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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 3, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>area's local news station we begin now with breaking news. >>so i just want to tell you that i'm starting to feel. >>no one ate more than a day after being admitted to the hospital for coronavirus complications tonight. president donald trump says he is feeling better. but officials say the next 48 hours will be critical in his care. that's where we begin this saturday night here on kron 4 news, i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman thank you for joining us in prime time tonight and tonight, the white house doctor says the president remains fever free. >>and as off supplemental oxygen in this new hospital
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video that was released this evening, the president says i think i'll be back soon and there are also these new pictures as ride these pictures coming in just in the last 15 minutes into the newsroom. you can see it. showing the president hard at work today. earlier this evening the president's personal doctor updating his progress saying that the president is not yet out of the woods but is cautiously optimistic. >>earlier today white house chief of staff mark meadows telling reporters that the next 48 hours will be critical for the president. today we also learned that the president was first diagnosed with covid-19 thursday night president there at walter reed medical center working while recovering from coronavirus and kron four's washington correspondent jessi turnure has the latest. >>on the treatments, the president is receiving. >>so i just want to tell you that time starting to feel. >>president trump tweeted out a four-minute video from the presidential office at walter reed medical he don't over the
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next period of a few days, i guess that's the real test so well. >>be seeing what happens over those next cup next couple of days after his first night at walter reed medical center president trump's doctors painted a positive picture of his condition, the president's been fever free for 24 hours navy commander doctor sean conley said he treated president trump with the antiviral medication rimmed as severe. >>and an experimental antibody drug. the president. >>would hold anything back if there was any possibility that it would add value to the scare and expedite his return. >>i want to take it conley said the president had a light cough but never had difficulty breathing and doesn't need extra oxygen all indicators are >>that he will remain off of oxygen going forward. >>conley said the president will work from the hospital until the medical team decides it's ok for him to return to the white house. >>every day we're evaluating doesn't need to be here. >>in his tweet the president said first lady melania trump is also doing well and he
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thanked well-wishers in the u.s. and around the world. >>pouring of love has been incredible i will never forget. >>doctor conley did confirm today that the white house is leading contact tracing efforts, reporting in washington. i'm jessi turnure. >>our team coverage continuing tonight with kron four's dan thorn is live now in the newsroom and has more from a bay area doctor who is not convinced that the president is progressing as well as the white house doctor is leading us all to believe down with this doctor say. >>that's justine and jonathan this you sf in fashion infectious disease specialist telling us that he's a little worried about the president's condition in the video we saw the president without his tie his voice a little raspy and as for the therapies he has been receiving the local doctor says it's too early to know how well their work. >>i'm doing well i want to thank everybody of president trump expressing confidence and gratitude as he gives an
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update on his condition at walter reed hospital. >>the president moved to the acute care center friday after testing positive for covid-19 and showed symptoms including fatigue fever and shortness of breath. the symptoms were said to be mild but the president was taken to the hospital anyway on the surface from the information that was revealed to us it seems strange but i think you die deeper. >>it probably isn't as strange as it seems ucsf infectious disease. specialist doctor, peter chan, hong says covid-19 patients are typically move to the hospital when they need oxygen, however, the president does fall within the high-risk category because of his age and weight but what's concerning for doctor chan hong is there's been no mention of the president's chest x-rays if you show that you're out these in your chest x-ray. >>watch se to sky and that's it was that the information is starting to set up shop which is what kind people we have things happening that look like they're miracles going to brief twitter video saturday the president called the
