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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 12, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>the >>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at night you're just looking at really bad air quality continue from yesterday and unfortunately we continuing on through the weekend 40 things took a turn for the worse on friday. we're seeing a lot of smoke mixing down from a number of sources. >>unhealthy air is just sitting over the bay area this weekend. the extremely poor air quality just doesn't want to leave. thank you so much for joining us tonight here on kron 4 news at 9 i'm justine waltman i'm jonathan mccall right now air quality levels across the bay area needless to say are at unhealthy levels get this. >>some areas like livermore seeing air quality levels at nearly 500 that's dangerous folks we have live team coverage of that bad air including one event held today in the east bay. despite the spoke it conditions forced gayle ong is live right now for us in livermore with details good evening, gayle.
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>>good evening just cnn jonathan where you are in the bay area, the smoke is bad. organizers of one night market were on the fence about canceling their event because of the smoke but decided to go on to support small businesses. >>the made in livermore market made its debut saturday night but didn't expect smoky and hazy conditions going back and but we've got everybody needs a little happiness the bay area air quality management district are seeing the highest readings in the north and east bay area with hazardous an unhealthy air due to smoke from wildfires burning across the state oregon and washington. >>one problem we're having right now is there's so much smoke offshore the evening. we get our afternoon breezes which usually clear things out it's just bringing more smoke into the bay area, scientists say these wildfires have made breathing the air like smoking about half a pack of cigarettes a day the indoors with your windows and doors >>you know what your condition recirculate if you can set up
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a portable air filter. if you have to be outside you can't rely on your covid masks to give you much protection from air quality you would really need in 95 or above masks may get a little more market residents are out despite the conditions very heavy you can tell the area probably can see it definitely gotten worse all day. >>you can smell you misspoke now trying to do our best out here short terms kind of get to where we need to go. support from local businesses on and they get home. >>a boost for vendors. i think that when people look at food, you know it makes him happy the way. >>i do the cooking people still want to be out and about and support i was actually blown away by how many people did come out, especially it's been awesome. >>some of these miners hit hard by the pandemic so this event definitely lifted their spirits now despite the air quality being so bad here in livermore you can smell the smoke but it doesn't make it's still bad of course. here in downtown livermore lot of
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people are out and about dining al fresco. what they have areas still under spare the air alert through monday and that could potentially be extended live in livermore gayle, ong kron 4 news. and there are a few different air quality maps that are out there that you can use to determine just how dangerous the air is outside and your neighborhood we put them on kron 4 dot com. but let's take a look at them right now this is purple air dot com. >>and you can see that the bay area's covered all in these. color-coded circles that have a number on top of them the color in the number of both correspond to the environmental protection agency's index for air quality. number 100 indicates that the air may be unhealthy for anyone who is extra sensitive. a circle, that's colored orange means bad for preexisting conditions but once you hit one 50. the circle turns red meaning the air quality is bad for everyone regardless of how healthy you are. and a 200 the caller turns purple but at that point the air is so unhealthy everyone in the
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region should stay indoors as much as possible as we're looking at the map right now at showing us the peninsula and we can see. parts of the peninsula in the south bay and even the east bay are covered in these red and purple dots saying that the air quality is really unhealthy anything above one 50 is just considered bad flat out. so think of it goes higher than that. what that's meaning for health. experts say prolonged exposure to this toxic air can have lasting and negative impacts on our health and also increases our chances of catching the coronavirus. >>because while star smoke increases the risk for lower respiratory tract infections and given that we're in the middle of a pandemic i worry that the exposure to this bear is increasing the risk of covid-19. >>so if you have to go outside doctors advise wearing an n 95 or surgical mask. if you only have a cloth mask to wear you just have to wash it every time you go outside because the smoke particles can
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actually get trapped inside the material. >>a live look outside sfo where once again that smoke that haze that fog has just been lingering all day long and really all weekend long. from all the wildfires that we've been seeing. >>let's check in now to find out what's happening with our weather forecast with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. i think every one of the bay area's just hoping that this smoke and haze hits the road. >>yeah, it won't hit the road just cnn jonathan until around tuesday that's when we're going to notice moderate air particles instead of that unhealthy to very unhealthy range that we're seeing now let's take a live look outside half moon bay socked in with dense low clouds and fog mixing in that those poor air particles from the smoke and ash and that is why we're noticing it dropped to the surface bringing us some very poor to worst air particles out there right now we will notice some improvement by sunday afternoon through
