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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  August 25, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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the republican national convention that's in the books a drawing strong reaction from both sides of the political aisle. and as we continue to monitor the wildfires in the north bay, how firefighters were able to save
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>>you're dealing with something that you're trained for and that you do on a day-to-day basis but to do it here in your own backyard was very surreal we've been all over the state and i think
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having that event happened here in our own backyard was a just surreal is the only word i can think of. >>for the months to come the charred hills along i 80 and solano county they'll serve as a reminder to everybody just how fast how dangerous the lnu lightning complex fires moved into the bay area kron four's phillipe djegal talk to the people at the fairfield fire department about how the city avoided a lot of destruction and death. >>late tuesday night the fairfield fire department learned flames from the lnu lightning complex fires it changed direction and dropped over the hill from lake berryessa and headed their way. >>was later the green belt along interstate 80 from fairfield tobaccoville was on fire. deputy chief matt luke inbox crew filmed this video is surrounded by flames that night to challenge for us is we're step so thin. >>and we had such a large geographical area to cover him to protect that we really had
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to be diligent. an official with our resources. we had to really coordinate our communication. because we were on our own we did not have a lot >>the state resources that have since arrived were elsewhere at the time cal fire is responding to fires all over the state air support was prioritize for other incidents and 13 members of the fairfield fire department we so deployed to fire fights out of town. >>you can box as it was up to his team and crews with neighboring vacaville fire department. >>to coordinate a quick response. he says they lit several back burns toward the fire off that strategy worked even though the fire reached and eventually jumped interstate 80. the fact that we were able to strategically. >>predict where the fire was going to go and quite honestly. change midcourse because the fire did change on this little bit with the winds. still have a successful outcome for the city. really speaks well of the men and women of the fire department luckenbach says he's proud not only that his crews were able to save homes, none destroyed.
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>>a little so kept everyone alive. no one died. a deputy. i oversee the folks that went out there and they were the ones boots on the ground. >>doing the work and i'm immensely proud of the men and women of this department they they stepped up they stayed calm. they did everything that they could there was there was no hesitation that mean i just can't say the word proud enough try and prepare for whatever comes next. >>we did all sean >>in the north bay, the woodward fire in a marin county did grow a little bit overnight. it's now burned more than 2750 point reyes national seashore. >>only 5% contained we're still firefighters say they're frustrated with the slow progress and blaming the weather the dense dry timber. fueling the flames there the fire threatening more than 1600 structures, evacuation orders have been issued for about 90 homes, i'm silver
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hills road, fox drive and northern way. >>and you can see where the fire is burning on this interactive map you can find us said kron 4 dot com. it shows all of the fires which are active and the location of the evacuation centers will keep this on our website, a running list of up to date evacuation orders and warnings included time for another check on the forecast let's go back to meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez son debris saw again somewhat encouraging news today. yeah and we are going to have a repeat pattern of that for tomorrow was well tracking a degree or 2 of cooling with near average highs in the bay area not just along the coast, but most of our inland valleys as well downtown san francisco. >>cooling down to 67 degrees tomorrow, mid 60's for those of you at half moon bay wind speeds and direction very similar today out of the west southwest at 20 miles per hour or less mid 60's from millbrae all the way into brisbane but burlingame in the upper 60's
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for you 40 the 70's for those of you in san mateo at 68 degrees in mountain view in the low 80's, let's take a look at the south bay tracking widespread 70's and 80's there low 80's for campbell in san jose 84 degrees for your midweek forecast and livermore out of the 90's i haven't said that in more than a week 89 degrees so near average highs for you with widespread 60's and 70's along the east bay shoreline oakland, a few degrees above average but in the mid 70's as is richmond conquered in walnut creek upper 80's for your wednesday afternoon highs low 80's for those of you a nap and santa rosa 86 degrees catherine back to you thank you so. >>well, this day 2 of the republican national convention, it is happening in charlotte north carolina. we wanted to see what our 2 political analysts though had to say about day one monday. we talked or car and rank and she is with black voices for trump of the coalition and to
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michael yaki of the crime podcast the politically smart ask. let's just say they had very different reactions. >>when you look at the difference between the roll call votes between what you saw yesterday with republicans and what the democrats did where you had people who are optimistic or smiling, we're proud of america who are divers versus what you saw the roll call the other than yesterday. i mean that's the tale of the 2 americas that one is the donald trump future and what is the future of all of america, so you know they can say all they want but the fact is that we're living in a world of crisis created more dangerous made more dangerous for abroad and at home because of donald trump i was i thought it was fantastic, i mean it was a. >>a stark contrast from the dnc's dooming ground america. the dnc convention was just a horrible take on america that would just filled with doom and gloom it was dismal a dismal outlook on america. you
