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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  September 3, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>>news at 6. >>anyone an apology this is closely owes the entire country an apology a covid controversy involving house speaker pelosi heat up the speakers excuse that she was set up is false tonight the salon owner firing back. and from pelosi, san francisco doorstep get back here to the white house do as i say not as i do says nancy pelosi rowing backlash over the speakers blowout. and thanks for joining us at 6 everybody i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant
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lotus just one day after house speaker nancy pelosi tried to squash the controversy. >>it is heating back up again tonight, yeah earlier at the white well they blasted as speaker pelosi, them protesters gathered outside her san francisco home and now we're hearing from the owner of the salon where she visited and that was all today will start tonight with kron four's justine waldman who joins us live in the newsroom with the salon owners response just an hour or so ago and just seen a time she was cry. >>absolutely now the salon owner got very emotional while sharing her side of the story at some point she was crying and having a hard time speaking. >>she says for nancy pelosi to claim that she is a victim of a setup is totally outrageous so here now is the video that was played during the white house press briefing today it shows the speaker in a smock with wet hair and no face mask as she walks through the san francisco salon on union street. the salon owner says nancy pelosi or her people call to request a hair
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appointment at home. but instead the stylist jonathan dinardo invited her to the salons in the last hour east salon owner. erik yes explain why she released this video. >>the point of releasing this video was and is if a woman in a high-risk age group who spends much of her time on tv warning about the dangers of covid-19 feel safe and comfortable in santa ana san francisco's salon and can be responsible for being cautious and mindful, why can't the rest of san francisco and the rest of america do that too. that was my point. someone who breaks a rule to feed themselves or their children. it's very different from mrs. pelosi who supports rules that even she acknowledges by her actions are not necessarily to ensure safety. i just wanted all silas. >>including to be able to work and also an including mine.
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>>and to be able to reopen safely in for indoor services. >>so chaos went on to say she has text messages that proved the stylist informed nancy pelosi that indoor salon appointments we're not allowed and that she knew that, but she felt safe coming in anyway. so we've also heard from the stylist involved in a statement in the tourney for jonathan dinardo says he did not want to go through with the appointment. but that he got approval to proceed from the salon owner and that mister dinardo has been receiving rather steady death threats. so he wishes to move forward and has no other comment at this time, but he stands by his prior comments live right now in the newsroom, i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. thank you just seen have ever seen protesters with big old blow dryers in hair curlers. >>neither had off but the controversy is not letting up in nancy pelosi's home district.
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>>now our kron four's maureen kelly has more from outside the speaker's home in pacific heights, which was the scene of a noisy demonstration today. >>got over a dozen women showed up outside the house speaker's pacific heights mansion wearing curlers in their hair and draped in plastic as if they were at the beauty shop, they hung blow dryers in the tree outside and expressed their outrage over pelosi's trip to the union street salon monday. and the shutdown's effect on the state. >>what she has done has slapped the face of not just the salon owner, but every woman every man everybody who is employed in the state of california has lost their jobs lost their livelihoods many of whom are my friends at the speaker's hairdo also got top billing at the white house press briefing kayleigh mcenany flanked by 2 monitors play the now infamous video of pelosi with wet hair and no mask inside the salon on a loop apparently the rules do
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not apply to speaker nancy pelosi. >>she wants small businesses to stay shut down. but only reopen for her convenience. do as i say not as i do says nancy pelosi, this comes the day after pelosi herself fired back at the release of the surveillance video to fox news. >>as it turns out it was a setup. so i take responsibility 4 falling for a set up a former stylist at the salon things politics are at the root of this you know, she's a huge chance of and i know she can't and nancy pelosi like us they think it was politically driven i know, she's just we have very sullen can open today the president tweeted about the controversy saying quote. >>crazy nancy pelosi said she was set up by the beauty parlor owner when she improperly had the salon opened does anyone want to speaker of the house who can be so easily set up pelosi's deputy chief of staff re tweeted the president's remarks, adding does anyone
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want a president of the united states who is more focused on this nonsense rather than crushing the virus and saving american lives. so far pelosi has stayed out of the fray today, not reacting to the comments from the white house. >>but given the attention her hairstyle has had today. it's hard to say when this whole thing will blow over. maureen kelly kron 4 news. it's our coverage of this covid controversy continues at kron 4 dot com there you can watch the salon owners entire press conference. >>read the full statement from the stylus lawyer and watch reaction from both sides all kron 4 dot com. health officials are reviewing waiver applications for schools to reopen for modified in person learning now kron four's rob fladeboe has details about a plan that has been approved for the campbell union school district in the south bay. in school district began distance learning on august 24th.
