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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  September 2, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 6. >>morning and thanks for tuning in on a wednesday. we're all here to guide you through hump day i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher and joining us as always we have robin winston john trouble with weather and traffic. >>robin still following that hot spot. yeah folks are struggling to get over the hump in san jose we have an overturned crash that's causing some slow traffic saw talk about that all right and in the weather anything in our way i'm expecting clouds fog now you know the fog only for a couple spots actually so we have seen some better conditions i mean look at your berkeley view we haven't been able to see this view the past few days. >>cloud cover is sitting above us rather than driving through it so most of us are actually pretty good in that regard couple of problem spots as far as hayes goes or worse smoke. this morning. >>in mountain view on up through san mateo over to fremont hayward big improvements in nevado in some pretty big improvements for
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the rest of the bay. this is no guarantee it's going to last though the smart smoke forecast change pretty often so keep an eye on those as you venture outside for the rest of the week, 50's and 60's for your current temperatures, a cool start to the day and we'll actually remain pretty cool into the afternoon to no 90's today at our warmest only upper 80's. robin. >>all right, thank you john heading back to our problem that's been working for a while now in san jose we have crews dealing with an overturned that's blocking it southbound one on one to the south 8.80 connector, that ramp is still blocked a call for a tow truck. we don't know how long it's going to take the do expect to see some slow traffic going south as you approach that ramp. but it's already stocking up northbound it's not a terrible commute, but it's a little sluggish northbound one on one between 6 8880 so still under 30 minutes to make it to the peninsula. we have a much longer line at the bay bridge toll plaza look at that your backup spilling beyond the ad overcrossing all the way out
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to west grand so get out there early 11 growing into san francisco darya james thanks a lot rob, and it's 6 oh one and a big story is the big controversy about house speaker nancy pelosi's hair she got it done indoors at a salon in san francisco, when they're not supposed to be offering services indoors yet. yeah my the pandemic made that a reality for quite a little while and crop for sarah stinson is live with the latest with a lot of people asking. >>why she allowed to go indoors and get her hair done sarah. >>yeah that is the questions is a covid controversy after house speaker nancy pelosi got her hair done here at this salon isa lawn on union street people are wondering why she was able to do that why she thought it was ok and it definitely has stirred up some controversy after surveillance video was released of her inside the salon and the owner of the san francisco hair salon says the longtime california congresswoman visited her salon for an
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appointment on monday the public found out about that video it showed pelosi in the salon it's circulated online in as i said it's a covid controversy we're still working on getting access to that video but we know the video shows pelosi with wet hair inside the salon not wearing a mask and we do know though it did appear that she was wearing mask wrapped around her neck you know years not wearing at the time and it just hangs there because the was the first day salons and barbershops were even allowed to reopen outdoors that's why people are mad because still indoors is not allowed until the end of september if all goes well then we talk to us another hairstylist in san francisco, not one that works at this specific salon but she explained to us how frustrating this is i mean heres have had to be extremely patient during this time not being able to open not being able to make money and then people who have been waiting to get their hair done or frustrated because they've had to be patient as well.
