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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 4, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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intensify and then mix out all during the morning hours so we'll get the sun out pretty much in most locations well before noon today don't count on so much of that going on for tomorrow though we have all but a change happening in our backyard, 60's cover a lot of the east bay for now 58 for livermore up to the north bay, a mixture of 50's and 60's 61, meanwhile, san jose and 50's cover a lot of the peninsula we're cooler this morning over much of the district though with a couple exceptions here along the peninsula little bit up to the north bay just a touch. but these winds will pick up this afternoon but be with us through tonight. and even into tomorrow morning because we have a little system that's kind of controlling things will be all on shore thicker marine layer, so that will be drizzle and pesky clouds even some of the inland valleys expected through tomorrow 65 going on for a high today san francisco open checking in at 71 78 meanwhile for san jose and across the greater reach you can see we've got some lower 90's even offer antioch will
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make it up to 90 but they're going bye-bye into tomorrow we'll take a look at more that extended forecast for you in the 4 zone in just a bit. >>yeah, rob, a bank today, california is the first state and the u.s. to surpass half a million confirmed covid-19 cases, according to johns hopkins university more than 516,000 people in california have tested positive over 9400 people have died. all these numbers are troubling california governor gavin newsome says that there are also a sign of optimism. he says that those numbers are moving in the right direction when it comes to cases hospitalizations and icu admissions kron four's dan kerman explains. >>so far from taking a victory lap. the governor announced statewide covid-19 numbers are starting to move in the right direction cases in the last 2 weeks are down 21% and the percentage of those testing positive has dropped from 7.5% to 7% is not. >>where it needs to be and is still too high. but again. it is good to see. number
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trending down not trending up the governor also announced over the last 2 weeks hospitalizations are down 10% statewide. >>and icu admissions are down 5%. courage in signs but one week does not make kind of trend that gives us confidence to generate headlines week. i'm looking forward to that we'll need to see another few this kind of data to come in to feel more confident about where we are as a state governor credited changes in personal behavior coupled with the shutdown of certain businesses for the improved numbers, but he says more distancing mask-wearing and hand washing is needed. >>he also called on those exposed to do the right thing we're seen a lot of spread now in people's backyards, their front yards as well as in their living rooms and that's why we thought it important to reinforce from mind. people of the importance if you are.
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living with someone who's tested positive or has come into contact with someone has tested positive please stay at home. don't share items do the kind of disinfecting that is foundational in terms of mitigating the spread the improvement in overall state numbers doesn't reflect surges throughout the central valley. the governor says the strike team approach used to bring down the surge in imperial county is now underway in a central valley counties in the meantime the governor had stern words for school districts throughout the state that are forcing teachers to come into the classroom to conduct distance learning and i expect. and really demand respectfully that that spirit of collaboration cooperation manifest at the local level. >>and people not be put into harm's way as caregivers as teachers as support staff from janitors the bus drivers. as secretaries to maintenance
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workers as well obviously as our children the governor says if the trend continues and the numbers keep going down that doesn't mean people can let up their guard. >>he says that second surge is still coming in the fall and that means people must remain vigilant. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>well happening today in san mateo county supervisor will be introducing an ordinance that would impose fines for those who violate covid-19 health orders. this includes not wearing a face covering in public currently people who violate the health order could be punished with a misdemeanor with fines of up to $1000 and a potential jail sentence of up to 90 days but under the new ordinance people would be fined 100 to $500 per each violation. businesses would also be fine seminole county was the last bay area county to be added to the state's covid-19 watch list. on the peninsula now businesses such as gyms and hair salons in san mateo county are trying to adapt to the new order which
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forces them to move their operations outdoors the orange theory fitness in pacifica employees put out exercise equipment out there in the parking lot there. it is they did this for a trial run. employees say they are doing their best to prepare for anything. >>this could last a week this could last 6 months and we just don't know and so we're going to be prepared for anything now that's not going to work it's too windy here and it gets chilly. and we have here over the parking lot you know it's going to be. >>well the owner of the obsession salon and spa in pacifica says that she's unable to work outdoors for both practical and health order related reasons like no use of chemicals outdoors. when people are displaced after an apartment fire in san francisco's north beach, one man was also sent to the hospital another resident's dog died in the fire near powell street kron four's taylor psaki spoke with several victims who lost everything in the fire. neighbors in north beach return to this scene on monday
