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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 4, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>from the bay area's local news station we begin now with breaking news. >>i understand it and a very interesting thing going to be letting you know about it. >>no one ate after 7 months of downplaying the coronavirus pandemic tonight. president trump appears to have a change of heart now saying he understands and gets it that's where we begin the sunday night here on kron 4 news, i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman thank you for joining us today, the president's physician said that the president could be discharged as early as tomorrow. >>however, the president did decide to leave for a quick trip. a little bit earlier today shortly after posting
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that video the president left walter reed hospital to salute cheering supporters from his motorcade very is wearing a mask. the president was driven by secret service agents who also wore protective gear. but now may have been potentially exposed to this disease that has swept through the white house in recent days that brief motorcade right now raising big concerns at the white house and from a number of top medical leaders alexander le mon has the latest now from washington. >>president trump's decision to leave walter reed medical center to drive around and think his supporters came as a surprise because the white house had called a lid on the president stay meaning that no additional activities were expected in fact no activities at all were expected because the president is being treated for covid-19. >>in a surprise move president donald trump left walter reed medical center to waive that supporters gathered outside
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the president announcing the drive by just minutes before on twitter i also think we're going to pay a little surprised. >>just some of the great patriots that we have out on the speak. >>the move raising a lot of questions now about the safety of those inside of the car with him immediately afterward an attending physician at walter reed slammed the decision on twitter saying the risk of transmission inside the president's suv is as high as it gets and said the irresponsibility is astounding the motorcade took president trump back to want to read when the president's medical team is hopeful, he'll only spend one more night president has continued to improve. >>our hope is that we can plan for discharges early as tomorrow to the white house where he can continue his treatment course president trump tonight thinking the doctors and nurses at walter reed which may signal, he's ready to leave the hospital soon learned a lot about covid. >>i learned by really going to school this is the real school. >>the president also saying he
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met some of the soldiers and great responders while in the hospital despite being sick with covid-19 he did not give any more details about those meetings instead promising another update soon. >>get it and i understand it and a very interesting thing going to be letting you know about it. >>following the president's motorcade ride there was a lot of concern from lawmakers democratic lawmakers on capitol hill about whether the president had exposed others to covid-19 for example secret service agents who were in the car with him the white house has now released a statement that says that everyone wore ppe that personal protective equipment and that the president's doctors cleared that motorcade ride in washington. alexander le month. >>now in addition to the antiviral treatment it was also revealed today that the president has been just prescribed a type of steroid drug that's really only recommended for people who are
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very sick. the drug is called dexamethasone and given the drug to the president is now raising some concerns because it might hamper the president's bodies ability to fight off the virus for more information on the drug dexamethasone we're now joined by doctor peter chin-hong. >>an infectious disease physician over ucsf doctor thanks so much for joining us. i pledge i and me on so what can you specifically tell us about this particular drug that was given to the president today. >>well that 2 phases of covid there phase where you make lot of virus and infectious phase and then there's the phase where the body s angry and causes a lot of inflammation now it's information that causes people to die namely. looking at studies, the main benefit for giving steroids with stomp and the inflammation is in the later
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phases of the disease typically when people are on tons of oxygen and maybe they're in the intensive care unit. so either the president is sicker than they would need to let on meeting that he's mainly on oxygen except for when he went on the motorcade or he's getting what i think off as the ip syndrome that is you really want somebody to get really well like a celebrity or somebody you want to get better any use things out of sequence. >>so as i read the you get this drug if you're really sick. but if you're really sick can you get into a suv wear a mask and take a quick trip out of your hospital bed, i'm confused. >>well, yeah, i'm confused. i think we're all you know regardless it's very atypical either because if you're not on oxygen like you said. i like the reporter said early on it can actually cause harm steroids also dampen the
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immune in the beginning of the infection. you want to have you even sells kind of activated to help fight the infection in the later phase when there's a lot of information you want to have a drug that down see information now president trump is really kind of in the early phase. still i think you know he was on that based on tuesday. he was on the campaign trail the only resigned to get symptoms on thursday as we know it. so it's relatively early on so it's kind of our a typical time to use stories really. >>doctor we've been hearing we heard from a doctor conley the president's personal physician earlier today saying that he is improving in that. there is the possibility that he could indeed be discharged tomorrow. with so much confusion in so many mixed signals and messages about his progression right now do you think that is a realistic possibility. >>if you will my patient i would not discharge him, but then again the white house is
