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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 2, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>less than an hour ago conway tweeted this my symptoms are mild light cough and i'm feeling fine i had the gun a quarantine process in consultation with physicians meanwhile president trump is spending his first night at the hospital, this is a live look tonight outside the walter reed army medical center. he posted a short video on twitter earlier today announcing his decision to be checked in. >>i think i'm very well, but we're going to make sure that things work out the first lady is doing very well. >>kron four's dan thorn joins us now live in the newsroom with what we know so far about
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the president's condition tonight the president was said to be feeling fatigue and has had a fever, but tonight a source tells news nation. the president is also experiencing shortness of breath. earlier today, he was taken to walter reed national military medical center out of them and abundance of caution. president trump was seen wearing a mask walking and giving a thumbs up on the south lawn before boarding marine one to the hospital. the white house says the president will be working from a presidential suite and walter reed for the next few days and at this point there has been no transfer power to vice president mike pence following the diagnosis. president trump's doctors said he was given an experimental antibody cocktail to help his body battle covid-19 in addition the president has been taking other supplements including a daily aspirin. >>a person who has this infection about 20% will be hospitalized. the for people over 65 is much higher than
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20% of it is concerning and he's already having issues breathing and we don't know if he's having chest pain. >>the mother children. >>well the president has said that he is feeling very or at least he thinks that he's feeling pretty well. the first lady melania trump who is also tested positive for covid-19 says that she too is experiencing mild symptoms but his overall feeling good. the first lady is expected to continue isolating at the white house and so far the president's son barron and daughter ivanka have tested negative. the president's son in law jared kushner has also tested negative. but at least 6 people who went to the supreme court nomination ceremony at the rose garden last weekend have now tested positive for covid-19 and here's the full list, including the president the first lady, north carolina senator thom tillis utah senator mike lee. university of notre dame president reverend john jenkins and of course as we mentioned kellyanne conway and it's worth mentioning that senators tillis and lee are both
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republican members of the senate judiciary committee which oversee the supreme court. justice nomination hearings so we'll have to wait and see how this impacts those proceedings reporting live the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan well when it comes to the coronavirus president trump is in a high-risk group and has several factors which can contribute to more severe symptoms the president is 74 years old he's considered clinically obese. according to the cdc people in the 65 to 74 year-old. >>age range face of 5 times greater risk of hospitalization 90 times greater risk of death from covid-19 that's compared to young adults between the ages of 1829. >>joining us now to talk more about covid-19 and developments involving the president's diagnosis lora haggard the more infectious prevention specialist at miranda health medical center and thank you for being with us tonight we've been hearing throughout the day a growing list of people who are various events at the white house and surrounding white house events
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>>are are contracting a coronavirus a yet today chief of staff was seen walking the grounds of the white house without a mask, what kind of concerns does this raise for you as an infectious disease prevention specialist. >>yeah, thank you and thanks for having me really you know does highlight you know the concern and the importance of prevention. here so as we know masking is very it's always important to wear a mask, whenever you're within 6 feet of people who are not in your household. >>we understand that during the presidential debate last week between president trump and former vice president joe biden they were i believe at least 7 feet apart, and that in the next the debate commission has asked that they be 12 feet apart, but the trump campaign is pushing back
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on that as we move forward with do you think the debates should change so that there is lower risk of infection and also speaking of those to base the trump family that showed up arrived in masks and then took the mass often members of staff, the staff came over to bring them asked to put them on they declined to wear them. so do you think those kinds of changes should happen at the next debates. >>and then anything on at least 6 feet apart is is fine, you know is considering but i mean you're right. it is people are not always wearing their masks when they are within people who 6 p to people who are not in their household. so when you heard the news like mention meant i'm sorry go ahead. i was going to say like you mentioned the people who the other people are not wearing masks and they they probably so when have a hard when you heard the about the president's diagnosis of the coming in last night what was
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your first reaction someone who works in this field. >>definitely you know as you mentioned he definitely has risk factors. >>so we'll have to we're going to see what happens what are the next steps for him. >>as an infectious disease control specialists i imagine you've had a kind an up and down battle trying to convince some people that they should wear masks when you have the president who's kind of downplaying it or belittling his political opponents to wear masks. and a white house has made optional you don't have to wear a mask of your staff member at the white house now that he has tested positive and other people at the white house. our positive does that change anything for you do you think in trying to convince people that it real y is a good idea to wear a mask. >>you know i hope it does you know i hope this highlights the importance of mask-wearing for people. yeah. >>there's been some discussion that the white house in light of the cases that we keep
