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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  September 30, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>area's local news station we begin now with breaking news. >>break in does believe he's too to. if needed is here >>santa rosa evacuees returned to ruin. it was like part of me is gone. i'm going to put the fire fire crews are facing hellish conditions we're seeing some huge flames cal-fire revealing the initial attack was so intense it forced firefighters to deploy emergency shelters and the threat is not over yet as high fire danger returns to the bay area. >>we are tracking that intense firefight in the north bay
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tonight as crews push to try to control the spread of the glass fire before another red flag warning takes effect. thanks for joining us at 5 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis at this hour the glass fire has burned more than 48,000 acres. it is 2% contained. parts of napa and sonoma counties remain under evacuation orders and more than 68,000 people have been forced to leave their homes. so far the fire has destroyed at least 97 structures and damaged some 17 others right now more than 22,000 other buildings remain threatened cal fire's expected to hold a press conference any minute now to bring us the latest when that starts we'll bring it to you live in the meantime though it has now been almost 48 hours since the entire town of calistoga had to be evacuated while winds were calm today. there is renewed concern about what could happen to that town as the weather gets worse tonight. four's dan dan live for us in the napa valley with more dan.
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>>we're live along one 28 this is the road in the calistoga and again talk about threats real threat is downtown calistoga that is tonight as those winds pick up and push right towards the town. downtown calistoga is a ghost town since monday the entire city has been evacuated. >>controls residential streets are empty too. >>though there are plenty of shout outs to firefighters. i think we've seen enough. >>situations over the last 4 years and the damage that can be done and how quickly circumstances and conditions change. people are respecting in taking a very very seriously as they should. >>we did find one man taking advantage of the calm winds to do some cleanup around his home of 40 years just clearing some a bar. >>foliage away from the just giving us a little breathing room so to speak you know this preventive maintenance as the
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saying goes ron has been here for 2 days, but he doesn't plan to stay the night. >>that's because winds are expected to pick up late wednesday evening. >>the wind direction would be coming from behind where the fire is now toward the and that is the big concern. >>the mayor says firefighters are prepared and are hoping to put a stop to anything that comes that too is what residents are hoping. >>very unnerving which going on now you know that when she made one on. >>annual basis. >>back in 2017 the town of calistoga evacuated for 5 days when will this ghost town and officials say it will not end until the threat subsides live in the napa valley dan kerman kron 4 news right yeah, we sure could use a break but no such increased fire danger. >>is set to return to the bay area, another red flag warning has been issued for the north bay mountains starting tomorrow at 01:00pm our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow
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is here now lawrence this time is horrible yeah, i'm very very concerned now things are beginning to shape up right now so if you live in some of these areas in around the fires, you got to be prepared to get out there's going to be change in the wind direction that is going to mean everything today we really kind lucked out a very light winds so far and of course we've had that sea breeze and that's been bringing the moisture up. well that's going to change in right now you can see those winds running fairly light around much of the fire area in fact not too strong out santa rosa about of the south of 5 miles per hour. they're starting with that breeze going in parts of the out bill you see towards soda springs at some of those winds over 10 miles per hour. but that is going to change as we're going to see high pressure building in what's called a thermal trough is going to move out along the coastline. what that does that starts to bring us those northerly winds. back to the bay area and that's where we're expected to see maybe gusts 15 to 25 miles per hour
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the humidity coming way down it has been upwards of 80 90% in the morning in and around some of fiwes there but i think we're going to see that all changed very dry almost desert-like conditions by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night right we expect the peak of these gusts now the red flag warnings upwards of a 1000 feet, but of course the fires already active. they're so certainly that is going to be a big concerns now watch the winds very closely here we'll take you through time and reduce the expected wind gusts the winds have been generally out of the west-southwest today but things are going to change overnight tomorrow doesn't start out to be a bad day yes certainly we start to see those winds picking up inning when maybe 10 miles per hour. but watch as we get in toward tomorrow evening. i think that will be the peak of this event starting at about 6 o'clock tomorrow night to about 10 maybe about 11 o'clock tomorrow night as well that's where we'll see the biggest moving through and you start to see the colors beginning to fill and look at the winds. glen allen 17 mile hour winds 12 and sailing a 13 inning win again we're going to see some gusts may be blowing over 25 miles per hour through these
