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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  September 3, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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james fletcher and i'm robin winston filling in for darya folsom, let's check in with john trouble. john you said earlier that today is another spare the air they were setting a record the 17th spare the air day in a row right and we're likely to have more of it and that is something to talk about because the smoke is not wanted to go anywhere with a high pressure ridge setting up shop across the bay area. it's not going to be a lot of chance for to be swept anywhere else. but right here in our own backyard as far as this morning goes hazy spots fog is sitting above us so it's actually low clouds that you're driving under rather than through walnut creek, one of our spots that's looking pretty good as far as your drive into work goes this morning now as far as air quality is concerned we do see a couple of spots out there we go that map would take a second to load fully. >>we are seeing those pockets of bad air up in fairfield vallejo richmond in mill valley also in the santa cruz mountains now, here's the good news. even though we do still have some air quality issues most of us have improved
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moderate conditions in yellow for most of the east bay and peninsula and then good conditions once you head north of petaluma up to santa rosa. so it's definitely a mixed bag this morning as far as what we're talking about some of us sitting a little bit nicer than others. a lot like we have the past couple days right now temperatures are in the 50's and 60's low clouds overhead business as usual we've been this way the past few mornings we're keeping the nice conditions around as we will into the afternoon to daytime highs, nice and moderate with highs at their warmest only in the upper 80's to add one low 90. vacaville hayward fremont in the 70's will 60's up the coast. i am talking a lot hotter of weather just around the corner stay with us for that rob. >>all right. thank you let's check in on your morning commute for those of you heading out there getting ready to roll around the bay area this morning. oh i'm so sorry that's a graphic that's actually left over from yesterday i should have deleted that for you so my apologies will just ignore that because that is old news here we go this is what we
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want to see the bridges. we're checking the golden gate bridge 21 across the golden gate looks good. so far we have a little bit of maintenance work out there northbound heading out of san francisco. they have some lanes live, but they are gone out of your way and now we're looking at 19 minutes to make your way from nevado to the toll plaza on the san francisco side, here's the richmond sandra fell and it's looking good. we haven't had any problems so far working your way from the east bay to the north bay. we are right on time at 7 minutes from the pay cuts off to one o one we'll take a closer look at traffic and check out some more bridges coming up a little bit later >>all right, thank you very much robin so let's get to our top story this morning. the stylist involved in nancy pelosi's controversial hair appointment, san francisco is speaking out. >>he claims at the salon owner has not been following the rules for anyone since april kron 4 sarah stinson is live this morning in san francisco with the latest sara. >>and that hair stylist who works here behind me at the salon also confirmed the story
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of nancy pelosi and that is that she was set up when she made an appointment at the salon and that the owner told her is completely fine one customer at a time and the hair styles who did her hair. confirms the story so hair gate continues this morning, we also heard from. mayor london breed yesterday who not only back to nancy pelosi, but also said we need to move on. >>i take responsibility for trusting other word of the neighborhood salon that i've been to over the years, many times and that tone when they said what we're able to accommodate people one person at a time. and that we can set up that time i trusted that as it turns out it was a setup. so i take responsibility, 4 falling for a set up. >>you know this conversation has kind of blown up in the way that it has distracted us from the real issue. the fact is we don't have good solid
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federal leadership. it is helping to facilitate this covid response and over a 180,000 americans have died as a result of this virus. and had we had what we needed from day one from this barrel administration. then we would probably not be in as bad a situation as we are. >>and take a look at your screen you can see a statement put out by the attorney of the hairstylist jonathan bernardo who did bubble pelosi's here on monday. it reads quote this office is in possession of photographs videos and witness information from mosquitoes. the owner of the salon contrary to her prior statements to the press has actually been operating or business during the stay at home orders and similar executive orders limiting in store operations since as far back as april of this year miss chaos is as seen on photographs and video footage styling various clients hair ignoring social distance
