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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  October 8, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 5. >>good morning and thanks for waking up with us we're making a habit of this i'm darya folsom, yes we've got to stop today is thursday october and i take that back we need to keep meeting yes every day we surely appreciate you joining us john sure able has a look at the forecast. we'll start the hour that way good morning john and i john and we appreciate everyone so early we are getting outside this morning to some cool conditions yet again you may not notice the differences in today's forecast as you step outside. >>but you sure we'll notice them later on today this afternoon as a foe there's cloud cover overhead but visibility is just fine at the surface. we are going to be looking at another gray morning and it's going to stay that way into the early afternoon for many areas too. now today going to be even cooler than yesterday was moderate air quality still does remain though through the midst of the cooldown air quality is still not the greatest out there and for the
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napa area. there's actually a spot of poor air quality this morning, 50's and 60's for current temperatures again that's not a big change from yesterday just yet. alameda at 60 degrees right now double in concord and pittsburgh each at 58. so later today when you notice those daytime highs really tumbling from or they have been our warmest only the 70's. robin. >>all right, thank you john we're heading to the south bay to check in on an early morning, hot spot that is still active. it's an accident that happened shortly after 4 o'clock and it's still blocking several lanes on one oh one here it is on traffic tracker this is northbound one o one at the healthier exit so coming out of south san jose your 3 left lanes are blocked there is a big break involved one of those vehicles flipped over but it's unclear if it's the big rig that overturned so with the 3 left lanes shut down a traffic alert remains in place. the traffic is backed up just beyond the blossom hill exit. if you don't want to deal with this delay you can always cut over to 85 you can take one on one to 85 to 87 or one on one to
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85 to 2.80 it depends on what's best for you and what your final destination is but you are able to squeeze by the crash in the far right lane but it's definitely slow it has bumped up the drive time to 45 minutes from san jose heading into menlo park saw be watching that for you. meanwhile, the bridges look fantastic, nice and quiet and delay free on 80 into san francisco, it's only 8 minutes to fremont street of course we'll check more bridges coming up in my next report back to you are very good rob. thank you breaking news overnight. the contra costa county sheriff's office on the scene of a deadly officer involved incident. >>happened around 11 o'clock last night in the area of highway 2.42. and highway 4 in concord northbound to 42 to westbound for still closed this morning we do have a crew on the way to the scene we'll get more information in a live report says stay tuned for that. >>the vice president and the president more informed. >>about the nature of this pandemic they were informed that its lethal and consequence that it is airborne. that it will affect
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young people. >>and that it would be contracted because it is airborne. and they knew what was happening and they didn't tell you. >>the reality is when you look at the biden plan it reads an awful lot. like what president trump and i and our task force have been doing every step of the way quite frankly. when i look at their plan that talks about vance testing creating new ppe developing a vaccine. it looks a little bit like plagiarism senator harris. >>like to respond whatever the vice president is claiming the administration has done clearly it hasn't worked. that was a vice president mike pence and kamala harris debating the covid-19 pandemic that's hit. >>american how each administration is handling and would handle the covid situation that has killed more than 210,000 americans.
