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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 8, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>news at 5. >>now at 5 the president's doctor says he fully expects president trump to make a quote safe return to public engagements in a matter of days that announcement coming as the fate of the next presidential debate is still not clear thank you for joining us at 5 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, the assessment from doctor sean connelly came late this afternoon conley says quote overall he's responded extremely well to treatment and quote. meanwhile, the fate of the next presidential debate is up in the air the chair of the commission on presidential debates announced
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the event would be held virtually the president swiftly rejected that idea later his campaign asked to delay the debate. that's a request joe biden's campaign rejected joe biden announced he would step this up 8 in a town hall on october 15 the date originally slated for that debate a warning from house speaker nancy pelosi today, the democrats could once again be talking about trying to remove president trump from office speaker pelosi says tomorrow she will be talking about the 25th amendment which outlines the presidential transfer of power procedures catherine heenan host of inside bay area politics is here now she has more catherine. well speaker pelosi is introducing a bill to set up a commission on presidential capacity. >>but first as she was talking to reporters about the coronavirus today. she suddenly said this. >>what are we talking about here. tomorrow by the way. tomorrow. come here tomorrow, we're going to be talking
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about the 25th amendment but not to take attention away from the subject we have now. >>you think it's time to invoke the 25th amendment. i'll talk about that tomorrow. attachment to monitoring that today except to tell you. if you want to bet that we'll see you tomorrow but to take me back to my point. mister president. when was the last time you had a negative test. before you tested positive. why is the white house not telling. the country. >>pelosi later said the president might be and what she called an altered state of mind because of the drugs he's taken to treat covid-19 of course to actually remove the president from office through a constitutional amendment pelosi would have to convince senate republicans to agree and the vice president would have to sign off on that at this point anyway that seems highly unlikely but we will hear more about the new bill tomorrow it would create a commission to determine whether a president is fit for
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office and can. >>catherine thank you and then there's this vice president mike pence is canceling campaign events and traveling back to washington d c. the vice president's spokesperson says that pence has not tested positive for the coronavirus and quote no one is sick. this of course after his debate last night with senator kamala harris is also a week after the president announced tested positive for coronavirus meantime election day approaching this week the alameda county registrar of voters office sent out all of the vote by mail ballot as kron four's political tells us the county is already seeing a record number of registered voters. >>shauna harrison did not want to take any chances with her vote she lives in oakland received her ballot wednesday filled it out and turned it into the nearest 24 hour dropbox location which happens to be emeryville city hall first thing i did this morning was sit down and go through it and make sure i was picking who i wanted to pick for all of the measures and all the everything this year in order
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to accommodate for the large expected turnout for the november, 3rd general election the alameda county registrar of voters. >>has actually increased the number of official ballot drop-off locations. >>to 66 we've been preparing for the psi comparison alameda county had 2824 hour of a crime mail drop boxes for the midterm election. county registrar of voters, tim dupuis says his department has doubled the availability to match the record number of registered voters this time around. depuy says nearly 940,000 people have registered and he believes that number could exceed 1 million when it's all said and done in 2016 would have been lower than that closer to the low 800,000 so. >>the selection has a lot of interest and we're seeing people come out want to register to vote this election every registered voter in the state will receive a vote by mail ballot. in alameda county to police as they were mailed out this week add that if
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anyone wants to vote early right now even if they don't have their ballot. they can come to our main office in downtown oakland and the courthouse. they they can come to and get their ballot and voted think of our health think of our education think of our future think of our planet. >>think about people you know everything that everybody's been going through and make sure if you choose to mail your ballot. it is postmarked election day or earlier to ensure accounts in alameda county police called kron 4 news we are now 26 days away from the november election kron 4 is your local election headquarters this election season kron 4 is committed to helping make sure your vote counts if you experience a problem casting your ballot. let us know you can e-mail us at voting dash problems at kron 4 dot com. another big story we're following tonight an increase in attacks on asian americans, especially senior officials say these targeted attacks have been on