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>>i think unfair and said the u.s. a good example and i do i do really really love her in a speaker, but and he just needs to follow the rules like all of us as you get some good examples so this is very tough a fair and has actually begun hurtful and yes. >>those speakers the office of hers issued this statement today look at your screen. it says quote the speaker always wears masking hope lies with local covid requirements, this business off for the speaker to come in on monday and told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business. the speaker comply with the rules as presented to her by the establishment, but if you're following your keeping up with the local rules here is clearly you're no one is allowed inside the salon until later this month and again ice as i said earlier if all goes well depends on the numbers so people are pretty angry pelosi
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went from the stylus chair to the hot seat real quick and so we're live outside the song this morning hopefully we can catch up with the owner because there are a few people online who live in the area who have said they saw people walking in and going in and getting their hair done before maybe nancy pelosi isn't the first one we just don't know we'll have to ask those questions this morning for now i'm live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news wouldn't be surprising sarah. she wasn't the only one because as you said. >>they told her oh it's ok for us to do one client at a time so apparently that's what they have been doing. you think she would know the guidelines were not that. >>as we said you've been at a neighbor's i've been out and some of these backyard we've all had to work around the covid roles. thank you sarah. >>well, yeah, and well, those new guidelines in san francisco again only allow barbers and hair styles to do business outside and here's an example of exactly that this is video one barber helping clients outside a shop it a lot of owners of salons and
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barbershops say that cutting hair outside it just really is not an option for them. >>the city and we all know and order to work outside there has to be lawn. and that's at the rest of it is exposed. that's not going to fly in san francisco as we all know. as you can see my hair is blowing. >>yeah and so you have a lot of cut hair blowing in the wind if they continue with this policy. but here's san francisco's reopening goals any way for the rest of the month by mid september they're hoping to have city hotels reopen for visitors along with outdoor movie theaters and outdoor family entertainment venues like golf courses in zoos, places of worship can also open for individual prayer and for outdoor worship services for up to 50 people and then by the end of the month the city's hoping at that point to allow indoor services like hair and nail salons and barbershops and massage parlors even gyms and fitness center so we'll see if the numbers allow that to happen at the end of the
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month, yes, speaking of jim, some owners of studios in san francisco have a lot of questions still because there been so many. >>false starts throughout the pandemic they thought they were open they were close member they could move outdoors and that's been difficult especially with the smoke lately and now with the cooler temperatures coming as we head into fall a lot of them would like to move things in doors sooner rather than later mayor london breed announced a goal to allow one on one personal training and solo use of fitness centers indoors with limited capacity by the end of this month and gym owners can't wait for that. >>we shot and pretty loudly that fitness needs to be a priority for the city. the fitness industry is dying and fitness actually helps with covid healthier people are better equipped to fight covid and how the city doesn't recognize that is beyond us it's just like the city's picking and choosing which is this is just to survive when you when you look outside you see bars, you know, especially
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open even the other just you know serving crews on set food as long as you order a drink that we were not a lot of personal training. it really hurts us i did it just feels like they're not taking care of us. >>so you know they've been talking about how different businesses figured out how to skirt the rules wears for them it's a little more difficult and i've seen lot of this james people working outdoors i was at a mall are in over the weekend and there's a whole class going on all of them like in the mall, i was an outdoor mall but yeah, it's tough though you see pictures like that you're breathing in car exhaust is you're trying to write. yes, yeah and then there's the issue of going to the beach or not and the rules kind of changing their on the peninsula pacific is going to close all of the beaches. >>and parking lots which had been open because this is a holiday weekend and they don't want to encourage crowd and that's the goal of all of this we've got kron four's will tran he's standing by in pacifica. >>with more on the story will.
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>>they are taking away the parking lots because they figured parking lots are still available on the beaches are closed people just come down here park and then head to the beaches so now it's a 2 pronged approach no beach, no parking lot. that means that hopefully the neighborhoods won't be flooded with cars what they saw on memorial day weekend. i can't believe how fast time has gone by i was here for a memorial day weekend. and here's video of how crowded this speech was the beaches in pacifica in general. they did shut down the parking lots at that time. but so many people just parked at the supermarkets nearby the neighborhoods and just ignored covid-19 this time they realize wait a minute we did this on july 4th when they shut down the beaches in the parking lot and that dramatically cut down the number of people who showed up to pacifica beaches. they are once again doing that and that's in conjunction with a lot of other counties in the bay area santa cruz. they open
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their beaches a few months ago and then the spike in coronavirus again so just like pacifica. santa cruz county beaches will also be shut down and their parking lots there is a little bit of good news, it's going to be a hot weekend and a lot of people rush. so the bodies of water because let's face it it's a lot cooler than say the inland areas. you can still come down here and go hiking so long as you practice, social distance, and you wear a mask, but as far as the beaches are concerned. they will shut it down starting on saturday sunrise all the way into tuesday morning. sunrise and that covers labor day weekend. hopefully people will pay attention to that covid-19 is serious business they did not go into details whether or not if they see a lot of people on the beaches if they will forcibly remove you or even give you a ticket, the bottom line is they're taking 2 things the way we've done this story a lot right duryea even marine county they take away the parking lots thinking if
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the parking lots night available hopefully the car full of people. it won't be showing up. >>back to you yeah because people are lazy i'm you know i don't want to walk or ride my bike that far so yeah, there's no parking it's hard to go on. >>and james is talking about working out stop and james yeah, i know i pretend to play a good game time now 6.11 california state officers are actually introducing a new way to track. >>the state's covid-19 de defective announced a contract with a private company to develop a brand new electronic reporting system in this comes weeks after a major technical issue with the state's infectious disease reporting system was discovered in a backlog, hundreds of thousands of cases, a lot of controversy at the time. the problem later led to the resignation of fact of the state's public health director state leaders say this new tool will be fundamental as the state works through its new for tier color-coded system and gradually reopen the state.
