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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  October 7, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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afternoon even after marine layer does burn off far as their quality goes not perfect but not as bad as last week was we're in moderate yet again across the bay and yet another spare the air alert in effect right now temperatures are in the 50's with alameda 56 oakland and san jose chip 59. concord livermore in the mid 50's as well with a few 40's sprinkle then up in the north bay later today, you'll notice just how much cooler those daytime highs are inland. i mean we're only peaking in the low 80's for most of our inland areas, 60's and 70's closer to the bay in coast. robin. >>it's pretty busy out there for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. both bridges recovering from earlier issues crashes and stalls and you know that doesn't help even though both issues were pretty minor. it just doesn't take much to add to the backup so we're starting with the bay bridge 80 west are crashes on the eastern span. it's out of your way but look at what it's doing to your commute coming in stacked up at the toll plaza backed up beyond the ad overcrossing now it's right
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through the bottom of the maze and it's spilling over to 5.80 west when you make it into san francisco. other some heavy traffic on the northbound central freeway as well the whole stretch of the northbound central is packed, here's 92. it's had its share of problems this morning we had 2 drivers that struck a deer at the high rise that was followed by a stall and this is what's left lots of heavy traffic leaving hayward you're up to 34 minutes now the highest it's been all morning from the nimitz to the bayshore checking traffic tracker no other hot spots but an increasing drive time for highway 4. it's up to 21 minutes now antioch to concord but one oh one looks good very quiet from san jose to menlo park back to you. all right, thank you robin. >>well happening today, thousands of nurses will be on strike in alameda county as they demand better protection against covid-19 the strike is at 3 east bay hospitals and kron four's reyna harvey is monitoring at live in san leandro with a look at how this is afeecting patients.
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>>yeah, good morning, you know these are our front-line workers and you see the strike has started behind me there are thousands first responders nurses, people that work within the e r they're going to be out here on scene throughout the day here and what they're saying is they don't feel adequately supported by the hospital there when it comes to proper equipment catering to some of these patients who are battling they also say that they're short-staffed and there's a number of different patient safety things that they want in place to help keep the nurses and the different people that work in the hospital say flight housekeepers to disinfect facilities from coronavirus and nurse educators to teach workers. how to keep patients safe. we know here in san leandro hospital as well as oakland's highland hospital. >>fairmont john's or a psychiatric pavilion and at eastman in hayward and newark clinics, they're also going to be out there on the front
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lines that we were able to top. >>to some of the first responders that are here today and here's what they had to say about what they're asking for take a listen in regards to pp e it took a really long time for them to get the act together in the beginning of coronavirus for about 3 months we are scrambling to get packers air. >>campers we still have that issue sometimes in the operating room for people who are not fitted n 95 masks. it's a struggle, you're calling here there everywhere there should be some provided to every department to make sure every employee is safe or demand is for the county to take over the operations of managing alameda health systems because we have been mismanaged and underfunded for a way to >>you can hear many of the first responders out here on the front line who are demanding that contract again we're going to be following the situation as it continues to develop it will be out here
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and we'll bring you more soon as that becomes available for now reporting on here in san leandro reyna harvey kron 4 thank you reena. >>so one of our big stories today as fact that president trump abruptly ended coronavirus relief talks yesterday that would have put money into the hands of small businesses the desperately needed to house speaker nancy pelosi is pledging a deal could still be made without the president's approval, washington correspondent anna werner key has the latest. >>president donald trump is calling on congress to pass a covid-19 relief bill hours after calling off negotiations until after the election we will have the sooners down and he won't win the election house speaker nancy pelosi said tuesday in a conversation with the nonprofit 92nd street and why that she's been working with treasury secretary steven mnuchin to come up with a deal since july. the president said on twitter late tuesday that he's ready to sign a standalone bill for $1200 direct payment