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equipped with more medical facilities we would normally have in homes. so nevertheless the hospital gives you monitoring you need blood drawn if you're on remdesevir to check your liver and kidneys. you need to have a team of people not just a personal physician, or. homeowners you really need talking about serious disease here and he's the leader of our country so if i were him and see what my patient i would not encourage to leave so. >>so let's say he is a discharge tomorrow as they're saying that could be possible. what does the next week next 14 days, look like for the president as he recovers. >>so and covid it's a really scary disease because people could be trucking along for 7 to 10 days kind of like the president. either they get better. well they might be call fall off the cliff face and the require a lot of
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oxygen around a 7 to 10. they need to go to the intensive care to get a briefing too. and then comes the long process of recovery. >>when you consider the white i just someone on the outside looking in i don't know if it would be smart to have them go back there because wooden the white house right now be considered a hot spot considering so many other cases have now popped up as a result. what folks are saying was the ceremony for amy coney barrett last week without be wise for him to go back to the white house considering the fact that a lot of folks have developed tested positive for coronavirus as a result of that particular incident. >>that's a great if president trump had recovered and went back into setting where there was a lot of virus particles floating around. he could put actually get re in fact that they've been you know a couple reports around the world love that it's rather relatively rare. but i'm walkin send it. you know about him going into
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place and potentially infecting a lot of people like the potentially infected. you know the secret service in the indoor car that's bulletproof and chemical weapons for of. even though people wearing masks if you notice the secret service are wearing the wrong kind somewhere in the mice with the one wave all so even though it might filter air coming in whenever they expel air it's actually could be full of virus particles depending on who is in the these in consistencies make me a little bit nervous about him going to the white house the primary reason there is really for us how you know again if you were my patient, if you my grandmother, my relative, i wouldn't want him to go. >>so there's also some conflicting information about whether or not the president was receiving oxygen and the numbers of his oxygen level range from like 9896 93. 93 in some terms is that bad i don't
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know enough about oxygen levels to know if that would be good or not and then why does it matter whether or not he was receiving oxygen. >>that's a great question just seen so that aspect about needing oxygen is a really critical for covid-19 teen really draws a line between somebody might recover at home and somebody who really needs to go the hospital. turning point of oxygen means a few things it means that we can we should intensify therapy. the person may actually you do worse politically somebody use older. has risk factors. i need more monitoring and observation. so debate about his oxygen level is our critical points so in terms normal. it's like 98% normal. it's like when so and like 93 is kind of like i'll be very nervous about probably put them on oxygen actually to tell you truth i probably
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wouldn't like take on and off oxygen leave them on. you until he can convince me that he doesn't need it when you walk around you might also dropped the oxygen levels. so this idea of putting on and off the auction is kind of a thing itself and you wonder how much that might have to do it updates. >>we were able finally get some answers from doctor conley earlier today, one of the things that he was able to clarify justine talked a little bit about it was the fact that he did receive oxygen in kind of those early. first 2 days about what do you what do you say about the kind of a mixed messaging we are getting from his doctors and from the white house on the president's condition to wear. one really not getting a whole lot of information does that signal something else. >>yes, i mean i think it's concerning of course as a narrative that you might want to project if you're are running in an election coming up very soon which is a narrative of someone who can be defeated. but again i
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really would encourage everyone get it. trump were my patient, i would say you know don't worry about all that stuff you should worry about your health more i think its messaging is really about knowing how much is too much information to worry that population because it may also mean that somebody would have to step in if he seems like he's not in control. so you know that's from the the you know the basic reason not giving information on giving mixed information this released. what is extreme looks like that's a very basic component. any patient presentation and again with oxygen levels and x-ray that's the critical. the most important information you'd want to know lot of covid. doctor peter, chin-hong with ucsf thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news. >>tonight we have so many questions and we appreciate you being able to answer them. isis than jonathan. >>thank you doctor, meanwhile, we first brought you the update on president trump's
