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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 8, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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him out of the defensive end spot and put it back to defensive tackle because causing more harm. then good against mobile quarterbacks like this. >>house speaker nancy pelosi is saying not so fast good evening, everybody thanks for being with us on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis less than a week after his covid diagnosis. president trump is already looking forward to his next campaign rally. but we begin tonight by remembering the victims of a north bay wildfire that today marks 3 years since the tubbs fire tore through parts of the north bay, this is video from quad copter for our drone
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showing the fountain grove neighborhood destroyed. and at the time it was the most destructive fire to spread through the region kron four's justine waldman has a look back and tells us how cal-fire honor the victims and remember all that destruction today, she's live in our newsroom justine. >>well so many firefighters that are battling the glass fire right now we're here 3 years ago attacking the tubbs fire. and during this morning's cal fire briefing. they were thanked for their service and their sacrifice and the victims were remembered. >>we would like to close out with a 32nd. moment of silence for the people that the 22 souls lost lives on. number 00:08pm tonight. >>that moment of silence to remember the 22 people killed in the tubbs fire it burned through about 37,000 acres and destroyed 5,643 structures. it
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was active for 123 days. cal fire says was caused by a private electrical system adjacent to a residence and there has been a lot of lessons learned from that fire. that's now being used to fight the glass fire. >>well to see what the topography was how the fires reacted then and there might have been some dozier trails in those areas are handrails that we can go in there and open up. we keep track of what we do. throughout these fires so we can use what we did last time to help us. >>the thomas fire burn parts of napa sonoma and lake counties that fire hurt the city of santa rosa, the most it has devastated the coffey park neighborhood where an estimated 1300 structures most of them homes were leveled and it's hard not to forget. the horrible fire that hurt our community. 3 years ago today, we'll have much more on this coverage tonight during kron 4 news and 9.10 o'clock for now live in the newsroom. i'm
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justine waldman kron 4 news. thank you have seen and turning now to the glass fire tonight, the blaze has burned more than 67,000 acres in napa. >>and sonoma counties containment is at 70% and we're learning that crews expect to fully contain that fire. in about 2 weeks the glass fire has destroyed more than 600 homes and still threatens more than 3,000 structures. >>to my favorite people in the world. the seniors, i'm a senior i know you don't know that nobody knows that. maybe you don't have to tell him, but i'm a senior. we are making tremendous progress with this horrible. disease but we have. medicines right now and i call him a cure i went into the hospital week ago, i was very sick. i took this medicine and it was incredible. >>president trump chairing another video on twitter today this time praising how his administration has taken care
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of seniors like him during the pandemic the president went on to take shots at joe biden and china. meanwhile, his physician released an update tonight that stated the president has completed his course of therapy for covid his doctor says he fully anticipates that president trump can make a quote safe return to public engagements on saturday. >>a 3 week-old covid-19 outbreak continues to take lives and disrupt carrot a skilled nursing facility in santa cruz county. a total of 9 people have died since the outbreak surface 3 weeks ago at the watsonville post-acute nursing facility. so far 46 residents and 15 staff at the facility have tested positive for covid-19 protocols on isolation quarantine testing and screening are being reviewed and stepped up. >>including looking at their facility in creating zones of where to call for people who covid positive so that residents can shelter place
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and. nicely in place and away from the residents who have tested negative. >>and the facility is locked down right now most visitors are being turned away the national guard was called in to back up staff members who are self-isolating although the overall rate of infection is falling in santa cruz county watsonville post-acute accounts for 9 of the 19 deaths so far. >>we're still learning the lessons. right now because this is not over. >>doctor anthony fauci speaking with u c berkeley students today virtually through an online forum. students were able to submit questions said try to learn more about the coronavirus from fauci himself kron four's michelle kingston listened in joins us now live on campus with some of the highlights michelle. >>about 2000 people were watching virtually today as doctor fauci spoke with u c
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berkeley students and staff and answer their questions about coronavirus. >>but what we're seeing now not only in the united states but globally is a level of miss vanden against each other as opposed to realizing that the enemy is the virus doctor anthony fauci the director of national institute of allergy and infectious diseases and a current member of the white house coronavirus task force answering questions submitted by students and staff at u c berkeley on thursday through an online chat hosted by the berkeley forum. a nonpartisan forum that organizes panels and debates run by undergrad students, some of the questions focusing primarily on young people in coronavirus it had to handle campus outbreaks. >>but when they get infected don't send them home while the majority of u c berkeley students will continue with online instruction this spring doctor fauci said one of the biggest mistakes he's seen colleges across the country make so far is sending students who contract the