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and also monitoring to the latest actual numbers and here's an update for you this morning statewide california has seen more than 717,000 cases so far with more than 13,000 people die from covid-19 in the bay area more than 84,000 confirmed cases with more than 1100 deaths. time now is 6.12 coming up thieves steal a truck and a motorcycle from a family who had to evacuate from the bay area wildfires. it's just salt in the wound for this family will take a closer look at their story plus criminal charges loom in the conception. >>the boat fire that killed 34 people off the santa cruz island area last year will full details on that story coming up. and today will be a comfortable one you've got to enjoy this. nice weather. we have over the next couple of days because labor day weekend is getting hot got those details in your forecast. >>and i'm just getting word of a big trouble spot heading
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>>welcome back it is 6.15 right now talking about the weather and a little bit of a change out there that salute league ad john as we head towards holiday weekend temperatures are really going to rise. yes the weekend ahead guys going to be hot downright hot for inland areas and even
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toasty out towards the coast. meaning you really have to appreciate the next couple of days of relatively mild conditions comparatively walnut creek this morning you can see that it is a touch on the easy side. still certainly not out of the woods far smoke goes, but we are starting this morning off with better conditions walnut creek you're actually back in moderate condition stretching all the way through the golden gate into the north side of the peninsula as well as much in marin county. >>improvements in nevado but not as good in mountain view north san mateo over to fremont and hayward this pocket right here is really proving problematic for air quality as of your wednesday morning as for stormtracker 4 we're dry and we're going to stay that way in this forecast as this high pressure ridge sets up shop across the region, we're still in the midst of a pretty decent onshore flow. this is dragging in some fog in some cloud cover, but most importantly, some cool coastal air on into the bay. this trend is going to continue into thursday morning and friday morning to keeping us moderated as far as
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temperatures go but then reverses later in the weekend saturday sunday and monday we switch out ocean cool therefore hot and dry inland. they're pulling out towards the coast. and that's where we're going to get the extreme heat in the higher fire danger come the holiday weekend as for today, 50's and 60's for san francisco as well as right along the pacific shoreline 70's to 80's elsewhere in the bay and that is as warm as we're getting today a little cooler than yesterday was even palo alto at 74 today while in the south bay a range of upper 70's to low 80's, san jose right at 80 degrees today well fremont union city and hayward in the mid 70's. 80's from the tri valley on through walnut creek and concord oakland 71 berkeley holding on to the 60's at 67. well even vacaville in antioch which up in our hot spots, the past couple of days in the upper 80's, no 90's here santa rosa and petaluma each at 76 for your. tomorrow and friday we keep the good stuff going temperatures remaining pretty comfortable compared to where we are about to be saturday
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sunday and monday the hot dry air from inland valleys pulled out to the coast. and that's where we get that extreme heat watch for high fire danger, some smoke lingering across the bay in just those hottest of temperatures which are definitely not fun to be taking a look at that's your forecast robin how is traffic right now well not so good for people heading into san francisco john we have a new hot spot and it's on the bay bridge or at the bay bridge toll plaza rather not on the bridge itself. >>this is westbound 80 after the pay gates of getting word of a motorcyclist involved in a crash that is down and injured chp just issued a special traffic alert for this. the 2 left lanes are blocked once again it's after the tolls but as i switch around and we look at the camera behind the toll plaza you can see what it's doing to traffic in this is right around the time word normally starts to pick up and get really heavy and now you have a motorcycle is down with 2 lanes blocked and it's already crawling from the oakland maze so this is going to be a big
6:19 am
problem, especially if they can't get it out of the way soon enough you want to get out there early because your drive time is already 20 minutes into san francisco, i'll stay on top of it in san jose are hot spot cleared south one wanted 80 that connector ramp is back open after an overturned crash now traffic looks great throughout the south bay area back to you thanks a lot robin 6.19 and new this morning, one man was shot and killed in richmond in the area of 17th street. >>and roosevelt avenue yesterday afternoon as what happened the 22 year-old man was shot and killed in another person was wounded in the shooting, it's the 12th homicide of the year for richmond and right now the police are talking to witnesses to try to find the shooter. >>criminal charges are looming in the boat explosion that fire that killed 34 people off the coast of southern california a year ago. >>the scuba boat conception had 33 passengers on board on labor day weekend last year
