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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  August 4, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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it's tuesday august 4th i'm marty gonzales i'm robin winston happy to say to you let's get a check of that tuesday forecast a little bit of fog a little bit of sun. it depends on where you are this morning, dave you got that right you good morning, robin marty good morning everybody live shot coming in from timber on here we can see the fog and some place in and around the immediate bay. give us a couple of hours it will clear out however looking pretty good. a good clear up have with temperatures somewhat controlled this afternoon. so almost like a spring day coming back here. it's up on the peninsula, the fog may be a bit more stubborn we've got 60's covering a good chunk of the east moving up to 64 for any oct 59 meanwhile for a livermore up in the north bay here. 50's and 64 napa 60 also for san jose however were trailing over most a real estate this morning compared to yesterday as you can see except on the east bay shoreline and down there along the peninsula, somebody want to do it by 11 by 2 we're talking 80 in most inland areas will look at that mostly sunny and 80. and a few little token, 90's however coming tomorrow more true a
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flavor of spring as temperatures drop with well more the way of some drizzle in the coastal areas are more in the forecast a bit back to you sounds good day. thanks. a lot of good news this hour. the state has released the safety requirements that elementary schools must follow if they want to apply for a waiver to reopen. california is also releasing new guidelines for youth sports as well and the devil's in the details sarah stinson has all the details for us in san francisco. hi sarah good morning. >>and there yeah, waiver application applies double public school districts and private. i'm here at a school in san francisco for example called sherman school and is school like this one in a county that is on the governor's watch list, we'll have to jump through a few more hoops before being able to apply for that waiver because they need to consult with parents they need to have major discussions with the county health officer and discuss with other schools in the district, it's a good idea
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to reopen for in person classes. take a look at your screen you can see the guidelines put out by the state for these schools if they would like to reopen you can see on their they need to develop plans for health screenings contact tracing physical distancing testing face coverings will be need you'll need to be required. the state says schools will need to implement a protocol if an outbreak occurs make plans to switch back to distance learning if need be. once the waiver application is sent in the state will review and decide if an elementary school should reopen with in person classes. now officials also gave an update on youth sports banning all outdoor and indoor events where social distancing can not be done they really want all of the kids to wear face coverings and be able to keep 6 feet at least of distance between one another to put a link on our website kron 4 dot coms you can get more details on that there's tons of documents that
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you can read through their parent and you have a lot more questions because there is a lot of details and it really goes to show how much work has been done on the state lelel developing this type of protocol. these are old interim guidelines that could change all depends on the cases that we're seeing here in the bay area we continue to see cases increase. so it will be it's hard to believe that any schools in the bay area will be able to reopen with this waiver but as we know a lot of schools are already decided to do distance learning at least the first couple of weeks of the semester. >>i'm live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news all right sir, thanks a lot for that live report from san francisco will be checking in with sarah throughout the morning, robin. >>well despite orders from the governor and local health officials to remain close south bay area salon owners will reopen this month. >>over the weekend several salon owners and the tri valley gathered and decided they would will reopen on august 17th with or without approval. the lawyer for the
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professional beauty federation of california insist that salons are ready to reopen safely. >>621,000 individuals licensed by the california state board of barbering and cosmetology all of whom have hundreds of hours of formal education and training in cross contamination disinfection protocols sanitation procedures we know how to keep our clients safe. we certainly can sympathize with folks that say. now if and we have 53,000 licensed establishments that's day spas hair salons barbershops nail salons. if we all decided to help with that we're going to reopen. i'm not really sure what the 58 county health departments and the governor could do about it. >>alameda county health officials say quote they do not intend to open any new sectors at this time and we'll continue to monitor developments in state and local indicators to inform next steps unquote. >>all 9 bay area counties are
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now in the state's covid-19 watch list there are over 54,000 coronavirus cases and 826 people in the bay area have died from covid-19 we're seeing the most cases in alameda county with over 11,000 infections. the virus though has been deadliest in santa clara county where it's claimed 191 lives. you can find a complete list of cases by county on our website at kron 4 dot com. in the south bay santa clara county has been seen that increase in covid-19 cases it had been taken off the state covid watch list but was placed back on the list a couple of weeks ago. and then just last week 31 workers at a santa clara county costco stores were all found to have the virus county officials are warning people to take precautions. >>you know we're starting to see we have seen that mass or a big deterrent for sprinkle the 19 so social distant protocols, a really key for preventing the spread. covid especially when in the workplace.
