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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 1, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>>news at 6. i'm afraid that at that. >>the whole time is going to burn down that starts that's like a disaster looks like a disaster happening. >>now it's 6 o on alert and on edge north bay residents. so anxious as the winds pick up again escalating the wildfire threat in sonoma and napa counties, thank you for joining us at 6 o'clock everybody. i'm grant lotus and
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i'm vicki liviakis the bay area is under a red flag warning. >>tonight through saturday morning that has cal fire closely tracking the weather is the last fire just keeps on burning. the wildfire. so far has scorched more than 56,000 acres in 5 days the to 5% containment a long way to go has destroyed a 143 homes so far over 26,000 structures remain threatened tonight. >>as we mentioned the bay area is now under a red flag warning set to expire saturday morning at 6 o'clock. of course this could spell big trouble for firefighters over the next couple of days chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with what we're looking at the average originally that's weather service said the red flag warning through today, but now looks like those winds may actually be a little stronger as we head in toward tomorrow. >>and they've extended it also into the santa cruz mountains now looking at the possibility of some strong gusty winds not the ferocious winds like we
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have the previous weekend in the north bay, but certainly 10 to 20 mile an hour offshore winds humidity down to 1020% in the santa cruz mountains with some gusts over the mountain tops a little bit stronger in the east bay, i think there's a concern over the oakland hills again the diablo range expected some 1020 mile an hour winds gusting to probably about 30 over some of the higher peaks humidity dropping off 10 to about 15%. so certainly fire gets started and those conditions it can move pretty fast now we've already got the fire going in the north bay and that's of most concern right now expecting some of those gusts 15 to 25 maybe some 35 mile an hour gusts we're going to see a change in the weather overnight tonight going to see some gusty winds but maybe even stronger winds as we head in toward tomorrow evening places like saint if the rutherford you out though got to watch out there very closely these winds coming out of the north and they're going to be pushing the fire in your direction toward glen allen as well, so certainly some pretty scary fire conditions developing now looks like we are going to see any relief
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from that until we get into the weekend guys back to you. all right, thank you large weather always a factor when fighting wildfires but especially so. >>on a night like tonight we have that red flag warning. >>yeah, the uncertainty of what could is really unsettling for evacuees and anxiety as you can imagine is running high. our partners kerman and joins us now live from st. louis ended and you spoke with some of the residents there in wine what are they telling all they are definitely a needles and pins summer oxley trying to be as optimistic as they can be but with thick smoke in the air and ash dropping from the sky light snow flurries. it's kind of tough to. >>the air is thick with smoke and ash is increasingly everywhere in saint helena. this is the skies turned a menacing grade. >>it's just it's not okay, i mean you can't even see the hills forget about the hills you can and you will see live up to 500 feet, it's just awful.
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>>it's no surprise the downtown area was mostly deserted as most businesses were closed. those who were out have been through this before this is the worst. >>this is the worst of the first 2 years we didn't really have to evacuate. but this year we've had to evacuate twice. so it's just been really really scary. >>this couple has a home in angwin they hope is still standing they're staying with family now insane alina after being evacuated a fire house burns down or on so yeah. >>summers cones idaho, montana. >>and about a dozen burn much haha. >>so this couple was evacuated from calistoga they too hope their home survives because they're now remembering the things they left behind. >>we have 4 get some beach are. we forget some people big key. well winds were calm much of the afternoon. the forecast calls for them to pick up. >>raising the threat level
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once again in many areas, including saint alina calistoga in england. >>kathy it's all customers were talking about and people or more. >>people are just waiting like that mandatory evacuations. and think that this kind of around as much as they cnn whatever they can you can definitely seeing this and everybody gets along. >>and still some choose to remain hopeful is looking kind of graham but we have high hopes haha have high hopes all we can do all we can do. >>that's kind of the optimism that's going to carry some through the next 48 hours while others just remain on the edge. live from main street saying only dan kerman kron 4 news. >>all right dan all the best to them and we're also tracking another smaller fire that started this morning near yacht ville fortunately, the so-called campbell fire that burned just to the north and west of yacht bill near the