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when it caught fire. and the passengers were all sleeping below deck. all of the passengers and one crew member died. the captain and 4 crew members who were above deck managed to get off alive. the investigation into the fire is still ongoing, but the court documents say that criminal charges are imminent. >>well happening today, a house committee is expected to subpoena postmaster general louis dejoy for documents related to mail delay. the democrat led committee says that the joy has not produced any of the documents the requested of him during his testimony before the house and senate last month. the joy is a major donor to the trump campaign he was put in charge of the post office and has come under fire for pursuing a slew of significant cost cutting measures at the postal service that seems to have slowed deliveries here in the months before the november election. >>in sacramento of the bit of bill that would have allowed police to permanently be stripped of their badges if they're caught doing bad things has failed to pass the
6:21 am
state legislature. the measure was one of this year's top police reform bills. and it came after the killing of george floyd at the hands of police earlier this year. but law enforcement or gun is organizations were against that proposed bill final approval was given to other bills, however that will ban police from using choke hold and require independent and independent investigations. when officers kill unarmed civilians and those bills that pass now go to the governor's desk. a u.s. judge has upheld california's near total ban on carrying guns in public. the judge denied a review of a 2017 federal appeals court decision that upheld the law that law bans carrying concealed weapons in most urban areas and permits open carry of weapons only if someone believes a person is in imminent danger and law
6:22 am
enforcement has failed to respond. >>take a quick break here at 6.21 coming up the giants put on a show last night a blowout win on the road we're going to have game highlights. coming up in just a moment and here's a quick live look outside the san mateo bridge. traffic 92 moving okay, but certainly building robin winston in the traffic center will give us another check of your commute and john trouble with another look at the forecast and the hot temperatures for this coming holiday weekend in just a bit. so you're a small business,
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>>welcome >>back let's talk a's had an home from houston. straight home to play padres on friday because their entire series against seattle had to be scrapped because of that one positive covid test that came in on sunday and ended their series with the astros early then they had to hunker down in houston go through the protocol and now that they know everybody got a clean bill of health. >>well as too late to fit in that seattle series. so they'll do that next week and the next time we see him on the field playing friday at the coliseum against the this so pass. >>well here we go well mardy forward yeah, what they're they've got a new arm to play in the pitching rotations they recently acquired pitcher mike minor from the rangers left-hander had a great season last year he's been a shaking so far but we'll we thought it was a good kid. >>now with all the uncertainty
6:26 am
going forward and the special for a number of double headers down the road and i personally wasn't i think it was critical that we were able to complete this deal whether he. >>and your starter or reliever of all i think will last month. i talked to him today and it was great because i need to be here said he was like or anything. >>the a's are excited to be the coliseum to no place like home even if it's staying so now because no covid that's right. >>boy we've got to celebrate the giants too because they have been just on fire in fact last night's game colorado. was one for almost the record books listen to the score and we've got some highlights to show you 23 to 5. that was the final after a historic day of play from giants left fielder alex dickerson and here's just one of his many highlights from last night hitting the ball high and deep to right field. that was a 480 foot home run to the upper deck and here in the second. he did it
6:27 am
again another home run adding more to the scoreboard and then he got his 3rd home run in the 6th. in fact, i'd go on to become the 15th player in mlb history to have 5 extra-base hits. giants batts were on fire last night final as i mentioned 23 to 5 incredible they're hoping to sweep the series today. in denver will rue du monde. i'll take a quick break coming up as firefighters gained more control of the wildfires burning the extent of the damage is becoming painfully clear going to the latest on a long road to recovery for a lot of the folks that live there. >>plus governor newsom visited the damage left behind by the czu complex fi
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>>they pull out bell. yeah, clock i know am to take every but we're looking at a positive start potentially here 4 of the markets, dow futures s and p nasdaq all positive in the premarket trading hours. so that's leading us to believe are off to a positive start here for wall street's we'll have to wait and see in fact we could see the dow jumped by what maybe 13050 maybe 200 points out of the gate will track the numbers and see us open above and then behind them will be talking about that in the buzz today, serena my hero, but first let's just get her a little friday for the i'm sorry wednesday. it's friday for me, yeah, john roberts
