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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 23, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 9. >>now at 9 protests erupt around the country over the lack of charges in the breonna taylor case these are new images from the citizen app coming into our newsroom of a protest happening in san francisco. protesters can be heard yelling for justice as they walked down 18th street toward the police station on valencia street in the city good evening, everybody, i'm vicki liviakis stand i'm grant
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lotus today, a grand jury in louisville ruled that none of the officers involved in the shooting death of brianna taylor. >>will be charged in her death this has resulted in protests around the country. this is video from the revenge for brianna taylor demonstration in san jose tonight. we know of multiple protests going on across the region this evening. >>just hours after that a grand jury ruling authorities say the 2 officers were shot during protests in louisville. we know one officer is in stable condition. one officer is being treated tonight. the suspect has been taken into custody. several shots rang out as protesters tried to avoid police brought blockades a nighttime curfew has been in effect in the city of louisville tonight. >>the only charges brought by the grand jury where 3 counts of wanton endangerment against fired officer brett hankinson for shooting into a home next to briana taylor's home that
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had people inside yeah that despite taylor getting shot multiple times by officers who burst into her home. >>on march 13th during a narcotics investigation. news nation reporter nichole berlie is breaking down all of the latest developments. >>after 6 months of investigating an announcement from kentucky's attorney general on the briana taylor's death investigation, a grand jury voted to return an indictment. >>against detective hankinson for 3 counts of wanton endangerment former police officer brett hankinson indicted by a grand jury after the attorney general said he fired 10 bullets some of which went into an apartment adjacent to briana taylor's. >>the attorney general saying 2 other officers jonathan mattingly, and myles cosgrove both fired shots that march night, including what he called the fatal shot that killed 26 year-old taylor, they're not being indicted our investigation found that mattingly in cars grove. we are justified in the use of
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force just a few hours after the announcement we talked to some protesters in downtown louisville where people have been gathering for months has not right. it's not right out of the houses would be arrested we didn't get justice today, honestly was not surprised i think that all what we saw today. >>it is historic of how black folks have been treated in our nation and ben crump attorney for taylor's family writing on twitter quote if brett hankinson behavior constituted wanton endangerment to people in neighboring apartments. then it should also be considered wanton endangerment a briana in fact it should have been ruled wanton murder attorney general cameron saying the investigation took months with interviews as recent as last friday, the case then presented on monday so news nation asked how long the grand jury deliberated how long did they deliver a today began on monday or to begin tuesday. and that was of this week correct. i will that they started. >>early monday. in some time.
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before and so they heard everything they needed to hear the attorney general says it's unlikely there will be any additional charges related to the shooting and adds that he understands that some people in the community may be hurting criminal law is not meant. >>to respond to every sorrow and grief and that is that is true here. my heart breaks. >>for the loss of miss taylor. >>one in danger of it is a felony that carries a punishment of up to 5 years in prison and a possible $10,000 fine now i can tell you the governor has authorized a limited deployment of the national guard and the mayor has imposed a curfew which begins at 09:00pm out here that's eastern time. the cold early news nation reporting in louisville, kentucky. >>a lot to unpack here for more now on today's grand jury ruling we're joined by
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attorney paula canny up all at the decision of course leaving the family all kinds of people confused heartbroken very angry was justice served. >>well in my opinion, no justice was not served but justice is a process. it's a it's a difficult situation. i mean what you've got to understand about this process as attorney general cameron was the one presenting the case to the grand jury. what is presented to the grand jury usually results in the grand jury issuing indictments for one d prosecutor wide send the a charge for so clearly prosecute their attorney general cameron had already decided before he started presenting evidence that all see it was going to seek charges for was reckless
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endangerment. i mean it was a complicated case and there are so many things wrong with the criminal justice system are shown by this. they got a search warrant to do a search at night on a person's residence over drug packages and they began it by not announcing their presence is police officers and breaking the door down with a battering ram i mean that crazy flat out crazy and then. you know that they didn't charge for shooting all of the officer shot their guns, i mean, and the forensic still have not been released we still don't know which fire arm. struck the fatal blow temp briana taylor. i mean the whole thing is just a not well done it seems to have an appearance propriety i mean even the fact that the attorney general took
