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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 7, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>from the bay area's local news station we begin now with breaking news. >>the news at 5 o'clock an emotional scene outside san francisco general hospital as first responders salute a fallen firefighter this afternoon. the department veteran died after a training exercise. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. we are awaiting an update on the circumstances surrounding that firefighter's death but first from force theresa says he'll joins us live in the city tonight with what we know about the fatal accident so far to reset. >>pam as you can imagine very somber mood here at river general hospital in san francisco, a procession left
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about 30 minutes ago with the phone fighter fire. they plan to tourists and fire departments and then eventually make their way to the san francisco coroner's office in the meantime, this is what we know right now. >>of this. >>jason cortez was at a training facility. over on 19th and fulsome. all of a sudden there was some kind of accident he was rushed to the hospital where a spokesperson for the spokesperson for the department said that he died of his injuries. they are not elaborating right now on all that happened. now protests have been with the department since 2007 he was a firefighter and paramedic he was stationed in the tenderloin officials say that he was a friend and all an advocate for public safety he has a husband he has 2 children. he was also the son of a retired san francisco firefighter. here is a department spokesperson with more. >>very trying time as jason
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was well liked department. jason is not only a. a fellow firefighter paramedics he's a friend. all out of kits public father. and 2 children. has to the wife. a child to retired san francisco firefighter. >>i gained the procession is going on as we speak we're standing here in front of the hospital because the chief as a mention. she is a part of the procession but she's going to double back and come back here and talk to us more about the accident as well as a fallen firefighter, so our hearts go out to his family at this hour and of course we're going to be following that news conference as soon as that starts reporting here in san francisco. and ken back to
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you teresa thank you for that report and our other top story tonight, the nation less than one hour away from the first and only vice presidential debate between vice president mike pence. >>and democratic vp candidate senator kamala harris. the stage is now set complete with plexiglass barriers between the candidates and the moderator. >>this is happening at the university of utah in salt lake city. unlike last week's debate hansen harris will be more than 12 feet apart and sitting instead of standing both candidates have been regularly tested for covid-19 especially pence amid an ongoing coronavirus outbreak at the white house. this debate is happening tonight as confusion over another round of covid-19 relief money continues last night president trump said that any deal on stimulus money for americans was off until after the november election, but then a few hours later he backtracked. >>washington dc correspondent trevor shirley is live with us now from washington with a report on where things stand
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with that and the president's health tonight. trevor. hey good evening. so at this point we know president trump spent at least part of the day in the oval office. but there was still a decent amount of confusion between the white house and capitol hill as to where exactly things stand with these ongoing covid relief talks. >>perhaps you recognize bea is your favorite president. and i'm standing in front of the oval office at the white house late this afternoon, the president released a video on twitter. >>he praised the experimental drugs doctors gave him at walter reed and promised to make them available to all americans we have to get them approved i want to get him to the hospital people are feeling bad that the president returned to work in the oval office this afternoon with the white house said he was briefed on stimulus talks and hurricane delta earlier doctors released an update on his health they say feels grade remains fever free and
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has been symptom-free for more than 24 hours. we're pleased his progress tuesday night the president put a full stop on covid-19 relief to negotiations until after the election. then backtracked several hours later after the stock market took a dive obviously we're looking the potential for stand-alone bills the president tweeted that those could include direct stimulus checks to taxpayers and money for the nation's airlines speaker of the house nancy pelosi said a deal will happen we will have the sooners and he won't win the election in the meantime president trump says he intends to go ahead with the next presidential debate. although joe biden says that should be up to the doctors. >>i think if the show had covid. >>we should have a the debate is scheduled for thursday october 15th. now this point it does seem like there might be some activity happening here on capitol hill earlier this evening.