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treatment and therapeutics he's been receiving such as remdesivir year miracles doctor chan hong says the president is using hyperbole simply because it's too early to tell for the clinician the video showed a patient that might not be doing as well as their leading appear is a little bit more hunched over. >>he's halting his speech is actually not the same as usual. so you know if you were my patient, i be worried. >>well the doctor says there continues to be suspicion about the severity of the president's case, he says the president is right now in a critical waiting period before the second phase, which usually comes 7 to 10 days after the onset of symptoms, reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news seeking dan and a quick live look now outside of walter reed medical center in bethesda, maryland where the president is being treated for coronavirus right now. >>local police say that there have been a few quotes scuffles between supporters
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and critics as they're waiting they're outside of the hospital. now inside the president has spent most of the afternoon conducting business this is according to the president's doctor and he's been up and moving about his medical suite without difficulty again a live look now outside of walter reed medical center in bethesda, maryland. where there have been a few quotes scuffles between supporters and critics of the president will continue to monitor the scene throughout the night here on kron 4 news meanwhile since news broke of the president testing positive for covid-19 a number of top republicans have also tested positive for the virus. >>today, former new jersey governor chris christie checked himself into a hospital as a precaution after testing positive this afternoon. christie says that he has mild symptoms of the virus. meanwhile yesterday trump campaign manager bill stepien tested positive as did former special counselor to president trump kellyanne conway other top republicans who have also tested positive include north carolina senator thom tillis wisconsin senator
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ron johnson. trump aide hope hicks rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel utah senator mike lee and first lady melania trump. meanwhile tonight democratic presidential candidate joe biden announced that he has plans to make the results of all of his coronavirus test public moving forward. >>republicans want to cancel legislative work until october 19th as the virus has now sickened 3 republican senators in the last 48 hours. but majority leader mitch mcconnell says that the supreme court confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett are still set to begin on monday october 12th senate judiciary committee ranking member dianne feinstein and the 10 other democrats who sit on the committee are calling on the chairman lindsey graham to delay the hearings in a statement the senators wrote to proceed with the hearing to consider judge barron's nomination to the supreme court threatens the health and safety of all those who are called upon to do this body of
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work. our coverage of the president's diagnosis will continue and are now on our website kron 4 dot com. there we have an article on the 5 things that you need to know about the president's medical status. also an updated list of all the top level u.s. officials and their covid test results. also an in-depth look at the treatment that the president is receiving. it's all there on kron 4 dot com but we have much more ahead tonight here prime time. we move now on to the big story. we're watching as well which is the glass fire that continues to burn for a 6th day in parts of napa and sonoma counties as of this morning, the fire has burned more than 63,000 acres and is now 15% contained. cal fire says the fire has destroyed more than 800 homes. thousands of people are still evacuated, including the entire city of calistoga new on tonight all evacuation orders and warnings still remain in effect for folks impacted by the fire in sonoma county. >>the sheriff tweeting this update earlier today. showing once again that they are not
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lifting evacuation orders or warnings today urging folks to just hang in there. you can find a complete list of those evacuation warnings and orders along with shelters now set up to help folks in need. on our website at kron 4 dot com. as the move now to talk about our weather forecast. it's important to note that a red flag warning for the north bay hills has now been extended. >>rebecca strong in tonight, former bree so with a look at exactly when it will end rebecca, yeah, jonathan that's right a red flag warning has been extended the national weather service extended earlier today. it is going to be lasting until tomorrow morning right now though conditions are just south of market right here in san francisco. we are definitely seeing hazy conditions smoking additions around the entire bay area. but some winds are going to be picking up during the overnight hours that is why that red flag warning is in effect for the north bay mountains and surrounding the glass fire because we could see some gusts of anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour. on the highest elevations at