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guidelines and not wearing protective equipment example masks as recently as a few days prior to speaker pelosi's arrival at the salon on august 31st, the can the attorney continued to say that the owner goes as far as forcing stylists to continue to work for her financial gain and as we know the owner did sell the footage to fox news of pelosi inside the salon so pelosi say it is a complete set up she's apologizing for that we still have not heard back from the owner and in terms of coronavirus the this is a big deal. i mean salons have been closed for months. you know all in the protection of us against coronavirus right. but now we're hearing that people have been continuing to serve people do their hair and that's a big problems. the health department says if they have to go as far as enforcement they will do that but so far nothing has been done on that live on san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news all right, thank you very
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much sara. >>the to the east bay now we're getting a look at the video of moments leading up to an officer shooting and killing a man in san leandro san leandro walmart the officer has been charged with manslaughter kron four's jonathan mccall reports. >>months after the fatal shots that killed is steven taylor we now know the name of the san leandro officer who fired them wednesday officer jason fletcher was charged with voluntary manslaughter in taylor's death officer fletcher's actions. >>coupled with his failure to attempt other de escalation options rendered his use of deadly force and reasonable and a violation of penal code section, one 92, voluntary manslaughter it was back on april 18th of this year that fletcher responded to a call of a shoplifting suspect with a bat at assembly under walmart. >>but again video showed taylor holding about inside of the store officers asked him to drop it on alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley announced the charges
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saying that deadly force was not a reasonable and that taylor did not pose an immediate threat. >>the review of the statement of witnesses and involve police officers, physical evidence and the review of multiple videos of the shooting. it shows that at the time of the shooting it was not reasonable to conclude. mister steven taylor pose an imminent threat of death, a great bodily injury to either officer fletcher or to any one else in the store. >>back in april civil rights attorney lee merritt who represents tiller's family said taylor was going through a mental health episode. and had previously suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar depression san leandro police chief issued this statement wednesday saying in part. i know the loss of stephen taylor has deeply affected this community. it's important that we allow the judicial process to take its course. >>that was jonathan mccall reporting for us this morning fletcher will be arraigned on the charges later this month.
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>>well in a developing story temper on police has confirmed that a sergeant at the center of a confrontation with a black store owner has now resigned sergeant michael glassy was the supervising officer when the incident took place last month. this body camera video captured the whole thing the store owner says that he was racially profiled for being in his own store. late at night. the confrontation continued until a white neighbor down the street shouted at police vouching for the owner. 2 bronze vice mayor later offered an apology to town to brown says it's sergeant glassy believed it would be difficult to continue being affected has a temper on officer. the police department has hired an independent attorney now to review the incident. now to the latest on the wildfires containment efforts in those 3 major fires burning across the bay area continues to climb. the lnu lightning complex fires up in the north bay as you can see now currently 78% contained with more than 375,000 acres burned the scu complex fires burning in the east and south bay's are now currently 76% contained with nearly 400,000
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acres charred and lastly the czu lightning complex fires burning in san mateo and santa cruz counties now 46% contained with more than 85,000 acres burned. happening right now in boulder creek by the way a do not drink order has been issued after the czu lightning fires destroyed a key pipeline. now we have pictures of what's left of the above ground pipeline that was destroyed when a fire swept through the watershed up there near ben lowman on the mound itself owned by the san lorenzo valley water district. the pipe literally melted into the landscape. the do not drink order issued amid possible contamination of benzene and other toxins resulting from that melted plastic. scenario that arose during the 2018 paradise fire tuesday want to avoid that. >>we have a very positive results coming we're not showing contamination yet. but it's we're still a ways away from lifting the the do drink and we don't want customers to the think we're getting good
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samples that they can go back to using water they need to wait until we give the all-clear. >>yeah the new pipeline will likely be placed underground since the fire also claimed some 4 million gallons of stored water to customers are being urged to conserve water and the reminded not to drink. or boil their tap water until they get the all clear has can will let you know when that happens. >>governor newsome has signed what is considered the strongest statewide tenant protection measures in the country. now under this new legislation knowlton it can be evicted because of hardship caused by the pandemic until next year. yesterday governor newsome announced the launch of what's called the housing is key campaign. it will connect tenants and landlords with important information about release and protections. >>we've extended our protections up to february first of next year so no evictions for rent nonpayment related to covid-19. through february 2021.