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virus on campus back home which then could spread the virus throughout their family and their community instead he recommends they stay in isolation in a dorm. >>keep them there keep them comfortable when they recover get them back to class he also made it clear that young people can still get very sick and even if they don't get symptoms they can still spread the virus to others right now we're trying to say. >>that everybody even who's young and healthy should take very seriously not getting infected not congregating at bars not doing things like not having distance is not wearing masks and thing like that. >>doctor fauci said that this pandemic is far from over he believes that with restrictions gradually we'll get back to some sort of normalcy by the end of next year. ivan berkeley, michelle kingston kron 4 news. thank you michelle. >>we are now at just 26 days from the november election. kron 4 is your local election
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headquarters is election season. >>and it is suddenly up in the air if the next presidential debate or maybe debates. we'll even take place president trump says. he is going to skip next week's debate if in fact it is a virtual debate with joe biden he wants to face off face to face today the commission on presidential debates which is a nonpartisan organization declare that next week's debate will be virtual because of the president's covid diagnosis. joe biden's team countered by saying town hall event should instead be moved back a week. now it's just unclear how the next debates would or could proceed weather. voters are even going to be able to see these 2 men running for president. on the same stage sure the same screen again before election day and vice president mike trent pets is canceling campaign events and traveling
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back to washington d c. >>the vice president's spokesperson says that pence has not tested positive. >>for the coronavirus quote no one is sick. this is of course after his debate last night with senator kamala harris. it is also one week after the president announced that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. >>and joe biden has announced that he will be participating in an abc news town hall event on october 15th, the date originally slated to be the second presidential debate which was going to be town hall style that announcement came after, trump pulled out of the planned dual following the announcement by the presidential commission that they would be virtual next week because of trump's diagnosis biden has called for pushing back the town hall format to october 22nd effectively replacing the 3rd plan debate. president trump countered, but by saying he should. he wants both dates pushed back a week george
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stephanopoulos will host the biden town hall in philadelphia and interest in the presidential election of course is that an all time high all over the country that includes alameda county. the current number of registered voters already far exceeds what was recorded in 2016. >>we're almost at 940,000 registered voters which is as great growth over our last elections we were in the 800 thousands. and we may hit a million voters by the time we get to november, 3rd. >>alameda county has more than doubled the number of 24 hour vote by mail drop box locations to accommodate the big turnout. all registered voters will receive a vote by mail ballot. this year is long as they registered by october 19th, otherwise you can always show up to a polling place and vote in person. on election day. >>law enforcement officials are bracing for the possibility of massive unrest at the polls on election day they're conducting drills
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setting up command centers and warning the public. this all comes in the wake of claims by president trump and his allies that the vote will be rigged and his call to supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully kron four's committed to helping make sure that your vote counts a few experience a problem casting your ballot. let us know you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. >>bit relief negotiations said being hauled off between the white house and congress right now why some democrats aren't on board with president's piecemeal plants. plus while the president's doctors says his treatment is finished house. speaker nancy pelosi. >>is not convinced that the president is acting normally what she says she's planning to do about and we've got a few clouds on the way maybe a couple raindrops but not going to be enough to st
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the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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vote yes on prop 25 all californians will be able to vote safely from home. every active, registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot with a unique barcode. you can track it using where's my ballot? and you'll receive automatic notifications by text, email or voice call to let you know the status of your ballot once you mail it, drop it off at your polling place or at a drop box. vote by mail ballots. simple, safe, secure. counted. learn more at
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>>a warning today from house speaker nancy pelosi, the democrats could once again be talking about trying to remove president trump. speaker pelosi says tomorrow she will be talking about the 25th amendment which outlines the presidential transfer of power procedures. >>catherine heenan host of inside bay area politics explains. >>pelosi is introducing a bill to set up a commission on presidential capacity. but first as she was talking to