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checks. but pelosi says that's just a fraction of the 2 trillion dollar package and democrats are asking for vote on the pact. >>workers need to do for america's working families, the democrats in the house just simply didn't want to negotiate on just the covid issues but missouri republican senator roy blunt says democrats are to blame for the inaction they have added so much to the package. we're so intent on getting to a number rather than solving a problem democratic presidential nominee, joe biden said in a campaign speech in gettysburg that congress should pass a second stimulus bill immediately 210,000 americans. >>could lose their lives by the end of the year. >>enough president trump has been sidelined from the campaign trail while he remains under quarantine isolated in the white house residence in washington, i'm anna warren, a key. >>well happening tonight of course we have the vice presidential debate the one and only one that will be held
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between senator kamala harris and vice president mike pence but tonight's debate will look a little different of course in the wake of president trump's confirmed covid-19 illness, some of the changes include putting a plexiglas between pence and harris. we have chip yost with more on what else we can expect tonight. >>hello there due to recent events and the respective ages of donald trump and joe biden some are calling this the most important vice presidential debate in history, the university of utah has been planning for this debate for nearly a year in now the days here, here's what the debate stage will look like. >>president first with stand-ins acting as the candidates, the finishing touches were being put on the debate stage where senator kamala harris and vice president mike pence will square off wednesday night the debate will be held at the university of utah's kingsbury hall unlike the fiery presidential debate last week the vice presidential candidates will be seated.
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they'll be space just more than 12 feet apart due to covid related safety missions many expected viewership topbe huge especially given the questions raised following president trump's recent hospitalization with covid-19 this is probably the most important vice presidential debate that happened in our lifetimes. >>i mean because up be good a job to presidential candidates. so i think you're going to have a lot of voters tuning in under this sort of muck all question in up what might we get no matter which one of these guys >>for harris part of that could mean pushing back against the most liberal senator in washington label she was once given in 4 pence it could mean defending his work on the president's coronavirus task force. one of the specific topics will be chosen by the moderator usa, today's washington bureau chief susan page and in another sign of the times will
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the candidates will not be wearing masks. there will be plexiglass barriers set up between them in salt lake city on chip yost reporting. >>well again, the vice presidential debate begins at 6 o'clock tonight you can watch it right here on kron 4 will have it live for you and then immediately following it we're going to have live reaction in an in-depth analysis with kron four's catherine heenan she's the host of inside bay area politics. we'll have a roundtable of analysts and will be picking apart. what we see play out tonight. >>now let's talk wildfires the glass fire burning in the north bay has scored 67,000 plus acres. we have numbers on containment this morning at 58% so has gone up a little bit. 600 homes and other structures have been burned down and they're still more than 20,000 in harm's way. napa valley wineries some of the hardest hit by the fire 17 have burned out yeah in fact we've got more on the story now from kron four's will tran he's up in napa county with a
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look. >>at some of the destruction this morning well. >>look right behind me james and area this is brehmer a family winery and as you can see the fire raced through this area and has scorched some of the vineyards good news though it looks like predominantly this location has been saved including the buildings, it's still smoldering even though it went through here more than a week ago. they say that the vineyards a very resilient, but unfortunately, not just at this location, but throughout all the wineries in napa county they all took on some form of smoke some worse than others but the grapes a lot of times might not be able to be salvaged unfortunately for that and that's why they're thinking about maybe turning wine into brandi let me show you some video of another winery just right down the road in calistoga now when this fire ripped through the area people were told evacuate, they didn't care if you are winery and yet
