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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  September 24, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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oakland and san jose. we're live with what's expected to happen today. >>you're watching kron 00:04am morning news. >>thursday morning to you and thanks for joining and i'm darya folsom that and i'm james fletcher we'll get to that big story here in just a moment, but first we do want to begin with a check of the weather john trouble standing by with that good morning morning guys we are seeing some cloud cover this morning but also some bright skies to temper on here under the sunshine but you do make up that blanket of fog in the distance. >>that's pushing through the golden gate this morning. so a few spots do have lowered visibility as we kick off this thursday visibility is improving for most of us at this cloud cover and fog burns off later today, gradually increasingly sunny for some of our greater areas right now as far as air quality goes we hold on to good conditions for yet another day from the coast to our inland areas, it's good to go all across the bay
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itself northern into the sacramento valley has some of our worst air in the region right now 60's for current temperatures with san jose and hayward as well as conquered in pittsburgh. all the nice and mild 67 noticeably more mild than yesterday cloud cover overnight helped to shield heat loss during our overnight hours just one of the reasons we are starting things off so mild as we make our way into the afternoon 70's and 80's for your highs very familiar territory. more in your forecast is to come robin. >>thank you john we're heading back to the golden gate bridge where we still have a special dense fog advisory in place it's been in place since around 02:00am this morning and looking at the golden gate bridge we can see why karl the fog hanging out here making it hard to see as you work your way across the span so do expect for visibility and please keep the headlights on 22 minutes rolling south, nevada to san francisco, northbound looks good too if you're heading out of san francisco. here at the bay bridge toll plaza we still see some slight is traffic but it's really not bad. it's actually an improvement compared to the 7 o'clock
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hour. so i'm noticing that it's standing out it's stop and go from west grand and still trouble free across the upper deck, we're looking at some of your approach is to oakland, san francisco in the maze and they're not bad at all just a little bit of crowding on the east shore heading west out of berkeley to emeryville but it's wide open on 24 5.80 and the nemec thanks a lot rob, and it's 8 '02 and the top story this morning the protests across the country that we saw last night there may be more after the grand jury's decision. >>not to indict the officers who shot and killed brianna taylor. you can see people marching in los angeles las vegas bowl and down in providence, rhode island. richmond virginia as well. these protests reached the bay area and we saw many people out demonstrating across the country. some of the most violent protests. there was a violent one in brianna's taylors hometown of kentucky. a louisiana. that was where we
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saw louisville, kentucky that's where we saw 2 officers who were shot they are recovering. and that shooting happened about a mile away from where most of the protesters were gathered. the officers are expected to survive and one person is already in custody. yesterday the state's attorney general announced did the officers who shot taylor, we're just defied because they say that her boyfriend fired at them first. protesters are calling this a miscarriage of justice. and as we said there were protests in the bay area to cooperate harvey actually following that side of the story for us joining us live from san jose. >>with more on what we saw and what we'll expect today ran a good morning. >>darren james good morning. yeah, you have people across the bay area following briana taylor's case. while many people tell me they were not shocked by yesterday's decision they were deeply disappointed and so that's why
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you saw so many differently organized protests from here in san jose to the east bay to the city. so again we're going to go first to the protests that happened yesterday here in san jose to see protesters stay right here for the city hall, holding signs and chanting justice for breonna taylor that protests lasted for several hours going on into the late evening that this isn't the only area where you saw demonstrators take to the streets and frustration over in san francisco here we are you can see this very large neighbors crowd. gather overnight, this in the area near 18 then valencia near the police station that's we're the majority of protesters were marching from there. carrying signs and calling on justice for taylor also over the east bay over in oakland saw hundreds of people last night in the streets, this is in the downtown area you can see them marching in the streets carrying signs. now we know that protest turn a very dangerous and violent in other
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cities across the united states largely the reports from overnight here in the bay area, the protests, we're peaceful again we also have no reports on any officers injured or any building was vandalized. again there are several reports coming out this morning and there will be protests today also into the coming days, so again we're going to be following that and bring you more for now reporting out here in san jose reyna harvey kron 4 news okay. thank you very much rain a bay area attorneys are weighing in on the decision attorney michael rains who defends police officers believe the grand jury was simply following the evidence. >>which suggests self-defense but criminal defense john burris says despite the fact they said briana taylor's boyfriend fired first the officers who fired back he says killing her. >>or not justified and should have been charged with manslaughter. >>how could it be that they could find somebody shot recklessly seems to make reckless late and miss late into the building. therefore that's why get into the whole