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the highest peaks humidity levels are going to be very low into the overnight hours getting in towards. 6 o'clock tomorrow morning and the next few hours as well current as far as the wind speeds go low right now we're seeing it's a breezy though around the bay area about a mile an hour winds in oakland, 7 in hayward right now the north and looks like about 5 in the nevada area, but again those are going to be picking up during those overnight hours in we could see those northwesterly winds anywhere from 15 to 20 miles per hour with those gusts kicking in to about 25 to 35 miles per hour. and we can see those future wind gusts are really start to head during the overnight hours and then calming down as we get into early tomorrow morning. right when that red flag warning should be wrapping up and then it's going to be a quite low. during your sunday afternoon into the evening. temperatures outside right now we're pretty comfortable in most spots will if you like 60's and 70's for the most part and then inland we are
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seeing those low 80's still on the board 82 in concord right now 80 degrees currently in livermore we're looking at 69 in hayward if you're in palo 74 in downtown san jose. what is it going to look like tomorrow, those afternoon highs we will see those 90's return once again, we'll have those coming up a little bit later jonathan rebecca, thanks so much for staying on top of breaking news a saturday night as we continue to follow the very latest president donald trump's prognosis. >>after testing positive for covid-19 at 8.30 we talked with a local doctor about the president's condition. also question tonight is if the president had coronavirus when he faced off with joe biden during the first presidential debate. >>at 8.45. we'll take a look at the safety measures that were in place that could have stopped the spread also to come tonight the glass fire destroying hundreds of homes and dozens of wineries still to come tonight, we'll
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>>tonight the glass fire has burned more than 63,000 acres and is just 15% contained hundreds of structures have been destroyed including homes and wineries in napa and sonoma counties, those images still so devastating to look at kron four's phillipe djegal spent the day at one napa county winery. >>that has so far avoided the worst of the fire. >>work at the bremer family winery in deer park. it has not stopped despite the glass fire burning in the napa
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county community for sick stay south and it's not easy. the fire did reach the winery on deerpark road but longtime winemaker bob bolen says the vineyards and buildings were spared, but people lost their homes. >>i feel very very fortunate. dealing with at the moment, it is cold showers because we don't have natural like force and happy to do that. it's a long road back for a lot bowling says the bremer family did lose a home up the mountain but their business is still intact. >>now his crews picking and processing grapes for fermentation moving the smoke has not ruin the product. i've been fortunate that i have person experiences. >>2017 irvin years, we're all fine. what i hear is sometimes you smell it. right off the bat second day from station and other times know 6 months later. >>time will tell bob says the biggest challenge he and his crew have had to deal with is a lack of water they went without for about 3 days, how
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mountain water company worked real hard to get us water back. >>today's bob says his heart sinks though for other winemakers in town just up the street burgess sellers suffered crippling damage. i know steve burgess well. >>and as you know he just recently so that i talk to steve this he is a volunteer fireman and he did everything he could to protect their property. and for what he told me is the night of the fire is survived, but then it it later later just get to remember something there that it was smoldering and eventually cut the building on fire sadly that's all it takes. >>in napa county fleet and all kron 4 news he will starting monday victims of the glass fire in sonoma county can begin the process of applying for assistance. a local assistance center will be set up that maria creo high school which is located at 6975 want to boulevard in santa rosa. on monday the center will be open
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from one in the afternoon until 7 in the evening. the hours will then shift from 10 in the morning until 7 at night from tuesday until sunday. visitors must have proper face coverings and practice social distancing. a number of agencies will also be on hand to provide recovery resources and also begin taking applications for benefits and programs. you can find more details on our website kron 4 dot com. >>the national weather service has issued a red flag warning for the north bay mountains until sunday morning and this video that we're looking at now is taken by a cal fire helicopter. this is near both state park in napa valley where the glass fire has been very active. we can see a lot of smoke still here and some of the fire lines that has been put in place by crews that are out there working so hard in really difficult in addition to that red flag warning being in effect are also monitoring a spare the air alert in effect as well. >>meteorologist rebecca, strom is here to break down the rest of the forecast for the