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reporters about the coronavirus today. she suddenly said this. >>what are we talking about here. tomorrow by the way. tomorrow. come here tomorrow, we're going to be talking about the 25th amendment but not to take attention away from the subject we have now. >>you think it's time to invoke the 25th amendment. i'll talk about that tomorrow. attachment to monitoring that today except to tell you. if you want to bet that we'll see you tomorrow but to take me back to my point. mister president. when was the last time you had a negative test. before you tested positive. why is the white house not telling. the country. >>pelosi later said the president might be and what she called an altered state of mind because of the drugs he's taken to treat covid-19 of course to actually remove the president from office through constitutional amendment pelosi would have to convince senate republicans to agree
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and the vice president would have to sign off on that at this point anyway that seems highly unlikely but we will hear more about that new bill tomorrow in detail. it would create a commission to determine whether president is fit for office. vicki and grant. >>all right, thank you catherine, well. this is a question about the president's fitness to serve but congress is not in legislative session, so any serious consideration of the measure is unlikely. >>but if it were to pass in the house and the but with the line of succession look like. >>next in line would be the vice president mike pence should he in turn also be unable to exercise. the powers of the office then it would go the nancy pelosi. next in line stills president pro tem in the senate chuck grassley from there it goes choose secretary of the state mike pompeo and then steve mnuchin. >>again it will be highly unlikely for the president's cabinet members to remove him
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from office. >>840,000 people filed for first time jobless benefits last week that is down from the week before but still higher than economists had predicted and while it is the lowest number since the start of the pandemic it's 4 times higher than before the pandemic economists say they're skeptical of this latest jobs report in part because california's numbers or just an estimate that is because the edd stopped accepting new claims for 2 weeks you may recall so it could clear a backlog of hundreds of thousands of applications president trump has pulled the plug on negotiations for a comprehensive covid relief bill but he opened the door for targeted relief. >>for the airline industry and $1200 checks to americans. our washington correspondent morgan wright speaks with white house said about trade adviser, peter navarro about the administration's latest approach to getting relief to americans. >>with president trump
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rejecting negotiations for a comprehensive covid relief bill mayor going congressman jamie raskin says the president isn't serious about helping americans getting by 90% of the way or blow the whole thing up and say no just like the president right or a bunch of checks that will get people's mailboxes a week before election day on a dozen celebrate a plan to be rescued says the president is abandoning people in need president to clear many months ago that this was a war. >>against the pandemic he was a wartime president well our wartime president just want a white house speaker nancy pelosi says despite delays she still optimistic about reaching a deal i'm hopeful because it has to be done pelosi is still in talks with the treasury secretary about relief for airlines. an industry that faces massive layoffs, but administration officials say pelosi doesn't really want to deal. it's been bad trade negotiations if she wants to change your mind. >>we can get this done in a day white house trade adviser, peter navarro if nancy pelosi wants to get off her high
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horse and i'm i i it's i can say is too many times. >>nancy pelosi is inflicting pain and misery on the people of america in order to basically try to make sure donald trump doesn't win the presidency, it's despicable navarro says defending and protecting the american people is the president's primary goal reporting in washington, i'm morgan wright. >>california is likely to feel deep budget cuts through the rest of this year and well into next this week the president ended negotiations on a broad federal stimulus package n next week will cement billions of dollars in budget cuts state leaders had hoped to reverse. california needs the federal government to provide 14 billion dollars in relief money by october 15th in order to restore 11 billion dollars in cuts made in july to colleges courts and other public institutions. today state lawmakers said those cuts are likely here to stay and they
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add they're now mentally preparing for the fact that 2021 will likely be another difficult financial year. >>i'm taking a live look right now outside at sfo temperatures boy they have dipped as firefighters worked to increase there wildfire containment but there could soon be reason to worry yet again chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to explain. yeah, you know that kind of got a break here the last few days we've had that nice on shore breeze. >>coming from the ocean and that means well we've had a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, the temperatures are really come down highs today only hover in the 70's. so firefighters really catching a break now we did have those winds picking up again that afternoon sea breeze kind of kicking into gear still looking at winds 1012 miles per hour and 15 in pope valley, but we are going to notice some changes as we head through the weekend. we've got a cold front coming through. >>unfortunately that's not much of one in fact it's going to fall apart as it moves on by may be leaving some drops behind in the north bay once that front moves through those
