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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 12, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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100% beef. and two slices of melted cheese. all that with fries and a drink for only $5.99! ...woah, is there an echo in here? get my sourdough patty melt combo, back on my menu for $5.99. >>in compton, california. so we're waiting for that press conference to start start at any moment of the los angeles county sheriff's office has also released some video of the incident and you want to warn you before we played it is considered disturbing but
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in the video you can see that the gunman just walks up to the deputies were sitting in a patrol car and opens fire without warning or us the sheriff's department put it without being provoked one male and one female deputy were hit multiple times. they're said to be in critical condition right now and undergoing surgery. >>once again this happened in the city of compton, this evening. that area where they're at is a metro station of the metro station there in los angeles where those officers were parked and you see that person that suspect the gunman walked up and just start firing. the suspect in this that you see they're still at large tonight. no word on exactly who he is no suspect description at this point. but once again we are standing by waiting for a news conference with the only county sheriff alex who is expected to provide more details on the situation that is developing with those 2 deputies down there. la county
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as soon as that news conference does start. we will bring it to you live right here on kron 4. another big story we are following the saturday night the bad air which continues to blanket the bay area. dangerous air quality levels now prompting health experts to urge folks to stay inside. but the big question that is on everyone's mind when will we finally be able to breathe and see clearly again a thick blanket of smoke continues just hover over the bay area making it just hard to breathe. >>and unhealthy to stay outside kron 4 bringing you all team coverage tonight of our record breaking unhealthy air. kron four's gayle ong has in the east bay where it was business as usual despite the unhealthy air but first let's go to our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez to see when we might see some relief from all this probe smoke good evening member isa jonathan just stated we could start to see relief as early as sunday afternoon and sunday evening. >>they said that stronger sea
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breeze but from now until then we're right now noticing the thick blanket of fog and that's what dropping the smoke and ash into the surface of most bay area cities bringing us very porch of the worst air quality that i've seen all week long right now the worst air along the northeast portion of the north bay and the inland valleys of the east bay and tomorrow we are going to notice still very unhealthy air particles even with that strong sea breeze, but there is a spare the air alert and also a poor air quality advisory in effect from now through monday. so we do have this dense fog advisory in effect along the bay area coastline visibility already at or near 0 getting reports of drizzle so make sure to drive safely for your saturday night commute don't forget to turn on your low beams because we're going to notice this thick blanket of low cloud cover even extending into our inland valleys. sunday morning could actually see this dense fog advisory extended their around our new lunchtime hour
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but even along the coast expect to see more clouds and sun because we are going to notice very slow. clearing throughout our bay area coastline in current wind speeds out there right now also contributing to that smoke and ash and blanket of cloud coverage is hovering over the bay area. com to single digit wind speeds right now but downtown san francisco, light to breezy winds in the teens but we are going to notice the return of that stronger on shore flow pushing that smoke and ash away from the bay area with relieve not really arriving until tuesday when we drop from the unhealthy air particles to more of that moderate range that we saw early on in this fire season. so let's take a look at the next 3 day forecast because we are going to notice cooler temperatures sunday holding steady on monday. and then a slight bump in temperatures on tuesday, but we could see below average highs with the report of widespread drizzle as a dry storm tries to make its way into the bay area later next week more coming up in my full 10 at 10 outlook in
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just a few minutes jonathon just seemed back to you risa thank you so much the smoking conditions not enough to stop one of them from making its outdoor debut in the east bay. >>kron four's gayle ong continuing our live team coverage tonight in livermore with. >>that story. >>jonathan the organizers of that night marked or were on the fence about canceling because of the smoke but wanted to help out the local businesses. >>the made in livermore market made its debut saturday night but didn't expect smoky and hazy conditions going back and but we've got everybody needs a little happiness the bay area air quality management district are seeing the highest readings in the north and east bay area with hazardous an unhealthy air due to smoke from wildfires burning across the state oregon and washington. >>one problem we're having right now is there's so much smoke offshore the evening. we get our afternoon breezes which usually clear things out it's just bringing more smoke into the bay area, scientists say these wildfires have made
