that up to 2 dozen inmates over the past several weeks so now the facility is trying to find out exactly how this person came down exactly how it's spread through the facility we do know that they have obviously a lot of people are inside the facility. some prisoners have complained that possibly it's the visits that are taking place that coronavirus could be introduced into the facility robin. also that from time to time they have court appearances and that they were put into shuttles and they're
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not practicing social distance when they're brought to court by shuttle or even in the courts themselves and that is how they believe they came down with coronavirus they are being treated at this time it does not appear that anybody's life is in jeopardy. but i can tell you that they are looking at protocol and see what they can possibly do moving forward one to treat the inmates who did test positive for coronavirus and 2 how to prevent it from spreading throughout the facility. back to you. >>all right, thank you for the update will marty. >>let's go to the north bay this morning, robin sonoma county has seen a spike in coronavirus related deaths now this week alone 7 people have died that brings that county's death toll to 31. these recent deaths involved people who are 65 or older, who also have underlying health conditions and we're living in skilled nursing facilities. those deaths occurred at 3 different facilities, one in sonoma. 2 in petaluma county health of the show officials say that they're doing the best they can to protect those who are
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most vulnerable. >>we're working with the skilled nursing facilities. and the state of california identify a site designee as a site for local skilled nursing facility, residents are infected with covid it isolates and quarantine if they are contacts the goal really is to separate those who have the virus from those you don't. >>well sonoma county remains on the state's coronavirus watch list. the health officer also says it's a great time to remind everyone to social distance wear your mask wash your hands do everything you can to prevent the spread of the virus. for the second time this week, a working with the san francisco sheriff's department has tease tested positive for coronavirus officials say that person worked at the hall of justice, 10 sheriff's office employees have tested positive since march. >>well the city of san francisco is building a new temporary hospital to free up beds for covid patients now
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the new hospital will be in the first and will be open for non covid patients who need short-term medical care. the new hospital will be able to care for up to 93 non covid patients san francisco's director of health doctor grant colfax says with cases rising at alarming rates this new facility is essential. >>and in just 10 days. this month. we went from 5,000 to 6,000 cases of covid-19 is new low acuity medical center. >>is an inpatient facility. the patients staying here will receive treatment at this location in new of hospital care or they will have been transferred from a hospital. >>well so far there's no official date as to when that new hospital will open. well here's a look bay area all the coronavirus cases throughout the bay area broken down by county. right now alameda county continues to lead with more than 11,000 cases keep in mind that santa clara county
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is not far behind with nearly 10,000 cases and 190 deaths. now in total the bay area now has more than 50,000 cases and 778 deaths you can see a complete breakdown of the cases and deaths by city and county always on our website just head over to kron 4 dot com. >>the nation's top coronavirus experts are now recommending face shields to prevent the spread of the virus. the reason is that if someone else coughs or sneezes wearing a face shield can help keep those particles from getting into your eyes. she'll can also help keep people from rubbing their eyes. infectious disease experts say the virus gets into our bodies, the receptors in our nose and throat those same receptors though are also found outside on the surface of our eyes as well. >>we have a proven yet the eyes of portal but there's every reason to think it could be and so why not shield ourselves. >>well they say is crucial to use masks and social distancing to keep the
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coronavirus from spreading. the fbi has arrested a chinese scientist charged with visa fraud. juan tang was had hiding at the chinese consulate in san francisco after concealing her ties to the chinese military. she left the consulate for medical care and was arrested after her doctor's visit tang had been living in the consulate since june when the fbi seized her passport and visa. >>when san francisco over $40,000 in damages was left behind after a burglary at saint thomas, the apostle school now this happened tuesday. the school says that 100 laptops were also stolen these laptops were supposed to go to students for distance learning for the next school year. sta cares has launched an online fundraiser to help replace the missing items and repair the school. we have a link on our website if you'd like to check it out just head over to kron 4 dot com. well to the peninsula now the san mateo county sheriff's office is searching for 2 men suspected of robbing a walgreens in millbrae the
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theft happened wednesday night on el camino real. deputies say the 2 men broke into the pharmacy, they took off with nonprescription medicine jewelry and cash. a pharmacist was inside when this happened but was unhurt no weapons were seen during that robbery. now some breaking news that we're following for you this morning, one marine is dead 2 are injured and 8 others missing after an accident just off the coast of southern california. search and rescue efforts are still underway. this morning, we'll bring you the latest and more updates as we receive them, we'll keep you posted. >>and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, one san francisco restaurant being criticized for signs put up on their windows we're going to hear from others nearby who say they're happy to see that owner gone. plus san jose city leaders are set for the next step and reform plans for the city's police department we have all the details you need coming up. >>a federal agency tasked with protecting consumers is under fire for its handl
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hi. we're glad you came in.