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areas so places that are going to be south of the fire like glen allen also in the lena you get to rutherford, you get to calistoga certainly a concern as the fire conditions will continue to burn and you get to see the fire began to move in those directions firefighters should be preparing for that tonight looks like that will be the main event tomorrow evening than those wind should begin to subside guys but tomorrow will be a scary night at all throughout the evening of the north bay feeling all that pain. meantime evacuations loom once again for residents in parts of the santa cruz mountains this time people might be forced to flee their homes not because of wildfire per se but mudslides related to the fires that swept through the santa cruz mountains recently kron four's rob fladeboe. >>has that story is live in boulder creek rob, another concern. >>now these folks up here can't catch a break in and around this easy lightning complex fire being urged right
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now to prepare to evacuate early and probably often this winter depending how much it rains. that's because the fires more less laid waste to the trees and vegetation that hold the soil in place, let's take a look. >>they're destroyed his garage in several classic cars, but ben lone resident robert barry's home survived. now as we hiked the charge will above his elbow road home very told me he is getting ready to evacuate once again made the all too real potential for mudslides when winter rains return, it's one thing after another word is hit with multiple. catastrophes but you're doing the best we can stay here. this is our home it's not an 11 across the czu lightning complex fire zone, hundreds of homes and families are in harm's way once again. is where the vegetation is gone mudslides or debris flows happen when heavy rain saturates the ground in what
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amounts to a mass of soil rock down trees and other debris, gaining size and speed is it moves down slope. evacuations are imminent says county supervisor ryan cooler we got a report on tuesday that showed were at serious danger of debris flows mudslides landslides. >>that will come with very little warning after very little rain after a fire this intense. we're trying to get the word out that people should prepare to evacuate rain driven mudslides killed several people following 2018 is thomas fire in santa barbara. debris flows can reach avalanche speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. >>even homes are relatively flat ground a mile or more away from the slopes are at risk. it doesn't take much to trigger a slide. they're saying that even a quarter inch of could cause a serious debris slide and you know we're. >>you look at santa barbara in sonoma other places that was their experience robert berry showed me how what's left of
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the soil and ash above his home can prevent rainfall from soaking in increasing runoff in the potential for a slide sweeping up everything in his there's a hillside behind us and any time gets any kind of rain very kind of water coming down. it could it could easily watch the debris field down towards the street. possibly block the road. now county hydrologists and geologist have been out assessing the risk in recent days, the watershed emergency >>a cleanup team has come up with this map. it shows in red that the debris flows could occur in virtually all of the heavily burned areas in the western part of the burn scar that includes parts of bonny doon empire grade road l the road and many other of the steep canyons above boulder creek here. >>mitigation efforts are underway. but they're just not enough time to get any real receding under way up there so folks are being told to get the go bag ready they could be
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told to evacuate again very soon live in boulder creek rob fladeboe kron 4 news all right robin wright now cal fire's she now has lot to contain the glass fire. >>along all of highway 12 in calistoga road. >>and they're still activity and and and and austin park. i'm told that they have the majority in work done in terms of any new fire in operations. students all along with all those under doing mop up in ers we speak to get prepared for this one event. i just want to remind everyone we do have a wind this take place tomorrow 1 o'clock. it is a red flag warning schools from thursday, one tells friday. 06:00pm one that we are trying to stop an additional engines in sonoma county. so we're on crews right now to see who's available. as crews will be for an initial attack on any new fires within the county.
