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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  August 3, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>news at 5. where it needs to be still too high. but again. it is good to see. this number trending down not trending up. >>hospitalizations are down in california but not in all sections of the state. good evening and thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 5 i'm justine waldman now there are some signs of optimism from california's governor gavin newsome during his coronavirus update today, he said the numbers are starting to move in the right direction when it comes to cases the number of people in the hospital and icu
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admissions but he says it's still a little bit too early to know whether these trends will hold kron four's dan kerman joins us live right now with more details on this good evening death. >>good evening just in the governor basically said that we need to see these numbers and these trends moving in this direction for the next few weeks to see. >>the california has got a hold on it but preliminarily at least over the last week or so he is. >>reasonably pleased with the way things are going. so far from taking a victory lap. the governor announced statewide covid-19 numbers are starting to move in the right direction cases in the last 2 weeks are down 21% and the percentage of those testing positive has dropped from 7.5% to 7% is not where it needs to be and is still too high. but again. it is good to see. >>number trending down not trending up the governor also announced over the last 2 weeks hospitalizations are
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down 10% statewide. >>and icu admissions are down 5%. encouraging signs but one week does not make kind of trend that gives us confidence to generate headlines week. >>i'm looking forward to that we'll need to see another few weeks. this kind of data to come in to feel more confident about where we are as a state governor credited changes in personal behavior coupled with the shutdown of certain businesses. >>for the improved numbers, but he says more distancing mask-wearing and hand washing is needed. he also called on those exposed to do the right thing we're seeing a lot of spread now in people's backyards, their front yards as well as in their living rooms and that's why we thought it important to reinforce from mind. people of the importance if you are. living with someone who's tested positive or has come into contact with someone has tested positive please stay home. don't share items do the
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kind of disinfecting that is foundational in terms of mitigating the spread the improvement in overall state numbers doesn't reflect surges throughout the central valley. the governor says the strike team approach used to bring down the surge in imperial county is now underway in 18 central valley counties in the meantime the governor had stern words for school districts throughout the state that are forcing teachers to come into the classroom to conduct these distance learning, and i expect. and really demand respectfully that that spirit of collaboration cooperation manifest at the local level. >>and people not be put into harm's way as caregivers as teachers. as support staff from janitors the bus drivers. as secretaries to maintenance workers as well obviously as our children. >>the governor has indicated that if this trend continues in california starts to re
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open again people will have to remain vigilant. so we don't really experience this part again and have to close things down again. live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you so much dan now here are the latest bay area cases and deaths by county right now alameda county has the most more than 11,000 cases. santa clara county is not that far behind with 10,794 cases. santa clara county has reported 191 deaths that's the most in the bay area. and you can get a complete breakdown on our website kron 4 dot com. the coronavirus pandemic has also surpassed another disturbing milestone as the number of cases globally surpasses 18 million. according to data from johns hopkins university more than a half of a million people worldwide have now died from the virus. the united states has the highest number of confirmed cases with over 4.6 million infections. that accounts for more than a quarter of the global total.