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>>5.14 this friday morning welcome back to the kron 4 morning news time to get a check of the weather with a day's far heidi. >>hey good morning marty good morning, everybody and the yes fog again to greet us this we can see this from downtown san francisco little bit of a ground fog making itself known, although not as a parent from sfo we got the bright lights that are showing very nicely but we'll have the clouds behind all of that going on once we get some of
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the light of day that fog will be handled with by mid morning for most of the bay area temperatures are holding pretty much in the middle to upper 50's 62, antioch 55 for livermore and 57 coming this hour in concord checking into what goes on this afternoon the uptick of winds as you can see as we get to the afternoon compliments of some inland heating and this will act as a bit of a buffer, so we won't be as warm as places like the central valley will for today much warmer. morning clouds and fog typical run sunny and warm afternoon. but by this weekend we do have little bit of minor warming going on a dose of those 90's inland, they're going to be much more frequent and they're going to be little bit more aggressive beginning to the middle 90's and so forth then for early next week temperatures slide a little bit on monday already by monday kind of a drop and mostly 80's going on in line point. today we're going to about 67 for san francisco for a high 73 for oakland, 81 meanwhile for san jose. but we do have some 90's that are on the board places like any uncle get up to 92 to 94 conquered, 81 per san jose,
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the places like morgan hill managing to get than about 90 most the east bay shoreline will hover in the middle 70's. coming up a little bit of course we'll take a look at your 4 zone forecast and the tropics are busy is the southeast is being threatened by a hurricane right now check out to bay area bridges and traffic problem traffic, not so busy not yet it's a great time to come on and since it's nice. >>and quiet, here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza approaching yes, we have more cars rolling into san francisco. >>but commuters here doing just fine so if you need to roll out now do it now before it gets too busy. it's under 10 minutes into san francisco. often 92, let's check in on the san mateo bridge always are busiest during the early 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock hour. so we do have some crowding here leaving hey we're but it's not bad, it's still under 30 minutes to the peninsula. accident and stall free. that's how we like it will check out more bridges coming up a little bit later party all right robin well investigation underway at stanford university. >>after 2 swastikas were found on campus. university
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officials say the graffiti was discovered monday on a hallway wall on the campus memorial church. >>in a statement stanford's president condemned the act calling the swastika, a symbol of hate and anti semitism that has no place on campus. the university believes the vandalism may have happened as early as the 4th of july weekend. authorities are investigating the incident as a hate crime. after a federal civil rights investigating an investigation protests, a national debate there will be no charges in the 2014 shooting death of michael brown. the black 18 year-old was shot and killed by a white officer in ferguson missouri, st. louis county prosecution process prosecuting attorneys said he will not charge officer darren wilson. after a reinvestigation of the shooting. >>there's so many point and which dan wilson could have handled the situation differently. and if he had michael brown might still be alive. but that is not the question before us. the only question is whether we can
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prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime occurred. the answer to that question is no. >>wilson resigned from the police department shortly after a grand jury declined to prosecute him nearly 6 years ago. >>well for the first time ever oprah winfrey will not be on the cover of o magazine one free posted the news on her website explaining why she gave up the cover to dedicated to brianna taylor. she said only in the wake of george floyd's filmed execution was national attention brought to the shooting death. brianna taylor 2 and a half months after she was killed. oprah said that pleas for justice have fallen on deaf ears. taylor was killed in march when she was shot 8 times by louisville, kentucky police officers who mistakenly burst into her home using a no knock warrant during a narcotics investigation. well americans have filed a record number of complaints to the consumer financial protection bureau during the pandemic the
5:19 am
