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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 1, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>what are the latest now on the glass fire burning in sonoma and napa counties at this hour. the glass fire has burned more than 56,000 acres it is 5% contained parts of napa and sonoma counties remain under evacuation orders, thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes and so far the fire has destroyed at least 143 homes more than 26,000 other buildings remain
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threatened. the cause of this is being investigated and the images coming out of the deer park community tonight show in town mostly burned to the ground. >>holmes a school a community center all destroyed. >>heartbreaking her car forcefully to call continues our team coverage on the glass fire which as we mentioned is only 5% contained. >>some residents in napa counties deer park community who were in the process of selling their homes. no longer have a place to put on the market, the glass fire jumping roads and properties burning anything in its path demolished, this is like a war zone. >>the trash firefighters spend the day racing up and down the mountain putting small fires out before the combined with others to make a big one. >>neighbors leaving water and tools out for crews to help with the fight to nobody. >>candy at every place at the lived in the area for 40 years
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now back to protect his property and his neighbors and allies schieffer and family friend george jones who evacuated the town of angwin have been spending their days and nights passing through the community looking to put out fires with gallons of water they have in reserve say don't take much to climb up somebodys wall you know it in the house are stacked >>you know so anywhere we get get this water in you know have out help from my son and stuff and flames have reached such a first property got his structures are still but has deeply concerned about more spot fires you put some of them down in the in the come back up again and in and i only have a certain amount water. so i'm going through kind of skwentna because i got to make decisions on well do i spend all the water trying to help other people what i i want to try to do. >>but i got well, i got enough when the time comes to do take care my really trying to be tough and just i just i try to help a family friend out and if it gets too rough for me i
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i tried you know to try best i can all i can really say keep level head and just truck on in napa county phillipe all kron 4 news. >>guy's got the right idea keep a level head truck on try to help we are tracking other fires by the way burning throughout california. 2 of the more significant ones the dog fire in shasta tame the county's is now 26% contained after having grown to more than 55,000 acres 4 people have died in this fire. which started sunday and then just exploded in size some of the images there just stunning and in central california that creekfire member that is still burning in fresno county. 44% containment now they have been working on it but more than 309 acres 1000 acres that that is have burned several evacuation orders have now been lifted as some areas are starting to repopulate and then these high temps point they're expected to continue
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right tomorrow right on through the weekend want to go to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence we're worried a lot of people worried about the air quality the smoke, but first things first you got to lower the temperatures lower the winds to get the fires out yes so much going on in the atmosphere very hot temperatures expected again tomorrow heat advisories. >>are going upper body is just not used to these hot temperatures really not cool off much at night even inside the bay in the peninsula, these temperatures getting hot. >>80's. some mid-nineties you make when redwood city of menlo park santa clara of course going to be on the hot side and hazy and smokey temperatures. they're soaring up in the 90's the east bay of course one of the hotter spots getting near a 100 degrees in places like pleasanton livermore inside the bay are up in the 90's 2 contra costa county also looking at some hot temperatures getting near a 100 by tomorrow afternoon and in around the fire near triple digit heat tomorrow again as we're seeing that offshore wind developing that sticking around for at least another day it looks like now
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are in you have to place like lavine this force knowles you get in a bottle some very hot temperatures up in the 90's again finally not getting any relief until we get into the weekend. we are seeing normally composed the when in fact the winds of now just begun to pick up you see right there the winds start to blow to 18 miles per hour in snowmen 19 all 20 miles an hour in sailing that's down in the urban areas is blowing harder than that over the mountainous terrain and that is going to move this fire further on to the south certainly concern throughout the night tonight and tomorrow but the red flag warnings have been extended around the rest the bay area above a 1000 feet, the santa cruz mountains expecting gusts maybe 1020 miles per hour. maybe some 30 mile an hour gusts there and humidity down to 10 to 20% so very dry and we've already got very dry conditions out there east bay be very careful to oakland also up in the diablo range some of those gusts maybe to 30 miles per hour humidity down to 10 to 15% of course we've already got the fire burning in the north bay