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>>that was their first and only debate before the election we've got nicky lorenzo with highlights from salt lake city. >>vice president mike pence and california senator kamala harris squaring off at the university of utah's kingsbury home divided by plexiglass 12 feet apart, a compromise as the white house deals with the covid-19 outbreak the 90 minute face-off in salt lake city starting out with the pandemic how calm were you when you were panicked about where you're going to get you next 1212 paper. >>how calm were you when your kids were sent home from school and you didn't know when they could go back how kind you when your children's couldn't see your parents because you are afraid they could kill them. >>pence the head of the coronavirus task force was pressed on the administration's response. >>well, the american people have demonstrated over the last 8 months. they were given the facts they're willing to put the health of their families and their neighbors and people they don't even know first. president trump and i have great confidence in the american people and. and their ability. the take that
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information and put it into practice moderating the debate usa today's washington bureau chief susan page challenge both candidates on several topics from transparency to the economy. >>we literally have spared no expense to help the american people in the american worker through this joe biden and kamala harris want to raise taxes, joe biden will not raise taxes on anyone who makes less than $400,000 a year has been very clear about that. >>that was nicky lorenzo reporting after the debate we were joined by our political analysts and here's what they had to say. >>and too much wind as i predicted when you are sitting it's a calmer today. vice president pence doesn't happen same disposition as president trump kamala harris is a reason why she dropped out of alexa now getting death i one she's not as likable as and
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elizabeth warren told see gathered in some cases where any amy klobuchar she just doesn't have their by refocusing completely on the pandemic by making this a referendum on the president's role with the pandemic and that's why i was a little as i was texting david during the debate why is pence going back to the pandemic this is not where he should be just from a pure strategy point of view. this is this this actually was i think a little bit of up. it's going more know and i think for what it did not do than what it did do now if you've got to run a simple debate if you're going to run a safe debate you're going to present your talking points. that's not enough to upset this race and this dynamic is changing that we are not certain that we have another debate on the 15th we probably have a debate on the 22nd, but all of that revolves around. >>the pandemic and the condition and that's for most voters that's why they tune out of politics because they're seen this and it's not
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really moving forward their own household. >>well we actually have some breaking news regarding the next presidential debate between president trump and democratic nominee joe biden. turns out they're going to make it virtual now this comes after the president and more than 2 dozen people at the white house have tested positive for the coronavirus so the second presidential debate set to take place one week from tonight in miami both the president and mister biden will still be in miami. but they'll be participating from remote locations, however after tell you that just moments ago the president president trump tweeted. or at least said during an interview on fox business moments ago quote, i'm not going to do a virtual debate. those were his words this morning during that probably the president right now saying he will not participate in a format that calls for virtual participation. so we'll have to see how this plays out. but that's the very latest this morning, the president has also said that he thinks getting coronavirus was a blessing from god.
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>>and he posted new video on twitter from the rose garden yesterday and in it he credited an experimental drug for his apparent recovery take a look. >>it's a cure for me i walked in i didn't feel good. a short 24 hours later, i was feeling great, i want to get out of the hospital. and that's what i want for everybody i want everybody. to be given the same treatment as your president. i think this was a blessing from god that i caught it. this was a blessing in disguise. i caught it i heard about this drug. i said let me take it it was my suggestion i said let me take it. and it was incredible the way it worked incredible and i think about in catch it would be looking at that like a number of other drugs. >>all right so there you have the president admitting that he was the one who insisted he take this drug that was created by regeneron a company that makes this experimental antibody treatment. it's in late-stage testing right now and its safety and effectiveness across the general population is not yet known. thankfully, at least up
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to this point it has worked out for the president. but again the full safety and effectiveness of the drug has not been. proven just yet but this treatment has been tested. and it has been proven at least to be able to prevent some serious illness after coronavirus infection in certain members of the population. >>now to the wildfire coverage, the glass fire in napa and sonoma counties has burned more than 67,000 acres now and as you can see containment has gone up to 62% you're also looking at some of the damage done there. there have been a lot of homes destroyed by this fire. they're thinking they're going to able to get it fully contained by the 20th in the meantime there are still 13,000 structures that are threatened and 600 plus structures have been burned down. >>well as firefighters continue to make progress in controlling the glass fire. there are new supply and support stations for people returning to the evacuation area to get supplies. robbers and harvey is live at one of those centers in santa rosa
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with more good morning. ron. >>good morning, you know it's a long road to recovery. i was able to talk to some of these families just across the street from here as soon as the sun comes up. you can see some homes that have been damaged was in this area. last week will stoneheart park right behind me that's going to one of the facilities. the families can be able to come and get some of the much needed supplies right now what you're looking at your screen. the damage that was done throughout the area. you can see homes level to the ground entire neighborhoods, not too far from this area where families are going to start to come back and all of that is a part of the rebuilding process so it's nice it's some of the families are going to have come back to some supplies and many of these locations will be able to pick up. items like garbage bags home depot bucket. in 95 mask gloves hand sanitizer all the things that families are going to need as they start the process of getting back into their homes. we're going to show you some of the other locations so not
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just here at skyhawk park 57 to the mountain hawks drive in santa rosa, but you can also head over to. maria creel high school that's at 6975 montas ito boulevard here in santa rosa, and also over at sonoma valley, regional park. they're also going to be offering supplies in there. if you are going to be visiting any of these facilities you need to make sure you have some sort of proof. that you live in the area you have an address. you can confirm so if you have identification please make sure you come with that also we're still in the middle of a pandemic on top of all of this so they're asking residents in the area who are returning to make sure you stay in your vehicle at these locations they're going to tell you what steps to take also make sure you have your mask. if you there so as the morning continues to go on we'll talk some of the families that are receiving some of these items and i can imagine it's just a little piece of relief and
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everything that's going on. james and assume that you both in the studio all right, thanks a lot right now. >>time now is 5.11. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the school district in the east bay now considering new plans for how they may reopen their schools will explain. plus hurricane delta strengthening now as it heads for the u.s. gulf coast we're going to bring you the very latest on the path of that storm and after the break a san francisco firefighter dies during a training exercise. we'll take a look at the somber for session to remember.