6:31 am
start us off. >>at the 6.30 mark robin will get you in that hot spot to second on kick it off with the forecast, you know what kind of does feel like a friday they just because we're talking about good stuff as far as weather goes. we are seeing improvements. >>air quality is a little better for most of us and well the fog is a little higher meaning low clouds and you're not driving through it just underneath a couple of problem areas as far as their quality goes fremont hayward mountain view up through san mateo some of our worst and worse than yesterday elsewhere we have seen improvements from yesterday notably up around nevado the east bay, northern peninsula. much of the north bay and south of san jose. so there is some good stuff to talk about their stalls what you're breathing in but keep a close eye on air quality all day long there's spots of problems are going to change in the afternoon. 50's and 60's for your current temperatures, a cool start much like yesterday and much like yesterday today will also be a little cooler. daytime highs at our warmest only upper 80's. i'm talking a very hot labor day weekend just around the corner though
6:32 am
robin. >>thank you john back to the bay bridge where traffic is tough this morning heading into san francisco. this is thanks to a motorcycle crash that's clearing right now. it's westbound 80 after the pay gates, a little bit closer to the metering lights, a card a motorcyclist collided it looks like the writer has already been transported off to the hospital but not without jamming up your morning commute, they're still cleaning up in the 2 left lanes a traffic alert has been issued and take a look at this back up it will not be fun driving into san francisco this morning, this bills all the way through the bottom of the maze, your drive time overall it's not terrible. but we're up to 19 minutes now to make it into san francisco once again it's wrapping up right now clearing from the 2 left lanes after the metering lights, we're looking at some of your approaches to the oakland maze and overall they look pretty good so if you take a 24 5.80 the nimitz and you need to get into san francisco. you will not hit
6:33 am
the heavy traffic until you reach the bottom of the maze and that stays with you all the way up towards treasure island. so we'll stay on top of this we'll check in on more still spots coming up a little bit later james starter, thanks from us. >>that's 6.32, let's get to some breaking news from overnight in the south bay, one person dead after a fatal shooting in san jose, let's go live to the scene kron four's reyna harvey has the details. >>yeah, we know san jose police is investigating a homicide currently this is on ucla mens avenue now police tell me calls came into then around 1155. pm reporting. multiple shots fired in this area. now when officers responded they said they found one adult male who was suffering from gunshot wounds. we know that officials on scene attempted cpr but that man sadly was pronounced dead here on the scene now this is comment avenue and walnut woods. they also said they found shell casings on scene again this is a very active investigation and san jose police asked that anyone with
6:34 am
information come forward for now reporting here in san jose reyna harvey kron 4 news. >>well as for the containment efforts of the 3 major wildfires that are burning across the bay area here is the latest the lnu lightning complex fires in the north bay, currently 74% contained which is fantastic progress 375,000 acres have burned in that the scu complex fires burning in the east and south bay is now at 72% contained with more than 300 91,000 acres burned and the czu complex fires in san mateo and santa cruz counties, 45% contained so nearly halfway there. more than 85,000 acres has burned so far and governor gavin newsome surveyed some of the fire damage in the big basin redwoods state park yesterday. here you see him walking through the ash and debris. the park is considered to be the oldest in california. the czu complex fire tore through it destroying historic buildings and there you can see causing
6:35 am
some pretty severe damage to the forest land itself. cal fire officials say it's been more than 500 years since this particular area saw this level of damage and yet despite that the governor delivered an optimistic outlook. we come and go. >>these trees see around me sum it up there. 1314 1500 years been alive for 14 1500 years. they have scars that make this fire look modest in comparison. and yet they're still standing. it's a testament to mother nature's resiliency it's testament to our resiliency. >>park officials say visitors won't be able to come back though for at least a year. they need that time to clear out all the hazards in the damage that have ravaged the park. >>as firefighters gained more control the extent of the damage is becoming painfully a parent. you can see all of the homes that were destroyed by the czu fires that ripped through 1500 structures. many
6:36 am
