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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 1, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>area's local news station we begin now with breaking news. >>it's 5 o'clock extreme fire danger tonight, putting crews and thousands of regular folks on high alert as the glass fire continues to ravage parts of the north bay you see the flames here towering over trees. this thing is forcing new mandatory evacuation orders. a strong wind event could spread the flames from that fire and spark even more destruction tonight, thank you for being with us at 5 o'clock everyone. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis there's a red flag warning in the north bay mountains where the.
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>>glass fire is already burning but there's also extreme fire danger in the east bay hills in santa cruz mountains. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here is tracking these dangerous fire conditions for us tonight. in joins us with the latest lawrence the ad guys looks like this is going to be more of an extended event now not just for tonight, but i think again by tomorrow evening going to likely see these winds get very gusty in parts in and around the glass fire so watch for that very closely red flag warnings now posted not only in the north bay, but in the santa cruz mountains again, the looking at high fire danger. they're expecting some strong gusty winds moving across the santa cruz mountains maybe 10 to 20 mile an hour winds maybe gusting to about 30 humidity down 10 to 20%. so certainly very dry out there the east bay oakland hills watch out above a 1000 feet some very gusty winds 10 to 20 mile an hour maybe gusting high as 30 humidity even lower down to 10 to about 15%. >>and in the north bay very gusty winds. and that's the
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major concern certainly as we already have a fire going here right now going to see those winds blowing over that 15 to 25 miles per hour maybe gusting as high as 35 miles per hour now these winds are going to be coming mainly out of the north northeast and as they do that is going to be concerned for tonight we're seeing that you see the winds blowing around out there right now over the last 12 hours nothing too strong yet but expected to pick up. we're seeing some of that right now in fact look at the glen allen, a 13 mile an hour winds right now 10 in the out bill 12 in the po valley so start to see these winds pick up expecting to see that happen over the next few hours and then looks like things are going to subside overnight late night tonight early tomorrow morning only to come back again you see right here as we head through the night, the winds begin to pick up just a little bit some 20 mile hour gusts, certainly a possibility then they begin to calm down tomorrow and then by the evening look at the colors begin to show up you see all the yellows and the orange very gusty winds, even the santa rosa that gusting to 22
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miles per hour even stronger gusts expected over the mountain tops very dangerous fire conditions over the next 36 hours. thank you lawrence, another small wildfire did spark this morning in napa county near the town of young fail officials are telling us that. >>campbell fire is now contained fortunately it did start just before 9.30 this morning on oakville grade about 5 miles north of young feel. crews were immediately dispatched when the fire started it burned just a few acres before it was fully contained the mayor of young field tells us those firefighting efforts were complicated by the glass fire burning nearby. >>air quality is very pour the visibility is extremely por and so that's that's complicating some of the fire fight i think the air assets are challenges to be able to get up in this kind of condition so so you know these are anxious times. >>the cause of that fire is not clear at this time while the glass fire has now burned
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more than 56,000 acres, it is up to 5% containment. the fire destroyed more than 288 homes so far and napa and sonoma counties more than 26,000 other homes and buildings remain threatened tonight, the cause of this fire is still being investigated. tonight, firefighters are closely watching the weather as we've been talking about the strong winds returning to the hills and mountains, especially worst of it is still ahead of us tonight and tomorrow the uncertainty of what could happen next is unsettling for evacuees and anxiety. >>is running really high our kron four's dan joins now live. >>it. residents, what are they saying. >>well you know some of these people we spoke to today are evacuated already summer perspective evacuees those who are down here who could be evacuated in the future some of lost homes already some are hoping their homes have
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survived they look back at this the smoky skies and for the moment, they are pleased in that the wind at least here so far has not picked up. they say the next 2448 hours they will be on pins and needles. the skies above seen holy no we're om innocent thursday. >>it's very hard to breathe, i mean 2 days ago at least we have a little bit of sunshine. now it's not coming out at all. it's just really really really nasty. it's no wonder the downtown area was mostly deserted. >>as most businesses were closed. this man came to town to get some things from the store he works >>i am afraid that at that. the whole time is going to burn down. that's that's that's like a disaster, it looks like a disaster happening while winds were calm much of the afternoon the forecast calls for them to pick up. >>raising the threat level once again for saint calistoga >>this is much the system much. >>it's tough to hear especially for those who've already been forced to
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evacuate. >>20 and the season we are at least the land we call we will have a 20 home for evacuated from >>so we're standing now down salem to my dad's house. and i guess almost evacuate of marriage in. so right now we don't really know what's going on for helping our house is still standing up there. i think it is still many here remain optimistic. >>that years i hate that it's the new normal you know people are pretty smart up here, they know how to live with this you know we'll get through this like we get through everything. >>optimism what's going to get people through this though for the next 48 hours or so they will be as i said on pins and needles live in saint alina dan kerman kron 4 news thank you daniel real challenge to stay or governor toured the wildfire damage in napa county.