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breathing the air like smoking about half a pack of cigarettes a day indoors with your windows and doors >>you know what your condition recirculate if you can set up a portable air filter. if you have to be outside you can't rely on your covid masks to give you much protection from air quality you would really need in 95 or above masks and they get to live a more market residents are out despite the conditions very heavy you can tell the can see it definitely gotten worse all day. >>you can smell you misspoke now trying to do our best out here short terms kind of get to where we need to go. support from local businesses on and they get home. >>a boost for vendors. i think that when people a look at food, you know it makes him happy the way. >>i do the cooking people still want to be out and about and support i was actually blown away by how many people that come out especially it's been awesome. >>now made in livermore event
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it will be continuing every month so let's hope for some clear skies and the next event. we are still under the spare the air alert through monday and that could potentially change live in livermore gayle ong kron 4 news. thank you so much gayle and there are a few different air quality maps out there that you can use to determine how dangerous the air is outside in your neighborhood. >>one of the resources is purple air dot com which we have a link to our website kron 4 dot com. and you can see in the bay area is covered in all these color-coded circles that have a number on top of it. the color and the number both correspond to the environmental protection agency's index for air quality. a number around 100 indicates that the air may be unhealthy for those who are extra sensitive. a circle, that's colored orange means it's bad for people with preexisting conditions but once you hit one 50. the circle turns red meaning that the air quality is bad for everyone regardless of how healthy you are. and a 200.
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the caller turns purple and at that point there is so unhealthy everyone in the region should stay indoors. as much as possible which we're seeing is covering a big chunk of the east bay tonight. experts say prolonged exposure to this toxic air can have lasting impacts on our health and also increase the chances of catching the coronavirus as well start smoking increases the risk for lower respiratory tract infections. >>and given that we're in the middle of the pandemic i worry you look at exposure to this bear is increasing the risk of covid-19. >>so if you must go out doctors advise wearing an n 95 or surgical mask. if you have a cloth mask that you where you have to wash it every time you go outside because the smoke particles can get trapped inside the material. >>tomorrow several centers will be open across the bay area to help folks get some relief from that unhealthy air. oakland will have several of them opening up the first at the 81st street library
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will be open from one to 7. the city of oakland will also have them open up the saint vincent de paul on san pablo avenue from 09:00am until 3. don library on frugal avenue will be open from noon until 7 and in north oakland senior center on martin luther king junior way will be open from noon until 5. those locations will be staffed with workers from the city of oakland. meanwhile in the south bay to cleaner centers will be open this weekend. they're located at the basketball community center and that only community branch library, they were open today, but the law also be open tomorrow from 10 until 6. the the centers will have water wi-fi and power outlets social distancing is required. >>all the smoke due to the massive wildfires raging across our state and right now cow file it is battling more than 28 major wildfires. and one of them has claimed an additional 3 lives that was announced today butte county search and rescue workers found 3 more bodies in the
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rubble of the north complex fire, raising the death toll in that fire to 12 people and the total deaths for this fire season has not gone up to 22 people. 13 people remain unaccounted for from this fire has burned more than 258,000 acres containment has gone up though to 22%. another dangerous wildfire burning tonight is the creek fire that's in fresno and madera counties it has burned over 196,000 acres of land in the sierra national forest. it is destroyed more than 300 structures, most of them homes in the east and south bay snow at 98% containment with
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397,000 acres burned. crews now have the czu complex fire in san mateo and santa cruz counties and 87% containment. 86,000 acres have been burned in that fire. the woodward fire at point reyes national seashore in marine county now 95% contained that fire has charred some 4900 acres, the state has called in reinforcements from the east coast to help fight the major wildfires that are burning right here in the bay area. >>and those resources arrived in the world's largest cargo aircraft. kron four's we've reports from san francisco international airport where that plane landed earlier today. >>a welcome sight in a breath of bad air for the california governor's office of emergency services callow yes teamed up with fema to fly in a russian antonov cargo aircraft billed as the largest airplane on the planet is the first coming out here for almost 20 years.
