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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  October 1, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>>now it's 3 the fire danger is high extreme temperatures coupled with high winds and this is putting fire crews on high alert as the glass fire ravages, the north bay. and the evacuations are expanding at this hour, we'll take a look at all the destruction as the glass fire is still doing damage right now the governor even toward the burn zone today. and we are now just entering a statewide flex alert how we can all help conserve power and avoid rolling blackouts. >>the bay area's local news station now. >>now at 3 fire danger is ahead on this hot dry day
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strong winds could spread the flames from the glass fire and spark even more destruction. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3 o'clock i'm justine waldman the bay area is getting smacked with smoke intense heat, a red flag warning and a flex alert. this all happening on the first day of october what a of a day and october is usually are most intense months for fire. so let's get to it now as we start now with a look at our forecast rebecca strom us here now with a closer look at the wind speeds and the triple digit temperatures good afternoon. rebecca. >>afternoon justine yeah we're actually under a heat advisory across the bay area as well because the temperatures are so hot we're seeing anywhere from a 15 to 25 degree difference force what we normally see at this time for the year. and you can see outside right now this or live shot overlooking and the east bay in berkeley right now and very hazy very smoky that we're seeing around the entire bay area and yes talking about the winds that we're going to start to see kick up during the afternoon hours getting
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into the evening hours. anywhere from 5 to 10 even 15 miles an hour that's we're tracking right now as far as the future wind gusts, especially in the north bay napa about 5 mile an hour wind gusts right now in a bottle you're close to that 15. number mark and we're only going to increase as we get into tomorrow evening. that's when start to see things really ramp up anywhere from 20 to 25 mile an hour wind gusts that were expecting into tomorrow night and that's why we're seeing the high fire danger and that red flag warning the heat advisory is scheduled until 8 o'clock tonight a completely covering most of the bay area all the orange color on your screen because the temperatures are so hot outside right now we're in the 90's and a lot of spots, especially inland. 95 right now i'm tracking in concord 96 in livermore hayward you're at 94 80 degrees in redwood city right now san francisco. you're at 9490 degrees currently in napa those triple digits still those starting to creep up on us over the next couple of
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hours, one of 4 in concord today 98 in hayward on more on the wind speeds and the heat coming up a little bit later justine. >>thank you so much the smoke is intense again today so we're also monitoring the air quality across the bay area. so here's a map now from the bay area air quality management district sensors in the north bay are showing moderate air quality for sandra fell in also 4 of richmond. that's in the east bay but in vacaville, antioch and in san jose, it's in the red which means unhealthy zones, san francisco to oakland are also considered have unhealthy air today. the air quality gets worse east of santa rosa where the glass fire is burning right now and also happening right now we're just a few minutes into a statewide flex alert that was issued for today because of the extreme weather events. it's in effect from 3 until 10 o'clock tonight. officials are urging everyone to conserve power and avoid rolling blackouts some of the things that we can all be doing setting the thermostat to 78 degrees, turning off
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unnecessary lights, closing the blinds unplugging unused devices and we'll keep you updated on if anything changes with the demand to the state's power grid. let's go now to the latest on the glass fire that's burning in napa and sonoma counties, strong winds could blow the flames back into populated areas now according to calfire they just had an update about an hour ago the glass fire has now burned more than 56,000 acres and it is 5% contained. this fire has destroyed more than 288 properties and napa and sonoma counties more than 26,000 other buildings remain threatened right now the cause of the fire still remains under investigations and there are new evacuations to tell you about they expanded this afternoon in napa county. here's a look now at the evacuation map. the new orders are for all areas of napa county north of the city of calistoga that's between the city limits and highway one 28 the sonoma county line and
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highway 29. all addresses of both sides of highway 29 between calistoga the city limits there and the lake county line and all the addresses an old lolly toll road. >>there's also some new evacuation warnings and orders in sonoma county to go through at this hour, here's a look at the evacuation map for there. a new evacuation order is in effect from whitehall lane to bella oaks that area also there's an evacuation warning from bella lane to oakville great. we have all these evacuation orders and warnings listed on our website kron 4 dot com. now governor gavin newsome toward wildfire damage today in napa county kron four's capitol reporter capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala joins us now with more on his visit where did you go today, ashley. >>just seen yet he visited a community in deer park in napa county this meeting with emergency management officials comes as the fire weather or