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>>today our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more on his visit. >>governor gavin newsome state and local fire officials at us court school in napa county thursday we're dealing with extremes. >>that scientists had predicted we're dealing with temperatures that objective lee not subjectively a hotter than they've ever been newsom's visit and what was expected to be a triple digit day in parts of wine country as state energy regulators warn of the potential for power shut-offs. >>newsome noted the state thursday distributed around of money to local governments to respond to public safety power shutoffs newsome said 13 million dollars goes to cities, 13 million dollars to counties 20 million dollars to special districts and 2.5 million dollars to tribal governments we prioritize those dollars in a way to help support. more broadly the and safety of communities impacted by bad air quality associated. >>with these fires as well. as impacting the ability provide
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quality health care in a system that's impacted by power outages and evacuations and the like. >>with nearly 4 million acres charred across the state and 20,000 firefighters on the frontlines the governor noted this fire season gives his administration a bigger nudge to spend more money on future fire prevention projects and when this area when i mean mile emergency management leaders mapping out a plan to tackle to fire weather ahead as california enters october and soon november 2 months already associated with devastating wildfires in years past at the state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>want to bring you the latest on evacuation orders and warnings for folks in napa and sonoma counties can kron four's ken joining us now live from the newsroom with the latest on those areas impacted can they can grant let's take you to the master has started napa county this time because that's where a lot of this activity is taking place. >>that was not our map i will zoom in here and hopefully they'll catch up to me. the
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big problem right now is calistoga and highway 29 north of calistoga is closed. so there's no way to there you go this is downtown calistoga right here all of this blue area is a mandatory evacuation order and this boundary right here can dish different shade of blue to purple. this is the fire perimeter. so you can see the fire burning right at the edge of calistoga highway 29 going north up into middletown into lake county. that is all close so there's no way to get north from calistoga and then we saw dan kerman here right in downtown saint and you can see this part is under an evacuation warning the yellow area of seen lena. you cross a few streets and you're into a mandatory evacuation order and again just to show you how close the fire is this is the fire perimeter right on the west side and right over here on the east side so saint helene and the only way out is heading south on highway 29 toward napa let's jump over to
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sonoma county. not a lot has changed over here. give us some perspective downtown santa rosa you head east on highway 12 you get into the evacuation warning area here in yellow you get close to an adele state park and then you're in the red zone and look there's a lot of homes in this area, this is a mandatory evacuation order here on the east side of santa rosa, heading down kenwood in that area of sonoma county and of course another warning area way up here in the not a lot of homes up here but this has a lot of ranches a lot of homes out here in the hills between. santa rosa and the valley over here the napa valley so a wide area still affected by all of this and we'll be keeping an eye on it more concerned with these red flag conditions that the fire can move around. and prompt more evacuations back to you guys. >>thank you can happening now there is a statewide flex alert that's been issued for today because of the extreme heat went into effect at 3
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o'clock this afternoon and will last until 10 o'clock tonight officials are urging everyone to conserve power and avoid those rolling blackouts as some of the things that you can do include setting your thermostat to 78 degrees. turning off any unnecessary lights closing your blinds unplugging. news devices. it keep you up to date if anything should change with the state's power demand. now to a developing story in the north bay, the vallejo police department has fired an officer who was involved in the fatal shooting of ronald foster 2 years ago the department terminated. ryan mcmahon following an internal affairs investigation. officials say they concluded that officer mcmahon violated department policies by quote engaging in unsafe conduct. and neglect for basic firearm safety during the incident. man was also among the officers involved in the deadly shooting of willie mccoy in february of 2019.