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from the tory winery is now contained this started just before 9.30 this morning on the 1900 block of oakville grade crews were immediately dispatched when it started cal fire will be remaining on scene just to monitor the area. >>governor newsome toured wildfire damaged area today in napa county newsome met with state and local fire officials school damaged by the glass fire during his visit state energy regulators warned of the potential for power shut-offs the governor noted the state distributed money to local governments to respond to those shut offs with 13 million dollars each going to cities and counties as well as funding to other entities. >>ties those dollars in a way to help support. more broadly the and safety of communities impacted by bad air quality associated. with these fires as well. as impacting the ability provide quality health
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care in a system that's impacted by power outages and evacuations and the like. >>with nearly 4 million acres charred across the state in 20,000 firefighters on the front lines. the governor says this fire season gives his administration. a bigger nudge to spend more money on fire prevention projects. >>want to bring out the latest on evacuation orders are partners. ken wayne joins us now live from the newsroom with the latest on those areas that are impacted can they can grant show you the big picture of all of napa county and then we'll zoom in on specific locations, looking at the map right here is the city of napa this is where the evacuation centers or you go up the valley up highway 29, let's jump all over over here to the angwin area. this is the most affected area right now. this is all closed due to evacuations and people who are trying to get out of here have to head this direction to the west through pope valley which is right here. you can't go downhill into saint helene and the valley because this purple
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area with border right here this is the fire perimeter. this is burning right now so there's no way to get through there and you can see the roads are closed, jumping into saint helene of the community and that end of the valley, the yellow areas an evacuation warning that's dan kerman was there and people are still insane alina but you can see the evacuation a mandatory areas right here on the west and the east and then as we head up the valley a little bit into calistoga again. this is a mandatory evacuation or area here and this is a border of the perimeter of the fire itself you can not go north on highway 29 appeared to get out of the napa valley up toward middletown in lake county that is close let's jump over real quick and show you what's going on sonoma county not a lot of changes here on this side of the fire here santa rosa as you head east on highway 12 heading toward oakmont in kenwood then you start to get into the evacuation areas. this is the
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warning area this area in red is the mandatory area and there's another area here that's warning, but this is all mandatory evacuation area and again this line right here is the fire perimeter. the fire is burning inside this boundary. but again as we've been talking about these red flag warnings and what we saw a few days ago when this all started the embers were being thrown forward about a mile or so and starting new fires that's what everybody's worried about right now with these winds. they're hoping cal fire's hoping to keep the fire in the lines that are already on this map back to you guys all right ken yes at the whim of the wins happening now cal iso has issued a statewide power alert due to the extreme weather events. it's in effect from now until 10 o'clock tonight officials are urging everyone. >>to conserve their power and avoid these rolling blackouts of some of the things you can do include setting a stat to 78 degrees. turning off any unnecessary lights closing the blinds on plugging any unused
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devices chris we'll keep you up to date if anything changes with the state's power demand. well some good news today calfire reporting that the as c u lightning complex fire is now 100% contained that fire broke out august 16th and it scorched more than 396,000 acres in santa clara alameda and contra costa counties it destroyed over 200 structures and injured some 6 people. >>well big news oakland today, the a's got a playoff series when it bizarre covid-shortened season, but hey a playoff series win is a win and the fans are excited all right, let's go ahead and go to jason dumas now for the latest jason. >>it was a crazy game 2 hours watching on my cell phone the whole time because i wasn't by a tv. the streak. it's finally over finally over guys for the first time since 2006 the a's have won a playoff series. and for the first time since 1973. they have won a winner take
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all game. let's go to the town to see how it all went down bob melvin have remained cool calm and collected despite all the postseason struggles the career here we pick it up in the 5th inning chad pindar brought in as a pinch hitter in the 3rd line one past the shortstop for a base hit to run course aids leaves 6 the for the full 10 they took it from there to liam hendriks. >>here's is to to get this guy swinging end the game. well looking then the game not going in there finally break through time here in moment after the game ties. it we've got 2 series. >>lost the first game really responded well so it was it was obviously we have to do a lot it was i woke up morning feeling like this can be a hard game. it was a hard game. we had to use a lot of guys that make some uncomfortable decisions at times but. and some guys really responded so they're having a good time and there is they should. >>battle tested heading into