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hearing about hour after hour was kind of a petri dish for. covid-19 and that of course now the whole issue is it's important to do contact tracing can you talk about that importance. >>obviously you know i i'm not doing the contact tracing specific day the white house and for those we focus my job focus on of the hospital where i work specifically but what they're going to be doing in this case is there going to be first and calling and notifying people who are within 6 feet. the president for longer than 15 minutes where one or both of them were not wearing a so that's the definition of exposure. and so that's what they're going to be looking at first. laura in people will definitely be recommended for testing. >>all right laura haggerty more infectious prevention specialist or in-house thank
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you for your time we appreciate it. >>yeah thank you. president trump's positive covid-19 tests and current health condition is raising some questions about what happens if he becomes too ill to carry out his duties or even city pass from force also on money and is live in our newsroom was what legal experts are saying about this issue which is very controversial l a. >>yeah, course, ken and pam in the event that the president's health become seriously in danger. >>and he is not able to perform the duties of office, the 25th amendment to the constitution dictates that the vice president is at the top of a long list of cabinet members who would be the first in line to take the reins. >>the vice president and a majority of the cabinet can the president incapacitated it can take over the duties of the president in the hands of the vice president. now there's a process then with the president go to congress for the president to override that. i think all of that is very unlikely. i think that if president trump can do the
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job. he's going to continue as president when he can't safe god forbid something happens where he's not able to perform vice president will take over. >>so second in line is the speaker of the house followed by 16 others, the transfer of power is not automatic unless the president dies resigns or is removed from office and in terms of the election you see hastings law professor worry little tells us that many people have already voted but given that we are just a few weeks away it is important to note. the vice president mike pence wouldn't automatically fill the candidacy he would have to be selected by the republican party live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank you a lot tonight we do know that vice president mike pence has tested negative for coronavirus last night he reacted to president trump testing positive tweeting this. >>karen and i send our love and prayers to our dear friends, president donald trump and melania we join millions across america praying for their full and
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swift recovery god bless you president trump and our wonderful first lady melania. >>democratic presidential candidate joe biden is also offering sympathy to president trump and the first lady because of their diagnosis from force justine waltman live for us in our newsroom with the changes that the biden campaign is making as the president recovers justine well after wishing the president and the first lady well the biden campaign said today it without take down its negative advertising. >>and after testing negative. joe biden arrived at the battleground state of michigan today. he said that the president's illness can not be a partisan moment and that americans must come together as a nation biden said that trump's diagnosis is a bracing reminder to all of us that we have to take this virus seriously. >>he's worried a mask in public and means encouraging others to do so as well. we can say one 100,000 lives. in the next 100 days, according to the head of the cdc, if everyone wears a mask in
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public. so be patriotic. it's not about being tough guy. it's about doing your part. we're in a mask is now over to protect you. but also protects those around you. >>and biden is not expected to alter his approach to the campaign very much. he has already avoid crowds and has held far fewer public events then president trump. the biden campaign did also confirmed that his running mate kamala harris also tested negative for coronavirus she made her previously scheduled trip to las vegas today. the question is will that vice presidential debate be happening. next week live right now in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. thank you just seen a state lawmaker wants diagnosed with covid-19 himself says that he is praying for the president tonight republican assemblyman tom lackey of palmdale was hospitalized because of the virus 3 months ago and he says he still does not feel like his health is completely back to normal. >>lackey says his own
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experience with covid-19 changed his view of the virus. still you think this is likely to change the president's perspective, i would certainly hope so i know humility may not be his strongest asset that will change one way or another. >>i think it will make you a better person as long as he gets intervention that that he demands and people will pray that someday. >>state democrats including the governor were mostly quiet on this topic today president trump's family members are expressing their support for the president on social media tonight, the president's son eric tweeted donald trump is a true warrior he will fight through this with the same strength and conviction that he uses to fight for america each and every day. i ask you to join me in praying for his recovery. i have never been more proud of someone and what they have had to endure similar sentiments sentiment from the president's daughter ivanka trump she tweeted you are a warrior and will beat this. and our breaking news coverage on the president's hospitalization will continue this we're going to show you a live picture here it is in
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bethesda, maryland that walter reed hospital some supporters of the president are gathered outside this is where the president is expected to be staying for a few days as he battles covid-19 coming up at 8.30 we'll have a live report from washington dc and a reaction from our political analysts also coming up tonight the latest on the glass fire burning in napa and sonoma counties as the reason again braces for strong wind and feeding our heroes how one bay area woman's idea to help
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>>the massive blast fire has now burned more than 60,000 acres in napa and sonoma counties it remains at 6% containment of fire says the blaze has destroyed 589 buildings and damaged 110 others right now more than 28,000 structures are still threatened. kron four's terisa stasio has the very latest and how all eyes are on the weekend ahead. >>parents and alaina the smoky skies help tell the story. the glass fire continues to burn through dry brush daunting fire crews and it's going to be another long hot night from above a look below at the growing glass fire. >>a mammoth response team remains in place, although the strong winds did not surface the critically dry conditions and warm weather fed. the beastly blaze.