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the rise since the shelter-in-place order started now, san francisco leaders and the community are coming together to fight this new level of hate well force and kerman is live at san francisco city hall tonight with more dan. >>well the most recent attacks occurred in the tenderloin 2 of them within a week of each other in september san francisco police have made an arrest in that case, but community is saying that they have seen some 800 of these attacks across california be they harassment be they physical attacks all times and all tied i should say to covid-19 and hate for asian americans today. the community came together with local politicians and the district attorney to say now is the time to put a stop to this. >>we are going to put a stop to this hate. this hate-motivated violence here in this community and all over the city. >>san francisco supervisor matt haney was joined by the district attorney can members of san francisco's asian-american community to
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denounce an increase in targeted attacks on asian seniors, especially in the tenderloin. >>hunt's shelter in place. our lau cambodian and vietnamese elders and family have lived in public of isolation. both a struggle daily to make ends meet and for them to be able to not allow the street a beer someone's going pop them that is an acceptable speakers pledge to work together not only to make the streets safer in the tenderloin across san francisco. >>but to provide better support services for victims trauma is more than just the physical trauma trauma is emotional trauma. >>and having those services in a culturally competent matter in language is profoundly important and supervisor haney and i are going to get that money out of the door into the hands of competent organizations and professionals so that the healing can begin. >>supervisor aaron peskin says thanks to a push from the community. the city's budget
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now includes almost a million dollars in targeted funding to create grassroots victim services for the asian pacific islander community. >>what our elders experience is horrific and the lasting trauma of the victims and their families experience as a scar on san francisco. i believe that we can work towards healing and i believe that has to start with us here in our community. >>and san francisco leaders made it clear that the community must hold san francisco leaders feet to the fire to make sure that they come through with the support that they are pledging. live at city hall dan kerman kron 4 news stan. thank you very much san francisco police are investigating 2 separate overnight shootings that sent at least one person to the hospital. >>the first was reported just after 1030 last night on webster street in the city's western addition neighborhood. police say the 34 year-old victim was found in a parking lot and taken to a hospital with non life threatening injuries. the second shooting was just after midnight on texas street to the petrel
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hill neighborhood. police say a 27 year-old man was hit with gunfire as the suspect fled the scene in a vehicle. he is expected to survive investigations into both shootings are still ongoing. cal osha is now joining the san francisco fire department investigation into the death of a firefighter paramedic. >>that incident happened during a training accident yesterday morning, 42 year-old jason cortez was injured during that training drill about 10 o'clock in the morning. he was rushed to san francisco general hospital where he died from his injuries officials have not released details about the accident itself. nor what kind of injuries. mister cortez suffered the flags though at the san francisco fire department will remain at half-staff indefinitely in his honor now to the east bay where a concord man has died after jumping off a highway overpass while fleeing from police. contra costa county. sheriff's department says deputies were responding to reports of a hit and run in bay point. they say they saw 31 year-old can trial irving driving a radically nearby
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police say they tried stopping irving, but he led them on a high speed chase irving then hit a guardrail on highway to 42 near the highway 4 interchange irving police and got out of the car and ran before jumping off the overpass he died at the scene authorities are now investigating the circumstances surrounding his death happening now the family of oscar grant is expected to hold a news conference at some point this evening after they need with alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley, this comes just a few days after the district attorneys announced that she would reopen the investigation into oscar grant's killing by bart police at the fruitvale station in oakland back in 2009 all right take a look outside at the weather we'll show you the golden gate bridge and pam it's a sweater weather right now, especially if you're at the bridge gave really is want to check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence is there still any chance we're going to get i don't want to give up on the forecast as yet there is a slight chance, but i think mainly in the north
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bay. >>that we could see a couple raindrops in the clouds out there today certainly skin mentioned feeling more like sweater weather all the time. >>especially those cool start the morning certainly as we get that on american of settling in now, but we do have a cold front off the coastline. you see the swirl right here and here it is not a huge storm we're hoping that was going to move on shore latest forecast has it getting close but following the jet stream unfortunately, just south of the bay area and you see it right here. overnight tonight, those clouds on the increase low clouds and fog and then here comes cold front you see it's getting very close really not that far off the coastline by 00:30am in the morning but then as we head through the day just kind of fade away heading all the way south behind that though there's another cold front that comes in i think that may just clip parts of the north bay certainly a chance of a few scattered light showers if you get some consider yourself >>coming up tonight after a rough start to the school year how one east bay school district is having success with its distance learning program.