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>>5.14 right now dogs are once again allowed off leash and designated areas of east bay regional park district parks. park officials required all dogs to be on leash in march when the pandemic started owners have to keep their pets in view and under control now even though they are allowing you to take the leash off dogs have to be back on the leash if they are threatening or you know another dog are chasing a dog already wildlife or bothering any park visitors. >>and it should be pretty nice actually to go to the park i think great weather. yeah, i've even up and using the sunscreen because it doesn't fit you know theres usually risque there is bases covered i think this is showing my eyes i know the mask the had i'm fully covered so i figure
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was going to burn just like when he put the sunscreen on it just puts no it's definitely a change i think a lot of people are going to be trading out the sunscreen for maybe a light jacket in the days to come ahead of us. >>this morning, not that much different than the past few mornings have been were cool again and we're cloudy again as you can see from san francisco. >>but as we're in the midst of this nice dip in the jet stream that's helped to push out some the hotter and drier air now we are definitely holding on to some mild weather. unfortunately if you're looking forward to some rainfall there is going to be that it's just not working its way our direction in the bay take a look at future cast right here so some solid showers to our west but that energy not quite making its way into the bay area come friday so friday will be a dry day. saturday still remaining our better chance of seeing a couple of scattered showers here there as you can see a little pockets of green popping up throughout the course of your saturday for the bay. but these are nothing more than brief sprinkles here and there. rainfall really remaining concentrated up
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north near the oregon border and eventually into washington oregon, where they'll receive at times some pretty heavy rainfall actually. bay area looking at some beautiful sunny skies on sunday. keeping the cooler weather around too so it is going to be a very nice finish to the weekend in fact just a very nice weekend and general of nothing more than a few trey sprinkles showing up on our future cast of rainfall totals areas like pacific and half moon bay could see to hundreds of an inch while napa santa rosa and sandra fell even lighter amounts expected the map as for temperatures today, 50's 60's near the coastline, which as you all know is it much of a change from the past few days for the coast. it is our bayside in inland areas that are in for quite the cool down today with low 70's in mountain view, upper 60's and palo alto low 70's continue down into the south bay with san jose at 71 and our warmest today only a few mid 70's, mixed in there like walnut creek and concord at 74 degrees each oakland berkeley richmond awful through the all
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the way down through castor valley and up to the all in the 60's right along the bay, shore fairfield and vacaville at 7374 while upper 60's to low 70's from santa rosa through nevado. now tomorrow's temperatures will be very similar to today's as will be saturday too. i mention friday remaining dry saturday just a couple of sprinkles possible and then sunday, ample sunshine and staying pretty cool too. temperatures really start to rise into the middle of next week, but still no 90's insight in the seven-day forecast. >>robert all right. thank you john i'm tracking 2 major hot spots that folks need to know about starting off in the east bay and ongoing police investigation in concord this is northbound to 42 to the west bound for connector. police are investigating an officer involved shooting that happened last night. they hope to have the lanes open shortly but if you have to travel from concord up to highway 4 or maybe to the benicia bridge. you want to stick with 6 ad