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millions of dollars get our lives are on the line so they all raced out at that haven't winery in calistoga fortunately for them or unfortunately how nerve wracking is it to go to another location and watch the fired dick closer and closer through surveillance video to your winery. they did. a guy gets some sort of damage but it looks like they will be okay. >>by some incredible miracle. they save our winery. >>there's really no words from a still are winery is a 100 year old redwood barn. it's tinderbox and he. >>the fact saved it is is is beyond my heart is just my heart is beating fast now telling you this story they saved it. >>they saved her winery they saved this winery and often
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times what happened was the workers they put down their equipment they picked up the hoses and they started fighting as best as they possibly could until the firefighters arrived, you can see what it did to this land you're down the road the burgess winery unfortunately that winery went up in flames, the restaurant at meadowood that also went up in flames and that is famous. among celebrities. we don't know the full extent just yet newest face it's in the millions of dollars we don't know the full extent of the damage or destruction until that people are allowed to return. >>i can tell you in many parts of saint helene and calistoga still under lockdown because it's simply too dangerous for people to return not to mention they want pg and e crews all the room that they need to restore infrastructure. back to you. >>thanks allow well. time now is 8.11 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news early voting has begun in numerous locations across the bay area,
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including in contra costa county we'll tell you how election officials there are ensuring your vote is secure dumb. >>and outside today skies will eventually clear out offering up sunshine and for a lot some 60's and 70's big cool down from where we have this i've got the rest your forecast ahead, and still lots of crowding on the san mateo bridge westbound 92 is packed we've got a number of problems on west's 92 this morning, you're just under 40 minutes from the east bay to the peninsula wi
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>>14 right now and let's see how the day is shaping up on a wednesday, good morning pretty good guys we are looking at some great conditions to start but. >>hey not all that bad we are in for a cooler day in part due to that gray that's pushing across the bay area timber on right here not the brightest just yet cold front to our north and some tropical moisture to our south now these 2 factors have been combining over the past couple of weeks to make it look like we could see some rainfall in the future and it will happen for areas of the pacific northwest, but that chance of rainfall back here at home really starting to diminish especially on friday. rainfall looking less and less likely as models come through showing a good chance of rain for the pacific northwest, but bay area stepping back off the gas pedal little bit for rain chances to start the weekend. now saturday. we do see our better chance of rainfall for the weekend ahead, especially mendocino county northward on
8:16 am
up into the pacific northwest, north bay areas like sonoma county in the vicinity, the glass fire could see some light showers and that's actually ideal got a fresh burn scar up there still some fire activity in crews still need access to some of those burned areas so the last thing you need is a washout just a little sprinkle some light rainfall to help at least to alleviate some of that fire threat of north temperatures today, cooler as i mentioned part of that is due to the deep in marine layer which is going to stay put little bit longer today going to take a while for this great a burn off today and that means once we do see sunshine temperatures will be moderated enough that will be welcomed by some pretty cool temperatures. 60's and 70's for bayside areas while at our warmest only the 80's livermore at 80 degrees dublin. pleasanton in the upper 70's. well, oakland at 67. concord up through vacaville fairfield antioch in pittsburgh, all either low to mid 80's today. temperatures towards the coast as you would expect on a foggy day like today. a little bit cooler
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with 50's in point rays. tomorrow's temperatures will be even cooler yet as cooler air from the pacific northwest. i showed you just a second ago begins to push on into the region temperatures stay in the 70's that are warm us through the upcoming weekend. friday's chances of rainfall i mentioned diminishing saturday, we're still holding on to that chance of showers especially in the north bay. robin all right, thank you john we're heading back to the san mateo bridge because we need to check in on 92, it's been tough this morning after a couple of crashes and a stall. >>and looking at this live shot, it's still quite slow on the hayward side this is just west of the toll plaza. you see how just comes to a crawl on the flat section it's going to stay like that up and over the high rise as we enter foster city and right after the high rise is when traffic starts to pick up so you're averaging about 34 minutes, it's low enough to get out there early for that trip to the peninsula because you don't want to be late here at the bay bridge recovering from a crash was on the eastern span before treasure island.