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>>nancy pelosi's office confirmed that she did have a phone call tonight with secretary of the treasury steven, the new shun the subject of that call was to talk about a standalone bill just for the airline industry but her office said they're going to talk again later this week and about other subjects and other stand-alone bills as well so it may not be a huge development. but at least it shows there is some activity happening here on capitol hill that will continue to keep an eye on over the next 24 to 48 hours back to you all right trevor shirley live in washington trevor, thank you very much kron 4 is your local election headquarters this election season. and just a reminder we are now 27 days from the november. election in san francisco mail in ballots went out on friday and already thousands have been completed and filed with elections office, yeah, registration numbers have set a record in san francisco and turnout is also expected to break a record kron four's dan kerman live outside san francisco's outdoor boating center which
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is located in front of the bill graham civic auditorium than has more than. >>that's right. pam and ken right here this is where if you want to vote before election day and you want to do it in person, the old fashion way you can come here to the bill graham civic auditorium and do it during the regular business hours also if you want to drop off that mail invalid and not put it in the post box you can also do that right here they've already received thousands of ballots. with city hall tearing down in the background, san francisco's outdoor election center is open for business in front of the bill graham civic auditorium. >>here people preferring to vote in person before their neighborhood polling place opens on election day can do that. others who have already filled out their mailin ballot. can drop it off at one of 2 drop boxes. >>the mail yesterday on day for and we fell out. never missed a single shot
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>>ballots went out in the mail on friday and already 12,000 san franciscans have completed and return those ballots. those numbers are higher than we at this point in the process. so we're probably about 2 to 3 times myers party turns are concerned whether you put your completed ballot in a city designated drop us mailbox or turn it into your neighborhood polling place on election day. you can track that ballot on the san francisco elections website. officials say this year's election will be historic for san francisco we've increased about 20,000 registered voters in our in our count since the march election. so right now in san francisco 517,000 registered voters. right now that's the highest number of registered voters would have 4 election. in the city's history and come election day they're expecting a record turnout as well above the 81% that turned out in 2008. when barack obama was first elected
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president. >>now you can drop off that completed mail in ballot here bill graham civic auditorium elections officials say your best bet is still that blew us postbox they say that's your best bet for dropping it off. they're also telling us those first election results should be coming in at 8.30 on election night. that's the latest reporting live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news stan. thank you and as we reported a couple of hours ago president trump uploaded a video message to his twitter page produced by the white house detailing his time at walter reed hospital in it he the experimental antiviral drug cocktail called regenerative which doctors gave him fewer than 10 people in the world have been given approval to use it again the safety and effectiveness of regeneron has not yet been proven. >>and it is not available to most americans the president was granted emergency access. >>kron four's justine waltman
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live for us in the newsroom with more on what the president said in that video released just came out just teen. >>well the president released this five-minute video today from the rose garden and he called it a blessing from god that he caught the coronavirus and said it was his suggestion to take this experimental antibody therapy that he got from regeneron. >>i walked in i didn't feel good. a short 24 hours later, i was feeling great i want to get out of the hospital. and that's what i want for everybody i want everybody. to be given the same treatment as your president. because i feel great i feel like perfect. so. i think this was a blessing from god that i caught it. this was a blessing in disguise. i caught it i heard about this drug. i said let me take it it was my suggestion i said let me take it. and it was incredible the way it worked incredible and i think about in catch it would be looking at that like a number of other drugs but it really did a fantastic job. i want to
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get for you what i got and i'm going to make it free you're not going to pay for. it wasn't your fault that this happened it was china's fault and china is going to pay a big price. what they've done to this country. china is going to pay a big price. what they've done to the world. this was china's fault. >>and while you heard the president say that he wants to make the same drug that he took free to the public. so far we've heard no details and how that would be possible other than the president saying that somehow the military would be involved regeneron has received more than 500 million dollars from the federal government to make this experimental treatment all part of operation warp speed which is the federal government's effort to develop vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus live right now in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news just say thank you an interest in the november, 3rd general election is in record territory and a lot of places including santa clara county, a million people