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>>but starting next tuesday, what's being called modified in person classes will begin in this classroom among others here at forest hill elementary and it for other schools across the district. the idea is to provide some extra help to students who may be struggling with distance learning to superintendent shelley here amount as while they won't be receiving their instruction on campus. >>we'll have staff there to support them making sure getting on their zoom lessons. if there are challenges or they just need to be redirected and reminded to get back onto their lesson. it will be supervised process for students to complete their work campbell unions reopening plan also focused on safety measures hygiene social distancing masks and other public health protocols. >>so far 126 students are signed up that order phase one goal or capacity of 266 students on campus. the plan also supports a focus on equity. >>because we know that some of
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our families have the ability to support in distance learning. more so than others for a variety of reasons. so we want to make sure that all students are having access to their learning learning labs like this one will also welcome back students at lynn haven, rosemary blackford and capri elementary. >>if successful, the plan will scale up to remote as says or other vulnerable learners as for those not yet ready to come back the district has a plan for that too we offered in all year long distance learning option. so we essentially open a new school this year. to give staff members who really wanted to opt for that and families who wanted to make sure that even when we are ready to phase back into in person instruction. >>that their children could be an all-year distance-learning in campbell rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>happening tomorrow hair salons and barbershops in alameda county will be allowed to service clients. indoors today stylist in alameda cut
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dryden colored hair. >>out on the patio earlier this week barbers and stylists across the county were allowed to return to work as long as clients were outside could be service to 3 at a time salon receptionist sub the says that they are having no problems booking clients. >>we sent a mass e-mail text they are on and so on has been excited. it's been a while it's been almost 6 months and we can not good can't wait to get everybody in. >>shops like salons will be allowed to move indoor starting tomorrow morning there will be restrictions of course everybody needs to wear the mask and the shop can only run at 25 percent capacity. labor day weekend is right around the corner and while you may have plans to get together with your friends health officials are warning if we're not careful we could see another spike in covid numbers indeed kron 4 sanaz tahernia now explains what officials there say. labor day weekend may be the unofficial
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end of summer but bay area health officials are reminding you that it's not the end of the pandemic coronavirus cases continue to grow across the country. >>including right here in the bay area. the more than 85,000 confirmed cases across the 9 bay area counties and more than 1100 deaths covid-19 is still very much a reality for us all labor day weekend is a time when people gather with friends and family to celebrate which means there will be barbecues brunches and for some people there will be alcohol which could be a recipe for an increase in covid-19 numbers seek of go back you know what we went through in march and april and the amazing job that we did here in california. >>and we all let our guard down a bit you know memorial day 4th of july and we certainly saw an increase of cases after that. >>so we're just getting out of that period now, but if we want to keep our businesses open. we want to keep our schools open. we got to take responsibility on ourselves and this in this holiday is going to be a good test for all of us if we can if we can keep doing what we've been
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doing. >>thursday morning santa clara county health officials discussed the importance of staying safe this weekend saying covid is still very present in the community. they're also reminding people to stay safe in the extreme heat that's headed our way this is kind of an interesting weekend because there's also a heat advisory. >>and so we want folks to know to be careful of the heat. so you know last year so make sure that you stay hydrated. you're outside you know and in some cases it may be actually safer to stay indoors. away from the heat. >>now if you do plan on getting together with friends and family are advised to keep your group small don't share food or drinks with one another and remember to wear your mask and wash your hands, reporting in the newsroom sanaz tahernia kron 4 news. >>right now the latest on the wildfires containment efforts on those 3 major fires burning across the bay area well things are improving the lnu lightning complex in the north bay, currently at 81% containment after more than