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instead of 2.42 you're just going to stay on 6 amy and continue over highway 4. once again the northbound to 42 connector to west 4 is closed for police activity a traffic alert has been issued but we still don't have an exact estimated time of clearing saw stay on that we also have a traffic alert for san jose northbound want to want tell your this is an overturned crash looks like a box truck flipped over the 3 left lanes are close you are able to squeeze by the right lane only it's causing a bit of a backup back from the blossom hill road exit so north one oh one is crawling from blossom hill up to the helier exit because of this accident if you don't want to deal with the slow traffic on northbound one oh one you can take one oh one to 85 over to 87 or one oh one to 85 to 2.80 to continue that trip through the south bay, i'll zoom out you can see the whole stretch where up to 49 that drive time is on the rise for north one oh one to make
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it from the san jose area into me4lo park. you need to get out there early because you will be delayed. a really quick peek at our bridges are burgess doing fine. no delays on 80 into san francisco we're at 8 minutes for your average off to fremont street and i'll leave you with one more that's the san mateo bridge. it's our busiest, but it's not bad. we have a crowd levy hayward but you're averaging a very quick 12 minutes from the east bay to the peninsula. i'll continue to monitor these hot spots. we'll have another update coming up in just a bit back to you. >>all right, thank you very much robin time now is 5.20 happening today with thousands of nurses still on the picket lines demanding better protective gear from covid-19 this is day 2 of a strike at hospitals in alameda county and in this video you can see nurses striking in san leandro the nurses say they feel unsafe at work and they say mismanagement and under staffing has left many of them vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus the nurses are also demanding a better contract. the alameda health system sent out a statement hoping to resolve differences with the workers and reach an agreement on what they
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consider to be a fair contract. well this morning, the city of san francisco is mourning the tragic loss of a san francisco firefighter jason cortez he died during a training exercise wednesday at about 00:10am in the morning at the training facility on 19th and fulsome fire officials say cortes was injured rushed to the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital short distance away where unfortunately they were unable to save him. yesterday chief janine nicholson took a moment to reflect on the loss of one of their own. >>jason came into the fire department in 2007. and worked on an ambulance until 2015. when he joined the fire side of the fire department. for the past 2 years. he has worked at station 3. engine 3 which is the busiest fire engine in the country always a straight up guy. hardworking kind just a wonderful human being.
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>>a procession took cortez from the hospital to the coroner's office. jason protests leaves behind a wife and 2 children. >>this year's historic wildfire season is not only affecting the local wine industry is also posing a threat to pot growers. some growers are dealing with the loss of crops because the flames and others are worried that the lingering smoke and ash in the air could impact the quality of their weed, wendy kornberg is the owner of some of this humboldt's full sun farms. her garden should produce between 20400 pounds of marijuana year this year. she's worried some cannabis may not pass inspection. >>being concerned that we've seen is that the product has ash on it and really with the way to california regulations are going that becomes incredibly problematic because will fail testing for foreign contaminants. >>carver says because the ash is getting stuck to the flower
5:23 am
she's using a natural farming solution to help clans the flowers before they go out for testing the love the kornberg has been sharing her technique as well with others. >>we'll take a break or 5.23, but coming up coronavirus has infected to staff workers at the state capitol in sacramento. we're going hear from governor newsom about the case and after the break protests and looting in wisconsin over a decision made in the case of a fatal police shooting of a teenager, we'll tell you more about say yes... to the best bargains ever at ross! yes! oh, yeah! yep. yesss! savings on savings on savings? that's yes for less.