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>>well the county has been working on contact tracing to try and find out who else may have been exposed to those costco workers. >>happening today, a san mateo county supervisor will be introducing an ordinance that would find people who violate covid-19 health orders. now this includes not wearing a face covering in public currently people who violate the health order could be punished with a misdemeanor with fines up to $1000 and potential jail sentence of up to 90 days but under the new ordinance people could be fined between $10500 for each violation, business owners could also be fine san mateo county was the last of bay area county to add to the state's covid-19 watch list. a big win for renters in san francisco superior court judge is upholding the city's ban on evictions during the coronavirus pandemic landlord group sued the city back in june calling the law unconstitutional overreach kron four's dan thorn reports. >>san francisco tenants struggling to pay rent because
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of the covid-19 pandemic are off the hook for now a superior court judge striking down a challenge from landlords keeping a permanent ban on evictions in place really big win and just a huge relief for tenants across the city in a district overwhelmingly filled with renter's city supervisor dean preston says he introduced the legislation to protect people. he feared without covid-19 rent forgiveness, a wave of evictions would follow the small property owners of san francisco weighed in on their failed attempt at suing the city over the eviction ban saying in part quote we are very disappointed in the decision we are not looking for ways to evict people we simply want the same rights in access to the state courts that any other citizens have the county board of supervisors has overstepped their legal authority they have the right to appeal and maybe they'll do that, but that's up to them but in the meantime, we know that for the foreseeable future this law will take effect it will stop
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any evictions preston is maintained the law does not mean the rent is wiped out renters will still have to eventually pay what's owed but without any late fees or interest most tenants are still paying their rent. for for those who can't they should move their homes reporting in san francisco, dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>and with back to school and distance learning looming in the days ahead a lot of students are at risk of falling behind because they don't have access to the internet at home. in the south bay, the city of san jose is partnering with atnt to provide 11,000 hot spots. 8,000 of them were donated to the santa clara county office of education. now they're working to identify those students and the districts that need it most those hot spots come with free high speed internet access and an unlimited data plan we have heard too often. >>of our children. having to sit in a burger king parking lot at 10:00pm to finish their homework because they do not
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have broadband at home. >>providing equitable access to the internet not only supports learning and also promote access to services and opportunities for health. wellness and safety this partnership is something that we can expand throughout the rest of the city to this county of santa clara and really become the model for the state in the state of california and across the nation. >>the access seaside community, wi fi project was approved by the san jose city council this summer. it's an 8.2 million dollar covid-19 digital inclusion plan that will build wireless access for students in the east side union high school district. now to san francisco where a teenager is recovering from life threatening injuries following the shooting. it happened last night on sunny dale avenue and han street officers say the victim is 17 years old details are limited, but we'll have an update for you as we learn more.