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weekend. >>yeah jonathan just seen a lot happening in the weather center is seen it over the last couple of days it continues to be hazy and smoking around the entire bay area in fact you can kind of make it on a little bit i know it's a dark shot of san francisco international airport camera right now, but you can see a little bit of a haze though around the lights and we've been seeing that all day long in fact of the last couple of days, the air quality, not great at all it's really hard to make out certain up hilltops around the bay area mountaintops because the air quality has just been so bad over last few days and we are going to see it continue to be a pretty poor across much of the bay area and of course the worst has in our north zone surrounding that glass fire and because of that yes that spare the air alert is in effect through tuesday they've extended it we're definitely to see warm to hot temperatures not helping matters over the next couple of days of course that depends upon where you live where you work where you're going to be at because we are tracking some 90's that we are expecting tomorrow a high fire danger of course that red flag
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warning like we've been mentioning that is in for the glass fire and all the north bay mountains you can see all the red coloring here on your screen. those are the areas affected and at the highest elevations, those highest peaks we could see wind gusts of up to 25 in the 35 miles per hour. during the overnight hours and this is scheduled until early tomorrow morning till 6 o'clock this red flag warning in effect to the humidity levels overnight going to be very low as well so just keep that in mind we want to make sure that you stay safe out there stay indoors if you can because the air quality is going to be quite por again through tuesday her when just breezy for the most part around the bay area but things are definitely going to be kicking up. during those overnight hours in nevada we could be seeing wind gusts of up to 23 miles per hour, especially are highest. tops 4 miles per hour napa we're going to see maybe some 50 mile an hour. a wind gust in the fairfield area a pretty calm though for much of our south zone through san jose and even part of the peninsular lower portion of the pundits alike in mountain
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view. but that's what it's going to look like into sunday morning and relatively going to wind down as we get tomorrow night. so that's a breakdown of the wind speeds were looking at temperatures right now it's comfortable in some spots still warm and others and of course the warmer spots are going to be inland the 2 degrees right now that i'm tracking in concord 80 degrees in livermore as 69 and hayward 70's in redwood city right now at the coast we're looking at 55 degrees in half moon bay, tomorrow's highs though you have a couple of 90's popping up on the board 90 degrees in concord were expecting mostly 70's along east bay shoreline, we're looking at 80's to low 90's for a south bay zone 72 expected in downtown san francisco. and how long is heat can the last to let you know in your seven-day around the day forecast coming up a little bit later justine thanks so much and 3 clean air centers have now opened up in san jose to help people avoid the unhealthy air. >>the centers will be open from 10 until 6 tomorrow. the
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locations will be the camden community center the vienna me is american cultural center and the joyce ellington branch library, there will be water free wi fi power to charge electronics and also socially distant seating available. face coverings are required as is a brief health screening. see. >>some intense moments as people tried to save a driver and a passenger who were stuck inside of a burning car. >>oakland chp tells us the collided with a concrete wall. 80 westbound near san pablo dam road yesterday evening. it's not known why the car hit the wall and as the fire is spreading rapidly smoke is pouring out from the windows and people are trying to get saws and crowbars so they can pull one person who is trapped inside out of the car. but despite their heroic efforts that person later died at the
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hospital and unfortunately the other person inside the vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene the cause of the crash is under investigation. >>now to the east bay were oakland police searching for answers in the city's latest murder, just before 1130 last night police say they found a man dead on macarthur boulevard near fruitvale avenue. police say the victim had multiple gunshot wounds, anyone with information now urge to give oakland police a call. >>and in berkeley at least 2 people were wounded yesterday in multiple shootings, one of the shootings was reported around 08:00pm near 8th street in bancroft avenue earlier in the day police say there was another shooting near the sea breeze market and deli on university avenue that happened around 4 in the afternoon. no arrests have been made and no other information was given about the people who are hurt. we'll keep you updated on this developing story. >>still to come tonight here on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock one month until election night. we'll show you how the trump campaign continues to push its message to voters as
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push its message to voters as taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take.