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know basically you would think why would anyone want to live here that's all you ever saw about america. now in contrast the republican national convention was all about like tonight it's going to be all about opportunity last night it's going to be about land of promise last night was about promises made promises kept and we even have a special clips from our very own governor gavin newsome. >>who was praising donald trump and his handling of the >>this convention on day one was just be a day of optimism. it was not it was it painted a dystopian future. that made no connection with reality other than the fact that it's one that's been generated by president trump and it's funny when republican platform is essentially we're going to the same thing that we did in 2016. you have to ask the american people do they really want the same thing done over the next 4 years that they've seen done right now he said that if he's elected president that he's going to shut down the economy. he said that if
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he is elected president that he's going to raise our taxes he's not taking a hard stance against these rioters that are rioting in the streets of portland. >>i mean joe biden's been in government for 47 years. and if he hasn't accomplished anything in 47 years i don't know what makes people think he's going to start now. >>and we're going to hear more from karen and from michael and 6 o'clock including their thoughts and whether donald trump can take black votes away from joe biden. first coming up at 5.45 hurricane laura, it's taking direct aim at the states of texas and louisiana people living on the coast are now preparing for the worst. >>and protests ignite again after an unarmed black man was shot 7 times in the back in
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>>and there was another night of last night across the country people calling for justice for jacob blake. the 29 year-old black man was shot in the back 7 times by police as he was getting into his suv this was in kenosha wisconsin, his children we're sitting in the back seat watching this video of the shooting has gone viral, leading to demonstrations in several cities including shows well as portland a new york. we still don't know exactly what led to the shooting at a news conference today, the family's attorney said blake is
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paralyzed from the waist down. >>it is going to take a miracle. it is going to take a miracle. jacob blake joe year to ever walk again. he is currently in surgery as we speak. still struggling. to sustain his life. hopefully become. some resemblance of the man he once worked. >>blake's family are saying they support protests but not the destruction they've seen the investigation into the shooting is continuing. still ahead people living in the north bay getting a chance to return home often to
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>>the lnu lightning complex a wildfire consist of a lot of fires burning on the north bay across several counties, including the hennessy fire which destroyed. dozens of homes in napa county people living there who were forced to flee the flames, some of them are now coming back to see what's left of their homes kron four's charles clifford has the story. >>well here in various a highlands on the shores of lake berryessa this community has been hit hard by the hennessy fire. there are many houses like the ones behind me here that have burned down many homes are still standing but folks that are being allowed to return here are finding that they have lost
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everything now i caught up with the witcher family who came back to find that their dream home a log cabin home on a hillside has burned to the ground now they also shared with me some video of the day they had to leave they initially had that their home would be spared from the flames but when it became apparent that that wasn't going to happen. they loaded into their car. they grabbed as many our pets as they could find and we're driving out you can see the homes in their neighborhood at that point we're already on fire and most of the houses in this video did in fact burned down the family came back to look for one of their cats and also to assess the damage and they say it is a crushing experience, it's like being eviscerated. >>it's a guiding emotionally your heart is broken because literally you know, i mean i have when i left here i have one birkenstock. and 4 pairs of underwear, my name. and getting because i'm wearing
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the building and you know, i mean it's your life changes that all know this area, various a highlands like various as technically still closed to the public and i can tell you. >>there's a lot of work happening on a steel canyon road also highway one 21 1.28. >>crews are working to clear trees and debris off the roadway to hopefully i'll be able to reopen this area soon at this point we don't know exactly when that might happen. but for now in napa county charles clifford kron 4 news. >>in national news hurricane lore, it is taking direct aim at the texas and louisiana coastline is the storm expected to make landfall as early as tomorrow could be a category 3 hurricane and people are just being given hours to get ready whitney wild has the latest. >>hurricane mora is gaining strength as it barrels through the gulf coast. officials expect laura to swell to a category 3 storm by the time it makes landfall either wednesday night or thursday morning but the storm surge could be worse than read.