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sunday evening, thanks to the return of that stronger sea breeze but not really going to help out that much still tracking very unhealthy air. particle so please limit your outdoor activity as much as you can not only the young and young at heart, but also those of you with pulmonary and respiratory issues that are most susceptible to this poor air quality we do have a spare the air alert and also an air quality advisory in effect from now through monday because we're still tracking the very poor air out there in this dense fog advisory out there right now from 9 o'clock along the coast of the bay area for your sunday morning certainly not going to help because it is going to be the poorest for your sunday morning because of that dense low and high cloud cover future cast for though will show we are going to see that low cloud cover extending to our inland valleys may actually have to have this dense fog advisory extended through around your noon lunch time hour, but right now it is set to expire by around 9 o'clock sunday morning wind speeds out there right now not
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helping in fact we want those double digit wind speeds to push all that smoke and ash away from the bay area but that won't arrive until later sunday afternoon through early sunday evening and also tracking cooler weather in the days ahead more coming up in my full forecast in a few minutes jonathon just seeing back to you risa thank you. meanwhile, president donald trump expected to get a firsthand look at the damage from the california wildfires. >>the president is expected to visit mcclellan park in sacramento county on monday which has been a base for cal fire operations. the president issuing a disaster declaration for the golden state last month. meanwhile president trump is in nevada for 2 days of campaign events he's hosting a or an event tonight in reno and will host another rally tomorrow afternoon in las vegas. >>the state called in reinforcements from the east coast to help fight the major wildfires burning here in the bay area and those resources arrived in the world's largest cargo aircraft. kron 4 suite
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of all reports from san francisco international airport where that plane landed earlier today. >>a welcome sight in a breath of bad air for the california governor's office of emergency services callow yes teamed up with fema to fly in a russian antonov cargo aircraft billed as the largest airplane on the planet is the first coming out here for almost 20 years. >>and crew members from the new jersey forest fire service touchdown at san francisco international airport saturday afternoon carrying 3 fire engines and a truck. >>the task force assigned to deadly and destructive bay area wildfires hoping other crews already stretched thin california getting the worst of the worse. here and they plan on staying in the state for 2 weeks they specialize in wildfires, especially attacking flames in remote
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areas sightings of forest fire is an arduous task is very large and very dangerous as fast-moving is very easy for people to be injured. >>therefore it had to be taken slowly and methodically and. it's it's not an easy tasks. but that's the that's what we do. >>and the task force's arrival comes at a critical time thousands of homes have been destroyed and more than 3 million acres of land have burned in california since the start of the year it seems like >>and and then the next year seems to be worse off. one state we can only hope at san francisco international airport fleet of all kron 4 news meanwhile tonight fire crews continue to make progress on putting all 3 major wildfires here in the bay area. >>the lnu complex fire in the north bay now and 96% containment. the fire has burned more than 363,000
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acres. the scu complex in the east and south bay's now at 98% containment with 397,000 acres burned. crews now have this czu complex fire in san mateo and santa cruz counties at 87% containment with 86,000 acres burned the woodward fire at point reyes national seashore in marine county is that 95% containment that fire has scorched some 4900 acres. oregon officials say as many as 8 people have been killed in wildfires there. 10's of thousands of folks have had to flee their homes because of wildfires. meanwhile take a look at this one woman filmed as a wildfire creep dangerously close to home. >>us house sir. ice but. >>definitely scary to think
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about authorities say more than 1500 square acres have burned in oregon during recent days that's nearly double the amount in one to pull year. and that's an area that's actually larger than rhode island. >>we're still watching the breaking news tonight out of los angeles were to los angeles county sheriff's deputies have been shot in compton. in what's being called an ambush attack this is a live look at the scene. one male deputy and one female deputy were ambushed as they sat in their patrol vehicle. this is all according to the la county sheriff's department and i want to take you now to the video that the sheriff's department just tweeted showing us what happened. both of the deputies have sustained multiple gunshot wounds america, critically in they have they are in critical condition right now and are undergoing surgery. the video shows us as the sheriff's department is saying that the gunman walks up to the deputies and opens fire without warning and without being provoked. there's a
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search right now for the suspect this video might be considered disturbing to some. but this is the reality right now in los angeles 2 sheriff's deputies have been shot in what's being called an ambush attack as we've been following this since it happened just after 8 o'clock this evening. as soon as more details come in we will bring them to you. also coming up tonight a military hero was honored this week with one of the country's highest honors. >>after freeing dozens of hostages. >>plus details on one california city rebuilding after devastating wildfires has even more wildfire threats, lou. >>and we'll masks really cups, plates, burgers, chips... masks, outdoor air, 6 feet of distance, as few people as possible,
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and plenty of hand soap. make sure lowering the risk of spreading covid-19 is on your list for your next small gathering. do your part to lower the risk.