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>>with one month to go until election day the trump campaign not letting the president's health crisis slow down its message to voters. the campaign has launched operation maggot the plan calls on top supporters to carry the campaign until the president can return to the trail. vice president mike pence in the trump family will be prime players in the effort which will feature a series of online events leading up to
8:26 pm
wednesday's vice presidential debate before moving to in person events right now it's unclear how the plan is different from the way things are currently being done that's because both the pence and trump families are already actively campaigning and with the election 30 days away the one and only vice presidential debate is scheduled for this coming wednesday. >>there's been no indication it will be postponed or canceled. but officials say they are in the process of implementing increased safety precautions that includes making the 2 candidates. vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris stand 12 feet apart during the debate as of now pence and harris both remain a covid-19 negative. they face off in salt lake city at 6 our time on wednesday. >>still to come tonight here on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock there's been plenty of confusion today about president trump's the recovery in his diagnosis from coronavirus still to come tonight, we talk with one local doctor live about his
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>>president >>is doing very well. the president's doctors saying today that the president is improving after being admitted to walter reed hospital. >>because of coronavirus complications. >>however, this comment is in contrast with one that was made by white house chief of staff mark meadows saying that the president went through very concerning period on friday and quote that the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care joining us now more talk more about the president's diagnosis and the current re a treatment that he's receiving. >>we're joined by doctor lee riley from u c berkeley school of public health doctor riley thanks so much for spending
8:30 pm
time with us. >>for while. >>first off your thoughts you've heard the news on where things stand with the president. what can you tell us about what your thoughts on his diagnosis and his current progress. >>sure so you know some are confusing with us a press conference of doctors. you know for instance the timing of the diagnosis is unclear, i the economy young later corrected himself. so i that was an honest and say that in may. in terms the clinical it's so you know who was really what's really going on. >>you know everyone is saying the concern is what's going to happen over the next 48 hours or so. >>now if you didn't receive unemployment and body and also they go around year. and those lot some of the i
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manifestations if if they indeed these drugs indeed up can control viral replication. you know not necessarily response to these treatments and so we just have to see what's going so happens is why the president's in a hospital just really monitor. the in some sentence and so this isn't the right environment. and long you know they're washington giving him the right diagnosis i and cup should a situation. >>terms of his treatment and his recovery. why is it problematic that there was some confusing information given today as far as when the president was diagnosed when he was confirmed positive why is that that timeline such an issue in terms of his care.
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>>right so other several issues he indeed had been diagnosed earlier, you know as you know when at all these different events and she was already effect the time but even after the diagnosis is made and that's really a serious issue you know if he was indeed infecting all these people that come in contact with in terms of his treatment. >>and then it's like a stations if all of these stations the severe manifestations early and that's a real concern. >>i think there was someone mentioned i think that he indeed received offers an therapy it early on. and maybe you know later grew has started com. ali said maybe he didn't required layer which is which is actually development that need 30 and then no longer needed that then that means that he's improved but you know we don't know what
8:33 pm
the true story is where his sentence right now. >>can you talk a little bit about what those next 48 hours will look like and what could potentially happen. >>so i think so they have to really closely monitor is either the chest x-ray cto the jets just just to see what happens to islam's. shortness of breath is obviously do either pneumonia or something some inflammatory process in the lawns and so they really need to closely monitor what really going on is lines >>and then after that they really need to make sure that isn't it doesn't get into complicate it was close i was so kind storm. >>we should be very very difficult to treat. that's the president would need something like dexamethasone a steroid treatment right now they can give steroid use a virus still
8:34 pm
replicated so so we his own body to of course is drugs to eliminate the virus and wants the virus is eliminated maybe. humana miss made up rest of this up. manifestation co-signer can store so it's going to be very complicated so they really have to watch closely. >>the white house doctor put out a statement today saying that the president remains fever free he's off supplemental oxygen with the saturation level between 9698 all day. the plan for tomorrow while he's not out of the woods was the quote is that they'll continue observation and continue doses of from death of ear. so that's the status of where he is as far has his treatment. but what we're hearing is that it's the next 7 to 10 days beyond that's next 48 hours. that's also really critical to watch why why a whole week out. >>so you know this is based on the observations that people have made with other people
