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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 7, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 9. >>san francisco first responders honoring a fallen firefighter who died today during a training exercise. a procession here leaving
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zuckerberg san francisco general hospital earlier tonight, good evening, everybody thanks for being here 9 o'clock, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis the accident took place at the department's training yard. >>an investigation into what happened is now underway or kron four's terisa stasio has details. >>the fire chief was visibly shaken as she talked about losing this firefighter. she also talked about how the department needs to be strong right now during this very sad time we lost a young man named jason cortez who has a wife. and 2 little kids as a father. retired from the san francisco fire department. all of them are grieving. as is. this fire department family. >>a somber san francisco fire chief janine nicholson reflecting on losing one of their own. in a horrible accident. it was around 10:00am wednesday at the training facility on 19th and fulsome fire officials say the
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court has got injured he was rushed to the sucker berg san francisco general hospital. a short distance away where they were unable to save him, we cannot give you any further details about that accident right now as it is under investigation. jason came into the fire department in 2007. >>and worked on an ambulance until 2015. when he joined the fire side of the fire department. for the past 2 years. he has worked at station 3. engine 3 which is the busiest fire engine in the country. so that should tell you something about him. the chief talked about how she personally knew cortez and many calls with him when i was out in the field. when he was a paramedic on an ambulance. always a straight up guy. hardworking kind. you know if i could clone him. you know i
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i would. >>just a wonderful human being a procession took cortez from the hospital to the coroner's office late in the day, he loved the people he worked with us and he loved his family. and our job in the fire department right now is to hold one another up. to take care of his family. and to complete an investigation. the chief said that the firefighter was well loved here at the hospital as well as a paramedic. >>he changed many people's lives, he saved many people's lives and the chief said that and the next couple of days, many people are going to be morning. here in san francisco, theresa conference. >>meanwhile firefighters in the north bay are still hard at work battling that glass fire it has scorched more than 67,000 acres in tonight containment is up to 62%. more than 600 homes have been destroyed and more than 13,000 structures remain threatened.
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sonoma county and the city of santa rosa held a virtual town hall with several agencies tonight to discuss recovery efforts from the glass fire. kron four's gayle ong has that story. >>as evacuees return home to sonoma county more than a dozen representatives from the county city of santa rosa state and federal elected officials cal fire and the department of insurance held zoom call wednesday afternoon to update those impacted by the glass fire. the fire burning for a week and a half now destroyed at least 300 homes in sonoma county. one of the hard-hit neighborhoods, the skyhawk community in santa rosa in the virtual meeting many questions on insurance deputy commissioner tony cigna raleigh says the state's department of insurance is requesting expedited claims were asking insurance companies to prove why. >>25% of your contents coverage if you have a total loss up right off the bat to give you money so you can get out of a shelter if you're a shelter, there are still
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companies that are selling its not a great situation and how to obtain insurance with the growing scarcity issues within the fire zones to if you re agent or broker can help you. >>and she got to find another agent or broker because there are options. >>you just have you have to chase a lot more time in an effort to find them then in the past and some of them are not great and there's no question that we have some work to do to restore insurance market california. >>the panel discuss recovery efforts and re population returning evacuees are advised to wear ppe when sifting through ash and debris. some evacuation orders will take time to clear hazards like down trees and power lines that fire came in very direct very fast. sonoma county district supervisor, susan gorin escape the fast-moving fire and is in the process of rebuilding her home from the 2017 north bay fire. one of her concerns improving feature warning signs so no this ain't