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it over from the louisville district attorney to initiate the prosecution is troubling because i mean there are political overtones this particular deputy attorney general is one of the people on president trump's list to replay throughs bader ginsburg. so you know his republican there definitely are political overtones to this trump has him praise for our he's handled this and good prosecutor easily could have presented sufficient evidence to at the very least how the grand jury returned an indictment or manslaughter negligent homicide implied malice murder or even in this case, reckless endangerment with a firearm and the other thing is yes isn't about money, but it's a super low level felony. the arrest warrant issued by the jury to
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give you a sense of how low level what is was only $15,000 and officer fired officers already been. >>you know booked and released. >>paula branded taylor's death has become part of the national narrative since george floyd's death about the treatment of people of color by police and now this it in your mind is there any reason to believe that. police reform of any kind. we'll come because of this. >>well i want to hope there has to a police reform and there has to be criminal justice reform and there has to be you know warm about how we do so much of what we do i mean so many people make mistakes uh district attorney's signed off on the not only what was the probable cause for the warrant, but the
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method of execution that judge signed off on that as well these officers then went and use that battering ram so even as the simplest things in terms of you know how you execute a search warrant. we have to take a look at that and not doing this for that years, crazy and that's a remnant of the war on drugs which should sell you know wasn't really a racially motivated thing all you have to do back is go back to the sentencing differential between crack cocaine and powder cocaine crack cocaine having greater sentence is that about her cocaine because. people believe people of color you more than the white people use powder in terms of you know use of force policies as a country not just as the state attorney can talking but absolutely as a country we have establish a uniform use of force policy
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for the but because what is permissible on in kentucky is not permissible another state and meet other great irony of this is so many of the use of force. policies and procedures are actually problem gated cried cried the companies as opposed to legislative bodies. so it is so ironic that the police who seek to enforce all these roles are really probably the most unregulated of any of the main government and cities under so to be regulated. some know it's time more politicians on all of us to set rules and regulations to control the conduct. now the police not just more the safety of citizens, but for the safety of officers. i mean this was a super dangerous incident for for everybody
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involved it's just that no police officers and this instead. you know got hurt so now i'm an optimist and i believe that saw i believe that this is the beginning of a or movement where we you know deep parts where we don't treat everything as a criminal justice problem and the election of chess game that some people are you know we're upset about in san francisco. they're making real. you know efforts. 2 you know reform all aspects of the criminal justice system some know i'm going to be an optimist and i'm gonna leave that is sad as this is. >>it isn't going to stay this way it we will. you know i i won justice will prevail in all take a lesson from you know a lot of the druze bader ginsburg who did things with fervor and commitment and grayson i i believe that we
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can do that as a people and i also want to say you know violence against violence isn't going to do anything and so now i believe that where and people with lots of great people in yeah we're going to have meaningful reform all right we're going to have to end on that all great insights and certainly we'll be talking about this for quite some time. >>i asked for joining u.s. attorney thank you so much tonight families who have had their own loved ones killed at the hands of law enforcement. >>called 2 days the situation frustrating but not necessarily shocking our kron four's jonathan mccall is live for us tonight in the newsroom with the pain that they're dealing with tonight, jonathan grant vicki you know what these families know all too well the pain that briana taylor's family is dealing with. >>that's because they've had their own loved one shot and killed by law enforcement, but no one held accountable in the deaths they say today's decision is not justice and is
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just part of the system that continues to target and rob african americans of their rights. >>it's a tight knit family where the members have been forced together through tragedy. each of them losing a loved one at the hands of law enforcement and now that the news that the officers who killed breonna taylor won't be directly charged with her death. don't causing them to reopen and relive their own pain for its people are. >>has been brought to her account and very much as 13 and i hope more people open their eyes and see how. >>i read this problem and through virtual call wednesday evening, they tried to console in healed one another from the news that they say is disappointing but not shocking kat brooks in says taylor's death is a clear cut sign that more needs to be done to protect black women who are also killed by police in staggering since the year 2015 a black women who we just make up 13% of the female population we've accounted for
