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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 30, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>the news station you're watching kron 4 news at 9. >>like a bad dream and i'm open to wake up and none of those happen. >>this believe and devastation today more evacuees returning to ruin this as the glass fire rages on in the north bay. good evening. everybody, i'm palmore and i'm ken wayne you're watching kron 4 news at 9 o'clock crews are pushing to
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try to control the spread of this fire before more winds come in and fuel the flames. >>the glass fire has burned more than 51,000 acres and is 2% contained. more than a 140 homes have been destroyed in napa and sonoma counties, 107 homes alone just in napa county. more than 26,000 structures continue to be threatened tonight. and we want to show you a live look at the glass fire. this is the glow of the flames you can see the smoke. this is a camera on top of mount saint alina about 4300 feet up looking toward the napa valley and you can see this fire is still raging, this is a web camera kind of see skip frames here and there but this is a live image of how the flames look right now. >>boy nsa terrifying images. well we have team coverage tonight from 4 state of the sec is in anguish tonight where crews prepare for more wind first we want to turn things over to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with that red flag warning
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that goes into effect tomorrow or yeah, very pattern developing now it's going to be a quick hitters going to be one of those. >>a 24 hour events but certainly we've already got a fire started a dangerous fire and more dangerous fire conditions coming our way in fact red flag warnings going up in the north bay starting a 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon and continue to friday 06:00pm but i think the bulk of the winds are going to come right tomorrow evening between about 6 and about 10 o'clock think that's where we'll see our gusty as winds moved through that area but we're looking to gust 15 to 25 miles per hour certainly not as strong as what we had this last weekend but strong enough and that is going to be pushing from a different direction so instead of the westerly winds. we've had the feud last few days coming from the ocean with that nice on shore breeze and higher moisture content all of a sudden we're getting a normally when with a much drier air maybe 15 to 25% relative humidity. so that's a very dry and then you've got a fire already started extremely dangerous. now latest fire conditions in around the fire
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not bad, although things to begin to pick up right now around the fire you can see that wind has switched directions more of a northerly component now so we're worried about angwin because the fire with the westerly winds started to push the fire in that direction. now the fire is going to start to burn back toward the napa valley places like saint you get out bill rather for these areas, the fire is going to be burning back in your direction here over the next 24 hours or so certainly firefighters started to put themselves out in front of that line getting prepared for the change in the wind directions and you'll see here overnight tonight are starting to see a little more northerly component to the wind and that's why we have more smoke began to fill our skies all around the bay area and we put it into motion tomorrow morning doesn't look too bad, fairly light winds maybe some 10 mile an hour winds. in one, but you notice that direction coming out of the north northeast there and then as we get in toward tomorrow evening. that's when things really begin to pick up. you can see the colors begin to filter in here and by the middle of the evening you
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start to see a lot of yellow and maybe even a little orange, those are 20 almost 30 mile an hour gusts begin to move in across this area about 08:00pm tomorrow night continue until about 10 o'clock tomorrow night then after that looks like things will begin to subside but i think between that period 6 and about 10 tomorrow night some very dangerous winds could lead to explosive fire conditions in the north bay. >>all right lawrence, thank you course with the expected high winds tomorrow and a rise in the temperatures over the next 2 days firefighters are focusing their efforts on preparing the areas where the fire made tear through next and one of those places of concern is angwin in the foothills above the napa valley floor. it's right above deer park where the fire's already passed through and destroyed a number of homes kron four's head of the sec, he drove through angwin today and she joins us now live with the latest taylor >>it can as you probably know angwin is under a mandatory evacuation you can see the chp
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roadblock there behind me blocking off access to deer park road which eventually led to up to angwin and i'll tell you i am thankful that it seems like most people paid attention to that mandatory evacuation because it is a ghost town up there. and now in addition to the weather concerns and was also filled fire fuel so to speak there's a lot of brush a lot of trees and forced up there. neighbors in angwin in napa county anxious about what's to come within the next few days the biggest concern is the fire up north the northern end of it. >>we'll wrap back around and compean hill on the on the east side of england has put the biggest concern. earlier my concern was over on christmas that it come down and come up the drought here at falls. but it seems like that may be little more contained at this point matthew lee already evacuated his angwin home but came back on wednesday to grab some last minute things for his family posed for my family they've made there are a few more things they wanted. >>to have fun and that's all that really matters my family is out safe. police says he's preparing to be away from home for at least a week.