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her in a road in other areas. do not have the best so service broadband. >>and that's another thing that we're going to have to work on and i have been working on it but it's challenging. and we're better than we were 3 years ago. and we're not good nats. we'll work on it. >>and i'm here at murray ocurrio high school this is one of 3 assistance centers in sonoma county. this particular center will be open through october 12 from 10:00am to 07:00pm in santa raise that gayle ong kron 4 news. >>another historic resort in saint helene it was nearly destroyed by the glass fire. the majority of the buildings at the white sulphur springs resort were leveled. and this is what remains of one of 17 buildings at the resort that burned to its foundation. all that's left us mostly charred wood some twisted metal. couple chimneys left standing the hoffman institute foundation that's been running the retreats here for the past
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25 years said mark twain and clark gable have stay there. the folks who work at the resort say this is obviously a huge blow. >>this was a devastating loss to us and it. traumatic and shocking way and that lasted for some days. i must admit side losing. it's not the same as losing someone you love, but it's a big boss. >>folks who run that facility say they hadn't been holding retreats there since march because of the pandemic and had just gotten clearance from the county to start doing so again but then had to evacuate the very next day. the timing on this is just brutal now they say though they do plan to use insurance money to rebuild. this year's historic wildfire season is also posing a threat to west coast. cannabis crop, some growers are already dealing with the loss of crops because of flames while others are worried the lingering smoke and ash in the air could affect the quality of the marijuana kron four's noelle
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bellow takes a closer look at out. this year's historic wildfire season could make it harder to find fresh flowers. >>it's like everything had been rained on with wendy kornberg is the owner of son of this humbled full sun farms, or garden should produce between 20400 pounds of marijuana a year. but this year's she's concerned some cannabis may not pass inspection. our main concern that we've seen is that the product has ash on it and really with the way to california regulations are going. >>that becomes incredibly problematic because will fail testing for foreign contaminants, most growers will have to send their crop to an extraction lab before it gets tested for approval. >>kornberg says because the ash is getting stuck to her flower. she's using a natural farming solution to help cleanse them before they head out for testing the water base and then you use a fermented plant juice, an oriental herbal nutrient supplements and a vinegar.
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>>now i just increased the ratio of the vinegar to make it more acidic and what we found is that the plants are responding really really well kornberg has been sharing her technique with fellow farmers who are not only worried they won't have a profitable year. >>but are also concerned about how this may affect consumers. we now have a legal industry and the entire supply chain is being affected by these fires, dale sky jones executive chancellor of oak street and cannabis college in oakland, she believes the amount of fresh flower on the market will likely drop after this wildfire season, any disruption is difficult to deal with add to that covid on top of the fires. this is going to be a struggle. it may take a while to figure out if abbott smokers will be able to tell a difference in their bud jones says if you want to make sure what you're smoking is safe. >>you should only buy legal to our important than ever to make sure that you're purchasing from a state legal facility that is not only testing that cannabis. >>but also you're contributing
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to the taxes that are going to help the entire state crawl out. this mass noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>and signs of hope take a look at this baby plants are sprouting again a big basin redwoods state park part of the area was burned during the czu complex fires. it is definitely an encouraging sign for scientists that are tracking regrowth of the forest. the czu complex was contained about 2 weeks ago. it burned more than 86,000 acres. time now for 4 zone joining us now chief meteorologist lawrence karnow a look at live here at the golden gate bridge and we were hoping friday saturday. >>that thing would be soaking wet first big rain of the season, you know you got the oil on the as fall there that makes it a little bit dangerous. but hey that's the rain some time and we need it now we were ready we're ready to go unfortunately right now looks like models of really backed off on the rain so we're going to keep a chance of it i think really mainly
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best north of the golden gate bridge and of course we need to get the rain we've got to stop these fires we've got the glass fire continuing to burn the winds picked up a little bit this afternoon. some of those winds as high as 1415 mile an hour gusts out there. so certainly that will push the fire along just a bit but the firefighters did a great job getting a handle on right now you got sustained winds at 10 in glen ellyn 9 insanely than 12 in pope valley what we're concerned about as this front comes through high pressure naturally builds and behind it whatever it starts to build in. >>that's when we get our offshore wind events we're going to likely see one this weekend in fact, one of our computer model starting to pick up on some of those gusty winds as we get in towards sunday evening after that front has gone by and this is some of the urban areas 2030 mile an hour winds. we see gusts higher than 40 over some of the top of the mountain. so that's what we're worried about that's why firefighters got to work exceptionally hard to try and get this fire really under wraps. before we get into the weekend because things are going to change rapidly with the weather. overnight tonight cnn, nice