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20% of the women shot and killed by police and 28% of the unarmed deaths across the country, the uncle of oscar grant was among those also taking part in this call. >>the officer who killed grant you're as early was the last officer convicted of a deadly shooting here in the bay area. >>he says that's a problem we don't look at amas. >>yesterday as an isolated. the most of us here in oakland. sadly pretty much knew what the outcome was going to be. the officers weren't going to charge. the numbers tell us the truth. as an example since officers murdered. over 1300 bodies here in the state of california has been killed by the police not a single officer actually has been convicted except the joins ms. >>others say that protest alone may not be enough to effect the change they want to see they may have to pack the polls in order to get their message across. >>what's going to need to happen is we're going to have
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to actually push out some of these fools who are it because we have political power to the state capitol. they did just you know they they just haven't they just haven't done their job. >>it should be noted that earlier this month, san leandro officer bryan fletcher was charged with manslaughter in the april shooting death of steven taylor. fletcher is actually the first officer here in the bay area to be charged in connection with the deadly shooting as early a protest is set for tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock in oakland for breonnataylor it will be held at a mural for her that's located at 15th and broadway. but tonight in the newsroom jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>thank you jonathan and our coverage on the decision in breonna taylor's case continues throughout the night and at kron 4 dot com. there you can watch the kentucky attorney general's full announcement as well as a timeline of briana taylor's case and reaction to today's decision it's off kron 4 dot com. >>burglaries in san francisco
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are up 42% compared to last year and as of today there have been more than 5100 burglaries so far this year and surveillance cameras like this one have captured many of the crimes, especially over the past. yikes 2 months and people in the northern part of the city places like north beach russian hill, paci ic they're experiencing break-ins almost daily our kron four's taylor bisacky breaks down what is going on she joins us now live with more taylor. >>the key as you can imagine neighbors here are very frustrated saying if there is a cycle going on here some of those thieves actually returned to the same homes sometimes within the same week. sometimes even just one day after and here in pacific heights, small businesses are no exception. check out this damage you'll see the smashed window cracked glass going all the way down to the bottom of the window and i'm not sure this can pick up on the camera but you'll see burn marks in his glass because the suspects
9:17 pm
were seen in the surveillance video actually holding a blowtorch to this area. well when that didn't work they grabbed a planter to try to smash their way inside. >>it's a big wave of crime right now and it's a home burglaries and this is scary we i cannot sleep at night anymore. unfortunately, you know gore isn't alone. surveillance videos like this taken over the last 2 months percent were from other neighbors. >>after she made flyers and posted on social media in the next door app focused in san francisco's northern neighborhoods like north beach telegraph hill russian hill and more years as the american april it's postponed. >>the next year and we had a lot of wedding gifts that were in there and they got stolen so there was a lot of miscellaneous things and a lot of sporting equipment as well alex miller, and many other neighbors flooded grubbs inbox with similar stories thieves breaking into their garages or homes stealing expensive bicycles scooters and whenever they can get their hands on. >>that's when board decided to
9:18 pm
make a map i just started putting together all the said write it down and to a app that eventually i join in too big a map. >>so to get in one more feedback now according to san francisco police. >>there have been 1079 burglaries in its northern district so far this year, a 58% increase from the 683 burglaries over the same time period last year as for citywide burglaries there's been 5,118 so far a 42% increase from this time period last year which reached 3,602 burglaries and it's not just happening to homes. this is video from the pacific heights, food market a week and a half ago 2 suspects only one seen in the video right now is setting up a blowtorch on the store's glass when it doesn't budge he comes back and tries throwing a planter to break in the lawlessness piece of it is really disturbing some people have seen second break in just recently, and it's just unacceptable something needs