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>>cal fire says that homes are still being consumed by the fire. as the fight continues to try and create containment lines this was a house that was recently loss. >>we have been fortunate in the city of saint alina itself the fire has encroached into the city by the areas around have been. >>devastated jeff ellsworth is lena's mayor we spoke on main street in downtown where virtually every business shut down it's very traumatic. a lot of businesses and >>have been a lot of evacuation in the saint helene make sure of mandatory and advisory. >>jeff says that the air quality is certainly not helping matters either. and a very smoky as you can see and is not our normal environment here. >>it's just been a horrific few days here and my heart goes out to all the families and the people and the wineries and everyone that has
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worked so hard to make this valley as beautiful as it cynthia carry on to businesses and alina her shop one of the many closed because of the fire. despite being shut down she says that she feels grateful her home is still standing in deer park where so many others are now gone my business is closed, but that's i just got back from my home. >>everything around it is burned. house is fine, so i feel very unfortunately there were homes that did not make it on our street. and of course are so many homes and did not they get in this area and the families have really been impacted by that parents anna-lena theresa kron 4 news. >>our meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with the forecast and what's ahead for the fire crews this weekend. laura yeah kind of like last night where the wind started to pick up overnight we're seeing that again in the better part of the day fairly calm and then this evening all of a sudden things begin to change the winds start to ramp up and that's where we sit right now look at that 20 mile
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an hour winds of glen ellen 23 sonoma 19 same lena 17 uphold valley, so all around this area now seen the winds pick up with elevation right where the glass fire is located now expected to see that continue over least the next few hours and similar to last night. then it's going to start to calm down overnight but you can see the yellow already shown up over the mountain tops here as we take you through the night, those are some of the gusts over 20 miles per hour expected that continuing through about 10 o'clock or so then watch what happens after midnight, everything starts to calm down and by tomorrow morning, fairly quiet. but then a different becomes apparent in the after noon. that's when the winds switch direction again so sad that normally when all of a sudden it comes out of the west that ocean breeze now the good news is there's a higher humidity, but certainly that will be a problem if we see some strong gusty winds pushing the fire set to the north those places to the east of where that fire is by tomorrow that will be a major concern as that moves in their direction so things are switching around the was going to switch over the weekend the
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trend will be toward calmer conditions but more of a westerly wind in the coming days ahead guys back to you thank you laura as well more on the glass fire now an evacuation order has been reduced to an evacuation warning and areas within the city of santa rosa that's good news kron four's justine waltman live for us in the newsroom. she has the very latest on the evacuations from the glass fire, justine well there are some major changes today so let's get right to the maps will start quickly though in napa county. >>here is the evacuation map for that area right now again, the blue is the evacuation order. the yellow means a warning the issue that we're having here is that there's still a lot of active burning happening here and that's the purple that we see where the situation has changed is mostly in sonoma county. that's where the orders have changed and you have to go to our website to read exactly the names of the cities and the streets that have had a major change. but the
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following areas in sonoma county have been reduced from an evacuation order to an evacuation warning. they are the parts that are now in the yellow and they're mostly on the west perimeter of the fire zone, parts of south and adele state park east and south of the santa rosa city limits north of bennett valley road west of savannah trail west of wallace road west of the intersection of puerto tree road at franz that's considered a safari west. east of mark west springs road south of puerto creek road. all the way to the santa rosa city limits again that warning is here all the yellow it's this part that's west of the active fire zone, the evacuation order still remains in place for this big chunk. here in the sonoma county now the sonoma county sheriff is saying now that they've made this change they are warning there's going to be a lot of traffic in the area so they're asking people to drive safely their priority is to get everyone home and they want you want to stay home to still
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be ready to go at a moment's notice the fire. the behavior is still. acting up live right now in the newsroom, i'm justine waldman kron 4 news justine thank lectured bikes bikes. >>they still seem a little strange or too expensive and incentive 20's bay county is now offering to get more people to ride them plus the south bay slowing the spread of new covid-19 cases in the region, the key strategy that officials there are relying on