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>>well to the east bay now police arrested a woman for the murder of her newborn who was found inside a bag in castro valley in 1988. the alameda county sheriff's office says investigators used dna and genealogy to track down 52 year-old lisa lopez who was living near modesto investigators say the lopez gave investigators details of the murder saying that she hit the pregnancy from her family and friends. she's been charged with murder and is currently being held at the santa rita jail in dublin. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news mysteriously missing for more than a month. >>the latest on a bay area woman and what her family is asking. plus california is the first state in the u.s. to surpass half a million cases the governor newsome says it's not all bad news why he says the numbers are going in the right direction. >>i'm trevor shirley in washington where negotiations continue over the next round of coronavirus relief bills, i've got that story coming up. >>and we're heading outside to take a trip to walnut creek. i
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see some sunshine peeking through on the traffic there along 6.80 you're mostly cloudy a little bit of sunshine on walnut creek and 60 degrees we'll be
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>>good morning, welcome back as we take this live look it looks like karl has settled in making himself right at home at the golden gate bridge, let's go ahead and check in with dave spahr find out how other parts of the bay are looking this morning. heidi a good morning marty good morning. everybody, it's
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always a stubborn spot there the around the golden gate but down of san jose state how about this got blue skies off in the background this is pretty much everybody's future. into the afternoon today, not tomorrow little different story because going to have his day in the sun over a good portion of the bay. but at least will clear out for most of the region except along the coast might be a problem today lower 60's line up the east bay shoreline for now we're already up to 64 antioch summit in little clearing working. if he's up in the north bailed annapolis checking in at 60. so for future cast for let's watch what happens it clears out nicely in the afternoon sure then tonight, karl comes back again some drizzle sure. and it lingers into the afternoon just doesn't completely clear out the bay will get the inland areas will clear up along the east bay, shore line you're going to deal the cloud cover just about all day coupled with some drizzle will linger up in the santa cruz mountains, particularly and it looks like it's taking us into thursday morning a little bit as well how about those winds. well with marine layer coming in it's coming in with a good
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strong on shore flow that happens tonight anyway, but it lingers all overnight in those inland valleys you can see it even up to the north bay as well. so we have is the fog does clear out by mid morning, we're back to mild conditions with 80's and a token 90 here or there but by mid week we go into spring-like weather here. we've got the deep marine layer that's going to be in place here. some drizzle breezy conditions here and looks like by thursday or friday we pull back out again in time for the weekend with the 90's coming back in force today, 65 san francisco, oakland 7178 meanwhile for san jose as most areas in the santa clara valley don't even get up to about 80. 90 meanwhile for any aac but most regions inland will be into the 80's and we'll have more details on that with that 4 zone forecast coming up in just a bit right now robin let's take a quick look at the traffic which one robin. >>hey there well i was scanning the bay bridge toll plaza camera and i can see some activity over to the left so this is developing looks
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like we may have a new accident i can see some flashing lights. i see a truck and several cars stopped as well as some folks standing in the traffic lanes so this is definitely going to add to the backup here on 80 into san francisco. once again it's wires just yet. but it's an hp accident of some sorts a blocking more than one lane right before the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is already quite heavy into san francisco because we had a major crash on 24 west of the caldecott tunnel that crash on 24 backed up traffic through a renda and so folks were late making it to the bay bridge toll plaza that started your backup and now you have this new accident blocking several lanes before the toll plaza that's adding to the delay we haven't had the sort of backup in quite some time so heading into san francisco this morning. you need to get out their extra early because it's jam from the oakland maze up the incline heading toward the tunnel will definitely stay on top of this crash and have more details coming up in just
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a bit we have a look at the san mateo bridge 92, it's busy but it's not bad the trip from the east bay to the peninsula very quiet right now under 30 minutes. i just want to mention that bart is still reporting delays are we talked about a little fire between a south hayward in union city that fire out in under control, but they are still reporting delays on the various a line in both directions. so you also need to plan ahead for bart along that stretch this morning marty. >>all right robin in national news this morning congress is stalled in trying to pass another coronavirus relief package. weekend negotiations between party leaders just didn't get anywhere. our washington dc correspondent trevor shirley reports republican infighting has slowed the process. but the president's pointing to democrats for the blame. >>for the first time since march millions of unemployed americans won't get the extra $600 of added weekly federal benefits and it didn't have to be this one. illinois democratic representative brad schneider said senate republicans dragged their heels after house democrats