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after a fire tore through their pals street apartment building on friday. >>came back and i'm homeless. you can get my wallet, my keys. so my car was just so. a charcoal brick. and i just have nothing but the shirt on my back other but annie is one of 10 people displaced from the fire. >>that also sent him to the hospital. he's now doing much better, but still in need of a place to live like his other neighbor, carlos moya, somebody help us to get a place. >>there's new figures what we're hearing on you're going to be here decided the and that are in no way we're going to go from there's lee and his wife myra called this place home for more than 30 years. >>now everything gone, including prized possessions from the days when lawyer was a professional boxer really important thing said ahead. he's a head. >>week for those with muhammad ali. and jack dempsey is joel fish neighbor one solace was one of the first people that
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smell the smoke and went door to door waking up his neighbors. he says the fire started in another neighbors, van that was parked underneath the building found span. >>the flames were coming from you know. it was you know the bottom the back of the park there for a few and entirely. he went on the fly ball solace also lost everything in the fire. >>he's instead raising money for his elderly neighbors, albert carlos in my right to help them get back on their feet i we just want to make sure that they can not why we don't ice they can reveal because of this area there are hard-working really nice people very going. >>and we just one down to ok well neighbors believe that the fire started from a van in the parking area below the building the cause of the fire is still under investigation in san francisco, tailored the psac ii kron 4 news. >>well after 3 decades of devoting his life to the san jose police department chief eddie garcia announced he is
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retiring chief garcia is known for having served in almost every branch of the department from traffic. >>to the homicide unit. he joined the police department back in 1992 and he just worked his way up the ranks finally taking on the role of chief in 2016. he took on the challenge role of low morale and a high turnaround officers were just leaving the department due to pension reform for higher paying jobs. even last year he announced an uptick in violent crimes as a fine of the struggle to rebuild. but he gave us all during our police chief town hall last month chief garcia said that recruitment was no longer a problem as he reflected on all involving roles and changes within that police department during this interview check it out. >>when i started this job in 9 in the early 90's. i feel my field training officer told me that this job today is a lot different than when i started i'm venture a guess that when he started his fto told him that this job is a lot different than what i started. police were changes. it adapts we have to adapt with. the way
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i tell police officers this is not a job. this is our calling. it's our colleen we're going to rise to this moment because our communities are the ones that will suffer if we do not. >>san jose mayor sam liccardo and the san jose police officers association president paul kelly, both released statements taking chief garcia for his services. the san jose police department face criticism for tactics used by officers to disperse black lives matter demonstrations. but according to reports chief garcia's retirement have been in the works for months and is unrelated. well to the east bay now the stolen uhaul that belongs to a castro valley family has been found remember the story we first told you about the story sunday. and you know the family they were gearing up to move out of state and their u haul was stolen so it's a uhaul that looks just like this one you see on your screen. alameda county sheriff say that it was found in oakland and will be returned to the family. officers say looks pretty full so hopefully everything is
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well for the family. also in the east bay 2 teens were caught in a burglary, thanks to blaze. that's a fremont bloodhound police responded to a tip about an unfamiliar car parked nearby homes. they say the 2 teenagers were rummaging through a house but they took off when police arrived the driver of the unfamiliar car was arrested and that's when blaze went to work tracking the 2.17 year-old boys found them a short time later at a nearby gas station, the 2.17 year olds were issued a notice to appear citation for residential burglary and also released to their parents because of their ages. we're also tracking a fire about an hour north of sacramento, check it out here on the map the site's fire. it's burning in the mountains just west of i 5 inclusive county evacuation orders have been issued for that area. near that low dole got road and campgrounds road. >>so far the fire has burned 560 acres and is 55% contained
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as of this morning. well in southern california. there are new evacuations in place for the apple fire check this out it's burning east of los angeles in riverside and san bernardino counties, cal fire says it's only 7% contained and has burned more than 2600 acres evacuation orders have been issued affecting nearly 8,000 people. well coming up next on kron 4 morning news, a south bay nonprofit is helping local students prepare for the upcoming school year we'll take a look at the back of the goodies that they're going to get after the break. >>and before we go a peek outside from the embarcadero in san francisco. we can't even see the suspension span of the bay bridge you see a little bit of wind there, but it's pretty cloudy just lets you know how dense that morning fog is dave spahr is tracking in your