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>>the latest on the coronavirus now the south bay showing some success in reducing the number of new covid-19 cases and positive rate as kron four's rob fladeboe tells us the county's efforts to control the pandemic depend on what's called health equity benchmarks. >>like this one posted that story and king roads in east san jose remind residents that their community has been disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus after reaching a high of roughly 60% the percentage of coronavirus cases here and in gilroy is now at 57.1% that continues to trend downward. the failure to meet with the state says are health equity benchmarks could be a problem for the county. as it works toward further reopening says lead p i o betty is always a problem when you know the impacted segments and members of your community. >>or are not are not making
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the same progress as the rest of our commute we're not going to thrive and let everybody drives a multicultural populist language barriers in early lack of testing and contact tracing contributed to the higher numbers, the door to door educational campaign, another outreach efforts are credited with helping to reinforce the need for face masks, social distancing, and the need for testing along with those lower numbers these are folks who are of the community speaking the language had in the clutch a competency having making a very casual and genuine and sincere one on one conversations probably socially distance of course, the state's focus on equity is partly based on the fact that so many of the disproportionately impacted populations. >>work in sectors seeing an increase in patrons which in turn increases potential risk for exposure to the virus. >>these are the same comey's where are essential workers are going home to they don't have an option to shelter in place. they don't have an option to not go to work. they're working on our grocery stores. they're providing us
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food every day their landscaping they're making sure that our roads and streets are safe in order to move from the red tier to the less restrictive orange here. the positivity rate for those hard-hit communities cannot be significantly higher than the overall positivity rate for the county. >>which right now stands at about 1.9%. but the county was not able to supply a number for the positivity rate for those disproportionately impacted communities. san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>contra costa county residents can now get cash rebates for buying new electric bicycles the county's new pilot program offers $150 rebates to a limited number of county residents gives $300 rebates to low income residents. county officials say one of the goals with the rebates is to introduce county residents to the banks and to make them more accessible. >>coming up president trump in the hospital tonight after testing positive for covid-19 ahead we continue our coverage
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this election,
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all californians will be able to vote safely from home. every active, registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot with a unique barcode. you can track it using where's my ballot? and you'll receive automatic notifications by text, email or voice call to let you know the status of your ballot once you mail it, drop it off at your polling place or at a drop box. vote by mail ballots. simple, safe, secure. counted. learn more at >>in 2 new in our breaking news coverage tonight president trump's covid-19 diagnosis and this is a live picture now outside the walter reed hospital in bethesda, maryland you can see this is where the president will stay for the next few days, according to his doctor and they're a small group has gathered to show their support for the president president left the white house earlier
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this afternoon wearing a mask walking and giving a thumbs up on the south lawn before he boarded marine one the helicopter to take him to the hospital. >>in a video statement he said he thinks he's doing very well joining us live from washington tonight is our dc correspondent jessi to nor jesse thank you for being with us of course within the last hour or so kellyanne conway acknowledging that she now has been diagnosed as well with covid-19 what's the latest that you're hearing coming out of the white house. >>conway's announcement marks at least the 6th person who was at the white house's rose garden this past weekend for the nomination ceremony for judge amy coney barrett. and so that's really now being looked at as a potential super spreader event and so we haven't heard much from the white house this evening specifically on but as far as the president stay in walter reed, there there's really trying to be this you know pictures to the american people that president trump
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isn't in a hospital bed hooked up to a bunch of machines are ivy's or anything of that nature. they're really saying that this is the presidential suite he's doing this as a precautionary measure, there's even an office for the chief of staff, there are sleeping arrangements there for the white house physician and even though you can look at the way that his symptoms have been reported over the day and seen that they've progress from you know just maybe fatigued to that fever to now being in the hospital for a few days. the white house is still trying to maintain his image of strength president trump himself like you said with a thumbs up is trying to do that as well to show that he's at least trying to continue business as usual as much as possible jesse, i know you've been to the white house you cover the white house mingled with white house staff and other reporters there understand 3 white house reporters have now tested. >>positive in addition to the 6 or so people at the white house itself work there. and i'm just wondering if they're if you've noticed any kind of