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>>in anticipation that the glass fire could make a quick turn towards angwin something cal fire in other fire crews are keeping an eye on the coming days is want to remind everyone we do have a wind this >>take place tomorrow 1 o'clock. it is a red flag warning schools from thursday, one tells friday. 06:00pm firefighters already made brake lines on the outer edges of angwin some behind private homes this one near walnut lane inc he's avenue. >>firefighters are also standing by in surrounding communities, ready to jump into action as the fire continues to grow doing pretty good and i know they're working hard they're doing their best i'm just so appreciative of everything they're doing to try to save the community. >>now while i was up there. also ran into an angwin volunteer firefighter, he says that there is a small group of them out there that are staying behind they have their own equipment. they're staying behind of course to watch over and try to protect the community live in napa county
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taylor kron 4 news taylor. thank you for that report as mentioned more than 26,000 buildings are still in the path of the glass fire forcing new evacuations tonight that means about 70,000 residents in napa and sonoma counties still can't go home kron four's ella sogomonian. >>it's live in the newsroom with details on the latest evacuation orders l a kind of hand those new evacuation orders are for the now the county area take a look at this map they have been upgraded from warnings so if you are in the area between old lowly toll road and pope valley road from inquiry to a yet the springs road you must leave now all recreational areas in or near the robert louis stevenson state park including but not limited to table rock trail palisades trail hill mine trail are closed highway 29 from tubs lane to the lake county line will remain open to through traffic new evacuation warnings have been issued as well for the areas, north of i springs road extending west to robert louis stevenson trail
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and on highway 29 to the lake county line between highway 29 and west of butts canyon road all addresses on highway 29 from tufts lane to the lake county line let's take a look now at sonoma county where the fires are burning on los alamos and saint helene a road they're forcing evacuations for all of an adult's state park east and south of santa rosa city limits north of bennett valley road and west of the savannah trail if you are in napa and you need a place to go you can turn to the cross walk church in petaluma you can head over to the sonoma marin fair grounds or the veterans building the community center there was full as of yesterday, but another one did open up over in santa rosa that's a family community center on college avenue, the sonoma raceway is welcoming evacuees plus in santa rosa, a place to play the veterans memorial building and sonoma state university's jim in rohnert park just make sure to head over to parking lot g napa valley college also accepting evacuees, you can
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find this information posted to our website kron 4 dot com and cal fire reminds you not to wait for these directions if you feel that it's unsafe it's always best to leave sooner rather than later as we've been saying i remember to bring a face covering practice, good hygiene and maintain that physical distancing at the center's live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news ellen. thank you for that information the glass fires, not only affecting residents a nap and so manic in sonoma counties. >>it's also affecting the wineries there. yeah, a number of winery owners in napa and sonoma counties are now discovering their businesses were in the path of the destruction, this is a. >>matthew can take a look at where the we have confirmed have been damaged by the fire. they include burgess the sellers in deer park brehmer family winery chateau boswell wineries in saint the fair winds of state and sterling vineyards in calistoga also in calistoga the famous castello di amorosa which has lost about 10,000 cases of wine
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that is about 120,000 bottles of wine which the owner says amounts to 4 to 5 million dollars. our coverage of the glass fire continues on our website kron 4 dot com there you can find an interactive map of the burn zone, the latest evacuation orders and a look back at this historic fire season. so far is all at kron 4 dot com. >>happening tomorrow, a statewide flex alert will go into effect into the high temperatures we're expecting from 03:00pm to 10:00pm the state's grid operator. it's asking customers to reduce their energy consumption. you can do this by setting your thermostat to 78 degrees turn off unnecessary lights close your blinds and use fans whenever possible wait to use your major appliances until after the flex alert for a list of cooling centers and more ways you can conserve energy head over to kron 4 dot com. more more businesses are now being allowed to reopen in