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>>and health officials continuing to warn everyone to wear a mask in order to limit the spread of covid-19 but it's still unclear just how much protection you have if you come into contact with someone who does have covid-19 shay arthur spoke with a doctor to find out just how safe we are with masks. >>question tonight could wearing a mask and not really you to covid-19 if you had just small amounts of virus that you're exposed to it sort of like back sunday to against against the virus. that's a question raised by researchers the unproven theory floated in the new england journal of medicine we talked about this memorial infectious disease specialist doctor steve threlkeld about the idea you
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know it's a theory is what it is very little bit country dated to 2 of the verify it would be it would you be able to do such a study that verifies that you think you could get lived up to really tested, but he did say this the idea that it's better to be exposed to less virus is certainly a reasonable idea and go but while it's an idea now doctor threlkeld acknowledges often human nature is to protect ourselves. this could lead to more masking but to the extent that that doesn't bigger so that it would just only get up to him to make people wear masks more this is going to be a good thing for us all regardless of the motivation behind shay arthur. >>california saw more than 4,000 new cases of covid-19 162 deaths in the past 24 hours. among the hot zones for those new cases here in the golden state. los angeles sacramento, san diego and riverside. >>nearly all of california state university classes will remain online not only for this fall, but also for the
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rest of the upcoming academic year. csu announced that the spring 2021 semester will be held online due to the coronavirus outbreak the csu chancellor says there are more than a half a million employees and students in the entire system and that the impact of faculty and students is being considered along with the larger community. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast right now as we take a live look here at breeze is showing us the storm tracker and also jonathan's here. the 3 amigos summit together once the new weekend crew. i love it we're glad you're finally able to join us but recent had been missing the last 2 weeks i know i've been on vacation much needed vacation, but let's take a look at our storm tracker for we are tracking some pretty dense low clouds and fog along the coast. >>that so we have a dense fog advisory in effect from now through 9 o'clock for your sunday morning but daytime highs today 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday warming up into the low 70's for
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downtown san francisco and even in the low 90's for those of you in livermore unconquered santa rosa seen that double digit warm-up at 91 degrees. >>for your afternoon highs today and taking a live look outside can't even make out city hall in the distance because of that thick layer of smoke and also fog also known as smog out there that is going to impact your sunday morning as well, but it's already cooling down temperatures along the coast, mid 50's for half moon bay low 60's for those of you in downtown san francisco, san jose in the low 70's with mid 70's for those of you in livermore most of their tribe valleys, including conquered as well low to mid 60 throughout the east bay shoreline with oakland at 65 degrees napa also in the mid 60's as is santa rosa, thanks to the return of that deep marine le are out there for your saturday night and we are going to notice some patchy coastal drizzle for your overnight hours and even sunday morning still going to stay socked in with that low and high cloud cover better
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clearing as you make your way inland by sunday afternoon, but stubborn marine layer along the coast. that's what's going to contribute to your cool down where you're going to be a few degrees below average for most of our coastal cities but overnight lows tonight, widespread mid 50's and tomorrow's daytime highs cooling down to below average for downtown san francisco in half moon bay. you should be in the upper 60's but instead cooling down into the mid 60's low 70's for the east bay shoreline, widespread mid 80's for the tribe valleys, san jose 78 degrees in napa 79 degrees with mullah who in the low 80's. but we do have a slight chance of drizzle later next week by around thursday and friday could pick up a few traces of an inch of rain with this widespread drizzle that could make its way into the bay area certainly much needed much welcome really truly clear out the skies and also give us a break from the warm temperatures back to you just jonathan's over to thank you tonight, oakland police are searching for a suspect wanted in a fatal stabbing. >>just before midnight police say they found a man stabbed