thousands of reports includes issues with deferred student loans and mortgage payments, washington correspondent jessi turnure reports. >>the options are betraying our chairwoman maxine waters told the director of the consumer financial protection bureau it hasn't done enough to protect americans during the coronavirus pandemic i would like to welcome director can injure or to what i hope will be her last appearance before this committee water said director kathleen crane injures response to more than 14,000 complaints has been long wait times inconsistent information and a lack of follow-up cringe or argued the bureau is getting the job done or consumer contact center our online portal operated efficiently and effectively throughout the pandemic kraninger said her department has reviewed hundreds of lenders and consumers are getting answers to their complaints about 9 days, however, kraninger told lawmakers much of the cfpb has worked in addressing company violations is confidential but democrat congressman emanuel
5:20 am
cleaver said he wants visibility into what's happening in minority communities or frankly, any emerging. >>right now and or and heightened risk attacked by financial produce cringe or said her department has done outreach to minorities and is working to change certain rules like all americans qualify for a mortgage loan. >>but republican congressman french hill wants to make sure the bureau moves carefully a lot of us are concerned will rule road lead us down a. >>road towards weaker credit underwriting granger said it's part of her department's work to treat every consumer fairly. >>in washington, i'm jessi turnure. >>kron 4 morning news, hundreds of san francisco restaurants continue to struggle to survive during the pandemic we'll have the latest challenges that they're facing to try and stale. we'll take a live look outside on the approach to the bay bridge this morning traffic moving nice and easy on what we're
5:21 am
hoping to be a friday like we'll usaa is made for what's next we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so they can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most find out more at
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for when it matters most back more restaurants and san francisco again closing their doors as because restaurant owners say that relying on limited outdoor dining and take out. >>simply not enough for them to completely do business in the city kron four's phillipe djegal reports on the ongoing struggles. >>with growing uncertainty mounting about when indoor dining will again be
5:24 am
sanctioned in san francisco stephon says he's made the tough decision to temporarily close his restaurants down we're still in business but we're taking a break own spravato ristorante and bar on california street as well as barbacoa next door in the financial district. he says take out orders and the limited outdoor dining he offered last month just haven't generated enough revenue to stay open and much like his neighbors at tadic's grill funds from the federal paycheck protection program loan, he received are running low, he's been forced to lay off about a 113 employees that adage announced this week that it is causing operations this friday, the hopes of reopening the 171 year old establishment down the road or landlord has been working with is so we're good would have to says he'll likely remain closed until indoor dining returns right now nobody knows anything business owners believe they can make it through this pandemic but they say that
5:25 am
depends on the communities efforts to control the spread of covid-19 when you're dining out wear the mask when the service approach and when anybody and just how much we can do that and we can continue what was like a rock star result to start with in san francisco and we're going to have a shot at going forward sooner robin restaurant in hayes valley is surviving on carry out orders, but it's unclear how long this business model can be sustained we're definitely. >>grateful to have a loyal customer base. >>however, it's just not like how greece are running our business a grim reminder of the trying times less than a block away from robin the bar smuggler's cove has temporarily closed down because of the pandemic. >>another historic far the stood shut down permanently at its home location in soma last month. the golden gate restaurant association represents about 800 food establishments and executive director laurie thomas says up to half of them may go out of
5:26 am
business what we need is a more federal money. >>to make it for all the restaurant owners out there stay strong. >>and stay healthy and we welcome back that's the hope but there are no guarantees in san francisco fled to gaul kron 4 news. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news a financial plan that's been benefiting many unemployed americans spires today the concerns of millions of americans have about keeping a roof over their heads. a look outside of the 70 oh bridge as we head to break and yes, we have some traffic here leaving hayward to the peninsula. the brake lights are getting pretty slow here on the right side of your screen but on the left coming into hayward is doing just fine. we'll
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>>good morning, everybody 5.29 this friday morning welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news, happy friday, let's get a look at that friday forecast and see how it's shaping up with dave spahr dave martin robin good morning, good morning everybody live shot coming into the bay bridge toll plaza there is the overcast skies off to the distance there. golden gate bridge to we're dealing with the glaze here after we get some light of day we'll see how the progress is of our fog right now the winds it to have the onshore wind event most of it concentrated out to the delta which is actually going to die down the next several hours as we approach noon only to build up for the afternoon hours. temperatures on the board mostly in the 50's we have 62