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>>and crew members from the new jersey forest fire service touchdown at san francisco international airport saturday afternoon carrying 3 fire engines and a truck. >>the task force assigned to deadly and destructive bay area wildfires hoping other crews already stretched thin california getting the worst of the worse. here and they plan on staying in the state for 2 weeks they specialize in wildfires, especially attacking flames in remote areas sightings of forest fire is an arduous task is very large and very dangerous as fast-moving is very easy for people to be injured. >>therefore it had to be taken slowly and methodically and. it's it's not an easy tasks. but that's the that's what we do. >>and the task force's arrival comes at a critical time thousands of homes have been destroyed. >>we're interested in now to the la county sheriff's office
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says they talk about 2 deputies who were ambushed in a shooting attack today have been treated for at the hospital. so. >>a prayer for them for their recovery. this time homicide captain and where it will provide more details and the status of the investigation is happening right now. this is just a somber reminder that this is a it's a dangerous job. actions words have consequences and. our job is not get any easier because people don't like law enforcement it's. it's going to be a challenge day after day, however the sheriff's department will never be deterred. and keep in our passengers safe on the mta lines keeping our community safe we're committed to that. but let's get sentence and you know this but you know. is there no tennis you've been on a i will see this so you don't
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less emotion, you know, they'll. way in there and most ghana. it's so so less tomorrow those and for my it stands in palace s the moment though you to sit down with sodus eunice again without license with that of the v a captain what. captain kent wegener from la sheriff's homicide. shortly before 07:00pm tonight. deputies from our transit services bureau were parked. the jason to one o one east city of compton. that's just north of the compton packs at for the blue line. the suspect approached them from behind as the deputies were facing southbound in their patrol vehicle. the suspect came from the north. he walked along the passenger side of the car. he acted as if he was going to walk past the car and then he made a left turn directly toward the car raised a
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pistol. and fired several rounds inside of the vehicle, striking both of the sheriff's deputies. the suspect then fled on foot northbound from the shooting scene and out of view. the deputies radio for help. assisting units from the district responded. and transported both those deputies here saint francis medical center. they're being treated. this point i have approximately 14 homicide detectives on scene. forensic identification specialists from the crime lab, a crime analysts. we have people from our our high tech task force to candace and dissect any video that might be recovered. there are members of capos the crimes against peace officers section from the la district attorney's office on scene as well as command posts keep in mind this is all very fresh for us i did about a 10 minute walk through the scene before i came over here to give you a very a very quick briefing
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here. so we're just getting into this. i encourage anybody who witnessed this or has information related to this incident to call us. a sheriff's homicide bureau at 3, 2, 3, 8, 9, 0, 5, 5, 0, 0, this point yes, both deputies still alive. i'm aware that video that video is one of hopefully many. that was captured by one of the mta cameras south of the shooting scene. i i believe that was released early on before i even sided with the news so. i
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can tell you at this point we have a very generic suspect description of a dark skinned male. and that came from one of the deputies, one of the victims. so that's what i have right now. that interview was very brief. she can imagine he's being treated. so that's what we have right now that video you have to remember that's from a fish eye lens it's distorted height and weight are going to be deceiving so i i'd rather go from the eyewitness at this from the deputy sheriff, again it's all preliminary and then we helped out more soon. >>we've been listening live to the la county sheriff's office give information about the 2 deputies who were ambushed shot in the head while they were sitting in their patrol car. evening. the suspect still has not been caught only described as a dark skinned male. the deputies right now are still alive. but they have terrible injuries. investigators saying this all happened it's shortly before 7
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o'clock tonight, those deputies were sitting in their car. >>as part of the transit services bureau there in compton on the blue line there. in compton, when they said that the suspect was approaching them appear to look like he was going to walk past them, but then took another direction, fired those shots into. the suspect or into the patrol suv as you saw right there and then took off from the scene as justine mention a very generic right now from. investigators that they were able to get from one of the deputies who said that it was just a very dark skin a man who fired those
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>>a pair of fast moving wildfires continue to burn in oregon. authorities have not released an exact death count because of the wildfires there. but we do know at least 8 people have been reported dead. 10's of thousands of folks forced to flee their homes from those fast-moving flames crews. now say the dry weather and thick smoke, not doing them any favors in this fire fight the fire is still 0% contained but crews are hopeful, they will be able to gain ground overnight. >>reporter lindsay not rich has the very latest. >>firefighters are at the mercy of mother nature though wind is tied down so helps put this thick smoke is making things difficult. thousands of acres are still actively burning and crews are spread out across the county putting