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again the goal is to make sure no new fires get started worley to a very small acreage so we can concentrate on this fire. we got 2 days and we have to get through the weather. then once we get through that and we'll build really assess where we stand. after the latest information about the glass fire not with them is center is limits please go star city dot or. slash glass fire. and additional updates and fire related information is available on facebook the center is an ft and on instagram at and twitter as center is a fire. and i'll close it there. thank you. >>thank you chief and for updates accusations own send that what's happening there let's start with a surgeon sergeant juan valencia of the summit county sheriff's office. thank you sergeant for being here. >>thank you for having me so as of last night this morning we have no new evacuation orders. they're going out or
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at this time we are not any orders or the whether it's a big and i i will working closely with cal fire under fire. basically want to keep everybody we have we continue to have 50 additional deputies out there patrolling the area that's under an order. basically trying to keep people from going and looting. we have 36 deputies assigned to so they're handling all calls for service so that when the 50 deputies that are out or doing proactive patrol enforcement in those areas keeping your stuff safe. we did make 5 arrests within the last couple and i think they made 2 more today for people an evacuation area. these people have no business being there. other interviewed by
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deputies and during that interview that it's determined after their commit some sort so they're arrested in that arms that people can county jail. >>no missing people this time, no fatalities reported to us. i do want to address them our summer. >>on our the new number for people that are under that fall under an evacuation order or 6,098. and that's in unincorporated area that means it's out in the county and a 173 people that fall under a warning. we asked for for continued patients during this evacuation during this process. like it's been stated earlier little they're out there fighting this fight to get everybody back back home. we were in. >>twitter and instagram for updates. and just remind people to take care of
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themselves and take care of their family and friends. >>thank you. >>thank you sergeant and for the city perspective on law we have chief ray navarro the santa rosa police department thank you for being >>thank you so first i want to thank the community for their cooperation and support during this difficult time i was very difficult for. >>all right, we've been listening live to calfire giving us an update on the glass fire. in napa and sonoma counties which is 7 48,000 acres plus that burned so far in still only a 2% containment and they're not letting any evacuation orders are warning says the red flag warning is set to go into effect. >>tomorrow so obviously a lot of tense times here in the next 24 to 48 hours or so we'll take a quick
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>>tonight thousands of north bay residents are still under mandatory evacuation orders and as we just heard that glass fire from cal fire's a press conference they say it is 2% contained can force ken wayne joins us now live in the newsroom with a look at which areas are under evacuation orders and warnings at this hour can will grant vicki is just heard from that news conference a short time ago that we had here on kron 4 will go to the map. >>not a lot of changes in sonoma county in particular
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all of this pink area is evacuation. mandatory evacuation area, the yellow right here just east of downtown santa rosa up here north. these are evacuation warning locations. you can see downtown santa rosa here and then highway 12 runs from here through the evacuation area right here kind of disappears in the in the colors here, but this is just to give you a sense of how vast this area is but again not really any changes here in sonoma county because of the fire but as we look into napa county lot of attention now is focused up in england and the pope valley area here is the community angwin this entire area has been evacuated, this blue is mandatory as you can see a mandatory evacuation area and then pull valley is a little bit over here east of this this is pope valley up here this whole area up here not evacuation area so way to get the area to get away to get out of angwin but the fire is still burning on this edge right here. and so there's
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concern about the wind shifting and so on and then you see saint helene is surrounded by mandatory evacuation areas and it is an evacuation warning now in the heart of saint helena in calistoga as we mentioned also right here under a mandatory evacuation area so again. a large areas about 70,000 people in both counties when you add it all up who are now under evacuation orders and have been told to leave those areas, we'll keep an eye on all of this of course it all depends on the weather. the firefighters are on the lines. but as these winds shift in the flames shift in the burn areas, shift, there's the potential for more people who may be forced to flee their homes back to you all right, ken sounds like the weather may not be on their let's go and check with that lawrence about the weather the current conditions out there, yeah certainly kind of like a bull in a china shop, whichever way. >>this fire moves it's going to cause some damage rights when those winds switched directions again there's another place to many places built in and around these areas now and the fire will be