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northerly winds begin to pick up that's that offshore wind that we've been talking about a very dry wind and then you could have some very gusty conditions over the mountain tops his list forecast as we take you through time get you into the weekend still mostly a westerly southwestern when the next couple days. and then you start to see the colors beginning develop a look at location the winds. they're coming out of the north northwest getting very strong over 20 miles per hour and that is down in the urban areas even stronger gusts expected over the mountain tops i think that will intensify as we get in towards sunday night as well some of those winds maybe 20 maybe 30 miles per hour plus maybe 40 the top of the mountain certainly fire danger and you get winds like that certainly dangerous conditions into the weekend. >>thank you lauren still ahead a day from winemaker to strike team supporter how one north bay man turned into a community hero for cal fire. plus progress but not for perfection for any space school districts online learning program. >>i tec
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>>and the east bay we're hearing about success for online learning program in one school district. yeah, although there are some technical issues one parent tells our kron four's haaziq madyun that she's in no rush. >>to return her child the classroom. >>it has been 2 months of distance learning for students in the oakland unified school district there has been major progress in getting computers
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in the hands of students we are in position where the overwhelming majority of our students. >>have either a loner considers one of our schools or they received an open invite to our online engage in distance learning i was nervous coming into this year. >>and i knew it wasn't going to be the same as being an percent rebecca rose omar says overall distance learning has been a good experience for a first grader, but i've been really impressed with level of education that my kid is receiving despite the circumstances, however, technical issues or a lingering problem 2 months into the school year. >>the technology issue has been highly problematic than new computers that were just asked out made up or not working properly. what for students when the issues we've encountered was seeing some problems with the the volume control and the microphone on the computers for kids use and in june another online or 2 platforms distance learning is
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a temporary solution to usd teachers students and staff safe during the pandemic at this point there's no set date to return to the classroom. >>me. >>that idea deciding right now in october. a day like january. to go back seems absurd because we have no idea what the cases are going to be we're asking for there to be a near 0. >>rate of that we're on it decline and we know that actually it's safe but oakland unified school district officials are not ruling out returning to classroom instruction at the beginning of the year is still not ruling out january. >>i'm not rule. i'm not ruling anything haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>still to come not a moment of rest really for gulf coast residents, this historic hurricane season. delta. is
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now gaining strength as it is about to make landfall in the and go asian community hit by kate since the start of the pandemic how city
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>>san francisco has experienced an increase in attacks on asian americans, especially seniors since the shelter-in-place order began tonight city leaders and the community coming together to
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fight this new level of hate kron four's dan kerman reports we are going to put a stop to this hate. >>this hate-motivated violence here in this community and all over the city san francisco supervisor matt haney was joined by the district attorneys and members of san francisco's asian-american community to denounce an increase in targeted attacks on asian seniors, especially in the tenderloin. >>once shelter in place. our lau cambodian and vietnamese elders and family have lived in public of isolation. both a struggle daily to make ends meet and for them to be able to not allow the street a fearsome what's going pop them that is an acceptable speakers pledge to work together not only to make the streets safer in the tenderloin across san francisco. >>but to provide better support services for victims trauma is more than just the physical trauma trauma is emotional trauma. >>and having those services in
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a culturally competent matter in language is profoundly important and supervisor haney and i are going to get that money out of the door into the hands of competent organizations and professionals so that the healing can begin. >>supervisor aaron peskin says thanks to a push from the community. the city's budget now includes almost a million dollars in targeted funding to create grassroots victim services for the asian pacific islander community. >>what our elders experience is horrific and the lasting trauma of the victims and their families experience as a scar on san francisco. i believe that we can work towards healing and i believe that has to start with us here in our community community members were also told it's their responsibility to hold political leaders feet to the fire. >>to make sure the help that's being pledged actually happens. at city hall dan kerman kron 4 news. an east bay, a desperate plea for help from mother to son was gunned down back in 2019 is asking.