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question of recklessness they get you into a mass case that easily could have been done. >>i think the decision was these officers were there they were firing in defense of their own life send out. and they were firing until the threat subsided. >>president trump is praising kentucky's republican attorney general for his handling of the investigation when he was asked about it. the president called us the attorney general daniel cameron. a really brilliant and a big star. >>and he made a statement that i'll just it just is not just this is often easy. it does not fit the mold of public opinion and it does not conform. to shifting standards it. it says only to the facts into the law. if we simply actor in a motion are outraged is no justice mob justice is a
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chess is just a side by violence is not just as. it just becomes that they heard that i said write that down from a place because i think it's it was a terrific statement. he's handling it very well. >>well democratic presidential nominee, joe biden also reacting to the ruling and said they concluded quote we need to start addressing the use of excessive force banning choke holds and overhauling no knock warrants he then added that he knows that people are frustrated that they do have the right to peacefully protest. but he again stresses that violence is not acceptable bynes running mate senator kamala harris also expressing her thoughts saying in part quote, i'm briana taylor's family who still grieving the loss of a daughter and sister. we must never stop speaking brianna's name as we work to reform our justice system including overhauling no knock warrants. bay area families who have had their own loved ones killed at the hands of law enforcement are calling the ruling
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frustrating. but not shocking they say the decision is not justice for taylor and is part of a system that continues to target and rob americans of their rights kron four's jonathan mccall takes a closer look. >>it's a tight knit family where the members have been forced together through tragedy. each of them losing a loved one at the hands of law enforcement and now that the news that the officers who killed breonna taylor won't be directly charged with her death. don't causing them to reopen and relive their own pain for its people are. >>has been brought to her account and very much as 13 and i hope more people open their eyes and see how. >>i read the problem and through virtual call wednesday evening, they tried to console him heal one another from the news that they say is disappointing but not shocking kat brooks says taylor's death is a clear cut sign that more needs to be done to protect black women who are also killed by police in staggering since the year 2015 a black
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women who we just make up 13% of the female population we've accounted for 20% of the women shot and killed by police and 28% of the unarmed deaths across the country, the uncle of oscar grant was among those also taking part in this call. >>the officer who killed grant you're as early was the last officer convicted of a deadly shooting here in the bay area. >>he says that's a problem we don't look at amas. >>yesterday as an isolated. the most of us here in oakland. sadly, pretty much knew what the outcome was going to be. the officers weren't going to charge. the numbers tell us the truth. as an example since officers murdered. over 1300 bodies here in the state of california has been killed by the police not a single officer actually has been convicted except the joins ms. >>others say that protest alone may not be enough to effect the change they want to
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see they may have to pack the polls in order to get their message across. >>what's going to need to happen is we're going to have to actually push out some of these fools who are blocked king it because we have political cowards at the state capitol. they did just you know they they just haven't they just haven't done their job. >>those jonathan mccall reporting for us this morning earlier this month sanli under officer jason fletcher was charged with manslaughter in the april shooting death of steven taylor. fletcher is the first officer here in the bay area to be charged in connection with a deadly shooting since 2009. >>if he can and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news burglaries are on the rise in san francisco. we're going hear from neighbors who say it's a daily thing. >>and moments ago the president was booed when he paid respects to the late justice ruth bader ginsburg will tell you what the crowd was shouting at him. >>and we're already getting a
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dose of sunshine for a lot of our inland areas and that is just going to continue later today with daytime highs in the 80's and are abundant sunshine this afternoon. >>i'm tracking your morning commute around the bay area. it's definitely improving out there so no hot spots are major issues heading into san francisco. you will experience a brief wait at the bay bridge toll plaza but not so bad at 10 minutes after fremont street we'll check in on right now, aarp's work is more important than ever.