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the bay area is swayed to bay area counties moved into the next here in the states reopening plan, san francisco has moved into runs to year which means restaurants and places of worship can now operate indoors. >>with 25% capacity. the contra costa county has moved into the red tier which means a similar businesses such as indoor restaurants gyms movie theaters in places of worship will be able to reopen again with restrictions kron four's jonathan mccall is live for us in walnut creek where despite being allowed to reopen indoors. some businesses are taking a cautious approach him you would think after months these businesses would be jumping for joy but they say despite getting the green light from the state and from city leaders they say they plan to take a slow and steady approach as covid cases continue to on tuesday contra costa county becoming the latest bay area county to move
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out of the state's most restrictive covid-19 reopening tier. >>with the move from purple to read customers will once again be allowed back indoors at jim's restaurants, malls nail salons movie theaters in more. >>but only at a limited capacity. the news is welcome for many owners but for some it's another cause for concern even though this may case. >>but i just don't want to >>lily low is the owner of the dragons pond in walnut creek. hers like other businesses have struggled during the coronavirus pandemic that the life. >>i want to help blind. the money after 5 months. yeah, even the late night through the high school exit hang on she says despite getting the green light from the state to let customers back inside. >>she's planning to put up the stop sign. >>i don't want to take any rate. >>because even though loud but the pace going she says a combination of climbing covid cases and compromise family members is why she's making the decision and she's not
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alone. other business owner here in walnut creek tell me that while it will be good to have customers back indoors to help with their plummeting bottom lines. they do plan to take a slow and steady approach. some say they're planning to implement their own enhanced safety protocols. lowe says it will be a while before she lets customers done inside once with just cuts. >>on to the hunt for the best thing come out. then there signs time a lot of for you lot about >>and those businesses really say they are stuck between a rock and a hard place they need the customers in order to help keep their doors open, but they are still concerned about the covid cases going up those business owners say they are now concerned about what comes next as temperatures fall over the next few weeks summers now worried about what impact fall and winter months could have on their businesses
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as well we're live tonight in walnut jonathan mccall kron 4 news all right jonathan, thank you for that report, san francisco has joined contra costa county and allowing indoor dining and that happened com for soil bellow was in north beach today. she gives us a taste of the new normal eating inside for the first time since march. >>while many still dined in parklets outdoors in san francisco wednesday there were several restaurants ready to reopen indoors at 25% capacity from john's grill in union square safety is our number one priority. >>a real that one in 3 that up. 5% we're going to $0.25 very seriously to soto mayor in north beach. it was clear diners were happy to step back inside for some sense of normalcy we're not going to get reckless about anything but i we've all been tested and so i feel comfortable about that the players could see the to move to a should cost him a few bucks but.
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>>they got some customers family got phone call that want to eat inside. we're going to give people the opportunity to you to decide if they don't want go have our outside down the street restaurant like tonys are capping capacity. indoors to 19 people. >>inducting temperature checks at the door and over california fish market capacity is now kept to just 12 owner francesco commute. he says though the option is nice to have he knows he'll still have trouble paying the there be not time to. >>so the coffin put her on the wonderful capacity right on a 20 per person so would be almost impossible to think that we can pay the same even still after months of re imagining how the restaurants will stay afloat owners are thankful to have the option being given that. >>it's great beginning all you. new often over the that extra 25% going to help us sustain. they get revenue
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sustain be an open front of her down the line so to not be go 2550 a 100 in san francisco noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>and as more businesses begin reopening across the bay area, the next step is to also allow students back on campus and today state school superintendent tony thurmond gave an update on what's being done to make sure that safely. >>we're monitoring closely working closely with the state department of public health on how to enhance and support the efforts of our schools in the counties in terms of their testing protocols so that we can support those schools that will be open. >>so far there is no concrete date for when major school districts in the bay area could reopen but superintendent thurman is praising the work of parents and teachers and saying that they're making long distance learning a success and that he would give them all and a