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a change in attitude toward masks and all of that because that has been unfairly loose policy even today we saw mark meadows come out without wearing a mask while giving updates. at the white house. >>yeah even just watching video from the meadows gaggle to president trump leaving on marine one today, you did see a change even then when meadows like you said wasn't wearing a mask and still kind of maintain that he didn't need to do when he was asked about it saying that he was you know the proper 6 feet away he was outside. and then later on when president trump was walking to marine one to go to walter reed you saw the entire lot of them were wearing masks and like you said that's very different than what we typically see. even walking around the grounds no one's really wearing a mask even. some other photographers journalist things of that nature just because a lot of it is outside when you can be on the driveway and things of that nature, but you know when you are inside it's definitely a loser policy then you see in
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other areas. >>what is the feeling when you talk with other reporting reporters who have been covering the white house have been exposed or been in the area where these events have been going on what are the what are the reporter saying. >>i think there is just kind of this general unease where you know you go into this wanting to protect yourself as best as possible. >>but even the most extensive of measures we've seen. >>don't necessarily protect you from covid-19 and so not just reporters but even members of the secret service things of that that nature just saying that you know even even though they do all they can do for themselves to protect themselves if there's not people around them following the same measures that have been put out there by the top health experts in the country then there's not much you can do and so there there has been a lot of unease and now there's some hope that may be going forward a lot of these precautions will be followed more extensively.
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>>jesse reporting live for us from washington dc we'll be checking back with you later on this evening as we continue our coverage, thanks for your other thoughts in your perspective from washington. we appreciate it. >>and now we want to talk to our kron 4 political analysts summed up the and michael yaki join us now start with you tom a kind of following up on what we just heard from jesse turn or in washington. do you think there's going to be a little bit of a change in attitude at the white house on the seriousness of covid-19 and how relating to cdc guidelines said before they kind of brushed aside. >>keep in mind this administration's now spent 5 trillion dollars along with the federal reserve on. anything from masks to testing to vaccines and on and on i do think that you will see change certainly throughout the rest
8:36 pm
of this year and into next year. among the participants i think this is going to land a tracing back to the scene that we're showing now on tv and there were a number of people there and probably into close quarters and i think you will see changes coming forward. >>we're going to get to michael in just a moment, you have said that you have been taking yourself to prevent your seen either one of you in person since march right that's right because of what know that and we miss both of you as well. >>i am curious though you know a lot of the people who are now infected we've seen at the debate where the family walked in with mask and then took those masks off today, the white house chief of staff spoke to reporters walked out on the lawn, the white house lawn, no masks. what's going on here why are they so reticent against wearing a mask when their own cdc
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officials are saying this is what's best to do and even you are doing the precautions that the cdc recommends. >>yeah i just went out with the masks not that not that long ago. >>you know, maybe they're a little bit hubris. it's all the way into what october now and they had been going on and on for months on end. i'm not it's not clear that he these people got infected because they don't lack a mass, but i think it back to cannes there got there's kind of the changes because this is now affecting everybody in and around the white house i actually think you can see less people at the white house as well. >>michael yaki year you're plugged into the machine and you're have connections there in washington dc as well, i'm just curious. your thoughts about the joe biden campaign there's been some concern the former vice president perhaps
8:38 pm