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on 35th avenue in the fruitvale district. >>paramedics took that man to the hospital where he died in surgery. so far his name has not been released or any suspect information released by oakland police. anyone with details is urged to call oakland. police. >>also the east bay today marks the 10th anniversary of a man who was murdered in berkeley on his 35th birthday officials are now offering a $50,000 reward for any information on off also the ons murder, he was killed in a robbery as he was walking home with his fiance and during the robbery he was shot in his john say was punched in the face now to the north they were last night a high speed chase ended with the driver crashing injuring 2 women. >>who are inside of that car with him. the 19 year-old driver reaching speeds, according to authorities up to 90 miles an hour before crashing into a building. >>and you can see where the
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car goes up in flames, you see the end result, they're right there. officers good this were able to save all 4 people inside 2 women. sustained injuries and were taken to santa rosa memorial hospital. one man also a passenger in that cause suffered minor injuries. the 19 year-old driver arrested for evading and reckless driving. >>police are asking for your help tonight to find the driver who hit a 78 year-old woman and then left the scene on thursday morning. this person was crossing treat boulevard and walnut creek won a silver pickup truck made a right hand turn and hit the woman who suffered a fractured hip and cuts and all over her body. after the collision, the truck continued westbound on treat boulevard police say without stopping. the driver was described as a white male adult aged a 30 to 40 years old and may have been on his cell phone. the truck is described as a newer model silver pickup with an extended cab. if anyone witnessed this
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accident or the suspect's vehicle, they know where it is contact the chp office in martine us. >>still to come tonight here on kron 4 news at 5 as fire crews continue to get better contained than on fires more families now returning home. many of them returning to find their homes burned some of them with nothing at all. >>also coming up a military hero was honored this week with one of the country's
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>>a south carolina soldier received the medal of honor in a white house ceremony from 4 washington correspondent kelli meyer learned about his valor and his bravery that led him to being selected for the nation's highest military award. >>please join me in welcoming today's extraordinary recipient south carolina soldier thomas patrick payne stood in the east room of the white house as president trump presented him with the highest military honor. receive the medal of honor for his heroic actions in october 2015 when he led a rescue mission that ended in the freeing of 75 hostages from isis control so we're ecstatic some were crying. and they realize that they're being liberated. >>because chances are going to be executed next. >>payne first rescue 38 hostages before saving a second group that was trapped inside a burning building the goings on fire and for being trying bounce room. then pain
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went back inside one last time to make sure everyone was out is our duty to bring those men all and given a second chance at life. liberty and pursuit of happiness pain receive the medal of honor here at the white house on the 19th anniversary of the september 11th attacks the event that pain says inspired him to serve his country. >>when the towers fell one was a senior in high school is a call to service a love for country pains career has spanned 17 deployments and now he is the first living delta force member to receive the medal of honor. >>pat you personify the moto rangers lead the way and you inspire us all this would be a man that wears it well. >>and reporting in washington, i'm kelly meyer. >>next up wildfires continue to burn in multiple states making history with a number
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ms. williams: we've been working hard... ms. robinson: make learning fun again. ms. duncan: and making sure our students can succeed. ms. zamora: we're with you every step of the way. ms. robinson: i know it's a challenging time. ms. zamora: no one wants to be back in the classroom more than teachers. ms. williams: we have missed you so much. mr. hardesty: but we all have to be safe. ms. robinson: because we're all in this together. narrator: making our school buildings safer.