8:18 am
and it just actually never recovered so it's backed up all the way through the bottom of so heading into san francisco this morning get out there early because it is packed but it does clear up west of treasure island, so it's not this bad all the way across here at the richmond sandra fell this is nice. we got some early clearing to the north bay 8 minutes and trouble free off to one oh one and traffic tracker just showing some freeways and drive times not bad at all check out 2 8011 minutes from san jose to cupertino back to you. >>and the buzz it's happening covid is spreading in the nfl gruden better keep that mask up because it's finally reached the raiders defensive tackle maurice hurst is the first man down you may think that's not a big deal but he played 35 snaps against the bill so now they have to watch it. and who else on the raiders has been around him meantime the raiders are continuing to watch derek carr and 9 other players who got
8:19 am
too close for covid at that fundraiser and the patriots have another case cornerback stephon gilmore somehow caught it even after the great lakes. the team went to to keep anybody who bit around cam newton separate flying 2 planes to monday's game in kansas city and now the probably freaking out because look at how close gilmore got to patrick mahomes gilmore played every defensive snap. in monday's game. just as the titans once covid gets role and they just had 2 more players. test positive that makes 22 people with that club in just a week. yes, there's a chance but going to be easy for the a's since they dug themselves to haul in the american league division series and the astros did even cheat at least i did hear anything in trash cans game 2 started out just like game one promising. >>with a chris davis home run but then george stringer got
8:20 am
the in the astro's wind up on top 5 to 2. after the game bob melvin audition for the musical annie puts the astros on top. >>and then worry about the next day after that. so we put all our efforts in tomorrow. and just think about tomorrow anything further than that really is kind of a distraction so. you know we have to do is win a game. >>tomorrow tomorrow what you gotta do more than that more than one gave the a's have to win the next 3 or they're done game 3 is today at 1235. >>who cares about the boys in the bubble when the girls have a champion in the white ball. the seattle storm are celebrating their 4th. w nba title. they swept the las vegas aces with a dominant 90 to 59 win brianna taylor. winds and vp with an amazing comeback from an injury that sidelined her for a season and what a postseason play in the middle of a pandemic and at
8:21 am
the forefront of the fight for social justice. >>bill to be the debt that twenty-twenty wba champ said that it's it's a gold this season wasn't it was it wasn't easy in whole bunch of various you know what the coronavirus you know the social injustice is going on in this with day today and just being here is not in the bubble. you know our team is we continue to keep going no matter what's going on. super proud sent to kind of be a part of >>and forgive me i misspoke be a brianna stewart of course that was but they were actually dedicating their season 2 brianna taylor. and all of the other black women who died of gun violence. meantime the badass see his player award goes to sue bird. >>who has one now for wnba championships in different
8:22 am
decades. she turns 40 years old next week proving to be a woman for the ages. a guitarist for the ages has died. eddie van halen who inspire leisure boys to take off their shirts and pick up a guitar. mozart of metal he died after a long battle with cancer at the age of just 65, not only show you video of the way i remember him in the 80's when van halen rule rock and roll the big hair, the bare chest. the blazing whammy bar he was an influence for countless musicians perform music classes or progress to the first team to get knocked off. >>because of budget cuts i think is just a big crock a. >>i believe it to be as it should not an elective should be mandatory.
8:23 am
>>this is basically my high school yearbook this is why we looked the way we did kids and this is why we had there this is why every guy thought oh man if i can only play the guitar. maybe i could get valerie bertinelli remember when the 2 of them got together right. >>and now she had this heartfelt beautiful picture that she posted where she said goodbye to any she called him you know her love still because they had little wolfgang going and you know he really was called the mozart of guitar for the ages and and they name their child wolfgang and he had a you know comment to say about his dad as well, wow i mean the the your life to kneel play the guitar. i don't play the guitar but like many many kids my age we mean air to his songs absolutely nobody could do a rupture like he did but we all and that's the bus.