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condition this morning on the kron 4 mobile app make sure you download the app right now on your phone's app store to get the latest breaking news here in the bay area and beyond right at your fingertips. >>it's not our wildfire coverage of these deadly wildfires in california have burned more than 4 million acres this year, a new record for the most acres burned in a single year. the last record was set 2 years ago when wildfires burned close to 2 million acres. most of the damage this year happened last month when lightning strike sparked wildfires across the state including here in the bay area and to date wildfires in the state have destroyed hundreds of homes and killed 31 people meanwhile, here's the very latest on the glass fire burning in napa and sonoma counties this blaze has burned through more than 65. >>1000 acres tonight more than 2500 firefighters are on the front lines of the fire. more than 26% of it is now contained. the fire has destroyed hundreds of homes and more than 21,000 other
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structures remain threatened tonight. meanwhile folks in the city of calloused cold calistoga now being allowed to go back home after sonoma county officials lifted an evacuation order earlier today that evacuation order has been downgraded to a warning kron four's dan thorn is live for us in calistoga tonight, he joins us after talking to people who are. >>able to head back home good evening. dan. >>well justin johnson jonathan this was definitely welcoming news here in the napa valley. firefighters with some help from low winds were able to keep the flames from tearing through downtown calistoga residents today thankful to find that it has been untouched however the fire fight continues in the hills to the east. >>rose of cars making their way through downtown calistoga people are returning home after waiting through days of threats from the glass fire, i'm happy to bring in tears time so at the art out is still here and i thank all the firefighters and first responders for saving our town
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once again. sandra katie has been away from her home for almost a week. she wasn't alone in expressing her gratitude to the first responders a lot of resources get sick fire did an amazing job, our own folks that mazin job. fire crews were making some progress sunday as skies were clear. helicopters and planes making water drops in the hills east of calistoga less than a mile from downtown burned businesses and homes line the silverado trail residents are grateful. the fire did not breach city limits great to be home even though it's a little smoky but. calistoga strong that's what we are we'll be back the downgrade from an evacuation order warning allows people to return home but at their own risk calistoga mayor chris canning understands his residents are eager to get back what this community has proven time and time again is that the resilient they can handle it. >>they've got themselves together. there to function we can't wait to get him off.
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>>again the mayor telling us tonight that residents are able to go back home but he is not expecting this downtown area that includes supermarkets and some of the other hardware stores or what not to be open within the next day or so right now the concern for firefighters is the fire threatening communities that are farther up highway 29 as we get closer to lake county reporting live in calistoga dan thorn kron 4 news site really for those folks tonight. dan thank you there's more coverage of the glass fire right now at kron 4 dot com. >>there you can find the very latest evacuation orders and warnings for both napa and sonoma counties locations of evacuation centers and maps detailing the burn zones. it's all there at your fingertips right now kron 4 dot com. >>as a orders are lifted in some areas burned by the glass fire the rebuilding process is about to begin so coming up we'll find out what resources are available. a new local assistance center that's opening up tomorrow and it's
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not just homes destroyed in the glass fire wineries are also going up in flames still to come tonight. >>a list of wineries now reporting damage still to come. >>and i'm tracking look at this sunday evening marine layer that starting to push through parts of the bay area going to give us a down into early tomorrow morning the winds are dying down a stir the air alert don't tuesday and rain on the way lots happening in the weather
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>>happening tomorrow people in sonoma county who are affected by the glass fire will have access to recovery resources and services at a local assistance center. the center will open up at mario creal high school in santa rosa ca forced to second getting chance to talk with the mayor santa rosa along with sonoma county leaders. >>about the help now on the way to fit gyms. >>in a week since the glass fire started in 20 napa and sonoma counties in just 7 days that destroyed hundreds of homes and displaced many families starting monday sonoma county in the city of santa rosa are offering services to get people back on their feet. >>and start the rebuilding process right now and we're currently at the location of our local assistance center. >>where they will be city county state resources will be here also have some nonprofits but for those that have maybe lost documents whether be a
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driver's license how to find out in information about insurance that will all be here. mayor of santa rosa tom sled home says the resource center will also have information specific to city residents for instance, we still have a resilient city ordinance for the tubbs fire and that has really helped fast track a lot of those buildings so we are currently trying to figure out how can we now apply that to this new class fire burn area, the local resource center will open on monday at maria creel high school in santa rosa from 01:00pm to 07:00pm and tuesday through saturday 10:00am to while will help replace important documents and provide information from building. >>no money or gift cards will be available as of now the fire isn't considered a federal emergency so agencies like fema will be providing assistance money. >>but sonoma county supervisor susan gorin hopes that will change not sure whether this the glass fire will qualify and will make that its monetary threshold. >>on damages. but between the