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access to healthcare, affordable prescription drugs, opportunities to save for the future. that's what aarp fights for because that's what everyone deserves.
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>>it's 13 right now listening to weather and i'm already planning for the weekend like american idol to cool off. yeah it's going to be hot job as long as you sow that you see you know then i good okay that he should be fine, you know just in the of it is going to be one of those weekends that yeah we're seeking places to cool down. and with high fire danger you want to be very mindful of that if you have any sort of plans this weekend. we do have some cloud cover that has made its way in over the city. it's a pretty mixed bag this morning though areas in the north bay already have abundant sunshine as do many in inland areas. so really we're looking at a whole different story just a few miles away from one another as you are traversing across the de one thing that is uniting us all is that good air quality we can be super thankful for that satellite radar is showing predominantly dry skies across the bay there have been a few drizzly spots and now some confirmed light sprinkles in the hills east of san jose kron 4 of your messaging us saying yeah, i
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got a couple of those light sprinkles and you can see them here on your radar mostly sitting above san jose up in the mountains just to your east as far as the bigger picture is concerned we have some big changes just around the corner this week cold front pushing through this morning has resulted in the nice cool down that we're in the midst of as well as the sprinkles up east san jose as we make our way into the afternoon, lots of sunshine tomorrow. we start the day with sunny skies much clearer than what we've had today and tomorrow is our day of change as those coastal winds begin to relax into your friday. they'll eventually be traded in for some hot dry winds from our inland valleys being thrust out to the bay area this is going to make for increased fire danger come saturday and that's fire weather watches taking effect for the inland. the spay saturday through monday daytime highs are going to spike into the 90's and triple digits and humidity is going to be very low all of solano county will be affected and upper elevations of marine sonoma and napa counties also expecting an impact so today
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you don't take it for granted get out there and enjoy the nice weather. we have for now as much as possible 70's and 80's are daytime highs with oakland at 75 today. fremont right there with you concord one of our warmer spots and still only upper 80's saturday as i mentioned is the day that daytime highs begin to climb with our hottest of days expected to be sunday monday and tuesday within one triple digits. and 90's right along the bay. robin sounds good. thank you john, let's head over to 92 are checking back in on the san mateo bridge. >>which has improve nicely it has fanned out so no problems heading to the peninsula we're down to 13 minutes to make it from the minutes off to highway one o one we're checking in on the nimitz and there's just some minor crowding rolling south from to 38 to 92, so that's making your way out of san leandro hayward it's very minor union city fremont and milpitas all looking good also a minor weights at the bay bridge toll plaza huge improvement compared to the last hour it slow right around mid lot 10
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minutes to make your way off to fremont street we're just looking at those east bay freeways, 5 8680 doing just fine you don't have to worry about that even the south bay is quiet one oh one to 8087 17 on nice and at the limit. in the buzz like so many american sports stars were waiting to see if the police would be charged for killing brianna taylor. >>when they found out the answer was no from san francisco to kentucky. many people protested and from the bay area to the nba bubble sports figures spoke out to see the goals that were trying to shoo very far away from the scene to this verdict. >>it uses disappointment it we feel we've not seen taking a step back but we haven't made the pros use even i was going to be heard loud enough it was my sister my mom and my dad or 5 kids one day and my kids be think of it as tough and very
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and they should be handled and taken care of and the timing or fashion now on you know good for somebody else. >>there's just so much violence and it's it's demoralizing when we can't. be accountable. hold anyone to account and it says the really demoralizing thing is we have a really powerful movement that's happening. we have so many people who care about this country and so many people who want change and and believe in equal justice for. black and communities and yet we don't. >>habit that's heartbreaking because i know a lot of people doing a lot of stuff to try to get that. the justice that situation needs. and this is not right it's disappointing the president >>there's no doubt currently anybody work. >>we have seen the sports world to grind to a halt for social justice before it was a