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we're going out to the south bay. and santa clara county continues to see an increase in coronavirus cases east and south san jose in particular have been hit really hard by this virus. another troubling development is that last week 31 kos coworkers were found to have the virus. today the county held an online briefing and reminded people to physically distance themselves from other people at their workplaces. >>we need to wear their masks went indoors and outdoors we're not exercising so all the protocols fall into place again if you're on your lunch, you know eat outside or even area where you can maintain that social distancing as well because when you're eating a mass not on and you know we're starting to see we have seen that mass or a big deterrent for spread of covid-19 so social distant protocols, a really key for preventing the spread. covid especially when in the workplace. >>so if you feel you may have been exposed or if you have symptoms the county advises getting tested. there are more than 50 testing locations
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across the santa clara county. >>this colossal this could last 6 months and we just don't know and so we're going to be prepared for anything. >>businesses like gyms and hair salons in san mateo county are trying to stay open now that they've been ordered to shut down their indoor operations. this is all because the county is now on the states watch list after an increase in coronavirus cases kron four's maureen kelly found some businesses trying to find a workaround while there's are saying they just can't make it work outside. >>employees of orange theory fitness in pacifica put out equipment in their parking lot for a trial run of a workout they'll be offering clients outside starting tuesday we'll have your own individual station the entire time so we're social distancing everyone so that way you're making sure you're not. ghana. the closer to someone have any risk of anything we are keeping the social distance guidelines. the brand new gym had to delay its opening because of coronavirus and had
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to shut down any kind of indoor activity again sunday morning as san mateo county was put on the states watch list after a rise in cases so it was awfully disappointing. but. >>with anything we're going to take it in stride we're going to figure out what we can and bring a great workout people places of worship offices for non essential businesses. >>personal care services like nail shops barber shops and hair salons and shopping malls are all also having to move what operations they can outside or close up the elite hair salon at the westlake shopping center in daly city. >>pulled chairs out to the sidewalk so stylus could still cut hair. but back in pacifica at the linda mar shopping mall, the owner of the obsession salon and spa came in the button of her business she's not going to work outdoors for a number of reasons now back to work it's too windy here and it gets chilly. >>and we have here over the parking lot you know it's
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going to be. >>kara and i don't think that the owner will allow that. >>plus she says she's not allowed to use the chemicals needed for color or perms outside, and she says she can survive on just hair cuts alone, maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>we'll go to marion county now and to san quentin state prison where a veteran prison guard is currently fighting for his life and another death row inmate has died from coronavirus over 2000 inmates have tested positive at the prison, 21 inmates have died including orlando. romero, a 48 year-old inmate who died at a nearby hospital yesterday from complications related to coronavirus romero was put on death row after being convicted of first-degree murder in riverside county in 1996. the growing spread and death rate has governor gavin newsome releasing 8,000 eligible inmates by the end of the month. in the east bay, a woman has now been arrested for the murder of her newborn
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who was found inside of a bag in castro valley in 1988. the alameda county sheriff's office says they use dna and genealogy to track down 52 year-old lisa lopez who was living near modesto. investigators say lopez gave investigators details of the murder saying she hid the pregnancy from her family and friends. she has been charged with murder and is currently being held at the santa rita jail. walnut creek woman has been missing since the middle of june after her trip to joshua tree national park and we first covered the story when she vanished. and now her family has renewed their plea for anyone who sees her to alert authorities kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>just please call the so that you know we can. >>bring her home to their families waiting for for her and said especially in her son. >>you know is this a new mom 37 year-old erika lloyd is a wall that creek resident who's
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been missing since june 1420 20. her mother ruth lloyd recalled speaking to her daughter that day she sounded like she was driving. >>ceo was speaking very rapidly and it was in a conversation, she was just talking to us was just hard to make out what exactly she was saying 2 days later erica lloyds 2006 honda accord was found abandoned about 19 miles outside of joshua tree village on shelton road so i just said just littered roads, california highway patrol officer casey, 7 says investigators found no evidence on the roadway consistent with a traffic accident even though the vehicle had clearly suffered some damage there was damage to the front ends and along with the wind chills. >>and back window. so looks like it possibly might have been involved in tc. but we can confirm anything there were. >>items still in the vehicle. so there were no it didn't look like any items were taken out of the vehicle ruth and wayne lloyd learned from
