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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 2, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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you can take a day off fromy worrying about your packages. ♪ ohhh yeahhh! just connect your myq® app to key. ♪ ohhh yeahhh! get free in-garage delivery with myq® and key by amazon. >>the breaking news coverage tonight, president trump is experiencing shortness of breath. here is leaving the white house late today wearing a mask appeared to be walking without any problems scott on the chopper without assistance is now at walter reed military hospital less than 24 hours after the world learned he had tested positive for the coronavirus. >>so there's some questions here obviously with the the president temporarily out of commission. how will things
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you know be operating in the white house the president of course also sent out a video message on twitter this afternoon saying that he's doing well the positive tests come after. president trump aide hope hicks tested positive. the virus has killed more than 205,000 americans and has now spread to the highest reaches of the u.s. government white house officials say that the hospital visit is precautionary this point in that. president trump will work from the hospital's presidential suite which is equipped to allow him to continue his official duties. now with the president at least temporarily. >>out of the white house many people are wondering how things will operate there. we want to go now live to a professor erwin chemerinsky he is dean of berkeley law. >>and the professors here to answer that question. and the answer would be. welcome by the way. >>it's great to be with you in the question is. >>if the president is
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temporarily out of how will things be operating in the white house. >>if the president is unable to perform the duties of office, the vice president takes over. the 25th amendment was added to the constitution to make very clear if the president is incapacitated vice president immediately takes over. >>obviously president trump been pretty bullish in describing his adoration of power in life in general and certainly in the white house so he's not going to be quick, you wouldn't think to relinquish power, especially if he believes he can fulfill his duties if the president was to decline. health wise. what would be the process of taking power from him should he not want to relinquish it. >>the vice president and a majority of the cabinet can the president incapacitated can take over the duties of
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the president the end of the vice president. now there's a process then with the president go to congress for the president override that. i think all of that is very unlikely. i think that if president trump can do the job. he's going to continue as president when he can't safe god forbid something happens where he's not able to perform vice president will take over. we also understand certainly the vice president has been in the he so far has tested. >>negative to the coronavirus but should he succumb to the coronavirus the next person in succession to take over is. nancy pelosi. our very own. so the speaker of the house is second in line. >>the speaker that's right it goes for the president to the vice president. if neither of them are able to perform the duties about this because to the speaker of the house of representatives nancy pelosi. >>would you be at all worried about how the white house will function if the president is
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hospitalized and there is a disruption to the normal flow of the day in the white house. >>of course we have to be wary. this is the most serious illness that a president has faced probably since ronald reagan was shot in 1981. what eisenhower had a heart attack in the early 1950's. but this is a terrible virus has killed over 200,000 people. all we can do regardless of our political views so for president trump speedy recovery. >>because of your background in law and we will re missed i'm not addressing the senate if that were to for the confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett. where does this put things. >>i don't think it changes anything president trump has formally nominated judge amy coney barrett. the senate has decided they're going to forward hearings. likely the week after next the only thing that could change that is a significant number of senators
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test positive then the senate may have to postpone it. we learned today for example, senator mike lee has tested positive is being quarantined. >>chuck schumer just tweeted a second senate judiciary committee member has tested positive. i'm honestly not sure who specifically that but schumer is saying that these hearings should be put on hold because of these 2 positive cases so is there a magic number in your mind for what constitutes too many people being infected. >>the republicans want to go forward as as possible and get her confirmed the democrats want to do everything they can to stop it and hope that joe biden winds it's about can fill. justice ginsburg seat, but the reality is the republicans are in control. so long as they have 49 votes. they mike pence to break the tie. though the okay. the democrats would need 4 senators not public centers not to be able to and we just