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>>we're back at 5.25 in national headlines, the gulf coast now bracing for a possible hurricane for the 6th time. this is video of cuba where the storm brushed by yesterday flooding, strong winds heavy rain. they damage crops on that island nation and hurricane delta. we understand should make landfall in the u.s. sometime in the next few days could bring winds well over a 100 miles an hour to areas that have already been battered and hit hard by storms in the past few months. >>protests and looting in milwaukee overnight after the decision not to charge a police officer in the deadly shooting of a teenager 6 businesses had their windows smashed and police ended up firing tear gas to disperse people. people were protesting
5:27 am
the death of alvin cole officer joseph mensah shot him outside of a shopping mall in february. prosecutors say that mensa acted in self-defense after coal fired a shot while fleeing. cole is a 3rd person that officer mensa had fatally shot since becoming an officer. >>i've 27 and coming up next on kron 4 morning news movie theaters are finally allowed to open in san francisco, but don't expect to catch a show right now we'll explain why the industry is choosing to keep their doors close.
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>>i'm 29 want to take a peek at weather and traffic. >>robin is one of those bought first robin for sure what's going on. yes, i have 2 hot spots that are working one is wrapping up the other one still active starting off in concord. >>42 connector northbound to west for is finally back open. it was closed for several hours overnight and into the morning commute. traffic looks great even though was closed for several hours. i'm not tracking any residual delays because that is the counter commute direction once again leaving conquered heading toward highway for the north to 42 connector to west for its finally back open now the commute direction west 4 to south to 42 is also clear and
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delay free so that traffic alert was canceled. but this traffic alert remains in place this is the south bay san jose, this is northbound one o one at the helen your avenue exit we have crews dealing with a multi vehicle accident there is a big rig there's a truck that flipped over the 3 left lanes are closed, you can see the backup is growing now it's almost to the 85 split. so instead of being stuck in traffic on north one oh one you can go ahead and exit at 85 and use 85 to continue that commute through the south bay that way you can get around that back up as i zoom out you can see all of one oh one and it's only slow right there leading up to the scene so the rest of your trip will be fine as soon as you pass the crash but it pushed up your drive time to 49 minutes from san jose heading into menlo park saw stay on top of that and i'll give you a quick update on the bay bridge, it's picking up here on 80 into san francisco still delay free but more folks are rolling in and so we're at 10 minutes for your average off to fremont street john well robin you've
5:32 am
got all the hot spots this morning today will be anything but across the bay area just mild out there that's the way we're going to stay through the weekend too. >>outside from berkeley, a good view of cloud cover is hanging out above you so visibility for most areas is actually holding up just fine this morning as we work our way through the morning you will notice some more and more brightness starting to peak its way through and by the afternoon, a much brighter finish the day much like yesterday though fog and cloud cover will remain pretty solid solid near the coastline. air quality remains moderate for most areas a lot like it did yesterday pocket a pour conditions right around nearby the glass fire so do mind that if you have respiratory conditions, 50's 60's for your current temperatures double in concord pittsburgh, 58, not much cooler than yesterday to kick off this morning, but by the afternoon you'll really notice the difference is from our cool start to a nice and mild afternoon. we will be seeing daytime highs that are warmest only in the 70's with
5:33 am
60's and 50's up the coast and mostly 60's along the bay. daria thanks a lot john it's 5.32 the state department of public health is now contact tracing after 2 people. >>at the state capitol tested positive for covid governor staff member and a state employee tested positive the to employee share a workspace with the governor's governor newsom says that neither he nor anyone he regularly interacts with have been around those 2 workers. they have both been. >>isolated and we are working from that to make sure that everybody is appropriately tested. and anyone that been direct contact also goes through the protocols and procedures that we have put out so that we're not just preaching but we're practicing what we preach ins. >>the governor did not say how many staff members were quarantining after their possible exposure to those positive tests.