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>>for renewed help to try to solve her son's homicide can force theresa tells us what this mom wants everybody to know. >>and i and my whole family is torn. i have family whose. having mental breakdowns and n. and the family is torn. >>the pain is wrenching for antoinette buckley and she is not giving up on letting people know how or sons homicide ripped her family apart. before speaking thursday should put a balloons near where her son lost his life. the color red, and there is a strong message behind that. >>and i'm here because my sine qua me bail was murdered here, i'm right here this location. she can see we his picture and the belongs i brought the red balloons here because his blood was shed here. >>antoinette says that her son a bell or kb for short was
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full of life and love he wanted to be a singer and make music on the night he was gunned down he had been here in this east oakland neighborhood off of clare street by a car. his mother said that he was proud to be able to do that on his own instead he was ambushed. and shot multiple times now his mother just wants answers. and justice and then some car one came and they. >>shot my son's he was robbed and his seat was shot and brutally murdered. >>please call open police department there is $10,000 reward money for anybody. >>that has any information. >>antoinette says that she walks the neighborhood often handing out flyers deeply concerned about the amount of gun violence affecting so many in oakland. already there has been 75 homicides, the city had 75 in total for all of
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2019 authorities did pull video from the night of the murder on february 11th 2019. they say that they identify the vehicle, a suv 2000 infinity before we still haven't been able to identify what the motive was for this senseless act country says stasio kron 4 news. >>san francisco police are accused of illegally tapping hundreds of surveillance cameras to spy on police brutality protesters this spring, a lawsuit filed yesterday alleges police tapped into real-time footage from cameras in the union square area from may 31st to june 7th when thousands protested the killing of george floyd by minneapolis police. the suit says police violated a city ban on using surveillance technology without prior approval except in emergencies. police chief bill scott has said that the department sought to tap those cameras because of violence surrounding the protests but ultimately didn't use them.
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>>louisiana tonight is bracing for a brand-new hurricane less than 2 months after one devastated the southern portion of the state. buildings boarded up sandbags being filled up and. forecasters are warning that hurricane delta could blow ashore tomorrow with winds in excess of 100 miles an hour for more on this dangerous system chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us. well another big storm for this area the country yeah and headed in a very similar spot. we've already had some hurricanes come on shore before and now really this storm system starting to blossom you can see dealt out here right now well defined eye out there. in fact there's a very large hurricane stretching across some 400 miles across this cloud deck here but it is now intensifying after weakening after making landfall in the yucatan peninsula now it's moved out over open waters in here we go again sustained winds right now of a 120 miles per hour in a slow down a little bit but now a category
8:36 pm
3 year again making a very dangerous storm system approaching the coastline. the very latest track has it moving very similar to what laura did. >>as it made its path on shore in fact really just few miles apart from where man makael make landfall as compared laura. so here we go again by friday tomorrow morning, it's very close to start feeling those outer bands very heavy rainfall moving in along the coastal sections of louisiana even parts of texas then as we get toward tomorrow afternoon. the winds are going to intensify and then here comes out hurricane may be coming on land as a category 3 sustained winds of about a 120 miles per hour that is going to fluctuate you're looking at a storm surge where this comes on shore maybe as high as 8 maybe 11 feet and of course major damage along the coastline, then it's going to flood many spots along the coastline and parts of louisiana as it moves to the state. >>still ahead a between the pandemic of wildfire season east bay residents haven't had
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much time to relax this year, but there's now an answer for those looking for way to one wine. help for homeowners affected by wildfires. we have a new deadline details if you're looking to apply for federal assistance. >>plus a stunning plot to kidnap the democratic governor kidnap the democratic governor of michigan taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take.