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don't know yet if that's going to happen. >>all right a lot of thank you so much for joining us. professor erwin chemerinsky dean of berkeley law. take care. thank you. >>yeah, i temperatures expected to continue through the weekend another hot day as we look at what is being forecasted for tomorrow certainly the winds are a concern and the air quality as well want to go to kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow on when things are expected to cool off and. >>clear out yeah that's the thing too as we got all that smoke out there right now it's looking from the berkeley hills we've had the hot temperatures again today tomorrow. >>going to start to cool down a little bit i think it takes still sunday will receive more significant cooling and much better air quality unfortunately smoke continues to sit around most of the bay right now and without much wind to move it at this point there's no way to get it out a little bit better quality can see near the goal-line but you still see the haze in the
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atmosphere generally get better quality out toward the coastal areas but that's what we're looking at right now you've got some very poor air in the live more in the san jose and oakland right now along the coastline doesn't look as bad as we head toward tomorrow. the forecast still calling for a lot of smoke in our skies and very poor air quality in the north bay and stretching in the east bay i think that will start the way that way in the morning but by the afternoon we're going to see more significant westerly component to the wind and that wind will start to move some of that smoke out of the bay area but i think it will take at least another couple of days before things look a whole lot better guys back to you. >>thank you. lawrence we're continuing to track the breaking news of course a live look here outside walter reed where president trump is inside being treated for covid-19 said to be experiencing shortness of breath tonight in addition to fever and fatigue you see some of his supporters there have
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>>the devastation is still being tallied tonight in napa and sonoma counties which had a lot of areas that are still under evacuation orders this evening because of the glass fire still burning our kron four's maureen kelly talked to a county supervisor who is also an evacuee about resources coming online soon to help out. >>the burned out residents. >>parts of the valley of the moon look more like the valley of the moon escape with so much charred wooden ash covered debris where homes
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used to be like this one on meadow wood drive in the oakland community. my county said get out now the chair of the sonoma county board of supervisors, susan gorin is one of the residents evacuated from her home here for the second time in 3 years she still rebuilding the home she lost which escaped the fire this time around as is the rental home. she is currently living and i didn't want to be in the position again of losing everything so i did stuff every nook and cranny of my car a distribution center is expected to open possibly as soon as saturday. >>as sequoyah elementary school for those burned out to pick up protective gear needed like goggles and gloves so they can inspect their properties safely we ask everybody not to do extensive pawing through the ashes until we can have the hazardous materials. crews come through not border. i remember that they pick up the propane canisters, the paint containers. evidence of fertilizer. in the last 5
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years we've had people losing. literally tons of ammunition and fire arms and so you want to make sure that all of that has been cleared out before you even think about entering that property also expected to come online early next week at maria creel high school a local assistance center where fire victims can learn about how to get help from fema. >>and the small business administration as well as help getting documents replace like driver's licenses that may have been burned up. in the fire. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>and coming up we continue to follow breaking news from capitol hill president trump is now being treated
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>>now back to our breaking news tonight, the president of the united states has left the white house he's been admitted to walter reed military hospital, less than 24 hours after testing positive for coronavirus a close to the president telling news nation that mister trump is now experiencing shortness of breath as well as a fever. the official line from the white house is the president is dealing with that fever and fatigue and the hospital visit is precautionary they add that president trump will work from hospitals, presidential suite which is equipped to allow him
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to continue his official duties when it comes to covid president trump is in a high-risk group and has. >>a couple factors that can contribute to more severe symptoms. he 74 and he's considered cltnically obese. according to the cdc. people in that 65 to 74 age range face a 5 times greater risk of hospitalization and then 90 times greater risk of death from covid that is compared to young adults between the ages of 1829. >>time for sports. >>while the i r list finally getting shorter for the ers the team will be once again without jimmy garoppolo or quarterback on sunday head coach kyle shanahan says nick mullens will be under center and after his performance last week the team should be feeling pretty good mullins had 343 yards. one touchdown and 0 interceptions against the giants shanahan said he's
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been crisp in practice and just adjusting to this week's offensive game plan. some good news on the injury front star tight end george kittle and wide receiver deebo samuel are expected to return to play on sunday. the forty-niners take on the eagles at levi stadium sunday evening at 5.20. an exciting time to be an a's fan with a team advancing to the alds but it's also a little bittersweet since fans can be at the games. this bizarre baseball season has been especially tough for professional cheerleader george henderson, who invented the wave right here in the bay area. i caught up with him to find out how he's making the best of all his newfound free time. >>usually when playoff baseball is under way you find george henderson also known as crazy george front row center at the coliseum this season instead. >>we found him hear it from the u.s. are older, but just