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375,000 acres burned the scu complex in the east and south bay's is currently at 78% containment. more than 391,000 acres have burned there that's the second biggest fire in state history. and the czu complex in san mateo and santa cruz counties up to 48% containment there with more than 85,000 acres burned. >>cal iso issuing an alert to conserve power and at last right on through the weekend the flex alert is in effect from 03:00pm to 09:00pm starting this saturday and then extends right on through monday and taking a live look outside right now from our sutro cam overlooking downtown san francisco looks like there's some smoke out there let's consider right don't go outside you'll breathe the smoke, wildfires still burning. >>stay away from people because of covid and you know stay inside because it's going to be hot if you have a c but then they might turn your power out for a little bit so
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yeah, what takes so what to do with the what are you going to get something called a drink right just going to hang out. but yeah, i mean we're talking about some dangerous he not just your normal he way this is going to be blazing hot as we head to the holiday weekend labor day weekend continued into monday maybe tuesday as well record temps likely around the bay area's will see these temperatures soaring. >>away from the immediate coastline even up toward the beaches, it's going to be on the toasty side but hot and smoky in yeah for most the bay area that we're dealing with all weekend long so. heat advisories go in effect along the coastline and inside the bay, excessive heat warnings in red you can see it all the way down in the san jose luis temperatures expecting those numbers may be as high as 96 to a 110 degrees against county maybe as high as a 112 so certainly very hot we're going to break down all those temperatures. that's your forecast. let you know will cool things down coming up in a few minutes. >>i want. poll the trio. it's
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caught on camera just loading up stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from several east bay businesses where exactly happened coming up. plus families who lost loved ones in this horrific southern california boat fire. >>paying their respects. the new memorial honoring the lives of all 34 victims. and next oakland unified school district's grab and go meal service for students.
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>>a >>free food program that ended actually when the new school year began in oakland is now back on our kron four's haaziq reports that today grabbing go lunch service return for all kids whether they are in school or not. >>the oakland unified school district's grab and go student mills service is once again open to all oakland children inside or usd. >>anybody in the city of oakland was 18 younger doesn't matter what you got to just run school or charter school private school homes schools, not even old enough to go to school you are eligible to get food from us see in usd spokesperson john sasaki says during the previous 6 months there was no requirement of being a student to receive the grab and go meal over 4 million meals were distributed during that time frame however that changed on
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the first day of the school year once we get our response to these new rules are in place and and you have to prove that a child was one of our students and we're just to run dropped us 50% plus the previous federal requirement of families needing to prove that their child attends a district school is no longer the case lee v 8 ing a major concern for members of oakland's immigrant community we have to make this very very clear we are e saint regis or inside the sanctuary city inside a sanctuary state. that means we do not give private student sam information to the federal government doesn't so psaki says usd is able to get back to helping oakland residents fight food insecurity during the covid-19 pandemic even in the best of times before we are wherever to shelter in place she more than 70% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunches, obviously that means there's a map of the 22 different sites across the city where food is now being
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distributed on mondays and thursdays from 08:00am to 01:00pm haaziq kron 4 news. >>and the south bay, los gatos elementary teacher is behind bars tonight on suspicion of sexually assaulting a minor. the santa clara county sheriff's office says 50 year-old joseph hoag was arrested on multiple felony charges, an investigation began back in may after a 13 year-old boy reported that hogue asked to see the boy stomach during a private zoo meeting 2 other victims have since surfaced one of them alleging that hogue touched him inappropriately when he was a child. i was in 5th grade teacher at blossom hill elementary school. he is now being held at the santa clara county main jail on $100,000 bail. >>the east bay now where alameda police say they need your help trying to identify some thieves police a group of brazen criminals targeted several alameda retailers. suspects here scene loading up after they entered the business removing thousands of