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out hot spots and trying to protect homes. >>the riverside fire grew by 2500 acres overnight to a 132,000 acres thousands of homes are still being threatened. 33 have been destroyed it's still 0% contained. and now for the 3rd day in a row, thick smoke is keeping helicopters and air tankers from helping crews on the ground with that reduced visibility we don't have the opportunity to get really solid in telling good eyes on the fire. >>it reduces the ability for aerial assets to fly and get good information back to commanders so that's been a challenge for us the other 3 fires in clackamas county or bring a total of 5,000 acres, it's still too dangerous for crews to go back and assess the damage. so we don't know how many homes have been lost but as things change they're asking everyone to pay close attention to evacuation orders. steve cameron says he helped his parents evacuate from beaver creek earlier this week 2 days ago they notice to
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get out of their house, you know that was when all everybody was going crazy leaving oregon city we just. >>through everything the cause much staff as we could family pictures and stuff, firefighters recommend having evacuation plan in place. >>even if you're under a level one order. if you live in a level 2 evacuation zone. you're asked not to use or sprinkler to protect your home they've seen more and more people do that and worry it could cause a water shortage please if you're. >>have split their homes protect your your house not the time. our firefighters critically need that water. >>tonight oakland police searching for suspects wanted in a fatal stabbing just before midnight police say they found a man stabbed on 35th avenue in the fruitvale district paramedics took the man to the hospital where he died during surgery. so far no names have been released of the victim or the suspect anyone with urged to call oakland police. >>in the north bay now a high
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speed chase ended with the driver crashing and injuring 2 female passengers who were inside the vehicle with him. the 19 year-old driver according to authorities, reach speeds of up to 90 miles per hour before crashing into a building where officers found the crashed car on fire. officers were able to save all 4 passengers. 2 female passengers sustained injuries and were transported to santa rosa memorial hospital and one male passions. juror sustained minor injuries. the 19 year-old male driver was arrested for felony evading and reckless driving. >>a switch gears again tonight, let's talk weather. the big story everybody wants to know about it is. >>when is the smoke fog. hayes anything else you can think of to describe the. >>unhealthy air conditions outside believe it or not that is the golden gate bridge we've been you know, letting you know that behind all of this fog and there. hard to make out though, but it's
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there it's there and here now is our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez for another look at what it's like outside right now and also when we might get to see some blue skies, i know and it really is such a nuisance out there especially during this pandemic we want to go outside since a lot of our gyms are closed and unfortunately we can't just because of the poor air quality so we will notice some improvements sunday. >>thanks to the return of that strong sea breeze and with even better improvement by around tuesday of next week so we still have a few more days to go but from now until then today's daytime highs noticeably warmer 5 to 10 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. >>and here's a live look outside in the east bay over berkeley getting reports of some drizzle because of that thick fog bank out there mixed with that smoke and fog we are noticing though those poor air particles actually dropping to the surface because of that low cloud cover and temperatures out there right now already in the 50's around the bay area coastline, half moon bay, 55 degrees for those
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of you in downtown san francisco 58 degrees in berkley also in the upper 50's livermore still in the 70's as a san jose, but oakland 63 degrees with mid 60's for those of you in napa and santa rosa cooling down because of that increase in cloud cover and weak sea breeze out there right now currently at 59 degrees as novato so future cast for is going to show some scattered patchy coastal drizzle during the overnight hours impacting your sunday morning commute low and high cloud cover extending inland going to retreat though back to the coast by around sunday afternoon. most of our coastal areas though going to see more clouds and sun that's going to contribute to our 5 to 10 degrees of cooling for the 2nd half of your weekend and overnight lows tonight, widespread mid 50's with the antioch just cooling down to 64 degrees daytime highs below average for downtown san francisco at 66 degrees as is half moon bay also in the mid 60's and low 70's throughout the east bay shoreline for
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oakland and hayward san jose 78 degrees but santa rosa in the low 80's with mid 80's for the tri valley so out of the 90's near average high sunday through monday. but we do have this dry storm that is going to make its way into the bay area later into your workweek forecast for this upcoming week thursday and friday could see some widespread drizzle for most of the bay area even though we really do need a good soaker out there, especially with all our fires in and around the bay area but unfortunately we are going to notice though traces amount of light rain and also with that clearing out our skies with some improvement by tuesday of next week back to you jonathan and just see. >>so we want to update you now on the breaking news out of los angeles tonight where to la county sheriff's deputies were shot multiple times in an ambush we were just listening to the sheriff give an update and we have learned that they have those deputies are alive. they're described though as a 31 year-old mother of a 6