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because he can attend a games in person due to the coronavirus that doesn't mean crazy george. >>has lost step. crazy george has dedicated decades of his life to cheering for sports teams in the bay area and beyond you can't miss him leading the crowd with his big smile and loud rise. >>love the fans cheered for him and that's what i do i can that extra energy the players make son play a little harder might bring in that extra rendering they gave in fact 39 years ago the a's yankees playoff game, crazy george introduced the way to the world. >>he says he held on to this video as proof. >>it going like i love about motive. they energy and it kept going and going around about 7 times and the never saw anything like it in their life and they were celebrating and screaming he hopes to be back inside the coliseum next
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season to celebrate the waves 40th anniversary in the meantime he's relaxing with his wife pat on the water hoping to watch the a's sail into the world series from win this series isn't because they're more talented they don't have my good looks. >>unfortunate but they're ok looking, here's a look at gas but he be you gotta laugh at that it is a one of a kind face and george was a lot of fun now he has a website book. >>and social media pages his own empire basically we have those link on our website kron 4 dot com and the a's will host the houston astros on monday for game one of the american league division series at dodger stadium first pitch at one '07 that does it for sports back to you. >>we continue to follow breaking news is a live look now from walter reed hospital where the president is being treated for covid-nineteen said to be experiencing a fever. fatigue as well as shortness of breath tonight
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after being diagnosed less than 24
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>>welcome back tonight, the world waits to see what will happen to president trump just hours after he was hospitalized for covid-19. you see him here wearing a mask walking to marine one as he prepared to head to walter reed. a source tonight telling news nation. he is experiencing shortness of breath. the white house though
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says he has very moderate symptoms things like fever. and fatigue and many people tonight are sending their well wishes to the president. hoping for a speedy recovery for both. the president as well as the first lady melania trump who also has covid right now the president is quarantining and working inside walter reed, he's been there. since late this afternoon. we'll continue to bring you look the latest on his condition and this story as it develops. meanwhile want to give you a final update right now on the glass fire that is still burning in sonoma and napa counties and as our yeah fire has burned more than 60,000 acres at this point it's 6% contained parts of napa and sonoma counties remain under evacuation orders. >>thousands of people say they've been forced out of their homes and so far that fire has destroyed at least 220 homes. this is more than 28,000 other buildings remain threatened tonight. the cause
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of this fire is under investigation and we are under a red flag warning right now supposed to last through tomorrow morning at tel 06:00am fingers crossed we can get through that without incident as we take a live look outside right now. a picture here above san francisco you can see. >>a bit of fog. no doubt, but certainly a haze that has settled over the bay area for much of the week chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with a final look at our weather going to see that fog though that is a sign that we're starting to see a little westerly component the when we need more of that. >>as you look out sfo still a lot of haze in the sky red flag warnings tonight, the gusty as winds come between now and about 10 o'clock tonight, some of those winds over 20 miles an hour in the north bay. already now looks like we're finally going to see a significant change in the atmosphere this big don't live pressure has been sitting over the west coast. the better part of a week now it is finally going to start the weekend then move eastward into the south and that's allow for more of a sea breeze
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to kick in and that is some good news that will help relieve all that smoke in our skies push that further east out of the bay area and start to clear things out one of those temperatures around the bay area hot again today still some 70's and some 80's out side by tomorrow. you're still toasty inland some 80's and 90's in the valleys again tomorrow and very hazy and thick smoke again all around the bay and along the coastline enough of breeze. keep those temperatures down then we cool down big time starting on sunday much better air next week. >>the party that thank you lawrence that wraps up kron 4 news at 6 thanks for being with us have a good night. right now, we could all use some comforting words, so here it goes: melty, melty, tasty, grilly, juicy, sizzle.
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>> america in crisis. >> as the president and first lady test positive, who will be next? >> all the president's men and women. the 21 leaders most at risk. was his family exposed at the debate? the mad scramble to get tested. >> the timeline. from the new supreme court nominee to the debate to the rally. >> retracing the president's every move. >> it's entirely possible that he got infected over the weekend. >> and the first family's medical treatment straight from dr. oz. >> when you heard


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