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influx of some low clouds and fog surging well on shore humidity that the 90 percentile as we head toward early tomorrow morning getting near saturation 97% in santa rosa up to 92% so they are really moist air that is working its way well on shore that slows down the burn rate of the fires in fact, the next couple days really a great firefighting weather for those firefighters, the temperatures going to be way down the humidity's going to be way up and the winds are going to be that bad you get the general afternoon sea breeze but over the weekend you see those winds start to change become offshore follow clouds moving on shore tonight filling inside the bay as well we're going to see more of that tomorrow morning. not too bad out toward the coastline but likely to see some drizzle out toward the beaches overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. temperatures for today, 61 degrees cooler than normal in the san francisco, 67. in oakland, 69 degrees in san jose 79 for a high in livermore 81 degrees in concord and 78 degrees in santa rosa numbers around the bay area now cooling off got in some 50's and some 60's big
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change the pattern coming, here's that front that we were hoping was going make it to the bay area right now looks like it is going to get a little bit closer sitting off the coastline in by tomorrow. but we've got a mild day for tomorrow looks like we stay high and dry to watch what happens as we put this right into motion you see little swirl in the atmosphere here that's a low we are tracking gets very close the bay area's we get in toward friday. now watch the sag south of misses the one right behind us maybe clipping the far north bay to bring at least a slight chance of showers there tomorrow should be a nice day enjoy those nice comfortable fall 70's, many of the valley 60's and 70's around the bay you've got 1560's out of the coast. >>all right lawrence now back to our big story tonight the vice presidential debate between vice president mike pence and congresswoman kamala harris. joining us now inside bay area politics host our catherine heenan she has reaction from our political analysts on tonight's debate catherine yes subdued reaction well remember vicki the debate really was greatly hyped it was the first the only. >>vice presidential debate
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lots of talk beforehand about what's at stake. in the end though it did leave our analysts a somewhat underwhelmed i asked them what they thought was missing. >>i think there's a number of things in that if we have a sit-down for bat what we can move through these 9.10 minute segments there's a lot of things that could have been covered i think in greater detail you could push more about crime i think certainly the administration want to talk about criminal justice reform and criminal justice policy that would certainly be in the wheelhouse of kamala harris but at the same time it's a it's a narrative that the administration has been pushing my thoughts is in peace to better job chris wallace that route was everybody's bias as an intern works in courtrooms. >>she asked more leading questions send anyone but it was within a single leading question republicans. and we certainly many for her and so once again he we you have a
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republican to be 2 different people on the but they don't ask questions that are open ended that say why are you here tonight why you running for president what your vision of the future because these networks are obsessed with their own personal ratings and it's disgusting and it's guy because it is freeing the american system i think this debate format need to be changed. this is like a tick talk to me really 1212 seconds on the subject. give come back to the good old days when it was one debate, one topic that's what they used to in the presidential debates, foreign policy debate, domestic policy debate. this is this is really like for the short attention span theater and it doesn't really develop the topics that everyone wants a pure about whether it's joe binds policy whether it's whether it's president trump policy i think that doesn't serve the american people. >>now 2 more presidential debates initially were scheduled for later this month. i asked our analysts for their best guess on
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whether we will see another presidential debate given the president's covid diagnosis that's changing everything, 2 of them say, yes, will happen. michael yaki saying no way grant and vicki. >>all right katherine, thank you very much and thank you to all of our analysts vicki you you tell me if i to fly on my head i would tell you if you had a finer had pretty good at that. apparently not everybody would do that. yeah if you watched the debate, no doubt you saw at the vice president mike pence's senator kamala harris of course where you know social distancing about 12 feet apart on the stage tonight, but not everyone follow the guidelines about an hour into the debate, a fly landed on the vice president's head and given his hair color you you can see it stay there for several minutes to pence's credit or maybe he had no idea he wasn't distracted. kept making his point about the president supporting. police officers in america, but as