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ms. robinson: working together, we can make it a great year. narrator: because the california teachers association knows quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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>>up next the breaking news out of los angeles were 2 sheriff's deputies have been shot in compton in an ambush attack this according to the la county sheriff's office, here's a live. look at the scene as authorities right now are looking for the gunman and i do want to show you what the sheriff's office put out on twitter as they are searching for the suspect. they're saying that the gunman walked up to the deputies and then opened fire. without warning
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or being provoked and you'll see it in the video here. the person they're just walks right up to the patrol car that's parked there on the side of the street points right through what looks like to us like an open window and just. start shooting. >>it's very it's very chilling to watch especially as we were saying the windows down there sitting in the car and doesn't look like there's any glass or anything like that shattered from that bullet. so that window was down there sitting in the car and as you said the person just walks up starts firing. and then immediately takes you're saying that both of those deputies currently in critical condition. one man one female deputy. undergoing surgery right now in a los angeles and we are staying on top of this trying to get the very latest information from our sister station down in los angeles ktla and from the los angeles county sheriff's office as well. the wildfires are burning millions of acres and destroying homes and
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entire towns in california and oregon. >>as officials brace for even more deaths and evacuations in california wildfires this year alone have made history after mitt 3 million acres so far have burned as many as 22 people have been reported dead in those fires. california has seen 5 of its 10 largest fires in history just this year alone and in oregon more than 1 million acres of land has been burned at least 10% of the state's population is in evacuation zones. >>so the state has dealt with the worst destruction as these blazes have already wiped out 2 towns. president trump publicly address the fires for the first time on twitter he thanked the firefighters in the first responders who are battling the fires in california, oregon and in washington, the president said that he has approved 37 declarations authorizing the federal emergency management agency or fema. >>to coordinate all disaster relief efforts. >>one oregon families snuck
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past some roadblocks to sift through the wreckage of what was left of their home. they were looking for anything that they could save their home. one of the hundreds destroyed by that fire that spread across the state. >>looks like it looks so small for just like how did lived in this little. area you know i mean how is that right. and we just start out so thousands of dollars of last year. >>months because of the pandemic and like oh we should get our supplies. stop stop this thing. and all of that just if you're trying to figure out why people are giving us something to keep offering ask and my husband reminded me because i've heard just got just so surreal what we saw the smoke billowing like there was smoke coming we are looking out of her kitchen pass. >>there's smoke to some food dark smoke coming up. and we
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missed the fires were you see like smoke around here, but that was like we the rest of the beautiful lou. >>the governor in oregon, kate brown said that there are a lot of people who are still missing in paradise california on they know a lot about that it is slowly still rebuilding from the wildfires season. even as new fires are threatening to tonight. most of the buildings in paradise were destroyed in 2018 during the horrible wildfire, there. and this week smoke from nearby fires darken the skies and prompted a lot of people to leave roughly 19,000 structures were destroyed during the 20 18 fire in and around paradise and since then the town has issued about 1000 building permits for single-family homes. many local government shutdown when the coronavirus hit. but paradise kept its building department going with a few modifications in order to prevent a slowdown in permits for new homes right now there
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are currently at least 12 wildfires burning here in california. >>more than 3 million acres have burned so far this year that's the most in the golden state's history. >>cal fire know estimating that more than 4 million may have been destroyed or damaged in the state from the fires. thousands of folks are also expected to evacuate their homes and as fire crews gain more control of the 3 major wildfires burning in the bay area. folks are returning back home to see exactly th damage caused by it. tonight we spoke with angela byrd with fema to talk about the center the intake center that is now open across the bay area to help folks in need. here's what she had to say. >>what is gene best piece of advice that you could give people who are fire victims they are devastated, they feel hopeless. they don't know where to turn where do they begin. >>okay well. >>we do 3 ways of people to
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prove to receive help from fema, you know we do want. people here to recognize that we are here to help us support to state. and we are here to help us and for you know residents of the state that have been impacted by wildfires. and with that you can visit. the registration intake center we do have wanted to know the county. and we also have a center in napa valley. and one that's in santa cruz. and with that they can also if they're unable to. common person to register for assistance they can go on our website which is disaster assistance dot gov. they can also speak to our app representative by phone and 806 to 1, 3, 3, 6, 2, >>but the bad air quality and continuing to impact the bay area there are some places you can go to to get some relief.