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their next series against the houston astro's storylines galore for that series will break it all down moving forward we also have full extended highlights later at this hour, but for now back to hugh grant. >>all right appreciate jason still to come wildfire smoke once again blanketing the bay area with doctors are saying tonight about the health risks of inhaling all that bad air. >>plus devastation in one napa county neighborhood how people are trying to get back on their feet after the glass fire ripped through their community and after the break a live interview with cal fire about that. >>a fire fight going on in the north bay this election,
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>>that fire fight in the north bay is expected to intensify tonight and tomorrow as the weather takes a turn. >>joining us now is cal fire lynnea's toma cha thanks so much for joining us. so what can you tell us about the firefight at this hour. >>yeah, so we just got the latest numbers them 58,880 acres this evening 5% but firefighters have been working hard expecting of went to be coming in the probably shifting to come a little bit more of the around 11 o'clock tonight. >>they're getting prepared for and when this red flag warning lasts until saturday morning at least right now. >>and we know that not all red flag warnings were created equal. how bad is this one if
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you will. >>yeah one was in place the day that the fire had a a lot higher with that. one of coming in tonight and through tomorrow, not expect to have quite the power behind the gusty you know are already well established and very difficult area to get to any kind of when it's going to help at a graph a lot quicker the biggest challenge tonight. >>yeah we've heard some of the embers were blowing as far as a you know a mile away is that your biggest concern. >>yeah there's a really common problem when we have the kind of wind the wind you know think of any kind travel and they can additional well ahead of the original fire so. that something else going to keep an eye out for not just to give him a line where they're at but anything that could come further head of the fire. >>talk to our viewers about specific areas that most
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troublesome if you will be are saying a leaner calistoga where crews really focusing their efforts tonight. >>end. yesterday was a quite challenging the done one the the fire got very very active out probably continue for few more hours evening share i'm going to be a problem concentrating a little bit more towards the end what area. >>but nonetheless pretty a length of the fire pretty active. create more problems for. >>yeah we heard about the fire earlier this morning in i have friends in there and then in one and you know, they're relieved for the moment and then you know your your guard is down should should everyone just be ready to leave at a moment's notice. even though the fire may be yeah, yeah. >>more concentrated out can take a you know take a little bit of a breather guy because things to go well in that case you know the folks live in latter part of valley, but as
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john doe. you know the fire could come through that area they definitely need to the firefighters are out there they're expecting things to happen in a war you know at the evening of one go out they're going to plan of attack against us. >>they have been concentrating pretty heavily after action protection by making a lot people are in the area around now. i will get back quickly if we get out early. >>the visibility was terrible in the city today, lynn you can see the skyline if you're on the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge is it that smoky where the fire is burning is it worse and are you guys able to fly in this smoke. >>yeah, the snow has been pretty bad in that area they have have some aircraft up today, kind of been a back and forth saying depending on what with president that have been able to get some aircraf probably would have like to have a lot get more of card on the ground to mark and a live band. but they work and what
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they had and they could get from accomplish with their craft. >>you know did during the tubbs some residents told us commercial or residential grade of fire retardant a kind of a phone are you recommending that homeowners you to do that and put it on their homes as a precautionary measure. >>you know they feel that that would help their absolutely you know do what you can do to make or sell your home but make sure you're prepared to do it in so if you are it will be evacuate that accomplished before you have to read we don't want you thinking around saying behind the that application for sure. >>tell the chop with calfire appreciate your insight tonight and best of luck to you and all the men and women who are working to try to keep us safe. thank you we appreciate everything you're doing. thank you. great thank you. i've been talking about how smoky it is out there, thanks to that fire. the glass fire and all the other fires that are still burning in
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california. it's hard to believe vicki that the august north of there in mendocino and other counties has burned almost a million acres now and the air is just terrible again it's terrible and we're feeling it even here as far san francisco doctors at ucsf say that research shows that you know prolonged exposure to all this smoke can really increase the risks of developing a host of chronic diseases are kron four's haaziq has that story is days if you're outdoors for a prolonged period of time you risk feeling the effects of smoke from wildfires here in the bay area that can cause many different types of symptoms ucsf assistant professor of pulmonary and critical care doctor stephanie christenson describe some of the common symptoms from reading wildfire smoke. >>shortness of cough sore throat runny 6 he headache dizziness help patients however extended exposure to