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passed their version of coronavirus relief the heroes act almost 2 months ago that we have and something we can talk about the republicans house along on their position their plan isn't really serious is not even agree to within the republican party and the president is not even particularly supporting mothers and ohio democratic senator sherrod brown said the gop talk of lowering the unemployment payments is a nonstarter. >>i will insist on the $600 a week, it's working news kept people out of poverty by the millions, but advisers to the president say republicans offered a one-week extension of that $600 benefit and democrats refused to serve the democrats out of say oh the republicans got the way that's just a flat out lie, president trump says the democrats have no interest in stopping the virus or helping the economy and all they're really interested in is bailout money. >>the bailout radical left governors and radical left bears but ohio democratic representative tim ryan is
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optimistic the parties will come together i hope by the end of this week we're pulling the trigger. >>on something but that timeline depends on what's in the deal and if the president gets on board reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>well for your money this morning stressed out americans are seeking out at storing and shooting ranges and airlines are planning layoffs that will impact sfo. let's check in with jane king who's live in new york with those stories and more jane good morning. >>hey robin good morning we are seeing a lot of airlines start to prepare workers for potential layoffs that could come in october so american airlines says it is planning to temporarily cut about 378 positions at san francisco international all the layoffs at sfo just a fraction of the warning notices that the company said in mid july alaska airlines also said it would cut 600 workers at sfo and its offices in berlin games. well the data suggests many are seeing significant
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rises and their utility and electric bills each month and part of that is because of all the remote work that we're doing a whole nother pandemic course and forcing people to stay home from work and it's been really hot in much of the country said that is driving up of those monthly bills as well this is expected to continue this fall as schools and businesses are still at least partially closed. well it's up to 5% of americans feeling stressed, according to a survey more are seeking out recreational really researchers at the university of north carolina chapel hill and harvard medical school say with movie theaters and gyms shut down people looking for things to do particularly outside and next throwing horseback riding and shooting ranges have become very popular multiple inmates can girls how to use for the pets from its 300 million of a car to study uses every year to its said just throwing away their being used to dye the company's new limited edition to po lay clothing and accessories line the launches today the gender neutral collection includes a condo died shorts and took bags in
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customer order shirts live from new york, i'm jane king back to you robin i need the shoes that say chips and guac i like that thank you jane. >>all right robin will coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, 10 residents around the home this morning. after a fire completely destroyed their apartment complex we'll have more on their story coming up after the break and we'll take a live look outside bay bridge approach to the toll plaza starting to back up under some cloudy skies
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good morning, welcome back 10 people are displaced this morning following an apartment fire in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. >>it destroyed their homes on friday. the fire happened at the powell street apartment building. albert petain is one of the 10 people displaced from the fire that also sent him to the hospital where he's doing much better this morning but he still needs a place to live just like his neighbor, carl's loya. homeless. we can get my wallet, my keys. so my car was just so. >>a charcoal brick. and i just have nothing but the shirt on my back somebody help us to get a plays. there's new figures. >>we're hearing on you're going to be here and decided the matter no way we're going to go from there. >>well neighbors believe that the fire started in a van in a parking stall that was below the building but the cause of the fire still under investigation. >>well to the east by now the mother of walnut creek woman who has been missing since the
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middle of june is pleading with the public to help find her daughter, 37 year-old erika lloyd has been missing since june 14th after her trip to joshua tree national park. 2 days later erica lloyds 2006 honda accord was found abandoned about 19 miles outside of joshua tree village on shelton road. her mother ruth remember speaking to her daughter that day. >>she sounded like she was driving. ceo was speaking very rapidly and it was in a conversation, she was just talking to us was just hard to make out what exactly she was saying just please call the so that you know we can. >>bring her home there was damage to the front ends and along with the wind chills and back window. so looks like it possibly might have been involved in tc. but we can confirm anything there were items still in the vehicle. so there were no it didn't look like any items were taken out of the vehicle.