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>>welcome back everyone the time for 44 good morning and thanks for staying with us it's a little foggy out there for some folks at a lot of fog on my drive to work at the wipers on because of the drizzle. let's check in with a far get an update on that forecast say. >>okay good morning robin good morning, everybody want to send it down to san jose state here a little bit because we can make the lights of the buildings a little bit this morning. so that's kind of a nice and are showing the fog is broken up in spots uh and it looks like it will mix out by the mid morning hours today tomorrow different story though 66 for any on a lot of 60's covering the east bay's you can see 50's up to the north bay with 61 for san jose
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with our tropical storm now here's the latest. here's the heavier squall line you can see to the north of this system is moving very quickly, good news there. the cuts down on the flooding. but along the pathway it does produce locally severe weather as we've been talking about 70 miles per hour winds once very strong tropical storm and when they're over land like this they tend to die anyway, and it's going to the northern latitudes is being picked up by the west or lee's so it's moving real real fast and into quebec and it looks like by perhaps as early as tomorrow as still a tropical low so expect a lot of heavy rains. still one of the pathway long as it goes back on our coast. we have a cutoff low in our backyard that's going to come very apparent tomorrow which with us today a little bit we're getting some of that influence but tomorrow more potent and that's going to keep temperatures suppressed. and that means also drizzle into the afternoon for the peninsula coast, even the east bay shoreline coast. it looks like highs today in central
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valley near 100 looks like 95 per second mid 60's along the central coast. 70's down south and 73 even places like big bear check out the 4 zone forecast 70 going on san francisco we've got the lower 60's at the coast of our that's going to be problems some of the fog we have going on 71 burlingame 60's meanwhile up to the north down south. no 80's here or middle 70's for palo alto in redwood city mountain view at 75. and the south bay upper 70's, look at bad at 78 for san jose 80 cupertino 83 for morgan hill when the east bay shoreline to the south and the lower 70's tri valley lower 80's we still have a the difference between the inland areas in the east bay shoreline which will probably see one of those tomorrow. but the cloud cover war main to the west here all day 86 for concord 84 for danville 81 san ramon 72, san leandro and 68 for a berkeley up to the north bay here got some 80's working here 65 for delay hold 90. antioch it's still going to be warm for
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this far inland reaches it. but vacaville 89 hinting that things are changing 87 going on for santa rosa, and point re at 66 7 day forecast check it out there's a drop in temperatures that stay that way all the way into about the weekend. we don't recover back into the 90's for the inland valleys, check a bay area roadways robin with more. >>hey we are hot spot free david that is a fantastic way to start off the morning commute. so as you pack up and get ready to roll out. you don't have to stress out about any problems here on aetn to san francisco. we are clear through the maze smooth on the upper deck little foggy for you heading to san francisco, but no big trouble spots and that's how we like it. all right let's check in on the richmond sandra fell bridge. here's a live look west bound 5.80 picking up a little bit we have more on traffic on the road now compared to the last 1520 minutes, but no big problems, it's still a great drive across the span, no problems for you into the north bay are out to highway one oh one and then looking at the golden gate. we're checking in on traffic into and out of san francisco and we are doing just fine, no
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problems here from one oh one north of south and even see the road work in your way so it's a great time to get on out there and use it will check more bridges coming up later. to the south bay now sunnyvale community services held a second back its impact day event for low income students, each child received a back to school kids that contains a new backpacks school supplies a $45 gift card for new shoes, an extra food for their families. now because of covid-19 restrictions, those items were placed in the trunks of those vehicles, the nonprofit was able to help 2000 local students this year and that's a 25% increase over last year. >>everything changed for all the families that were helping and so people in march still needed help in april and may and june and july and now august and families who struggles in trying to piece together rant or make it through the early months are now coming to us. >>well sunnyvale community services will also provide
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backpacks to local schools to help transfers and homeless students after the school year begins. well finding ways to put food on the table has become another challenge that millions of unemployed californians now face because of the pandemic one girl from the late ho inspired by the generosity of others is now looking to change that kron four's jonathan mccall has her story. >>just 8 years young i really like helping people w morris is trying to solve a problem that has even the biggest kid stumped she's hoping answers will come from the front of her vallejo home everybody deserves the food access to food in the last few weeks he's been collecting donations and restocking the shelves on this outdoor pantry. >>it's now become a lifeline providing food water books and other necessities for people caught in the covid-19 crisis where actually a family that you know we struggle at times you and i believe everybody does especially during. >>this whole pandemic it's