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>>well governor newsome also announced that his administration has secured 16,000 hotel rooms for project roomkey a program which he said has helped house 22,000 homeless people. the governor is moving to spend 600 million dollars to make those hotel and motel rooms permanent spaces for the state to used to provide shelter to those in need. >>and on the kron 4 morning news you can now get a hefty fine and alameda for violating health orders. this says the county pushes to stop the spread of covid-19. plus president trump appears to be encouraging voters to vote twice in north carolina will explain coming up after the break. also democratic presidential nominee joe biden and his wife are heading to kenosha wisconsin today here the purpose of his visit coming up after the break john we're talking all about the heat robin ahead of us some really scorching hot temperatures and you right now, aarp's work is more important than ever.
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>>welcome back everyone and thanks for staying with us. >>let's get a check of the forecast to see john standing by hopefully it's not going to get too hot this holiday weekend. but i suspect we're still looking at triple digits and down i wish i had better news than i do james, it is definitely going to be really hot weekend ahead of us means you just got to enjoy today and tomorrow, i know you're probably working but if you
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can step outside a bit this afternoon and just take in some of the cooler temperatures that we have half moon bay this morning actually fairly fog free. there is cloud cover over you as is the case for most of the bay air quality has improved for most areas yellow indicating moderate for most of the bay. we are looking at pretty close to normal conditions. well up into the north bay. then pockets of bad air through mill valley on up to fairfield and then in the santa cruz mountains so by no means out of the woods yet and we're going to be seeing some air quality impacts all the way through the weekend skies are dry and will remain that way with this high-pressure ridge set up in place we've been enjoying a nice cool coastal breeze that's been pushing in all the way to our inland valleys. giving us a bit of fog at times spearing most of us from the haze but we've still held on to it as we are this morning for a few areas that all switches this weekend we're going to keep the haze around what we're not going to keep around is the coastal breeze replacing it by some hot dry inland air being pulled out all the way to the coast. that means it is going to be a scorcher not just for
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inland areas. but even for coastal areas, san francisco in the 60's today. mission in financial districts can expect some low 80's by saturday sunday and monday as for coastal spots like pacific at low 60's for you while low 70's in millbrae and burlingame mid 70's and redwood city palo alto and mountain view for your highs south bay temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's, another nice afternoon, nothing to complain about their 70's 80's as well for the east bay also nice and temperate specially as compared to where we're about to be only one 90 back and play for vacaville and 91 in the meantime delay how a comfortable 75 santa rosa through nevado all in the upper 70's. so today and tomorrow there's your good news great weather. then come saturday sunday monday and tuesday and will not so comfortable in fact dangerously hot for a lot of the bay by sunday and monday we're going to have a record breaking heat for inland areas, right into labor day as for a bayside city's solid 80's to even low 90's even
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some low 80's all the way up to the coast. that's your forecast robin how is traffic right now traffic is off to a fantastic start i love it when we start off hot spot free so no big problems right now heading into san francisco. >>but of course we have more folks on the road it's much busier now compared to the 4 o'clock hour is this a sign that you're cheats picking up but no delays no problems here so a very quick 8 minute trip from the bottom of the maze over to the fremont street exit. all right, let's check in on 92, it's our busiest as usual you see the crowd here leaving hayward really at 12 minutes though making it to the peninsula, no issues to the richmond sandra fell bridge west bound 5.80 doing just fine, it's a quick 7 minute trip so get out there before it starts stocking up no problems for you in to the north bay james. >>all right. thank you very much robin happening today democratic presidential nominee, joe biden and his wife will be visiting kenosha wisconsin. that's where the police shooting of jacob blake reignited protests over racial injustice with melissa rainy
5:18 am