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to be done and we need to see some actions not just words. now earlier this month neighbors held a community meeting with the d a. >>with police in a city supervisor gore tells me that sfpd did establish a team to look at the suspects in the break ins. but after the main arrest and arrest of the crimes continued they actually have a another community meeting that will be had held virtually tomorrow and there will be representatives from the da's office, the police and a city supervisor live in san francisco taylor kron 4 news. >>thank you taylor now to the late justice ruth bader ginsburg she returned to the u.s. supreme court today for one final time before being brought out for the public viewing a private ceremony was held in the great hall, where the 8 supreme court justices paid their respects as washington battles to replace this vacancy now chief justice john roberts remembered, his longtime colleague. >>there she won famous
9:20 pm
victories that helped move our nation closer. to equal justice under law. to the extent that women are now a majority in law schools. it's not simply a handful. >>outside thousands of people lined up to pay their respects. on friday morning her casket will be transported across the street to the u.s. capitol where she will be the first woman to lie in state in the capitol rotunda. >>meantime president trump says that we will hear his nomination to replace ginsburg seat the saturday democrats on capitol hill say. >>they will not stand by idly hit republicans confirm a supreme court justice just weeks before the election our washington correspondent alexandra le mon reports on the changes democrats are promising to make if republicans don't stand down. >>if leader mcconnell presses forward. the republican majority will of stolen 2 supreme court seats, democrats say if republicans confirm a
9:21 pm
supreme court justice before the next inauguration, there will be payback any and all options should be on the tape all california congresswoman judy chu says one of those options is adding more justices to the supreme court has not in the constitution and the size of the court has varied over time from bad to nevada congresswoman dina titus says the move would be justified in this court is not passing laws that are in keeping with public opinion i think it's perfectly just about to expand the court however i think that our focus right now has to be on the election in order to make such changes to the supreme court democrats would need to win a majority in the senate and the presidency they threatened to pack the supreme court with additional justices so that they can ensure. >>a rubber stamp for their agenda republican senator john thune dismissed the threats from democrats republicans won't be deterred. from performing our constitutional role. >>by democrats on democratic.
9:22 pm
>>threats at majority leader mitch mcconnell says he will move to come from president trump's nominee in the coming weeks that's what senator done. it's our job description president trump said he will announce his nominee to the supreme court on saturday. >>alexandra le mon reporting there when asked president trump said it is important to have 9 justices in the top contenders for the vacancy our federal judges amy coney barrett and barber logo. >>coming up remembering the late justice ginsburg we hear from a bay area congresswoman on how the late justice affected her life. >>governor newsome puts the brakes on gas-powered vehicles in california when he wants to stop the sale of new gas cars coming up what that means for your current vehicle. and a nice day today temperatures right about average but we're looking at i eat way that our
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in just a few months, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus.
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>>they >>story governor newsom says the state will stop sales of new gasoline powered passenger cars and trucks by the year 2035 and while many people are praising the idea. there is a group voicing concern tonight over that initiative. >>kron four's noelle bellow has reaction now from the california new car dealers association. >>not taking anything away we're providing abundance of
9:26 pm
new choices in new technology. >>standing in front of several electric vehicles wednesday governor newsome said forth what he called a firm goal that 15 years from now california will eliminate the new sales of gas powered vehicles he says the decision will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 35% if you are an american manufacturer how can you compete globally unless you're in that business unless you're pushing the boundaries of innovation not everyone is quick to hop on board though the california new car dealers association released a statement wednesday questioning states preparedness to take on such a directive pointing out california is currently falling short of the current aspirations for a 0 emission vehicles on the road. the group also expressed concerns for the impact on consumers stating electric vehicles are often more expensive. the group went on to say quote while we support the state's goals to combat climate change there are many questions and
9:27 pm
factors that need to be thoughtfully considered and addressed before implementing such a mandate on consumers and quote under this proposed auto emissions rule drivers of gas powered vehicles can continue driving their cars and there will still be a market for used vehicles come 2035, the california air resources board is now tasked with writing the new vehicle rules they believe the clean air act gives us the authority to set exactly the kinds of standards that we have set up since. >>the late 60's therefore we look forward to being able to do that in the future the governor is also. >>urging agencies to create more. charging stations to coincide with the surplus of electric vehicles that will be on our roads in redwood city noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>the news continues after the break with local reaction from the civil to the grand jury ruling in the