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exceeding the weather could make california's fire weather situation even worse. >>governor gavin newsome that with state and local fire officials at us court school in napa county thursday we're dealing with extremes. >>that scientists had predicted we're dealing with temperatures that objective lee not subjectively a hotter than they've ever been newsom's visit and what was expected to be a triple digit day in parts of wine country as state energy regulators warn of a potential for power shut-offs. >>newsome noted the state thursday distributed around of money to local governments to respond to public safety power shutoffs newsome said 13 million dollars goes to cities, 13 million dollars to counties 20 million dollars to special districts and 2.5 million dollars to tribal governments we prioritize those dollars in a way to help support. more broadly the and safety of communities impacted by bad air quality associated. >>with these fires as well. as impacting the ability provide
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quality health care in a system that's impacted by power outages and evacuations and the like. >>with nearly 4 million acres charred across the state and 20,000 firefighters on the frontlines the governor noted this fire season gives his administration a bigger nudge to spend more money on future fire prevention projects and when this area when i mean mile emergency management leaders mapping out a plan to tackle to fire weather ahead as california enters october and soon november 2 months already associated with devastating wildfires in years past. >>now the governor said the state is working on a series of forest management projects. he did note today that the federal government could be doing a lot more in the space given that it owns the majority of california's wild land. reporting live in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. thank you so much actually and we continue to follow the fires across the entire state of california. there's some good news today, cal fire's reporting.
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>>that the scu lightning complex fire. is now 100% contained this fire started on august 16th and scorched more than 396,000 acres in santa clara alameda and contra costa counties it destroyed over 200 structures and injured 6 people will go back now to a closer look at the devastation that homeowners are facing from the glass fire has destroyed hundreds of homes in napa and sonoma counties. but despite the destruction homeowners are keeping that neighborly spirit alive kron 4 sleep to call has more now from the deer park neighborhood in napa county. >>emergency crews continue racing up and down deerpark road here in the unincorporated napa county community of deer park which has been ravaged. >>by the glass fire that has grown to more than 56,000 acres burned at this point and some 248 structures destroyed including the one behind me here. you can see it is completely gone. >>the car in the background.
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>>leveled. there is still some decency from the homeowners outside. >>along the roadway, leaving pet food for those animals out there that have essentially been stranded across the street. you can see a home is standing i'm going to walk across right here. it has of sensually been untouched and what this family has done has set out some so for firefighters to protect their home if they need them and then hold jug water. and the hose line to help assist in the firefight it is been very difficult driving through this area because so much of it has been leveled. more than 56,000 acres burned, i mean it is a staggering number considering that today the lnu lightning complex fire. which started in
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august has just now wrapped up. a 100% contain. it impacted here in napa county. but now the glass fire just 5% contained. cal fire says because of low humidity and above average temperatures and allowed this fire to grow. overnight so the fight continues. and the devastation is enormous. in napa county felipe 4 news. >>and a developing story we're following new this afternoon. the palais how police department has now fired the officer involved in the february 2018 shooting of run al foster the termination according to the vallejo police department was issued after an internal affairs investigation concluded that officer ryan mcmahon violated department policy is by engaging in unsafe conduct and neglect for basic firearm safety during the incident. the man who was also involved in the shooting of the late rapper willie mccoy in
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february of 2019 we're just getting new details on this story and you'll hear them on kron 4 news at 5 o'clock but right now there is an article posted on our website kron 4 dot com. if you want to read more. breaking news now out of sports the oakland a's are leading 6, 4, in the american league wild-card series, but don't change the channel to go check out the game. we'll have highlights coming up and a live report from the coliseum. >>in just a little bit lots more coming up here on kron 4 news at 3 o'clock the a's. as i said are hoping to keep their season alive and his do or die game 3 will have a live report from the coliseum next and right after the break, we'll have more on our coronavirus coverage. what promising research is showing that can help lessen the severity of symptoms from covid-19. >>and a live look outside right now hazy conditions very smoky out there we'll talk air quality and the red flag warning and the
