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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  August 12, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>>but the virtual learning is not like being in a classroom as president trump continues to push for students to return to school in person, education secretary betsy devos says doing so will give me the flexibility to american families empowering families and parents with options. >>and choices the boss didn't specify what safety measures should be implemented the
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>>and where. you can do it with out someone dying the trump administration says teachers should also have flexibility but it's unclear how schools with staff classes if many teachers choose not to return in person. >>in washington. alexandra le mount. >>many college students will also be returning to school this fall and with the coronavirus still spreading across the country. safety on campuses now includes a delaying or completely halt in college sports. the big 12 is the only power 5 conference to definitively say it will play its regular fall season. and the big 10 and pac, 12 conferences have postponed football and all other sports. this fall the acc and sec have yet to officially say what they'll do. but many players
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and coaches want to play. despite the virus. >>wage based upon the medical information that we have and we believe that we have some of the best that are advising us and taking an enhanced medical procedures as long as we have a committed group and our student athletes have been committed since day one we determined that there was just too much uncertainty. >>and too much risk a moment to be able to go forward with the season. >>now the u.s. is recording of fewer than 50,000 new daily covid-19 cases for 3 days in a row, but experts caution those numbers are not something to celebrate. in the meantime the white house is taking a one and a half billion dollar gamble on a covid-19 vaccine that's how much the department of health and human services is paying moderna to produce and deliver a 100 million doses of its potential vaccine. the vaccine is still in clinical trials and has not been approved by the fda
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moderna is already manufacturing the vaccine so if it is approved it could be rolled out quickly the investment assures the vaccine would be made available at no cost to americans. they'll health care providers could charge fees for administering it. the trump administration's goal is to have a vaccine ready by the end of the year. and now on to a developing story that we're following ucsf campus. police say they've arrested a suspect in the murder of a man inside one of their medical facilities kron four's maureen kelly has the latest on the case. >>ucsf campus police say the fatal encounter started inside the lobby of the medical centers ambulatory care center on irving street at 6.15 tuesday morning. here's an image captured by a surveillance camera showing the man identified as the suspect who police say could be seen fighting with the victim that victim identified as 66 year-old aunt on the jolly a was able to exit the building but collapsed on the sidewalk a nurse on their way to work trying to revive the
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victim but he was later pronounced dead. >>at the parnassus campus e r a man walking out of the building where the attack occurred about news of the victim's death unsettling teams like an unlikely place for a tragedy like that to take place and then there's plenty of other tragedies that happened here, i'm sure people. >>and everyone who comes here gets to walk away. >>under normal circumstances such as they are. an act of violence like that is. >>the suspect was seen walking out of the building on to irving street. an arrest was made early wednesday and that suspect was booked into san francisco county jail on charges of first-degree murder and robbery the suspect's identity has not yet been released neither is the cause of death police say at this time it does not appear that the victim knew his alleged attacker. >>maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>taking a live look outside now our sutro camera looking at the golden gate bridge. it's somewhere amidst all that fog we're going to check in with meteorologist mabrisa
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rodriguez. members what's going on up there. yeah that fog begins definitely sticking tight right along the immediate coastline of the bay area but this is our north bay temper on camera as you can see. >>plenty of sunshine there as that fog bank starts to make its way inland and we will become more widespread at that low and high cloud cover during the overnight hours and temperatures out there right now widespread 70's along the bay area's shoreline with 80's as you make your way inland. but toasty out there right now, especially in the tribe alleys widespread mid 90's there so tracking a 35 degree difference between the tribe valleys in half moon bay in the upper 50's thanks to that thick fog bank out there right now overnight lows for the most part mid 50's along the coast and upper 50's to low 60's as we make our way inland so even tracking some mild temperatures during the overnight hours in tomorrow's daytime highs going to begin a gradual warming trend we're going to be a few degrees above average downtown san francisco warming up into the low 70's with low 80's for
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those of you in oakland and hayward throughout the east bay shoreline and widespread upper 80's and low to mid-nineties as you make your way inland with the exception of those of you in the tri dolly's going to track near or triple digit heat with the hottest temperatures for those of you in antioch 101 degrees and even in the south bay already feeling that summer sizzle 91 degrees for your thursday afternoon. that's why we're going to have an excessive heat watch going into effect friday at noon and it is going to impact mainly the east bay valleys including conquered an antioch walnut creek you're also included in that as well says if you watch also impacting the valleys of santa clara with the san jose and campbell included in that as his sunnyvale and solano county for those of you as you make your way into the north bay could see daytime highs anywhere from 95 to a 108 degrees with overnight lows. in the low 60's. so we are going to be very warm in the days ahead, especially this weekend and even for the next