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smoke from wildfire season is still being studied by medical professionals, the initial findings are cause for concern there are a couple of small studies that are showing us if you live around the wildfire smoke in our really. >>for long periods of time. exposed to this particular matter at high levels for a long time that actually does impair lung function and you know, that's seems to be the case at least a couple of years. >>but we also have no some other looking at air pollution so looking at say areas air pollution in general is say from and traffic or exposure to factories. that we know that air pollution in which wildfires are and some can lead risk of developing. seal heart disease cancers. the best option to protect your health reducing your exposure to out by smoke by staying
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indoors as much as possible. >>there is no magic wand, i mean taking certainly if you've got an underlying health conditions make sure that you're taking your medication that could be a magic wand to help prevent you getting worse problems, but yeah, no it's it's limiting your exposure is is the magic wand haaziq kron 4 news. >>i live look outside right now san francisco's embarcadero shows us just how smoke it pretty nasty we're all feeling the effects of this chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about the bad air. another spare their day yeah just horrible right now you can see all that smoke outside all because the fires burning to our north and we're getting more of a northerly wind that means that pushes the wind from the north. >>on the that the winds start to pick up a bit in around the fires right now that's going to pump more smoke in the atmosphere and that is going to flare up some of these fires look that's a right now to 17 miles an hour 11 and the out bill lebanon atlas peak,
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13 po valley, 14 is snow muscle winds begin to pick up again and that's what we feared as we might see those winds get a little gusty overnight tonight and then possibly gain by tomorrow evening, but yeah, that smoke has settled into the bay, some very poor air quality all around no matter where you go. sfo usually are hey that looks fog know that is all smoke out there right now and that continues to be the case around most of the bay area air quality. yeah, looking very bad unhealthy in the north bay as you might expect also stretching into oakland conquered, san ramon live more very unhealthy air even down into san jose right now poor air quality inside the bay, the hayward and fremont san mateo and san francisco tomorrow doesn't look like much improvement in fact it is going to be another rough day. those northerly winds expected to continue that is going to bring all that smoke right back down across the bay area very unhealthy air conditions inland as you head toward the south with unhealthy air going to continue so that looks like we're going to see any change in the wind pattern until late tomorrow night. that's where
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we're expecting more of a westerly wind that west wind will push that smoke to the east, but we've got so much smoke here now it's going to take a few days to clear it out. >>coming up tonight at 6.45 a bay area airport now joining others to offer covid testing for anybody wants to travel to hawaii, the catch here is it's free. the airport offering testing no cost ahead and up next lawmakers on capitol hill still odds over. >>stimulus package details is house officials have voted and house officials have voted and now the question is what taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft,
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>>the house of representatives has narrowly approved a new 2.2 trillion dollar stimulus package, we're still working to get details on what exactly is in it, however it appears to be a largely symbolic gesture as house speaker nancy pelosi says this was not a bipartisan deal. the bill now moves to the senate where the republican majority will almost certainly vote against it hope hicks one of president trump's closest aides has tested positive for the coronavirus this news just breaking within the past hour or so hicks who serves as a counselor to the president tested positive today, she's the closest aide to mister trump to test positive. so far and she traveled with the president multiple times this week, including on marine one.
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the presidential helicopter for a minnesota rally yesterday and she was aboard air force one on tuesday when the president went to and from the presidential debate. there is no indication that president trump has been infected or is showing any symptoms. >>still ahead. >>a first of its kind bill signed by the governor today. the new study on how the state might provide reparations for slavery ahead, look morning walking and democrats are continuing to sound the alarm over president trump's supreme court nominee they say she is a direct threat to millions of americans healthcare why republicans are now calling that claim bogus i'll have that full story coming up. >>and next at 6 30 people in. >>that happens you know the county is trying to get back on their feet some of them after the glass fire ripped through their neighborhood. it's of course still burning but some people we're going back to assess we speak with
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