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erica's friends that she spoke of needing a little break from the stress related to the pandemic her business got shut down by because of covid says she had no income coming in to her you know she was home schooling. >>her child and. it was just you know getting to her. and you know after 3 months of being completely locked up you know way from doing what she loves way lloyd says investigators with the san bernardino sheriff's department told him that they see no signs of foul play is reassuring and it gives us hope. >>you know that she's out there has a menu kron 4 news. >>and we continue to track wildfires burning across our state will start in northern california where evacuations are still in place for the site's fire. that's burning north of clear lake and colusa county. the fire started just after 5 o'clock yesterday evening and has now burned more than 500 acres and in southern california. there are new evacuations in place for the apple fire. it's burning
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in the san bernardino national forest cal fire says it's only 5% contained and has burned more than 26,000 acres. this fire has prompted officials to issue evacuation orders to about 2500 households which impacts about 8,000 residents. warrants for frost coming up and also coming up here on kron 4 news at 5 the investigation that is now under way by the navy. >>after a video surfaces showing an attack on the jersey of a former forty-niners quarterback. also president trump is threatening to ban tick tock in the united states. how much closer that actually has to becoming a reality and when we come back an effort in the south bay to make sure that all as if hoping with
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this pandemic was not enough of an obstacle for students and back to school just around the corner there's virtual learning that wounds in the days ahead. >>many students are at risk of falling behind because they lack internet access at home. >>of course rob fladeboe is live right now with details about an effort that's under way to prevent that from happening good evening, rock. >>good evening just to you know as soon as this friday students here in san jose's east side union high school district to some other districts around town we'll be receiving a new tool to help them with their virtual homework when school starts later this month talking about a digital hot spot. this will allow families that don't have access to turn out to have
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their kids do their homework from home instead of going down to the fast-food parking lot and this will also be code of a stopgap measure until a more permanent infrastructure improvements can be made it underprivileged neighborhoods, here's more. >>you are looking at the key to distance learning this fall for thousands of schoolchildren across san jose, hot spots, the portable gadgets that will help students learn online, san jose has partnered with 18 t to provide 11,000 hot spots. 8,000 of which were donated to the santa clara county office of education which is working to identify those students in districts most in need. one study found as many as a 100,000 san jose residents, mostly from low income families do not have broadband access at home, the hot spots come with free high speed internet access and an unlimited data plan the announcement coming today during a virtual news conference that we have heard
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too often. >>of our children. >>having to sit in a burger king parking lot at 10:00pm to finish their homework because they do not have broadband at home. >>providing equitable access to the internet not only supports learning. it also promotes access to services and opportunities for health. wellness and safety this partnership is something that we can expand throughout the rest of the city through this county of santa clara and really become the model for the state in the state of california and across the nation. the city council this summer approve the 8.2 million dollar covid-19 digital inclusion plan. >>it includes completing the access eastside community wi fi project to build a wireless access in the east side union high school attendance areas of james lick. well grove andrew hill and silver creek high schools. >>san jose's digital inclusive
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when also makes available some 3,000 additional hotspots which really addition it across the brash library system were any resident of san jose can check one out for up to 90 days to help access. the internet live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>and you so much rob now from florida to maine, tropical storm east sciences grainy gaining strength with watches and warnings that have extended across the entire east coast. the national hurricane center is forecasting east say yes hitting the carolinas tonight as a hurricane and the storm surge could reach 3 to 5 feet. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by now to look at this monster storm. yeah boy it is gain strength again just in we're hoping that it just goes to a tropical storm but here we go to staying out the eye over the open water you see this power right here the rotation and that's the core that low just making it so way on the coastline getting close now near georgetown going make likely landfall in that area near myrtle beach this we're
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going to expect to see maybe 3 to 5 foot storm surge you get that for motion. the storm you get that wrap around the winds that tends to lift the water and push that further on shore certainly. >>a major concern they're going to see some flooding there and not only there this is in effect millions of people all along the eastern seaboard. this storm system likely to make landfall but then really maintain a lot of that strength, here's love latest forecast sustained winds right now of 75 miles per hour so make it weak category one. it is moving north northeast at 16 miles per hour and that's generally what these storms do as they get a little bit closer to us here on the east coast, they tend to begin to rapidly move to the north we're going to see this move rapidly which is good news still we're talking maybe 4 to 6 inches of rainfall along this right along the eastern seaboard as it moves all the way up to new york all the way up even into maine as it's going to be the first storm system to move through there like that in about a decade. so certainly a scary storm they're going to see a lot of damage from that and a lot of flooding too.