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7 days we are going to remain above average with widespread 90's instead of triple digit heat by next wednesday back to use the knots recent think not. >>and coming up. >>3 years after the deadly unite. the right rally change the city of charlottesville forever of those who lost their lives are being remembered plus with school districts still grappling with how to handle covid-19 in the classroom. we'll show you how one school is skipping the classroom entirely this fall and your next trip to the grocery store could be the
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>>for your money tonight, some good news for shoppers grocery store prices are finally going down the prices in particular are falling after soaring in may and in june for example, the price of uncooked beef roasts and steaks dropped 8.7% from june to july and beef and veal prices went down 8.2%. many major meat processors were forced to close their plants last spring due to the coronavirus which led to slower production and a rise in prices. the fall in the prices comes as producers start to return to normal operations. and the bay area grocery delivery service instacart is teaming up with wal-mart to compete with amazon and whole foods. the company is offering a same day delivery option at walmart locations in 4 markets, including san francisco. the coronavirus pandemic has sent instacart's business through the roof and since march, the
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company has added hundreds of thousands of new contract workers and raised 325 million dollars in new financing. stein mart has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy after taking a big hit in the wake of the pandemic like many other businesses, the company's operations were severely hit after the coronavirus forced a temporary store closures across the country. the discount retailer plans to close most of its nearly 300 stores which may include us locations in walnut creek and over in cupertino. still ahead outrage in florida after an 8 year-old boy was
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>>it's impossible to watch that's how mom is reacting to her 8 year-old put in handcuffs. >>at his school in florida. a police officer arrested the boy after teacher claimed he punched her in the chest. the incident happened in 2018. the family says this never should have happened because the child has a disability that the school knew about. and now they plan to sue the school the police officers and the city of key west. alex browning reports. >>seeing a stand up and fight back. >>i can tell and i can feel how scared. my son a city of just a second. >>i you know with a mug shot civil rights attorney benjamin crump representing a key west family. we want to know who.
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this was approaching. >>now filing shoot for this december 20 18 arrest at a key west elementary school involving their young son. they say has special needs is a thc he has a defiant disorder. >>key west cops say it started when the boy punched his teacher in the chest after refusing to sit properly in the school's cafeteria. the boy wound up at a juvenile detention center charged with felony battery. those charges though later dismissed he separately. >>with every meal to you know this prices because of his disabilities that have been well backed most it's about
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>>police officers in the school officials and the district attorney's office. you all thought that this is the way you handle disabled persons that this is the way you handle young children, the thing about it is you made a mistake health counselor from and grow from it right. >>repeat the same mistake again it's impossible to watch and i i i would never want any other parent has to watch a video like he that was alex browning reporting for us tonight now the police report states that the teacher who claims the student punched her in the chest didn't sustain any obvious injuries. the body camera footage begins after officers arrived at the school. >>and the key west police chief says based on the reports standard operating procedures were followed. americans confidence in police has dropped to its lowest level in almost 30 years that's according to a new poll released by gallup today, roughly 40% of americans pulled say they have high
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confidence in police which is down 5% from last year. that's the lowest number since gallup's first policing poll in 1994. the latest poll was conducted after the police killing of george floyd which sparked a massive wave of protests against police brutality and racism. and today marks 3 years since the deadly unite. the right rally in charlottesville, virginia neo-nazis and white supremacists stormed the university of virginia campus with tiki twitter kids torches. the next day protesters clashed with counter-protesters and 3 people lost their lives among them a 32 year-old heather higher who was killed when james fields junior a self-proclaimed white supremacist rammed his car through a crowd of protesters. today hires mom says she's keeping her daughter's spirit alive by fighting for equality just like heather did. >>anytime that you lose a loved one the day they die is hard birthdays are are other stay out of the day they're
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all in all at least 5 we get through the week. >>today signs and fresh flowers mark, the honorary heather higher way where she and dozens more fun for equality. the rally garnered national attention 3 years ago and in many ways opening the country's eyes to a division that still exists today. taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero the skies are blue and speaking of the skies, let's check in with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez for a look at our weather isn't also very unique microclimate forecast as it is blue along the embarcadero but socked in with august out there in full force throughout golden gate bridge reducing her visibility for those of you hitting the roads for your wednesday night so keep that in mind but we're going to notice less and less of that marine layer in the coming days, thanks to our gradual warm up. >>downtown san francisco warming up to 70 degrees tomorrow for your thursday micro climate outlook, 68 degrees for those of you it happened they with above average temperatures brisbane