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year-old boy and the 24 year-old male deputy both of them were just sworn in last year 14 months ago they graduated from the academy, according to officials. >>the lee county sheriff's department has released video of the incident has that played out. we do want to warn you that it is disturbing to look at and very chilling actually to look at in the video you can see the gunman. walked right up to those deputies fired multiple shots without warning. and then just take off from the scene as we mentioned one man one woman and multiple times. they are in critical condition at the hospital undergoing surgery right now the scene unfolding in the city of compton just before 7 o'clock tonight. those deputies were part of the transit services bureau there on the blue line in los angeles. making sure just enforcing the rules for folks who are writing public transportation there that's when authorities say that suspect approached them from the approached them from behind appeared initially to look like he was going to go
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one way and then switch direction came toward those deputies and fired those shots before taking off on foot. we do know know that as many as 14 homicide detectives are currently on scene trying to process this gather more information. one of the one of the key pieces of information that we were able to learn during the news conference justine one of the deputies who was shot able to investigators there just a very brief generic description of the suspect. that they are still looking for. the suspect as we mentioned this video still at large. we're going continue to monitor this story and bring you the very latest on air and online here on kron 4 in kron 4 dot com. as the new developments become available much. more ahead tonight at 10 and there's also a new warning tonight from officials in santa cruz county for victims of the czu complex fires.
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>>one >>living in santa cruz county displaced by the czu lightning fire must submit a change of address online in order to receive your ballot in the mail. officials say that balance can not be forwarded so anyone with a new submitted to the county. otherwise their ballot will be considered undeliverable of course mail in voting is just one option that fire victims have for the upcoming november election. they'll also be able to vote in person at the county's election department or sign up for an e-mail ballot. if you
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or someone you know in santa cruz county does need to change their dress they can do so online or in person at the following locations on your screen. we have this information posted for you also on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>well if you checked your facebook account today you may have gotten the message asking you to consider volunteering as a poll worker. it's part of the company's new poll worker recruitment drive happening in all 50 states this weekend. it is to ensure that polling places can operate smoothly during the november election. the company has also launched a new voting information center on both facebook and instagram and will offer paid time off to its employees who serve as poll workers during the election as well. and the november election is less than 2 months away and lawmakers say that there's practically no chance that another covid-19 stimulus bill will be proposed anytime soon. this week, not one democratic
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senator voted for the republicans skinny stimulus bill and there have been no further negotiations. instead congress is turning its focus now on passing a short-term spending bill that will keep the government funded before heading home for the election. and it was another deadly day for the coronavirus pandemic here in the bay area. the state's health department is now reporting 17 new deaths in alameda county. and 13. more people have now died in santa clara county, here's a look now at the latest numbers in the bay area there have been more than 92,000 confirmed cases of covid-19 and more than 1200 people have died across california there have now been 750,000 coronavirus cases and more than 14,000 deaths despite the growing numbers understate the rate of positive tests over the last 2 weeks has dropped slightly to 3.9%. >>oxford university says it plans to restart trial test on
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a coronavirus vaccine. the trial was put on hold after a patient in the united kingdom reported some side effects. the university has been working with astrazeneca on developing a vaccine. the university says in large trials, some folks will likely become unwell in every case has to be evaluated carefully to assess safety. so far more than 18,000 people have received the vaccine. the oxford astrazeneca vaccine is actually seen as one of the strongest contenders among dozens of vaccines currently being tested. >>and coming up tracking your of cooler forecast for the 2nd half of the weekend in the bay area and also tropical storm sally
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>>this has been an unprecedented fire season in california more than 3 million acres have burned that's the most in the state's history. cal fire's estimating that more than 4 million structures have been destroyed in the state. democratic vice presidential candidate kamala harris is in washington this weekend. but as a california sen she still has an obligation to help our state. >>kron 4 washington correspondent joe khalil asked her how she's handling our current prices in the middle of her campaign. do you find it hard to be balancing your duties as a senator of the state that at this point. >>is literally on fire. with your duties running for vice president.