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>>plus at 5.30 crews continue to make progress on the glass fire in the north bay as we learn more about a local winemaker who helped with the firefight and a covid outbreak at a nursing home in santa
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>>santa cruz county now where half of all deaths related to covid-19 have occurred at one skilled nursing facility in watsonville as kron four's rob
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out reports now 9 people have died at that facility and the california national guard has been called in to help. >>another 5 deaths were reported wednesday bringing to 9 the total number of deaths since an outbreak of covid-19 first surface 3 weeks ago here at the washington bill post-acute nursing facility again it's still too soon to tell of where it's starting. >>who is it brought it into the facility and how you know all of those questions are things really take some time so far 46 residents and 15 staff at the facility have tested positive for covid-19 protocols on isolation quarantine testing and screening are being reviewed and stepped up looking at their facility in creating zones of where to call for people who covid positive so that residents can shelter place and. >>nicely in place and away from the residents who have as a negative. >>the facility is locked down
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most visitors turned away off camera though jim borrego shared parts of his phone conversation with a resident he usually takes for a walk each day i've been in contact with him a little bit. >>and he asked me to pray for quarantine and they can't get out. it's right there in prison. the national guard was called in to back up staff members who are self-isolating. >>although the overall rate of infection is falling in santa cruz county watsonville post-acute accounts for 9 of the 19 deaths so far. >>bottom line nursing homes and long-term care facilities are still at an elevated risk due to the vulnerable population in congress living settings i think this really shows to just how quickly covid friend in a lot things like a stone or some facility. >>in washington bill rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>the state of california reported another 3500 new cases of covid-19 today and
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nearly 100 new deaths across the united states, the coronavirus death toll has now surpassed 212,000 while here in the bay area more than 1600 people have died from covid-19 and there have been more than 100,000 cases. >>president trump shared another video on his twitter page today from the white house lawn this time to praise how his administration is taking care of seniors amid the pandemic you have. >>medicines right now and i call him a cure i went into the hospital week ago, i was very sick. i took this medicine and it was incredible. it was incredible, i wish i could walked out the following day. it was incredible the impact it had. and we're going to make that and others that are similar to it almost identical, we're going to make them available. immediately we have an emergency use authorization. but i want to get signed immediately. the fda has moved at a level that they've never
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move before. things it would take 2, 3, 4, years. taking a matter of weeks or even sooner than that and that's because of me. >>the president went on to take some shots of joe biden and china calling the coronavirus the china virus and attacking biden's record on the swine flu while he was vice president. >>now to the east bay where we're hearing about success for online learning program in one school district, although there are some technical issues, one parent tells kron four's haaziq madyun she's in no rush to return her child to the classroom. >>it has been 2 months of distance learning for students in the oakland unified school district there has been major progress in getting computers in the hands of students we are in position where the overwhelming majority of our students. >>have either a loner considers one of our schools or they received an open invite to our online engage in distance learning i was nervous coming into this year. >>and i knew it wasn't going to be the same as being an
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percent rebecca rose omar says overall distance learning has been a good experience for a first grader but i've been really impressed with level of education that my kid is receiving despite the circumstances, however, technical issues or a lingering problem 2 months into the school year. >>the technology issue has been highly problematic than new computers that were just asked out made up or not working properly. what for students when the issues we've encountered was seeing some problems with the the volume control and the microphone on the computers 40's houston in june, another online or 2 she platforms distance learning is a temporary solution to usd teachers students and staff safe during the pandemic at this point there's no set date to return to the classroom. >>that >>idea deciding right now in october. a day like january or