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here's a look at the latest covid numbers worldwide there are close to 34 million cases united states has more than 7 million cases. california continues to lead the country in the number of cases with 819,000 of course were the most populous state in the country. here in the bay area more than a 101,000 cases and almost 1500 deaths have been reported. >>no mean the answer to the question is now ukraine out i served with a billion dollars of you know what. >>you're talking about this moderator. chris wallace struggling to keep control last night in the first 2020 presidential debate between president donald trump and joe biden because of the frequent interruptions last night the presidential commission says that it will make changes to future debate formats. >>the commission says last night's debate made clear that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining to bays to ensure a more orderly discussion of the
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issues. the cpd will be carefully considering the changes that it will adopt and will announce those measures shortly. the statement went on to thank you to chris wallace for moderating the debate and said that the commission would give future moderators more tools to maintain order. some of the people watching last night who agree there should be some changes include east bay congressman eric swalwell. >>he shared his reaction to the debate with our catherine heenan the host of inside bay area politics. then they saw and joe biden an honest person, a decent person. >>and a visionary leader who can get us out of i think in the president they saw the opposite they not an adult and a child not an honest person, but somebody who is corrupt and not a decent person, but somebody who is cruel and so i think the poll. polls will show the legal widen for biden and that's what i expect to come out of this. >>now you wrote love that last night was a resounding win for
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joe biden that he managed to cut through the noise but did he because a lot of us are saying they had a hard time getting much of anything either person trying to say. >>well actually one of family friends who watched the debate with us who is a conservative commented at the end of the debate. wow i i don't think there's any mental issues with joe biden at and so it's interesting because the president had set the bar so low for joe biden you know he made all these false claims about biden's mental fitness and you saw somebody for 90 minutes stand up there and you know take you know with the ring interruptions from the president and also you know was able to swing back as the president attacked him and so the president's best case is that there's no mental fitness abilities with joe biden i i think people are wondering if there's mental fitness abilities with the president. alas for the changes in debate rules. the congressman says americans should expect actually here when a candidate
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is saying on interrupted. >>he says he's all for the idea of tougher rules the vice presidential debate is next tuesday. the next presidential debate is on thursday october 15th and just a reminder there are 34 days until the 2020 election kron 4 is your local election headquarters this season. >>from wildfires mudslides people who evacuated because of the czu fire are preparing to evacuate again when the winter rains come. the danger, those people face when the rains do return rancher had to make the tough decision to leave her horses behind is the glass fire approach a ranch tonight. >>the ranch is destroyed. the horses are safe. how the horses were safe coming up and a rise in violent crime has according to oakland police which crimes are up and what police are doing to keep people safe. the fires are burning more smoke is headed our way we'll check out your air quality forecasts and let
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>>facebook has updated its political advertising policy ahead of the 2020 election. the new policy does not allow ads with quote content that seeks to delegitimize the outcome of an election. facebook says this is in addition to policies previously announced that would prohibit as and make premature declarations of victory. an example of an ad that would not be allowed. but include calling a method of voting inherently fraudulent
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or corrupt or using isolated incidents of voter fraud to the legitimize the results of an election. facebook says the new political advertising policy went into effect today. >>oakland is facing an alarming trend of violence in the city is way up from last pd released these numbers today homicides of 62% from the same time last year shootings are up 56%. and the reports of shots fired are up 62%. this follows a 5 year decrease and gun crime of almost 50%. today deputy chief around armstrong explained how the department is partnering with members of the community and leaders to address the violence. >>we're partner with our city resources, including our mayor's office or department of violence prevention, our community members are cease-fire teens conducting night while night walks in our community so that they can see a community presence as well.