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>>this justification bars us from pursuing criminal charges. in mister bianna taylor's death. >>an explosive announcement from kentucky today as a grand jury brought no charges against the louisville police officers for the killing of brianna taylor. >>the only charges brought by the grand jury were 3 counts of wanton endangerment. those counts against fired officer brett hankinson for shooting
9:31 pm
into taylor's neighbors homes during the raid on her apartment. again the counts do not address taylor's death. >>on twitter benjamin crump a lawyer for taylor's family called the decision quote outrageous and offensive writing that x officer hankin son's actions should have been ruled wanton murder. as we look at. protest footage from around the country. this is providence, rhode island. where people scale the embankment there they shut down interstate 95 in providence. police officers were yelling get off the highway in response temen strangers were shouting brianna taylor as they blocked traffic on 95 there were warnings police say to get off and then. troopers started spraying protesters with what appeared to be pepper spray in an effort to get the crowd to disperse. >>okay looking now protest that's going on in new york
9:32 pm
city. thousands of marchers you can see they're walking through a new york's chinatown soho east village. also in brooklyn ny started earlier this evening. police apparently are taking a hands off approach there are at least at this point no reported clashes with any of the protesters. >>now to charlotte north carolina where protesters walked linking arms shouting say her name. they met at a park in charlotte and the police department there says about 100 people participated in the first hour and everything was peaceful. they say then protesters started putting things like signs scooters and cones set on to the streets. blocking the road but again largely peaceful there in charlotte. >>i am taking a look now at protests video from a louisville kentucky, where you
9:33 pm
see some flames there this is you know ground 0 the in louisville tonight, a curfew in effect until 6.30 in the morning. it's going to remain in place for the next 3 days. a demonstrator swarming the streets there after the aftermath of the announcement at angry and outraged that there were no charges filed in taylor's death. also we should add that emergency services there in louisville confirming that there were multiple shootings in downtown louisville during the protests and that too. police officers were shot in downtown louisville, one in stable condition. the other was in surgery at last check. >>and bringing it back to the bay here last hour we showed you video of protesters marching towards the mission police station in the city. this is video courtesy of the citizen app that shows those demonstrators. >>have gotten to their
9:34 pm
destination. and you can they have somehow eliminating on that defund sfpd now again this is right outside the mission police station in san francisco's mission district along the lens see a street. no reports of violence will keep you posted on how things play out not only here in the bay area. but across the country tonight. and a well-known bay area civil rights attorney the leaves the prosecutors missed a chance to hold officers accountable here but in the attorney who represents police officers in misconduct cases sees it differently kron four's dan kerman has reaction from both sides. >>the decision not to file any charges against the louisville police officers in the killing of brianna taylor. >>is a missed opportunity so says bay area criminal defense attorney john burris all 3 of them could have been charged. >>when they are bought and mass slaughter even in mohnton mass start for says despite being fired on first by
9:35 pm
taylor's boyfriend, the officers who fired back killing taylor were not justified and should have been charged with manslaughter. >>how could it be that they could find somebody shot recklessly seems to make reckless late and miss late into the building. therefore that's why get into the whole question of recklessness they get you into a mass case that easily could have been done. >>i think the decision was these officers were there they were firing in defense of their own life send out. and they were firing until the threat subsided bay area attorney michael rains who defends police officers says decision makers were simply following the evidence and reform.
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>>jimmy garoppolo has officially been ruled out of
9:40 pm
sunday's game against the giants, but he did not practice today and after hearing from his head coach. it doesn't sound promising that he will play. jimmy jay suffered that high ankle sprain on display right here in the 1st quarter against the jets. i'm sure niners fans are sick of seeing it. the prognosis for that injury is typically 4 to 6 weeks. the niners were optimistic originally after seeing x-rays but if you can't practice this week i doubt he'll play. that means nick mullens will get the first team reps he went 8 for 11 with 71 yards an interception during the 2nd half first the jets. mullens has had his moments with the niners in his head coach is confident if he has to make that call. >>i'd be surprised if jimmy gets back later in the week, i know he still pull him to do but next ready to go so the house next joe be ready to go next got a lot of playing time with in 2018. prepared for moments like this so it does a good job in practice and. side of seniors opportunity. >>for the past 6 to 7 months
9:41 pm