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>>9 or 8.26 is the time we are just 27 days away from the november election some people though aren't waiting until november 3rd to cast their vote fact voters are already mailing in their ballots or turning them in specific drop-off boxes. all 37 drop boxes are opened in contra
8:27 am
costa county the county's election officials says they received 46 trays of mail. about a total of 16,000 ballots. so far the assistant registrar of voters for the county said the drop box in front of their office was the busiest they've ever seen. >>just during normal business hours over $500 were deposited by voters it was a nonstop stream of voters all day long. >>yeah all ballot boxes are open 24 7. their service each day by to county employees. >>big news out of contra costa county and amazon fulfillment center is being built and more. companies will be being into new
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you wanted them back really bad... get my spicy chicken strips combo for only $5.99. >>there is a time right now and i take a peek outside we do john good morning what are you saying well not a whole lot guys look at this view from berkeley, it is very foggy out there for some areas and very cloudy if you're right along the bay looking up at that fog. now part of the reason we are going to be so much cooler today is because of this dense or marine layer which is going to take its time in burning off watch out for lower visibility areas this morning keep the jacket on hand this morning and then look for to brighter skies and comfortable conditions later on today. we still do have moderate air quality and still under the spare the air alert for just another day. so we
8:31 am
make our way into the afternoon these temperatures which will remain cool through the morning will gradually rise taking us back into the 60's 70's and our warmest just the low 80's. those 90's nowhere to be found at least for the next 7 days. temperatures today in san jose mid 70's for you while oakland and san francisco in the 60's. robin. >>thank you john we're checking in on our bridges which are slowly getting back to normal after a number of minor incidents, but those minor incidents left a lot of heavy traffic behind so let's head over to 92 we're checking in on the san mateo bridge where we have 2 crashes and a stall at one point it was almost 40 minutes to the peninsula now we're down to 20 that's better but still crowded here on the flat section over to the bay bridge traffic has not recovered from our earlier crashes. everything's out of the way, but it's just really heavy behind the toll plaza so coming from oakland, it's from the bottom of the maze up the incline toward the tunnel but west of treasure island you're going to see traffic then out
8:32 am
and we're finally delay free and looking good here at the richmond sandra fell wide open 8 minutes into the north bay back to you. >>thanks a lot. let's get back to our big story which is president trump abruptly ending coronavirus relief talks that would have put money in the hands of americans and small businesses from with bigger nancy pelosi wasn't negotiating in good faith. so he pushed the talks until after the election, but then several hours later he up ended after a pending the negotiations and sending the stock market really into a spiral at the end of the day he backpedaled and tweeted quote the house and senate should immediately approved 25 billion dollars for airline payroll support and 135 billion dollars per paycheck. protection programs for small businesses and then a few hours after that sent out another tweet saying that he would also consider a bill that would give americans 1200 dollars stimulus checks. so there's a lot of confusion on the part of lawmakers as to what exactly the president wants after he said negotiations are over but then he says he does want something to sign after all. we'll see.
8:33 am
>>the president's decision to end the talks abruptly and the back and forth with congress has a doctorate ucsf questioning if the president is impaired from the drugs that he is taking for coronavirus a group of infectious disease specialist in san francisco are reacting now to the president's diagnosis and treatment and kron four's dan kerman sat down and talk with them. president trump's covid diagnosis brought several ucsf infectious disease specialist together during the noon hour tuesday for an online discussion topic one how this super spreader event could have taken place in the white house rose garden, if you that were in fact the super spreading in fact that that there was somebody in there there's someone in there who has who either had symptomatic or now symptomatic. >>disease. he was in very close contact with a number people and i don't think anybody's put that together yet. they also discussed how members of the public can reduce their risk during similar events. i think if you
8:34 am
have a mask on and even even eyeglasses on and i realize we do. >>safety glasses clinically even eyeglasses and i think that gives you a big leg up on protection. >>i learned so much about coronavirus. and one thing that's for certain don't. let it dominate you. don't be afraid of it. >>since becoming infected. the president has chosen to downplay the seriousness of the virus. well these experts agree there are positive outcomes they've seen plenty that are not in all ages. >>just because some people do well which i'm really glad the i wish everybody would do well but we know work for particularly they have risk factors. i don't like down my my cart and think we all need to have them live our lives. i have a lot of respect for him. >>from this even do everything we can to try to forward action. the president also tweeted he's looking forward to next week's debate with joe