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were covid-19 so initially they seem to get better and then they just packed later on and really knows why this happens doesn't happen with everyone but this has been observing this is is important for the president to be monitored over next 7 to 10 days. you know if they can into deeds this does occur. >>a lot of information taken a lot folks will definitely be monitoring this through over the next few days know over the next few weeks to see how the president progresses doctor lee riley from u c berkeley school of public health thanks much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 8 the saturday. >>thank you thanks so much in our coverage of the president's health continues on our website kron 4 dot com. there we have an article on the 5 things you need to know about the president's medical status also an updated list of the top level u.s. officials and their covid test results. an in-depth look at the treatment that the president is receiving. it's all there on kron 4 dot com and also
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coming up explaining this pandemic and its affects. >>and our daily lives is really confusing for kids. so still ahead, the easy to read book that one mother wrote to help explain what's going on. a live look outside of conditions along the embarcadero right here in san francisco or red fog warning. >>extended through early tomorrow morning for the
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>>the coronavirus has absolutely changed our way of life and still 7 months into it it can be difficult to explain this all to a child know it's definitely been tough for me try to explain to nathaniel that's exactly why tennessee mom of 3 decided to make things a little bit easier for us parents. >>some old rich has the story. >>in this apartment home things can get a bit. >>your >>3 children who live here pages one 6 months, i feel like i've been in quarantine for 4 and a half years and now the road is joining me. gina lewis is a stay at home mother she's used to working in her own space she's not so used to doing it in the middle of a pandemic and say says her kids are so young she needed a way to describe why the country has changed in why simple tasks like going to school are no longer in option for them right now how you put words
8:40 pm
said the adults don't know what's happening right now kids like pictures right call to make the coronavirus in the pandemic a bit easier to understand she decided to publish a book i think that's been the most fulfilling part just then i'm seeing themselves. it's called when i see you again the cover alone tells a story. kids playing outside masks on partially distant. he recognizes lee. oh yeah, i use to do that dina illustrated the pictures incorporating items in tools sitting in their home in people we may see looking out of our windows on the job every single day she based the book off of her oldest son cyrus using words he and other kids just like him they feel right now acknowledging the uncertain times we're in it staying positive about what we can do. and what we will be able to do yay teachers you miss your teachers. >>so when time comes in we all get to be cyrus will remember how this made him feel and how
8:41 pm
his mother was right. you see them all >>yeah and you'll see it right. >>mom and kids definitely feeling like all of us right now us alone we'll read reporting. again the name of the book is called when i see you again has your family doing that we're holding up as much as possible. i think like those kids the social aspect of school you never think about that how much the kids need that. i agree with them on it feels like it's been 4 40 years of the courts. >>i we are exactly one month away from the election and a lot of propositions are on the ballots we're going to try to explain them for you prop 16 is the one that looks at affirmative action in the state and the effects that
8:42 pm
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>>top of breaking news a saturday night we're learning more about president donald trump's diagnosis after contracting coronavirus this week. the president's doctors say that he is doing well and is in good spirits. but they also added that the president not quite get out of the woods, the president currently beginning a cocktail of drugs including read severe end an experimental antibody drug in a twitter video posted this afternoon the president called the medication he is taking a miracle. so many things have happened.
8:45 pm
>>that if you look at the therapeutics which i'm taking right now some of them and others are coming out soon that are looking like frankly the miracles if you want to know the truth there miracles people criticize me when i say that we have things happening that look like they're miracles coming down from god. >>the president going on to thank the doctors and nurses currently treating him as well as the world leaders and americans who have reached out to send their well wishes, white house chief of staff mark meadows said that we're not still on a clear path yet to a full recovery on the president's prognosis and based on the president's positive covid-19 result people in cleveland are now questioning. >>if the proper safety measures were taken inside the debate that happened on tuesday. dave nethers has the story now. >>outside the cleveland clinic hosts of tuesday's presidential debate which did published guidelines in advance requirements to help prevent anyone here from getting the covid-19 virus.