they've all been tough on us for a multitude of reasons and sports doesn't solve any of the issues we have been facing, but it can bring some joy and that was the theme today at the opening day of warriors mini-camp the warriors got together as a team for the first time since the nba season was postponed back in march. steph curry draymond green were excused absences and klay thompson eric paskel with or still going through the mandatory covid protocols but outside of that everyone was there typically the nba hold mini-camp ahead of preseason basketball, but the warriors are prepping for any games, they just were there to get familiar with some new faces and start building a chemistry with one another and according to steve kerr that felt really good. >>the last 14 it was it was a relieved to be on the floor playing basketball again together competing enjoying ourselves heat. you know the guys look great. there is a lot of good they had a lot of
9:42 pm
fun out there today. >>first time really many of them had a chance to real basketball rather than just kind of one on one in a long time slot. >>nba eastern conference finals celtics. he down in the orlando bubble 4th quarter. tyler herro the 20 year-old it's from just outside of milwaukee. gray's death 3 feet deep route and he had a huge night one minute left cutting to the basket. jimmy butler find them. that's a lane herro finished with 37 points that's the second most ever in a playoff game for a player under 21 magic johnson was the youngest he hold on to win one 12 one '09 butler at a 24 9. miami leads the series 3 games to one. and actually look at sports we'll
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9:45 pm
>>protesters across the country tonight are expressing outrage after a kentucky grand jury brought no charges against louisville police for the killing of brianna taylor during a drug raid gone wrong. there have been protests here in the bay area and at the state capitol. >>but when the shacks has the latest now from sacramento. >>well guys we are in the heart of downtown sacramento, just across the street from city hall and kitty corner to cesar chavez park and if you take a look into the park it's pretty empty right now in months past we've seen this
9:46 pm
park packed with protesters, there is one scheduled later on tonight to protest the decision that was made by the grand jury on the breonna taylor case and if you walk with me over here to city hall which is directly across the street we saw some sacramento police officers putting up barricades in preparation for whatever may take place later on this evening. now we also got a chance to catch up with the founder of impact that's a local nonprofit group that fights for civil justice, not just for minorities, but for the disabled people that are mentally challenge this was her reaction to that decision earlier today take a listen. >>the facts as we all know them as that they fired into a home not knowing who was behind those walls and they killed someone that was laying in her bed, sleet. that's what we should talk about. >>so again right now cesar chavez park really empty, but that could change at a moment's notice again the protests scheduled for later on this evening, but for now we are here in downtown sacramento. rowena shaddox for
9:47 pm
kron 4 news. >>today the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg returned to the u.s. supreme court for one last time people gathered at the steps of the court to pay their respects. ginsburg of course died last week at the age of 87 after a long battle with cancer. >>ginsburg will be remembered for the supreme court cases that she won for women's rights in fact, south bay congresswoman zoe lofgren says ginsburg dramatically changed women's lives are catherine heenan host of inside bay area politics talked a about how ginsburg affected her life. you know i was thinking that when i graduated from college. i couldn't get a loan. unless i had a man sign ford along with me. remember looking in the newspaper ads for jobs after i graduated and they were advertised. married women
9:48 pm
wanted single women wanted and mean and then men wanted i met with her on numerous occasions. she just had an amazing for someone who was a tiny person incredible stature. just an amazing mind. and sense of humor. you know what her age with her history of cancer, we knew you know she wasn't going to be with us for decades to come but many of us didn't realize how close to the and she was so i not only. depressed to learn that she had passed that shocked and and hadn't really. mostly prepared myself for. >>even people who didn't agree with her no one would argue the point that ginsburg was a fighter and she certainly fought throughout her whole life and on friday morning this week, the late justice his casket will be transported
9:49 pm
across the street to the u.s. capitol where she will be the first woman to lie in state in the capitol rotunda. >>meanwhile, the senate debate on whether to take a vote on president trump's nomination to the supreme court. most gop senators say they will vote on the nomination while democrats want to wait until after the election and just as a reminder there are 41 days to the 2020 presidential election. kron 4 is your local election headquarters this election season. >>all right weather time as we take a live look outside get a check on the 4 zone forecast see see a little sliver of fog here obstructing the view but overall a pretty beautiful shot above san francisco yeah we heard a move from you, tired of that you know the fog is just so cool looking when it comes in and then right over there just above the ground and lights is affected and certainly need sight to see no we're not going to see any of that fog this weekend.