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>>well investigators at the san bernardino sheriff's office have told the family that they see no signs of foul play. >>to pop up covid-19 testing locations are now available this morning in santa clara county. coming up we'll tell you those locations and what's a little bit different about those locations compared
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>>good morning welcome back face which is joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news, yes, we need to get an update on the forecast some of you are waking up to some others, clouds and drizzle, let's check in with days far he has all the answers say hey buddy robin good morning, good morning, everybody and we're searching for some of that sons with senator san jose state with the blue skies going on in the background but as rob has been talking about. >>lots of fog still out there. and a good chunk of the bay to get things started now that's going to dissipate for just about everybody the stickler areas going to be the peninsula today and along the immediate coast. but everywhere else around the bay it should open up pretty nicely as we get a little late morning hours and into the early afternoon. so far not much a way of temperature movement yet we're at 64 any aac at 64, not to be much more than your high today 60 going on nap and 55. for santa rosa. for comparison's sake we are trailing over most of geography this morning with some exceptions actually near water. different story will be this afternoon, those 71 for 11 at 2 o'clock at about 80
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now decent day today but we're looking to get a flavor that spring-like are almost fall like weather as we get to tomorrow with more drizzle to kind of negotiate through negotiate through traffic in such robin as a traffic check with what i guess we've had so many problems this morning it's been so busy out there we're checking in on the bay bridge toll plaza. >>and if you look over to the left you can see lots of activity we're actually right in the middle of a live traffic break. >>as they're working to get this multi vehicle injury crash from the 2 right lanes we had several cars, the big rig that blew big rig. it's still over there blocking and they are holding all traffic right now caltrans chp other emergency crews on scene and it's at a complete standstill, what they're trying to do is get this activity over to the administration parking lot which is on the right and all the crash and the crash in the activity is over on the left-hand side so this is going to add to the backup heading into san francisco this morning. adding to a commute that was already slow we had a major crash on 24. those folks related to san francisco. this crash popped
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up with 6 vehicles with injuries blocking the 2 right lanes and now they're running this traffic break and it's just not gonna help so this is why we always say get out there early before it's too late. it is backed up through the maze and we haven't seen that type of backup in quite some time. so for those of you heading into san francisco. they're clearing this right now, but as you see they have several more vehicles to get out of the way and this is going to cause significant slowing into san francisco. so you may want to hop over to the san mateo bridge if you're closer to that you can definitely use it take the nimitz and one '01, 1, oh one to san francisco if you're looking to get around the bay bridge back up the traffic here not as bad we call this busy but not bad it's under 30 minutes from the east bay to the peninsula, but at least you can get through it without any major problems we'll check back in on traffic coming up a little bit later marty i like that description busy but haha well california, the first state in the country to surpass half a million confirmed covid-19 cases.
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>>now according to johns hopkins university, more than 516,000 people in california have tested positive and over 9400 of them have died. now while these numbers are troubling governor newsom says the covid-19 statistics are starting to move in the right direction cases in the past 2 weeks are down 21% and the percentage of those testing positive is also dropped the governor warns though that trend can change. courage in signs but one week does not make kind of trend that gives us confidence to generate headlines week. i'm looking forward to that we'll need to see another few this kind of data to come in to feel more confident. >>about where we are as a steak please stay at home. don't share items do the kind of disinfecting that is foundational. >>well the governor says we must continue to follow health orders to try and keep that trend keep it going down. he encourages more distant seen
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mask-wearing and handwashing robin. >>well happening today, several new pop-up testing sites are opening up in santa clara county, let's check in with kron four's will tran who is live in san jose this morning with an update will. >>it will open in a few hours so now i saw somebody show up and it is not at 7 o'clock sir if you're hopping on the county website. it is wrong actually it's 1 o'clock in the afternoon and will go until 6 o'clock in the evening. these pop-up sites robin they are becoming very popular in fact just last month, 42,000 people showed up to those locations and they're getting better at organizing i remember when these sites started the line was so long people were frustrated. many of them were turned away in this particular case. there are pad there passing out wristbands the wsistbands will allow you to go to another say table or so or another location in your car. and then you can set up
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an appointment and that appointment usually is about an hour or 90 minutes from the time you pull up so you can god get lunch, you don't have to back up traffic. you don't have to be frustrated. so they're getting better at it. now take a look at your screen. these are locations where you just want will hurry up get to the locations because i want to go down there. here it is so i'm in san antonio located at 17 excuse me in san jose at san antonio elementary. the location is that 1721 east, san antonio and it's in the gymnasium this is where the testing will take place from 1 o'clock in the afternoon until 6 o'clock at night. tuesday through friday unfortunately this location also has the saturday and that's from 9 o'clock in the morning until 2 o'clock in the afternoon, if you can't make it during the weekday in gilroy if you can't make it to san jose don't worry about it gilrky you have a location as well and this at the south county annex that's located at 9300 wren avenue