8:46 pm
the question now is were those guidelines taken serious. tear down continues at the cleveland clinic main campus following tuesday's presidential debate. the debate over but the clinic remains the health advisor to the commission of presidential debates for the near future. >>news on friday that the president and the first lady along with close presidential adviser hope hicks all of whom were in cleveland on tuesday tested positive for covid-19 focusing attention on the clinic. cleveland clinic on friday releasing a statement explaining distance between seats screenings and disinfected measures were taken during the debate and wearing a mask inside the venue was among the topic the president addressed during the debate, i when needed when needed i wear mask, okay, let me ask i don't have i don't wear masks like him every time you see him he's got a mask. he could be speaking. 200 feet away from any shows up with the biggest mask i've ever seen in this video recorded before the debate began a
8:47 pm
doctor can be seen interacting with audience members. the cleveland clinic in a separate statement, a fox 8 news said individuals entering the debate hall were masked and in some cases removed their masks. a cleveland clinic physician did offer audience members masks but some did not adhere to the requirement. a photo of the president's family at the debate showing only first lady melania trump wearing a mask. kai the county health officials on friday restating their assertion that masks along with the other measures work addressing those who chose not to follow the clinic's requirement certainly we hope that people wear >>you know where that will be part sure the process going forward it's a rule you wear a mask, it's not that hard you put a mask and i think it was extremely disrespectful for people to come into a place like that and not wear a mask and i don't think it's real smart there isn't a all of the other measures that were taken here during the debate on tuesday, the cleveland clinic in a statement said that.
8:48 pm
>>everybody entered the hall hard to be tested in advance for covid-19. >>and nobody who was allowed in tested positive. >>the clinic in the meantime reaching out to all of its guest tuesday out of an abundance of caution addressing questions and concerns and offering testing despite reassuring those who attended that they believe there was a low risk of exposure. >>so there is no proof tonight, no evidence that anyone in this hall on tuesday could have spread the virus to the president of the first lady dave nethers in cleveland ohio. >>and another live look now outside of walter reed hospital in bethesda, maryland where the country's most prominent patient is being treated right now for coronavirus that is president donald trump. dozens of have been out there all day today, some supporters of the critics of the president. much thinner crowd than what we saw earlier this evening. i'm just also reading now that at some point this evening police were
8:49 pm
investigating a suspicious package that was left outside of the hospital, but police have cleared the package and have now allowed trump supporters to go back to the hospital gate to continue here showing their support for the president to have a speedy recovery and our coverage of the president's diagnosis continues on our website kron 4 dot com. you can go there to get the very very latest information. >>let's switch gears back home now let's talk weather a live look outside at san francisco courtesy of the central tower cam a gorgeous saturday night it is a nice saturday night lot going on here in the bay area in and around the country and the weather is a big part of that as it's still hot and smoky outside here definitely is jonathan justine we're clear conditions though, and this our tower camera shot overlooking san francisco. >>and a mostly clear here are golden gate bridge shot as well. but things are going to be changing as we get into tomorrow, yes, the smoky, hazy conditions we'll be returning
8:50 pm
once again right now we're seeing mostly inland. that's where the ports air quality is for now, but again it is going to be a quite poor of the next couple of days that's why the spare the air alert has been extended until next tuesday. so just keep that in mind we're going to see some warm to hot temperatures depending on where you live around the bay area over the next couple of days and then those wind gusts are going to be a kicking in during the overnight hours especially in the north bay and that's why this red flag warning has been extended until early tomorrow morning for the north bay mountains for the class fire because we could see those gusts up to 35 miles per hour at the highest peaks and overnight we're going to see humidity levels very low once again. so yes, that red flag warning in effect until early tomorrow morning if you can stay indoors of the next couple of because the air quality is going to be por definitely do so. highs tomorrow we're going to get quite hot once again, especially inland we're going to see some 90's on the board no triple digits. so we're expecting so a few degrees. a