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>>the big story that we're watching today is the air quality of dangerous wind event is on tap for today as we're taking a live look outside a downtown san francisco. or what should be downtown san francisco. a lot of smoke covering most of the bay area today. so let's check in now with kron four's meteorologist rebecca strom to find out. what the air quality situation is like and how long
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it's going to stay smoking for good afternoon. >>and afternoon just seen yeah we're definitely going to see it's a quite for once again today and into tomorrow spare the air alert in effect for today and tomorrow of course you can see behind me exactly why very hazy out there we're seeing this in our live camera overlooking. the east bay from our berkeley hills camera and it looks pretty similar to this for much of our live shots around the bay area right now high fire danger that red flag warning is in effect until saturday evening at 6 o'clock and this is what it looks like for the north bay. we're expecting very low humidity. wind gusts of up to 25 miles per hour are expected. so that is not going to be good news for firefighters and that air quality out there right now you can see pretty poor especially across our north bay zone pour across the east bay like you can see in our live shot in our south zone and along the peninsula and it's going to be like this over the next couple of days to stay indoors. if you can. now we are going to see winds begin to kick up. this afternoon we're seeing anywhere from 10 to even 12
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miles per hour in parts of the north bay like the van right now after your at 4 and it's going to increase during the overnight hours and then really kick up and it tomorrow night. that's we're going to start to see 20's on the board, especially in the north bay nevado you'll be at around 23 miles per hour for wind gusts. santa rosa upwards of almost 25 miles per hour which is why we have that red flag warning in effect so very windy very breezy. and of course that heat advisory still in effect for today because we're seeing some very hot temperatures scheduled until 8 o'clock tonight and here's the reason why look at all these temperatures on the board a lot of 90's that i'm tracking 95 in concord right now 86 in downtown oakland 94 degrees in hayward and if you're in fremont right now you're 80 to 93 in san jose in antioch we're currently at 96. i'll have more on the air quality and the winds and the heat coming up a little bit later justine thank you so much more of the south bay now. >>and another way to beat the heat over the next few days as
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by visiting some of those cooling centers that are open. so here's a list of some of them that are in santa clara county there are locations in campbell cupertino gilroy milpitas and palo alto san jose santa clara and saratoga we have all this listed on our website kron 4 dot com including we're cooling centers are open in other parts of the bay area. and there are some good news now on the covid-19 front researchers at ucsf are testing a drug that could ease symptoms of coronavirus and keep people who are infected out of the hospital kron 4 tahernia is live the newsroom with more on how this drug works good afternoon knots i just seen it's a drug that will be administered intravenously as a one-time infusion. >>and much like the way tamiflu reduce the symptoms of influenza. the goal is for the drug to reduce symptoms and the duration of covid-19 according to ucsf infectious disease expert and principal investigator doctor annie meyer the drug is designed to
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help covid-19 patients who are in early or mild stages and have less severe symptoms making it an outpatient drug that will potentially help patients stay out of the hospital. the drug is a monoclonal antibody which is simply an antibody created in a lab specifically designed to target a particular virus monoclonal antibodies. been successfully used in treating diseases like hiv cancer and ebola they may be wondering how does this drug differ from remdesevir which has also been used in treating covid-19 patients. >>remdesevir is an anti viral, but directly target the viral replication so that the machinery of the virus making copies of itself. right now remdesevir is only available as an ivy medicine and so right now it's only approved to be given for people who are hospitalized, this similar to remdesivir you're in the goal is to reduce the amount of virus. but it works differently and that it doesn't target the viral. replication it uses antibodies
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to bring the amount of the virus down. >>now researchers are looking for volunteers for this particular study and you can volunteer if you'd like as long as you've been diagnosed with covid-19 within the last 10 days and have symptoms get more information at www rise above covid dot com now have more on this story. coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as on our streaming service kronon download the for free in your app store just seen. now to the state. >>if california where more than 50,000 people have died from covid-19 more than 813,000 people have been infected and here in the bay area more than 1400 people have died. and there have been more than 101,000 cases of coronavirus more covid-19 testing is coming to bay area airports, alaska airlines is partnering with a health care provider to offer rapid testing for all people traveling to hawaii. the test cost about $135 the testing