now with a closer look. >>citing overwhelming request from democratic leaders. joe biden and his wife jill will head to kenosha wisconsin thursday there's been a overwhelming request that i do come. >>world to do is we got to he'll have to put things together bring people together biden's visit comes on the heels of president trump's earlier this week. >>trump's visit drew criticism after he ignored local leaders who asked to not come. the president did not meet with the family of jacob blake saying the family wanted to involve lawyers. biden's plans do include a meeting with the family, including the 29 year-old man's father, i'm not going to. >>to anything other than meet in meetings with community leaders as well as business people other folks in law enforcement and to see a. start to talk about it has to be done. not i'm not a token ocean with their to do what we have to do together. >>meanwhile, the attorney general william barr defending
5:19 am
the actions of police saying shootings of african americans often are racially motivated. and not as common as protests, make them seem i don't think they're 2 justice systems let you know i think the narrative there's a judge that the police are on pademic of shooting unarmed black man is simply a false narrative a and also the narrative that that's based on race as for the shooting of jacob blake barr asked for the public to be patient. >>and allow for due process to take place. i'm melissa rainy reporting. president trump appears to be encouraging voters to vote twice in north carolina during an interview the president said the voters to mail in ballots should also go to the polls, they'll go out of their vote and they're going to go check to vote by going to the ball and voting that way if it if tabulate said they won't be able to do that. >>so let him send it in and let him go vote. >>and if this isn't as good as they say it is then obviously
5:20 am
they want them to vote if it isn't happy elated to be able to vote so that's the way it is. >>well actually it's illegal voting twice as a legal in every state president trump made the remarks after he was asked about his confidence in north carolina's ability to count absentee ballots. the president has frequently criticize states for allowing vote by mail. election officials in north carolina are telling voters that they should not vote twice once again it's a felony. >>family and friends gathered along the ventura coast in honor of the 33 passengers and one crew member who died as flames filled the boat called the conception last labor day weekend. there were people aboard from santa cruz, san francisco in mill valley, the captain and 4 crew members survived court documents say criminal charges are imminent all 6 crew members were asleep when the fire broke out, which may violate coast guard regulations that there was no one on night watch. in your life. >>precious you need to cherish and honor them. could be
5:21 am
bought in an you know 3 of them coming on and fair. >>the coast guard has issued new safety recommendations in the wake of the tragedy. so that will be put into place going forward. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. why the results of the covid-19 study in san francisco is prompting a call to action in the latin x community. lawmakers continue to push for in person learning has some health professionals. warren of school nurse shortages. i'm kelly meyer reporting from washington all have more on the back to school debate. and before we head to break we're heading outside checking in on oakland, it is foggy outside your door actually foggy smoky and hazy it's another spare the air day we'll have details on your full fo
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>>and we're back at 5.24 as more kids return to the classroom lawmakers on capitol hill are advocating for in person learning but school nurses say that they are there aren't enough medical professionals in schools to deal with sick kids and the teachers they may in fact, washington correspondent kelli meyer has the story. >>school is in session, but some health professionals are warning in person learning is making kids basically been experiment will a fuller with the florida nurse's association says health professionals should be monitoring and advising students and teachers school nurses should have been
5:25 am
integral and designing the ways in which people go back to school but she says there's a shortage of school nurses in her state soon as the open the school doors that my kids will go to school florida senator marco rubio says he certainly doesn't want kids and teachers to get sick, nobody wants that and we have to bear in possible to protect them, but he says not going back to the classroom causes its own problems i imagine that online learning is better than nothing but it most certainly is not equivalent to in person in classroom instruction we all want to make sure that parents have a choice florida senator rick scott says every student should have the option of in person learning this fall, the main thing is that everything had to be done in a safe manner other lawmakers i talked to say many schools have already returned in person learning safely positive cases. >>0, 8, >>percent georgia congressman rick allen says the schools in his district should be an example to the rest of the nation of the right way to do
5:26 am
back to school. >>the students are so happy to be back in school but fuller wants teachers families and students to stay vigilant this virus is still with us. >>and i don't think we can behave like it's not reporting in washington, i'm kelly meyer. happening today all children in oakland will be allowed to pick up meals from the oakland unified school district even if they do not go to school there 22 sites across the district will be open from 08:00am to 01:00pm. >>children up to 18 years-old can get 3 meals for each weekday and 2 mills for each you can find a full list of locations on our website just head over to kron 4 dot com. >>and it's been months with barbershops and salons can finally start to take customers indoors