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month ago that athletes refused to play after police killed jacob blake. we'll have to see if this also sparks more drastic action. we don't know yet if the nfl is going to do anything about the terrible field, the forty-niners blame for getting the best of last week when they lost to the jets, either way it won't help drop below. jimmy g is probably going to miss the game with the new york giants this sunday but says not to fear. nick mullens is here. >>the surprise of jimmy gets back later in the week, i know he's still prone to do but next ready to go so how's next he joe be ready to go next got a lot of playing time with in 2018. prepared for moments like this always does a good job in practice and. side as he does opportunity. >>no use crying and the rosters already decimated both said tom as most are calm and that's a lot of spilled milk. let's just hope nobody else gets hurt on the metlife terrible one small win for san francisco is one giant leap to
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before the regular season ends on sunday, the giants win over the rockies yesterday puts them back in the playoff picture. they are now the 7th seed in the national league with just 5 games to go. the a's are already in it because they clinched the division but it's always fun to beat l a even though oakland one this one the dreaded dodgers still have the best record in baseball 3917 the a's. our 34 in 21 2nd best in the american league behind the rays. but if you're betting outside the bay area bubble. well, the dodgers and the yankees are still the world series favorites. the playoffs start on tuesday. alice fast. and that's the
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in just a few months, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously. and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands.
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stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year. we can do this. if we do it together. >>and >>we are back time now 8.23 new this morning president trump visited the supreme court earlier today to pay his respects to the late justice ruth bader ginsburg who is lying there in repose he was there along with first lady melania trump for about 3 minutes or so. he wore his mask as you can see there's he stood near her casket. but shortly before he turned to leave. he was met with protesters down below chanting vote him out and in some cases honor her wish. and some of
8:24 am
the crowd as i mentioned also chanted on her wish referring to justice ginsburg triple dying request that her seat not be filled until after the november election. which by the way we're now 40 days away from. >>and president donald trump is refusing to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he loses. >>he was posed that question by reporters yesterday and he said he would just have to wait and see. >>will you commit to making sure that there is a peaceful trance for a low power after the election. >>have to see what happens you know that i've been complaining very strongly about the ballots and the dallas area disaster people are riding the you've committed to making sure that there's of these will work for all of you want get rid of the ballots and you'll have a transfer will have a very peaceful. there won't be a transfer frankly there will be a continuation. the ballots are out of control you know it and you know knows it better than anybody else. the democrats know it better than anybody else. >>well the president as we
8:25 am
know for months has been attempting to invalidate the vote by claiming that mail in voting will lead to massive voter fraud. although he's never offered any support of evidence to confirm that claim this year more states are encouraging people to use mail in voting as an option as a method to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. >>in the north bay police are increasing patrols after several senior citizens were hit by paintballs and got badly bruised take a look at the photos of the damage done to this 60 year-old woman. you can see the marks on her legs they're on the right and on the left her back cruises there and they actually took her to the hospital checked for blood clots sergeant mike brookvale lee says that extra patrols have been called in around marine city where this has happened. >>so far the sheriff's office is you know we took a report. with this would be a victim we took pictures. and we are taking the incident very very seriously. the deputies were
8:26 am
able to talk to a few juveniles. but like i said before they were doing anything wrong at that time because we didn't catch them in the act and for the county code we need to catch them in the act. >>and those that complain and file charges that the police you know and show them what happened now they're worried about retaliation. >>starting october 15th, you can get covid-19 testing right
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>>the 28 is the time already as i say making plans for him to cool off the weekend robin i have found the key but i my car i have dinner my the ac is on identifying to rock are already under that rock for 3 days while we're experiencing triple digits. i'm now yeah find the shade where so tell us how hot will it for the what is it sunday going to be the worst air monday looks like sunday guys my trick, the pull-out couch that they have in the garage yet they because that's the only were all there with you guys this weekend is not going to be a fun, one, especially for those of us that don't have a c. >>clear skies over timber on this morning a little fog out there in the distance right over the golden gate so patches of fog this morning that will quickly clear out