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there are now registered to vote on november, 3rd kron four's rob fladeboe has the story live from the registrar of voters office in downtown san jose prom. >>well that's right ken with a couple of weeks to go before the deadline the number of registered voters here could go higher still, but it's already 16% higher. then it was the last time we voted for president. here's more. >>and in my 25 years of working at the register voters. i have never had a line outside the door at 08:00am when we open at a news conference registrar of voters shannon bush and wednesday haley news of a record 1 million registered voters for the upcoming november, 3rd election is a milestone moment for santa clara county of course you know we watch our voter rolls fluctuate up and down. but it was really exciting when we saw that the million mark was on the horizon and we realized that we were actually going to be able to hit that target. 1 million voters reflects 83% of the total
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1 million 204 thousand 687 eligible voters in the county. >>that's up from 67% for the 2016 general election. the sharp increase is attributed to registration through the department of motor vehicles and high interest in the presidential election. among those registering to vote for the first time is 18 year-old student on of are so soft and the fact that we have a million voters it gives us a more accurate representation. >>of our needs and our our wants and the things that affect us on a daily basis are urging the remaining 200,000 or so eligible voters to register and make their vote count was supervisor cindy chavez you can actually come to a vote center. and register. and then fill out a ballot you can do it at one time early in person voting started this week at the registrar's office some 250 people have cast their ballots here today by noon. the october 19th deadline to
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register to vote is approaching says not to worry because you can still do what we call conditional voter registration. >>you'll need to come in person to do that so i recommend you know keep your options open get registered by the october 19 deadline. >>additional voter registration. here's how that works if you don't make that october 19th deadline you come down here to the registrar's office in for some you fill out an affidavit and then you get that a conditional voter registration and that in turn get you a provisional ballot you can go ahead and vote and then once they verify your information on that affidavit. they'll count your vote live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news all right rob, thank you coming up a historic springs resort suffered major damage due to the glass fire. we'll take a look at what's left of the wine country retreat plus while most of the local economy is struggling to get back on track amid the pandemic realtors say their
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industry is the best it's been in a decade plus with their backs against the wall the a's bash wake up in game 3 of the american league
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>>the oakland a's pull off a 97 win in a do or die game at dodger stadium today it was definitely a nail biter for fans a lot of home runs several lead changes kron 4. action kylen this was a tough one to in a span you had to be
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sweating it out i mean can you couldn't look away from this game for just a second or you miss something. >>7 home runs total between the 2 teams the a's with 11 hits the astros with 10 hits in the game luckily. the a's came out on the right side of this one after dropping the first 2 games of the alds series. so to dodger stadium we go win or go home situation for the a's on another warm day in 3, 2, days in the 5th after they already homered twice. marcus semien at the plate he continues the brigade with this blast to center there it goes open leads 42 at that point. but in the bottom of the frame. here we go 70 and still touching home plate there. let miss diaz takes his initials are towed deep to left on this one right into the a's bullpen for a 2 run homer game tied for 4 at this point the astros tacked on 3 more that inning ending with this rbi single that squeaks
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through center by kyle tucker houston seemingly in control up 74. but in the 7th with 2 on chad pindar goes opposite field that. one is gone gone gone, a three-run blast for pender. >>dusty baker he can't believe it. the a's come back mary is not too happy at that point they came back to tie the game 7, 7, in the 8th the a's scored twice on sac flies. this one by sean murphy scores robbie grossman to make an 8 to 7 game a's on top. then up by 2 it was all liam hendriks. from the bullpen, he gets out of a jam. >>thanks to this beautiful pitch and a strikeout he's clearly pumped. >>he's not too happy. josh reddick with 2 on he ends the 8th redick he saw pretty angry there hendricks pitched 3 innings of one-hit ball with 4 strikeouts to get the save a's win 97. they still trail the
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series so 2 games to one. >>we've got to backs against the wall this woman's lab as baseball have we we can knock out the next 2 and we're talking for another few days doctor less pitches i did last time it has happened a double my actual innings and >>yeah be ready to go and i think there's there's any doubt >>if i'm the best man for the job i want to i want the ball. >>well he took care of business tonight, but still have some catching up to do they are going after their first alcs berth since 2006 and that starts with taking care of business in game 4 tomorrow, the a son astros back at dodger stadium. first pitch set for 1235 fingers crossed they can force a game 5 back to you guys. >>looks like a war zone or something it's just devastating. >>another victim of the ferocious glassfire is a historic resort in saint the majority of the buildings at the white sulphur springs resort were leveled by the
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flames from for swearing, kelly shows us the damage and what was spared by the flavors it's a piece of california history. that's now mostly in ruins. this is one of 17 buildings at the white sulphur springs resort. >>that's been burned down to its foundation all that's left is charred wood twisted metal and its chimney that's still standing. i'm told by the hoffman institute foundation that's been running retreats here for the past 25 years. this is california's first resort. mark twain who stayed here so as clark gable it was established in 1852. now there were a few buildings that did survive 3 of 20 were untouched by the fires but this is a major blow to the people who have been working here. this was a devastating loss to us and it. >>traumatic and shocking way and that lasted for some days. i must admit side losing. it's not the same as losing someone you love, but it's a big boss.