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county and sonoma county we're finding that the fire has been pretty devastating and so i'm hopeful that our evacuees and certainly the folks who lost homes or have damage to their homes could qualify for that fema assistance. >>for those anxious to see the damage to their homes but the supervisor in mayor ask that you wait to return until it's safe to do so when there's no longer a mandatory evacuation in your area. >>this local assistance center will be set up through saturday october 10th as for the folks that are now able to repopulate a separate services center has been set up at sequoyah elementary school at that center you can get goggles gloves and a safety suit to go to the damage in santa rosa taylor kron 4 news. >>the glass fire is also destroying multiple businesses at least 14 wineries have suffered some damage due to the fire, here's a list now the wineries that we know as of right now that have suffered damage. they include barons family winery calistoga ranch the fair winds estate
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winery and the castillo de amorosa the famous castle about winery was not destroyed but the building the house the wine did burn down. the owner, there says millions of dollars of wine has been destroyed we're always updating this list on our website kron 4 dot com. >>take a live look outside lena at the fire the glass fire that is still continuing to burn tonight courtesy of one of the wildfire cameras you just see that. that light that's in that screen just once again that fire continuing to burn we now know it is burned through more than 64,000 acres and fire crews still on the front lines trying to get a handle on containing it yes still so much smoke pouring into the sky from that fire, let's find out what the fire. >>fighting conditions look like with our meteorologist rebecca strom good evening evening. justine jonathan definitely getting better as far as the conditions. >>surrounding the glass fire because the wind speeds definitely dying down that we
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saw through the afternoon today into tonight versus what we the last couple of days there was that red flag warning that expired at 6 o'clock this morning. so just a light breezy conditions across much of our north zone and other parts along the bay area like the east bay hills and parts of our south bay's on like in san jose, so definitely better news there humidity like are a lot higher also than what we saw over the last couple of days and we like to see this as well look at this hour marine layer definitely deepening starting to crawl through the entire bay area this is a live shot of downtown san francisco right now from our sutro tower camera and we're going to see this marine layer continue to push through most of the bay area. and that's going to be good because it's going to help cool things down you can see future cast for here that it's going to continue to push through during the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning helping keeping those temperatures and the humidity levels, good and then it's going to start to push back as we get later afternoon tomorrow temperatures outside
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right now the really comfortable if you like the 60's even some 70's still on the board 63 right now in hayward 64 in fremont 64 also in palawan to 67 degrees currently in downtown san jose san francisco you're at 5777 in concord a little bit warmer there little bit more mild 66 in valais her right now, nevada you're currently a 57 degrees. this is also what we want to see we haven't seen in a long time, but the possibility of some rain our future cast for showing that we're tracking this storm system coming out of the pacific northwest and we could be seeing some rain drops across the bay area. later this week and into the weekend that will definitely help firefighters try to get a handle on this fire. so you want to bust out the umbrellas we haven't had those in a while either so just keep that in mind. however, temperatures tomorrow afternoon are going to be hot in some areas, especially inland. i'll have all those details coming up a little bit later justine. thank you so much for go to santa cruz now where there's an outline map that's been set up to help people who are affected by the czu lightning
8:26 pm
complex fires. >>the online tool allows people to track their removal of debris and household hazardous waste. cleaning up debris and waste is the first phase of restoring the 86,000 acre burn area in order for it to be repopulated its we've posted a link to this online tool on our website kron 4 dot com as well as other tools that you can use to figure out how and when you'll be able to be felt. >>much more than what's more news still to come here tonight on kron 4 news in at 8 o'clock the hashtag proud boys trending today with images of pride and love the goal of the lgbtq community is trying
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>>and you see barclays student from north carolina up reportedly has vanished in san francisco 19 year old city west and the living in the area since late august but has not been in contact with family or friends. since the end of september according to the orange county sheriff's office. her last known location was downtown san francisco right near crissy field. authorities say west is likely wearing dark shorts, slip-on vans and her hair in ponytail sort of like scene there. anyone with information is asked to call authorities. and after president trump failed to denounce white supremacy during the first presidential debate last week the hashtag proud boys is trending again on twitter
8:30 pm
today though lgbtq members flooding twitter with pride images using the hashtag. >>the idea making it tough to find any post about white supremacy. the celebrities like george to kai and bobby berk taking to twitter today in order to show their support. speaker nancy pelosi now criticizing the lack of transparency when it comes to. >>president trump's diagnosis. what she's saying that the american people need to know when it at your mri.