9:25 pm
>>the department is also increasing patrols in east oakland, which is an area seeing the biggest increase in violence. >>the white supremacy and greater threats than violence sense what some experts are saying after president trump failed to condemn a white supremacist group last night during the debate. next the new task force it's poised to tackle the growing domestic threats. >>we will also be to santa rosa couple who was tragically one of the many who lost
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>>the glass fire burning in sonoma and napa counties has burned more than a 140 homes along with wineries and other buildings. this santa rosa couple is one of many who lost all their possessions to the fires for sogomonian joins us live in our newsroom tonight with their story l a. >>ken and pam this is the first time that nikki and kevin condit we're able to come back to see what was left of their home, but unfortunately, there wasn't much of anything that the flames didn't touch. >>the comment families overcome with grief as they see firsthand that the place they called home is no longer standing get along with everything else inside was leveled by the glass fire after hurried out of there in the early morning hours on sunday. >>he's too to. if is >>is the >>the couple had just minutes to get out as a wall of fire
9:29 pm
descended on their santa rosa home. kevin comforting nikki when she realized that all her chickens had perished too. >>it was like a part of me is gone. going to put the fire. >>everything we. you you are. >>is go on. >>kevin sifts through the rubble for any keepsakes the easing at a pile of metal rings and the remains of his wine barrel furniture business you don't know where we're going what we're going i don't know. this is why going to happen you have to start all over and start over and very >>they had no insurance but they escaped with their lives and the clothes on their backs and we got here with each other and that in accounts minutes, finding it came down. >>it's just so painful to see these images coming out of the fire zone and to let it sink in that this. it's just one of the many stories of severe
9:30 pm
heart break in the meantime the couple is staying in a hotel in nearby sonoma live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >>it they said they rescued 12 horses. i'm like oh my god that's my heard and their life. i mean i just i can't even tell you like i was just like you know. >>yes, they are alive. the glass fire ripped through a well known santa rosa ranch on sunday night, the pony express is a nonprofit providing equine therapy to children for more than 30 years. the owner's home and all of the barns completely destroyed but as kron four's michelle kingston tells us the horses that had to be left behind. >>survived. >>the past that that fire it was right through our a great linda aldrich at to make the gut-wrenching decision to leave her 12 rescue horses behind on sunday night. >>the glass fire moving too
9:31 pm
fast toward her ranch. we saw the fire just come right over the top of our ridge, it was too late it was too late to get anyone in or anyone out aldrich has operated the pony express a nonprofit providing life skills and equine therapy to children for decades, she's had to evacuate her ranch located just across highway 12 from oakmont before but this is the first time a fire swept through her property, you know i got out of there probably after 11 some time. >>and i think that it was literally on on fire within the hour. >>early monday morning sonoma county sheriff's deputies found the horses. they were rescued by the community animal response team terrified, but uninjured super fortunate super grateful. >>that you know our horses. indoor and survived yeah and the pastor didn't burn linda's home where she raised her family is gone. >>the barn's all the structures on her land
9:32 pm
complete rubble, but she's alive her dog is safe in all 12 of 4 horses survived you never think that you're going to be one of those people in and now all the sudden i'm one of those people wary eye literally pull down my driveway. >>that is all i see is my fireplace and it's like how is it that your entire world is just kind like gone just gone in santa rosa, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>want show you a live look now of the glass fire as seen from a web cam mounted on top of mount saint helene and this is the fire and the smoke, looking toward calistoga and the town of saint so you can see why calistoga has been evacuated by these pictures that we're showing you here. our team coverage continues now kron four's gayle ong she is in calistoga where fire crews could be seen building fire breaks on the palisades says the mountain range north
9:33 pm
of calistoga gayle fill us in on the latest. >>10 firefighters are working around the clock while the weather has been in their favor setting lines today their focus on the mountains surrounding calistoga. >>this is a view from palisades road off highway 29 in calistoga wednesday afternoon. firefighters operating a burnout on the palisades a test being done ever since tuesday night and it's right behind stephen rest me since property basically torched or entire canyon. >>cutting precision lines around every dwelling including my back neighbor who has a small cabin way in the back of of canyon. they they they do circles around those did backfires save every building. >>he took this video crews cutting lines to prevent the glass fire from spreading more operations were conducted a night off of highway 29 near greenwood avenue. firefighters say the operations were