8:30 am
into the afternoon setting us up for more sunshine another day with good air quality to from the coast to our inland areas we're all going to enjoy some pretty easy breathing conditions. >>yet again for your thursday temperatures right now are warmer than they were at the same point yesterday, san jose a word. concord at 67. it's all together just been a more mild start to the day and it will be a pretty finish set a similar finish to the day later on san francisco at 73 later today while oakland at 75. robin. >>thank you john and also want to remind folks when it's hot like that and we're experiencing triple digits to not park your car. in the direct sunlight because when you get back to it it's going to be very very hot so park indoors. in your garage under a carport in the shade or a building that covers your car so won't be so hot for you all right, let's check in on the golden it's not hot here. it's foggy it's been an issue all morning, it's pretty dense too so we still have a special dense fog advisory for one on one need to be cautious when
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driving in conditions like this 20 minutes rolling south, nevada to san francisco here at the bay bridge every time i check it it just gets better and better a minor weights in some of the cash lanes right down the middle but it's only 9 minutes to make it in and that's really quick and i'll give you one more 92, it's a little crowded, but it's not bad so leaving hayward over to the peninsula, your west 92 drive time is a very quick 13 minutes, we'll check in on the south bay coming up next states. all right robin thank you. >>time now is a 31 the fda now says it is considering new stricter guidelines for these covid-19 vaccines that are being rushed through the trial process if they do that though that could push the reveal of an effective vaccine until after election day president trump says he could overrule the fda's decision and authorize a vaccine soon or if he wants to. >>we're looking at that and that has to be approved by the way has we may or may not approve it. that sounds like a political move because when you have pfizer johnson
8:32 am
moderna these great companies coming up with these vaccines and they've been testing everything else i'm saying why would they have to be. the great links to the process. >>well the president has repeatedly claimed that a vaccine will be ready before election day though most scientists say that's not realistic. >>so far the state has recorded almost 800,000 cases of covid as you can see there are more than 15,000 californians have died of coronavirus including 1419 deaths here in the bay area and what a strange world where im at where united airlines is going to be offering free covid tests. >>at the airport before certain flights yes, namely to hawaii kron four's will tran live at sfo to explain why so critical here they've had that but that quarantine in effect for a while now. >>it's still in effect until october 15th that's the jumping off point come october
8:33 am
15th, if you come the united airlines and you're going to to hawaii. this is only an sfo by the way sfo to hawaii. you can get covid-19 testing the results will come back in 15 minutes remember when we didn't even know where to find a test. you can find it right here it's a gate b or like that it's so easy now. this is what's going to the stories flushing out reportedly james and area. it's going to cost $250 on the if you want to get is sent to you and do it from home and then send the samples back. it will be $80 but the bottom line is it's available to you united airlines is the first airline operating this that some reaction from people is what they had to say about doing it right next to your luggage. the first to the least like 24 hours or 2 days and now it's 15 minutes, we remember those huge lines just to get covid-19 testing or you'd even know where to find
8:34 am
a test and now it's at the airport. >>so you would know proms. >>you know public. >>here's the thing come october 15th is not just united airlines are not giving them a free you can do your covid-19 test so long as you're negative within 3 days, your flight and you can catch another airline so come october 15th, hawaii, starting to loosen up some of their quarantine which is very strict hawaii's number one industry is tourism and it does have the blessing come october 15th of obviously the government in hawaii to do this not cheap. test area i mean yeah a lot of money and i you and a yeah. i might have to call my doctor and then take yeah, whatever cost hold to i heard $200 is what i i 200 off. >>so you're telling me i have
8:35 am
to pay in the united for the ticket and then $200 more for the covid tests. >>$200 more than for the covid test if you want to do it here and it's it's there it's ready for you to go or is being fleshed out at first it would seem like it was free know we need from united would respond right now we are hearing 2 to out as so yeah. hey for convenience was like this 7.11 of covid-19. >>i guess, but i take it's hard enough on the fly southwest such as that. >>she was more convenient for me i like oakland. fly southwest and then they get mild day on a time it because insurance pays for the coat as you know 3 days before make sure and then i'm good to go. >>everybody is everybody i would do the same thing i mean yeah your test costing more than your flight.