residents in the santa cruz mountains have to deal with a long road to recovery kron four's rob fladeboe has more on that. >>this was downtown boulder creek on tuesday all but deserted still under evacuation orders. but heading up highway to 36 toward big nation state park. it's clear why it may be weeks rather than days before the orders are fully lifted here. it's devastating path begins a mile or 2 out of town dozens of homes burned to the ground whole neighborhoods are gone. the damage includes scores of cars trucks and other equipment. the redwoods started forest has suffered heavy damage. utility poles burned along with the trees damage assessment teams are marking those trees thousands of them that will have to come down to make the area safe. the hazards are many as we've been discussing and people are getting the message for sure there are many trees that are
6:37 am
dangerous they burned from the inside. some don't even look like they're dangerous. >>but we call them widow makers they can fall at any time deeper into big basin. the randomness of the fire is more clear this one passes areas that seem untouched only to find more devastation around the next curve. road and utility crews to are focused on assessing and clearing away debris. >>the highways down to one lane in some places there are damaged water lines. lots of hidden hazards there are bridges that have been compromised asphalt that melted in the heat. >>you know of course were checked the water that's another issue that's being taking care of by local water districts so. >>there are many hazard out there that people maybe don't understand that can happen after an area is hit by a wildfire in boulder creek rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>a big story this morning we're learning more about the 3 napa county residents that were killed in the lnu complex fires. investigators say the 3
6:38 am
live together at a house on highway one 28 the wildfire destroyed their home on august 18th the county coroner is identified the victims as 70 year-old mary katharine ham meyer 21 year-old leo thomas mcdermott and his 40 year-old son. thomas. in the south bay, san jose police are looking for thieves. >>who stole a truck from a family who was escaping the flames in the santa cruz mountains said the family was staying at a doubletree hotel in san jose. and they had all of their stuff with them that everything they could salvage an get away from you know evacuate. their truck was stolen friday morning, the truck was loaded with as you could see there a motorcycle thousands of dollars worth of work tools and everything else they can get out the family use the truck to help other families to evacuate and they're very upset. >>to be grateful dozen others, i know probably at least 20 people personally who lost their homes and everything so but i know it is frustrating
6:39 am
and sucks because i mean i've been working since i was about 8 years old a on the summer times and stopped and it's a. it's the point where i can afford that stuff. >>yes, the family says is terrible to have lost everything to thieves, but they are happy that they are all safe. >>and don't forget our wildfire coverage continues all day long online at our website at kron 4 dot com that's where you can find a complete list of the evacuation orders. various warnings. you can also track the fires to with the interactive map that we have there along with any weather alert in your neighborhood evacuation orders as i mentioned and power outages if they happen again all available right there kron 4 dot com. >>in the south bay, a community college teacher is accused of stalking and threatening santa clara county health officer doctor sara cody kron four's dan kerman has the details from san jose. >>santa clara county prosecutors have charged this man 55 year-old alan viarengo with threatening a public official and stocking they say
6:40 am
over the course of 4 months the gilroy man is alleged to have sent santa clara county health officer doctor sara cody more than 2 dozen letters voicing his objections to her covid-19 health orders but law enforcement officials say these comments crossed the line into criminal threats, he said things to be it's a. >>to the effect it's over you're done by. the expletives die. your day will come soon. you need to go no matter how it is you need to go. >>authorities say the letters also contained icons imagery and phrases associated with the right-wing anti-government boogaloo movement but his attorney says he is not a member. >>the exercise of his constitutional right under the first amendment to free speech. is a right that all of the staff. i wonder if. alleged victim had not been the sarah cody. if that would
6:41 am
have been if the conduct of the people would be different. >>when was taken into custody thursday law enforcement officials say they found and seized more than 100 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition, hearing his attorney says he believes all the firearms founder lawfully registered, but authorities are checking. they are ngos attorney also says his client is a teacher in a firearms instructor and poses no threat to anyone to my knowledge. >>other than sending letters that have not seen yet. it made no further attempt. to contact. grass or do anything else to miss goldie. meaning it took no affirmative steps. >>but law enforcement officials paint a different picture saying they're also investigating threatening letters b urrainn go allegedly sent to 3 other local officials as well as the wife of damon gutzwiller the santa cruz county sheriff's sergeant who was gunned down by another man with alleged ties to the boogaloo movement. sheriff's
6:42 am