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to san bruno in the mid 70 there but no brand burlingame warming up into the low to mid 80's with mid 80's for those of you in san mateo foster city 81 degrees in mount view flirting with 90 but 89 degrees for your thursday afternoon tracking widespread low to mid-nineties for those of you in the south bay, san jose, 91 degrees. cupertino though. >>few degrees warmer at 93 degrees with livermore flirting with that century mark warming up to 97 degrees widespread low to mid 80's throughout the east bay shoreline with open in hayward in the low 80's richmond, those 77 degrees but still mild temperatures there even by mid august standards napa 88 degree sonoma in the low 90's and santa rosa and abbado warming up into the mid 90 so we are tracking some changes could actually see a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms starting tomorrow but mainly likely by friday but even that chance in the bay area slim to none we could get remnants of
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what was once hurricane the lead a making its way into the bay area but we are noticing right now this storm weakening as i speak just off the coast of the gulf of mexico out there right now but we are going to notice possible moisture so tropical muggy feel in the coming days, but overall warm temperatures by this weekend 5 to 15 degrees above average all weekend long starting friday afternoon through sunday and then even staying hot and warm throughout most of the bay area for the next 7 days back to use enough. thank you for that resounds. >>one of the largest shopping centers on the west coast is shifting its operations to its parking deck. the southwest plaza mall in costa mesa had to shut down twice because of the coronavirus pandemic so now shoppers don't go directly to the anymore instead they sit in private open air sweets while sales associates and bring them the items they want to buy. officials say the concept is likely to be on permanent and customer say it
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works. kinds they add a lot to coming in on and on and see that the lounge and everybody comfortable. >>because there's 6 security guards and i think this is great and my clients, they love it. shoppers have to make appointments in advance to prevent overcrowding and the new pavilion has 14 private suite so can serve only up to 126 shoppers. >>per day. next at 5 as she went viral for impersonating the president now want to ta
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>>like you'll go person. >>woman man. >>so they say could you repeat that. >>pretty soon you won't have to follow sarah cooper on a social media to catch her funny videos the commuting gained fame for her funny lip-sync impressions of president trump and has just inked a deal with netflix for a show called sarah cooper, everything's fine. the streaming giant says it will premiere this fall and will discuss issues of politics and race amongst other topics. and another new schools have been reopening across the country but covid-19 is ongoing spread has frustrated plans to safely welcome students think back on campus one private school in michigan is taking an entirely different approach to in person classes reporter jen shawn's shows us how needs. >>it's not your traditional
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classroom, but it is where around 90 kids will be learning come fall, including alicia stewart's 2 sons i did venture out to target just recently and i saw the back to school >>and i don't really have to get any of what i'm doing now is i'm searching ari i searching patagonia i'm going to my local camping stores, oakland hills an independent private school and oxford has always taken a non-traditional approach to learning for students as young as 4 through high school age. tuition runs around $11,000 a year have a long history of being a nature based school and we're in this beautiful setting 30 acres in the woods here. >>so it to be outside for 2, 3 hours a day is really typical for students because of covid outdoor learning will be central this fall, this is going to be my new classroom for the coming if social distancing should be easy outdoors and class sizes are always pretty small. >>teacher robert crow says
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lessons will somehow be tied to nature to be able to focus outdoors is not easy. >>so the solution i had on was for every child to have their own individual 10 federal to magically distanced 60's of off students may also learn in these large for season, 10 switch can even be heated in the winter of flint hills does have indoor class-based to in the event students or teachers would need to go inside. >>but crowley is preparing to use nature's classroom for the foreseeable future and so first and foremost i have a list way. >>clothing that they going to need think is you know we're going to be outside. >>that was gen sean's reporting for us tonight now as far as reopening schools in the state of michigan governor whitmer says leaving that decision is up to the individual districts. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5, here's what we're tracking tonight at 6 nearly 9,000 cases and more than 50 deaths while behind bars as covid-19 cases surge in california prisons, the call to protect
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inmates is growing louder and any statistics on coronavirus in the u.s. in the last week more than 1000 people have died each day. the california seeing some hope in declining stay here
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>>news at 6. >>nearly 9,000 covid-19 cases in 53 deaths behind prison
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walls and now inmate advocates are asking for california. officials to take action to protect prisoners, thank you for joining us at 6. i'm sanaz tahernia covid-19 is spreading at a faster rate through the state prison system san quentin is one of the hardest hit accounting for nearly half of all state inmate deaths and while it looks as if new cases are starting to slow there advocates say more needs to be done kron four's dan kerman joins us live with the very latest and. >>well the capacity at san quentin is already over 100% capacity by a little bit. they say that really doesn't allow for social distancing keeping people apart. they are afraid a second surge is going to come and they're going to be right back where they were a month ago. since the pandemic broke out san quentin has seen more than 2200 cases of covid-19 and at least 25 deaths now it appears the spread of the virus is slowing there with only 32 new cases in the last 14 days


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