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>>well in the east out the awful unified school district is starting to discuss how they may reopen their schools during a virtual meeting a number of teachers and parents voiced their concerns surrounding the reopening prior to the meeting the district sent out surveys to families over the weekend some say they don't feel safe returning to school others though say they're anxious to get their kids back in the classroom. >>the one thing that has been very true this year is life has been disrupted. and to me reopening schools is simply another disruption force in my opinion that zoom because we're not to be able to move around but not the name given govern him things i'm not going to able to see i have to stay far away from them i can't see their work right now and zoom they can hold things up so. >>i know there's a big the socialization is important know that being online is very hard for a lot of these kiddos but if we can't go back the way that we're supposed to be there. i don't understand going back early. >>well no decision was made on
5:35 am
wednesday night's meeting regarding the reopening other districts in contra costa county are considering january as a possible date to return not the apple unified school district will continue to have meetings before making a final decision. >>now is 5.34 and what's a visit to the movie theater if you don't get popcorn in san francisco, the answer is stout was visiting, i guess they are allowed to reopen but san francisco county theaters have decided they're restricted from selling food and so they're choosing to stay close because they figure if you can popcorn why go to the show. the state's their associations asking san francisco county to make an exception over these instructions for local government leaders, not to allow concession sales. they say the sale of the snacks isn't just a pinnacle an essential part of the moviegoing experience but it's also a big part of the profits. >>we're losing money as it is being closed. but we will even lose that much more we open
5:36 am
and not have that additional revenue stream and one other thing you have to take into consideration. the seating capacity we're limited to 25%. capacity even though the county of san francisco is now in the yellow some which would allow 50%. >>think about it that way so you know they're only know that 25% of the people for tickets. they're hoping ease lot of popcorn and since they can't do that that's going to be tough because i think it was something like 40% of their profits come from the concession stands. and actually theaters and 40 other counties across california have not had those restrictions. so the last letter requesting this change was sent to mayor london breed's office on friday. the industry says they have not yet heard back. happening today, the regal movie theater chain is closing all of their shares in the u.s. they reopen in august.
5:37 am
>>the theaters have decided they're going to close now that was quick to us closures. are considered temporary. they're going to cost thousands of employees their jobs. i guess they like this hearing felt that they were making of >>just more it's cheaper to shut it down and keep it open all right still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news despite pandemic the housing market here in the bay area's apparently booming. we'll tell you what look if you're planning on buying a home. plus the open days still alive in the playoffs after a much needed spark on the offensive side of the ball to have highlights and a preview of the game of game 4. coming up for and coming up next early voting underway across the bay area we're going to see how election officials in san mateo county are preparing for thousands of mail in ballots.
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>>and we're back time now 5.40 we are just 26 days away from the november election and early voting is already underway and several bay area counties. many are seeing huge turnout. one of them is san mateo county. in fact since monday nearly 630 people have shown up at the county's 3 vote centers. the elections board has also received 1700 votes by mail so far the county's encouraging people voting by mail to send off their ballots early in case any irregularities are found. in the last election 4,000 ballots were challenged in san mateo county half of them
5:41 am
simply didn't have the proper signature. >>history will show that many bowlers weight so the very end of the process on election day become and cast their ballots in both sectors. but what we are seeing is an early. flow of voters which i think that gary good indication that people are going to start really early. >>and the county and stalled measures to help protect voters from coronavirus they spent a $100,000 to make sure that every voting facility is sanitized and equipped with plexiglas and face masks. for all the information you want on early voting and your local ballot drop-off locations just visit our website kron 4 dot com we've got all that information there for you. >>in the south bay santa clara county is celebrating milestone this election season, the county counted 1 million registered voters. that's 83%. >>of the total eligible voters in the county that's a high number it's also a jump from 67% 2016 general election.