8:51 pm
cooler than what we saw over the last couple of days but nonetheless 90 degrees and we're expecting in concord tomorrow 89 in livermore 85 expecting in downtown san jose 72 in san francisco, 79 expected in bull a home, but big changes are on the way take a peek at my seven-day around the bay forecast we're going to those 90's and 80's throughout the middle of the week and then things are going to be a very cool as we get to from thursday into friday and saturday in fact we do have a slight chance of some rainfall for next weekend. i'll talk a little bit about that later back to you all right. >>rebecca, thank you for your local election headquarters tonight. election day now just a month away and just a few weeks california voters will head to the book palin box to decide on whether or not to restore affirmative action here in the golden state. kron 4 capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala breaks down the details proposition 60. >>voters passed prop 16 a person's race, color ethnicity
8:52 pm
or national origin can play a part in government decision-making public agencies and programs can hire or contract in schools can admit based on those characteristics they will be oversight from the state of california to ensure that people opportunities right here in california, we know that racial quotas have banned by the supreme court for over 30 years there is no way that they would be racial for 16 nearly opens up the playing field and allows for women people of color to compete for contracts for admission for promotions, but opponents say this could legalize discrimination they know prof 16 reverses an initiative from the 90's called prop 2 '09 which banned preferential treatment based on race and if the state california wants to give a little makeup to to to small businesses that just got started. >>back. that they just can't if the winners and they saw race or ethnicity california is one of 9 states that currently bans affirmative action.
8:53 pm
>>analysts say is passed proposition 16 would have no direct financial effects to local and state governments in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news as we mentioned election day just 30 days away and don't forget kron 4 is your local election. >>headquarters. >>and due to the pandemic halloween is going to be a
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
>>so while kids may be getting their halloween costumes ready. the cdc is warning about the potential risks with the typical trick or treating if that happens this year so one virginia man decided he wanted to bring sone kind of normalcy to his neighborhood and deliver candy and a new safe way this halloween. >>delaney hall shows us his halloween creation. >>for hanover resident chris minor halloween has always been a huge celebration normally my family just like the classic pumpkins on the front porch but that all changed this year amid a pandemic with some families considering no trick or treating at all. he's hoping to keep the tradition alive the candy slide. so this is a way to socially distant trick or treat. candy slide starts right here at the front steps of his porch and extends a nearly 70 feet down allowing kids to stay socially distant as the treats go right into their candy backs this year with coronavirus and everything going on we want to do something different more exciting using pvc pipe and
8:57 pm
other homemade items he says a trip to the store to get halloween decorations quickly turned into a weekend project looking around in the plumbing ow i cannot get some pvc pipe in you actually have put some legs on this thing and i can build a whole contraption to make sure the candy doesn't get contaminated he said some safety guidelines what we're going to do is get like a big bag of you know sort candy don't add into a bowl and use tong stand drop the candy down through the end of the pipe and so there's literally no touching of anything hoping bring some positivity to his neighborhood one piece of candy at a time but i'm hoping bring some excitement and some joy you know because there's so much going on right now where you know we're not seeing a whole lot of that. >>i think this will be a beacon of light. >>that was delaney hall reporting for us honestly jonathan at this point anything that works to give me some chocolate on october 31st of download just going by the bag and keep it at home. step will face if think of an hour for you haha that wraps up
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>>area's local news station. we begin now with breaking news. >>now at 9 more than a day after being admitted to the hospital for coronavirus complications tonight, president donald trump says that he's feeling better. but officials say the next 48 hours will be critical in his care. good evening. thanks so
9:01 pm
much fo


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