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you can imagine if you're ever on social media and it is 2020 so everything's a little weird this people went off and started creating all kinds of memes and twitter handles there's a twitter handle actually that has already 9,000 followers. it is at mike pence fly and joe biden tweeted out this link to the website. flywheel vote dot com when you click the link it takes you to the voter registration site. i will vote dot com. so a moment of levity during tonight's debate. and that's where we are. >>voters have not wasting any time casting their ballots in the upcoming elections, early voting is underway and several bay area counties and many are seeing huge turnouts in just a few days one of the san mateo county kron four's jonathan mccall is there with details. >>oceans officials here in san mateo county say that since early voting started on monday they were seeing big numbers in the turnout of folks coming
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to cast their ballots and voting centers like this or simply dropping them off in the mail. >>the early both sectors usually start slow. this election. there is a lot interest and so are we are seeing in terms of a constant flow showing up vote centers since monday, the san mateo county board of elections says nearly 630 people have showed up at the county's 3 vote centers. >>the elections board has also received 1700 votes by mail. the county which became the first in california to offer mail in balloting back in 2015. so far there haven't been any major problems. 434,000 ballots were sent out to registered voters. ballots can be dropped off in the mail or at drop boxes located across the county officials are encouraging those who vote by mail to send off their ballots early in case in your regular teaser found. and the last election authorities say that 4,000 ballots were challenged half simply didn't have signatures history will
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show that. >>many bowlers weight so the very end of the process on election day to come and cast their ballots both sectors. but what we are seeing is an early. flow of voters which i think they're very good indication that people are going to start really early. >>county leaders say their biggest challenge during this election protecting voters in the age of coronavirus. >>invest over a $100,000 in our cities and every facility with blast or employees you you face so these new equipment right now the county has 3 voting centers, but that number will expand to 45 on october 31st until november, 2nd. >>you can find a complete where you can cast your ballots county by county our website kron 4 dot com isn't jonathan mccall kron 4 news. thank ron for your local
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election headquarters this election season. the reminder if you're scoring at home. we are 27 days now from the november election. >>i have unified school district one of many bay area school districts preparing to reopen we'll hear about the plan when we come back. >>plus derek chauvin the ex officer charged in george floyd's death is out of prison after posting a 1 million dollars bond and a woman who was captured on camera giving a racist rants now facing jail time de
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>>the woman accused of racist tirades against asians in southern california over the past year has been sentenced to jail time for attacking a woman at a mall in 2019. this happened in torrance in southern california. this is lena hernandez who has now agreed to plead no contest to misdemeanor battery in exchange for a sentence of 47 days in county jail. plus 3 years probation. with anger management classes. there is another incident at a park where it was videotape. she was also ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from the victim. another big story we're following tonight. they're showing the ex officer who's charged in george floyd's death is now out of prison, according to a court documents show been posted 1 million dollars bail today he had been. >>behind bars since the end of may. the former minneapolis officer was recorded kneeling
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on floyd's neck for nearly 9 minutes. that video sparked worldwide protests. chauvin is charged with second degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter trial date has been set for next march. >>a field flooded evacuations. underway. hurricane belt and making a mess as it takes aim now at the gulf coast. >>and movie theaters are finally allowed to open in san francisco, but don't expect to catch a flick go right now we're going play why the industry is holding off. >>and a member of governor newsome staff has tested positive for covid what we know about the infected person's
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taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take.