9:50 pm
we've got some offshore winds and it is going to heat up we're talking another significant heat wave rolling into the bay area these temperatures going to soar out there's we're going to see hives running in the 90's even some triple digits yet expected to be a very hot weekend, especially the latter half and into early next week fire danger is going to be running high with those offshore winds. >>and you can see some of those gusts maybe a size 30 maybe 50 miles per hour across some of the higher mountain peace now that being said we've got some watches that have been posted and parts of the east bay, a fire weather watch. they're also continuing to see a gusty winds in that area to 30 to 40 miles per hour again this takes place this saturday through monday. so we're looking further out 25 to 40 mile an hour winds, la county and in the north bay. i think those will be the strongest gusty winds. a 35 to 50 miles per hour a 1000 feet on upwards so across the mountain top so watching out for that now and looking cool looking fog rolling in right now we're going to see plenty of that early tomorrow morning
9:51 pm
maybe some drizzle along the coastline as the fog kind of just settles in there overnight so that being we've got a cold front that is now making its way into the west coast and you see bring in some much needed rain for all those people are dealing with the fires in oregon and washington even far northern california seen some showers begin to move in that direction. so certainly we've got a cold front that's moving in on 40 it's going to fall apart before it gets here. that means we're left with just low clouds and fog in a few passing high clouds and that's about it around the bay area. temperatures today, 67 degrees in san francisco 78 in oakland 82 for a high in san jose 88 and lived more in concord and 85 degrees in santa rosa temperatures going to be a little bit cooler tomorrow, we've got a couple more clouds coming through and then you see a mix of sun clouds throughout the day and then warm afternoon and this weekend. we really crank up the temperatures with that offshore wind and so enjoy these numbers while we have a comfortable you'll see some 80's inland 70's inside the bay and 60's along the coastline looking out in the next few days here comes that
9:52 pm
heat back to summer-like temperatures on sunday through monday back into the triple digits all right lawrence according to a new study smoke alone from the recent california. >>wildfires may have killed more than a 1000 people. the stanford study found between august first in september 10th, the wildfire smoke was responsible for at least 1200 deaths of people, 65 and older who are living with preexisting medical conditions. we spoke with the lead researcher on these findings. >>these are in deaths that we estimate would not have occurred otherwise so the air pollution hastens the deaths of many many people who would not have that even for someone who studies air as my it's a big and that's reflects how bad and how sustained the poor air quality was over a huge part of california and really the west coast for the last month again this was unprecedented exposure to pour air quality and many. parts of
9:53 pm
the west coast and we had it for many weeks and we just know from the scientific literature that's very bad for people so. >>yeah the study used a decades worth of data to come up the new death toll and it found that soot is among the most dangerous types of air pollution. >>up next what will happen if president trump loses the 2020 election tonight what he had to say about a peaceful transition of power plus a joe biden is reacting to the grand jury ruling in the
9:54 pm
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>>the same day a grand jury did not bring charges against louisville police officers for the killing of brianna taylor president trump is refusing to commit to a peaceful transition of power after the election. >>will you commit to making sure that there is a peaceful trance for a low power after the election. >>have to see what happens you know that i've been complaining very strongly about the ballots and the dallas area disaster people are riding the you've committed to making sure that there's of these will work for all of you want to get rid of the ballots and you'll have a transfer will have a very peaceful. there won't be a transfer frankly they will be a continuation. ballots are out of control, you know it and you know knows it better than anybody else. the democrats know it better than anybody
9:57 pm
>>the president did not say how specifically the ballots are quote out of control but in that same news conference the president did praise. the kentucky attorney general's comment that justice does not fit the mold of public opinion and it does not conform to shifting standards. there are 41 days until the presidential election meantime democratic presidential nominee, joe biden is reacting tonight to the grand jury's ruling in the statement biden said that quote we need to. >>started dressing the use of excessive force banning choke holds and overhauling no knock warrants biden added that he knows people are frustrated. and they have a right to peacefully protest. but violence is not acceptable. and that wraps up kron 4 news at night but don't go anywhere, vicki and i'll be back at the top of the hour lot of news tonight. we're continuing to follow the protests. >>after no charges were filed against the officers there connected to briana taylor's death this is video here from
9:58 pm
the citizen app showing a protest happening right outside the san francisco police building on valencia street the mission station there this side of the building lit up with the hashtag brianna taylor and defund sfpd now. we'll show you how other demonstrations across the country are
9:59 pm
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