officials called that letter disgusting you. there's a an uprising nationally for that he also are actually relished and enjoy the facts that these families are suffering so was it was quite horrific after his first court appearance fee or ngo eventually made bail and was released only be jailed again after his second court appearance now no bail has been set and he remains behind bars, those attorney says he will seek a bail hearing within the next several days. >>at the santa clara county hall of justice dan kerman kron 4 news. >>take a break here at 6.42 but coming up and count encouraging signs for the bears busiest airport as travel se
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>>welcome back it is 6.45 and we're looking at a little less fog this morning just a touch john good morning yeah that fog sitting above us and so the driving through it so that means a clear view in areas like timber on you look you can actually see the golden gate bridge in the distance yesterday. you couldn't even see that water and for any of their so big improvements in that regard. >>visibility is holding up just fine for most of us and also a plus well better air quality this morning at least for most areas san francisco, the east bay much of the north bay including nevada looking at improvements, not as good as yesterday for a few spots
6:46 am
like mountain view, san mateo fremont and hayward so we're still not out of the woods yet we're still going to have pockets of poor air on through the rest of the week ahead of us today, a dry one and that's really the trend of weather in the forecast ahead of us as this ridge of high pressure sets up shop across the region, we're still seeing a nice on shore flow. that's going to cool us down that ocean cool there along with some low clouds pushing in during your morning hours and that's going to continue through thursday and friday things switch up though come the weekend and that ocean cool they're replaced by dry inland air that's going to be pulled out all the way to the coast meaning temperatures are going to soar come saturday sunday and monday in the meantime enjoy our mild conditions, 60's for your highs for most coastal spots well 70's for most of our bayside areas burlingame at 76 today, redwood city in mountain view right there with you at 76 degrees temperatures in the south bay either upper 70's or low 80's, san jose 80 that's a little cooler than
6:47 am
yesterday. freeman through hayward in the mid 70's low 80's for inland valley locations from the tri valley through conquered, oakland at 71 and even dropping into the 80's for fairfield vacaville and antioch which are typically are hotter spots that you can count on some 90's for not today though, and likely not to be seen into thursday or friday, either as our warmest day time highs will be topping out in the upper 80's on these days after that there's the heat free a saturday sunday and monday for labor day triple digits easily for inland spots even getting toastie right along the bay and out to the coast near 80's by sunday. so enjoy the cool weather. what we've got it. it is going to be a hot holiday weekend just around the corner. also an over to robin with a look at our traffic right well it's getting better job just looking at motorcycle accident that crews have been dealing with at the bay bridge toll plaza. >>the good news is the accident is pretty much out of the way they are clearing the lanes right now the motorcyclist has already been transported off to the
6:48 am
hospital. it was westbound 80 right after the pay gates, a little bit closer to the metering lights the with the 2 left lanes closed so they issued a traffic alert for this and even though it's clearing the damage is done take a look at the backup behind the pay gates behind the crash. a full house cash lanes fast track lanes carpool lanes this back up not only is it at the toll plaza but check this out it's all the way into the maze it's on to the east shore freeway it's spilling into berkeley now we have a lot of stop and go traffic 80 west from gilman down to the maze and it's also impacting 5.80 5.80 west is now solid from highway 24 so all of that traffic merging together heading up to the bay bridge toll plaza make sure you get in early you can always head over to the san mateo bridge in use that as an alternate look at this not bad at all right. 13 minutes. so that's an option for you from the east bank to the peninsula james all right. thank you very much robin is 6.48 air travel is starting to pick up. >>despite the pandemic in just
6:49 am
ahead of the labor day weekend too. once busy is back open at sfo which is some great news kron 4 says it may do takes us inside. >>after being shut down for the past 4 months due to the covid-19 pandemic concours boarding has reopened in the international terminal at sfo. >>and this is obviously half of our key capacity in the international terminal sfo spokesperson doug yakel says there was so little activity at the beginning of the pandemic. >>there was no need for the facility to be open. now the ins is starting to pick up faithfully international airlines have been slowly returning flights back to sfo. >>at the lowest point in april we had only 3 airlines operating international flights at sfo and now we're up to 19 while the airport remains far short of the prepandemic average of 75,000 daily passengers yakel
6:50 am