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>>it was a stunning headline today, 6 people have been charged in federal court with
8:40 pm
plotting to kidnap the michigan democratic governor gretchen whitmer here at her vacation home, yes, separately 7 more people have been charged with trying to target police and the michigan capitol reporter susan sample spoke with a vacuum shop owner, who employed one of the men arrested. >>tucked in the strip mall like any other along a busy business pack stretch a vacuum shop you might not give a second glance until this a federal raid at nightfall agents investigating this man adam fox a long time off and on back you shop employee turned militia leader these pictures from his facebook page him in his girlfriend broke up in kalamazoo. >>he came here homeless and 2 dogs. so i let him stay here here was the shop's basement entered through utility closet and door in the floor fox had a bedroom down here and according to federal agents, a plan. >>to kidnap governor whitman, the last 8 months with the
8:41 pm
covid with everything going on. like the riots. >>i notice he started getting on ads and stuff and i think the lady started a militia shop owner brian titus says he knew nothing of fox's plan. >>even so well i got scare when he told me you know he is fault unknown militia. the ad is on the tommy at one november to get out of here. agents reportedly removed 2 assault rifles and a 9 millimeter from fox's belongings in the shop where brian titus began fielding holes. >>from national media and regular people some angry some support as he tied us a 12 year marine veteran is scared of losing his business this is my life up 60 years old. this is really. affecting me the toes. there's more people out there it's not just him they're everywhere. >>this is an example of
8:42 pm
>>for us tonight governor with near is placing some blame on president trump saying hate groups took his. stand back and stand by proud boys comment during last week's debate as a rallying cry and call to action but president trump is responding to that criticism tonight tweeting that rather than say thank you for foiling the kidnapping attempt she calls him a white supremacist well biden and democrats refused to condemn antifa anarchists looters and mobs that burned down democrat run cities. he also tweeted that he does not tolerate any extreme violence end. defending all americans even those who oppose and attack him saying that is what he always does as president. >>next today to winemaker in napa is being hailed a hero by
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>>as the glass fire continues to burn in the north bay stories of heroism are emerging from the fire zone kron four's maureen kelly talked to the owner of el molino winery who did not evacuate they said he stayed behind to help firefighters scout the blaze from his bike. >>winemaker john berlin is demonstrating his skills at trials motorcycling it's a sport where riders go slow and navigate difficult terrain while keeping your balance and it's this bike that berlin used to patrol spring mountain helping spawn with a glass
8:46 pm
fire was burning. sometimes getting really close the flames. >>i was in there when the fight was happening so sort of riding with was fire all around so that was definitely. >>here's video showing one structure up in flames. he says he rode from sunday to sunday writing 18 to 20 hours a day and went through 15 tanks of gas. he was unable firefighter 25 years ago and knows the terrain so he says he didn't feel like he was in danger he passed the intel he gathered on to cal fire strike teams to help them deploy their resources wisely i wasn't trying to be this is more a case of. >>the information to the professionals than letting them do what they do best, you know it's a it's a no way to go what is most threatened at a certain point in time they can do what they've been out to do which is to put out the fire. he also kept his evacuated neighbors updated on the status of their homes and wineries there not knowing
8:47 pm
whether your boss was standing probably the west and finding out if it had this was not a solo effort there were other vineyard crews from at least one other winery with heavy equipment. >>helping fight the fires some out buildings were lost, but i'm told no homes or wineries in much of the napa side of spring mountain we're last i talked to another winery owner who helped in this effort. she calls berlin a one man army and says what he did help save their community maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>officials have extended the deadline for people in 10 northern california counties to apply for federal aid if they were impacted by the august lightning wildfires. residents in napa sonoma santa cruz santa clara solano san mateo moderate butte and yolo counties now have until november 21st to apply for. fema assistance grants, the grants can include money for well rental help essential home repairs and other serious
8:48 pm
needs not covered by insurance to find out how to register you can head to our website kron 4 dot com. >>the largest spa in contra costa county is now open for business, thanks to new relaxed covid restrictions we talked to the owner of woodhouse day spa in walnut creek about the changes genders says both customers and employees are thrilled to be back in business and they have taken precautions to keep everybody safe. >>it's huge we've been close for 7 and to be open again just feels like we've been given life staff our guest today they are beyond thrilled that we're open. i heard gas feel like they've come home which is a wonderful to hear. well it has been challenging definitely we have to get creative over the last 7 we were able to sell a lot of retail product. we did facial kit which just just laughed. and then of course we have
8:49 pm
wonderful support of gas to buy gift cards throughout 7 months to support us over that time so we've covid prevention plan and our sanitation policies. so we require masks for all guests and staff at all us receiving official it's a lot to be removed. all of our missions wear face shields in addition to masks and gloves throughout the entire service. we have social distance markers throughout the in the retail space. it definitely space our treatments and we have stop right now and we are starting off our staff. we opened friday cermonies at the moment. >>there's a shot massages are being offered with modifications and there are no couples massages currently because that would violate physical distancing guidelines. >>sports from the team t fiber