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will begin in san jose around november 1st, that is one flights to hawaii are expected to resume from san jose and earlier this week, the oakland airport said it would begin offering free rapid testing to the public beginning on october 6th. still ahead here at 3 an intense firefight in the north bay as crews try to contain the rapid spreading glass fire along with the high heat. we are expecting fast winds today, so we'll have a live update. straight ahead from cal fire on the situation there. plus the oakland a's in the chicago white south are battling out for game 3 in the american league wild-card series season is on the line, we'll have a live
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>>time for sports. >>a crazy game 3 of the wild card series is going on in oakland right now the a's are taking on the chicago white sox in a do or die game kron 4 sports reporter carley mills is live outside of the coliseum with the latest update. this is a nail biter. >>it really is just seen this game has been a roller coaster ride and wow has it been exciting the a's are up right now 64 over the chicago white sox it is the 7th inning in game 3 of this wild card series and as you mentioned a do or die game so this would be huge now this game has been
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a battle of the bullpens just 15 pitches in the white sox pulled their starter dane dunning a starter mike fires was pulled in the second inning so the sox actually got an early lead 3 to nothing they were up in the bottom of the 4th. when when our catcher sean murphy blasted a two-run slammed the later on in the 4th 2 outs the bases were loaded, so a huge play there in the white sox rookie pitcher now foster clearly had some nerves going at that moment, he walked to a batters in a row to give the a's a one-run lead, but it was not over from there the white sox came back and tied up the a's took the lead again in the 5th and that leads us to where we are right now chad pinder was credited with a crucial single in this in the 5th to give the a's that lead and they are trying to hang on and pull this came out i can only imagine how electric the coliseum would be right now if there were fans in the stands now the a's are going after
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their first playoff series win since 2009 so a's fans should be excited. they just have to finish off. a few more innings of course we'll have live reports coming up on the kron 4 news at 5 and kron on on our website at 4 o'clock for now we're live in oakland kylan mills kron 4 sports. so exciting other any fans like lingering around or people really being kept far away. >>people are really being kept far away the only people lingering around so far have been staff and they have been cheering though they're watching the game and they're getting into otherwise it's just the crowd noise being played over the loudspeaker so it really is a strange playoff experience but hey it's a who cares right. >>hopefully we'll have a win tonight. thanks all right. here's what's coming up at 3.30 today, the glass fire is burning dozens of homes in napa and sonoma counties will take a look at the damage that's happening on the sky hawk neighborhood that's in santa rosa. and also a first
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of a kind bill signed by governor newsome today, a new study. it is showing how the state might provide reparations for slavery will explain. this election,
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all californians will be able to vote safely from home. every active, registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot with a unique barcode. you can track it using where's my ballot? and you'll receive automatic notifications by text, email or voice call to let you know the status of your ballot once you mail it, drop it off at your polling place or at a drop box. vote by mail ballots. simple, safe, secure. counted. learn more at >>our breaking news coverage continues right now with the latest on the glass fire that's burning in napa and
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sonoma counties, extreme heat and high winds are forecast for today. this is a live camera in the area of mount saint helene and we can see the smoke that is still pouring into the sky from the glass fire very poor visibility. and the smoke is covering big portions of the bay area today and that should last for a few more days. our meteorologist rebecca strom is here now with the latest details on the the heat, the winds and the smoke. >>and speaking of that smoke justine there's a spare the air alert all the way until tuesday because it's expected to be a just so far as far as the air quality goes you can see why right behind me these are live shot overlooking the north bay this is to run normally on a clear day you can see the golden gate bridge. in the background can't make it out there today because of the air quality being so or so definitely try to stay indoors if you can limit your outdoor activity. heat advisory also scheduled today until 8 o'clock tonight because temperatures are anywhere from 15 to 25 degrees above normal than what we
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normally sing for this time of year. it being october 1st and you can see why look at all the 90's that i'm tracking currently on the board right 95 in concord currently 96 in antioch 96 in the livermore valley right now we're looking at 94 in hayward on the east bay shoreline downtown oakland. you're at 89 degrees right now the lay who 90 san francisco 89 for the high right now and 99 currently in redwood city and the wind speeds. yes they're going to start to pick up we're seeing it's have become more breezy, especially in our north based on of otto or picking up wind gusts of about 12 miles per hour right now. and we're going to continue to see it increase. during these evening hours into the overnight and then winds are really going to start kicking up as we get into tomorrow evening. so the we do have that red flag warning issued tomorrow through tomorrow because of the wind gusts being so high of up to 25 miles per hour, especially in our north is on where the fire is burning right now and the humidity level also going to be very low over the next couple of