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>>i learned a lot about covid i learned by really going to school this is the real school. >>after months of downplaying the pandemic president to come. trump declared. i get it in a message. the nation's shortly before leaving the hospital to salute cheering supporters from his motorcade. this comes as the president's physician says that his condition is improving and that he could be back at the white house as soon as tomorrow. however, many are still criticizing the navy commander doctor sean conley for not disclosing how much supplemental oxygen that the president has been getting since contracting coronavirus earlier this week. >>i try to the upbeat attitude that the. the president has course of illness has had. they didn't want to any information that steer the
8:34 pm
course of illness in another direction. >>one of the drugs that the president has been prescribed as a steroid called dexamethasone which is only recommended for people who are really sick. so this is raising concerns about whether the treatment choice might hamper the ability of the president's body to fight off the virus. while a number of top democrats, including house speaker nancy pelosi. >>now criticizing the lack of transparency when it comes to the president's treatment and condition. we need to have trust we have to trust what they're telling us about the president's. >>the condition is real. we have to have confidence in the judgment of the doctors who treating him i think this can be unifying moment. the for our country we all pray for the president his family. we all know that we have to do more to prevent this to this virus. >>meanwhile is more republican members of congress test positive for covid-19 democrats say they want to
8:35 pm
delay confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee amy coney barrett, those hearings are set to begin a week from tomorrow. >>u.s. attorney general william barr says that he will self quarantine out of caution after president donald trump and several other top lawmakers and aides have tested positive for coronavirus a justice department spokesperson says bar has had for covid test since friday all come back negative bars expected though to quarantine for several days meanwhile, president trump inching to get back out onto the campaign trail and even plans to attend the second presidential debate. >>if doctors clear him to travel. meanwhile, his opponent, joe biden says he does not want to attack the president after contracting the virus. today the biden camp said the democratic presidential nominee himself tested negative for the virus. during a virtual town hall yesterday. biden calling on all americans to wear a mask. here's what i'll do as president. number one. call on every single american to wear
8:36 pm
a mask when around other people outside their house holes. >>if i can say something here they this is not about freedom. it's about patriotism. you wear a mask to protect the person next to you. >>right now it's unclear at this time if president trump will issue a mandate to wear a mask after contracting the virus. white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany telling fox news. the president is very hopeful about getting back on the campaign trail when doctors give him the green light. the next presidential debate is set for october 15th. >>and just a reminder we are now 30 days until the election day and kron 4 is your local election headquarters. social distancing circles and hartson parks are. >>as you can and hopefully going to take a look at temperatures right now guys as we get into tomorrow things are going to be warm to even hot in some spots but nice and cool though uncomfortable along our coastal areas like half moon bay we're going to be the low 70's. also in san
8:37 pm
francisco we're going to see 80's and low 90's pretty much everywhere else, especially inland. that's we're going to see some of those low 90's on the board livermore 90 91 for conquered, but then big changes in the weather department i'm tracking a cool down as we get towards the end of next week and the possibility of some rain. those details just ahead justine. >>thank you so much and social distancing circles and common in parks during the age of covid but one artist is trying to make them more appealing. how she's turning one san francisco grass area into
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>>all right so if you've been to any san francisco city parks, lately you've likely noticed some circles spray painted in the grass, just so everyone can keep their all enjoy the parks, but one is using her talent to make those circles a little bit more creative. >>these colorful circles are located in the year when gardens the circles were created by a local artist tosh just image and she says that the gardens reached out to her to make sure the space was we're fun while also being covid safe. she says. whole idea was to re imagine the space that was left vacant by the pandemic and she loves this idea. >>and feel like you know even though times are like really really a little bit more difficult and i think a lot of people are he's to including myself. i think it's also really great opportunity not
8:41 pm