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looking at some of those gusts 15 to 25 miles per hour maybe tonight. i think tomorrow evening, maybe some of those gusts upwards of 30 maybe 35 miles per hour humidity down 10 to 15% certainly a fire burning there already concerned fire conditions continuing into the weekend all right lawrence nation. >>other stories we're working on this governor newsome has signed a bill creating a task force to make recommendations on reparations for slavery catherine heenan host of inside bay area politics is here with more on that catherine yeah we've been saying this really is making history. grant and vicki california now the first state in the country to adopt a law paving the way for reparation payments in the midst of racial unrest. the spill did get a lot of bipartisan support. the governor signed before virtual audience this creates a nine-member task force that will study ways the state might provide reparations for slavery. it was introduced by assemblywoman shirley weber
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she says it's not clear yet exactly what kind of compensation might be provided. >>given extensive midst of this issue of 400 years the question some would say any really compensate with money some may believe you can somebody say the other things in terms of opportunities in resources that should go into those communities ever see affected in long-term impacts a little bit of our goal is to try to have a comprehensive discussion and analysis of the impact of slavery in california. it may also talk about what did across the nation for states to look at but what would happen in california and how has it impacted the lives of african americans in california. >>and you can watch more of our interview with the assembly woman this weekend on inside california politics. we will also hear from john cox who's the man ran against governor newsome and 2018. he's now giving a big boost to the recall newsome campaign and a new u c berkeley poll, the sidelines. the concerns
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californians have regarding of this year's election and what our dc insiders telling us about the closed door reactions to the presidential debate inside california politics airs sunday 06:30am here on kron 4 vicki and grant back to you. >>all right, thank you catherine and as you know do are now 33 days until the 2020 presidential election crowd for of course your local election headquarters this election season. coming up lawmakers from the democratic women's caucus are sounding the alarm over the president's supreme court nominee amy coney barrett why some democrats say her nomination could be a direct threat to millions of americans health care and. >>women's reproductive rights plus the a's do something they haven't done since 1973 jason we'll break down there do or die game 3 of the american league wild-card series coming up. >>and you can breathe a sigh of relief at least in some senses tonight if you still
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not renewed your expired license
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>>the california department of motor vehicles is announcing that they're extending the deadline for expiring licenses amid the covid-19 pandemic that new deadline is december 31st 2020. the change impacts those who have an expiring license between march and the end of the year the extension is automatic but eligible drivers will not receive a new
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card in the mail beginning october 5th, drivers can request a free temporary card online to document the extension though one is it really needed because state law enforcement has been alerted to the changes. up next the bay area airport is joining others offering covid test to hawaii travelers this one's for they do one of the most difficult jobs there is,
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even in normal times. our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us. >>for your money tonight more
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covid-19 testing is coming to bay area airports starting october 6th oakland airport is going to offer free rapid covid test to employees and travelers that's an enticement people fly to hawaii can schedule their appointment through city health urgent care oakland international. >>is the latest to join others in the airline industry to provide their own covid-19 tests in hawaii, especially makes you get one within 72 hours of landing there or else have to quarantine for a couple weeks, so it's especially important there. recently sfo and united announced that they'll be offering covid tests for people flying to hawaii. they will charge you though as well alaska that airline is selling covid tests for people flying to hawaii. for your health tonight, democrats on capitol hill are continuing to sound the alarm over president trump's supreme court pick. they say judge amy coney barrett is bad news for millions of americans who rely on health care or washington
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dc correspondent raquel martin reports as republicans are pushing back against claims that they are moving full steam ahead with berreth's nomination. >>this is a 1, 2 punch to the american people as republicans meet with supreme court nominee amy coney barrett democrats warn the nominee threatens the affordable care act the judge who is intent on ripping it apart thursday, senate minority leader chuck schumer slam republicans for ignoring red flags, he says depp or dies as millions of americans health care and roe v wade. if judge barrett got on the court could either be eliminated or at the very minimum horrible minimum, so blatantly constricted that you never recognize right now senate democrats are refusing to meet with barrett in protest, but they want are not slowing down republicans has extraordinary qualification thursday, iowa, republican senator joni ernst accused democrats and the media of attacking the judges faith
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stop these unwarranted attacks in missouri senator josh hawley says berets conservative views on abortion earn his vote this as to her standing of the role. >>and row and fits into that is is pretty clear it certainly beats my threshold. senator mitch mcconnell's as democrats are making a fuss over nothing the bogus issue nobody should health care is being threatened illinois republican rodney davis agrees but says still congress needs a backup plan make sure that if there is a decision that makes a conspiracy theories accurate. we ought to be able to come together in a bipartisan way the supreme court will take up the ac a case just days after the in washington raquel martin. >>time for sports. >>well the streak is finally over for the first time since 2006 the a's have won a playoff series in for the first time since 1973 they have won a winner take all game. let's go to the town to see how it all went down