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>>now i mean this in my priority, my first priority is always going to be doing the job that i have which is being a united states center and that means in this arena making sure that that my constituents and that the people of our state have all the resources they need and that's why we have been connecting people with federal disaster relief why we've been connecting people with unemployment disaster relief because these are the things people need right now this is as early as march of this year i was on fema and all of these folks saying this is predictable it's going to happen what's your plan you guys need to come up with a plan and of on a regular basis being in touch with the governor. and other leaders in our state to make sure that i'm doing everything i can to make sure the federal government is doing what it should do to support california with now this year covid in the pandemic we needed to have a plan in place for evacuations and for all so making sure that we're giving
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people the right information about how they can be safe, especially when we're talking about air quality being at an all-time low coupled with a virus that attacks the respiratory system and president trump did tweet his support for all of the people handling. >>these fires. he said yesterday quote thank you to the 28,000 plus firefighters and other first responders who are battling wildfires across california, oregon and washington, i've improved 37 stafford act declarations including fire management grants to support their brave work. we are with them all the way and the president is expected to be in northern california surveying some of the damage from these unprecedented fires in washington joe khaleel. >>a lot of another live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero tonight as we've been saying just the haze and smoke everything just lingering not going anywhere anytime soon. offshore onshore. wind should be the phrase in the next few days we
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should all be hoping and hoping for. >>yeah we're going to notice a strong onshore breeze jonathan making its way into the bay area as early as sunday afternoon and increasing early on in this upcoming week helping to improve our air quality in the bay area but let's take a look right now throughout the gulf of mexico. we are tracking what is now tropical storm sally with sustained winds at 40 miles per hour expected to become a hurricane as it makes landfall either in the state of louisiana or mississippi by tuesday morning as a category one hurricane with sustained winds at 85 miles per hour. it could actually bring about 10 to 18 inches of rain throughout those gulf states and also hurricane force winds with life threatening storm surge and it could batter once again, louisiana is still reeling and recovering from laura that actually was a category 4 hurricane that made landfall in that state less than 3 weeks ago. so certainly
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going to keep an eye on that as it inches closer towards the gulf of mexico because of those warm subtropical waters there. it is going to strengthen in the coming days, but back on land in closer to home in the bay area. the one thing we're keeping an eye on is that thick fog bank and also smoke and ash blanketing the bay area bringing us very unhealthy air particles tonight even through your sunday morning as well dense fog advisory in effect through 9 o'clock sunday morning temperatures out there right now already in the 50's along the coast. they said that weak sea breeze and that think marine layer with widespread 60's throughout the east bay shoreline and in the 70's as you make your way inland, not just for san jose, but also the tribe valleys as well overnight lows tonight in the mid 50's so we are going to notice a slightly cooler forecast for the 2nd half of the weekend below average temperatures the downtown san francisco just warming up into the mid 60's as is half moon bay, but a stronger sea breeze
10:43 pm
out of the west at 20 miles per hour less cooling down temperatures from millbrae and burlingame in the mid to upper 60's flirting with 70's for those of you and sam, a tail. widespread 70's for the south bay, san jose, 70 degrees milpitas in the mid 70's and even throughout the east bay shoreline tracking widespread low to mid 70's there with oakland and berkeley in the low 70's, richmond, 73 degrees and walnut creek in the low 80's under indian raga in the mid 70's with 79 degrees for nap and out of the 90's and back in the 80's for santa rosa for your sunday afternoon and taking a look ahead at the 7 day outlook under 10 at 10 forecast. we are tracking below average temperatures with widespread drizzle thursday through friday with near average highs returning 10 days from now back to you. >>iter is on the front lines of the creek fire in fresno county are getting some much needed help at base camp. >>plus the sports world, a poor air quality keep