8:36 am
>>all right, thank you very much wilson information there for everybody okay, thank more information if you want to get out do you can go to yosemite now they are opening again tomorrow to visitors they had close because the air quality was so bad last weekend look these visitors got the brunt of it they're bad air from smoke from the creek fire burning in fresno county. >>now it is reopened but you still need reservations to go in. >>all right happening today, it is back to school for some students in san francisco as we have 6 schools in the city they've been given the green light to reopen by the health department and several more are being inspected this week kron four's maureen kelly has the details. >>redbridge school in the city's dogpatch neighborhood had their official first day of school today for their kindergartners first and second graders, the small 14 students school had already been running a camp here since september 1st so they were well prepared with changes like social distancing signage and improvements to their
8:37 am
ventilation system. the head of the school says it's great to be able to have her students together i feel really happy to be able to work with the students in person because you have 5, 6, 7, year-old. >>and at that distance learning is really not as productive as in person learning and the kids. graves this. interpersonal interaction face shields have been laid on every desk here at convent and stuart hall. >>as part of the changes they've made to get ready to welcome their k through second grade students here tomorrow. the schools chief advancement officer says they were notified by the city after 10:00pm last night that their safety plan was approved, which means many parents are just finding out today and they're happy to hear it so far everyone is just thank you so much thank you for for doing this. thank you for pushing this forward we are so excited, you know. >>is it okay if i pretend like my 6 year-old you know 5th grader is a second grader and sent him back tomorrow
8:38 am
morning. they expect to bring in 2 additional grade levels every 2 weeks which would mean 7th and 8th graders will be showing up to their classrooms in about a month and a half. >>the school goes to 12th grade but high school students are still in limbo since the city's health department is holding off on letting any high schoolers back just yet students here at convent stuart hall will be expected to be tested regularly for covid-19 how frequently depends on their age is k through 6th graders will need to be tested every 4 to 6 weeks while high schoolers when they are allowed back will be expected to be tested as frequently as the staff. >>every one to 2 weeks. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>all right still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the health of people in one south bay neighborhood seems to be improving. we'll tell you what health officials have done in that neighborhood that seems to be slowing the spread of covid-19 and after the break the clock is ticking to buy gas powered car will tell you
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when you can expect them to be removed from california roads or at least no longer wouldn't it be nice
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if there was a place that kept you... vibrant outdoorsy mischevious restored zen sparkly cheeky... ( clears throat) disciplined dapper prepped smart hopeful brave and safe? well, there is, and always has been. walgreens. everyone's place, for healthy and safe.