5:30 am
any ah but that's the only outline are also 61 for san jose to what else is pretty much in the 50's for now for comparison's sake that's trailing by just a couple degrees from where we were this time. yesterday lining it up for you today, we're at 64 come 09:00am by high noon 77 we're going to be back in the business of the inland highs in the 80's some token 90's but a lot more them as we get into the weekend now coming up a little bit when only have your 4 zone forecast but also check out of the busy tropics along the southeast back to you. all right dave thanks want one, san francisco restaurants, controversial sign is drawing a lot of negative attention and some of the signs at the north beach our restaurant question the gender. >>a former first lady michelle obama will also calling the city, a sus full kron four's dan thorn reports. >>signs hand written in broken english and italian cover the windows of restaurant trying to reopen tokyo for the ones people can make out its speech not welcome in north beach and every bizarre i don't know
5:31 am
what the point is per se the post's come across as an angry rant says neighborhood resident david asked link. but the more you read them or bigoted they become one sign questioning whether former first lady michelle obama is a man for someone to say that michelle obama is the man a little troubling crary racist and bigoted. >>dan mackey arena is the president of the north beach business association. he says it's well known throughout the neighborhood that the owner of the restaurant is intolerant district 3 supervisor, aaron peskin echoed those sentiments saying in part quote the owner of this establishment is known by all local residents to be on hand, nobody in the neighborhood is sad to see him go but losing a local business is not something to be celebrated. the restaurant is closing because of the covid-19 pandemic people are angry right now and i i get that people are angry. >>this is this is a little. >>aggressive for me i have no regrets about this individual
5:32 am
and his business holding up. so fortunate to have to say because we don't like to lose businesses at all as the signs remain at least for now neighbors say it's best to ignore them. this is a representative of the north beach is a community and as a neighborhood so. >>if you do walk by maybe look >>well that was dan thorn reporting for us this morning, the front door of the business was vandalized tuesday with profanity calling for the owner to centrally shot up. we spoke with other business owners off camera who said that the language in the signs is repulsive and they too are happy to see him leave. >>now to the south bay where the next stage in san jose's police reform plan is set for discussion on august 11th. that will include starting the process to move investigations of police misconduct from the police department's internal affairs department to independent police auditor's the city attorney ernie auditor and city manager will give the city council,
5:33 am
specific recommendations to reform the arbitration process and reworking public safety response as well such as replacing the police department's response to many non criminal matters with civilian response instead. also they'll examine and how and whether to order expedited public viewing of police body-worn camera footage of incidents such as major protests or controversial uses of force. now you can learn more by checking our website for the mayor's full plan for police reform in san jose. a special prosecutor will be overseen a controversial deadly shooting involving symbol of oil police the solano county district attorney's office has appointed michael ramos to review willie mccoy's death. a lawsuit claims 6 officers shot mccoy 55 times as he was sleeping in his car. inside a taco to go parking lot. it was back on february of 2019 the
5:34 am
body camera footage shows the you can hear officer tell the other officers to shoot mccoy if he moves police say mccoy had a gun in his lap. special prosecutor ramos has served as the san bernardino district attorney for 16 years now, and formerly served as the president of california's district attorneys association. >>well to the east bay now motorcyclists from davis was killed wednesday night in a crash on highway 24 in oakland. this happened shortly after 11 it was on the eastbound side of highway 24 just before the highway 13 interchange investigators say the christopher jones was pulling his blue yamaha motorcycle into traffic. he was coming from the shoulder when he collided with a black honda accord jones died after he was thrown off of his motorcycle. investigators say neither drugs nor alcohol seem to have played a role. well the pandemic has forced the california pizza kitchen to file for bankruptcy. the 35 your restaurant chain has several restaurants here in the bay area killing this one
5:35 am