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>>i'm only 28 wildfires currently burning across our state the creek fire has proven to be very difficult for firefighters to get a handle love. it has burned over 196,000 acres of land in the sierra national forest destroying more than 300 structures, most of them homes and this fire is just 6% contained tonight. >>the wildfire has first
10:47 pm
responders working on round the clock tirelessly but when they do get a chance to rest. they're being some special attention from a furry friend reporter wealthy jenner has more on the therapy dogs who came to visit. >>first responders and staff are having their coffee with doughnuts for a few days but donuts is a golden retriever here to bring them some love their purpose is strictly for. >>the firefighters and the staff, it's is to is to bring. >>a little bit of home here donuts is a 2 and a half year old therapy dog trained specifically for veterans and first responders with ptsd or high levels of anxiety and as the creek fire blazes on her handler tony big edie and sweep up hope to provide some relief trying to. >>to make sure firefighters are strong and healthy. a mentally as well as physically. and so the dog is one donuts is part of the employees support services a peer support program available to calfire you put a dog in between you and now the senate
10:48 pm
is >>dog i can tell you anything you want to now. >>getty now retired give 30 years of fire service on and to give back he shares why he continues to serve in a different capacity to see it that suicide rate higher than the traumatic line of duty death. >>that's just not acceptable. and so that's what we're trying to do is reach people before they get to that point that you have been together since june working keeping first responders strong, but it's not all work and no play when i take the she is a 2 and a half year old mania. >>it just like any other dog. >>she runs around she does the zoomies she's tearing up to the garden she showed me she's a true puppy it's unknown how long donuts will be at this location but so far it's been a positive visit. >>doughnuts greatest name ever for dog just putting that on record and that was wealthy jenner reporting for us tonight, there is some good news from northern california tonight as the crews there are battling the north complex fire. the butte county
10:49 pm
sheriff's office says as officials were searching through property impacted by the fire they discovered this puppy it had some minor burns and was taken to a local vet to be treated. the sheriff's office tracked down the owner of the property who had lost several dogs and was not able to locate all of them before having to evacuate. the deputies have named this dog. trooper. >>time for sports. >>we've been troopers for several months in less than 24 hours ago until football is set to return and right now we don't know if there will be actually football being played. you can blame it on smoke from all the wildfires lingering in the air the niners have been waiting 7 months after that bitter defeat in the super bowl against the kansas city chiefs to get back onto the field to defend their nfc title, but they'll likely have to wait a little while longer because of the air conditions. kickoff against the arizona cardinals is tentatively set for one 25 tomorrow afternoon at levi
10:50 pm
stadium. but air quality in santa clara's terrible like it is across many parts of the bay area. that is a one point today, the air quality was well over 200 which is the threshold that the nfl has for its players to take the field moving the game to monday also a potential option when murray says things will be a little bit better, we'll continue to monitor what happens from now until kickoff tomorrow. now to the field a big blow to the a's as they try to chase the pennant in wausau the al west and like we have to do is move out all-star 3rd baseman matt chapman who is expected to miss the rest of the season because of homeless >>7 games this season losing to 32 with 10 homers 25 are the eyes. >>of you as the b p candidate after jack and 36 homers last year as for the team, they split a double header with the texas rangers down in arlington. >>the a's though still up 6 and a half games up on the houston astros in the al west. they'll play the rangers
10:51 pm