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>>welcome >>back everyone and thanks for joining us on the kron 4 morning news. we're coming up on 5.30 almost they're not quite yet if you're just joining us, let's get you caught up on the forecast before we get back the headlines say good morning to john watching morning john paid good morning to you guys to good morning to all of you out there. >>we do have some low cloud cover and fog sitting across the bay most of its right above us though an air quality actually a bit better than it was yesterday for most areas, yellow indicating moderate couple of pockets of bad air right around the santa cruz mountains and from mill valley richmond of tivoli how and fairfield all in all though these are better conditions than what we had been seeing
5:30 am
50's and 60's are current temperatures with areas like oakland in the low 60's, san francisco and berkeley each sharing the upper 50's. later today, it will be 6070's and 80's another mild one before a big weekend warm-up which i'm talking about still ahead in your forecast back to you robin all right, thank you let's take a peek at your morning commute which just continues to pick up around the bay area. >>but still no problems and that's really good news. so for those of you who have to use the bay bridge to get into san francisco, check out your drive time it's a very quick 9 minutes, that's your average from the bottom of the maze across the upper deck and over to the fremont street exit 92 still crowd its sluggish on the flat section leaving hayward west of the toll plaza and pretty much stays like this approaching the high rise, but no major issues that you need to stress out about into foster city or send the tail so o'clock and at 12 minutes to make it off to one oh one. here's one across the golden gate smooth and at the limit no problems into or out of san francisco. and a little
5:31 am
bit of crowding on the minutes heads up for some leftover slowing thanks to roadwork 80 south from 9 a tie-up to fruit bell is still very crowded there in fact crews may still be wrapping up. so you may want to take 5.80 instead of amendments but do keep in mind that southbound is the counter commute direction. so if you have to head north from san leandro to oakland we're doing fine with no problems heading northbound downtown. well happening tomorrow barbershops and hair salons in alameda county will be allowed to offer their services indoors, yes, and it can't come too soon for a lot of the folks out there who have been desperate. >>to use those services kron four's reyna harvey live in alameda with more on the story reyna. >>good morning. hey it's a big day for lot of people like you mentioned starting tomorrow we have larger shops and salons that are able to finally offer services for people indoors and i know a lot of people are checking their calendars right now to see if they can reach out to their detentions in barbers to have them squeeze
5:32 am
them in for appointment you might remember barbershops and salons were able to open up their doors outside so a lot of people have made appointments we saw that across the bay area people. being able to visit with their barbers and they're here stylus outdoors but there are a lot of challenges that a lot of the salons face not only could you not offer every service outdoors because of the things you need indoors. the lighting and all of that it's very windy outside so that was problematic. but on a more serious note, the elements and a lot of people have to work in cold conditions and the air quality over the past couple of weeks as you know has not been the best so that was also challenging for a lot of people not not just here salons and barber shops are opening tomorrow, but also outdoor recreational activities, including if you like to the miniature golf or that in cages driving ranges cart racing all of those things also indoor malls. you're going to have to keep the people that visit to a 25% capacity so we have salons and
5:33 am
barber shops that are opening up tomorrow but the same rules apply so if you're making appointments and you're going to any of the shops want to make sure you wear a mask and they're going to have to limit the amount of people that are in there for now reporting here in alameda reyna harvey kron 4 news all right, thank you very much right now. >>well to the east bay now the city of alameda will now find businesses and people who violate public health orders. the city council approved the new ordinance just this week, the first violation will cost $250 a second violation carries a fine of $500. a violation that follows will result in $1000 up to $1000 fine. it is another tool in the fight to stop the spread of covid-19 but there is some mixed reaction among alameda residents. >>it seems to be an impingement on personal liberties accountability with flexibility. it sounds like a good plan was long as they. >>you don't have enough people that patrol and make sure that
5:34 am