8:50 pm
sports tests. face their playoff game. >>they took down the white sox for their first playoff series win since 2006. this round it felt more like a big brother little brother series with the astros being the big brother. >>oakland had another chance to get a couple licks in on big bro and extend their season. bob melvin probably doesn't appreciate me referring to his team as the little brother, but let's face it houston has dominated the a l 4 years. bottom of the second ramon laureano gets things started for open with a three-run home run off zack greinke the a's go up 3 nothing things are looking great. top of the 4 carlos correa continues his hot play at the plate. the blast, the franking montage fastball back feels like he sent it back here at oakland over the bay bridge three-run shot. he is hyped up he talked a lot of trash is 5, 3, next ending michael brantley makes history get this folks this home run
8:51 pm
ceci division series record with 23 home runs combined for both teams in the series and it was only a 4 games astro's extend that lead to 64 houston would score 3 more times to make it 94 then in the 7th inning jose out today puts the finishing touches on this one, they're waving goodbye to oakland a's scored a couple of runs. late in the 9th, but it was not enough once again aides come up short their seasons over they lose 3 games to one astro's advance to the american league championship series they get the last laugh, let's hear from bob melvin. >>ramones homerun felt like a 1000 run homer the time we feel really good about where we're going frankie was pitching really well had good stuff, good below good breaking ball. and then all of a sudden a beginning kind of derailed a little bit and then we just couldn't hold him down after that unfortunately. >>it was a good season nonetheless already we're just 3 days ahead of kickoff and
8:52 pm
niners fans everywhere are still eagerly awaiting the status of jimmy garoppolo he practice again today in a limited capacity. we probably won't know until saturday if he is going to play this week. if jimmy can't go it will be nick mullens or cj befort on the center for the red and gold and both leave a lot to be desired. but hey that's life in nfl people get hurt. tight end george kittle who also has missed some time with a minor knee injury. he was asked today, how jimmy g has looked this week on the practice field. >>jimmy looks very handsome. out in the field still got a rocket arm. he's still throwing the ball which is a good thing so i'm excited about those 3 things. >>and they don't call him jimmy gq for nothing now. meanwhile, the raiders are prepping for a team that has been roughing them up for the past 3 years, it's the dead a trip to arrowhead stadium patrick mahomes is surrounded by perhaps the best set of weapons in the entire nfl and
8:53 pm
the chiefs have yet to really be challenged all this season. raiders defensive coordinator paul gunther knows his defense. we'll have to be at their best on sunday, especially against the do it all patrick mahomes. >>he's just a really good player for targeted fed really obviously if you know everyone's only trying to defend the guy this offense with their playmakers they have on the premiere in this comeback. they have it's a complete package. >>yes paul that is the understatement of at oroweat organic... ...we know that when we take care of the earth, the earth also takes care of us. you'd be surprised by our environmentally-friendly way of baking breads. our ingredients are farmed per strict usda organic standards. our bakeries are powered by renewable wind energy. and we support environmental causes through 1% for the planet.
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oroweat organic bread. great taste that's sustainably baked. and now, introducing our super delicious and nutritious organic kids bread featuring disney's mickey mouse and minnie mouse!
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they do one of the most deven in normal times.s, our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us.
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>>in an effort to bring the traditions of suit coat to the jewish community during the pandemic a new york rabbi constructed a mobile soka in the back of a bright red truck. so coat is the weeklong fall harvest holiday commemorating god's protection of the jewish people in the desert. the rabbi mounted a structure of white fencing with a thatched roof in the bed of a red pick up quite a contraption there and he's been making house calls for people isolated because of the pandemic one house call in homebound holocaust survivor. >>really excited that came in that we remember and it was possible within the context cautions safety. to make sure
8:57 pm
that we don't you know we could continue reaching out to people now more than ever because people are. feeling sense the isolated than maybe someone >>and there really is nothing to something very visceral about. you know being able to hold a lover trolled not to you know it's real it's a real physical, a physical connection. >>quite a ingenious contraption there try to help out during a tough time. what we have to detect kudos to him that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock but brent and i are going to be back at the top of the hour today marks 3 years since the tubbs fire devastated the north bay. >>coming up we'll take a look at the lessons learned that are helping protect homes from future wildfires plus president trump finishing up his therapy for covid-19 we'll speak with a doctor from stanford about what is next for the president
8:58 pm
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>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 9. >>now at 9 today marks the 3 year anniversary of that deadly tubbs fire that tore through parts of the north bay destroying thousands of homes and killing nearly 2 dozen people. but out of that tragedy came lessons that could save lives in future wildfires. good evening. everybody thanks for being here 9 o'clock i'm


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