was at risk when he was at the debate there are many family members there from the trump family that did not want to wear masks, even though they were asked to and they declined. and now we've had people who were at that debate who have ended up testing positive is there any concern about what happens with the former vice president moving forward and what's going to happen at the next debate. >>i'm absolutely sure that there's i mean you got tested today. he said he got tested twice which leads me to believe that he got both the rapid and then the pcr test which goes into the whole transparency i think that you're going to see. joe biden be transparent about how many times that he has tested over the next few days because this is something we're depending on the explosion incubation to be 2 to 14 days. and the amount virus that can actually manifest is something we tested can take some time as well. i think there's some concern but until something manifests itself. i think they will be cautious and certainly their campaign as always practice what they preach. you
8:39 pm
see pictures of joe biden with a mask on all the even at the convention, he wore a mask at some of the impromptu events and on the train as he's doing the whistle stop tour that he's doing you can see him talking to people in second entire row of seats between them and the next person and they're both wearing masks so i mean he's this is something where he's going to continue practicing what he preaches. >>my call i'm curious what you think the political fallout may or may not be in terms of how the public now response to the fact that the president who had then calling this a hoax mott's joe biden at the debate for wearing a mask as often as he does is there a political price to pay. >>i think there 2 things one you saw joe biden's response today was one of compassion which i think is part of the key to his appeal. in this election. but secondly, this takes the focus back to the pandemic. president trump had been trying for the past 2 months ago or more to turn the
8:40 pm
election back on ballots on looting and riots on anything but the pandemic this puts it squarely back on there's no escaping and now for the for the immediate future and probably for the next 32 days until election day. so this is not worth. the trump campaign would have wanted by any stretch of imagination. of course the president when i wanted to catch this man even but read the timing of this is something that is not advantageous to the trump campaign because it goes back to the whole issue. credibility and leadership with regard to the pandemic. >>michael yaki tom del beccaro gentlemen thank you very much for your time get talking to you. more tonight as we continue and news continues to break on this ongoing story, thanks again. the president just tweeted about 10 minutes ago. we want to show you this the first time we've seen this. he says going well i think thank you to all love so take that for what you will and we also have work from the
8:41 pm
president's doctor this evening, i'm happy to report that the president is doing very well not requiring any supplemental oxygen in consultation with specialist we have. we have. >>the elected to initiate taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take.
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>>and now her 4 zone forecast as we look forward to the weekend on a friday night in a very foggy golden gate bridge pan am very foggy and very
8:44 pm
likely some smoke having a lot to do with this picture we're looking at right now let's check in with lawrence to see what's going on more yeah guys that is a great sight to see the sea all that fog surging to the golden gate bridge in this in streaks that was just checking out the very latest on the air quality conditions all of a sudden it's got a lot better in fact it just switched in the san francisco to moderate amounts of pollutants and that's because we're starting to see a bit of a sea breeze, it is now good in towards sam, a tale one good spot. in the entire bay area. but of course we had all that smoke, settling in throughout the day today. that's because we had that northerly component to the wind our get a little westerly and that's going to change everything tomorrow still there's probably going to be lot of smoke in the morning. so certainly think early on so watch out for that, but i think by the afternoon. a significant west wind is going to pick up we're going to see some very good air quality late in the day along the coastline inside the bay and probably in the make its way into the east bay too so looks like some improving conditions as far as air quality and the weather is concerned it looks
8:45 pm
like this ridge finally after a week beginning to break down and brought some record breaking temperatures. this latest the wave. and of course the high fire danger to but now that ridge is starting to shift a little further to the east and south that's going allow more of a sea breeze to develop out side that will help to cool down the temperatures and reduce the fire danger around the bay area at least in most spots are so they have to deal with that issue of glass fire continue to burn a some winds are going to switch around there temperatures tomorrow still some 80's and 90's inland, you see 70's 80's around much of the bay, some 90's in the santa clara valley, but as we look toward the next few days and a batch of cool air going to move in from the ocean as we head in towards sunday that will drop the temperatures and then as we head toward late next week partly cloudy skies highs only in the 70's. thank you lawrence coming up next in sports forty-niners announced today who's going to start son who's going to sit out this sunday's game against eagl
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>>team t fiber sports desk. >>will be once again without quarterback jimmy garoppolo on sunday head coach kyle shanahan says nick mullens will be under center and after his performance last week the team should be feeling good mullen said 343 yards. one touchdown and 0 interceptions in the game against the giants shanahan said he's been crisp
8:49 pm