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days looking ahead things are going to dip down by a few degrees as we get into tomorrow inland around the bay we're going to remain in the 80's 70's at the coast and then we're finally going to get a bit of a cool down as we get into sunday, i'll be back with my seven-day around the bay forecast coming up a little bit later justine thank you so much now as firefighters battle that raging glass fire other crews are helping out to pick up the pieces. >>where the fire has already burned. kron four's maureen kelly joins us now live from the sky hawk neighborhood which saw some of the most heartbreaking destruction worrying of which neghborhood is the sun. >>okay just seen that's right i am in the sky hawk neighborhood right now behind me you can see just one of the many homes that have been completely destroyed here. i was driving around today and i did see a lot of heartbreaking
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damage. i also saw a lot of work to repair it already under way. >>eugenie workers are out repairing damaged power lines and broken power poles world workers are replacing melted guardrails and tree crews are taking out what's hazardous or already fallen over. the normally scenic landscape now looks like something out of a tim burton film scorched earth great finds shriveled and brown. >>well trees with their leaves burned away loom over them like charcol scarecrows but somebody still remains the gorgeous gothic lead son winery building appears untouched just slightly obscured by the hazy smoke but not far away at least for pilots structures that house homeless residents in the recently constructed los gill coast village have been completely demolished and at least one other has had its side exterior wall melted as has much of the fence that
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surrounds the shelter, nearby i found sonoma county park workers dousing a hot spot but just across at the garden for the valley of the moon children's center. the damage has already been done. although the greenhouse appears unharmed back over near calistoga road you can see what appears to be the only damage to maria creel high school the exterior wall burned up of one classroom, broken glass litters the ground from blown out windows now boarded up. but there appears to be no damage inside. so as you can see in addition to all the homes that have been leveled here in the santa rosa area. >>there's a lot of different kind of damage out there. and while there is work underway to at least with the infrastructure just try and get that back up and running. there is still a long way to go before this community is anywhere close to being back
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to normal reporting from the sky hawk neighborhood in santa rosa morning, kelly. >>on for news. now smoke from this wildfire season is responsible for multiple weeks of unhealthy air quality here in the bay area doctors at ucsf say research shows. >>prolonged exposure to smoke can increase the risks of developing a host of chronic diseases. >>there are a couple of small studies that are showing us if you ran around the wildfire smoke in our really for long periods of time. exposed to this particular matter at high levels for a long time that actually does impair lung function and noted that seems to be the case at least a couple of years. but we also have no some other looking at air pollution so looking at say areas air pollution in general is say from or exposure to factories. that we know that air pollution in
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which wildfires are and some can we see risk of developing. seal heart disease cancers. >>to protect your health doctors are recommending reducing exposure to wildfire smoke as much as possible. our other top story today, we're just 35 minutes into a statewide flex alert that was issued for today, it started at 3 it will remain in place until 10 o'clock tonight. some tips on how to conserve energy today set the thermostat to 78 degrees turn off unnecessary lights. closed the blinds and don't use any major appliances like your dishwasher. consider this a pass to do laundry right now, governor newsom has also signed a bill creating a task force to make recommendations on reparations for slavery catherine heenan the host of inside bay area politics is here now with the very latest good afternoon. catherine high just in the bill is a making a little history. it is the first of its kind anywhere in the
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country. >>the governor signed it today there was a virtual audience, i'm quitting the people who sponsored it. this creates a 9 member task force and that will study ways the state might provide reparations for slavery. it was introduced by assemblywoman shirley weber who says it is not clear yet what kind of compensation might be provided. >>given stakes of this of this issue of 400 years the question some would say any really compensate with money. some may believe you can somebody say the other things in terms of opportunities resources that should go into those communities ever see affected and long-term impacts a little bit of our goal is to try to have a comprehensive discussion and analysis of the impact of slavery in california. it may also talk about what did across the nation states to look at but what would happen in california and how has it impacted. the lives of african americans in california.