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element has remained cool calm and collected despite the postseason struggles and it didn't look good early chicago with a 3 nothing lead in the 4th until sean murphy hits this 2 run blast. and the left and aids cut the lead 3 to 2 great after the 8th took the lead on a couple of bases loaded nomar ground one through the hole and into right rbi single white sox tie the game at for this later in the frame tommy la makes a great juggling catch to get out of the ending look at this over the shoulder on live still. tied in the bottom of the 5th now jack pender brought in not as a pinch runner pinch hitter in the 3rd, i'm sorry son live one past the shortstop for a base hit 2 runs score. a's lead 64 to get that the took it from there hendricks freezes the sox batter to end the game finally break through you can see how high. the is game time
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coming just a little bit weight off the upset the last 2 years on that. >>moving not get to a five-game series is just it's the site. should grateful and looking forward to. >>do i need one of those a's hats those now open a move on to the american league division series against the houston astro's all games will be played in los angeles dodger stadium, the first 3 games monday tuesday and wednesday all times to be determined game 4 or 5 if necessary are scheduled for thursday and friday. it's been pretty much nothing but bad news on the injury front for the niners all season long but today they finally got some good news. george kittle is back on the practice field. the back after missing the last 2 games after spraining his knee in the season opener. it was a full participant in today's practice and said he'll be ready to go on sunday
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night. the boe samuel has also been practicing in looks to get his first action of the season against the eagles. kittle was asked about the excitement of playing the prime time sunday night game as he returned from injury. >>i'm excited the opportunity i mean. >>5.25 on a sunday night and levi stadium is pretty exciting and our fans won't be there but we're going to feel none. >xjust going to be really exciting out there and play again not miss so just looking forward to sunday. >>walk into will be playing this sunday, 2 teams won't the nfl is pressing pause on the steelers titans game this sunday. the game will not be played during week 4 following 2 additional positive coronavirus tests among the titans according to a statement from the nfl one additional planes player and one personnel member tested positive for covid-19 on thursday, the tie and added cornerback kristian fulton to the reserve covid-19 list so that kind of gives it away. that comes after 4 players and 5 team personnel members
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tested positive earlier this week. the canes coach mike vrabel said on wednesday that some of the players who did test positive. we're experiencing flulike symptoms so these are guys catching covid and they're getting symptoms too scary stuff there. we will keep you posted as that story
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>>i've >>now time 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside right now at the golden gate
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chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here for the smoke asked yeah we say that was fog comes to the golden gate unfortunately that's not that is all smoke and look at the winds now in and around the fire you can see those winds blowing dollars 20 miles an hour that same lena 17 and the out bill 17 glen allen 12 miles per hour po valley. love miles per hour soda springs, 15 certainly getting that northerly component now to the wind which we feared worried about that causing these fires to blow up a bit and certainly that's a real possibility overnight tonight and tomorrow as we'll see those winds die down overnight and then pick up again by tomorrow evening. temperatures also a problem is we're going to see heat advisories up around the bay area going to be hot. the only thing that might not these temperatures down a bit is all that smoke outside we saw that happen today that formed a little kept some of that some live from getting through and kept the temperatures down we're still looking at 80's in the san francisco, you got 90's in redwood city about 91
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in fremont 95 degrees in san jose in around the fired 90's maybe near triple digit, heat there on 99 degrees in concord in 99 in livermore red flag warnings are up across the bay area mountaintops above a 1000 feet all around now not just in the north bay, but also the east bay in the south bay looks like things are going to change but not until the weekend that's we're going to see a strong onshore wind and much cooler temperatures as we head in towards sunday all right. thank you lawrence, all the more reason to look forward to the weekend that wraps it up for us at 6 they have to get through these next few days. they say everybody.
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if you can't afford your medicine, ♪ >> narrator: the great debate blowback. moderator chris wallace breaks his science. and the proud boys. >> they want them to stop wearing their shirts. >> narrator: and controversy over the return of "saturday night live." >> what the state health department once the show to do before they allow a live start audience into their studio. >> they are putting in some serious precautions. >> narrator: then... what were they thinking drinking from the stanley cup during the pandemic? and the family of seven that lost everything in the wildfire. now they all have covid-19


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