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>>2 employees who work either or alongside the governor's office tested positive for covid-19 our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the latest. >>the state department of public health is now contact tracing governor staff member and a state employee who shares a workspace with governor staff both tested positive for covid-19 the governor says neither he nor anyone he routinely interacts with have been around they have both been. >>isolated and we are working from that to make sure that everybody is appropriately and anyone that been direct contact also goes through the protocols and procedures that we have put out so that we're not just preaching but we're practicing what we preach
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governor, newsome could not say wednesday, how many staff members reported teaming after possibly being exposed to the positive cases, a spokesman for the governor did not disclose the symptoms or their severity newsome noted telework is encourage for staff and most meetings or remote the governor said the last time he was tested was before a meeting with the president here weeks ago and i look forward to getting tested again. >>the governor did not say when he'll get that next test but here at the state capitol temperature checks are mandatory for anyone entering the building. but because of privacy concerns the governor's office says they will not be disclosing where exactly these 2 worked, reporting at the state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>what's a visit to a movie theater without some snacks like popcorn well in san francisco. the answer is no visit at all. and despite being allowed to reopen today in san francisco county theaters are being restricted from selling snacks that stuff self kron four's ella
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sogomonian spoke with industry leaders to explain. >>they're choosing to stay closed because they simply can't generate enough revenue from selling tickets alone, alice that's right, although they are now allowed to reopen across san francisco don't expect to enjoy a movie at any theater right now. >>the states theaters association is asking san francisco county to make a concession over instructions from the local government leaders, not to allow the sale of concessions citing the sale of those sacks is not just a pinnacle part of the moviegoing experience but necessary for theaters to open their doors pay employees and the overhead. >>his concession connors cannot be open we would be running major going on making a little money, there's no money to be made it would be as a bigger loss. operating the theater than it is to keep this year >>he went on to say that the movie theaters have already opened in 40 other counties across california, none of which have impose these restrictions and although according to the state's covid tears, san francisco county is
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now allowed to have moviegoers philip at theater up to 50% capacity. the county is still limiting it to 25% so it's a thanks but no thanks for now. the association's president tells me that the last letter requesting this change was sent to mayor london breed's office on friday. they have not heard back yet live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >>as everybody has like this is hard there's no denying that. >>now the elbow unified school district is one of many bay area districts beginning to discuss how they may reopen schools in person and tonight they held a virtual meeting in heard from a number of teachers and parents are kron four's michelle kingston has their reaction from the east bay. >>teachers parents and mount diablo unified school district officials discussing how when or if schools may reopen this year like the one thing that has been very true this year is life has been disrupted. and to me reopening schools is
9:31 pm
simply another disruption, the district sent surveys out to families over the weekend some say they don't feel safe returning to school while others are anxious to get back in the classroom, you know having any kind of hybrid learning would be detrimental in terms of the virus and plea because regardless. >>like i'm seeing on my students, some parents say virtual learning has been tough it's a tremendous families. who cannot work in such a majority of teachers who spoke during the meeting are against opening schools right now we know we know what will happen people will get sick and we will have to close them and not is simply. destruction that we don't need they say teachers and students are just beginning to get settled into this new routine, i know there's a big the socialization is important i know that being online is very hard for a lot of these kiddos but if we can't go back the way that we're supposed to be there. i don't understand going back early no no plan was made and no date set for
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reopening just yet the district says they'll continue to have meetings. >>before making a final decision in concord michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>the gulf coast is bracing for a possible hurricane for the 6th time in an unprecedented hurricane season. this video is out of cuba where the storm brushed by today. >>flooding strong winds heavy rain all damaging some of the cash crops on the island nation there. hurricane delta should make landfall in the u.s. sometime in the next 48 hours or so and could very well bring winds of well over a 100 miles an hour to areas. already hard hit by storms over the past few months for more on delta chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with us large we really need this forecast to be wrong because this area in particular has been so battered oh boy louisiana been under the gun they've had a couple hurricanes moving through the season just the gulf has been extremely active this year, and you can see. >>here's the very latest with delta moving off the yucatan
9:33 pm
peninsula back out and noble waters and you know it's the color here begin to get very white that's a sign of the cloud tops in very cold and intensifying as the storm system just beginning to put itself back together it is weakened quite a bit over the past 24 hours member yesterday this time we're talking about a category 4 with sustained winds of a 145 miles per hour goes across land gets that interference from the land so chilly that messes up the circulation has dropped to a category one sustained winds of 90 miles per hour moving west northwest at 17, but now nothing in its way it's moving out into open waters and you can see right here as it moves in it's going to start to intensify over those warm waters there in the gulf sustained winds of a 120 miles per hour making it a category 3 by thursday afternoon. then as we get into friday here we go possibly making landfall again louisiana as a category 3 a major hurricane as comes onshore get a hurricane this strong possibly sustained near
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a 120 miles per hour. we could be talking about maybe a 10 maybe 11 foot storm surge where that system comes on shore extremely dangerous hurricane keep monitoring it as it gets a little bit closer over the next couple of days here in the bay area they've got that nice fall weather outside 70's for tomorrow and friday partly cloudy skies, slight chance showers in the north bay on saturday. thank you lawrence here in the west update on the wildfires, many families. >>or picking up the pieces after being displaced by the class fire trying to at least cut force. taylor spoke to a deer park family in napa county and has their story. >>the only his family lived in this deer park community for 40 years for thehr kids it's the place where they grew up in shared many memories, right now i'm on their property standing in one of the 2 homes. this is the smaller one in can see here behind me this fire just completely tore through the area. now only charred appliances are still standing and forces really hoping that it was just light.