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and fortunately there's no saturday so you'll have to squeeze in whatever you can during the weekday that begins a little bit earlier than my location robin begins at 10 o'clock this morning goes until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. if you have health insurance they're encouraging you to go through your doctor and in most cases the county the hospitals, they know full well what's going on so you will not be charged for your health care during their bill, i know some of us have to have a copay they say that probably will not be the case and these particular sites. they don't care about immigration status. they don't care if you have health insurance and again they're pushing people away if you have health insurance because these places tend to be more popular for those they don't have health insurance. back to you. all right lots of good information. thank you for the update will marty. >>well from the south bay to the peninsula now robin businesses such as gyms and hair salons and san mateo county are trying to adapt to the new order which forces
7:36 am
them to move their operations outdoors at the orange theory fitness pacific up employees were busy putting exercise equipment out in the parking lot now this is for a trial run. workers say they're doing their best to prepare for anything. >>this could last a week this could last 6 months and we just don't know and so we're going to be prepared for anything now it's not going to work it's too windy here and it gets chilly. and we have here over the parking lot you know it's going to be. >>terrible. >>well, the owner of the obsession salon and spa in pacifica says she just can't work outside for both practical and health order related region reasons such as the no use of chemicals outdoors. >>well after 3 dedicating his life to the san jose police department chief eddie garcia announced he's retiring. chief garcia isisowknown for having served in almost every branch of the department he'd served in traffic, he went to the homicide unit. he joined the
7:37 am
police force back in 1992, he just worked his way up the ranks finally taking on the role of chief in 2016. garcia took on the challenging role of low morale and high turnover rate officers relieving due to pension reform for higher paying jobs. even last year he acknowledged an uptick in violent crime and that was a sign of the struggle to rebuild, but he says that he gave it his all during our police chief town hall last month chief garcia said recruitment was no longer a problem as he reflected on the evolving role police interview. >>when i started this job in 9 in the early i feel my field training officer told me that this job today is a lot different than when i started i'm venture a guess that when he started his fto told him that this job is a lot different than what i started. police were changes. it adapts we have to adapt with it and the way i told police officers this is not a job. this is our calling. it's our colleen
7:38 am
we're going to rise to this moment because our communities are the ones that will suffer if we do not. >>san jose mayor sam liccardo and the san jose police officers association president paul kelly. both released statements thank you chief garcia for his service. the san jose police department faced recent criticism for tactics used by officers to disperse black lives matter demonstrators. but according to reports chief garcia's retirement had been in the works for months and was unrelated. >>well coming up on the kron 4 morning news that big tropical tropical storm is hitting the carolinas and parts of the east coast now other states are bracing for
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good morning welcome back in the south bay, san jose police are searching for a gunman in a triple shooting. it happened just before 1 o'clock yesterday morning on oakland road near highway one o one in san jose. police say they found 2 men had been shot both of the victims were taken to the hospital they are they're being treated and expected to be okay and then a 3rd gunshot victim arrived at the hospital and is also being treated. also in the south bay a fire destroyed a san jose home it happened on south 12th street last night. take a look at the smoky conditions from the from the fire. this is drone video from the from a viewer. firefighters say another home nearby was also partially damaged in 2 cars were badly damaged. fire crews though say
7:42 am
the fire is now under control day. okay morning take a look at forecast highs today 94 antioch or a video should be pretty much contained in the 80's. >>however, a little cool downs coming our way got the extended your 4 zone forecast latest on the tropical storm. >>got to pay some bills we're back
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>>good morning, welcome back trump of tropical storm lee say is causing havoc on the east coast, north carolina got
7:45 am
blasted monday night and now other states in the region are getting ready for rough conditions as well john lawrence has the latest for us. >>he said he says raking the east coast. >>i really too much concern but. yeah a little bit just a tad but i wrote him out before the storm caused multiple fires to break out in ocean isle beach. >>the tempest strengthen to category one status before slamming into north carolina monday night according to the national hurricane center. >>major threats continue to be heavy rainfall flash flooding storm surge strong wind gusts and isolated tornadoes anything is possible. i mean as far as hurricane was coming. yeah. yeah, i want to come out. just a little while parts of the mid-atlantic and the northeast are now preparing for the saudis and we've got the personnel on standby whether be whether the engineers to assist with technical assistance for for flood response.