5:42 am
>>voters in santa clara county have until october 19th to register so there still could be more. >>well has been fall for a little bit now but now we're actually starting to feel like it look at these changes that we've experienced so far this week from the 90's to the 70's big changes from where we have been just days ago, i'm talking. >>what to expect for the next few days still to come. >>i'm tracking several problems around the bay area this morning, the bridges look pretty good. it's filling in at the bay bridge toll plaza a minor wait on 80. and 2 overturned big rigs one for the east bay one from the south bay, i'll have details comi
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>>i 45 right now and we're checking out the weather and traffic first we're going to robin because there is a hot spot. yes, i actually have 2 hot spots. this is the 3rd hotspot of the morning, the big problems just keep rolling in. we want to head down to the south bay where crews are dealing with this overturned big rig. they finally got a tow truck on scene check out this photo, this is from the chp san jose can see on the left that big rig flipped over on its side on the right you see one of those special heavy duty tow trucks that have already moved into position with a little crane on the back so they are working to upright and clear this overturned big rig and of once again this is northbound one o one at the healthier avenue exit it happened shortly after
5:46 am
5 o'clock this morning and they still have 3 lanes close unfortunately this is the commute direction and you see what it's doing to your morning drive traffic is crawling on north one oh one way back from 85, so you can always cut over to 85 and use that to continue your trip through the south bay so once again north what i want to tell your avenue, multi vehicle accident including an overturned big rig blocking 3 lanes of traffic you want to avoid that stretch if you can, here's your drive time as i zoom out a whopping 51 minutes because of that crash to make it from san jose in to menlo park also got word of another overturned big rig. this one is in benicia this is coming out of the north bay approaching the east bay, this is 6.80 south. it's at industrial, it's right at that little bridge between industrial and 7.80 this is an overturned big rig as well your 2 left lanes are closed and the fast traffic crawling approaching the scene it's already backed it will be on lake herman so this is going to slow you down in are in
5:47 am
benicia the lay ho are trying to access the benicia bridge so keep that in mind you may want to take 80 instead of 6.80 or police action and conquered out of the way north to 42 and west for that entire connector ramp was closed for a police investigation. it is back open to traffic is back at the levitt coming up a little bit later we'll check in on bay area bridges traffic is picking up there as well john roberts sounds like a busy morning for commuters at least weather is giving us a break these next couple of days, not too much story about out there as far as this forecast is concerned sure some gray skies overhead this morning in a few spots of fog. >>but our chances of rainfall of really diminished. so if you have any plans this weekend. really what you have to look for to us just some mild conditions, let's look at futurecast so showers to our west but that energy just tapering out before it gets to the bay on friday so friday now expected to be pretty dry day partly cloudy skies and some noticeable cool weather continues as for saturday, a better chance of rainfall but
5:48 am
at that some very light sprinkles possible. >>couple of spots a very light green popping up briefly across the bay indicating that potential for a few light sprinkles here and there. rainfall really centered up towards the northern part of the state on across the oregon and into washington borders, where they're actually going to receive some heavy rainfall over the weekend. skies really clear out on sunday and then a pretty favorable finish to the weekend. here's your future cast of rainfall totals not amounting to much mostly just trace amounts of rainfall. couple of sprinkles here and there for areas like napa sandra fell santa rosa. pacifica and half moon bay or amounting to about 207 inch in some of these spots now as for today, a dry one but a significantly cooler one the coast staying pretty steady in those 50's and 60's you've gotten used to also staying a little grayer towards the coast sunshine reappears this afternoon for other spots in the day and under that sun you get to enjoy some 60's 70's at our warmest low 70's and san jose campbell in cupertino at
5:49 am
around 71 to 72 degrees. 60's from fremont hayward eventually all the way up through oakland towards well our inland areas in the low to mid 70's. walnut creek in concord at 74 degrees each antioch vacaville and center fell all also at that number meaning these will be our warm spots today only 24 degrees that's a pretty nice way to spend the afternoon. friday and saturday we keep those 70's around before temperatures do rise a bit into next week. but only back into the 80's and landed or warmest. saturday as i mentioned our best chance of showers and those will be some very light sprinkles at the most james, all right john thank you very much if you're thinking about buying a home in the bay area's suburbs. >>well now might be the time william door latch of realty one group says one reason is the historically low interest rates the home market is seeing and buyers are definitely taking advantage. >>for example, the pleasanton area and will be held. yeah every day the market are about