9:35 pm
>>and then they just got it was like fire hitting the side of the mountain just like crash and was you just like now. >>no that's fired for the ole family sunday september 27th was just like any other night that was until they started hearing, loud sirens and saw the glass fire quickly approaching their deer park home, jackie ola and her husband lived here in napa county for almost 2 decades and their daughters were also used to fire evacuations only this time the outcome was very different it was terrifying and home has always been that place where we felt safe not safety is gone the family hasn't been able to see the damage for themselves yet. >>instead they learned the fire destroyed their home from videos posted online. the house like that it's just. >>you don't believe that you can see it. it's right there. we actually get there and see it it's. >>i would guess that keep in the back my head think it
9:36 pm
might still be there even though i know it's not now 40 years of memories way in the ashes. >>jack yulia recently lost her sister to cancer some of her things were destroyed in the fire along with heirlooms from her mother and i my mom died when i was so i west summer her staff and that it and that's all. dawn despite all of this loss representing what used to be their home. family hopes to rebuild one day in the same place. >>and for anyone facing the same fire evacuations. they say it's a learning lesson, anybody else most to go through this just to make the list. >>of everything that's important to you even you know it sounds silly when it's gone you're going to regret not making that list make the list to go through the house. >>and you grab and grab all of that you make a plan that you know everybody says make a plan make a plan. and so you're living in it. you know understand what that means so from us who just had to deal with this or still dealing with it make a plan. >>right now the only us are
9:37 pm
staying with another family member until they find a place to rent. they have goals ultimately the come back here and we built and you're parked taylor bus after kron 4 news. >>telling somebody me on the hill and she's right here we need in nobody's come me. >>still ahead tonight new developments in the pianist taylor case police releasing the recordings of interviews between taylor's boyfriend and investigators what these new details revealed when we come back. >>and in sports if you're big a's fan and have a bad heart today was dicey boy what a game though as the u.s. try to keep their season alive sports director jason dumas says highlights and reaction they do one of the most difficult jobs there is, even in normal times.