8:35 am
biden but medical experts say it's too early to say if the president's covid-19 issues are behind him this shots folks at home. >>the magic day 7. they sunny require a lot of box and they've come back into the hospital so i've seen few times medical experts here also not sure we're getting the full story about the president's illness. >>they continue to pay close attention to the information that comes out of the white house as the rest of us are. a ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news. >>and our local first story this morning amazon is going to provide nearly 2000 new jobs to people living in contra costa county now today. the online giant is holding a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new fulfillment center located in oakley and kron 4 sarah stinson is there live for us this morning with the latest sarah. >>well this is actually big news for contra costa county and 4 oakley because they've built this contra cos%a logistics center. it's a total
8:36 am
of 5 buildings and they're not quite done yet. they are still working on construction, you can see some of the crews down there that's one building right there. and then the other one here is the one that amazon is going to be the first tenant of you can see right here is this amazon delivery take a look at this map though, so you can see exactly where we're standing here in oakley us right off of highway one 60 in just before the bridge you can probably or you can see the construction from the highway. amazon fulfillment center will occupy a 150,000 square foot building it will look like the video on your screen now resembling other fulfillment sender centers that they have built the 4 other buildings here will be completed within the next couple of years and more companies will move into those providing more than 2000 jobs to the community so a huge huge benefit for this area creating jobs and really just
8:37 am
building here is going to help with the entire area. a formal announcement and ribbon cutting is happening today, but unfortunately due to the social distancing requirements. no one is invited the next step for us here covering this is we're trying to get ahold of amazon see when they're going to be hiring is as you can see they're building is pretty much bills and they've got their sign up so when are those jobs are >>put through and one of the hiring xactly how many are they hiring exactly because that 2000 number is actually the number they suspect for the entire country casa logistics center so and any enemies and any news this is definitely good news jobs. wise and we could use any good news we can in 2020 reporting live here in oakley sarah stinson kron 4 news sow doubt about that thank you very much sara it's 8.37 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a battle against extreme wildfire behavior how crews are gearing up for a longer than expected fire season. >>and safari west is back open
8:38 am
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oh, yeah! there's always somethiat ross.n store yep. oh yeah! say yes to those looks, the best brands... ...and "check you out" bargains! savings from top to bottom! that's yes for less. at ross. >>well in the north bay safari west is now back open after closing for more than a week because of the glass fire that's burning up in sonoma county the preserve is located just outside the evacuation zones and the main roads leading to it had to be shut down for a time as containment on the fire grows though
8:41 am
evacuation orders continue to be downgraded and that meant to preserve was finally able to welcome visitors back the executive director says that there obviously glad to see the smoke starting to clear out, especially over the weekend cause that allowed them a chance to clean up a bit. around the facility and also get closer to the animals so they can monitor better. >>our animal staff stayed on site for the whole time we had that here just to monitor animal's health and the animals did find a a during his during the smoke events they become a little bit more lethargic and don't move around as much. but they're fine and the vets gave us a clean bill of health in. and funny or animal stay lethargic when there's no guests here and they get very excited when they see the 2 are trucks coming through. >>and the tourists get pretty excited to safari west home to what like 98 different species and nearly a 1000 animals so glad the park survive the fire that's now back open free to visit dresser my favorite and it should stay over the tent cabins, the right out there
8:42 am
you go. yeah pro so cool for she's got you got to drive around on this foreign find him, but the dress right out front and the monkeys are nearby too and lots of birds so it's noisy in the >>we'll take a quick break be right john with a look ahead. you know easy in gray up there around safari west right now, but sunshine reappears this afternoon for inland areas it will be a range of 70's to low 80's really nice day ahead. i got your forecast ahead. and if san francisco is your destination get out there early if you're using the bay bridge traffic it's not recovered from earlier problems as you can see it's still stacked up here and it's billed back to the bottom of