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>>wanted write a shooting the north bay, a cal fire sonoma county fisher another of our joint news, 3 things. >>and in sonoma, the city of santa rosa and cal fire. my name is paul communications manager for the county of cinema and this is our update for thursday october 1st at 05:00pm. the focus of this up these updates once again as the western portion of the glass fire which swept from napa county into sonoma county. late sunday night and has now consumed more than 56,000 acres and at last report was 5% contained. as we enter day 5 of his firefight it said it's a time of nervousness as we began a another red flag warning which started 01:00pm today and is expected to last until 06:00am on saturday. heat advisory for our area also has now been extended until friday night creating some challenging conditions for those on the front line of this fire for
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more on this status, let's begin with the deputy chief information officer for this incident for cal fire jonathan thank you for having me just a little bit of an update on this since an all-star little bit higher at the 30,000 foot elevation. >>currently there's 23 major fires burning across the state the glass fire being one of the top priorities at this point do that's the number of people evacuated as well as the threat of both structures and businesses with we can confirm since august 15th 3.9 million acres of california has a short amount of time for point of reference the last highest year on record was about 1.5 million acres and there's a high likelihood will be a full up over the 4 million before the month this through unfortunately. without their 17,000 firefighters battling fires across the state. obviously about 2000 of those are here on the in and sonoma county we have a 118 yesterday along we
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dropped 80,000 gallons of retardant on this fire. between the 2 but obviously one of the biggest impediments we have is the visibility because of smoke which is not only health hazard, but also. impedes our operations to actually be a disaster our air these is currently across the strait across human being across the state. there continues to about 86,000 homes that are are about 24,000 of those are here locally between the 2 additional evacuations are obviously still occurring. >>on this driven by this red flag event that we're seeing. throughout the area. a couple notable items not related to sonoma county but related to the incident some evacuation orders today included portions of napa county and the closure of highway 29 between not the county and the lake county. there's no current evacuation in lee itself that road was closed due to a fire activity heating up on it. we also saw
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quite a bit activity along the eastern flank of this fire down towards the community of we will release our next update with the next tax at 07:00pm tonight or damage inspection teams are out there and we anticipate the number of damaged and destroyed structure count to go so about the next update that we can expect from from them and from the rest of the incident been team will be at 7 o'clock in the back to you. >>all right we'll an obviously some jarring figures and if anything comes out of that we'll break in and let you know. >>coming up tonight on kron 4 news at 5 the s c you like complex fire that is now fully contained but the dangerous conditions means that firefighters in the south bay are getting any chance to rest and a's fans are celebrating tonight the team's first playoff series win. >>and more than a decade. yeah
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>>and now for the latest numbers in the coronavirus pandemic the death toll from the virus has now surpassed 207,000 people here in the u.s. and there have been 7.2 million confirmed cases the state of california is reporting 3,000 new cases a slight bump from yesterday and here are the latest numbers statewide nearly 16,000 people so far have died from covid-19 here in the bay area there have been more than 100,000 cases and the virus has killed
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some 1500 people. researchers at ucsf are testing a drug that could ease of the coronavirus and keep people infected out of the hospital our kron 4 sanaz has more now on how the drug works. >>promising developments in the fight against coronavirus local scientists are studying a potential drug that could lessen symptoms of covid-19 and keep people out of the hospital ucsf infectious-disease expert and principal investigator doctor and he looked meyer along with a team of researchers are looking for volunteers to test the drug with 3 objectives in mind one we'd like to shorten people again. >>2 we'd like to be able to keep them out of the hospital most people don't need to be hospitalized. but when they do they can be quite ill and it would be really nice to be able to identify people early and treat them. and 3 it would be terrific if providing early therapy could help to break the cycle of transmission she
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says the drug will be administered through an i v as a one-time infusion and similar to the way tamiflu reduce the symptoms of influenza. the goal is for the drug to reduce symptoms and the duration of covid-19. >>the drug which does not yet have a name is an outpatient treatment designed to help covid-19 patients who are in their early or miles stages and it less severe symptoms the drug is a monoclonal antibody which is an antibody created in a lab specifically designed to target a particular virus. monoclonal antibodies have been successfully used in treating diseases like hiv cancer and a bola. pharmaceutical companies are racing to get treatment drug options. fda approved. most of which have primarily been for critically ill patients. doctor luke meyer says having a drug like the one she is developing is key in the fight against covid-19 we


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