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westwego hey we've got the fog that's our typical kind of weather moving in along the coastline of the trees here at sfo the breeze has started to pick up we're getting ready for a big change in the weather here will tell you what that will be coming up in a few minutes, thank you so much lawrence now the california highway patrol has just put out an alert looking for a missing 3 year-old girl out of kings county. >>according to chp brooklyn aguilar was last seen on sunday night. she is described as standing 2 feet tall weighing 30 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing a rainbow shirt and rainbow shorts it is believed that she was taken by her father 56 year-old charles aguilar he is 5 foot 7 inches tall weighing 175 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. authorities are looking for a vehicle that agular was driving that's a silver 2002 bmw 3.25 with arizona license plates. the letters are s t e v bby anyone who may have seen
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them or that vehicle should call 911. we have some breaking news just because you want to use room. the san jose police chief eddie garcia is retiring. mayor sam liccardo just issued a statement saying in part quote history will remember chief eddie garcia in the same way i've seen him embrace that countless community meetings as i dynamic exuberant leader who gave his heart and soul to his hometown. this just was released by the mayor we're working to get more details on this breaking news story that san jose's police chief eddie garcia has announced that he is retiring, we'll have more details on the story on our website kron 4 dot com. and of course tonight on kron 4 news at ces. and still ahead here tonight on kron 4 news at 5 researchers are on the hunt for a coronavirus treatment to bridge the gap until we have a vaccine. >>and right after the break an investigation is now underway after a video shows dogs attacking someone wearing a colin kaepernick jersey. how
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the want restaurants to open? and schools? want the economy to get back on track? you're not alone. and you can help make it happen. stay 6 feet apart. wash your hands. wear a mask every time you leave your home. choose to join the fight against covid-19. do your part. slow the spread.
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>>the navy says it is investigating after a video has surfaced showing dogs attacking a stand-in for former 49 ers quarterback colin kaepernick during a fundraiser in 2019. navy officials say they learned about the video on sunday. the video show for dogs attacking a man who was wearing a red kaepernick football jersey over a heavily padded gear as
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people were standing nearby watching. there's also second video and the man is laying on the ground when he's approached by men wearing fatigues holding rifles saying on your belly. the man replied oh man i will stand as he rolls over followed by laughing from the crowd. navy officials say it does not appear any active duty officers were involved in the video which was taken at a fundraiser for the navy seals museum. microsoft says it still discussing a possible purchase of tick tock. that follows president trump's threat friday to ban the popular video app from operating in the united states. tick tock is owned by the chinese start-up by dance and the trump administration says it is concerned that the app could pose a national security risk. microsoft suggests tick tock could avoid that ban if the deal goes through the company would own and operate tick tock services in the united states, canada, australia and new zealand. in a statement by dan said it is always been committed to becoming a global company. in
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this process we're faced with all kinds of complex and unimaginable difficulties, including a tense international political environment. we still have here to the visions of globalization and continue to increase investment in markets around the world, including china to create value for users around the world. today president trump announced the tick tock has until september 15th to find a u.s. buyer to avoid being banned. in america. a 3 year-old horse name snowpack was euthanized at golden gate fields on sunday after a leg injury that happened during a race. a video of the re shows the injury as it happened. and snow pack was euthanized a short time later. this is the 17th horse to be put down at golden gate fields this year. the most recent death before snowpack was that of street gambler at the end of june. >>a 5.30 doctor and the doctor deborah birx is facing some criticism from the president
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after her comments on where the united states stands with the coronavirus pandemic. plus lawmakers in washington continued debating bring back the unemployment benefits that expired last week and right after the break we have a closer look at the 2 california lawm
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>>so it's now getting down to the wire who will presumptive democratic presidential candidate, joe biden pick as
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his running mate. 2 californians are now emerging at the top of the list and kron four's terisa stasko joins us now live from the newsroom with more on his picks a theresa everybody wants to know it is a hot race. it is a hot topic with political experts pointing to the fact that so much is at stake for mister biden in his quest to take the white house. >>all these candidates are really really good. he's agonizing over this choice overall it's not going to be a satisfying pick kamala harris karen bass tammy duckworth susan rice just a few of the names are recently rising to the top of the list, a presumptive democratic presidential candidate, joe biden's possible pick to join him on the november, 2020 ticket a high profile. >>someone who's got a good record on a lot of the issues that matter to the gym. the democratic base political analyst and former democratic strategist michael yaki says attorney. >>bay area native kamala harris certainly


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