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>>the people who run this facility say they had not been holding retreats here since march because of coronavirus and had just gotten cleared by the county to begin doing so again. but were evacuated the very next day. now they do say they plan to rebuild and they were insured they'll be looking for an alternate location to hold their retreats in the meantime but it's obviously a huge blow to them and a piece of california's past that was mostly wiped out. reporting from seen alina i morning kelly kron 4 news. >>and a live look outside now overlooking downtown san francisco. well trying to overlook about health services goes like either father big cloud bank therv yeah covering up the check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow that's good news for firefighters see that moving in yeah absolutely get that nice on shore breeze got all that moisture but get a little
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more breeze today than we had yesterday so those winds start to kick up some of those winds. >>actually up to about 14 miles per hour or so in some of the valley so watching out for that right now that's continuing to be more of a west southwesterly wind as it continues to push on shore now what's of concern nature's we get in toward the weekend we've been talking about the possibility of some rain doesn't look very impressive today once the front goes by. well, here's what one of our models wants to portray look at the winds here coming out of the north that's that offshore wind buoying of 2030 miles an hour. this is down some of the service levels above the mountains you could see gusts over 40 so certainly a concern we could see some blustery offshore winds on active fire. not what we want to see so we'd love to get the rain going right down doesn't look like it's going to happen get that onshore breeze of the right now with the fog lot of haze inside the bay. and some of the smoke continuing outside. here's the latest on the long-range better member yesterday it brought that front right along the coastline to bring a chance of rain. now start to disagree with its forecast yesterday to
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the clouds rolling in for tomorrow clouding up a bit you see developing up the coastline right back here that is going to start to rotate getting close looking like it's going to get away. fortune levels all start to come together want to push that further south missing the bay area completely maybe we sneak in a couple of scattered showers in the north bay on saturday. >>thank you lauren still ahead at 5 we are less than an hour away from the first and only vice presidential debate, the issues on the table and what is expected to be brought up tonight and if you're thinking about moving to the suburbs now might be
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>>if you are thinking about buying a home in the bay area suburbs now might be the best time seems like it would would be the opposite because of the covid affects but a pair of realtors explain why that's not the case kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>while the local economy struggles to get back on track during the covid-19 era, the bay area real estate market is hotter than ever that my more g-rated counterintuitive. >>who would think in the middle of show grand lake that the bay area real market would have build lion and here. and that's what we're that we're looking at william garlic of realty one group today says one reason. >>buyers are taking advantage of historically low interest rates 30 year make let go and
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homebuyers many of whom work in the tech industry are leaving the city and going to the suburbs. >>you can pick what you want to and you know you got show up wait and you know you need to work at home and you need that boom room right before they get to the suburbs some home buyers are taking a look at oakland says sandy porter of berkshire hathaway homes. >>it just says he actually says that includes fixer uppers as well as turnkey properties even in deep east oakland people want to come to these something because they see their where people are the higher price bay area, real estate market also doing well for example fire area and will be held. >>yeah average date the market are about well. you know home they're looking at in a million dollar man who may have >>has made you kron 4 news. up next we're getting closer and closer to the vice
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