7:46 am
>>where or if we had to go to another level, whatever we need scale to we have that capability district and will respond accordingly. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>and dave not only are they dealing with that tropical storm but i understand that there's a tornado that touched down as well yeah, the tornadoes are not unusual with land falling hurricanes or tropical systems in fact because when they're over water, the somewhat stable tornadoes or a different type of storm where you get winds coming from kind of a different type of direction so that's very counterintuitive of a tropical system. now you can see the tropical storm warnings are all over the eastern seaboard and the severe locally severe weather will follow with latam at last check, max winds we're at 70's you can see there's still almost a hurricane strength. this is moving really really quickly. still although a tropical storm up to come back. but as it makes its way up across the saint lawrence see way you will see it still maintains some decent strengthen told funny drops
7:47 am
off way up at panels up there to the north all right, here's a live shot coming in from u c berkeley was told the fog it's in place along the east bay shoreline. it's mixing out nicely in the inland areas already tomorrow is going to be more stubborn, it's not going to be quite like 2 days we're talking about a cooldown midweek that's today tomorrow and then thursday friday will be the recovery zone and you'll see how temperatures kind of work with all of this as we warm up for the weekend back to summer for today, so right now 64 for any off 59 livermore 64 conquered lower 60's line up the east bay shoreline with 50's and 60's mixture to the north bay and 64 san jose, future cast winds. yeah, they pick up this afternoon and they stay in place overnight. shown you kind of a force behind all of this in terms of that marine layer that's pretty much in place. this is a cutoff low to say in the trade so what we're telling with the tropical system of the east coast. we have a little low pressure area in our west coast here. it only provides some drizzle going on, but it's really going to give a flavor some like early like fall-like weather maybe spring perhaps just take the bite out of
7:48 am
summer so it's going to mean inland areas are going to be looking at the 80's and even 70's by tomorrow with this in place and a lot of cloud cover on the immediate bay and along the coast with morning fog upper 90's today for the central valley. unaffected by this yet mid 60's along the central coast 79 meanwhile, the san diego let's get to intercept a 4 zone forecast 74 san francisco, a little cooler along the coast today to lower 60's because that fog is going to be stubborn today, 60's for good chunk of the peninsula we get some 70's down south but not 80's palo alto 76. redwood city, 75 santa clara valley is in the upper 70's but some 80's poke out here a bit 83 morgan hill ost got us at about 82. lower 70's along the east bay shoreline with tri valley lower 80's at that rupp to walnut creek 8486 for concord meanwhile looks like 72 for san leandro and jumping up here to the north bay we've got 82 for napa 86 for sonoma and 87 for santa rosa. so our little bit of a ride in our 7
7:49 am
day forecast, here's the drop that happens tomorrow, 72 going on the inland valleys might have a token 80 or here or there. and then we get some 90's back again by this weekend as things warm up. traffic was warming up been a hot spot though. >>so many problems to talk about busy commute into san francisco, thanks to an accident which i believe is still blocking i know it's a little hard to see because there's so much traffic. but if you look over to the left you can see a blue big rig that's still sitting there now the last time we checked we saw a traffic break they were running traffic breaks to clear an accident over to the parking lot. some of those vehicles are still there it's a six-car crash 80 west before the pay gates that's been blocking the 2 right lanes so this is adding to all the heavy traffic squeezing into san francisco this morning if you need to use a t make sure you get out there early because they have not clear this crash, it's adding to your backup which now spills through the bottom of so definitely keep that in mind. let's check in on the richmond
7:50 am
sandra fell bridge west bound 5.80 leading up to that holds no problems no crashes but lots of heavy traffic the commute here already stocked up to on richmond parkway and one more thing room we're following breaking news now from the peninsula. i'm just getting word that we have some caltrain delays looks like. train number 2.15 struck a person on the tracks near whipple avenue. so this is developing details still coming in northbound to 15 just struck a person on the tracks. so all service stop there we'll stay on top of that have more details coming up a little bit later no problems here across the golden gate marty. >>all right rob, thank you. well. the military has identified all 9 service members who were killed when a landing craft sank in hundreds of feet of water off the san diego coast, 16 crew members were on board at the time when they reported taking on water. it happened during training operations off san clemente island just last thursday and intense days long search