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>>that is a sobering thought we're now recommending a mandatory evacuation for all of capture parish. >>portions of the texas and louisiana coastline now fall under a hurricane warning. >>and officials have issued mandatory evacuations for areas, including galveston texas in houston evacuation boats and high water resources inches of water. the national hurricane center expects laura to drop between 4.12 inches of rain beginning wednesday night and extending through saturday. >>widespread flash and urban flooding remain a major concern be very aware that you need to make sure that you are not near that. >>because it can easily sweep you away causing you to lose your life officials are warning laura's power could prove deadly as a tropical storm laura killed at least 9 people in the caribbean and
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neighboring storm surges of 7 to 11 feet along the coast. whitney wild kron 4 news. >>all right, i'm meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez also watching these storms and the british year agreeing lore could be huge yeah and it could make landfall near lake charles just east of houston by wednesday night as a category 3 hurricane catherine with sustained winds of more than 100 miles per hour already it's a category one hurricane as it intensifies and actually strengthens thanks to the warm gulf of mexico waters right now it has sustained winds of 85 miles per hour. so this is a storm of epic proportions, especially along the gulf state coastline for new orleans and also for around the state of texas there is currently a hurricane warning in addition to that a storm surge warning in effect could see at least a foot of rain throughout most of the coastal areas in texas and new orleans in addition to that storm
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surge of at least 9 feet is expected and here is a look right now with our satellite and radar of this storm as it inches closer to the united states mainland so going to certainly keep an eye on this from the plot for weather center in the coming days, let's take a look though at our bay area forecast closer to home tracking the return of that fog being bringing some much needed relief for firefighters, battling all of the major wildfires in and around the bay area during the overnight hours. that's when we're going to notice the best firefighting conditions relative humidity anywhere from 80 to about a 100% so a lot of moisture calm wind speeds as well a little bit drier though by wednesday afternoon as that marine layer clears out a little bit quicker for most of our inland areas tomorrow compared to today, but let's take a look at temperatures out there right now in the low to mid 60's along the san francisco peninsula coastline, widespread low to mid 70's throughout the east bay shoreline with mid to upper 80's as you make your way inland and overnight lows tonight we are going to be in
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the 50's around the bay area's shoreline and low 60's for most of our inland valleys and tomorrow's daytime highs near average, so we are on the right track until we warm up
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>>the lnu complex now the 3rd biggest wildfire in state history. it's destroyed nearly a 1000 structures. but one home in hard-hit solano county was spared. this after the
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owner took a number of precautions laura hey, philly has that story. >>and over the ridge last week's fire barreled towards homes in solano county. in some homes were saved there's that thing called survivor's guilt right and i had always heard about it now my wife and i are living it, but others devastated by the fast-moving flames. he had several neighbors that have lost everything we feel horrible for properties in great shape. >>it's an burned but everything around it is destroyed mark van pelt has spent the last year preparing for what he hoped would never happen we spent a lot of time and effort and fire prevention and work and save our properties. including his hands and they're cooper, so my chickens and i really started crying because we thought for sure they were gone his home surveillance camera catching flames burning a right up to his fire break which includes an irrigation system design to soak an area and that turn that area might trim to trees that gets the trees away from the fuel
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underneath and then we have a green line around the entire house well definitely working his case for sure italian chief mike duggan says you can't ever be too prepared. it's really i think the biggest thing is defensible space but even still in seconds you could lose it all chief dugan says it's not easy seeing his district so is it's very hard. >>and that was laura hopefully reporting and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 o'clock tonight at 6 a turn in the weather reinforcements they really are helping firefighters gain ground on a string of wildfires and as evacuees for them to go home some of them are turning to you as we get closer look at the dams and we're waiting for a live update from cal fire on the fires in san detail and
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>>frias local news stations. >>a lot of good work has happened the last 24 hours. firefighters gaining ground on a series of historic wildfires and as evacuations are slowly lifted. the toll of devastation sets in this is a time when some people realizing no longer have homes neighbors return to what remains of their homes, it's a guiding experience a motion to


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