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a specific part of january to go back seems absurd because we have no idea what the cases are going to be like them and we're asking for there to be near 0. >>rate of that we're on it decline and we know that actually it's safe but oakland unified school district officials are not ruling out returning to classroom instruction at the beginning of the year is still not ruling out january. >>i'm not rule. i'm not ruling anything haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>all right, let's take a live look outside overlooking the bay bridge toll plaza area you can see what looks like a haze in the background there. yeah, spare the air alert has been extended through saturday due to lingering wildfire smoke chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with the details or you can see the haze out there right now not as bad of course as a once was, but still the fire continues to burn and so especially as we head in toward the evening
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hours as those winds begin to settle some of that smoke begins filter down across the rest the bay area. and that's certainly what we've been seeing a quality right now look at moderate outside all the way from the coastline to many of the interior valleys you see in the yellow here as we still got a little bit of haze outside now it's going to be interesting. i think as we get into the next couple of days, especially the weekend we're going for see an onshore breeze that's good news that usually ups clear out your for tomorrow looks like poor quality in the think right along the coastline looking very good you can see enough of a westerly wind is a very good air quality out toward the coastline that we start to the blue star to build up inside the bay and also in the south bay, this weekend, the winds going to change quite a bit in fact we've seen that nice westerly wind and that's up to improve the air quality. >>for a while but we're going to start to see a change in those wind directions as we get toward the weekend. even the notice here by saturday evening, the air quality may start out pretty good. but then you start to see those winds begin to come out of the north right the glass fire and that will bring some of that smoke back across the rest the bay area of course these little more smoke in our skies
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saturday, hopefully by sunday it improves but we need is a significant rain unfortunately what we're going to get is more dry weather guys that sleet forecast back to you lawrence thank you still ahead tonight at 5, 6, and the praise him and that is how michigan governor. >>gretchen witt mayor describes the man who allegedly schemed to kidnap possibly kill her and take over the state and this is not good news said this putting int
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>>well this one stings little bit of a disappointing end to the season for the oakland a's. yeah, they were crushed by the houston astros today in game 4 and the a's are now officially eliminated from mlb playoffs. for sports reporter kylen mills joins us with a look at the game and where things fell apart. island. >>hey ken pam 11 to 6 astros was the final this game got ugly. the a's talk the talk but they didn't walk the walk when it came to this alds series against the houston astros the a's pitching staff gave up 46 hits over the course of 4 games. today, 14 hits and 4 home runs you can't do that and expect to win so let's relive the pain to get her stolen cell bob melvin hoping to extend the series to a game 5 bottom of the second lori at the plate he gets things started for open with a three-run homer off zach cranky a's up 3 nothing that
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one into the bleachers a's looking good early. top of the force after closing the lead to 3 to 2 carlos correia blast the frankie montas fastball way back to left no doubt about that one it is gone for a three-run shot korea is pumped 5, 3 astros at this point next inning michael brantley makes history this solo shot sets a division series record 23 home runs combined for both teams in the series in only 4 games. astros extend their lead to 6 to 4. houston would score 3 more to make it 94 than in the 7th jose with this dagger that one to 2 run blast to center 11 to 4 astros the a's did score a couple of times in the 9th, but it wasn't enough you can see on the guys faces they know the season is over oakland comes up short in the playoffs, they dropped the series 3 games to one oh come on we've got to change the shot, it's just sad. the astros advance to the american
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league championship series. >>ramones homerun felt like a 1000 run homer the time we feel really good about where we're going frankie was pitching really well i had good stuff, good below good breaking ball. and then all of a sudden a beginning kind of derailed a little bit and then we just couldn't hold him down after that unfortunately. >>the a's haven't won an nl pennant in 30 years but some of the security guards i talked with at the coliseum last weekend when i was covering the wild-card series told me the a success this season and their playoff berth something to look forward to something to be excited about during this bizarre and at times difficult year. so there's always something to be grateful for better luck next fans back to you. >>alright kylen thank you and nick and 5 thousands of americans now preparing for hurricane delta as the storm though stronger looking like it will bring life threatening storm surge to the gulf coast plus negotiations on more
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covid relief are actually still ongoing what lawmakers are saying about the possibility of another round of stimulus checks and firefighters calling this napa
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>>continuing our wildfire coverage cal fire says the glass fire has burned more than 67,000 acres in napa and sonoma counties more than 1500 structures have been destroyed


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