5:50 am
well. you know home, they're looking at in a million dollar man who may have been followed by were rated counterintuitive. who would think in the middle of show grand lake that the bay area real estate market would have either. a bill by an end here. >>and one trend, the sellers are noticing is that many of the home buyers work in the tech industry and they're leaving the city and moving to the suburbs. >>the oakland a's live to fight another day they will play the astros in game 4 of the american league division series has found a way somehow to win game 3 and stay alive. keeping the playoff hopes going so let's get to the highlights from dodger stadium we go. >>let's jump in the 5th inning astros score 5 runs in the 5th to take the lead away from oakland. the a's didn't go though without a fight and scored 5 runs down the stretch, including scoring on the sacrifice fly ball's they also shut out the astros in
5:51 am
the last 4 ending so the a's. in the final analysis won this one 97, let's hear from pitcher liam hendriks about how he saved the we've got to back since the wall this woman's lab as baseball have we we can knock out the next 2 and. >>we're talking for another few days doctor less pitches i did last time it happened a double my actual innings and >>yeah be ready to go and i think there's there's any doubt >>if i'm the best man the job i want to i want the ball. >>you know just rattle and that's awesome alright day's best of 5 series. so they have to win. both of the ones coming up here we've got game for starting at 1235 game 5 tomorrow at 1235 as well. >>now let's talk 49 ers quarterback jimmy it was in limited practice yesterday, but the niners are not ready to say he's going to start on sunday, let's take a look at rap at practice, side side and throw dealing with that high
5:52 am
ankle sprain he suffered last monday looks like he's moving okay, but you know i don't have trained this sunday's game against the dolphins. and that would be 4 weeks rest for him grab status still up in the air though head coach kyle shanahan, won't say yet what he's going to do the niners host, the dolphins on sunday afternoon with a 1 o'clock kickoff. >>well meanwhile, the raiders are traveling right now to play the defending super bowl champions, the kansas city chiefs, traders have won at arrowhead stadium since 2012. head coach jon gruden quarterback derek carr or well, let's just say they're desperate to get a win in kansas city's system. >>the raiders chief summer when i came back here. we have struggled against the chiefs for a long time and what you know. we're back to that fact so we've got to we've got to fix it ourselves we've got to do that state then never be easy task you know it never be said, but. >>you know we haven't won there and sometimes organization we need we need to get a win there. but it
5:53 am
comes at the cost of playing the defending super bowl champs or hot again. >>yes, sunday's game against the chiefs will kick off at 10 o'clock in the morning, it's an early one don't forget. >>5.52 asked to call early. let's take a peek at sfo. in the dark as i can see if there's any fog i would definitely call ahead. but actually looks kind of clear get ready for what seems to be another nice crisp day.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and back to our major hot spot or i should say one of our major hot spots because we actually have to let's update that ripped through san jose we actually have a photo of the big rig that flipped over on northbound one o one at helier this photo tweeted out by chp san jose you can see that huge big rig on its side blocking 3 lanes of traffic. the good news is they have a tow truck on scene it has moved into position they are working to get cleared. but it's definitely jamming up your drive through the south bay northbound want to want to tell your we have 3 lanes close and it is crawling from 85 so stick with one oh one to 85 as your alternate route coming up we'll talk about the other hot spots and stretches to avoid in just a bit we'll be right
5:57 am
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>>you're watching morning news at 6. >>thanks for waking up with us on a thursday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got john trouble starting off the hour with a check of that forecast and what we have in store for today and beyond actually robin first yeah good morning robin good morning. yes, i've had several hot spots this morning too. >>or overturned big rigs and we actually have a photo of a big rig that flipped over in san jose, northbound one at the helen your avenue x and
6:00 am
this a big rig flipped over early this morning and it's still on its side there it is right there that photo from chp san jose look at it it's stretched across 3 lanes of traffic it's on its side. they have a tow truck on scene that's the heavy duty tow truck on the right you see has the crane in the back so they are working to get this a pride in cleared. >>it happened shortly 4 o'clock this morning and it's still blocking 3 lanes of traffic lanes to 3, 4, so you're squeezing by in one lane only and this is really tying up the drive out of san jose you see that back up on one oh one spilling out to 85. >>so you can take one oh one north over to 85, yes, 85 to connect to 87 or 2.80 it depends on what's best for you that will help you get around the slow traffic on one on one because you're squeezing by in one lane and causing a major delay for commuters look at that we're up to 53 minutes now because of that overturned to


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