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headed. a little further to the south as we head in toward tomorrow, something else we're watching out for oil you take a look at the sky today, what a change we started pick up a little more northerly component to the wind and that swept more smoke back into the bay area looking over san francisco right now about this looking for the east bay from the berkeley hills back out over the bay again. well almost looks like a couple weeks ago when you couldn't see across the bay because of all that smoke outside toward the golden gate bridge now they're getting a little bit of a westerly wind along the golden gate you can see that in the flag here, but you seared in the certainly see that haze there in the distance that's more that smoke that has been starting to make its way back in across the rest the bay area and of course we get a storm normally when we're going to see more smoke, poor air quality right now across san francisco stretching across the bay all the way into fremont in livermore very unhealthy air as you get the concord right through the delta very unhealthy or in that area but right along the immediate coastline you're getting a
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little bit of a sea breeze see your green here right now and expect that to stay that way tonight now tomorrow again we're going to see a stronger influx of those northerly winds that is going to bring all that smoke back in the bay area expected to be very unhealthy in the north especially in around the fires along the coast moderate amounts of blues building up the east bay again very unhealthy the south bay, poor air quality tomorrow, something that's been playing out the better part of the last half of summer unfortunately the fire is continuing to burn. >>all right lawrence and as the glass fire continues to burn in the north bay, you know the air quality lawrence pointed out in several parts of the bay area really is just getting worse and worse here we go again with that kron four's justine waldman joins us live in the newsroom with a look at which areas right now we're seeing some of the worst air justine. >>let's take a look now at purple air dot com that's going to show us just how clean or polluted the air is and what the health effects might be. we'll take a close closer look now here at the bay area but just showing us the united states we can see california does have some of
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the worst air quality in the country right now zoom in closer here to the bay area anything over a 100 is considered not healthy, we'll just put that out there that's the orange that's mostly down the coast. but as you go closer to the burn zone and here is santa rosa. right here. i'm circling it there you can see that the air quality is just below a 100 and most part but there are some areas going into the red which means that it's unhealthy not just for sensitive groups, but basically for everyone as we get now closer to where the glass fire is burning right now we're in those deep purples hitting areas at 3.27 to 91 to 73. we'll zoom in a little closer this is this is sonoma. where the air quality is the worst right now and even backing out a little bit into napa we can also see that the air quality is in the red over one 50 that's unhealthy for sensitive groups and then as we go down sort of where the wind is sort of pushing the smoke is covering portions of the bay area and even as we
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get into the east bay conquered seeing some of that bad air and also walnut creek hitting numbers in those of purple digits to 15 to 45 3 to 37. that's just not good smoke is making it hard for people to be outside and to be breathing right now now this whole situation this map if you want to zoom in and see where you are yourself because even parts of the south they are having unhealthy air right now. this is all on our website kron 4 dot coms you can go zoom and exactly on your neighborhood and see what the air quality is where you live live right now in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>thank you justine and in the east bay today, said a playoff game can
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>>2 of the wild card series just wrapped up in oakland this afternoon, the a's defeating the chicago white sox despite a late push from the socks in the final inning yeah, oakland holds on kron 4 sports reporter kylan bills like the coliseum with a look at the action kyla thank goodness, the a's were able to. when today boy. >>oh boy they had us on the edge of our seats there in the 9th inning thank goodness they pulled out any other year this stadium, the coliseum would have been rocking in filled with thousands of fans who would have been celebrating
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the a's win their first playoff game since 2013. they defeat the sox 5 to 3 after that late push like you guys talked about in the second game of the wild card series now after last night's loss in the opener manager bob melvin did talk about the need to get the offense going today and boy did they early on in the second already up by to marcus semien rockets one to center field for a 2 run homer then in the 5th moving along christopher davis earned his nickname. >>crushed with a solo shot off white sox ace dallas keitel a's righty chris bassitt gets the w with some help from the defense there was a leaping catch from back in the 3rd. that's pretty incredible you saw there than the defense came through with the game on the line nate orf handles this one for the crucial final out with the bases loaded again they kept us on the edge of our seats, here's manager bob melvin on the win.
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>>we want to call it matters wasn't was uncomfortable. you know we did just enough offense way to win them. you know bass it was terrific. just get few runs at >>the a's live to see another day thank goodness game 3 will decide this series again it is a short series just 3 games to open up the playoffs now the last time the a's won a playoff series was 2009 so hopefully that is about to change game 3 set for here at the coliseum at 1210 tomorrow live in oakland kylan mills kron 4 sports alright, crossing >>next kron 4 is closely watching the quill glass fire this brings an am a sonoma and napa counties in just a few minutes we're going to touch
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