the number of travelers going through tsa checkpoints is trending in the right direction in april we saw days where we were even having 2000 people a day going through our security checkpoints now that number is up to 12 to 13,000 per day if you have not been inside of the airport or boarded a plane in 2020, here's what you need to know number one you should expect that you're going to have to wear a face mask or facial covering at all times when you're in the airport. the other thing that passengers should expect is physical distancing and then obviously here hygiene and sanitation is a huge part of our airport experience right now we've installed hundreds of hand sanitizers throughout all of our terminals sfo officials say the reopening of international concourse a is an encouraging sign of the return of airline confidence here in the bay area. >>has it made you kron 4 news. >>6.50 right now and many teachers parents and students are hoping to go back to
6:51 am
school safely at some point this year in person and medical experts at stanford are working to make that possible for classroom teaching to begin. the state says teachers and staff need to be tested often. and that will be decided at a local level but stanford doctors in bay area school districts like burlingame are already planning on how that will happen there. >>oh it's not easy to have a centralized approach because each district will have their own approach and some have more resources somehow less so we're trying to build some best practices for them. >>stanford doctors also add while testing will help officials track infections and assess the ongoing risks school still need to implement safety protocols like social distancing and mandatory masks. >>apple and google are making contact tracing a standard
6:52 am
feature for smartphones the companies announced that they are jointly develop covid-19 contact platform will be included now in future versions of their operating systems usual will be able to turn it on if their states use it and so here's how to work using bluetooth the app records when 2 or more smartphones come within a certain distance of each other. so if a person with the app ends up getting covid-19. well anyone else that the after terms that came into close contact with we'll get a notification that they may have been exposed public health officials in maryland, nevada, virginia and washington dc will be the first to use this new app. all right, let's check the markets real quick and as expected we are seeing a positive day on wall street right out of the gate as you can see the dow up a 100 and 29 points right now with the s and p also up by almost 14 points. the nasdaq also trading higher by 26 points as we're starting off september a rather strong note. ♪ ♪
6:53 am
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♪ try my $4 mini munchies with marinara or ranch. back at jack in the box.
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>>after >>rounding out the hour with an updated look at your current conditions so we are seeing some gray overhead but fog not as much of an issue today, golden gate bridge in clear view as are the marin headlands has been breezy the benicia bridge is actually under wind advisory and through the carquinez on up through 82 towards fairfield some fairly breezy conditions steadily. all morning long fairfield right now your winds at 31 miles per hour. that's cool ocean air trying to make its way into the central
6:56 am
valley as for temperatures later today will be in the 60's and 70's near the coast in the bay. while 80's and only 80's for inland areas, no 90's on this 4 zone forecast for your wednesday. robin. >>thank you john back to the bay bridge where traffic is recovering from a motorcycle accident the crash is on the way that's the good news. but the backup, it's still there and it's spilling all the way through the oakland maze or drive times 16 to 20 minutes to make it in, but look at those connectors the east sure the nimitz 5.80 all slow leading into the maze and up to the bay bridge toll plaza so get out there early james all right, thank you very much robin at 6.56 we'll take a quick break but coming up. >>this if a cup will be closing their beaches. this labor day weekend to prevent any further spread of coronavirus kron four's will tran live on that story for us and house speaker nancy pelosi in some hot water this morning after getting her hair done indoors at a salon in san francisco will have a live report as well. plus despite new reopening guidelines in
6:57 am
the city gym owners say they're still left out in the cold we'll tell you what they're demanding.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 7. >>good morning and thanks for waking up with us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher
7:00 am
it is wednesday we're halfway through the last talk about on the news front weather and traffic updates to before you head outside and before we get to the forecast robin anything big on the roads or you know i've been tracking this motorcycle accident at the bay bridge toll plaza so the crash just cleared, but it's still a hot spot because it's very slow into san francisco right now so all of think that drive time alright and john you're in front of the gloom and san francisco looks like yeah still very gray out there guys messes my suit this morning. you can see outside not a lot of sunshine breaking its way through just yet. good news about the gloom it sitting above us so you're not driving through it making low visibility. but we're definitely starting out in some great as for air quality better for most of us nevado noticeably improved as well as the east bay north and to the peninsula. >>you head south though, and we are encountering a pocket of bad air in fremont hayward mountain view on up to san mateo wildfire still going to be putting up smoke and that hayes is going to linger through the rest of the weekend pockets like we've seen the past few days.


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