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>>you win some you lose some but live to fight another day a famous phrase coined by willie jones from the motion picture friday rest in peace john witherspoon you can apply that phrase many things but it could apply to the situation today. if they lost they were going home another day would not exist at least this season. luckily for them. they found a way. another warm day in tinseltown was a been finding out of the park at a record pace during this series. the astros score 5 times in the 5th the final one right here that's kyle tucker with the rbi single houston
9:41 pm
seemingly in control of 74. but in the 7th with 2 on chad pindar change the a's fortune with one swing of the bat, a three-run home run. showman i am going crazy dusty baker can not believe that the aids come back to tie the games but in the sec 8th, inning they scored twice again on sacrifice flies this one by sean murphy, he scores robbie grossman that makes it 8 to 7 in the 3rd then they brought in the australian to seal the deal he dominated the aides over he dominated the astro's i'm sorry over 3 innings henderson one-hit ball with 4 strikeouts to get the same age when 97 street and they win the fight another day let's hear from hendricks after the >>we've got to backs against the wall this woman's levis baseball have we we can knock out the next 2 and we're talking for another few days doctor less pitches i did last time it has happened a double
9:42 pm
my actual innings and >>yeah be ready to go and i think there's there's any doubt >>if i'm the best man for the job i want to i want the ball. >>that's the guy you want on your team. it was all good just a week ago, nick mullens was the talk of the town slicing and dicing the new york giants people are saying jimmy hill that's what many fans are saying, but the eagles they change that narrative very quickly now all attention has shifted to jimmy g and when he can get back on the field a high ankle sprain usually keeps players show for 4 to 6 weeks. and you need went down on september 13th. this sunday's game would get him back in 4 weeks sharp. jimmy was limited practice today and as you can see no limp or anything and he looked good in the limited time we were able to watch him obviously practice and full game speed 2 very different things. his status for sunday is still very much in the air and kyle shanahan knows who will start jimmy can go but he's keeping that close to the
9:43 pm
vest. >>but i'm gonna hold that just because there's a difference between them and of jimmy can't go. i'd like a miami and find out on sunday. but i decided we'll get both of them are up because got to be ready in case doesn't go. but i guess we'll find answer on which ones not trust. >>a little gamesmanship part of the nfl experience that you look
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>>louisville police have released details of the investigation into the shooting death of breonna taylor in the hours after taylor was killed in march investigators question taylor's boyfriend, kenneth walker. the recordings of the police interviews they were released today take a look. >>so was a loud boom and to do first day she says who is it. no so we live with today. we both get of star put on clothes, no they're not to she's like always to talk littles no next thing i know. she's on the ground in the doors been a. i hear a bunch a yearly binges just telling somebody on the on the hill and she's right here we need in nobody's coming he heard me. i feel the same he used a dog is barking and that's when i got close to that is you do
9:47 pm
is like or you hate with did you get hit by a bullet and i'm like no. he said oh that's unfortunate. >>mayor greg fischer today says that it was important to release the investigative files as quickly as possible after making necessary redactions he says much of the information in those files. it was included in records from the grand jury proceedings that were released last week and this know where the development in that case kentucky's attorney general daniel cameron here wants to keep the grand jury proceedings and testimony. >>secretive in the taylor case that is according to a motion filed today and this comes after a separate motion was filed last week by an anonymous grand juror on the case that seeks the release of recordings transcripts and reports from the grand jury relating to the case. los angeles police have released shocking and graphic video that captures a brutal attack
9:48 pm
of an officer inside the station. it happened last month but the footage was just released today, it is from security cameras and body worn cameras really a violent struggle for this officer's gun chris wolfe has more on the investigation. >>it was a violent seemingly unprovoked attack on los angeles police officers that is considered attempted murder. all caught on camera saturday september 2620 20 about 10:00pm at the lapd harbor division, a man driving a truck races to the station and immediately appears agitated. a desk officer inside hears or sees the commotion and walks to the front door where the stranger confronts him. the officers identified as anthony freeman a veteran cop, the man 29 year-old jose guzman words are
9:49 pm
exchanged exactly what we don't know but before long investigators say guzman unleashed an all out attack on freeman punching him grabbing his gun pistol whipping him and eventually pointing the gun at the officer assistant watch commander sergeant robin, enters the fray. police say guzman fired on her and she fired back, but bullets did not hit either >>officials say patrol officers eventually gave and captured guzman as he tries to escape in >>a body cool all right we've >>really a frightening stuff there that was chris wolf
9:50 pm