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>>the choir law california would be the first state in the country to do so newsome says this initiative will have a huge impact on pollution and of course the auto industry. >>the trends are in the direction of 0 emission vehicles, the trends are in the direction globally and 0 emission vehicles. if you are an american manufacturer how can you compete globally unless you're in that business unless you're pushing the boundaries of innovation unless you're encouraging that same mindset that we are trying to advance here in the state of california. >>governor's plan wouldn't ban people from owning gas powered cars are selling them on the used-car market, but it would end the sale of all new gasoline powered passenger cars and trucks in the state california already has rules mandating a certain percentage of new car sales be electric or 0 emission vehicles. >>well we are looking at clear
8:43 am
skies across the bay area later on today a warm afternoon with highs in the 80's a little bit of
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>in 45 and we are looking at the weather on thursday, it's very nice to just stick to it like today just keep don't think about this is like that one time guys we don't even think about the week yeah is today is just our happy place
8:46 am
as far as weather goes at least for sure a beautiful start to the day we're in the 60's right now little bit of cloud cover but. >>i just love this view from sutro tower looking down at san francisco. see the top so just the very buildings out there through that cloud cover that only some of us are seeing a lot of us are already under the sunshine. good air quality whether you're foggy or you're not that's the case all across the bay area into the afternoon too we're continuing to see that due to a rush of nice a nice ocean breeze that has been steady over the course of the past week we've had a couple sprinkles in the mountains just east of san those really just into those upper elevations, but if you towards alum rock you may have notice roadways looking a little wet as you're leaving for work this morning as far as the big picture set up goes we're in the midst of a passing cold front very week that resulted in those light sprinkles up in our higher elevations and a little bit of the cloud cover we have seen this morning skies, generally clear as we get our way further and further through the day. and
8:47 am
tomorrow morning will be a clear start to a clear finished your friday after tomorrow is when the heat really sets and a lot of that does have to do with wind direction. we will see our cool coastal bees breeze traded for an offshore wind that's going to drag hot dry air from our inland valleys out our direction that means heightened fire danger to fire weather watches take effect saturday. and last through monday for inland portions of contra costa and alameda counties all of solano county and then upper elevations of sonoma and napa counties where winds will gust as high as 50 miles per hour from saturday through monday that fire risk definitely something you want to note some please use extreme caution if you're venturing outdoors 60's and 70's for your highs from san francisco down peninsula along the shoreline to our bayshore areas where highs will mostly be in the 70's to just the low 80's, mount view at 78 saying carlos at 80 degrees south bay temperatures and also the upper 70's to low 80's. the
8:48 am
spay daytime highs sharing that same range of numbers and do enjoy it. i love talking about whether like this and i think it's than that we're going to look back on this weekend and think miss that. at 80 degrees napa 83 santa rosa through center fell each in the low 80's. tomorrow we keep the same stuff around saturday sunday and monday not so much inland highs will be in the triple digits sunday monday and tuesday. well bayside areas in the 90's on sunday and monday. he's also our highest a fire danger days so enjoy today and tomorrow and then find a cool safe place to get to for the weekend. robin. >>all right, let's head over to the richmond center fell bridge. it's still foggy and now i'm noticing a little bit of drizzle a member earlier we told you that that was a possibility fog and drizzle during your morning commute on some of our bridges because the fog is dense in some spots, the traffic has thinned out nicely, but you may need the wipers here from the east bay to the north bay we're looking at 9 minutes, so that's pretty good for 5.80 westbound off to highway one o
8:49 am
one a minor weights at the bay bridge toll plaza earlier it was stacked up from the bottom of the maze now we're averaging about 10 minutes to make it into san francisco clear on the skyway by the way in through downtown. there was something on the nimitz side, northbound 80 right around high street a lot of folks are trying to avoid and it caused a crash, whatever that object was it looks like it's gone now, but that's why we have slow traffic through oakland, northbound 8.80 from 98 the high street because of that debris and that earlier accident you can always take 5.80 instead if you want to get around that crowding, we're looking at 15 minutes still not bad from san leandro to downtown oakland and one more slow down as you emerge from 2.38 onto the southbound nimitz you have that crowding there are a lot of folks making their way through san lorenzo and hayward chase. >>all right robin thank 49 in the south bay. we have health officials saying that there has been a dramatic health improvement in neighborhoods on the east side of san jose which has been disproportionately hit by covid-19 and they believe it may be the result of an ongoing outreach effort around
8:50 am