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>>forty-five's the time and more than 16,000 firefighters continue to battle 22 big fires that are happening right now in the state yeah and here in the bay area fire crews of course gearing up for what they're worried maybe a longer fire fight ahead kron four's haaziq madyun explains. >>a battle against extreme wildfire behavior. that is how they area firefighters described this year's fire season. this video from the glass fire shows exactly what firefighters are up against. >>yeah, the past few weeks are far fires have seen some extreme fire behavior due to the triple digits in the red flag warning you know the temperatures have been very high the humidity's than very and has been extreme fire
8:46 am
weather. you know we've seen some high winds and winds gets into the communities it's all here is another video recorded by a bay area firefighting strike team including firefighters from oakland fremont hayward in alameda county they say their fire departments are preparing for the possibility of these conditions to continue for the remainder of the fire season this season has wrapped up early this year and we're just getting into october. we're just getting into november and you know there's people understand that this fire season may go through you know november, maybe even into december yeah, you're looking right here at the map showing all the different fires in the state this weekend. there is rain in the forecast but will that help firefighters on the frontlines yes and no. >>it's good that it's going ap or activity of the fire itself on the north end of this particular part of the glass fire. you have very steep terrain very hazardous conditions are dozers are cutting roads and trails in the dirt which turns into much
8:47 am
instantaneously in these cases which makes it very hauser's for all equipment and putting as well has made you kron 4 >>so let's talk about doesn't feel bad this week the home, you know fire season, yeah, feel like it's a little bit of rain to which is kind of helpful john yeah, definitely at least taking a bit of a breather from some of the worst of fire weather that we have been in the midst of guys it's going to be some light sprinkles this weekend which will be very helpful and some cooler temperatures too so at least we can breathe easy for a few days as conditions will be favorable. clouds overhead grey start to the morning. we do have some moisture to our south remnants of a tropical system and then to our west some cooler air which is going to continue to plummet into the region. unfortunately, the latest model runs are showing that a whole lot of this is going to develop into measurable rainfall for the vast majority of the bay area in fact friday just downright fizzling out. pacific northwest will get a good helping of that rainfall and all the way south to mendocino
8:48 am
county you had south of there and your chances really start to fizzle into saturday too. now for the north bay we are expecting some light brief showers as we work our way into saturday which will be helpful just enough to get the ground wet. but also not enough to interrupt the firefight going up around the glass fire as well because the last thing you need is a washout up there in kerr cruz not to be able to access those fire lines as for today's daytime highs still holding on to some 80's but a lot cooler than we have been 60's at the coastline for a few spots mixed in with those 50's while 60's and 70's for bayside areas today burlingame at 71 foster city 69 while palo alto at 70 degrees, south bay temperatures in the mid 70's, mostly san jose you'll be in i 75 today with 60's and 70's from hey we're down to fremont livermore 80 degrees today conquered also 80 while oakland at 67, north bay temperatures anywhere from the 70's to 80's vacaville down through antioch in the 80's while santa rosa and center
8:49 am
fell and areas in between all in the mid 70's. tomorrow's temperatures really taken tumble from the whole 80's today to the sec these that are warmest for thursday. we stay that way through the weekend see our really taking a step back from those peak of fire weather conditions. friday, the slightest of chance of maybe a couple of sprinkles and saturday, your best chance of showers will be for the north bay so as chances really are fizzling but it is looking like it will be at least mild into early next week. so this forecast is overall cooler and just a little bit more comfortable. robin. well the morning commute is looking much better and traffic has been down on all of our bridges except for the bay bridge. that's the slowest one right now. >>we are trouble free into san francisco but we've had several minor incidents, nothing working right now. but as we take a live look you can see the traffic stacked of here at the tolls and it's often on to spec be on west grand there was another stretch of slow traffic along the suspension approaching fremont street merging onto
8:50 am
the skyway and the northbound central from the beginning to the end it's pretty congested as well but once again, no problems off to the golden gate. we're looking good here into san francisco, your commute directions. southbound which is on the left and it's wide open 20 minutes, the bottle to the toll plaza as we scan around the bay area freeways not so bad 6.80 wide open pacheco to danville no problems for the don barden bridge that's 84 west and that trip on 5.80 westbound for livermore to dublin looks pretty good it's at the limit all the way up to the dublin interchange back to you. >>thank you very much robin at 8.50 this morning, let's go to the south bay where restaurants in santa clara county are now getting ready to resume indoor dining. the county is expected to advance soon into the orange tier of the state's covid-19 risk system that means that restaurants will be permitted to resume indoor dining at just 25% capacity or 100 people which evers fewest many restaurants in downtown san jose have been offering outdoor dining for the past few months, the owner of a flatter ease irish pub, david