right here. this is a one a creek just across the street from broadway plaza in its filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy, the restaurant said the temporary closure of indoor dining has been brutal for the company and revenues are currently down 40% compared to just the same time a year ago. it says the bankruptcy process will help it reduce its long-term debt load. >>a federal program that provides unemployed americans with an extra $600 a week expires today and as of now congress is not on the same page on working out a new plan to help those who are struggling financially. john lawrence has more. >>millions of americans nationwide are worried about staying afloat financially. >>every month even working multiple jobs, i'm robbing peter to pay paul first time unemployment claims in the u.s. are up for the second week in a row and the aspen institute says many people are at risk of finding themselves without a place to live. >>what we are facing is a possible. a mass evictions an
5:36 am
area the coronavirus pandemic which has infected nearly 4 and a half million americans according to johns hopkins university. >>has also crippled the economy. >>so the whole prospect of having a business in this climate seems impossible while some are living hand to mouth republicans and democrats aren't seeing eye to eye on the jobless benefit plan. both sides say funding is needed they just can't agree on how to move forward. >>that are democratic colleagues to document the urgency that struggling people those are. we could right now be finishing up a major bipartisan package we got here. >>because our republican colleagues couldn't get their act together they still don't have their act together. and now they're worried. but instead of being serious in negotiating they have created a stunt. >>i'm john lawrence reporting. >>and still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news despite president trump's tweet about delaying the november election
5:37 am
bay area congress members say the election will be held on schedule. plus a new warning from the cdc about a salmonella outbreak we'll find out what has been linked to after the break. and we'll take a live look outside from the embarcadero camera things off to a good start for this friday, we'll be right back.
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>>welcome back everyone for your health this morning. the cdc is warning of a serious salmonella outbreak linked to backyard chickens and ducklings the agency says at least one person was killed and oklahoma and 35 people sickened in california. health experts say that poultry can carry salmonella bacteria even if they looked clean to show no signs of illness. the cdc warns that backyard former should not kiss their poultry or snuggle them and then touch their faces or your mouth and pet ducks and check should never be allowed inside of your home due to the risk of infection. >>all right bay area baseball now the giants going for the series win against the up andres last night will begin in the bottom of the 7th. giants are down by 5 runs when donovan solano gets an rbi double down the line that would draw the giants to within 4 the pod raise its it then later in the inning austin slater with an rbi single to left field as well a 2 run game now the giants are
5:41 am
getting close and now we'll move to the 8th were will drive in another run with a sacrifice fly that will tie the game and would go into extra innings at oracle a 10th inning the dodgers offense will explode. we're 6 runs san diego goes on to win it by a final of 12 7. the giants will now take on the texas rangers tonight first pitch at 6.10 or oracle park the a's are on the road in seattle to face the mariners for a weekend series. the pod raise take those. here's a look at current temperatures across the region were mostly into the 50's a look at your 4 zone forecast we come back. welcome back
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5:44 am
everyone the time is 5.44 good morning t g i f let's also say good morning and happy friday to dave spahr his standing by in the weather center. they have a friday ok good morning robin good morning, everybody we're still dealing with some of that fog uptick in the city as we can the shot here a little bit of ground fog that work here and. >>that will probably intensify over the next hour or so before it starts to mix out a little bit as we get to the later morning hours only affecting areas along the coast by the late morning. bay area temperatures are pretty much in the 50's right now 62 for can 61, san jose, the exceptions, everybody else is pretty much mid to upper 50's future cast wind the uptick will happen as we get into the afternoon hours here being driven a little bit by the inland heating and it's acting
5:45 am
as a nice winds a little bit of a shield from how hot it could get. we do look for heat spike coming our way little bit for the weekend wheel called heat bump, maybe perhaps and what's driving all of that is our big those high pressure here and it will be in place for the weekend but we're going to turn that warm in the hot and then it will break down as we get into early next week, new of a new hurricane to watch out for is of the bahamas didn't have enough problems from last year while a new one to be marching through their max winds at about 80 category one storm now what actually probably intensify with its travel strangely enough across some of these islands here and by say about sunday will be the closest approach at this point to florida under the current projections of course the cone does show that the i could be completely over land and therefore be landfall. hurricane going further. the cone does put it in the center as you can see brushing by cape hatteras that will be later on by about monday night into tuesday at this point a category one storm but still hurricane strength even as