9:34 pm
successful in the fire did not jump the roadway cal fire says the areas of the glass fire hasn't burned in at least 80 years. >>the hot dry windy weather and dry vegetation have been fueling the fire. firefighters spent the day preparing for the worst-case scenario as high winds are expected again by the evening air attack dropped retardant over mount saint helene and near old lolly toll road the entire city of calistoga is under mandatory evacuation. rest, nice and stayed behind to help firefighters get better access in and around the palisades mountain range from 5 years and. >>we've we've lived in threat, you know we've lived in fear of fire. and the fact that they did a controlled burn and actually bring the in the whole canyon means that we can it will live for the next 20 years without having to fear of fire. >>we're not out of the woods yet with that high when back in the forecast that red flag warning in heat advisory beginning tomorrow, ken and
9:35 pm
pam i have been reporting here since saturday. so i thought firsthand but those winds could do and they're in these dry hot conditions live in calistoga gayle ong kron 4 news sale. thank you for that report tonight our coverage of the glass fire continues at kron 4 dot com there you can find an interactive map on the burn zone, the latest evacuation orders. >>and a look back at this historic fire season. so far it's all on our website kron 4 dot com. in national news tonight by a sweeping bipartisan vote today, the senate approved a bill to avoid a federal government shutdown today's births, the possibility of a shutdown when the new fiscal year begins at midnight tonight. the measure has been sent to the president's desk for his signature, however, the bill only funds the government through december, the 11th. this news comes as house speaker nancy pelosi and treasury secretary steve continue their covid relief talks. today, both of them and
9:36 pm
both parties as well agree that the relief the new relieve should include another round of stimulus checks of $1200 when you want to call him come in give me my surprise us and and i root this and right >>stand back and stand by the fbi fighting a fire of racist violence and was words like that president is using a fire hose to spray gasoline on that fire. >>former fbi director james comey responding to president trump's comments last night on white supremacists. >>comey appear before the senate judiciary committee today as republican lawmakers confronted him about his oversight of the trump russia investigation has trevor shirley reports tonight, some in congress want the fbi to do more against white supremacists. >>can dine right stand back and stand by on tuesday, president trump refused to condemn the proud boys a white nationalist hate group according to the southern
9:37 pm
poverty law center white nationalist groups. >>organizing and we need to organize as well and for the past several months illinois, democratic representative brad schneider has pushed the fbi to create a special office dedicated to right wing extremism. >>to monitor track and these groups in september fbi director christopher wray told congress racially motivated extremism made up the majority of domestic terrorism threats schneider's bill to create that new fbi office passed the house last week but not without pushback from some republicans to get a bill on domestic terrorism, but a bill that barely mentions and t 5. >>ohio gop representative jim jordan says the bill ignores violence from the extreme left. >>cold-blooded murder of a trump supporter by member not mentioned in the mission bill. >>simon clark studies white supremacy at the center for american progress the white supremacist rick is a much greater. threat of actual
9:38 pm
violence fbi director wray said as much during his september testimony we look at antifa as more of an ideology or a movement. then organization a similar bill is sponsored in the senate by illinois democratic senator dick durbin reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>an arrest has been made in that shooting ambush against to la county sheriff's deputies. still ahead, the separate crime that led to that suspect's arrest in sports the a's try to bounce back in game 2 of their wild-card series against the our home was burned to the ground in the tubbs fire. the flames, the ash, it was terrifying. thousands of family homes are destroyed in wildfires. families are forced to move and higher property taxes are a huge problem. prop 19 limits taxes on wildfire victims so families can move without a tax penalty. nineteen will help rebuild lives.
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vote 'yes' on 19.
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vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. >>yesterday i talked about the a's facing their playoff demons and today they did just that it's been 7 years in the making but they finally got that elusive playoff victory. after last night's loss in the opener bob melvin talked about the need to get the offense going and boy did they do that right after the bat. dallas keitel on the mound for the sox and a's had a nice rally in the first. and then this was part of it in the bottom of the second. marcus semien he want rock it's one to center field. and in the 3rd mark saves 2 runs with that great catch right there. what a save in the 5th chris davis.