9:37 pm
the city of oakland is opening several rest but centers for folks seeking some really from these unhealthy air quality levels. some of those locations are at the 81st street library from one until 7 tomorrow. saint vincent de paul on san pablo out that's open from. that's open from 09:00am until 03:00pm dimond library on fruitvale avenue from noon until 7 and the north oakland senior center on martin luther king junior way from noon until 5 these locations will be staffed by workers with the city of oakland. meanwhile in the south bay to air include clean air centers will open this weekend in san jose to provide relief from the poor air quality. those centers are located at the bascom community center and the telly community branch library. these sites will be open from noon until today and then tomorrow from 10:00am until 06:00pm the centers will provide folks with access to socially distance eating water
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free wi-fi and power outlets. >>let's talk about our weather forecast now as we take a live look outside at what is the golden gate bridge just going to have to take my word for it here because you can barely make out anything with the smog. that's the combination of the fog and all these smoke from the wildfires across the bay area. the breeze or a drug as is here with a look at our weather forecast now i've been getting a lot of text and e-mails from friends and colleagues wanting the inside scoop on when the air is going to get better so i figured i would just go right to the source to really go after the person to tell because once this does go away you're probably going to get all the kudos and high-fives i wish right now on not everyone's favorite, but remember i'm only the messenger let's take a look at. >>at what we saw was the lack of golden gate bridge out there very thick and dense smoke and also fog out there, poor visibility and also tracking drizzle as well for parts of the bay area making for slick saturday night commute so drive safely. and
9:39 pm
also don't forget to turn on your low beams very dangerous driving whether from now through sunday and we are noticing temperatures out there right now along the coast of the san francisco peninsula coastline in the mid to upper 50's for in downtown san francisco, thanks to that cool sea breeze, widespread 60's though for most of the bay area specifically those of you in the east bay with oakland at 65 degrees. >>and still in the 70's even at this 9 o'clock hour for your saturday night from vallejo and conquered in livermore in the mid 70's. >>overnight lows tonight cooling down into the mid 50's so we are going to notice of cooler air mass. they said that stronger on shore flow so that cool sea breeze is also going to drop our temperatures for the 2nd half of the weekend in fact by sunday afternoon downtown san francisco only warming up into the mid 60's and we should be flirting with 70's around this time of year mid 60's for those of you at half moon bay getting the return of that strong seabreeze ana winds have been pretty lackluster calm to light in the single
9:40 pm
digits, but tomorrow we're finally going to see mother nature's ac kicking into high gear moving that smoke and ash away from the bay area by sunday afternoon so expect to see some improvement then brisbane 66 degrees burlingame in the upper 60's and sam, a tail flirting with 70's but 69 degrees, but redwood city in palo alto in the mid 70's with widespread 70's for those of you in the south bay santa clara 76 degrees, san jose 2 degrees warmer at 78 degrees with widespread 70's for most of the east bay livermore 86 degrees and oakland and berkeley in the low 70's walnut creek low 80's for your sunday afternoon in napa 79 degrees in santa rosa, cooling down to the low 80's after being in the low 90's earlier this afternoon and as we take a look at the extended forecast little change through monday but expect to see a big improvement in air quality in the coming days starting around tuesday and then drizzle also going to clean up the air later into your workweek forecast back to you
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jonathan and just seen. >>they can agree that. still ahead tonight, a group of women started an effort called operation can i speak to your manager. ho
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>>well the restaurant industry is still trying to make a comeback after being hit hard was shut down because of the pandemic a group of women in chicago now trying to help struggling minority business owners out it's part of an
9:44 pm
effort called can i speak to your manager reporter felicia bolton has the story. tiers and embrace. >>she got of a small business owners expressed their gratitude to janet tamika and next our bunny and sierra also known as the girls who get money the group had an idea to dine and donate it small black owned businesses following the death of george floyd and protests in several states another business owner said really been struggling with quarantine and not being able to you know have people come in and the regulars. >>because everyone struggling sear ha so says for 3 weeks in a row they gave between 150. >>and $180 to restaurants and north and south chicago i had one woman who said we strive to make a $100 a day to stay afloat and so this $150 just set us up for a day and a half of not having to worry.