only to democratize art space is unlike to allow people who may not have the luxury of having that extra money to pay to go to a museum to re imagine spaces that have no laws and have no doors into put are in those spaces that people can also engage with and not just like you know go and look at or have to have money to look at lake. for me personally as an artist has them in a time of just re imagining and feel like that's what artists do. >>it's pretty cool. i do their talisha says that she hopes that her art circles bring hope to folks during these difficult times the yerba buena gardens located right across the street from the san francisco museum of modern art, which also reopened today to guest. pretty cool there all right so that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock sports night live is next and. >>jason dumas is in the newsroom with a preview, even though the foreigner diners they played pretty tough tonight. jason. >>yeah guys such shocker in the nfl tonight, the forty-niners they fall to the eagles, 25 to 20. no one pick
8:42 pm
that outcome the game just ended not too long ago. you see dollars probably to play of the night right there 49 ers brandon i you but we'll break this game down. and then some tonight on sports night live. another shocker in nfl, the niners go down to the
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8:44 pm
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>>welcome to sports night live on paper this looked like an easy win for the niners nick mullens came into tonight's game red hot and the niners were winners of 2 in a row meanwhile, the eagles were winless in their starting quarterback carson wentz was playing the worst football of his career, but the game isn't played on paper and there's a reason for that out to levi stadium. we go niners take the field, i feel like is it to come attic to do this without fans. the 1st quarter eagles found a groove early in this game carson wentz finishes off a drive with a quarterback sneak in the eagles go for 2 and they covered and it's 8 nothing early but the niners day answer and this may end up being the play of the year for the niners, brandon aiyuk gets the end around and shows off at speed and apparently he's also a hurdle. what a play what happened lettuce is 38 yard touchdown run for the rookie look ahead just clear that evil offender. that takes some serious serious talent. all right the 2nd quarter.
8:46 pm
this was a night for all and he drops back and he is picked off by eagles safety rodney mcleod mcleod returned it 21 yards and that was just the beginning of the issues for nick mullens will see more of issues go to the 3rd quarter now niners offense kind of found a in find george kittle he goes up like a ballerina to cash in on the very next play mullen finds tunnel in the end zone, this time, it's 14 a forty-niners you know things are looking like they're turning around for san francisco, but. >>4th quarter. moment, he gets and evil cover that's millie jackson. they're to jump on it, nick mullens sick to his stomach. look at them there. one finish the eagles, they make niners pay carson wentz finds travis fulgham. >>42 yard pitching catch he just got caught up from the practice squad carson wentz. >>with a big time making people remember he had placed
8:47 pm
next drive moments. i don't know who he was going to right there. the eagles return it for a touchdown. actually we got in the game's 2514 here comes in beth there. they keep the run there get mackinnon. and they get closer they will go for 2 they were in get it last chance here that 3rd goes deep. >>and that ball elbows in the air for while you're supposed to bat it down. eagles don't make the play 39 is don't make the playoffs, sorry and a 3rd and forty-niners they go on to lose 2520 carson wentz rejoice could rejoice is in victory. the eagles now lead their division at 1, 2, one the niners fall the 2, 2, so shocking loss in later tonight we'll have from the niners. the raiders are much improved this season, but this
8:48 pm
certainly is the toughest stretch of their schedule patriots last week bill this week with the bucks to follow. brutal schedule, right they're hard to see a win in the next couple weeks. we've had out to allegiance stadium. what a beautiful stadium that is i can't wait to see it in person with fans there is going to be a great atmosphere let's jump to the 2nd quarter bills already up 73 josh allen guy have started the season off all fire here he hits colby easily in the end zone for the touchdown. the raiders they come back they've been great at the end of the 1st half all season derek carr finds jason witten for the jason witten's like 50 year-olds i don't know how he's still playing good for him. a 2nd half the raiders couldn't take care of the ball carr finds darren waller but check out the play by josh norman he pokes out the football. and he's going to get the recovery great play there like a son norman job and the turnover sets up this
8:49 pm
play right here devin singletary gets the carry he finds the end zone. >>get 55 yards on the ground for the bills. and then pouring it on at this point but cech here's another one of those turnovers. i was telling all about cars. he sacked, the ball stripped, not only builds recover, you can't win football games. if you peek repeatedly are giving the ball away time after time again it's 30 to 16 now late in the game the raiders going garbage touchdown here. carr finds nelson aguilar car at 311 yards and 2 tds but like i said some of those turnovers huge. one last effort for the raiders but the on-side kick fails in the bills hang on to win the raiders have now lost 2 in a row after starting the season with 2 wins they fall 30 to 23. >>let's hear from carr and gruden after the loss. >>we've got to get turnovers from our defense that's that's a big story here also. >>we're not getting any turnovers. i think we've got one all season may be too. guy made a great play. waller our