9:42 pm
those are for the solo shot this team is hard to beat when chris davis is producing at the plate. a's did get into trouble in the 9th. but jose of grounds out to nate orf and that would do survive 5 to 3. hear from the skipper after the game. >>we want to call it matters wasn't was uncomfortable. you know we did just enough offense way to win. you know bass it was terrific. just get few runs at them. >>series-deciding game 3 tomorrow high noon at the coliseum we don't know the starting pitches as of now, but we'll have full coverage from the coliseum with kylan mills. nick mullens turn some head on sunday 25 of 36 343 yards senate touchdown eat too shabby that's good for anyone let alone a backup quarterback. so we've got some folks talking but if you talk to the players and coaches in that niners locker room, none of them were very surprised by mullen success, kyle shanahan. well, the guy in here 3 years
9:43 pm
ago for a reason he knows his system inside and now. but just because they think highly of mullen's don't think all shanahan, doesn't know who the starting quarterback is when asked if there was a bit of qb controversy brewing. caution and nip that in the and gave jimmy g a vote of confidence. >>no that's narrow doesn't exist. but i don't think that's one game either so heads as for you to do jimmy's team he's been held the job for us and when he's healthy. the planning in for us. >>nba finals game one lebron james and anthony davis just dominated the heat tonight. well lebron a shooting from outside like this for get 2513 9 for bronze and anthony davis was in his bag to the biggest competition of this series maybe will win finals. mvp. yes, 34 9 and the lakers won by 32 point when they winning by as much as that they win
9:44 pm
one 16 to 98 bam adebayo gordon gras guts left the game with injuries. gordon seems to be pretty serious too. and that is your
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
>>weary residents of the santa cruz mountains are being told to be ready to evacuate their homes when winter rains return as we have not already been through enough of their area as kron four's rob fladeboe
9:47 pm
reports now much of the 85,000 acres czu lightning complex fire zone is now at risk for deadly mudslides and debris >>they're destroyed his garage in several classic cars, but ben lone resident robert barry's home survived. now as we hiked the charge will above his elbow road home very told me he is getting ready to evacuate once again made the all too real potential for mudslides when winter rains return, it's one thing after another burgers hit with multiple. catastrophes but you're doing the best we can do. stay here. this is our home it's not 11 across the czu lightning complex fire zone, hundreds of homes and families are in harm's way once again. is where the vegetation is gone mudslides or debris flows happen when heavy rain saturates the ground in what amounts to a mass of soil rock down trees and other debris, gaining size
9:48 pm
and speed is it moves down slope. evacuations are imminent says county supervisor ryan cooler we got a report on tuesday that showed were at serious danger of debris flows mudslides landslides. >>that will come with very little warning after very little rain after a fire this intense. sir try to get the word out that people should prepare to evacuate rain driven mudslides killed several people following 2018 is thomas fire in santa barbara. debris flows can reach avalanche speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. >>even homes are relatively flat ground a mile or more away from the slopes are at risk. it doesn't take much to trigger a slide. they're saying that even a quarter inch of could cause a serious debris slide and you know we're. >>you look at santa barbara in sonoma other places that was their experience robert berry showed me how what's left of the soil and ash above his home can prevent rainfall from soaking in increasing runoff
9:49 pm
of the potential for a slide sweeping up everything in his there's a hillside behind us and any time gets any kind of rain very kind of water coming down. it could it could easily watch the debris field down towards st. possibly block the road. >>in a cruz mountains from florida on for news. >>and take a look at this tonight a red moon could be seen in the skies above calistoga tonight of course beautiful to look at and to you stop and think about the reason is red is likely because of all of the smoke coming from the glass fire, nonetheless it is quite a picture. >>and we want to show you another perspective of the glass fire time this is a shot from the top of mount saint only about 4300 feet up looking south toward the napa valley towards communities of calistoga insane alina and the rest of the napa valley, but these are the mountains said in between saint helena and the valley and you can see just how has been burning in
9:50 pm
that area lawrence is with us now with the latest on the bay area air quality because now of the glass fire. yeah, all that smoke move making we're seeing more of that normally when a look at that guys. >>that is all smoke that's not cloud cover that's not fog that is smoke coming down from the glass fire now making its way in the bay area. so you as you can imagine or equality now inside the bay, a very bad as you get well inland and in the san jose right now along the coastline there still enough of a westerly wind keeping the green here as you had some good air quality but that likely change even tomorrow as we're going to see more that northerly wind that means some very poor air quality in places in the north bay park, the east bay and in poor quality inside the bay being moderate along the coastline guys back to you. >>thank you the suspect seen in this video shooting to los angeles county sheriff's deputies has now been charged the shooting happened in compton earlier this month. >>no specific motive has been released, but the homicide captain did say during today's