9:45 pm
>>about somebody else said that it restored her faith in humanity, they even expanded the initiative to lgbtq plus owned businesses in the area this is about diversity of all. >>skin tones nationalities, races everything we have to give as much as we can to the people who meet our voices and need our time and our money and our investment and show them that we want to invest in them because they're worth it in total, they raised $4,390 from followers and friends on social media. all of the money went to more than 20 earrings, we're all struggling we're all looking for connection we're all looking to see that there's a light at the end of the tunnel that somebody has her fact that somebody believes in us and especially with small business owners. >>they struggle every single day and until you own a small business you might not know how difficult it really is to retain customers in just a confident in a keep working toward tickles their movement sparked friends to do the same in florida and new york, california and texas end of
9:46 pm
the day all of the company said you know it wasn't the amounts that brought me to tears or maybe happy it was the fact that you just took the time out of your busy life. >>to care about sully never even met ha so hope this act of kindness spreads nationwide showing even small gestures can have. >>the. >>reporting for us tonight another another live look outside at san francisco's. embarcadero where you can kind of still see that smoke and haze in the background settling on in on the water. >>so what if we all just scott side remember how we used to that the howell at 08:00pm to like help health care workers. yeah, but how about if everyone goes outside of the same time. well the starlet fanning blowing in just like push the smoke out here you can go work. >>i think we should limit outdoor activity in my personal opinion, but less the
9:47 pm
same door there tonight this state i love the team after that though let's take a look at air quality out there right now pretty bad for the inland areas of the east and that northeast portion of the north bay. we are seeing the worst air quality right now some improvement by or sunday afternoon but still going to remain unhealthy even through monday, but it will improve things to the stronger sea breeze in the coming days, we're on tuesday. we can notice moderate amounts of port air particle so slowly, but surely in the event that no new wildfires spark in and around the bay area that looks to be the track as far as our air quality with the smoke and ash goes but that's why we have the spare the air alert and poor quality advisory in effect from now through monday because of those very unhealthy poor air particles and tomorrow's daytime highs cooling down so we are going to notice the porous tear in the morning because of the dense low clouds and fog there is a dense fog advisory for the bay area coastline from now through 9 o'clock sunday
9:48 pm
morning and in the afternoon expect to see more clouds and sun with downtown san francisco in half moon bay, only warming up into the mid 60's low 70's for the east bay shoreline with widespread 70's and 80's as you make your way inland and we're going to notice cooler weather by later next week with widespread drizzle returning to the bay area on thursday or friday so stay tuned back to you. >>time for sports. >>less than 24 hours until football returns and right now we don't know if there will actually be any football played you can blame the decision on one thing smoke. that's lingering in the air from all the wildfires. the niners have been waiting 7 months after that bitter defeat in the super bowl against the kansas city chiefs to get back on the field to defend their nfc title but the likely have to wait just a little while longer because of the conditions in the air kickoff against the arizona cardinals tentatively set for tomorrow afternoon at one 25 at levi stadium. but air quality around the stadium is absolutely terrible at this
9:49 pm
point and one point today. they're quality levels well over 200 which is the magic number for the nfl to allow its players to get on the field moving the game to monday also a potential option we're going to be monitoring all the situations from santa clara. right here on kron 4 until kick off tomorrow. meanwhile star baseball a big blow to the a's. they chase a pennant the likely have to do without all-star 3rd baseman matt chapman who is now expected to miss the rest of the season because of surgery on his hip that surgery set for monday in colorado in 37 games this season, he was hitting 2, 3, 2 with 10. >>homers and 25 rbi eyes. chapman started the year as the series mvp candidate after jacking up 36 homers last year as for the team. there are now splitting their double header with the texas rangers. the a's maintaining a 6 and a half lead in the al west. they'll continue their series with the rangers tomorrow before heading to seattle for another double header with the