they're following protocol. it will be fine, but it's not they might as well not even have an ordinance. >>well the city did say that the overwhelming majority of businesses in alameda or are following the rules. >>well in the south bay casinos in san jose have been given the winning hand so to speak as they get the go ahead to start operating. >>outdoors the casinos must follow strict coronavirus guidelines, including sanitation and face mask. kron four's will tran is live in san jose with those details will good morning. >>good morning robin, the city of san jose they are not letting the casinos gamble with your health and they just like all the other businesses they have to move out doors. you see those tense over my right shoulder. that's what's going to happen that's the location they will be when operation resumes possibly as early as the end of this week or a short time after that the casinos have been shut down for more than 6 months because of covid-19 and that has cost
5:35 am
them. millions of dollars and it's cost the city of san jose millions of dollars as the matrix casino as well as bay one on one they claim that they pay the city of san jose approximately 19 million dollars every year in the form of taxes. so what's going to happen moving forward is they will move half of their card games outside they cannot practice it inside so gamblers you better bundle up if you want to come back to the casinos and robin you talked about the new guidelines, it's pretty much what's going on in tracy star casino's they open up recently as well what's going to happen is the dealers they will have to wear masks, they will have to use hand sanitizers as often as they possibly can the chips obviously are used for gambling they will have to be sanitize the cards, especially poker games and blackjack a couple of things they have options available to them after a certain amount of time this cause will either have to be thrown away. they will have
5:36 am
to be either sanitized or if they don't want to do both of them. they can set them aside for up to 7 days that the virus possible covid-19 die before the cards get back into circulation as far as bay one oh one they don't know when they will open up. it's going to be very tough for matrix they say that because they have strict guidelines not only do they have to pass the health inspections. they're also regulated by the gaming industry once of those to sign off. you can come back, but you can't go into the casinos you'll have to be outside and i know a lot of gamblers are looking forward to maybe drinks and food served at the table that will not happen. back to you. >>all right, thank you very much well and speaking of we do have the latest study from ucsf it found that there is an ongoing high transmission of covid-19 in the latin x community within san francisco, especially in the mission district. researchers set up an accessible testing site at the mission park
5:37 am
station in 6 and a half days more than 2000 people were tested about 9% came back positive in comparison the positivity rate at the embarcadero testing site was just one percent. the san francisco, latino task force for covid-19 says the results show the city needs to focus targeted testing in areas most affected by the coronavirus. >>in many ways it's great that we have testing facilities on the embarcadero in other parts of san francisco. the strategy must be to come into the communities where we know that the prevalence of infection is higher, we know that it's not percent here in the mission district we know the baby was deeply impacted we know the is and so strategizing to ensure that we can get low barrier easy-access testing with quick turnarounds have to be a primary up push. >>yeah, the lap, no the latino task force says that one of the major contributing factors for why covid-19 is prevalent in the latin x community is
5:38 am
mix messaging the task force says it's received complaints about conflicting messages on whether masks really work to curb the spread of the virus. the cdc stands firm in fact that wearing a mask does help. >>still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, san francisco police are now banned from participating in next year's 2021 pride parade will have full details on our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence. yeah, they help us with achievable steps along the way... we can spend a bit now,
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>>welcome back everyone when san francisco's pride parade returns next year the city's uniformed police officers be taking part now this comes after the san francisco pride board directors voted to ban uniformed officers from the event. so the board says the decisions based on the events that unfolded back in 2019 to 2019 pride parade seen in this cell phone video right here take a look police are saying pushing protesters. eventually dragging one across the ground and arresting them. the pride board requested a review into the use of force from the officers. the department recently dismiss all the counts based on quote insufficient evidence. >>but a demonstration that occurred at our 2019 parade, which did result in about an hour and a half delay of the parade from the report that i would see some of that jump over the and chaining themselves to a it may simply across the parade route. and without going into too many details of what happened there was the interaction between the police and the protesters.