7:51 am
turned up only the remains of one of the 9 victims. officials confirm one marine was killed 7 others and one sailor are presumed dead. you see their names on the screen. 5 crew members were rescued the incident does remain under investigation this morning. >>well the u.s. postal service says it will be able to handle the extra mail from november's general election. the statement comes after president trump suggested that us ps may not be able to deal with an expected increase in mellon ballots. >>the post office for many many years has been. you know run in a fashion that hasn't been great great workers and everything but they have old equipment very old equipment. >>and i don't think the post office is prepared for anything like this. >>well mail deliveries have recently slowed down by at least 2 days in some places but workers are blaming new procedures installed by postmaster general and trump appointee luis enjoy of those
7:52 am
delays are raising fears that some ballots may not reach election offices in time if problems are not fix us psa said it will run out of money by september if it does not get emergency funding, but the white house later block money approved by congress instead the white house demanded reforms at usps in exchange for loans. >>a little girls on a mission to make sure that no one goes hungry during the coronavirus pandemic the 8 year-old started her own outdoor food pantry gavin morris is her name and she was an expired after her mom responded to a facebook post of someone giving away free produce. her mom says gabby then went home clean out her closet gave away some of her clothes, toys shoes and books and since then she's been stocking your pantry with food and other necessities to help everyone during the pandemic you can find more details on how you can help and the location of the food pantries at kron 4 dot com great job gains. >>absolutely definitely an inspiration to us all a look
7:53 am
outside at a very cloudy has saffo clouds along the coast, some parts of san francisco. but then if you're in the south bay, you're getting lots of sunshine. so and all depends on where you are we'll have your full forecast and specifics for
7:54 am
7:55 am
>>welcome back to kron 4 morning news, good morning, everybody and battling some fog and around the immediate bay inland we're already seeing some clearing which is going to build different tomorrow, but here's a live shot from u c berkeley get an
7:56 am
idea in the foreground we still make it out nicely but the east bay shoreline with all the sun here still waiting for to do it's mixing action. temperatures haven't moved too much yet even inland give it some time but the next hours report we'll see some movement here but 64 up there to antioch 60's and 50's upper the north bay east bay shoreline lower 60's and 62 for san jose fair enough to call a pretty much mostly sunny, at least for the inland valleys by 11 we're talking 71, 80 by 2 substantially colder is expected for tomorrow as we get a little break from summer just in time it will come in for your weekend though back to you. >>all right dave thanks a lot more coming up next hour of the kron 00:04am morning news, the state has issued new guidelines for elementary schools and youth sports and there's a way that elementary schools can reopen for in person classes will have it all for you coming up in a live report. plus a big win for renters in san francisco as a superior court judge is upholding the city's ban on evictions during the pandemic. and despite orders from the
7:57 am
governor and local health officials to remain close. there are several bay area salon saying we're re
7:58 am
7:59 am
>>you're watching kron 00:04am morning >>good morning and thanks so much for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news, it is tuesday august 4th i'm marty gonzales so happy tuesday, i'm robin winston a
8:00 am
little bit of sun may be some clouds outside your door, let's get an update on that tuesday forecast with dave spahr day robin marty good morning. good morning everybody and fog this morning with even some drizzle that was were on we'll have a little bit more of that going on tomorrow but in the foreground we can make out from the shot from u c berkeley, the shrubbery there but behind it still haven't cleared out that fog even at this hour, current winds not doing much little bit of an on shore drift that will be a breeze this afternoon. tonight tomorrow morning even in fact as the marine layer comes back and big time for 67 for any aac lower 60's line up most of the east bay up to the north a mixture of 50's and 60's 50's for much of the peninsula and 62 for san jose will do about 75 by high noon at 3 o'clock we're talking about 80 again getting a little cooler tomorrow to take a little break from summer but it comes back in time for this weekend back to you. >>all right dave, thanks a lot of good news this hour. the state has released the safety requirements that elementary schools must follow if they apply for a waiver to reopen.


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