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>>and you can much more of our interview with assembly woman now webber this weekend on inside california politics. we'll also hear from john cox who's the man who ran against governor newsome in 2018. and now he's giving a big boost to the recall newsome campaign and a new u c berkeley poll, outlines concerns californians have regarding this year's election. and our what our dc insiders telling us about closed door reactions to the presidential debate inside california politics airs this sunday, 06:30am here on kron 4 justine. >>we're going to take a quick break right now but here's a live look at the fire zone, this is a camera showing us what's happening near mount saint helene that is a lot of smoke pouring into the sky right now crews are bracing for dangerous winds and extreme heat today and smoke is still blanketing parts of the bay area. now after the break congress misses that
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october first deadline to save airline workers jobs and thousands could be out
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>>the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits declined last week but it was still high at 837,000 that signals that the economy is still struggling to sustain the recovery that began the summer, the labor department's report released today suggests that companies are still cutting a historically high
3:41 pm
number of jobs. and this comes as thousands of airline workers could soon be out of work. the pay roll support program had funneled more than 30 billion dollars to the airline industry to keep the planes flying and employees on the job. but congress missed the deadline to extend that program which has now expired as of today october 1st as many as 45,000 airline workers could be furloughed or laid off now and several airlines say they may have to cut some routes to make to some markets in the coming weeks. >>i'm really angry. i think people thought that this was hard deadline. i believe in cooler heads can prevail, we can get some more aid to these airlines. >>some lawmakers say additional money for airlines must be part of a larger covid relief bill, some airlines say if that happens they may be able to keep workers on the job. cruise ships will not be arriving in the bay area any time soon the cdc has extended its ban on cruises through the end of october due to the
3:42 pm
ongoing coronavirus outbreaks aboard ships overseas. the no sail order has been in effect since march 13th it was scheduled to expire today. after the break we'll have a live interview with cal fire's we can get the latest information on the
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>>it's a part of get a check now of our forecast with meteorologist rebecca strom as
3:45 pm
we take a live look here at the glass fire. this is. near mount saint helene us so much smoke into the air the conditions are just very unfavorable for firefighters today, it is super hot super dry. this red flag warning is going into effect there's just so many factors playing into what is a very dangerous fire. weather pattern for the next couple of days. rebecca, what's the latest. >>yeah speaking the high fire danger that red flag warning yes in effect justine until 6 o'clock on saturday morning. and you can see all the red coloring behind me east bay hills north bay mountain santa cruz mountains all under effect and as we zoom in here all across the north bay we're expecting wind gusts of anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour humidity levels very low. we're expecting over the next couple of days. so not a good combination for firefighters try to get a handle on the glass fire. outside right now you can see that the air quality not good at all we're seeing very hazy conditions and this our live camera on top of the berkeley hills overlooking our east bay
3:46 pm
zone right now, but the entire bay area is under pretty poor air quality today so just trying to keep that in mind we do have a spare the air alert all the way in effect until tuesday, stay indoors if you can and yes, those winds that we're talkingabout they're only going to start kicking up even more so over the next couple of hours into tonight and then as we get into friday night. that's when things are really going to ramp up we're going to see those gusts of up to 20 maybe even 25 miles per hour, especially across our north zone. our highest elevations. so we will see that into friday night and then things should be coming down as we head to into saturday during the day, heat advisory in effect for the bay area today until 8 o'clock tonight as a matter of fact and you can see all the orange color behind me pretty much the entire bay area. under this heat advisory because we're seeing temperatures anywhere from 15 to even 25 degrees above normal for this time of year being october 1st and you can see why temperatures in the 90's that we're seeing almost across the
3:47 pm
board 95 in concord right now 96 in livermore currently at 94 degrees in hayward 89 degrees in downtown oakland right now downtown san francisco. you're at 89 99 in redwood city fremont you're at 93, san jose the 90's continue at 93 degrees there and you're north bay zone covered in those 90's 90 in napa 93 in novato and 90 degrees currently in santa rosa. looking ahead your seven-day around the bay things are going to dip slightly as we get into tomorrow temperature wise but not by much we're still going to those mid 90's. inland 80's around the bay and then 70's at the coast before a cooldown into sunday. thanks so much well today, the bay area's dealing with intense smoke. >>extreme heat, a red flag warning and a flex alert that is a lot to be dealing with i know. well the conditions though for the glass fire are still pretty bad we want to
3:48 pm
get the latest now from when tom will from cal fire she's going have an update now what's happening in napa and sonoma counties, thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3. we have that update that was about 2 o'clock we know the fire is 5% contained. it's burning about 56,000 acres. what's the firefight planned for this afternoon and into tonight. as the winds start to kick in from this red flag warning up firefighters are going to be a very diligently trying to keep the fire from escaping what that. >>general containment they have on the fire. they put in control lines to try to stop the fire's progression too far and if failed and they just need to find a way to slow it right now the fire gap is pretty active at this so they're out there doing their best. >>how does the red flag warning play into what needs to happen tonight. yes, the red flag started about 1 o'clock this afternoon and expected to go through all of today and into tomorrow as well so that with coupled with the high temperatures that
3:49 pm
we're seeing and then very low humidity. that's why the fires become very active again. >>if the winds stay in place is going to be a long night because of fires going to continue to be active is going to continue to mount. >>so there are some new evacuations that have been issued for areas north of calistoga. threat now if the line doesn't hold is kenwood and glen allen but it's looking a lot better for oakmont and santa rosa, how is that all working out today. >>yes, so that kind of goes in relation to the wind the winds coming out about on the northwest and coming out the northwest directions is going to push the fire to the south or that direction with that being said it doesn't mean it's going to stop the fire from spreading in a northerly direction as well just because of what the winds purdue's what they do and how they move around the mountain range, yeah, definitely a the people and keep my out especially in those areas down towards can wear it. recently they also did just north of on so another area being impacted.