in practice and just adjusting to this week's offensive game plan. some good news on the injury front as well star tight end george kittle and wide receiver deebo samuel are it's also a little bittersweet since fans can't be at the games. this bizarre baseball season has been especially tough for professional cheerleader george henderson who invented the way right here in the bay area. i caught up with him to find out how he's making the best of all his newfound free time. usually when playoff baseball is under way you find george henderson also known as crazy george. >>front row center at the coliseum this season instead. >>we found him here answer older, but just because he can
8:50 pm
attend a games in person due to the coronavirus that doesn't mean crazy george. >>has lost step. crazy george has dedicated decades of his life to cheering for sports teams in the bay area and beyond you can't miss him leading the crowd with his big smile and loud cries. >>love the fans cheered for him and that's what i do i get that extra energy, the players makes an play a little harder might bring in that extra rendering they gave in fact 39 years ago the a's yankees playoff game, crazy george introduced the way to the world. d on to this video as proof. >>it going like i love about motive they energy and it kept going and going around about 7 times and the never saw anything like it in their life and they were celebrating and screaming he hopes to be back inside the coliseum next season to celebrate the waves
8:51 pm
40th anniversary in the meantime he's relaxing with his wife pat on the water hoping to watch the a's sail into the world series from win this series isn't because they're more talented they don't have my good looks. >>unfortunate but they're ok but look at best price. >>what we do. >>gets me every time he is just hysterical crazy. george has a website book and social media pages, his own empire basically we have those link on our website kron 4 dot com and the a's will host the houston astros on monday for game one of the american league division series at dodger stadium first pitch set for one oh 07:00pm that does it for sports. we'll send it back to you. >>it takes a village to do this this is not just me. >>at how a santa rosa woman got her entire community
8:52 pm
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8:54 pm
>>saying in touch with what's happening with the glass fire and a north bay woman is raising money to feed the firefighters who are on the front lines but she's not just delivering an ordinary meal the money is going toward the struggling local sonoma county restaurants who are supplying food for the men and women who are working so hard to put out the fire. kron four's michelle kingston has the story. >>every day this week firefighters are fueling up local food throughout sonoma county, thanks to air all to
8:55 pm
sip santa rosa it takes a village to do this this is not just me community members donated more than $45,000 this week to erica police teaming up with restaurants in the north bay every day to serve breakfast and dinner to hundreds of first responders other so grateful to come down there so dirty and and they just looked like so sluggish and. >>they come every single one of them is just so gracious and so thankful for all that we're doing for and so then they start eating you can just see them like perk up again. it is tell that okay they're ready to go back out you know so these firefighters are eating warm local fresh meals, but they're also able to stock up on supplies like chapstick eye drops deodorant. >>and erica she's not alone out here she's partnered with another local company who was feeding these heroes right alongside her tonight when this this will blow up again, you know we're looking they're like wow this is happening go
8:56 pm
against their peak again tips tried to trolley has been serving firefighters since 2017. >>the owners say it's the most rewarding experience to be able to help but i think if you ever. >>if you want to figure out how to get through something as awful as as as your whole community going up in flames right. probably the best thing you do is to try to get back in santa rosa michelle kingston kron 4 news nice to see that kind of support the massive blast fire has now burned more than 60,000 acres in napa and sonoma counties. >>and remain 6% contained. >>cal fire says the fire has destroyed 589 buildings and damaged 110 others right now more than 28,000 structures are still threatened that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock but we will be bringing you the very latest on president trump's condition all night long less than 24 hours after announcing he tested positive for covid-19 he was flown to walter reed medical center with a fever
8:57 pm
and shortness of breath coming up medical experts will explain what the president could expect as he recovers and we'll take a look at the political fallout from his diagnosis, work for news at 9 is next.
8:58 pm
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9:00 pm
>>area's local news station we begin now with breaking news. >>major breaking news tonight at 9 o'clock this is a live look the walter reed medical center where president donald trump will be spending the next few days, he's being treated for covid-19. after announcing last night that he tested positive for the virus cesar supporters gathered out on the streets, this is a live picture in bethesda, maryland. we're also learning the president is experiencing symptoms of fever and shortness of breath. good evening, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore tonight, president trump's physician is


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