9:51 pm
news conference quote. he obviously hates police support of lauren has more from compton. >>the sheriff today announcing the suspect seen here is behind bars charged in the shocking ambush shooting of 2 la county sheriff's deputies sitting in their patrol car earlier this month on september 12th of this year in compton. >>we saw the worst of humanity and that an evening. i said. we'll find this man that can prove port today. we have found our suspect that man identified as 36 year-old deontay lee murray authorities say it's the same suspect in the lynwood carjacking that led to a lengthy standoff with law enforcement an arrest just days after the deputies shooting murray faces multiple charges in that incident the district attorney says he's now charged with 2 felony counts of willful deliberate and premeditated attempted murder of a peace officer. >>we believe the evidence in this case is strong and support are filing decision
9:52 pm
the da referencing the video of the shooting and also of the 31 year-old injured female deputy helping her 24 year-old male colleague, even though both had been shot. >>that video plus other compelling forensic evidence or the basis for this prosecution. >>sheriff's authorities pointing to this firearm recovered from the carjacking pursuit during that pursuit the suspect through a pistol from his car. it was determined through ballistic comparison that the pistol recovered was the pistol used to shoot the transit services stephanie's law enforcement also says through forensics. they were able to conclusively link the gun to marry at the time of the pursuit share of the in the way told multiple media outlets there was not a connection between the ambush in the carjacking suspect. >>he had no evidence at that time to time to anything else do we have suspicions, yes and but we're not to tell you all of our suspicions as for the 2 injured deputies, the sheriff says they're now out of the hospital and at home
9:53 pm
recovering, both know their shooter has allegedly been caught. >>yes there where the rest and they're they're happy to know that. >>no photo of murray was released officials say because of the investigation he was arraigned in compton today's a superior court spokesperson saying he pleaded not guilty bail was set at more than 6 million dollars and the da says if convicted he could face life in prison that's the latest off send it back to you. >>coming up firefighters on the west coast getting some much needed support from a force user how baby yo
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
>>as you know it's not just california wildfires are burning up and down the west coast fire crews though have a new force on their side baby yoda of 5 year-old oregon boy and his grandmother delivered a toy version of the pointy-eared force user to a donation center for fire crews on september that well they delivered it along with a note that read here is a friend for you in case you get lonely says than baby yoda as it's called has been to for wildfires in 2 states written and helicopters and is check people's temperatures for covid-19 symptoms the firefighters say the toy has really been a boost in morale for them. >>as all of home and made them think about moment. think about loved ones that they left left behind back home while they're out doing working long days and working this clearly not last much fun
9:57 pm
task. i think just showing having that only feeling and also seeing that there is somebody else out there that's appreciated him even 5 year olds are >>standing next to the flame says some great pictures their baby yoda is now so much in demand fire crews from california washington, even canada have all requested he joined them. a facebook page called baby yoda fights fires has been documenting his journey. even some video there baby yoda is spreading joy far beyond the fire has to make people smile during this absolutely. >>that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 o'clock but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour. we will have the very latest on the glass fire it has destroyed more than 140 homes in napa and sonoma counties it is still threatening more than 26,000 buildings and things will not get any easier for firefighters tomorrow we're going to track the wind conditions that they're going
9:58 pm
to be facing one another red flag warning goes into
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
now more than ever, it's important californians have health coverage. if you've lost health insurance, covered california can help. you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. just visit today. >>area's >>local news station. we begin now with breaking news. >>for much of the north bay bracing for high winds and more heated the glass fire continues to burn tonight. this is new video of the fire tonight captured by


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