3:50 pm
and that just happened this afternoon correct. >>now as aircraft an option at all or is it still too smoky out there. you know aircraft has been up and down it has been doing some and they've been using it as much as they possibly when the conditions allowed actually crafting going to see what they're doing on the ground. >>it has to as make sense for them going into it also has to be safe. that's probably the biggest thing. so some of the concern with the winds is that if the fire starts going uphill like could threaten lake county. can you explain that a little bit correct so that would mean the fire would need to move more to the right now the winds are coming in. it's possible if the winds start coming more out of the west it could potentially start pushing out fire towards the north. becomes a little bit more out of the northwest it's going to push it down further down napa county. sonoma county area. so that would be probably more the direction know. how does that work with the firefighting attack when you're just at the mercy of the wind today.
3:51 pm
>>yeah, it's like when the fire started you know and we've seen this before in re in past years 2017 we saw this with the tubbs fire. the only thing firefighters can do sometimes at that point is make sure people are out of harm's way. >>it becomes a lifesaving effort rather than trying to stop the fire because it's going to be a monster that they're not going to able to stop they just have to let do it's near follow its path to try to protect the homes and make sure people are out of the area. and i heard in the press conference and cal fire to i believe it was the chief who said this that the record before. >>this year for fire burning in california was one 0.5 million acres an hour at 8 million just this season alone in october is notoriously the worst month for fire. burning and destruction in california, how how are you guys doing. >>it's definitely been a long year already with the way things are going in you're coming in october. we're seeing triple digits and napa you know is kind of unheard
3:52 pm
and definitely not normal along with these wind event so we keep and no rain in sight far as you know we've been told so it's going to be a long ahead and we're just going to have to try stick it out and help mother nature gives us some relief sen. yeah, we hope that the winds. play nice today. thank you lynn to melt off from a cal fire for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3. >>thank you. still ahead here today what is wrong with the bread from safeway that excuse me subway. that's making one
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
>>one >>last check of the forecast here on kron 4 news at 3 o'clock again here is this very ominous picture coming to us from mount saint showing us the smoke the fire the glass fire still burning actively right now as we just heard from cal fire. the wind is really going to be the issue and determine which direction and how destructive this fire becomes today, we're back a strong here now with the details on the conditions for this evening and also the air quality that smoke is covering so much of the bay area. >>you really is just nissan in picture before and we're seeing it all across the bay area on our live cameras and our air quality just very poor, especially in the north bay right now throughout napa and parts of vacaville we're seeing the worst air quality there, but the entire bay area really covered in this air quality so if you can try to limit your outdoor activity stay inside if you can and of
3:56 pm
course that red flag warning in effect through saturday morning because we're going to see the winds kick up tonight and also into tomorrow and we could see gusts of up to 25 miles per hour, especially across our north bay zone humidity's going to be very low and again on our highest peaks we could see anywhere from 25 maybe even 30 5 miles per hour as far as those wind gusts co and the heat not helping matters at all there is a heat advisory in effect for today. it is a schedule until 8 o'clock tonight and we're going to temperatures continue to climb we're seeing a lot of 90's on the board are going to see that over the next couple of days just thank you so much. ireland supreme court has ruled that bread sold at subway has too much sugar to be legally defined the spread. >>in ireland bread is considered a staple food and therefore is not subject to a value added tax. this all started when an irish subway franchisee said they shouldn't pay the tax on products, including tea coffee and
3:57 pm
heated sandwiches. a panel of judges rejected that appeal on tuesday ruling that the bread sold by subway contains too much sugar to be categorized as a staple food. subway says disagrees with the ruling. that wraps up kron 4 news at 3 o'clock today our wildfire coverage will continue at the top of the hour. there's some good news, it sounds like coming in from the oakland a's game. the game still go on. anyway, we'll see you back here tonight on kron 4 news at 5, 6, and then in primetime at 08:09:10pm, i'm justine waldman thanks for joining us.
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