5:42 am
what resulted in a very violent. result and they and the rest of that the 2 of the protesters. >>once uniformed police will not be taking part they're not be participating in the actual pride parade. they will still be there working in their official capacity. >>i'm morgan wright in washington coming up the clock is ticking for lawmakers to
5:43 am
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5:45 am
>>we are back giving you live pictures here from the kennedy space center in florida where in just a few minutes from now actually just a couple minutes from now at 5.46 o grande just one minute now we're going to space x launch one of the falcon 9 rockets and on board or 60 of their starlink satellites which will continue to add to their growing constellation in low earth orbit providing high speed internet service to a lot of our rural areas of the country in places where broadband is pretty difficult to put out eventually maybe it'll even offer it to everybody no matter where they live around the world least that's the idea anyway, and you're looking at just the final few seconds here as falcon 9 rocket now takes control of the launch you can see it starting up a lot of that on the top united states to fuel beginning to evaporate off the size of the launch sequence so i can we just i'm going to ask if we could just listen for a second i love these launches someone showbiz go forward and let's just listen.
5:46 am
>>the stage to present the play. 30 seconds. >>t -30 seconds all systems are go for launch. let's listen in to the final countdown and watches how can i takes are starting legal for police to work, iran 15 seconds. the speech and an orange. >>and what the performance is novel and there you have it
5:47 am
the rocket has lifted from the launch pad there at the kennedy space center so far looks like everything is performing nominally as they would say which means everything looks a okay. any moment now you're going to see the separation but we won't hang around for that just know that the first stage of the rocket once it separates is expected to land on one a space x is a tone of this drama. thomas drone ships, sitting out in the atlantic named of course i still love you and space x has done a pretty good job now is consistently being able to land those rockets for reuse and we just heard a power to limit really successful. so there you have it. another what looks like successful launch by space x this morning. it was exciting to see these launches it's kind of take what we can bring that to you live that describe in very cool actually spaced out for a second it's think they have great weather out there blue skies, lot of sunshine. >>we have been enjoying too much of that around here unfortunately no i haven't seen the sun in quite some time now to make my neighborhood weather so bad
5:48 am
it's another spare the air days smoking hazy outside let's check in with john traveling in an update john. yeah, definitely been quiet phase. the past couple of weeks this morning, no sunshine just yet it is low clouds hanging out across the bay area for berkeley here you can see the gray that is hovering overhead pulled on the hazy skies yet again today pockets of bad air over the santa cruz mountains as well as some are in county on up through richmond delay how and fairfield. >>yellow indicates moderate and then you head north of petaluma and you're actually looking pretty good up in northern sonoma county. as far as conditions go today we remain dry we're going to stay dry throughout the force course of your forecast with some hazy sunshine really warm temperatures in the days to come some of the cloud cover that we've been seeing the past couple of days has been a product of ocean cool there that swept in keeping us a little bit more comfortable that's going to be replaced now by some hot and dry. inland air that is going to be pulled out to the coast. so if you're looking for some sunshine you might be getting a little too much of it this
5:49 am
weekend as daytime highs soar under all of it 60's 70's 80's for today's daytime highs today still another comfortable one in tomorrow will remain comfortable. that's before we make our way into what will be the scorcher of a labor day weekend that we're anticipating saturday sunday monday and tuesday all with triple digit highs inland sunday and monday being the core of the heat wave with daytime highs going to be shattering records on these days. bayside areas on sunday will be near 90 if not to the 90's with even the coastal areas getting up into the low 80's. robin thank you john checking in on traffic busier by the minute we are starting off with a look at 90 to see all the brake lights, it's getting heavier here are rolling out of hayward. >>over to the peninsula you'll definitely have a crowd with you as you make your way to foster city and san mateo but you're overall drive time it's very quick still under 15 minutes from the name it's off to one o one now when you make it to the peninsula it looks pretty good into foster city
5:50 am
and sam, a tail but for those of you who have to approach 92 coming from one to one. there's an overturn accident in san mateo northbound one o one at hillsdale we have a vehicle that flipped over the right lane is blocked, so it's stacking up a little bit there at the scene but then after 92 it continues to move well on into san francisco really quick peak of the bay bridge toll plaza just a minor wait 12 minutes rolling into fremont street chains. >>all right, thank you robin five-fifty is another news headline for you the federal government runs out of money at the end of the month and when congress returns to capitol hill next week. it will have just a few weeks to agree on a funding plan to avoid a government shutdown washington correspondent morgan wright with the story. >>in washington the clock is ticking to avoid a government shutdown or going to have just a few weeks before the october one deadline. and unfortunately unlikely that we'll get all the appropriation bills on may one senator ben cardin says he expects congress to pass a continuing resolution to keep