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going on the desire to feed others started with the hunger in her own family. debbie's mom says that she recently found a woman giving away free produce to people in need. >>gabby tagged along for that trip had no idea it was the whole foods and with all kinds of produce and. >>children's books the moment would be just the right ingredients she would need to cook up her own inspiration then send the next morning, i woke up to clear her little. to show off and had it ready to go had snacks ready in this idea on i need for my mom's way and some might view that it. >>it's me. i gave him my boys and my and my a lot since then she's been flooded with donations but gabby isn't alone in her fight like this is amazing that right, there is worth every single hour i've ever spent on this the breeding is the founder of food is free debbie's outdoor pantry is along more than 30 sights now set up across a lot
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of county giving away free donations donations secured by parading as part of a federal program but get this. >>she started in late june and in that time. she's been able to give away more than 300,000 pounds of produce and a 1000 gallons of milk this country we have so much resources and yet we're needing people to create these hubs in their communities to feed their neighbors. >>well that was jonathan mccall reporting for us this morning. perry says that food is free salon i was always looking for not only donations but volunteers who can help get the food out if you'd like to help or learn more about this program in those food pantries and where they're located we have details on our website just head over to kron 4 dot com. disclose that it could face a fine of up to 250 million dollars from us attorney. authorities over the use of phone numbers and email addresses to target advertisements. now this after the company received a complaint from the federal trade commission back on july
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28. the social media company admitted last october that it had inadvertently targeted at users through contact details that they provided for security purposes twitter users are asked to provide information like you know your phone number to help secure your account through services such as two-factor authentication. well look outside before we head to break we're checking in on sfo there it is covered in clouds this morning. we have a flight to catch always check in with your carrier before you head over just in case is causing delays but it's so. >>we'll let you know days for tracking the forecast and we'll have details coming up.
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>>welcome back everyone and thanks for staying with us a time for 55 good morning and happy to say to you let's get a look at that tuesday forecast now checking in with dave spahr day. >>okay good morning robin good morning, everybody at least we're seeing this a clear in us that of of the lights coming into the buildings down in san jose state a bit so the fog is not too intense there, but i suspect we'll start off overcast the fog getting more intense though tonight into tomorrow morning now as we talk frequently in the morning hours. it does sometimes get a little worse until a couple of hours after sunrise but not bad at 1045 or so we've taking care most of the bay with the exception of the peninsula. san francisco, but even after the north bay but it's clearing out nicely as well. they are a temperatures for now we're in the lower 60's over most a real estate here 66 antioch 50's up to the
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north bay 61 meanwhile for san jose comparison sake of where we stand from yesterday were trailing over most of the bay with more aggressive fog this morning in that onshore flow. we do about 61 come atm by 11 at 71. robin. >>thank you dave. coming up in the next hour, the state has issued new guidelines for elementary schools, and youth sports and there's a way elementary schools can reopen for in-person classes will explain coming up in a live report. plus a big win for rents and san francisco superior court judge is upholding the city's ban on evictions during the coronavirus pandemic. and despite orders from the governor and local health officials to remain closed several bay area salon owners will reopen this month.
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>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 5. >>good morning. everybody thank you so much for joining us on kron 4 morning news we made it to tuesday august 4th i'm marty gonzales and i'm robin winston let's get an update now on that tuesday forecast a far standing by dave martin robin good morning and good morning, everybody battling some fog we are this morning the shot from u c
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berkeley and we can see the foreground but into the background a little bit of a glow from the east bay shoreline lights but nothing much more than that for lease now this will clear out though. >>probably by the mid morning hours it gets more intense here in the couple of hours. forward, but you can see by 10 o'clock early clears up nicely for those inland areas, including up the north bay to sometimes it could be quite sluggish to clear out their 60's over most the real estate of the east bay 50's up to the north bay the pencils checking in with 50's for comparison's sake the were trailing over most a real estate by a few degrees and sometimes as dramatically is 6 degrees behind for example for concord we are looking for a cooling trend may not notice it so much today, but you will tomorrow even those in the valleys out today. we clear out by midmorning by high neuwirth 75 or so back to the 80's inland with even some lower 90's, however coming by tomorrow we've got that fog and cloud cover lingering we'll have more on that marty. >>all right dave thanks a lot of good news this morning. the state has released the ty


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