2 dozen teams are now engaged in spreading the word about how to stop the spread of coronavirus the idea is to inform and encourage essential workers and residents about the best practices on how to protect themselves. >>and we know that members of this community have had to make extraordinarily difficult tradeoffs between their health their work and how they will support and nourish their family gets a good program because i will have to pay the people in so they can be safety and indicated about the fire is so one spreads will and everybody can go back to her. >>normal. the routine. >>well during their visit the outreach teams are also handing out information about financial and other resources. the teams have already visited more than 3,000 businesses and they say they've met with more than 1400 essential workers. >>time now is a 50 surveillance cameras are catching more and more crimes happening in san francisco. so far more than 5,100 burglaries
8:51 am
since the start of the year and that's a 42% jump up from last year people in the northern part of the city, north beach russian hill in pacific heights. they say it happens in their neighborhoods every day kron 4 s taylor bisacky takes a look. >>the big wave of crime right now and it's a home burglaries and this is scary we i cannot sleep at night anymore. unfortunately, you know gore isn't alone. surveillance videos like this taken over the last 2 months percent were from other neighbors. >>after she made flyers and posted on social media in the next door app focused in san francisco's northern neighborhoods like north beach telegraph hill, russian hill in more years as the american april it's postponed. >>so next year and we had a lot of wedding gifts that were in there and they got stolen so there was a lot of miscellaneous things and a lot of sporting equipment as well alex miller, and many other neighbors flooded grubbs inbox with similar stories thieves breaking into their garages or homes stealing expensive bicycles scooters and whenever
8:52 am
they can get their hands on. >>that's when board decided to make a map i just started putting together all the said right down into a app that eventually i join in too big a map. >>so to get in one more feedback now according to san francisco police. >>there have been 1079 burglaries in its northern district so far this year, a 58% increase from the 683 burglaries over the same time period last year as for citywide burglaries there's been 5,118 so far a 42% increase from this time period last year which reached 3,602 burglaries and it's not just happening to homes. this is video from a pacific heights, food market a week and a half ago 2 suspects only one seen in the video right now is setting up a blowtorch on the store's glass when it doesn't budge he comes back and tries throwing a planter to break in the lawlessness piece of it is really disturbing some people have seen second break in just
8:53 am
recently, and it's just unacceptable something needs to be done and we need to see some actions not just word scored tells me that sfpd did establish a team to look at these suspects in the different break-ins but after the made an arrest the crimes continued. >>they'll hold a community meeting virtually on thursday to discuss the same issues in san francisco taylor kron 4 news. >>53 right now and let's take a peek at the airport sfo high will in what way is in the front you can hear me. you can see here on the tarmac there are several planes that are waiting to load up and head to who knows where. >>we'll tell you what you can do if you're going to head to hawaii. coming up that's continuing on the compound
8:54 am
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>>welcome back 8.55 a quick on your forecast sunshine already in walnut creek and you'll get more of that later today. well areas like the golden gate bridge which aren't seeing any sunshine right now we'll get a good dose of it later on temperatures today, comfortable pretty similar to where they have been all week long really in the 70's and 80's. >>back to you all right john thank 56 is the time coming up in the next hour a call for justice echoing across the country including here in the bay area after a ruling in the death of brianna taylor tell you what we saw overnight. our senior citizens big targeted in the north bay we'll see wh
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>a >>call for justice echoing across the country as demonstrators protest, the grand jury's decision not to charge the louisville police officers involved in the killing of brianna taylor. here in the bay area protesters took to the streets in san francisco oakland and san jose we're live with what we're expecting to happen today. >>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 9.
9:00 am
>>good morning and thanks for waking up with us and aria fulsome and i'm james fletcher today is thursday september 24th, let's get to the weather before we get back to our big story. john trouble standing by with a look at the forecast for this afternoon guys we are seeing some sunshine already out there this morning in areas like timber on but if you look at the distance, yeah. that's cloud cover right over the golden gate bridge and over much of the peninsula too. there's patches of thick cloud cover and fog that are still remaining with us. but less and less of that as we make our way through the latter part of the morning and eventually today all of us getting a good dose of sunshine. conditions, nice and clear yet again as far as air quality goes good conditions across the bay head up towards reading in the north sacramento valley and that's where you're seeing some of the worst in our region. 60's and 70's for your current temperatures starting to see temperatures warming up now concord right at 70 degrees oakland at 66 berkeley there at 63 currently oakland later today you'll be in the mid 70's, sajo


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