9:50 pm
mariners on monday. john's not playing again today after a year of the team tested positive for covid-19 the teams right now in san diego to play the padres we understand that there could be a double header played tomorrow. the team issuing this statement for us today saying that they learned last night that a member of the organization tested positive for covid-19 they've instructed the team's players and staff to self isolate in san diego with recommendations and safety precautions in place. the organization and major league baseball says though continue to provide updates as possible. meanwhile lakers rockets game 5 western conference semifinals rockets down early and often this one the lakers have been going up by as many as 20 points very early in the game. rockets would go on to lose to lebron james and anthony davis in the series 4 to one the lakers winning it, they'll know go on to the western conference finals for the first time in 10 years. they'll take on the winner of the clippers nuggets
9:51 pm
series that does it for sports has more kron 4 news at 9 o'clock right after the break. >>next up it's a story that began in the hospital and ends in a new home for a young girl. why months, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously. and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe.
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>>we're >>staying on top of breaking news for you this saturday here on kron 4 news, this is a live look from compton, california has to los angeles
9:54 pm
county deputies have been shot as part of an ambush there in compton this evening. one man one female deputy sitting inside the patrol car you see it right there when the when someone walks up with that gun fires into the passenger side of that patrol car and then takes off without warning or provocation. we do know that both of those deputies, suffering critical injuries at this point both of them undergoing surgery at a hospital that suspect is still at large tonight just a few moments ago the los angeles county sheriff's office says that they will have a live press conference at 10 o'clock tonight to discuss the very latest on that shooting, we'll bring you more updates from la as it becomes available. >>a missouri girl who had growing up too soon and was taken care of by her grandparents now has a new home. >>david oliver has this amazing story of how this little girl was able to find a new home. >>it's different because i had
9:55 pm
to check claire has diabetes and get her shot to medicine staff and remind her and then on to her about like taking your pal of the south. >>tell us still remembers having to grow up a bit faster than other kids. she was raised by her great grandparents who were in the 80's i use to have to you know keep your blood sugar and staff and. >>i was one of the parents. >>as time moved forward tell you and her great grandparents made frequent trips to the hospital where she met a dean. >>we have those brief interactions at the hospital but we knew exactly who each other was she said you're the lady with the dog, so the dog works up and the hospital. >>tell you is great grandparents needed to move to assist in living. that's when a dean smith director of nursing at cox branson i knew she had to do something to help something just got to my heart and i just said i've got to take her home. >>yeah, i can't let her go into foster just can't do it and even though she has been considered part of the family for the last year today. it is official visit option is
9:56 pm
>>and her new family is finally allowing this 11 year-old girl to act or age, she's a character she something because i feel like she didn't get to be a kid and now that she can she's letting it all out. yeah so we're getting a full wrap of >>and ad knows just how happy tell you is great grandfather must be that the adoption is now official the man that he found out it was me that was going to be taking his daughter. he said he grabbed my hand and he said i'm so happy. and so he was from that point on just so happy that she was going with us she was going to be safe and that he you know it's going to have this great great outcome for her. >>that is an incredible story that was david oliver reporting for us. i'm jonathan mccall and that does it for kron 4 news at 9 o'clock this saturday night, i'm justine waldman we'll see you right back here at 10.
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all that with fries and a drink for only $5.99! ...woah, is there an echo in here? get my sourdough patty melt combo, back on my menu for $5.99. >>in compton, california. so we're waiting for that press conference to start start at any moment of the los angeles county sheriff's office has also released some video of the incident and you want to warn you before we played it


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