reporting for us tonight, meanwhile, jacob blake is out of the hospital the 29 year-old black man has spent the last 6 weeks recovering after he was shot 7 times in the back by a white police officer in kenosha wisconsin. that shooting was also caught on camera inflaming racial tensions and sparking another round of protests like suffered a pierced spine shattered rib a punctured damage liver and several holes in his stomach. his attorneys says that he will continue his recovery at a rehab center in chicago. >>all right switching gears now as we turn our attention to the 4 zone forecast first chief meteorologist now with the yeah we've got changes coming our way of felt the temperatures change a little bit today, we cool down that stronger on shore breeze. we have the fog we're seeing that fog moving to san francisco right now so it's going to fill in the bay overnight tonight probably deep enough. >>likely to see some drizzle out there as well can it stay
9:51 pm
in the atmosphere, we've got a couple ripples out there we've got one little swirl off the coastline that will bring a few high clouds across the skies for tomorrow should make for beautiful sunset by tomorrow evening, otherwise right now we're keeping things dry tonight, increasing low clouds and fog some of that going to be dense along the coast line tomorrow, partly cloudy and even a little bit cooler slight chance of showers i think now best chance will come on saturday mainly north of the golden gate bridge. so we hope this front would dive into the bay area unfortunately looks like it's going to sag a little bit further to the south with the jet stream tomorrow, mild conditions around the bay area really lot of 70's out there tomorrow on a high for much of the bay area low cloud and fog going to search a surge well on shore for tonight, you see the drizzle along the coastline will begin to see couple mid to high level clouds float across sky from that weak disturbance off the coastline. so with that in mind tomorrow, looks like we start out some cool temperatures overnight lows going to be the 40's and the 50's by the afternoon run up to the spots, inland 73. in
9:52 pm
livermore about 73 degrees in concord 70 in the napa valley got 1560's along the coastline next 2 days. we keep those temperatures down a bit slight chance of a shower on saturday after that front moves through by sunday. we've got those gusty offshore winds returning with warmer temperatures too. >>up next the 79 year-old man he sure isn't letting his age hold him back from hitting the baseball field now he's actually be
9:53 pm
the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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9:55 pm
>>softball team in north carolina get ready to hit the field for the first time in a year ago covid forced the cancellation of the season. prior but no one is more excited to step up to the plate now then wayne armstrong, no one reporter jessica rake tells us why he brings more than skilled in the game. >>really for this sweet water softball team it will be their first ad back the amount of practice and for 79 year-old wayne armstrong there's no bigger baseball fan. it couldn't come soon enough. >>it is feel good inside mall arms. my legs. >>starting his 6th season in this week water church lee he said can anybody play softball and we said well, yes so i want to play and we said you got love and he said yes. >>a kid he had the the full gear baseball pants baseball gloves a helmet and i thought oh this is a ball player right
9:56 pm
here armstrong has special needs but he wouldn't let that hold him back from taking the field it plays out the out on every game and then he gets some bad but more than a base hit or a double play team on 3 good is being part of the team you to see him play the game. >>that's the way it's supposed to be played when you see him run those has a big smile on his face. it just you know the whole world stops and you know that he's just free out there it's a blessing to may. >>really down my heart. it's a lesson. they were found them. friends. >>you can and at the end of each game walpole walk-off lane. to his >>barry doesn't even have a designated runner walk-off moines know we can beat out
9:57 pm
th t adorable though the dorms and that was jessica rank reporting for us this evening love the watch stories like that that wraps up kron 4 news at night but grant and i are going to be back at the top of the hour. thousands of ballots already cast here in the bay area coming up we're going to see how the early voting process is going in. >>sandra tale which was the first county in the state whopper mail in voting back in 2015 plus or political analyst breaking down the first and only vice presidential debate, how they think each candidate helped out their respective presidential nominee, those stories and much more coming up. up. >>kron 4 news at 10. i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19. nineteen limits taxes on seniors. it limits property tax on people like me. nineteen limits taxes on wildfire victims. it says so right here.
9:58 pm
if 19 passes, seniors can move closer to family or medical care. i looked at moving but i can't afford the taxes. will you help california's most vulnerable? vote 'yes' on prop 19.
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10:00 pm
>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 10. >>we'll have does couple of things said. get back. >>and that includes the home of 40 years for this north bay family. their last family issues, one of hundreds of north bay families who are now displaced because of that glass fire. thanks for joining us at 10 o'clock everybody i'm grant lodes vicki liviakis we continue to hear stories of devastation and heartbreak like that is that. >>glass fire rages in napa and sonoma counties, cal fire says the fire has now sc


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