tomorrow before heading to seattle to take on the mariners in another double header on monday. johnstone plan today after member of the team tested positive for covid-19 a few days ago they didn't play friday when 2 days the team still though is in san diego state hold on to their hotel room. >>this is a statement that the team released today saying that a member tested positive for covid-19 they've instructed the team's players and staff to self isolate in their san diego hotel. they're taking recommended safety precautions and that the organization and major league baseball continuing to monitor this. they provide updates we're learning that a double header could be played tomorrow as well. now to hoops lakers rockets game 5 of the western conference semifinals rockets well they were down early and often in this one the lakers going on to win the game and the series. 4 games to one. james harden russell westbrook not enough for lebron and company. the lakers now head to the western
10:52 pm
conference finals for the first time in a decade. they'll know play the clippers. the winner of the clippers or nuggets in that series
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>>well every year a custom auto show in alabama brings out plenty of really unique cause from old school classics to low riders, but this year. the one thing that had everyone talking was a recliner it's this year is the
10:55 pm
star of this year's. >>battle in bam, a auto show was a look as the boy from louisiana all this going to be good take a look. >>to springs, louisiana. just the battle like the job recovery got a chair from after a flood and i got a wheelchair, one bottle of passed away now them together and. turn to shows that the gun just to show but a battleship. normally it is the first time ever put them on and made him just to show how have people been tracking this thing called love these crazy haha. >>it is crazy. how do you make a point for work. off propane proud athletes in the tank. >>it makes me feel like all the pandemic projects that i did yeah hope during the lockdown was like you know i
10:56 pm
really needed to step up my game, where's my flame thrower. >>or your propane tank in the back of the back of the chair, my brain surgery here now with a look at our forecast on this saturday night a maybe you could easily netflix and chill in that thing even at home or on the roads just like cruise around right a little bit of everything let's take a look though for those of you commuting for your saturday night the lights just went out along golden gate bridge. it looks like but we are noticing big low clouds and fog and dense fog advisory out there right now throughout our bay area coastline in effect from now. >>through 9 o'clock sunday morning so it's because of that low blanket of cloud cover that all of the smoke and ash is actually dropping to the surface bringing us the poorest air that i've been tracking all week long right now the pores for those of you throughout the east bay, interior valleys and even the northeast portion of the north bay very unhealthy to have unhealthy air particles out
10:57 pm
there right now and that's going to continue through most of your sunday as well but we will notice a stronger sea breeze by the afternoon and early evening hours that will improve air quality a bit but we won't really notice improvement until around tuesday of next week so that is why we have not only a spare the air alert but an air quality advisory from now through monday and daytime highs tomorrow 5 to 10 degrees cooler in fact, mid 60's along the coast low 70's throughout the east bay shoreline with 80's as you make your way in life. >>thank you so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news at 8, 09:10am
10:58 pm
ms. williams: we've been working hard... ms. robinson: make learning fun again. ms. duncan: and making sure our students can succeed. ms. zamora: we're with you every step of the way. ms. robinson: i know it's a challenging time. ms. zamora: no one wants to be back in the classroom more than teachers. ms. williams: we have missed you so much. mr. hardesty: but we all have to be safe. ms. robinson: because we're all in this together. narrator: making our school buildings safer. ms. robinson: working together, we can make it a great year. narrator: because the california teachers association knows quality public schools make a better california for all of us. kyle shanahan, head coach
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it's a little weird for everyone going out there and feeling there way. but once that game starts it's football like it always is."no fans, no tailgates. it'll be a desolate levi stadium this fall, in the era of covid-19.nick bosafans waiting outside our facility waiting to get things signed. just the people waiting outside the gate screaming when you come in. it's that stuff im going to miss.on this edition of the red and gold zone.....>we wiill break down all the new league protocols set in place for the coaches and players....and we will hear just how they feel about it....>oh yeah, there is also a game to be played....that's why we are here...>hear how the niners have been prepping
11:01 pm
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