8:51 am
over held says that they need all the help they can get right now. >>things have been really tough i just would just have an access to the patio should the plan at least we have access to a patio but this will definitely help you know what let me get some badly needed revenue coming in. >>they have returned indoor dining mean some furloughed employees will be brought back which is great news. outdoor dining will likely continue while the weather holds out. >>gatherings along the scenic grizzly peak boulevard from oakland to berkeley are now banned leaders of both cities shut down the areas to cut down on fire danger 9 turnouts along grizzly peak boulevard are blocked off with big logs oakland city council member dan copp says in response to recent gatherings were there were fireworks and bonfires involved they had no choice but to ban the public from the turnout altogether. >>we can't have any fire was of your people stopping smoking up here no barbecues a
8:52 am
lit fires up in the hills area during the season is very dry. there's lots of fuels they're even with the station minister. and so we need to take risks to protect. all of us. >>and if those logs are enough to keep you away they're going to eventually soon adding change to prevent people from parking there. >>all right as we head to break here at a 52 we'll take you back outside show you another live look here at san francisco international airport. certainly a bit foggy can't make out san bruno hills in the background. hopefully though your flight on time it's always call ahead, we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
>>welcome back a 55 on this wednesday morning, pretty gray out there visibility is no good out of berkeley you can see well you can see much of anything actually as you're looking out at that view temperatures later today, a lot more comfortable that deep in marine layer gonna help to keep us a big cooler. daytime highs nowhere close to the 90's it 60's 70's and 80's as you step outside for areas like san francisco expect to range of foggy conditions at the coast to sunshine closer to the bay and with temperatures only in the low 80's inland get out there and enjoy that eventually sunshine. >>robin thank you john we're heading off to the san mateo bridge. i notice some flashing lights on the eastbound side nothing coming across the wires just yet, but it's interesting something going on there on the left-hand side of your screen. it's on the shoulder but attracting a little bit of attention westbound you're looking good
8:56 am
on the right-hand side that's the commute direction and we're still at the limit 14 minutes from hayward to send the tail back to you. >>thank you robin quick break coming up on the kron 4 morning news, the president making an abrupt stop the coronavirus relief talks between lawmakers on capitol hill, we'll have the latest in a live report from washington. plus nurses in the east bay on strike this morning demanding better protective gear as they're on the front lines battling coronavirus reyna harvey will join us with a live update on their demands and wineries taking a major hit from the glass fire crews are beginning to assess
8:57 am
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>>you're watching morning news at 9. >>good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher in on this wednesday october 7th, we'll start the hour with a check of the forecast john trouble looking at that for us good morning. good morning guys we are seeing conditions out there today, a lot cooler than what we've been looking at the past couple of weeks really yesterday we're still in the 90's today, those are thing of the past it's back to the 80's inland with some fog overhead and san francisco and not just for san francisco either low cloud cover and fog has crept all the way inland across the bay that deep in marine layer gonna take some time to burn off today. and it's also going to take temperatures meaning a nice little cool down all the way inland. conditions out there
9:00 am
not the clearest we are still seeing moderate air quality and another spare the air alert in effect today. 50's for your current temperatures oakland at 59 double in livermore concord 58 while napa at a cool 53 still hanging on in the 40's up in santa rosa and saint helene a later today look at this 60's and san francisco and oakland, mid 70's in the south bay for san jose beautiful afternoon of more about that. still ahead rob all right. thank you john another problem on the bay bridge this time around it's a stall near treasure island westbound traffic never recover from the earlier issues that we had on the bay bridge. so yet even slower. >>at this point with traffic crawling again from west grand and then again approaching the stall once you get closer to the tunnel still another problem, equal slow traffic we're almost back to 20 minutes now into san francisco so get out there early. here's a look at some of your east bay approaches they look great 24 5.80 the nimitz the east shore, no problems. there is me


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