5:46 am
late as that point and then drifting further up to the north we'll be watching that all this weekend to see where exactly it's hitting but florida some of the gun first, one oh one going on for fresno 99 bakersfield 96 for sacramento, 67 for san francisco in down to southern california 88 for san diego, even big bear coming in at 8067 going on for san francisco, the high today in the 4 zone forecast mid 60's covering most of the coast with the peninsula side of the bay. in the upper 60's 75 for burning again and then heading down south we'll check in the 80 redwood city in palo alto meanwhile, mountain view at 75. in santa clara valley, most readings here in the lower almost got us about 85. morgan hill popping at 90 and the east bay shoreline mid 70's. but we're probably be looking at some 80's here as we get into the weekend 86 pleasanton livermore about 87 88 for walnut creek concord at 9071 for berkeley and up to the north bay we're looking at 82 for napa 94 fairfield with
5:47 am
pittsburgh 88. these are spots that will see a lot more 90's going on for this weekend. benicia and almost a cool 8186 sonoma 88 for santa rosa and lower 80's heading back down south 70 forecast as the temperatures popping just a little bit for the weekend. we returned back to the business of the upper 80's into next week. if you're going to be taking care of some business and area roadways. robin tolson. >>off to the bay bridge. we go we need to take a look at the trip into san francisco. it is picking up a little bit but it's still not bad to come on in it's friday light so far but no problems on the upper deck or the skyway so looking good so far through san francisco. let's check in on some other bridges, we have the richmond sandra fell busier now compared to the last hour so more folks are hitting the road working their way into the north bay. if that's you you need to get out there as well no problems to worry about on west bound 5.80 into the north bay off to one o one the commute from the north bay to san francisco. we've had some maintenance work underway this morning, but it's not interrupting
5:48 am
traffic so far you're looking good. we've had no trouble spots, north or south heading into or out of san francisco. we just started off with the fog advisory doesn't look too bad here so come on and no problems on north or south one on one. >>i don't want to delay. i want to have the election. but i also don't want to have to wait for 3 months and then find out that the ballots are all missing. and the election doesn't mean anything. >>president trump continues to slam mail in voting as more states consider mail in ballots for the november presidential election. amid the pandemic in a tweet yesterday morning the president claims 2020 will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election history. he called for congress to delay the election until people can properly securely and safely vote. both republicans and democrats criticize that tweet the president later said he doesn't want to delay the l election. but says mail in voting could cause uncertainty. barry
5:49 am
congressional members wasted no time to slam the president's tweet about potentially postponing the election. that includes house representatives eric swalwell and anna issue they echoed the same thought saying that it's wrong to put forth any doubts about whether the count will be inaccurate. >>it tells you a lot about where trump's brain is right now he is this is the right rev chilean brand it's all about self-preservation is beginning to worry about an election that shaping to potentially be a landslide defeat for him is. >>as seriously in a polling deficit right now and he doesn't have the power to delay of congress sets the election receives the electoral votes in the states set the process so he is powerless, but this is just an effort to deceive. >>the american people voting is shaping john lewis was willing to die for it. so many have march 2 change in. so that more access to it. and here we have a president
5:50 am
that's going in another direction. >>line to register to vote here in california is october 19th. >>all voters in california will be given a mail in ballot. so you can choose how you want to vote kron four's dan kerman explains how this process works. >>a big change in california come this november every registered voter will be sent the ballot in the mail automatically. so there's nothing for voters to do if they're registered voter and any county in california. the receive about in the mail check your county's election website to confirm your registered. >>if so ballot should be showing up at the beginning of october giving you a little under a month to fill them out and get them back the u.s. postal service is advising you mail your ballot at least a week in advance but there are other options every point place in the city that we have 588 point places. >>there's a ballot drop-off location not only can san francisco voters drop off their ballots at those polling places but they can also vote in person there. they can also