5:51 am
the government up and running but he doesn't consider that a success contending resolutions, a failure not as great as a failure of of but a government shutdown but it's not where we need to be cardin says besides avoiding a shutdown a continuing resolution doesn't address the new realities government agencies face in the pandemic you're freezing the the current year's budget into the next year you're not establishing that the priorities that are needed to get she shuns over government funding come as the corona virus continues to spread some lawmakers say funding the government and the next covid relief package should go hand-in-hand new york congressman tom reed and both of them have to be done in my humble opinion. >>and so we might as well take care both packages that same time reid says at a minimum lawmakers should pass a continuing resolution to avoid additional harm to the american people the country is going through a tough. doesn't even trauma of washington d c. >>to add to it. >>lala akers return to the nation's capital after the labor day holiday reporting in
5:52 am
washington, i'm morgan wright. >>the coronavirus has affected more than 6 million americans and the impacts of covid-19 can drag on longer than expected. according to the cdc most americans who test positive for the virus can return to work or school 10 days after showing symptoms. but according to some doctors symptoms may be nowhere near finished by then some people may need to wait more than a month before actually being retested to even know whether they've been clear from the virus and with so many false negative tests. many may be spreading the virus without even knowing it. >>those symptoms vary it can be anywhere from just a really extreme tear ongoing, shortness of breath to memory difficulty and just sort of like a brain fog. some people have described it as. where still trying to learn more for why some patients are some individuals may have prolonged symptoms and other people may not. >>well doctors say the morris most concerning thing is the
5:53 am
long-term affects on a patients mental health. time now is 5.52 will take a quick break and as we go we'll just give you another look at what's happening right now high above the planet earth we've got space x. >>with its latest falcon 9 launch of its starlink satellites on the left side you see stage one which has since separated from the rocket it's returning to earth steering its way towards an autonomy drone ship where it will attempt a landing there in the atlantic ocean and on the right hand side is the actual second stage of the rocket carrying the rest of the satellites up into their come from orbit and on the left hand side, the land one of the landing. burns has started to happen now slowing that part of the rocket down as it attempts to make a landing on drone ship in the atlantic. we'll be ri
5:54 am
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5:56 am
>>welcome back getting close to 06:00am on this thursday morning things are looking pretty good over in walnut creek you've got traffic moving along just fine and under some gray skies, not necessarily driving through the this morning as conditions not foggy but just cloudy fairfield napa san francisco all looking at some breezy conditions specially in fairfield that's that cool marine air trying to get its way on into the central valley we've been seeing very windy conditions. the past few mornings on along the 80 corridor in solano county as for temperatures today, we will be comfortable again 60's 70's and 80's for daytime
5:57 am
highs enjoy it before or toasty weekend. james all right. thank you very much john at 5.56 we'll take a quick break but coming up. house speaker nancy pelosi says the san francisco hair salon owner. >>owes her an apology after a quote set up. we'll have more on that in just a moment, plus manslaughter charges for the san leandro officer who shot and killed a black man inside of a walmart we'll tell you why the district attorney says the officer used excessive force.
5:58 am
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>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 6. >>good morning. everybody thank you for joining us here on the kron 4 morning news, it is 06:00am on this thursday, september 3rd i'm james fletcher and i'm robin winston filling in for darya folsom, we need to get an update on your forecast, let's check in with john and see how it's shaping up today, hey john hey guys we are actually looking at another really nice day ahead of us sure will be hazy at times but at least temperatures will be comfortable. >>this morning cloud cover sitting over head. but you've got a view of berkeley down below us were driving underneath the clouds this morning as for current air quality moderate for most areas, good for areas further north in the bay while some patches of poor conditions stretching from fairfield down through mill valley. >>as well as in the santa cruz mountains right now temperatures are in the 50's and 60's with double in at 58 degrees san mateo and alameda each at 59. well oakland conquered and hayward are


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