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dollars worth of merchandise from shelves before taking off. just fill in those bags. if you recognize anyone in the video you're asked to call alameda police. i whether time as we take a live look outside right now at san francisco's embarcadero breezy evening here but a little bit of blue in the sky. >>chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the 4 zone forecast on the heels of a holiday i yeah probably the most blue fc the sky so far from for quite a while now since the fire started but we're seeing that strong or sea breeze so little breath of fresh air come from the ocean and some of that clean air see some of that fog over san bruno mountain as well. yeah, the winds have been picking up still equality you can't say it's great at all in fact unhealthy in parts of the east bay and parts of the north bay to tomorrow looks like we'll see another day of spare the airport equality, especially in the north bay i think again you'll see some nice air along the coastline of the sea breeze developing. >>and moderate amounts of course a developing elsewhere but that sea breeze has been kicking in a fairly robust
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around a good part of the bay area this evening to 18 miles per hour to the west in oakland, 24 now at sfl 22 miles per hour in fairfield and 10 miles per hour in blown over the weekend high pressure builds in overhead air gets pretty stagnant that major smokers in a blow around anywhere that means it's just going to be sticking around much of the bay area and that means some very poor air quality i think over the weekend go along with those extremely hot temperatures tomorrow, not a bad day we'll see some 80's inland 70's inside the bay and 1560's with patchy fog of the coast. >>across from are. >>coming up at 6.45 families across the country being forced out of their homes during the pandemic as of fictions across the country continues. up next a new memorial honors. those who lost their lives in the tragic twenty-ninete
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>>wednesday marked one year since the deadly conception boat fire 34 people, hoping to enjoy a labor day diving trip died after the boat, they were sleeping on caught fire in the middle of the night. >>loved ones took time out to remember that tragedy and honor the victims with a permanent memorial. john palminteri has the story now from santa barbara. >>over the last year. i'm sure that you have had days that you didn't think that you could make it through. and yet
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you did. >>remembering the worst maritime tragedy in modern california history. one year ago the conception dive boat went down in flames off santa cruz island, 34 on board died the captain and 4 crew members survived. the official national transportation safety board reported the cause will be released next month. >>you turn out to be the most tragic all of our careers a virtual ceremony took place at dawn. >>combined with them in person gathering of those close to the victims. they along with the boating community were given words of comfort cherish the memories that you have of your loved ones because those are yours to keep. >>forever is a somber day but it's also a day where it's nice reconnect with families into. >>to recognize how precious is 34 people were at the end of the santa barbara break water, % lasting memories of those who were lost including pictures messages and personal
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belongings. >>those who attended watched as a special plaque, a large rock was unveiled with the names of all who died this plaque to remember those who are on the conception has been placed here at the santa barbara waterfront by the lost at sea memorial, they've also rain some of the pictures and memories that were gathered at sea landing one year ago as we were learning about this tragedy, everyone in your life. >>precious you need to cherish and honor them. you know that could be bought in an you know 3 of them coming on and center. >>a ship's bell was rung 34 times and sheriff bill brown recalled what was written on a special flag at the memorial fair winds and following seas. well remember you on every dive. and so it is their spirits. that was john palminteri reporting for us tonight.
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>>and we could could be the busiest travel weekend we've seen since the pandemic began details on what's being done to keep everybody safe just few minutes. >>i'm morgan wright in washington coming up how lawmakers are responding to the spread of misinformation online ahead of the election. >>and next at 6.30 joe biden making his first visit to kenosha wisconsin
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>>he >>talked about how. nothing was going to defeat him. where
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they want to get it or not he was not going to give up. >>democratic presidential nominee, joe biden says he spoke with jacob blake who was recovering from an officer involved shooting biden discussed the call during a meeting with community leaders in kenosha wisconsin. later in the day. >>by made a clear distinction that he supports free speech but condemns rioting president trump visited the city tuesday. but did not meet with the blake family so biden's visit to kenosha today in trump's trip on tuesday, yeah certainly got a lot of attention but for very different reasons inside bay area politics catherine heenan is live in the newsroom with some reaction kathryn well, we know that joe biden was in kenosha in part he wanted to draw a sharp contrast to the presidents visit on tuesday. >>to highlight what he sees as big differences in how each candidate is approaching things like racial unrest again remembe


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