8:50 pm
plan shorthanded upfront obvious pass a situation there got stripped. credit buffalo, they got a good defense. i'm sick losing levi i'm sick of. working as hard as is as i do and as we do. and going out there and and losing i mean it's it's it's sox enough is enough you know i think that's my message anybody's played tougher schedule in us telling >>you know we play monday night against the saints across the country on a short week against patriots and the buffalo bills are undefeated a playoff team and we're not going to get any sympathy next week either go on arrowhead so this is a great opportunity for us to continue to get better and look at our young players and i'm proud of them. >>all righty the a's begin their american league division championship series tomorrow in los angeles, waiting for them will be a familiar opponent their division rival, the houston astro's these 2 teams have a lot of history and a lot of drama remember
8:51 pm
just in august. there was a bases. clearing flight between the 2 clubs but on the field typically the astros have own aides but this season, oakland took 7 of 10 from them. chris bassitt will get the nod in game, one manager bob melvin was asked today in winning the series season series against the astros give the a's extra confidence against the 2017 world champions. >>they are a very difficult team to play which you know obviously minnesota found out in a hurry to and a very experienced playoff team. so i think more than anything it just gave us a little bit more conference during the season that we finally took a series from season series from i'm not trying to be like by pressure doesn't really get to when it comes to the game in atmosphere and all that stuff i mean i just i love my teammates and my teammates are confident in me and i'm confident myself and i know. how good our defense is behind me how fingers or so it's it's it's kind of easy to relax.
8:52 pm
>>this is going to be a fun series can't wait, here's the schedule for the best of 5 series all games will be in dodger stadium down in los angeles and no days off game one through 3 tomorrow tuesday and wednesday all early afternoon start game, 4, 5 if necessary or thursday and friday. >>and don't go anywhere be right back after the break coming up a huge performance from jimmy butler in game 3 of the nba finals you won't want to miss. >>what down in orlando, but and cuts.
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>>going into game 3 of the nba finals, the miami heat really had their backs up against the wall down 2 games to nothing against the lakers who have looked to ban in cruise control and to make matters worse 2 of their best players out due to injury but everyone learned once again, you don't count out jimmy butler. jimmy buckets as they call him turned in perhaps the best game of his career not just to play off of his career 4th quarter butler working the post is over powers kentavious caldwell-pope for the bucket heat up 8 with 3.48 left to play. now one 13 left butler working the pick enroll he banks in the runner. jimmy had a triple double 40 points 11 rebounds, 13 assists just the 3rd player ever with a 40 point triple double in the nba finals heat win one 15 one
8:56 pm
'04. the lakers lead the series 2 games to one but remember back in the early 2001 he won the finals against the mavericks. they were down 2 games to nothing start that series 2 so who knows game 4 is tuesday night 44 already the lexus play of the week. brown's cowboys in texas. whatever the cowboys lose is a great tell beckham junior with a 37 yard touchdown first td of landry's career and then later in the game. know with a touchdown run now. he was not done. he gets by alton smith and weaves his way 50 yards for the score 3 touchdowns for back on on the game. cowboys quarterback dak prescott 4 through to 500 yard, but guess what law doesn't matter 50 are touched the grounds when in a shootout 49 to 38 and that is
8:57 pm
your lecture us know play of the week are common late, but its. that wraps up sports night live. later on in tonight, we will have some sound from the forty-niners last we'll hear from kyle shanahan and above the pricing loss, 49 ers but hey that's why you play the game. kron 4 news at after the break.
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>>area's local news station. we begin now with breaking news. >>now at 9 after 7 months of downplaying the coronavirus pandemic tonight, president trump appears to have a change of heart now saying he understands and he gets it. good evening. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 9 i'm justine waltman i'm jonathan mccall today, the president's doctors said he could be discharged from walter reed medical center as early as tomorrow. >>however, the president decided to make an early exit for a quick trip outside take a look at this shortly after posting video of him having a change of he


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