5:51 am
drop off their ballots or vote in person outside the bill graham civic auditorium, where they'll set up an outdoor voting center starting october 5th. >>you're assuming to county there will be an opportunity to cast your ballots in the mail and you also have in person voting opportunities. >>in san mateo county there will also be various options to voter can vote from the safety and convenience of their own. >>they can again drop it off at about drop-off location or the company in person to a voting center if they come in person to a voting center. we will require that mask you more. we will require social distancing. >>all-mail voting is all had in san mateo county. they started it back in 2015. >>as long as you have the right cause to raise statutes and policies in place and technology vote by mail is extremely safe and secure one other change in san francisco, instead of the ballots being
5:52 am
counted at city hall they'll be counted. >>here at the bill graham civic auditorium. it's larger and will allow for more social distancing for election workers in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>before we head to break a little trip to the airport sfo there it is some clouds hovering over the airport, it's a mostly cloudy 55 degrees right now we'll ha
5:53 am
5:54 am
>>5.54 this friday morning,
5:55 am
let's go ahead and get a check of the weather forecast today for heidi good morning. a good morning. marty good morning everybody live shot from downtown was still course going have the overcast all this morning, there's the golden gate as we get some of the light of day in that hours eclipse there this is where the fog tends to intensify on its way to mix out as we will see this morning. winds currently now not doing too much is going to be pretty quiet. this morning, however into the afternoon, we'll start to see the winds pick up there in the far east bay, most locations are in the 50's but we're getting some 60's going on here are open now at 6062 antioch and 61, san jose, lining up free today by 9 o'clock we're at 60 for most of the fog should be clearing except around the immediate goal of the bay and then by high noon we're at 77 under mostly sunny skies, warming up though as we head on to the weekend back to you. >>that's on the kron 4 morning news at least 26 inmates have tested positive for covid-19 at a detention facility in milpitas we're live with details and with coronavirus
5:56 am
cases on the rise in san francisco, the city has built a new temporary hospital to free up some beds for covid patients. burglars calls $40,000 worth of damage at one school in san francisco, how you can help the school will have the latest details coming up. as we head to break a live look at the san mateo bridge we're checking back in on the traffic which is busier and busier by the hour right now we have a hefty little crowd leaving hayward. >>heading over to the peninsula this jammed on the flat section as usual no problems up and over the high rise and into foster city off to the golden gate for a special fog advisory remains in place this morning doesn't look too bad your commute into an out of san francisco doing just fine, it's moved so far with no word of any hot spots and the drive into san francisco on 80 west, nice and light on this friday morning will be
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 6. >>good morning and thank you so much for joining us on the kron 4 morning news we've made it to friday july 31st, the end of the weekend of the marty gonzales that's right. i'm robin winston, let's get a check of your friday forecast now with dave spahr they martin robin good morning, good morning everybody and we're negotiating through the fog this morning the shot coming in from temper on as you can see everything is completely blacked out from this fog that we have and it
6:00 am
looks like it will linger for a few hours and this is the spot as always the worse usually the get the eclipse in here of the towers going on here so we're getting the ground fog effect. >>but most of that is a lot in terms of overcast skies, current winds, very light around the immediate days in than we have a little bit in the way of some winds left over they're going to pick up later on this afternoon, temperatures are mostly into the 50's over most the region and get 60 along with oakland and 61 this hour for san jose under overcast skies in the distance of the east bay hills 67 meanwhile, a 10 by one word 82 that's presuming some inland clearing by 10 mother would get a couple trouble spots in around the immediate bay. coming up in a bit we'll check in your forecast party. >>all right dave thanks along we begin this hour with a developing story we're following this morning in the east bay police in berkeley investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened overnight. it was at the cvs store on shattuck avenue where an officer was injured during the confrontation. the officer was patrolling the area when they


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